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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  November 7, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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the fact my job is listen to my members and american people and make their priorities our priorities. chris januasing got a very different answer from the president's chief of staff. >> is there one thing they'll see that is different given the message they sent on tuesday. >> washington working better. if this president has his way. that's what he's going to do. they're going to do it any number of ways. >> joining me now from where the action is taking place nbc's chris jansing. to be a fly on the wall in that lunch. what are the expectations? officially it's about talking about legislative priorities both for the lame duck session over the next two months. and what do they do when the balance of power shifts when there's a new leadership in this senate. i think the question really is how much have we heard over the last couple of days which sounded a lot like the
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unpleasant campaign rhetoric is going to hold. how much tension will there be in that room. how much will they be able to accomplish. there are some things they know they'll move forward on. there's a trillion dollar spending bill they need to fund the government after december 11th. the president has asked for more money to fight ebola. those are the kinds of things they're going to get done in the short term. in the long-term, as you know, there are a couple of issues including immigration and obamacare that are going to be more difficult. >> yeah. absolutely. and we've heard some really tough talk, chris, from both sides going into the meeting about changing washington. obviously it's not going happen at a lunch. but from the white house's point of view, did you get a sense from mr. mcdonough any sense on the term comprise what it's going to mean? >> i think we've heard unanimity from dennis mcdonough and the president on wednesday. they feel a sense of optimism. it's a sense they kind of need to feel that way. they have a window of opportunity, they feel.
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it's not that long before there's going to be another big campaign. the person who wants to place barack obama and the attention will shift in the dynamics will shift. they think there is this kind of small window of opportunity. they also see it on the other side. mitch mcconnell has been open about the fact it's a job he's wanted a senate majority leader since he was a little boy. he wants to show that government can work and republicans can make congress work. they have the motivation. the question is, can they find that common ground and that's always where the trick is. >> to your point there, you mentioned immigration. on that level we've heard some of the harsh language from the gop. what does the president tell republican leaders today? >> i think what he's going say is what we've heard before. i've been very patient. we know there have been had a lot of conversations between john boehner and the president. they hoped to come to some sort of comprise. that didn't work.
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there was some thought that the president should have done an executive order on immigration earlier. he held off. he said he wanted to see what congress could do. now the argument is this. hold off. give us a chance to get the new leadership in. the president's point is if i sign an executive order, i've been patient. let me do it. and if you guys do something we can always take that away and yours will hold. so i don't think we're going to see any movement from the president. he stood firm to the american people an said this is what i'm going to do. >> okay. thank you so much. we've been thinking maybe you should try to sneak with the caters but they're going to recognize you. >> i keep asking. i don't know what is on the menu. >> thanks, chris. what the future holds for the new washington, eleanor holmes-norton. w welcome. it's nice to see you, ma'am. what do you see getting done and
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what do you think needs to get done? >> it's about the lame duck. it's not the congress that the president is going to have to deal with for the next two years. it's the congress that just passed away and there's a lot of business to be done. so i think you will not hear much talk, for example, about immigration reform and what the president expects to do. when you don't have a budget yet, i think that it will focus on issues like that. >> what are your greatest fears, ma'am, now that both houses are controlled by the other side. do you think obamacare is legitimately in jeopardy? >> i do not. first of all, you have the veto right there. it would be a waste of time. of course my colleagues in the house wasted a lot of time simply overturning -- >> how many votes there were? like 50 or something? >> something like that. so i don't think that -- i do
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think mcconnell has vested interest having waited so long to be majority leader and trying to accomplish something. certainly for democrats to see democrats lose on both sides was not a heart warming feeling. what was important, and this is very important to note, unlike after 2012, republicans recognize that the voters had sent them a very distinct message. they talked about it and immigration reform and they got something done in the senate almost immediately. the democratic brand was not hurt. this was not a presidential election. the president slipped and said that his issues were on the ballot. guess what? i'm sorry he slipped because he gave them an ad to use. but his issues were onrepudiate. there was no repute yags of equal pay, medical wage,
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bringing back the tax reform, to bring back the funds that are being held overseas, of transportation bill that would build up bridges and -- >> and to your point, i mean, they're asking to see what is going to be the gop agenda. because no one spefbcifically seems to know. in the spirit of comprise is there any silver lining with the gop controlling both houses? >> well, there is because i think now they've got to show they can govern. they have had one issue that was obstruction of the president for almost as long as he's been in office. now they have gotten both houses of congress it's gotten really beyond them. especially 2016 when we'll have more voters to oppose and where our issue will be. like a laser focussing on voter parn participation and overcoming and seeing to it next time they
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don't smoother us with money in the last week of taking out people who were not vulnerable. >> all right. i want to ask you, finally, about pot and the vote this week to legalize marijuana. i'm going read you a headline it's quoting you. anyone who stand in the way of marijuana legalization will get the fight of your lives. it has serious big picture implications. >> d.c. is not even a -- you saw that every state that had this on the ballot it passed that criminalization now at 18 states. medical marijuana 23 states. why would interfere with the district of columbia especially the primary reason the district moved is a horrific racial disparity between those arrested for marijuana possession. whites and blacks use marijuana at the same rate within the district of columbia. very progressive town. this, away, is repeated
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throughout the united states. nine times -- one out of every sairs white. nine out of ten arrests are black. >> your point? >> that was seen as a profound racial injustice issue. >> your point well taken there. thank you very much. the other big story developing. a new monthly jobs numbers out. 214,000 jobs were created in the month of october and the unemployment rate is now 5.8%. it is the lowest since july '08. former chief economic adviser to vice president joe biden jared bu burnseen is joining me now. good, bad, or all good? >> it's good. it's not all good. there's one cloud in the sky in the job market, that has to do with wage growth. but the good news first. job growth, as you mentioned, really steady as she goes. if you average out a few months
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to get -- which you should. there's a statistical noise month for month. we're adding somewhere between 220 to 230,000 jobs per month. that's a steady, good clip for job growth. i saw a graphic that reminded me. back in 2009 we were th hemorrhaging over 400,000 jobs a month. now we've been adding over 200,000 now for nine months in a row. good record. >> go ahead. the silver lining there. >> here is the thing. it's not reaching hourly wages. the job market is tightening. you mentioned the unemployment rate 5.8%. it's been sliding down quickly. by the way, falling for good reasons. not because people are leaving the job market but because they're getting job. hourly pay is up 2% year over year where it's been stuck for about four years. it's about the rate of inflation. it means stacking hourly pay. >> i misspoke.
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it's not silver lining at all. ask to select four issues the economy, health care, illegal immigration, 44 % pointed to the nation's economy. 44% saying the economy is getting part. 27% saying it's poor or staying the same. put it together from a political perspective. why could the administration not put all that together in the midterms? the numbers are getting better. >> it's a good question. i think it's a fundamental question. i'll tell you what one person told me who is spending a fair bit of time outside the beltway polling people. if you go out and talk to people about the recovery. you use the word recovery or talk about gdp growth the mark economic indicators, the hundreds of thousands of jobs added per month. it won't really register with them. it's not showing up enough in their paychecks. it gets baaing to the wage problem we've talked about. to the extend that people are -- families or house holds it's because they're working more
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hours at a pretty stagnant real hourly wage. and that leads to a sense of stress and difficulty balancing work and family. the economy is improving unquestionably. has it reached paychecks of middle income households? not enough yet. >> what kind of legislation do you expect to come from a republican congress that would be agreeable to this president on jobs or minimum wage? >> well, that is a very narrow corridor you painted there, alex. because the only thing i can really see is maybe infrastructure investment. it would be a very good idea. borrowing costs are still quite low. we have real needs in the condition of our roads and bridges and public school finance would help put some folks back to work. people who need jobs. but it involves spending and that takes to fiscal policy. it leads you back to gridlock. i think it will be tough.
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>> a lot of tight room. good to see you. thank you so much. a former navy s.e.a.l. takes credit for firing the shots that killed bin laden. his story doesn't exactly line up with the one told by one of his fellow s.e.a.l.s. the controversy and the rival stories ahead. back to the white house anticipation for a meet mag could frame the next two years of the obama presidency or bitterness. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the 85-foot norway spruce being put outside our door. live pictures throughout the hour as it's christmas in new york city.
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but it will be even harder if the president isn't willing to work with us. >> i think everybody in this white house is going to look and say, all right, what do we need to do differently? but the principles we're fighting for, the things that motivate me every single day and motivate my staff every day those things won't change. >> two essential voices speaking out. the question will any of that talk translate into getting something done for america? joining me now is white house reporter and correspondent for the national journal. good to see you. david, let me turn to you. you've been writing extensively about the president's interpretations of tuesday's results. what is your sense of what is going to happen in the white house to reflect that? >> it's interesting. he struck two tones. he got the message from voters they want an end to gridlock and he needs to do his part.
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he also made a point to say republicans also have to do their part and voters were making a point to them as well. he was talking about the dissatisfaction among voters who are stayed home and didn't cast ballots. what you played until the clip was the president is going to keep pushing forward on the key issues on the economy and minimum wage and another issues he's been pushing for the past two years. i think that there are areas of common ground. ting will be talked about at the meeting. there's going to be a lot of talk about what can be done in the lame duck session. obviously getting a budget together through the end of the fiscal year will be priority number one. as you late out in the first segment the stumbling block as of immigration. i think these are areas republicans will say hold off. that's what the voters expect. >> so, lauren, i know you cover congress closely. can we engage level of interest beyond the camera from the gop cooperating with the president? >> i think that's what the meeting is about today. the president knows he needs to
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reach out. republican leaders know they haven't necessarily reached out to the president either. i think the meeting today is going to be about rebuilding so m of those relationships that have not existed between congress and the white house in the past. you know, i think republicans are going to have to be looking toward when they make the majority. because the next cupouple of months democrats will still be in charge. we'll be dealing with immigration and attorney general nomination. those are two issues that could poison the well as was said by mcconnell and boehner before the republican party takes power. >> having covered the president for years. how much does he worry about his legacy. do you think he can get what he wants done by cooperating or establish legacy through executive orders? >> the past year that's what their strategy has been. they said they tried to work with the current congress. the republican house was obstructing them. that's the argument from the white house.
7:19 am
they have gone to the executive action approach. the test is immigration. i think for the president's legacy the white house doesn't like to talk about that. of course it's on their mind. they recognize that time is running out before the next campaign begins for the white house in six to nine months. i think the president looking at the game he's already had. make sure survive republican challenges in the new congress. keep pushing forward on areas he can. he's about to embark tomorrow on a week long trip to asia. it was part of the big foreign policy initiative. there's a 12-nation trade pack he's trying to get through something harry reid and the democrats didn't support. it's a chance for the president to go on the road now and talk about it. something republicans can get behind as early as early next year. it may be overlooked in the conversation. it's a big play in asia. there are areas where with they can keep going forward. >> terms of the president getting out there and talking. the unemployment numbers very
7:20 am
strong. do you think the white house regrets not approaching the midterms differently and putting a big push, a big emphasis on the economy? if you look at the exit poll that was the top thing on voters minds. >> i think the exit polls also showed how voters were not sure that economy was working for them. you know, we talk about macro economics, sure the economy is improving. in in day-to-day live it is would have been a hard sell saying the economy is improving. look at the numbers. you know, it comes down how voters feel when they walk into the voting booth and what their paycheck looks like at the end of the day. i think the democrats might have tried harder. i'm not sure it would have sealed the deal. >> can i ask you quickly about immigration. john mccain he literally pleaded with the president against taking action yesterday while talking with andrea mitchell. take a listen to this. >> i literally am pleading with the president of the united states not to act.
7:21 am
give it a chance. we have a new congress. we have a new mandate. let's let the house of representatives decide whether they want to move forward on immigration reform. >> do you get a sense of the end game here, david? >> yes, i think republicans would like to clear the deck before 2016. it's a tough issue for their candidates for the general electorate. i think at the white house and among the liberal and immigrant communities, there's a sense of this another trap set by republicans and it just won't happen. especially as some of the more conservative presidential candidates such as ted cruz who oppose amnesty for undocumented immigrants would try to derail the bigger aachievement. i think it's unlikely he'll wait. >> all right. david and lauren. good to see you. up next we're zooming through the day's other stories. including this video. it happened the last place you would expect. in mexico justinty defbs
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at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. a terrifying hospital attack, a military tragedy, an ebola update. four minnesota nurses are recovering after a harrowing experience at saint john's hospital in golden valley, minnesota. a 68-year-old patient attacked the nurses swinging a metal pipe. some were hit several times as they ran for safety. one nurse has a collapsed lung. another a fractured wrist. the other two suffered cuts and bruises. the attack was confronted by police with taser and died shortly thereafter. two pilots died in a crash. they were on a training mission when their chopper went down. the cause of the crash isn't yet
7:26 am
known. there will be an investigation. the name of the guardsman hasn't been released. it's official the ebola concern in texas is over. this morning marked 21 days since anyone in the state got ebola or in contact with someone who did. health officials had been monitoring 177 people who might have been exposed. the state health commissioner noted we're happy to reach the milestone but our guard stays up. hackers stole more than credit card information from depot. e-mail addresses were stolen, too. they had exposed 56 million credit and debit cards in the same attack. home depot is telling customers to be on the letter for phishing scams. and a setback for same-sex marriage in six states. once again, will put the issue before the supreme court. >> we are going to continue to fight. we're going fight for the rights of our children.
7:27 am
we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our children have rights here in michigan and children like ours all over the united states now. >> nbc justice correspondent pete williams will break it down coming up. first, another look at the official start of the holidays here in midtown. in is rockefeller center's crown jewel. a 26,000 pound 90-year-old norway spruce. a live look outside the door it's being lifted into place. it will be adorned with 45,000 led lights for the world to come see throughout this crowded midtown holiday season. i (state your name), do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic... ♪
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7:31 am
court bucked a national trend and upheld bans in four states. you remember just last month justices declined to hear cases dealing with marriage equal fip that's essentially legalizing same-sex marriage in 32 states. the new ruling puts the issue potentially on a rapid track to a supreme show down. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is life in washington with the latest. what does it mean? what is your interpretation here? >> well, it means there's a split among the federal circuit. they didn't -- the supremes didn't say last month why they didn't take up a challenge involving four states in the same-sex marriage, but it seems likely now they could. and so the only question is there time left in this term and the answer to that is potentially yes. the people who lost in these cases yesterday the same-sex couples who were challenging the state bans, they have a choice to make. they can go to the full court of
7:32 am
appeals. yesterday was a three-judge panel. they can go to the full circuit and ask them to rehear the case or simply step the and go to the supreme court. and all indications are it's the latter option they will go ahead and ask the supreme court. if they do it quickly there's still time for the court to act on it by late january. that would mean the case would be argued in april and that would be time enough for the decision by the end of the term in late yun. >> okay. the four states being ohio, michigan, kentucky, and tennessee. do you see there being a possibility that the supreme court could essentially agree with the six-circuit court out of cincinnati and prompt a split among the states. >> of course, who knows what the outcome will be in the u.s. supreme court. i think, though, it's interesting, alex. the response from the advocates of same-sex marriage to the ruling has been somewhat muted. it's of course a great disappointment to the couples who challenged the laws.
7:33 am
they hoped to have their relationships legal and now they have to wait. but this is what the advocates were hoping to do. get before the supreme court. they believe they have at least five votes. they think they can win. they want to get it done early. is it a led pipe cinch? absolutely not. the supreme court could go either way. all they would say there's nothing unconstitutional about a state banning same-sex marriage. it would leave it up to the states. those who have it could continue. those who don't could continue. and there the issue would lie until more states to decide to 0 go other way. you're right. that is a possible outcome. >> okay. which mean it is could be messy. pete williams, thank you so much. let's go to a new report that could cause more fall out for the democratic party. they are mocking democrats for the poor performance tuesday. their communications director
7:34 am
telling politico it was a mistake for the party to sideline president obama. the president sat out many crucial state races in states he won like colorado, iowa, and north carolina. now some are playing the what if game. with me now is james peterson and in washington hogan ginnly. welcome to you both. james, the president certainly remains popular among african-americans. he has an 83% approval rating. how much of a difference do you think he could have made for energizing those to get out to vote. >> it's hard to monday morning quarterback this. attended the last rally for the governor elect of the state of pennsylvania, tom wolf, there was a sort of slew of, like, local and state level politicians there. when president obama entered into the arena he was a rock
7:35 am
star. he galvanized and that tom wolf won. obviously the sort of disconnect from the president on the part of some democrats may have cost them but i think it's the disavow of them. those people that couldn't admit they voted for them. it doesn't make sense. the reality we know midterm elections are about turn out. turn out is about galvanizing the baits. what you agree with president obama is sort of policies or not. this point in time it probably would have more useful. >> i think you may be talking about allison lundergan grimes. do you agree with your republican colleague in that politico report. might the president made a difference if he went to the states he won in '08 or yefl? >> i don't necessarily agree with that. look, this is one of the times in an election where you look and say a state like, north carolina, for example, it looked like early voting for african-americans in 2012 was at 26%. this time it was at 25.
7:36 am
it was pretty close. the bottom line is the democrat strategists and pollsters and consultants who have been killing us the last several election cycles. they didn't get stupid. they looked at the data and it showed the president was unpopular. he could have made our case. he could have. but he was so unpopular. it's difficult for this president to enter a room where people aren't bowing at his feet. it's tough for him to do. the purple states, him coming would have hurt the democrats. this is nothing new. it happened in 2008. bush was so unpopular that we did an event with dick cheney. that shows you dick cheney as hated as he was we were willing to do an event with him because of bush's numbers were so bad. >> that's interesting. you crafted a message from the president that would have
7:37 am
resonated and excited the turn out in colorado, north carolina, or iowa. what would have the message have been? >> sure in places like colorado. almost 5% unemployment. i would top what the president's policies have done. if you want to talk about things like health care and affordable care act. i think it plays in certain regions of the state. in other region it is simply doesn't play. same thing in iowa. i think the president could have done well in a lot of these battleground states. i don't know if i agree so much with hogan. it's a matter of the candidates themselves can't disconnect from a president in the way that seems inauthentic. that's what happened in a lot of cases. the democratic party is also disconnected from progressive base. it's not just from president obama. it's the fact that democratic candidates, this is where collins was right. they're running the campaigns -- and it doesn't make a lot of sense. the obama coalition that put
7:38 am
anymore office twice is a very progressive, very diverse coalition. if you want the folks to get energized and come out to vote. you have to speak to progressive issues. >> republicans made history by electing tim scott in south carolina. when the naacp made mention they didn't note it. some of the goppers suggesting these are breakthroughs for the party. when you look at the voting record does it defy the claims? i wouldn't say that. people like tim scott who is my senator. i live in south carolina. he is a rock star. he ran on conservative principles. he didn't run on obama like. he rang on conservative strong. that's why he was elected.
7:39 am
the same thing goes for love. i think there's time for pushback from the republican ranks. we get saddled with this regularly. we don't have enough diversity in the party. there are so many good success stories with susana martin tetid bobby jindal. it's not something new for our party. finally we're fighting back. >> i want to say quickly when msnbc reached out to the naacp for any comment they referred us an earlier statement that made zero reference to scott or love. does it warrant some acknowledgment. >> i don't know if they should but we shouldn't. we shouldn't let the exceptional cases of senator scott or lea love emerging in the congress to on secure the reality of the fact that republicans have a long way to go to expand the.
7:40 am
our government is not diverse enough. there are too many white males in the congress and senate. it's not representative of what america looks lyi s like right >> thank you very much. outrageous. that is what human rights watch is calling the disappearance of 43 mexican students in a press conference yesterday. the watchdog added their voice to the calls for answers. in that state, that's where the missing students went to school, the scene is very different. nbc's gabe ambiguityier residence is there. it's been 42 days since the 43 students went missing. friends and relatives are holding out hope they're still alive. the government here continues to insist it is doing everything it can to find these students. but so far no luck.
7:41 am
away from the loud protest in mexico city, three hours south there are candles burning in silence. this is the rural school where the 43 missing students were training to become teachers. right now these classrooms are team empty. >> 20-year-old is among the 500 enrolled here. unfortunately he said they're all too familiar with cartel violence. >> translator: we're all afraid, he says. adding he's received anonymous threats since the attack in late september that left so many of his classmates gone without a trace. >> the student were on their way here. federal authorities say the local mayor thought they were coming to protest and cause a disruption. they say he ordered the local police to confront them. since they will federal police have arrested dozen of the local
7:42 am
officers. accusing them of handing the students over to the local cartel. the mayor and his wife were captured on tuesday after weeks on the run. a city of more than 100,000 people is still on edge. federal police are out in full force after protesters set city hall on fire last month. it's a grim reminder the region shake by violence. >> it becomes even more grim is the dozens of bodies that were found in other mas graves since the investigation began. the government here insists that or believes it is not the missing students. many people in mexico are asking who are they? >> right. that is question. gabe, thank you so much. who killed bin laden? two former navy s.e.a.l.s with the famous s.e.a.l. team 6 have different stories. we'll explain that. plus, president obama's secret letter to a iran's supreme leader. jay leno is heading back to the tonight show.
7:43 am
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bin laden has been dead for more than three and a half years now. new today a dispute over who fired the shots that killed the leader. exr exnavy s.e.a.l. robert said he did. but matt wrote there were three shooters. his new book about being a navy s.e.a.l. no hero comes out next week. washington editor steve clemons joining me now. it's good to see you. how unusual is this. we're getting rival stories about who killed bin laden from navy s.e.a.l.s. aren't they sworn to secrecy?
7:47 am
>> they're sworn to secrecy. this is unusual. but the killing of bin laden is one of the most memorable moments. we saw a lot of politicians scrambling about taking credit one way or the other. it's not surprising to see this happen in the sense that people that were involved become celebrities. but on the other hand it's a violation of norms that have been part of the special operations and navy s.e.a.l. team. whether it was an implied self-lessness. you didn't see people grabbing the ring like this. by the master chief talking about his teammates saying, look, this is not cool. he talks about people being heros as navy seals but also they could face punishment. it goes on to say classified information is protected by law. so what do you think will happen? >> i think there's going to be a criminal investigation.
7:48 am
i think it will be hard for the government not to try and take some action and make them basha accountable. otherwise they'll literally be an explosion of these kinds of behaviors elsewhere. there are a lot of things that the united states does behind the scenes, off the news pages and does covertly. if they begin a signal where some people who are engaged in covert action can begin to profit from this privately you'll see this translate and metastasize through a system. i think that's the worry of the command right now. >> also worried about safety? putting others in jeopardy. >> yeah. remember the valerie issue. an undercover cia agent who had a legacy of contact and relationships that continued to live beyond her active role in the field. and these issues of die vulging means and methods of who did what to whom have unintended echo effects on other people in their lives. and that's one of the reasons why there's been one of the few reasons why there's been such a
7:49 am
cloak on the covert activities. and those that are engaged have the privilege of being engaged on the cutting edge of some of the most important things that the united states does in the world. but the social contract is you never speak about it. and they are. >> i have to ask you about this situation as we turn iran. learning of a secret leader that the president sent. diplomatic sources are saying it outlines a possible military cooperation with the country in fighting isis. how surprising is the letter? >> i don't think the letter is surprising if the president is beginning to try to test whether or not there's an opportunity for huge strategic shift for the united states with iran. this letter is so important. it's akin to something nixon might have done before the normalzation with china. and in that case, of course, you had henry kissinger engaged in all sorts of things to try to keep media off the trail and to cloak any of that kind of activity. so it's on that order of importance the fact this is made
7:50 am
the way to the press i'm sure is frustrating to the white house and the president. but if that's what they're trying to test, that could be very important. it's actually something i support in the sense that one of the things united states could constructively do in the world is demonstrate it still has the ability to change the international system. and i find it important but getting this out into the public is a remarkably interesting but also i'm sure to the white house disconcerting issue. >> thank you so much. we're going to switch gears after the break. all hour we've been watching the most famous christmas tree in the world. right now it's being hoisted up. it's not just new york. check out london. >> here we glochlt here is the countdown! >> look at that. last night the oxford street shopping district fired up 1.5 million pounds of led lights topped off the fake snow. our five things christmas comes early is next. [singing to himself] "here she comes now sayin' mony mony".
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we're 47 days, 13 hours and six minutes until it's officially christmas. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas as the norway spruce was lifted into place earlier this hour after making the way from the former home in pennsylvania. officially kicking off the holiday season here. we're far from the first. we were beat at least five times. here are five things christmas comes early. number one santa isn't coming to town. he's here making early trips from the north pole to the local malls. you can schedule a date with santa, literally. christmas ads and take a look to the ad k mart aired in september. they swear it's not a christmas ad. >> it's too early for christmas. just to be clear. this is not a christmas commercial. however, let's say you have an
7:55 am
event in late december you need a lot of gifts for. >> number three, the music depending on the channel it sounds like a lot like christmas. number four black friday it's not just the day after thanksgiving anymore. some retailers launch their black friday sales last saturday the day after halloween. number five the moment on the tonight show when christmas did come early for boxer mike tyson. >> how did you get there from batman costumes? >> i got trick or treat confused with christmas. [ laughter ] >> by the way, the tree will be lit on december 3rd. for number six let's bring it back on cam. . i think i'm going regret this. since i'm trying to be nice to jose's producers. that's a wrap of this hour on msnbc. i'm in for alex whit in for a
7:56 am
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caramel-ify those chocolate chip cookies. and give that thing a hint-y of something cherry or minty! it's time to bake the world a better place with new nestlé© toll house delightfulls. bake some love™ nestlé©. good food, good life. good morning. i'm richard lui in for tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we begin with developing news. president obama is meeting with members of his cabinet. next hour he'll hold the first meeting with republican lawmakers since the landslide win on tuesday. his party set to hold the largest number of seats since wonder ever world war ii. john boehner wasn't exactly conciliatory. he warned the president not to go around congress on immigration. boehner made it clear his party
8:00 am
has no plans to let up on the efforts to repeal the president's health care law. >> finally common ground -- the president isn't fully -- our job is to make the american people's priorities our priorities. they don't want obamacare. i don't like it. >> while the meeting will mostly be about finding common ground. one issue that will likely come up here is the letter president obama secretly sent to iran's supreme leader last month. which has the "wall street journal" pointed out. josh ernst had this to say when asked about the letter yesterday. >> i'm not in a position


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