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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 8, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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. if you think the work place is an you eventful ho hum place to be. think again. >> i'm taking a bath at burger king. >> in today's work place, anything can happen. situations ranging from bizarre -- to life threatenening. >> i couldn't believe it. nobody has ever you know survived getting sucked into a jet intake. >> when the pressure is on, there is just no telling how people will react. and now, cameras are everywhere, recording some moments employees want to remember. >> you are traveling with more
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than one child, now is a good time to pick your favorite. >> and some moment they'd rather forget. >> cues me. >> that is my [ bleep ]. >> your honor, i can represent as an officer of the kourkts i am not intoxicated. in this hour, can the caught on camera," work place gone wild. welcome to "caught on camera." i'm cantessa brewer. wild antics at work have gotten people fired and put if jail. our first two stories are workers going about their regular day when extraordinary events unfold, working on a five carrier, is it really what you might consider a wild gig? wait until you see what happens to a petty officer just doing his job. it happened in the blink of an eye. a man gets sucked into a jet engine and disappears.
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>> i didn't want to see what was going to come out of that intake. i was devastated. you know, this was my best friend. >> mike mcdonald remembers that night vividly. >> this was the guy that spent the past two years almost every sing him day with, for him to be gone and not to be alive anymore was just totally shocking to me. >> mcdonald and john bridges are five petty officers, stations on the uss roosevelt during operation desert tomorrow. bridges is a green shirt, a navy term for an aviation maintenance officer. he helps launch aircraft from the flight deck. the job is physically demanding and a lot can go wrong. >> it's the one of the post-dangerous jobs in the world. -- most dangerous job in the world. i seen them land and hit people or bounce across a flight deck. it can be pretty hectic. it's really dangerous. you always have to have your head on, you have to be alert in what you are doing. >> bridges is four months away
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from completeing his tour of duty. on february 20th, 1991, he's training a new recruit on the flight deck. >> we were doing midnight ops, basically when you operate after mid-nit in complete darkness. so they turn out lights out. it was fairly close to the coast of iraq and some dangerous waters. >> mcdonald is watching his best friend from an infrared closed cirque television below the deck. bridges and the trainee are checking a jet that's in full throttle and ready to take off. >> the trainee was going up to the nose gear of the acre and looking at it getting hooked up to the catapult and then j.d.'s job was to come back in from the back to check his work, to make sure everything is hooked up the way it was supposed to be and to get out also before they launch the aircraft. as j. d. was going in to check his work, he was coming in too high. he was almost standing up. he was supposed to be crouched almost to the ground and as he
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leaned over, to check the catapult, he got sucked into the engine. >> under the deck, mcdonald watches in horror. he knows how slim the odds are of surviving an accident leak this. >> within i saw it, i couldn't believe it. i was like totally, did that just happen? you know, i was going back and forth in my mind. is it real? am i dreaming? you know, i was just amazed. and then i realized it actually happened. he was in the intake. >> it's pitch black, but the deck crew knows something has gone wrong. the pilot shuts down the plane and mcdonald rushes to the flight deck to see his friend. >> i thought he was gone forever. i thought he was history. i was still like going crazy and then i looked up and he was crawling out of the intake. >> remarkably, bridges is alive. he's hurt, but incredibly lucky to live to tell his tale. >> the easiest way to explain it is kind of like a person eating
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a piece of spaghetti, the intake sucked me in so quick. as soon as it sucked me in, it sucked off my helmet, my googles, my glove, my float coat t. force of the air rushing into the intake sucked the air out of my lungs and i blacked out for probably two minutes. >> j.d. survived because he wore his helmet loose and it came off before he actually went into the intake and blew the engine out. which caused the blades to stop turning. >> when i came to i realized what had happened and i was probably in trouble. so i crawled out of the intake and that's the last thing i remember until i woke up at medical. >> given the circumstances, his injuries are quite minor. >> i had a piece of steel in my wrist. i got a little cut on my eye, a broken collar bone, a hole in my ear drum, just minor injuries, minor considering it, i could have and should have died. >> it's got to be a miracle. i can't describe it any other
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way. everything that happened that night was a pier cal. >> bridges so position entering that intake may have saved his life. >> the only reason i can see i didn't go through the intake because i got kind of wedged in between the nose cone, which is in the middle of the intake and the outside of the intake. and it broke my collar bone. i kind of got jammed in there. that's the only reason i didn't go lou. >> the distance between the front of the intake and the engine blades may also have helped. it's about 8 feet and big enough for a person to sleep in. >> he was within fingertip breach of the engine. usually things that get sucked into the intake the titanium blades chop everything that goes into that intake. >> after a month-and-a-half of bed rest, bridges is back at work, launching jets. he completes his three-84 tour of duty and is honorably discharged from the navy. >> the odds of a person
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surviving my accident, one in 100,000. one in a million. it's an accident you don't walk away from very often. >> he is definitely the luckiest person on earth. >> coming up, sentencing day in an ohio courtroom takes an unexpected turn. >> when "caught on camera, workplace gone wild" continues. . if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria . [phones rings]
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. >> you had so many different options, when instead you shot him in the back of the head execution style. >> in a steubenville courtroom, the man found guilty of his murder is 20-year-old antonio clifford. family members are giving victim impact statements before clifford's sentencing. >> you have 33 years that will
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be spent behind bars. i'm sorry, but i pray knows years will be full of immense pain and torture for you. >> the father takes his turn giving his victim impact statement, michael sweat walks to the witness stand with a photo of his son. >> then he got closer. he was standing at the table. he held that picture right in front of the defendant in front of antonio clifford and said, do you know this face? >> then sweat's pent-up anger suddenly comes bursting out. >> it was a moment of just jaw dropping, oh my gosh. what do we do? >> shelby is an anchor for nbc in steubenville, ohio. she's covering the sentencing that day and her cameraman captures the scene. the first to respond to the incident is sheriff fred abdullah. >> we didn't hit him. we didn't strike him. nothing like that. i knew and i could just imagine the pain that he was going through, the hurt. >> i have done a lot of sentencing hearings.
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i have had family members be terribly upset and angry, but i had never seen a physical altercation between a victim's family member and the defendant. i was terrified for him that he might get hurt as the officers tried to subdue him and my honest thought was he might try to kill the defendant. >> others in the courtroom feared the same thing. >> i to the this was going to be a disaster and it was. i saw mr. sweat's hand moving to try to get to the sheriff's weapon. the sheriff was able to restrain him and he did not get his hand on the sheriffs weapon, which was holstered. >> clifford can't defend himself. he's handcuffed and remains silent during the struggle. >> he never moved. he never said a word. he never backed off. he never looked afraid. he just simply sat there and even afterwards within they brought him back into the courtroom to finish the sentencing, he had absolutely no remorse for what he had done,
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none whatsoever. >> during the struggle, sweat is heard crying out for his dead son. >> he's not yelling anything other than his own son's name josh, josh, his baby, josh, his son. >> officers and family pebs are trying to control sweat. but the chaos escalates when someone in the courtroom begins yelling at the grieving father. >> stop it. >> that's when he started losing it. now, if you watch the video, we have him up. he's getting under control a little bit. he slows down, his lip is bleeding a little bit from just the altercation that we were having. nobody struck him. all of a sudden this woman makes it a point to come over and she starts pointing her finger at him and starts saying something again and that's when a racial slur came out. >> whatever restraint was there disappears, supporters of the victim and supporters of the defendant started a yelling
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match. >> you have a situation of different socioeconomic statuss and you have a racial divide and that really played out in this particular case. >> the judge orders all family members out of the courtroom. sweat is taken to the sheriffs office and released after 45 minutes. >> we have charged mr. sweat with disorderly conduct in a courtroom. probably could have. would it be the wise thing to do? >> no. like i said, i would have done the same thing. i'm sure a lot of fathers out there would have done the same thing. >> the judge sentences deliverd 33 years to life in prison. >> you couldn't see this without being unaffected. but it was a sat unfortunate case even if this event had not occurred. just the nature of the case, a family has lost a son, a brother. another family's relative is going off to prison. there are never any winners in
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that. >> the court later changes the location of where impact statements are given, for emotionally charged cases such as this one. >> i'm so saddened inside by situation like this, it leaves such emotional gapeing holes in people. you you don't know if they ever get fixed, happilied for both side. for the person sitting in jail the rest of his life and for the family who doesn't have, you know, their son anymore. >> nobody should be permitted to get out of line in a courtroom and not suffer some consequences. after all, that's where we come for the justice. that's where we come to enforce the law and that was a definite breaking of the law. >> coming up, when burger king employee unwinds at work, what you won't believe where. >> i got a little frisky,
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thought i'd get a little clean, make sure i get all surprised up for you guys. a dip in a hot tub you won't forget when "caught on camera, workplace gone wild" continues. .
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it's 3:00 a.m. at xenia ohio, the staff is closing shop. the manager is counting cash. the machines are being cleaned for the next shift. nothing out of the ordinary except employee timothy takit, a 25-year-old aspiring rap musician is taking a bath. >> it's my birthday, and i'm taking a bath in the sink at burger king. >> tim has been working the late shift at burger king for a year. that utility sink has always capture his imagination. >> i thought about it for a couple months. because it was big enough to fit in. that's where the whole idea ever came from. it has jets in it. >> the jets working at old bk. that's just a stainless steel thing right there. >> tim has a show to do that
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night. it's also his birthday. he feels the time is right to act on his impulse. >> what made that day different, it was my birthday. i was excited about the concert i was playing. i was in that right mood. it seemed like the time to me. we finished up the dishes. i cleaned out the sink real good, scrubbed it. ran hot water through it. when nobody was looking, i took off all my clothes except a little speedo and dove in the sink and then i yelled for, does anybody have a video camera. >> it's my birthday. i feel a little fris can i, get a little clean, make sure i get all spiced up for you guys, make sure i'm all clean for the show, you know what i'm saying. >> behind the camera is macy, his girlfriend, who usually works the drive through window. >> he is crazy like that. i carry a camera with me in case something like that happens. >> you want some biscuits,
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french toast stick? >> the stunt is an act for tim's my space page where fans know him as mr. unstable. >> you should totally go get our manager and tell her i'm really in the sink. >> he insists no one else is in on the stunt before the camera starts rolling. >> he's in the sink. is that okay? you want to come see? it's pretty funny. >> no. >> you can't see his penis or nothing. >> the manager was still counting money the whole time, she thought we were kidding. she never imagined that i was really in the sink i sigh stuff every night i'm going to do this and don't do it. the sink day, i had mentioned that three months ago. i'm going to take a bath in that sink. but always brushed it off. >> the water gets boiling hot to
12:22 pm
san tides utensils, so tim's dip lasts only four minutes. >> i used a little towel to cover myself up. i didn't think about this part. i didn't bring anything to dry off. >> the video is posted on my space that same morning. tim has no idea how much of a stir his short film will create. tim's bubble bath generates hundreds of thousands of hits on the internet. he's asked to make national teleinvestigation appearance, all good for his music. but not good for his resume. he and his co-workers are all fired. >> i fixed i would get fired within i did it. but when everybody else got fired. that was the part that surprised me. really, no one had anything to do wit. aside from the girl that filmed it. >> that girl, macy is sorry they didn't edit out the other colleagues. >> i'm sorry they got in trouble. >> a burger conditioning employee for several years is
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sorry, too. >> sorry for anything that they think i did. i had no part in it. i feel that burger king has done me wrong. >> burger king released a statement after this incident saying workers are being retirement trained and quote, we have sanitized the sink and have disposed of all other kitchen tools and utensils tarp used during the incident. as for those 22, their job spros suspects have been few and far between. >> there is no hope of getting a job. at first i was thinking, this can sells out restaurant work. but if i go in anywhere, i'm a pretty recognizable person at this point. if i go in anywhere, this guy is going to give us problems. he's going to be insubordinate. he's chaotic. i pretty much cancelled out any real job. if it's not television or music or something like that, i don't think it's happening.
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>> fortunately for tim, his 15 minutes of fame have led to more performances and fans. [ music playing ] >> his experience at burger king even inspires one of his latest songs. >> kind of run with it and make the music thing bigger. make my money through that. i'm an entertainer, anyway. that's what i like to do. >> coming up, there's no telling what some people are do to get out of jail when" caught on camera, workplace gone wild" continues. es. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, .
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hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. . >> hi, richard lui with your top stories, kenneth bae and matthew miller are headed home with
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their families. president obama wants to send 1,500 more troops to iraq to take on the isis terror group there. money for the authorization will be awaiting members of congress when they return next week and president announcing his new attorney general lorretta lynch. now back to "caught on camera." >>. >> welcome back to "caught on camera," i'm cantessa brewer. we've seen danger in the work place, outrageous work place stunts. what you are about to see might top the list. this man's first mistake acting as his own attorney. his second mistake, you have to see it to believe it. >> she informed me she had family in another part of ohio. >> it's a scene you'd expect to see in a hollywood film. >> excuse me. >> a man in court facing up to 61 years in prison, if
12:29 pm
convicted, clutches his chest and falls to the ground. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, of the jury for being here. >> but he is no hollywood actor a. 33-year-old defendant is in a dayton, ohio criminal court for two felonious assault charges and various weapons charges. >> it had nothing to do with me. >> wilkins decision to defend himself as adds an extra layer of drama to the proceedings. from the get h go, he is reprimanded by the judge. >> you are not running the show, sir. the jury complained that you mumble repeatedly. they cannot understand a word you are saying. >> this is a modern day legend. >> at one point he suggest the court is out to get him. >> this is a modern day lynching that's taking place. >> mr. wilkins. >> that's what it is. >> you are not to speak, sir.
12:30 pm
>> he doesn't have any formal legal experience and the stakes are high. >> i told you before i can't tell you how to practice your craft. sir, you can't include nefdz question. you must ask people questions. >> june 26th is the last day of testimony and officer sean humphrey is the last witness to take the stand. his testimony is pivotal. it could discredit wilkins' alibi. >> i was there to testify with regards to a female who claims shelves with the defendant the day his crime occurred. however, she had reported into the office to see me that day in dayton. >> sharita -- >> wilkins begins to cross examination humphrey. then, all of a sudden he seems to be having a heart attack. >> excuse me. >> he had asked me, i believe, two questions at the time and then he grabbed his chest, asked the judge if he could have a
12:31 pm
minute. >> your honor, excuse me for a second. i need some time. >> then collapsed on the floor. >> officer humphrey takes his coup from the judge, relieve the courtroom. >> once we got to him, it was obviously he was faking this. his eyes were closed. he was trying to peak out the corners of his eyes, gain an angle and look out the side. >> courtroom cameras stop rolling while medical personnel look over to wilkins. >> i remember looking over to him, calling him by names. >> his respirations, were, it will even unlabor. >> during his check-up, he shows further signs of life. >> i tripped over his arm. they opened his eyes and moved his hands. i can feel it move. >> they check on his vital signs and confirm, wilkins is faking
12:32 pm
it. so the judge calls court back into session. >> the record will request the jury is not present. the defendant is present and is claiming some medical condition. >> cameras rolling again. wilkins is seen slumped over his chair. extra security is now present because of wilkins behavior. >> the defendant is present and acting rather uninterested in those proceedings. if you persist in this behavior. you will be removed. i understand if you choose not to respond to me, sir. i know you are hearing me. >> not only does his fake heart attack fame him to derail the trial, it become as part of the trial, itself. those two medics who just checked on wilkins are asked to testify. >> he did respond to tack tile stimulus. he did raise his hand and turn and look at me directly. i could see his eyes. >> i checked his pulse, which was normal.
12:33 pm
scan temperature normal. not sweating, normal. >> the record should reflect the defendant is slouveng over to the side and acts like he is sleeping. does he appear to be doing anything to you other than -- sitting in that care? >> no, your honor. >> wilkins finally comes to, when smelling salts are placed under his nose. >> a remarkable change. mr. wilkins, do have you any questions for this witness, sir? >> i'll take that as a no, sir. i am going to terminate the defendant's right to represent himself bus of his deliberately serious and obstructionist misconduct. mr. kill wince, because of your behavior, i am going to have you removed from the control, sir. your behavior is highly inappropriate. it's obstructionist. so you will be removed to the jail. >> the hearings resume without wilkins' presence. in the end, serves as his own
12:34 pm
lawyer, complete with courtroom stunts backfires hrks se convicted and sentenced to 42 years if prison. >> your honor, we need some time. >> when your back is against the wall, you never know what's going to happen. what was he thinking? you know, because it sure didn't turn out well for him. he's got to live with that for a very long time. >> coming up. >> aloha, welcome to honolulu. >> an unconventional flight attendant keeps passengers on their toes. >> get your stuff and get out once the seat light is off. >> in couple, another irref rant flight attendant. this time in handcuffs. you will never believe what she does next. >> excuse me, that is my [ bleep ] i.d. >> when "caught on camera, workplace gone wild" continues. what's wrong with trying new things?
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feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... .t
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. >> ladies and gentlemen, my name is kurt decker. i am your flight attendant. i am running for president of the united states. >> he is on a mission. >> all passengers. >> in painfully long lines of overcrowded flights, he's determined to lighten the mood. >> every man, woman and child on this aircraft will receive oxygen. >> whohoo! >> when you hear a flight attend about or gate agent, can you tell they're reading in there place the mask over your nose and mouth, adjust the elastic band over your head. >> it hurts my ears. people don't want to feel like they're a herd of cattle. people want to be talked to.
12:39 pm
>> kurt delivers his announcements with a humerus twist meant to entertain passengers. >> put the mask to your face a rate of $2 and 99 cents for each iditional minute. if are you traveling with more than one child, now is the time to pick your favorite. >> he is definitely trying to make you laugh. but this flight attendant does take his job seriously. >> we are trained to be firefighters, to do cpr, trained to use a defibrillator. people don't realize that, but we're there for your safety. >> his most popular flight is from phoenix to hawaii. videotaping his announce ps proves to be a fun distraction. >> people in the lavatory, this is the lavatory police, come out with your pants up. >> he liveens the whole crew. >> the names are barbara, done that, julie. my name is kurt. i a testimony man. >> when he can't man the camera, he gets other flight attendants
12:40 pm
and staff to take over t. results are his greatest hits, captured during hundreds of his round trips to hawaii. then he posts tell on his my space page. >> you people are not listen, i can tell that. i can be doing this whole thing in chinese, no one would even know. >> kurt's funny rants started in part in frustration that passengers ignore him. now they're making him an online star. he is attracting thousands of hits on the internet. >> we're going to dim the cabin lights. kurt is encouraged be i the positive feedback. he insists the announcements are all in the line of duty. >> in 14 years of doing those announcements, nobody ever said, kurt, we don't like that. you shouldn't be doing it. >> instead, he's received a lot of fan mail and compliments from frequent flyers who appreciate his humor. >> people don't expect you to say something funny. when you do, it's a surprise and
12:41 pm
it, you know, you got the best audience you can have. >> place the yellow cup over your nose and mouth, as soon as are you done screaming, secure the map to your tase with the elastic ban. >> unfortunately, kurt's good humor can't save the airline. he and 2,200 other ata employees lose their jobs when the airline goes bankrupt in 28. >> ladies and gentlemen. aloha, welcome to honolulu. once the seatbelt sign is turned off, i will tell you the same thing my parents told me when i turned 18, get your stuff and get out! >> after more than a decade as a flight attendant, kurt is setting his sights high, training to become a pilot. >> ply instructors actually taken video of me in the cockpit, doing all the maneuvers and things we do. i'd like to make a video of that and, obviously, it's not going to be as silly as this video. people don't want to see that in
12:42 pm
a pilot. >> not all flight attendants approach work with the same gusto. this next story takes a look at one who might want to consider a career change. imagine learning that your flight attendant is acting so drunk, she has to be hauled off the plane and is sent to jail for belligerent behavior like you see here. >> i don't like you. go home. that's my beep beep i.d. i'm in jail? >> that's what happens on august a 5th 2007 at lexington, kentucky's bluegrass airport. 26-year-old sarah mills is the only flight attendant scheduled on an atlantic southeast airline flight bound for atlanta. but the plane never leaves the runway. >> some passengers aboard that plane said they were afraid to fly after what they saw aboard the delta connection flight. they said their flight attend about, sarah mills, was very
12:43 pm
drunk t. captain concurred and called police. >> airport police reports mills is unstable and we'll be right backs of alcohol. she admits she's been drinking jack daniels on board the plane. mills threatens the pilot as she's removed from the aircraft. video shows her carried off the flight in a wheelchair. >> she made a comment to the pilot, off the cuff, you are dead. therefore, they charged her with terrorist lets. >> police tests at the airport reveal a .032 blood alcohol level, well below the drinking level limit. for a flight attend about, drink eight hours prior to any flight is illegal. >> when she was hauling off to jail, she was screaming and crying, all upset with the airport police. >> mark kennedy breaks the sarah mills story for wkyt in lexington. >> the fact that she was a flight attendant on a plane the only flight attendant on that
12:44 pm
plane, it was a small plane, carried off in handcuffs, really caught a lot of people's attention. >> he follows her trail to the lexington, fayette detesijah center. >> she gets to the jail. we hear there was a sort of an altercation. >> i just want to go home. >> i understand that. i want to, too. i wouldn't want to be here, either. >> i don't like you people. >> i heard from a lot of people, she did some crazy things, said some crazy things. >> i've already lost my job because of these people. >> mills situation goes from bad to worse when she gets hostile at the police station. >> they walk her in, she is trying to fall to the ground t. jailers are holding her up. >> you people have helped me lose my job. >> cameras record her every move. kennedy ob tines the video and can't believe what he sees, especially since her blood alcohol level is reported as
12:45 pm
being fairly low. >> do you require immediate medical attention? >> yep. >> what for? >> because i am thinking about punching some people. >> you need medical attention because you think of punching some people. >> actually, excuse me, that is my beach beep i.d. >> mills resists, and police grope her to the ground in order to restrain her. >> the thing of it is, i don't think she realized she was on camera. they had a hand held camera following her the entire time. i guess she didn't realize that. >> you guys are so dumb. all i did was get drunk and you don't know anything about me. so shut the beep beep up. >> mills is transferred to a holding cell. >> you are harassing -- yeah. >> she's pretty belligerent. crawling on the floor, acting like a dog, looking through the window at the bottom of her holding cell, looking out the
12:46 pm
window, peeking out the window. >> mills spends the night in jail. one day after her arrest. she is seen in this videotaped arraignment asking the judge for leniency. >> i'm not supposed to be in here. >> she wasn't from kentucky. she was from missouri. so nobody could come to bond her out. she was so far away. >> the next day, she is able to make bond and is released. >> tonight, we have new information in the case. >> the disturbing video of mills in jail was broadcast on television before her hearings begin and before her lawyer, garrett gordon, has even seen it. he asks the judge for more time to review the case. >> we haven't been provided the evidence yet. so it's hard to make any decisions as to what we will do yet. >> when he does see the video, gordon had this to say. >> well, in two short words, not good her behavior on the video and from talking to people that
12:47 pm
also had view that video, it appears she may have been armed, you know, on something she from what i can tell was not herself. >> mills is not tested for drug use. at the hearing, she lets her lawyer do all the talking. >> obviously, she's very embarrassed about the incident and just wished it never would have happened. >> the prosecution later hearns, this isn't mills' first run-in with the law. this video obtained in missouri. shows mills in jail wearing scrubs and acting in a belligerent manner just four months earlier. police records show charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a law enforcement officer. in the courtroom the judge has some stern words for her. >> this is a community that has, in fact, suffered a major airplane crash in the last couple of years and an incident like this at the sampt of major
12:48 pm
concern for the public. >> the judge if court kind of told her, you need to get your stuff together. i want you to go to rehab back home. you obviously have a problem. you need to get it taken care of. >> four months after the incident in lexington the charges of making a terrorist threat are dropped. >> guilty. >> mills pleads guilty of alcohol intoxication in a public place and operating under the influence as a crew member of an aircraft. she attends rehab and is sentenced to pay a $660 fine. >> this was a case i never thought would have gotten the attention that it did. but the interest and the publicity on the local news and people just calling me, asking me about it was amazing. >> mills losings her job with the airline and could not be reached for an interview. her lawyer talked to us. >> quite frankly, i'm not sure she wanted to be a flight attend about again after this incident.
12:49 pm
>> coming up. >> your honor i did do shots of tequila last night. >> a high profile lawyer makes a court appearance. >> i apologize. >> you have? i never seen you be like this in my entire life. >> when caught on camera, work place gone wild continues. oats go! wow! go power oats! go! go power! yayyyy!
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. arriving an hour and a half late for a trial when you're the defense attorney is never a good idea. >> i remember someone asking me, where in the hell is joe caramagno? >> but when you're late and stumble in drunk with implausible excuses, you're really asking for trouble. >> your honor, i did do shots of tequila last night. >> right when i saw mr. caramagno, i knew something was very wrong. >> judge, i was heading east on sahara drive, and i was rear-ended. it was a hit-and-run, your honor. >> you called the police, obviously? >> i did not, your honor.
12:53 pm
i'm not in favor of dialing 911. >> one thing you don't do is tell a lie to the judge. >> scott hoper is attorney joe caramagno's stand-by counsel. >> when you have two district attorneys sitting next to you who have access to las vegas metropolitan police department detectives and street patrol who quickly phoned in the location of the accident, the story, it kind of changed a little bit. >> courtroom cameras capture his entire exchange with the judge. >> i was traveling west on sahara. >> you were traveling west on sahara now? >> pardon me. east. judge, i was actually hit from behind. i was pushed into a car in front of me. >> so it was a double hit-and-run. >> i guess. >> i was actually trying to make a hush sound to joe when i was behind him, and he just wouldn't listen. he kept going on and on and on. >> i can tell you, your honor, it was a hard hit from behind. >> it was a hard hit from behind, but i've got a detective who says there is absolutely no damage. i think you should just really
12:54 pm
kind of -- i mean, i can't even count up how many different stories you've told me thus far. >> caramagno's client, dale jakuchunas, can hardly believe what's unfolding before him. he's facing a possible lifetime in jail if convicted of first-degree kidnapping and coercion charges. >> i felt very frustrated with them and disappointed. i definitely needed the attorney i paid for at that time. >> i may have suffered a concussion, your honor. >> because you hit your head? >> because of the whiplash, your honor. i've had multiple concussions before. >> you've had multiple concussions? >> yes, your honor. >> because? >> i played professional ice hockey and i also played college football. >> oh, okay. so you know what it feels like. >> yeah. my head has been the subject of many severe contacts. >> caramagno just can't keep his story straight. the judge decides to question a young woman he's brought to court with him to see if she might know something about the accident, and things get even more bizarre. >> you know, mr. caramagno, you told me she was your ex-girlfriend.
12:55 pm
and so now i'm very upset with you. >> your honor -- >> you've got yourself in this web. >> i certainly don't want to mislead the court. >> you don't even know her, based upon what she has told me. >> i do, judge. i've known her for at least 20 minutes. >> it was turning into quite a little circus. >> judge, i don't want to make this a soap opera, and i apologize. >> well, you have. >> i know i have. >> i've never seen anything like this in my entire life. >> word spread like wildfire through the courthouse that judge levitt was, in essence, interrogating a criminal defense attorney. >> did you have three shots of tequila before you came to court this morning? >> your honor, i did -- i did do shots of tequila last night. >> okay. what's "last night" to you? >> 3:00 in the morning. >> okay. >> i was in my office until 3:00 in the morning preparing the case. >> right. >> and i did consume alcoholic beverages from 3:00 to 4:00.
12:56 pm
>> finally, the judge asked caramagno to take a breathalyzer test, but he resists. >> i can represent as an officer of the court. i am not intoxicated. >> okay. you can't even represent to me anything so far. >> i apologize about -- >> i mean, she was your ex-girlfriend. turns out you only knew her for 20 minutes. you said you were rear-ended. your car has absolutely no rear-end damage. it has substantial front-end damage. it's not even registered to you. it's registered to a person who's incarcerated in the nevada department of corrections. i'm not quite sure it can get much worse. so just go ahead and blow, and let's get it over with. >> as soon as they brought the breathalyzer, i knew he was in some serious, serious trouble. >> the court marshal administers the test. >> i've never had to do this before for a lawyer. in fact, it was a little uncomfortable for me because i knew him. i had seen him in my courtroom a few other times. but i had to do my job. >> my professional livelihood is at stake here. >> i know. you think i want to do this? >> the odor of alcoholic
12:57 pm
beverage was very prevalent in the courtroom and on him so i knew that he had had a lot to drink. >> take a deep breath. just blow in it. >> okay. for the record, your blood alcohol is a .075. >> i admit that i did have drinks last night. and i lost my grandmother about two weeks ago, and i've been under a lot of pressure. >> the drunk driving limit in nevada is .08, and it's been ten hours since he says he had his last drink. caramagno still insists he can move forward with the case. but the judge has had enough. >> my only desire at this point is to protect mr. jakuchunas. i don't think you have a concussion. i think you're dazed and confused and can't tell a straight story because you're too intoxicated. >> and just when you think caramagno might wise up, he makes another convoluted attempt to defend himself. and it backfires. >> your honor, i can represent to the court that i had a heineken at lunch yesterday.
12:58 pm
>> you drank a beer at lunch yesterday? >> i did, your honor. >> before we picked a jury? >> yes, ma'am. and the reason i raise that issue is that, judge, because, if i have one beer at lunch, it's not going to affect my ability to effectively represent my client. >> you really can't have a heineken during lunch when you're in a jury trial. you just can't. that's bizarre to me. >> at this point, even the prosecution is concerned that caramagno is ill-prepared to defend his client. after 2 1/2 hours, the judge finally declares a mistrial. >> dale was pretty emotional. he was sad. there were tears in his eyes. >> it was very painful. it was embarrassing. >> i didn't put tequila on my cornflakes, if that's what you're asking me, no, i didn't. >> caramagno later speaks to the local news. >> i did have some drinks the night before. i did have a nominal amount of sleep, i'm going to estimate between 2 1/2 and 3 hours. i didn't wake up and start drinking. >> jakuchunas later negotiates a deal with his new attorney. he pleads guilty to conspiracy
12:59 pm
to commit battery and receives a sentence of probation after spending a total of five months in jail. as for caramagno, he attends rehab, and the nevada supreme court transfers his law license to disability inactive status. >> i just can't imagine how somebody who's worked so hard, who's taken the damn state bar exam and passed it, how they would put that and their reputation in jeopardy. >> cameras have shown us that the workplace isn't all business or as dull as you might think. one thing they can't do is explain why people do the crazy things they do. if you have a video you'd like to send to us, you can log on to our website, i'm contessa brewer. that's it for this edition of "caught on camera."
1:00 pm
sizzling 2,000-degree lava decimates a village. >> lava is the winner when it comes to man versus lava. a lightning bolt makes a direct hit. >> oh, my god. wild time-lapse footage of a mammoth dust storm. >> the storm spanned from one side of the horizon to the other. baseball-size hailstones. >> it's in my room. massive wildfires. >> it looked apocalyptic to me. >> mother earth at her worst. >> i totally thought i was going to die. >> and the cameras are rolling.


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