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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 10, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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good evening americans. welcome to the ed show live from new york. let's get to work. ♪ ♪ >> the energy regulations imposed by the administration are simply bad policy. >> i'm not qualified to debate the science over climate change. >> will go down sas the warmest decade on record. >> the environmental protection agency. >> epa. >> epa, there you go. >> let's shut down the federal epa. >> the energy revolution. >> the energy boom sthaz going on in america is real. >> when you say energy these days people think of the key stone pipe line. >> the key stone pipe line. good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. after last week's results that tuesday night it took about 30
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seconds for this to sink in. republicans have control of congress and sights are set on destroying everything president obama is trying to implement and favor big oil. that's where we're going first up. the new republican leadership made it clear the future leader says america needs to, now get this, embrace the energy revolution. >> we need to embrace the energy revolution that is going on in our country, promote it. it's hugely add vantageous to america, not only to energy pend ens but employment. >> that was november fifth. that was one for the archives. i'm going to save that one. nothing about wind. nothing about solar. nothing about conservation. it is still about oil. the united states is already fully embraced and engage the in an energy revolution. thanks to the guy that nobody
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likes to talk about any more, president obama. here's a fact. i came from the middle of the country, love to hunt and fish, got a pick up truck, all that guy stuff, i love it, it's the life. this is a fact from that part of the country, we are pumping oil out of the ground at record rates. now this isn't big liberal ed telling you something that i want you to believe, it's a fact. in august, the united states produced 260 million barrels of crude oil. it's the largest amount since 1986. wow, i guess i can report facts. since president obama was elected, crude oil production has risen roughly 80%. now these are numbers. and then mr. mcconnell comes out and says, well, we have to embrace this energy revolution, as if we're not doing it.
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we can do other things than oil. this is the mission of the progressives all along. apparently somebody didn't connect the dots. so he goes on to say the keystone pipeline will ceo agent j create jobs. >> the employment numbers connected with keytone are stunning if we could get going. there will be areas of disagreement but not unusual going back to the founding of the country. >> another one for the archives, the jobs would be stunning. the numbers we have is it would be over 2,000 jobs, would last 18 months maybe longer, tell you what, let's give it 3 years and say there's bad weather in the mid-west and they can't finish the whole pipe, let's say it's 2,000 jobs for three years. we have debunked this time and time again. all those jobs mcconnell are
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talking about are temporary. but he says they're stunning. i guess 55 months of private sector job growth doesn't move anyone on the right. meanwhile over on the house side working on the same set of bullets. john boehner saying this. >> you heard me talk many times about the many jobs bills that the outgoing senate majority has ignored. those bills will offer the congress, i think, a new start. we can act on the keystone pipe line, restore the 40-hour work week that was gutted by obamacare and pass the hire more heroes act that would encourage our businesses to hire more of our veterans. >> the energy boom going on in america is real. and i think it provides us with a very big opportunity. >> you bet, it is real, it's just so real. did you get that about 40-hour work week. i didn't know obama told me i can't work 40-hours a week.
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that's another story. they're comical. in my opinion they're jous comical. no doubt the ceckeystone pipeli is one that is hard to figure. this current senator running ads like this, he claims he is a new type of republican who supports green energy and then he says stuff like this. >> just yesterday the keystone pipeline delay turned six years old thanks to the president's inaction we are no closer to building it today than we were six years ago, as a result thousands of americans are missing out on the good-paying jobs the pipe line would create. americans know failures like this is one of the main reasons washington is broken. republicans agree and that's why
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we have repeatedly called for president obama and the senate to take action. >> this is rather interesting because the people who are behind the keystone pipeline are union workers. we all know how republicans feel about unions and union workers. they just have too much demands, they get paid too much, they get a pension, they get health care, it would seem if they want to present the argument to the american people that there will be all these jobs created, how come the republicans aren't quoting the unions? because the unions will tell them the truth and say it's only going to be 2,000 jobs for a couple years and then about 50 full time jobs. so mitch mcconnell and boehner thinks it is stunning we could be on the verge of getting 50 full time jobs by getting keystone pipeline. now whatever wind power is going to be saved will be more than cancelled if the keystone pipeline is approved.
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the republicans will be seeking stand alone legislation dealing with keystone pipeline. they have jim inhofe is expected to chair the senate environment and public works committee. >> first of all global warming is not taking place. kind of laughable right now with all the records being sent. got to understand we have people tied up in trying to make this hoax a reality. >> it's just a hoax isn't it. i wouldn't hold out too much hope for facts and science for those theories to be put on a board. it won't pe etched in stone from this ground but they will get some support on keystone pipeline. president obama has addressed the keystone pipeline. doengt want you to miss it. >> on keystone pipeline there's
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an independent process that is moving forward. i will let that process play out. i have given perimeters how i think about it. ultimate is it going to be good for the american people, is it going to actually create jobs and reduce gas prices that have been coming down, and is it going to be on net something that doesn't increase climate change that we're going to have to grapple with. there's a pending case before nebraska judge about some of the sighting, the process is moving forward, and i'm just going to gather up the facts. i will note while this debate about canadian oil has been raging, keep in mind this is canadian oil, this isn't u.s. oil, while that debate has been raging, we have seen some of the biggest increases in american oil production and american natural gas production in our history. >> so let me give you the short version of that sound bite. we are kicking ass and taking names when it comes to getting oil out of the ground.
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we're as energy-independent as we have ever been. the nebraska supreme court will need to make a ruling on eminent domain. republicans used to be concerned about that and property rights but it fell by the wayici side n the green was waving in front of them from the oil companies. when it comes down to to president obama has the final say on the pipe line. the republicans plan will attach a keystone pipeline amendment to every bill that ends up on the bill of the president of the united states. they will test the heart and soul of president when it comes to climate change and let inhofe chair the committee is that has nothing but deniers on it. the keystone pipeline is the first step for republicans. they want to ban the export ban
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that is out there, they want to lift that so we can ship all this oil that we're producing in the dakotas and montana, so we can ship it over seas so the oil companies can make more money. they want to drill, baby drill. they will blame the epa, the environmental protection agency, they want to let them run rough shot over anything. now this narrative by main stream media types who lean to the right trying to tell us there's not a whole lot going to get done, nothing real big, just this keystone pipeline thing we've been fighting for six years for and of course we want to get the trade deal done with the tpp and we are going to get help from the supreme court and really take care of obamacare. so welcome to the election results. maybe it will be different in 2016 but there needs to be a new drawing board on how liberals will deal with this. i'm just giving you the facts on where the republicans are, what
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they want to do, how much oil we're digging out of the ground and the risk for this country if we go with keystone pipeline. tonight's question, is jim inhofe a reason person to lead the senate environment and public works committee? big question mark. text us your answers we will bring you the results later on the show. want to bring in senator ben, great to be with you. i guess green energy will be left at the edge but what are your thoughts on the stand alone legislation for keystone pipeline. do you think there will be 60 votes in the senate. >> i think it will be close to the 60 vote margin. but you said it right, these are not permanent jobs, the oil is dirty oil going into the international marketplace and we are pretty much energy
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independent tonight. so this is about what we can do to provide dirty oil and make it difficult for the climate change issues for global carbon emissions, that will have an impact and there's an orderly process to address this issue and the president is using that. >> so what regulations do you believe mitch mcconnell is talking about? >> i think what he wants to do is open more of our land to oil exploration. i think he wants to just have a wide open process. he has little regard for protecting our natural heritage in this country, whether it is on park land, he has little concern about drilling and sensitive areas such as near the chesapeake bay, if we had an oil spill near the bay it would be devastating to our way of life.
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he has little concern about that. the issue of course is we don't need to do that. we need an energy policy where we are self-sufficient. where we create jobs. and we're friendly towards the environment. president obama has led us in that direction and we've seen the results. we use less energy, that's important. we're getting better mileage on transportation on our cars and we're using less energy in our buildings, that's how you start, then have ai diversified energy source including wind and solar, that's what we're doing in america. and mitch mcconnell is more interested in oil and coal. >> and how do you feel about lifting the export ban which has been in place for decades. >> i would be very, very careful about that. energy first should be about america's security and dealing with a predictable energy cost for america. that's a critical goal. before we start talking about
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eliminating our restriction on export let's make sure we have our own security needs met. >> thank you senator. appreciate your time. let me bring in more analysts. great to have both of you with us. what do you make of jim inhofe going to chair up a very powerful committee and there is no greater climate denier than this gentleman. >> that's right he infamously said climate change is the greatest hoax perpetrated on the american people. that he could have the nerve to say that after the summer of extreme forest fires, more storms, more droughts, the algae bloom, it is outrageous and he is clearly out of touch. all over america people want to address climate change and in fact the solutions are so common sense, protecting public health
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by carbon solution, and already in place. >> basically he is putting it on the state of nebraska, state supreme court at this point, that's how i read his answer. your thoughts? >> well this congress was bought and paid for in many ways by some of the largest polluters in this country, coal and oil companies, companies that are involve in fracking as well. regardless of the court decision in nebraska, this congress will use every avenue possible to pressure the obama administration on these big decisions, whether attaching keystone pipeline to different bills passed by congress or even attaching that approval to government funlding. we might even see another government shutdown this time around keystone pipeline. >> how do you think will play out if it is attached to every bill that goes to the white house for president's signature
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isn't keystone pipeline going to get eventually done. >> we are very confident at the end of the day we will be able to defend the president's ability to cut carbon solution under the clean air act. it simply wouldn't make sense for him to turn around and approve the keystone pipeline. we will fight this every step of the way. we are seeing republicans talking a big game over the last few days. but looking at the last few years, the fact six years in, it is still not approved, there's still no route in nebraska, we're confident that pipe line will ultimately be rejectd. >> there's limb coverage of the fact ha the congressman from nebraska who represents the area where key stone will go through, he lost. lee, what do you make of that? >> there's a lot of the election that haven't been covered. there's a under current to this election. one of the lowest turn out most
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expensive elections. outside traditional politics people want to talk about environment and economic justice, maybe for the future it has to be outside the traditional realm of politics, not big think tanks, it's organize niing on the streets. >> good to have you both with us. appreciate your time. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of your screen. share your questions and like us on facebook. we always want to know what you think. coming up the new republican majority could be great news for the horrible trade deal known as tpp, bad news for american workers. when we come back. plus scott walker can't help himself, less than a week after his win in the governor's chair he's hinting at a run at the white house just like we told you. stay with us.
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and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business. time now for trender social media. we want you to join the ed team. now, we do this survey every day, also we find out that it's growing. someone told me it is growing all the time. which is fantastic. thank you. "the ed show" social media reported today's top trenders voted on by you. >> the number three trender, field goal. >> peterson pled no contest to a misdemeanor on tuesday. >> i take full responsibility
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for my actions. >> the nfl will conduct its personal conduct review. >> the nfl players association wants adrian peterson reinstated. >> they have filed for immediate reinstatement off this commissioner's exempt list. >> no player has ever been sus pended eight games for a misdemeanor. >> would be happy to have him back. he's a leader on this team. >> i'm just glad i can put this behind me. >> the number two trender, too many cooks ♪ ♪ takes a lot to make a stew is. >> this is this strange video making fun of 90s. >> primetime parody is a hit. >> that full house," family matters" sort of vibe. but things get weird. ♪ ♪ too many cooks ♪ >> within these opening credits there's a maniac loose. >> that es clated quickly.
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>> and today's top trender, tpp you push. >> president obama starting a trip that will focus on trade and pivot to asia. >> president obama heads to china to talk trade. >> trans pacific partnership that could spur economic growth, spur greater jobs growth. >> every trade agreement we had led to job losses and deficit. >> mitch mcconnell will sign off with the chamer of commerce on any trade deal. >> the stronger the agreement the greater the benefits to the american people. >> what the heck is going on here? the president clearly is on the
2:24 pm
wrong side of the issue? is that a correct statement? is that how you feel about it? >> yeah absolutely. and now he's ready to pass boehner trade. so the slim guarantees for citizens in this country that we might have had are likely to get shredded in the republican leadership in the house and senate. >> so why would the president do something that would be against the economy. you heard the sound bite there. he is in asia and china telling people it will create more jobs, increase exports and economic activity for america. what's going on here? >> so unfortunately i think we have the joint efforts of the state department saying that we can ween vietnam with 90 million people away from china, at least slightly with the chamber of commerce saying here's a way to cut our cost or maintain or increase our profits. so you really have finance
2:25 pm
capitol and court of appearpora that lets corporation if any nation improve standards for workers or environmental standards, anything they in improve on that cuts corporate profits allow these corporations to snu a private tribunal believe it or not where they can sue for billions of dollars of loss profits. that's why wall streelt is excited about tpp. but the rest of us need to focus on what happens to citizens. how do we enforce citizen rights with corporations have secret tribunals and we have to work through our government and governments like vietnam. >> so in the house and senate with republican majority what's this mean. >> this is a week of action for citizens across the country. we mobilized 3 million people to take action. in the weeks ahead, first months
2:26 pm
of 2015, our union, cwa, and many other democracy groups, we will keep the same structure in place, the same level of funding and support that we had in this many election until we defeat this trade bill and get to 21st century trade which needs to work for citizen groups. we will keep the entire political apparatus in place to mobilize our workers, community organizations, immigrant rights groups, all share the same story and we hope this president will listen to those of us who supported him and not just the chamber of commerce and those who want to make higher profits while we have our rights sled. >> now the shoe is on the other foot. should workers in this country count on the philibuster to stop this? >> i don't hi we can kouncount that because we don't know how finance committee chair and majority leader mcconnell, what
2:27 pm
version of senate rules we will see. i think the only thing we can count on number one is the democratic caucus in the house, three-quarters of it will be solidly opposed. the house is the battle ground. all of a sudd always has been on trade bills. we would say, if could get majority support in democratic caucus we will come around on this but if you are not going to get majority support of your caucus, shame, shame, if you are going to use boehner to pass the biggest and worst trade deal ever. >> it is black and white that this will hurt jobs and workers and industry in this country and the president couldn't be more wrong on it. >> it is absolutely clear. it is not just manufacturing it, it's the whole tradeable sector which right now is information technology jobs, call center jobs, any job that could be done
2:28 pm
somewhere else, in this case in asia. and by the way will also hurt our old trading partners in mexico, hunduras, they can't compete with 28 cent hour wage in vietnam. and 70 cents is way too high so these companies will move their production to the cheapest place in the world which will be vietnam which this gets done. >> there is very little information from this president on when it comes to tpp and what he is going to do. i think the country deserves a detail explanation why he is for this and why the united states should sign onto it. why so many democrats are against it. he needs to explain that. great to have you with us larry, i appreciate your time. coming up jeb bush, cruz and
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and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. >> welcome back to "the ed show" we appreciate all the questions. we have time for a couple of them every night in our ask ed live segment. our first question there you have it. >> well, do you mean in the house, in the senate? in the dnc? a fresh start? what are you going to do? they're still going to deal with people who are ideologically bent who want to dictate and not negotiate. next question what do you believe is the republicans true agenda.
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well, have you ever been out on the prairie and see this storm coming, the clouds are really dark and wind is moving, picking up, and you know that storm is coming, that's like the republicans right now. this storm is coming. they want to reduce corporate tax rate and kill obamacare and deregulate. that storm's coming. stick around rapid response panel is next. ♪ music
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>> welcome back to "the ed show" here we go again more of the same, republicans want to delay confirming loretta lynch president obama's pick for attorney general nominee until next year. incoming majority saying this i guarantee in a week necessity will co they will say do we really need an ag in american. meanwhile spreading the idea of a another bush.
2:38 pm
>> it's a lot of speculation about him. i occasionally feel the speculation by saying i hope he runs. i think he would be a very good president. >> i think it's 50/50. >> he and i are very close. on the other hand he's not here knocking on my door agonizing about the decision. i would give it a toss up. i -- i -- i know this about jeb, he's not afraid to succeed. in other words i think he knows he can do the job, nor is he afraid to fail. >> what a commercial. more than a dozen republican senators dipping their toes in that water. scott walker giving a strong hint about his presidential aspirations. >> now 31 governors across the country now have the executive experience to provide a much better alternative. >> all of you in washington are really bad.
2:39 pm
joining me now -- thank you for being with us gentleman. mike, you first. what do you think about scott walker's comment with governors? does, i mean, three election in four years. he's got more cred then the rest of them when it comes to making a case in the toxic atmosphere. >> scott walker belongs on the republican primary stage. no question. everything the new republican prototype remt represents. and he has already visited that, make public education unrecognizable, engineer the sub pression of minority votes, cut the safety net where poor people have to leave wisconsin or starve to death, so he is the perfect prototype going forward. he's been perfectly molded into exactly what a billionaire
2:40 pm
america want in their president. he has made every tea party movement he's been ordered to do. now to make america suffer, he is in new hampshire and iowa. wisconsin polling numbers show 70% independence and 40% republicans don't even want their own governor to run because of the level of disappointment. >> ej what do you think bush 43 talking about a bush 45. pretty strong endorsement phrase. definitely some family conversation going on. >> if you don't have that coal nigs order from the beginning might as well forget about it. so with he know that one is together. i thought he went pretty far. it feels like jeb bush really does want to run. and what's holding him back? maybe family considerations, the fact he seems to have made quite a bit of money in business, and
2:41 pm
wonders does he want to give that up, i think those are the kinds of things he's thinking of. in many ways he would probably be the strongest republican in the general election but for the bush name. i'm not sure people want to go back to brand bush. when you take brand bush over brand clint, the country tends to prefer brand clinton but he is more optimistic in the way he talks. i have a feeling he is going to do it. that's my guess. barbara bush was the last one on board. she expressed some doubts a while back she seems now finally part of the coalition too. >> and finally ted cruz and mike lee sent a letter to harry reed saying they will stop all action in the senate if the president takes action on immigration with executive amnesty. that would clear the speak for a
2:42 pm
j jeb bush running. what do you make of them not to did anything there. >> first, this is a woman who is great for wall street. it's almost like ted cruz didn't get his memo. she may be an effective activity when it comes to civil rights issue but nothing more than a retread of eric holder when it comes to sending white color criminals to prison. my guess is wall street will burn up phone lines to the republican mouth pieces telling them to let lynch replace holder so wall street can continue the same corporation we have seen for six years. some of these republicans doen' understand who this woman is. once they get the memo and connect the dots i think we will see a difference with their attitude when it comes to loretta. >> should the president wait until after the first of the year. >> he can't control what the
2:43 pm
senate does in terms of confirming her. i surely believe the senate keeps saying they don't want to be obstructionist, this is the easiest thing for them to let through, a confirmation of loretta lynch, she's been con r confirmed before. in terms of immigration, i think the president should act. he has postponed and postponed. for boehner to say oh, yeah i want to pass it, i just don't believe it. if you're going to fight, fight from a position of strength where you have done something, than looking passive or weak or inactive. i think he should welcome the fight and go ahead and do it. let's talk hillary for a moment. dan your colleague wroete this, past two midterm election cost democrats control of the house and now the senate, acumulative wipe out of states --
2:44 pm
mike what is your reaction to that. >> i kpleeltcompletely agree. we have to move away from this nepittism. it can't be clint dynasty versus bush. >> people want something fresh. it's a new generation. >> what do you think. >> i think you look compared to what? i mean elizabeth warren is the one obvious alternative. but what dan also said that democrats should think a lot about is midterm wipe outs, wipe out your bench. they got to figure out how to win these midterm election.
2:45 pm
people have to vote because that's the next generation of talent. >> great to have you guys with us. coming up george w. bush has earned his spot. in tonight's trenders. in tonight's trenders. in tonigh trenders. in tonight's trenders. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to "the ed show." often times we get questions, what's the mission of the republicans. what do they really want to do. just after the first of the year hang on to your local post office because there's going to be another round of facilities closing. because of what has unfolded i don't think there's anything anybody in congress can do about this because is this is what republicans want. how will this effect service and what it means as the
2:50 pm
conservative right wing continues to chip away at the postal service in this country, that's tomorrow night. we're right back on "the ed show." just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we'll be right back on "the ed show." rt for heating the entire terminal, generating electricity on-site, and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. and sometimestruggle to sleep at night,nd. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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welcome back to "the ed show." finally tonight, last week president obama authorized the deployment of an additional 1,500 troops to iraq to train local force nts the fight against isis. this week the president sad down
2:54 pm
with cbs's face the nation where he called the decision to double the troops in iraq part of a new phase. >> what does this signal, that what we've done so far hasn't worked? >> no, actually what it signals is a new phase. so what hasn't changed is, our troops are not engaged in combat. essentially what we're doing, we'll provide them close air support when they go on the offensive against isil, but what we will not be doing is having our troops dot fighting. >> should we expect that more troops will be needed before this over? >> you know, as commander in chief, i'm never going to say never. >> the white house is expected to request an additional $5 billion for military operations against isis. the president is also looking for new authorization from congress to continue military action. president obama has repeatedly pledged to keep boots off the ground in iraq. the question on everyone's mind, after election day, will the mission change now that the republicans have the majority?
2:55 pm
that first question to congressman john garamendi of california. what does a republican majority in both houses mean when it comes to dealing with isis and the pressure on the president? your thoughts? >> i think we'll see a much more aggressive congress, really wanting to get into this. consider john mccain, chair person of the senate armed services committee, he's bomb bomb bomb, bomb again. never enough troops from him. heavy pressure from the senate. on the house side, i think we'll see pretty much the same, which was strong support for intense military action. for me, i think we're headed down the same path we've been on twice before, this will be the third time we've been engaged in a war in iraq. the first two didn't work out particularly well. what is different about this? well, we've got a very nasty group out there, isil, no doubt they're a bunch of bad actors, but we really need to think seriously about what our overall
2:56 pm
strategic interest in and how we're going to deal with it. the old way just hasn't worked. we need to redo that, therefore, we absolutely have to have an authorization to use force, really, a declaration of war. this is a new war. the congress, the people's representatives, under the constitution, we need to come to grips with our responsibility. do we declare war? if so, how much, how and where? >> do you think the president will have difficulty getting new authorization from congress to continue what's going on right now, now that the republicans are all about it? >> he should. all of us swore to uphold the constitution. it's very clear. congress declares war, the president executes the war. this is a new war. we're talking about 5 billion here here, already a billion spent before this 5 billion. where is it going? we're on a slippery slope. this war has been going on since 1982 when 200 marines lost their lives in the bombing of the
2:57 pm
barracks in beirut. this is not good policy. we need to really think about, how is it that we can actually stabilize the middle east without another ground war? >> so congressman, are you saying, it's just hard to hold this position and continue to say that our troops are not going to be involved in combat? and this is, as the president says, a new phase. >> well, it is indeed, a new phase. these soldiers are not going to be just in baghdad and iraq. they're going to be in the outlying areas. 12 brigades are going to be stood up, three of those are kurds, nine of those are iraqi. those are not going to be sitting in baghdad. they're going to be out in the -- out and around in iraq. the result is, our forces are going to be in harm's way. and just think about this, ed. what's going to be the american public's reaction when one or
2:58 pm
more of our soldiers, men or women, are killed or captured? >> well, president obama, responded to concerns about additional troops saying that he actually expected to see troop totals decline. take a listen to this. >> what the commanders who is presented the plan to me say, is that we may actually see fewer troops over time, because now we're seeing coalition members starting to partner with us on the training and assist effort. >> do you buy that, congressman? >> i hope he's right. we do know this has to be an effort by turkey, by saudi arabia, by others at risk. there's even talk that iran is part of the effort to deal with isil. that's an interesting partnership right there. but they must get involved. it's their turf, their territory, they're the most at risk. eventually the united states could be at risk. there's a serious potential that isil could bring that to the
2:59 pm
united states. but right now, this is something that has to be dealt with by the people and the cunning in that region. >> tomorrow is veterans day. to you and your family, what does it mean? >> it means everything. it means exactly what we're talking about here. we're going to have 3,000 more veterans coming back from iraq. already had well over a million. their people have sacrificed. veterans day is time for this nation to take stock in what we owe these men and women. fortunately, the new secretary, mr. mcdonald, seems to be on the right track. i certainly will give him any support that he may need to carry out his tasks. i did meet with him for about an hour and 15 minutes in sacramento when he was here in this area. i think he's a good person. i think he's well intended. he's got a big bureaucracy, he's going to need a lot of support from congress in order to make the changes necessary to take care of our veterans. >> congressman john garamendi of california, appreciate your
3:00 pm
time, sir. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed, and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, gop roadblocks to immigration reform. republicans have refused to fix our broken immigration system for years. and president obama's done waiting. >> i'm going to do what i can do, through executive action. it's not going to be everything that needs to get done. and it will take time to put that in place. and in it the interim, the minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform, i will sign it and it supercedes whatever actions i take, and i'm encouraging them to do so. >> if congress decides to take action, great, but the president's going to do what he can on his own. and that's got republicans