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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 12, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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2:00 p.m. eastern time. that, however, is not the headline. right now senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is welcoming new gop senators with a reception at his office. as for the post election session, it's facing a packed agenda. it appears one controversial item may be left to the new congress. democrats are signaling the senate won't take up the nomination of loretta lynch to be the new attorney general until next year. it's even though she confirmed now with just democratic votes. luke russ earth joins us live from capitol hill. a lot of buzz surrounding what appears to be the move here. >> it's a question of timing. and harry reid wants to get a few things passed before they consider the nomination of mrs. lynch. they want to fund the government, which is coming up in the middle of december. they also need in theory to put forward a defense funding bill
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because of the continuing u.s. operations against isis. they also want to get a lot of nominees that have been stalled by blocks that have republicans put on them or because there's an obstruction policy over the last few months ahead of the midterms. harry reid would like to work through with mcconnell. because of that, loretta lynch will not -- more likely than not, move forward in the lame duck period. that'll have to go to the gop majority next year. despite that i spoke to ads on both sides. they believe she'll be confirmed for two reasons. number one, her credentials are striking, good. she's already been confirmed by the senate twice at her post as u.s. attorney. she will run into an issue regarding immigration depending on if the executive action comes that could put her in precarious situation. that's what republicans are concerned with. if she's able to answer the questions and not provide any
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reason for a long standing filibuster she should be okay next year. >> you bring up the issue of immigration. we've already heard senator ted cruz connect lynch, her nomination to the ongoing debate on immigration which could indicate fireworks. >> without doubt. and make no mistake that ted cr cruz, mike lee, the tea party backed senators are going to be the biggest thorn in mcconnell's side. is this the fight you want to have. restore the senate to regular order. get the senate working again. you want to have the five-day workweek. are you going to have a big elongated fight over attorney general nominee who would be the first african-american woman, mind you, to hold the post. optics don't necessarily lend themselves to be good to the gop doing that. all that being said, you bring up an important point. what will ted cruz do? nobody knows that.
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not even mcconnell. >> we have some election result updates. it appears republican have gain at least eight senate seats. nbc news in the past hour declaring dan sullivan the apparent winner in alaska, luke. >> yeah. that is something that republicans expected. the democrats were fighting that to drag it out. mark begich won term senator from alaska. it's showing the difficulty democrats had in the red states. >> thank you very much. so far no reaction from the white house to controversial comments by a key are tech of president obama's health care law. in a video that surfaced last weekend were made at the academic conference last year. m.i.t. professor suggested the law pass because of the stupidity of the american voter. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.
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and basically, you know, call the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. it was critical to get the thing to pass. it's a second best argument. i witch he was right we could make it transparent. i would rather have the law than not. it's like his reporter story. >> yesterday here on msnbc the professor apologized for the remarks. >> the comment in the video were made at the academic conference. i was speaking off the cuff and i basically spoke inappropriately. i regret having made the comments. >> joining me now live now health care reporter for politico. thank you for your time, jennifer. >> great to be with you. let's start off with the timing of the release of the comments. they happened last year. they surfaced over the weekend. why now? >> well, the supreme court said they're going hear a case that decides whether the tax subsidizes and the health law should go to everybody. and jonathan gruber, he claims
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to be one of the architects of the law me worked on it. he said the subsidizes were designed to be a learn are for states to set up the own exchanges. opponents of the law seized on the comments even though they were made a year ago and they're going to use it in the supreme court and use it with the american voter. voters don't like to hear they're stupid and the white house or people working with the white house were trying to take advantage of stupidity to get a controversial health care law passed. let's talk about his role. i've heard key architect, as you pointed out in your remarks, so called key architect. what role did he actually play and what access did gruber have to the president in key aids? >> well, he really got into the national health care law. he worked on the massachusetts law with mitt romney. he's a professor at m.i.t. he was involved in getting that program set up. as we remember the federal health care law was based in part on the massachusetts law.
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he was brought in he advised some of the lawmakers who worked on the law. democrats on capitol hill that, you know, have said the exact opposite of what gruber said. a couple of weeks ago, henry waxman, max backucus, the peopl who had their names on the legislation said the exact opposite. the law was designed for tax subsidizes to go to everybody regardless of where they live. >> let me play a little bit more of what gruber had to say how he at least attempted to explain the remark. >> public policy that involves spending is less -- than doing thing for the tax code. it would have made more sense to do obamacare the way we did in massachusetts did would be to give people money to toss at the cost of the health insurance. it's politically infeasible. it was put into the tax code. that's the only point i was
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making. >> that's more of the explanation there. what have you heard on capitol hill? people digest what was said. to your point, discuss what the supreme court may or may not do now they've taken up more of the health care law. >> you know i think the white house and the justice department as they prepare to defend obamacare and the supreme court for the third time. this time on a significant issue that could impact the future of the health care law. i think they, you know, hope to put a gag order on jonathan gruber if they could. it's the second time he's said something controversial. he's taken credit for writing the law and saying the opposite of what the white house would want him to say. i think they would love if he would stop talking. i don't know if that will happen. and democrats are used to defending the affordable care act. i think they're going to feel even more on the defensive with the supreme court taking up the case and the major tity in both houses. the next two years they'll spend
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defending the law. they're going it have to step up their defense. there all right. thank you very much. this is a hot topic. we'll see what the white house says. our comments coming from the white house here probably a little bit later today. thank you so much for your time. and more snow is falling in parts of the midwest and rookies this morning as the deadly winter storm finally tampers off. it is leaving behind the bitter arctic chill settling in over much of the country. dramatic drop in temperatures will especially felt in cities along the east coast like new york where people will wake up to temperatures nearly 60 degrees colder than i guess now. it's getting even colder in the upper midwest residents are digging out from as much as 2 feet of snow. in minnesota the snow is being blamed for deadly accidents that claimed at least four lives. the effect of the snowstorm were felt in the pacific northwest where damaging wind gusts downed trees and power lines. meteorologist bill karins joins
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me now. this has been a whole week cycle with this. it's going to continue. >> yeah. for at least another week. and maybe sometime around thanks giving it looks that the weather pattern will finally break across the country. we'll get warmer pacific air. the story today is historic cold. colorado all the way through wyoming. we already got down to negative 26 degrees in casper, wyoming. never that cold before in the month of november. going back to the 1930s. that's a significant step. as far as the denver area. you have light snow in the region. it's light fluffy snow. it's amazing people say maybe it's too cold to snow. right now the temperature in denver is negative one and it's snowing. the windchill makes it feel worse. we're at negative 17 in denver. only billings is cold we are a windchill of negative 20. where do we go from here? today is the peak of the cold. even in colorado and wyoming
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we'll slowly warm it up tomorrow. denver tomorrow jumps to a balmy 19 degrees. friday will probably feel like a heat wave. what is next? we have a storm system in the pacific. it will take a run at the pacific northwest. the cold isn't only in the middle of the country it moved to the west too. winter storm watches for much of oregon state. even in portland we could see a winter mix tomorrow morning. oregon could get up to 9 inches of snow. we're not done with it yet. we don't have any huge snowstorms but oregon will get a little winter surprise tomorrow. >> thank you. leon greg joins us from denver, colorado. she saw more snow this morning. you were not alone, obviously. everyone out there and single digit temperatures as well. it looks beautiful but it's cold. >> that's right, tamron. this is washington park where just last weekend temperatures were in the 70s. people were enjoying the lang.
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a much different scene today. the snow is expected to continue throughout the afternoon into the evening. with accumulation of about 3 inches. 6 inches or more in the foothills, and snow will move out. the frigid temperatures will remain. we're breaking records here in denver and across colorado with the record highs being solo that they haven't been that low in more than 98 years. some really extreme temperature changes the last couple of days in this area. as you mentioned, it's across the entire region. two-thirds of the united states feeling these effects. this system moving to the east. people are bracing for it in the midwe midwest, in the east, even far south as texas. road crews have been out trying to get ready for the traffic. there have been multiple fender benders. some delays at the airport. but not too many. it's beautiful but it certainly is freezing. still with winter officially several weeks away, tamron.
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>> thank you. the don't forget the "today's" show al roker is going for a begworld record. it kicks off tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. > we'll have him live on "newsnation" storm morning . the parents of michael brown speak out after testifying at united nations. >> me and his mother who came here to the u.n. to get justice for our son. >> while they take in their message to geneva at this time. we'll have the latest. it comes as law enforcement prepare for the grand jury's decision whether to indict the police officer who shot their son. we'll have an update for you. developing now history made. a spacecraft has just made an unprecedented and risky landing on a comet 300 million miles from earth. it could reveal clues about the
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a week to the day since re-elected by a wide margin wyoming governor is pushing ahead with a controversial campaign promise to drug test welfare recipients. the proposal would apply to people receiving unemployment benefits and food stamps. details are not yet available. this morning the governor is saying he was already starting to work with his cabinet to create a proposal. >> it seems ridiculous we're going to give people assistance when they're able bodied adults
8:17 am
without children. we're willing to help but temporarily. two states alabama and missouri passed bills. but in 2010 twelve states failed to pass suspiciousless or random drug testing me. thank you for your time. do you believe the new push is because he feels emboldened by his re-election? >> i do. i believe it has caused him to think that the people of wisconsin really appreciate the reforms that he has brought to the state. and in places such as the
8:18 am
district they represent and in milwaukee, especially milwaukee county, we have seen significant hardships since governor walker has taken office. for example, in the city of milwaukee we have 57% unemployment for african-american males in this state four out of five african-american children are living in poverty. it's 80% of the african-american children living in the state are living in poverty. those numbers and those statistics are unacceptable. >> and when you look at right now wisconsin is one of five states that currently perform drug tests on applicants who have a felony drug conviction minnesota, virginia, wyoming. these are different. these are people who don't have a criminal background. they're not under suspicious. these are many times people who have fallen on economic hard times.
8:19 am
as so many have. >> it's true. it's like painting those who are unemployed or those who have fallen on hard times as being lazy and drug addicts. there's no statistics and no proof that governor walker presented to say that these individuals are any more likely to use drugs than any of the regular individuals or any other individuals in the state of wyoming. the only difference between these individuals is that they are on hard times and they are receiving economic assistance. when you look at a state like wisconsin where we're almost dead last in job creation. that's understand public. governor walker promised the state 250,000 jobs and didn't deliver on his promise. so wisconsin has a jobs problem. >> at this point, as i mentioned details are not available such as costs and how expanded the plan would be. what is the strategy for democrats in your state who are opposed to this?
8:20 am
>> we're going fight it. we're going fight it tooth and nail. especially for those areas that will be most impacted. this is just another republican piece of legislation aimed at further causing disparities among minorities of color and the poor. wisconsin has seen so many bills and pieces of legislation that are aimed at punishing individuals in the state for being poor. and it's not fair. >> assemblywoman of wisconsin, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. new york city police are looking for two men who they say stole $2 million worth of jewelry in a bold heist that happened in broad daylight. one of the stories we're following. in today's first read, president obama gets a win overseas. could last night's major deal with china on climate change be
8:21 am
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our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. the parents of miking brown are taking their son's story to geneva, switzerland. they told the committee on torture that the world should know what happened in a small town in ferguson, missouri. the grand jury decision is expected soon. a word that a privately hired pathologist will testify tomorrow in the case. the family hope that's u.n. will take notice. >> to get justice for our son. it couldn't be a better place where we could start. we want to thank you for having us. meanwhile back in ferguson some store owners are boarding up shops fearing the riots and
8:25 am
violence could follow any grand jury decision. and that clears the officer who shot and killed mike brown. joining us now in st. louis city olderman antonio french who has been documenting events since the day brown was killed. thank you for joining us. let's start off with michael brown's parents now in switzerland addressing the u.n. what type of impact are you hoping that their story, their words will have beyond ferguson as they pointed out to the world? >> well, i think that brown family going to the u.n. actually gives this situation proper perspective. you know, not just the incident that happened to their son, which we're waiting for the grand jury to decide on. also, the response we saw in the days following to the protesters and the african-american community that was upset. those images were something that
8:26 am
we often only see in other countries. and so i think it gives the proper perspective and it puts on the global stage for all to see and force us to deal with some of our issues here in america. >> we know in august you were one of those arrested and then released while documenting protests over the summer. now you have the governor saying that thousands of officers have been trained to deal with disturbances. the national guard will be on standby. you and i both know that the police department criticized and many would say rightfully so for being heavy handed and attempting to block out the media for being able to cover the story effectively. what are your concerns about this plan of action that has been placed -- put in place now? >> well, i hope that we as a community, as a city, as a state learn from the mistakes we made back in august. and that heavy handed response from police in those days following the killing of michael brown in many ways made the
8:27 am
situation worse. it escaladed the situation. it provoked violence. and i hope we don't repeat that at a time we need to be coming together as a community. seeing our common humanity. we should not be feeding into these fears between communities. so i hope we do not see a repeat of what we had in august. >> you do have those story owners who are boarding up their windows. we've seen them prepare for worse case scenario. since you are a city leader. what are you saying to residents to reassure that lawmakers are trying to pull it together and work with police despite, as you pointed out the bad history, honestly, with the community and the police in the past. >> yeah. there's at lot of work being done. community leaders, government officials, protest leaders, people are trying to keep people safe. but the message has to be that folks want an end to the violence on both sides. and people are still frustrating because they haven't seen
8:28 am
progress in both the michael brown case and, also, the issue of police accountability for how the police behaved in those days following the kyling of michael brown. no one has been disciplined and no one has resigned. that's frustrating. we want to make sure that the system works and people can look to the system for recourse. ultimately, it will be justice that gives us long lasting peace. >> and with that said, what are your fears for your community at this time? just your from your heart since you're from there and you talk to people everyday. what is your fear spending this grand jury indictment. >> so my fear is really about the long-term. you know, this situation has brought to light a lot of issues which have simmered for years and decades in st. louis and missouri and america. and i worry that in the last 90 days and in some ways the situations have been made worse. that two sides have become more
8:29 am
polarized. and so we have to get through the crisis so we can start doing the hard work ahead of us can is healing the community and the truly making the one community where everyone feels equal and protected under the law. >> thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. still ahead the navy s.e.a.l. who claim he was the one to shoot and kill bin laden breaks his silence. rob o'neal describes the moment he saw bin laden. developing now a spacecraft has become the first in history to land on a comment 317 million miles away. if the mission is successful it could provide clues into the origins of life on earth. a live report coming up. $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge
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♪ ♪ ♪ this is the equivalent of the and this is one soda a day over an average adult lifetime. but there's a better choice. drink more brita water. clean, refreshing, brita. developing news now. a billion dollar space mission ten years in the making finally hit the mark in the first time in history. a spacecraft has landed on a
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comet. an adventure that mission control holding their breath for hours this morning. a problem looked like it could complicate the more important mission. 15 minutes ago the tweet was posted. touchdown! keer s kooer simons is following it all. this story is trending worldwide. the risk it is involves and the extraordinary nature of it. >> good morning. i bet it is trending. just think about how stunning this is. this is a spacecraft that cost a billion dollars to make. they throw it into space a decade just about ago. and it flies millions of mights to the comet. gets up alongside, then what happened in the last 24 hours itself is pretty amazing. all the millions of miles away it detaches and then glides down to the comet throwing out harpoons as it lands and
8:34 am
remember this is a surface of a comet. you can see the. ictures there. they don't know exactly what it's like or where on the comet the spacecraft is going to land. it throw outs the harpoons and all of that despite the glitches that you mentioned has gone to plan and it is now there sending signals back. getting ready to tell us what it's like there. it will look at the gases and the substance of the surface of the comet. it will potentially give scientists an incredible insight into the beginnings of the universe. perhaps a human life. it may help them figure out what to do in the doomsday scenario that a big comet, this is 2 1/2 miles wide is heading toward earth on a path of destruction. it was really, really important they got this right. and amazingly, they did! >> 2 1/2 mile wide comet here.
8:35 am
about the size of a washing machine, i understand? >> yeah, exactly. 2 1/2 miles wide sounds big but it isn't very big when you're trying to reach it across millions and millions of miles. so, yeah, they're pretty pleased with themselves. i guess they kind of have a right to to be. >> thank you very much. we'll keep our audience up to date on the latest images and information coming in to us on this. developing now a federal judge in south carolina just declared the state's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. but the decision won't go into effect immediately. the judge is putting a hold on his ruling until next thursday at noon to get the state time appeal. and president obama arrives several agos in burma where he's attending the east asia summit there. the president will be confronting the nation's leaders who have been backsliding on pledges to enact economic and political reforms. the u.s. had already rewarded
8:36 am
those pledges with relief from sanctions and just before leaving china, he and the chinese president announced a major new deal on climate change. this is the first time china has agreed to put a limit on carbon emissions, which are to blame for global warming. top republicans are slamting the deal saying it will hurt the economy and kill jobs. joining me live now nbc news mark murray. the domestic tone affecting international news with the president. and obviously, many see as a victory for the foth get china to make the move. >> it seems to be a pretty big deal. the devil is in the details regarding what china will end up doing. one of the criticisms about doing anything on reducing u.s. carbon emission has been china, the world's biggest polluter isn't doing anything so the united states shouldn't have to do anything as well. and this agreement is getting for the first time china's
8:37 am
emission they need to bring down the greenhouse gassings as well. when you couple the agreement with the regulations that the administration made regarding bringing down emissions from coal, powerplants, and existing powerplants. this does have the potential of seeing climate change and energy being a very big second term legacy for president obama. of course, if it holds up, whether in the court or with senate republicans who desperately want to be able overturn the regulations the environmental protection agency drafted. >> let me play senate republican leader mitch mcconnell in his past hour reacting to the climate change deal. let's take a listen. >> which as i read the agreement requires the chinese to do nothing at all for 16 years while these carbon emission regulations are creating havoc in my state and other states around the country. >> and certainly this pivots to the tone that the president will
8:38 am
feel in experience from he returns from the trip abroad. >> that's right. the issue does break along democrat and republican lines. democrats, for the most part, in favor of curbs to combat climate change. republicans typically are against it. of course, mitch mcconnell won his senate race convincingly for re-election based on attacking president obama's epa regulations when it comes to coal powerplants. there was a recent poll that shows 57% of americans show reduction in greenhouse gases even if it meant higher utility bills for people to pay. it's popular for mitch mcconnell in red states and places like kentucky. elsewhere across the country there is a majority support to tackle greenhouse gases. >> all right. thank you so much. and coming uptake a look at the video. firefighters pull a man trapped between two walls at a store. they believe he was there for three days! it's one of the stories we're
8:39 am
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the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. the search for suspects in a brazen $2 million jewelry heist tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. two suspects walked into a shop in the middle of manhattan, steps away from the veteran's day parade. swath officers shut down a busy street. one suspect posed a a delivery worker in order to gain entry. once inside he pulled out a gun and forced the owner to empty the safe. a rescue in colorado as firefighters work to free a man trapped behind a brick wall, they think for days. authorities say the 35-year-old man entered a clothing store through a vent on the roof and
8:43 am
somehow fell about 20-feet in between the space of the wall. it is unclear why he used the roof to get in. all right, the navy seal who claim s fired the fatal shot ino bin laden during the raid is sharing new revelation about the mission. his televised interview aired last night. his now public account is continuing to ruffle feathers at the pentagon. peter alexander joining me now. >> tamron, good morning. ruffling feathers within the navy seal community. 3 1/2 years after bin laden's death, americans were still fascinated by the secret mission that killed him. especially the elite lawyers involved in the raid. among them named rob o'neal. he's describing in unprecedented detail his central role in the role in the death of the man behind 9/11. >> standing two feet in front of
8:44 am
me was a face i saw thousands of times. my first thought was we got him. we got him. we ended the war. >> speaking out for the first time to fox news, rob o'neal, the former s.e.a.l. team 6 sniper who says he fired the fatal shot killing the world's most wanted terrorist. the montana native has been traveling the united states for months. >> the more we trained the more we realized this is going to be a one-way mission. we're going it go and not come back. we're going to die when the house blows up. we're going to die when he blows up. we're going to get arrested bit pakistanis and spend the rest of our short lives in pakistan prison. it was worth it to kill him. he's going to die with us. >> his decision to go public is not without controversy. he's not alone. the department of justice is investigating former s.e.a.l. who wrote a best seller under
8:45 am
the pen name mark owen about shooting bin laden. without clearing his book with the government. last month the s.e.a.l.s commander fired off a certain letter reminding the s.e.a.l.s of the secrecy. do not advertise the nature of my work nor seek recognition for my actions. he recently told nbc news there are inconsistencies about who is allowed to talk and who isn't. noting the pentagon helped hollywood recreate the raid for zero dark thirty. >> everybody was talking about this. >> for his part o'neal said months passed before it spunk in that he shot bin laden. >> i thought it about every day for a number of years. i still trying to figure out if it was the best thing or the worst thing i've done. >>s by net ak knocknowledges he should have had his book
8:46 am
reviewed. a former s.e.a.l. team six leader that knows both told nbc news he considered their breaking that code of secrecy dishonorable. other former s.e.a.l.s insist that the higher ups created the double standards. still ahead the new captain america. for the first time he'll be portrayed by a black character. the editor in chief of marvel comics joins me next. you know how fast you were going? about 55. where you headed at such an appropriate speed? across the country to enhance the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. how's it working for ya? better than ever. how'd you do it? added cell sites. increased capacity. and your point is... so you can download music, games, and directions for the road when you need them. who's this guy? oh that's charlie. you ever put pepper spray on your burrito? i like it spicy but not like uggggh spicy. he always like this? you have no idea. at&t. the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. nature valley crunchy granola bars
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8:50 am
earrings, ring, and necklace studded with sapphires and diamonds. the $70,000 gift was given to her is worth seven times more than the expensive gift gift received by the president, sculpture, a falcon, worth $10,000 from qadr's ambassador. the presents must be turned over to the government unless the recipient chooses to purchase the items. that is rarely the case, though. president bill clinton sat down with ellen degeneres. a big plan of thrillers and secretly wishes they were a little closer toeal life. >> the thing about "scandal" and "house of cards" that makes it fun to watch is that i can't imagine that either a president, spacey or the president chief of staff on "house" i mean "scandal" could really get away with murder. i wish i would have known about that. think of all the opportunities. >> so many people to get rid of. >> earlier this year, tv
8:51 am
producer invited the former president to guest star on "scandal." apparently the love is mutual. those are the things we just thought you should know. one of the most iconic super heros in the marvel universe. starting today, captain america has a new look in the new series in stores today, the title will be taken over by sam wilson, african-american character, formerly known as the fan con. new captain america is part of a broader trend of inclusivity. historically, most super heroes are cast as white males. marvel has recast for captain marvel as women. black panther will become the first black superhero to get his own movie. editor in chief axel alonso. thanks for being here. >> glad to be here.
8:52 am
>> why it mattered or did not matter to change the race of captain america. >> well, obviously, captain america is a unique superhero. he's dressed in red, white and blue, the flag of our country. he has to stand for something really singular and pure. our decision started when the writer of captain america wrote a story many months ago, which had captain america and his long-time partner, the falcon, disagree on the battlefield over a strategic move. and what was fascinating was both men had very morally defensible positions, but they disagreed. and so rick felt he was tugging at an interesting thread there, which is if sam could have a difference of opinion from steve rogers, a man we know as captain america, what might happen if he were to take on the mantle, get wrapped up in the red, white and blue and become captain america? >> rick, you referred to, has a quote, it's a human need to feel like you're part of the society you grow up n when people aren't
8:53 am
reflected and they feel disenfranchised they feel like they are not part of the culture. we all need to feel represented in the culture we live in. it's a very powerful statement especially surrounding what people -- you know, comics of all things, to have such a powerful part of this conversation now. >> i couldn't agree more. i'm a first generation american, mexican father and english mother. i grew up reading captain america when it was titled captain america and the falcon. i related to sam wilson more than steve rogers. he had a ground level perspective, element of common sense and relatability that captain america lacked for me at the time. >> black panther will be played by chadwick bozman and thor now a woman. what does this mean as far as more ground to be broken by marvel comics? >> part of an ongoing tradition at marvel, to have our comic books reflect the world outside your window.
8:54 am
so over the last year, we've seen that the republic is receptive to all our initiatives. captain marvel would be a 16-year-old pakistani girl from jersey city. and she's connected with readers in ways we could never have imagined, partly due to the fact that her story is universal. people respond to her because her story is universal. >> so awesome. do you guys get to show up dressed as super heroes in the office? because i want to work there if that's the case. >> well, it is an option. i have yet to don a costume but that's for everyone's benefit. >> co-workers add some tattoos? >> we have, yes. >> thank you. what a great job sbchlt congratulations to rick in writing this. what a pleasure to have you on. deciding that they wanted to follow me around for whatever reason and track my day, starting out at the "today" show and ending here at msnbc.
8:55 am
no big superhero reveal. but here is a glimpse. >> natalie's about to read the news. i have a few minutes, maybe three, to quickly meet with the "news nation" team to see if there's anything i need to know. then i'll be right back down. this is my workout, these stairs, in these heels. as soon as the show is over, i have to run straight to msnbc. >> oh, every part of my job. it's a new day every day. i can't make it up. breaking news, events of the day. you go to bed at night and you wake up and the whole story line has changed. i can't create my day. my day is created by events around me. so that makes it super exciting. so congratulations to our digital team. thank you very much. they came to my house at 3:00 am in the morning, my security team. because i have one. not.
8:56 am
anyway, you can see more of the exclusive video and you will finally see that it is just not makeup and laughs behind this. thank you very much. that was directed at twitter. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'll be back tomorrow with bill nye the science guy, one of our favorite people in the world, to talk about the historic comet landing. you can catch us every day at what time? 11:00 am eastern. up next "andrea mitchell reports." e mirror. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners', multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham. i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. this is the equivalent of the and this is one soda a day over an average adult lifetime.
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right now on andrea mitchell reports, agreeing to cut greenhouse gases. >> an achievable goal. it will double the pace at which we're reducing carbon pollution in the united states. >> but it's not easy being green. starting with this warning from
9:00 am
the new majority leader. >> the deal apparently he has reached with the chinese on his current trip. >> and new clues into the death of comedian robin williams. could he also have been suffering from a form of dementia. >> for many people who suffer both from depression and dementia, depression will make the memory symptoms worse. not many good things can come out of someone passing. one good thing that can come out of it is to raise awarenessative disease. >> stand by for some extra terrestrial news. how do you land a spacecraft on a comet? very carefully. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president obama has landed in myanmar, also known as


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