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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 13, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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good thursday morning. on "first look," rokerthon is off and running. and not a moment too soon with the u.s. in a deep freeze. american sailors attacked and assaulted in turkey. new details on the probe we landed on a comet 317 million miles away. plus high drama 69 stories above the ground in new york city. and wild turkeys ahead of thanksgiving. this is "first look." we want to begin with breaking news, a brush with disaster for
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bono. the simnger cheating death afte a door on his plane fell off. the jet was flying from. ireland to germany at nearly 20,000 feet in the air. the rear door came off. . two suitcases were sucked out of the plane, four other people were on board. the pilots had no idea that the door had fallen off. they found out once they were on the ground. this is also disturbing. some are calling it ugly and apaling. this morning washington is condemning what you're looking at right now. an outrageous assault in the heart of an allied country. protesting american impure y'allism man handled the servicemen. they grabbed, pushed and chanted. the group pus plastic bags over their heads. the sailors were able to pull away peacefully and safely
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retreating to their ship. the turkish forn ministry condemned the attack. the uggs embassy called it appalling but added that the incident will not diminish the strong relationship between america and turkey. it was another giant leap for mankind. moments ago scientists have said the spacecraft that made the historic landing on a moving comet is stable enough to complete its mission. there was concern, though, after its anchors failed to fire upon landing. katy tur has the story. >> reporter: these are pictures from 350 million miles away of something we have never seen this close before, the surface of a comet. the journey began a decade ago from mission control in germany to viewing parties across america. scientists and space watchers were overjoyed. and in some cases overwhelmed.
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the comet just recently getting close enough to pick a landing sight to even take a self-yif. but touching down was anything but easy. the comet is fairly small. and has a rough surface covered in cliffs and craters, low gravity and is constantly spinning. >> i think it was bold and took a certain amount of ambition, shall we say, to even attempt to do this. >> despite the initial good news, confusion about whether the washing machine size lander managed to stay put on the icily surface. still scientists did collect some data and that could help solve one of life's biggest mysteries, how did we get here? >> the comet was formed before the earth was. and it brings an e enormous amount of water with it. now we're a water planet.
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where did our water come from? one of the ideas is a lot of the water came from outer space through comets and meteorites. >> now, the lander is expected to spend several months collecting data from that comet. republicans and democrats are in a race to pass a bill. e yes, at stake the keystone pipeline project. the payoff louisiana's senate seat, which is still up for grabs. tracie potts is live for us in washington this morning. any sense of what the president might do if this bill does pass? >> based on what we heard from the white house early this morning, a likely veto not set in stone but likely. the house could vote today on a bill to build the keystone pipeline. it's sponsored by louisiana republican bill cassidy. he's in a december 6th runoff with mary landrieu.
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she's bucked her party to support the pipeline. now they are hope iing by backi off she can win this tight race. landrieu insists it's not about politi politics. >> they may be focused on politics. i'm focused on policy. >> reporter: even if the approval make s it to president obama's desk, advisers may recommend a veto. >> it's fair to say that our view of these kinds of proposals has not changed. . >> reporter: for six years the pipeline stalled over environmental concerns sending oil 1,100 miles through the u.s. plus there's a court case pending in nebraska over the route. >> the president is wait iing f action to pan out in nebraska and he wants all these issues to be resolved. >> reporter: the senate could vote tuesday leaving it in president obama's hands by next ye week. the senate needs four more democrats to make that happen. >> we'll be watching, thank you.
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in new york, it was high stakes on a high-rise after one side of scaffolding gave way, two window washers dangled. in a dramatic made for tv operation, firefighters went in for the rescue. they cut through three layers of thick glass. then they pulled the window washers both out one by one, safe and sound. they were taken to a local hospital with minor hypothermih. temperatures across the country are dropping. the weather channel. is calling it an arctic outbreak. snow is already coming down in some areas. a large part of the plains, midwest and possibly the northeast could see snow this weekend. in some areas, temperatures are 20 to 40 degrees below normal. in just 24 hours, the temperatures drop from the 80s to the 40s in brownsville, texas. and jackson, mississippi, from
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79 degrees to 45. and in charleston, west virginia, 75 down to 41. a 34-degree difference. they are not used to that. bill karins is here with a look at the forecast. we'll get to him in a second. but on a list of things not to stuff down r your pants, this one would be near the top. an entire chain saw. this man tried to steal it from a a lawn care store in front of an employee. he ditched it in a vacant lot. police arrested him. he's charged with grand theft in a court of law and foolishness in the court of public opinion. try to top that. >> foolish among other things. let's talk about the nba this morning. played its first regular season game south of the border since 1997. rockets and timberwolves, dwight howard had 10 rebounds.
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in their win over the wolves. clayton kershaw is the unanimous winner for the cy young award. clippers star blake griffin is facing a demeanor battery charge. it stems from an incident where a man accused him of grabbing 4i78 and slapping him in a nightclub. and the nation's tallest basketball recruit is heading to the university of central florida. he's 7'6". he's up there. he officially committed on wednesday. and the harlem globe trotters set a world record for the longest backwards shot. it was from 82 feet and 2 inches shattering the previous record of 10 feet. he also holds the record for
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longest basketball shot at a distance of 109 feet. that was set in 2013. look at that go. >> that's hard enough to do when you're facing the net, let alone backwards. thank you. time to get down to business. haz bro is in talks to buy dreamworks animation. we heard about extended store hours for thanksgiving, but when is the best time to buy holiday gifts? according to, the best day to buy electronics is november 1st. since that's past, you still have time because the 26 lt and 28th are other good days. for toys, november 26th is tops with runners up december 8th and 19th. and for clothes, december 1st leads the way with the 11th and 18th next. the college board says the average cost to attend college is rising. room and board for a four-year is almost $19,000.
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but a new survey finds that 24% of college students believe college debt will be forgiven. good luck with that. it it could be big, why everyone will be watching the ferguson grand jury today. we're going to check in with al roker. 34 hours straight of doing weather. plus it snowed last night in little rock. who is going to get the snow next. you're watching "first look," on msnbc. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches?
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about maybe one or two minutes of the weather nationally. how would 34 straight hours be? al roker is trying to break the world record of 33 hours. he started last night at 10:00 p.m. he's now in hour seven. he can get a five-minute break
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every hour. that's it. food, bathroom breaks, but he has to be talking about the weather the rest of the time or doing an interview with someone else about the weather. we can check in with him this time tomorrow and e he will still be doing this. he will end tomorrow during the "today" show. we want to wish him well and he's doing it for charity. as far as the forecast goes, at least he has something to talk about because this cold outbreak has been strong. the windchill is negative 34 in some areas. some of the cold air is trying to move east. the headline was we had snow in areas like little rock. that doesn't happen that naumpb november. we have snow showers through chicago coming off lake michigan and grand ra pids. this is going to come through the northeast. we could see up to two to three inches here from hartford to providence to boston.
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for the morning commute going to school or work, some difficulties. it will just probably be some rain maybe mixed with snow. i do not expect accumulations though. >> thank you, bill. 14 minutes past the hour. some stories making news now, police in washington have released chilling 911 calls from la month's school shooting. the teacher who stopped the shooter describes the scene in the cafeteria. >> i'm in the cafeteria. i have the shooter. one shooter. blood is everywhere. i do not see the gun. i tried to stop him before he shot himself. i do not know his name. he shot himself. i do not know how many are down. >> later this morning, a final service will be held for andrew fryeberg, the fifth student include i including the shooter to die in that rampage. in ferguson, missouri, the doctor who performed an autopsy on michael brown could be the grand jury's last witness. he will testify today. he's expected to say that brown
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was holding his hands up when he was shot and killed. this rare andy warhol painting was one of several pieces to break records at an auction. triple elvis raked in almost $82 million. four marlins sold for $70 million. this much talked about sculpture was also a record breaker. the stainless steel balloon monkey brought in $25.9 million. kim kardashian's nude pictures have not broken the internet yet, but they have inspired countless means. a horse's behind is one. food porn, another. and problem solved, internet fixed is what it says. is the internet really that interested in her nude pictures? buz buzzfeed shows searches for nicki minaj's posterior outnumber kim's. the magazine comes out today.
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for us. a historic moment on the hill on wednesday. the 100th woman? congre congress has been sworn in. she's a democrat. she plans to be an advocate for women and children. 35% of voters had conflicts with voting. 20% did not like the candidates, know enough or did not care. on social media, a little smack talk between two former presidentia presidentials. bill clinton tweeted a photo reading george w. bush's new book. how are you still not on twitter? how are you still not on instagr instagram. kim kardashian bared her backside and the internet went wild. what does that say about us? rev repd. al sharpton weighed in. >> i thought i could get out of
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the show without talking about it. what is the fascination with this reality star? >> i'm not doing it. i'm not talking about someone's tushie. >> she embraces her figure and i think women like the fact she's kept her curves. >> her whole business is staying relevant. >> the magazine also revealed a hidden talent. her ability to balance a champagne glass. >> that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. franken can do that too. >> you're expecting me to say something about that picture. not a chance. >> you're mot even taking the bait. there are reports that president obama is planning to unveil a plan for overhauling u.s. immigration policy via executive action. >> the report comes from fox news so you can take it with a grain of salt.
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however, i suspect that there's probably some truth to it. we have thanksgiving coming up and the timing would suggest that he'd want to do this before the thanksgiving holiday. the problem is, of course, that there's talk in congress about bipartisanship with the republican victory, but the republicans have always said if he does something like this, you can forget about bipartisanship. so i suspect we can conclude from this is you can forget about bipartisanship. >> if there's truth to this report, taking that executive action would mean that the gloves have come off. all the talk saying we were going to play nice and get things done under this republican majority, would that essentially be thrown out the window with this? >> this was kind of a platitude any way. what else are they going to say? continue the dysfunction, which by the way is what they are going to do. >> there's talk that harry reid could be tapping elizabeth
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warren for a leadership position. could the former professor really help sharpen the democratic message? >> she could also sharpen the probability that there's going to be very little compromise in the senate. she's somebody who is a favorite on the left. she's somebody who would be somebody who would rally the progressives, but that will be moving even further from the republicans. so i get back to my central point of bipartisanship, compromise, forget about it. >> stick a fork in it, it's done. no hope from you at all, bob? >> you know, i'm such an optimistic kind of guy when it comes to the political system that's probably a valid point of view. >> bob franken, we appreciate you. just ahead, now that the dust from the elections have settled, can lawmakers finally work together? according to bob they can't. we're going to get crystal clear with crystal ball, that's next. (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance,
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27 minutes past the hour. we want to turn to politics because lawmakers are back on capitol hill and they are prepping for a change in leadership. but will it actually change policy? crystal ball looked into the jobs bill. s still sitting in the senate for her live stream show crystal clear. take a look. >> the results of last week's election setting in, the nation is waiting with baited breath to see if politicians in washington will seek to work together. americans made it clear that they are tired of gridlock and their number one priority is for politicians to get to work already on fixing the economy. so what are republicans saying
2:28 am
about their economic agenda? >> the senate hasn't been doing anything. so there's a whole lot of unfinished business. >> let's take the 46 jobs bills sitting in the united states senate that have been held up by the democrat majority in the senate. almost all of those passed the house on a bipartisan basis. >> 46 bills that are stuck in the senate, that sounds like a lot. they didn't say much about what the bills do, but they must do a lot since there are so many of them, right? let's take a look at the first one here. according to speaker boehner's website, first on the list is preserving work requirements for welfare programs act. wait, what? so speaker boehner, you do know that no one is actually waiving the welfare work requirement so like voter i.d. solves the nonexist tept problem of voter fraud? this problem is as much a thing as unicorn overpopulation. >> you can check out more of
2:29 am
krystal ball on this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. keep it right here. have a great day. first up, leadership. next up, the white house. senator elizabeth warren being eyed for a spot on the senate democrat's leadership team. is this what the party needs to rebound from midterm losses? two window washers stuck 70 floors above the ground. but they are save d by firefighters at new york city's freedom tower. and democratic senator mark begich refusing to concede after the race is called for his challenger and wait until you hear stephen colbert's take after another gop win. this is "way too early." ♪ all i do is win, win, win ♪ and every time i step up in
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the and everybody's hands ♪ it's thursday, welcome to "way too early." the show that doesn't do windows for a good reason. that story is amaze pg. in just a few hours, capitol hill lawmakers will vote on party leaders for the next session of congress. there could be one high profile addition. harry reid is reportedly holding talks with senator elizabeth warren about joining leadership. politico reporting that reid is creating a special role for her. senate leadership is expected to remain the same with senators dick durbin, patty murray and chuck schumer as deputies. reid is promising to work with mitch mcconnell and other republicans as well. >> i saw firsthand how a strategy of obstruction was debilitating to our system. i have no desire to engage in that manner. although the desks in


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