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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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[prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [announcer] call 1-800-farmers and see how much you could save. president obama putting pressure on myanmar over human rights and his asian expedition encounters some domestic politics as the keystone pipeline debate cranks up again back here at home. also happening this morning, the forensic pathologist hired by michael brown's family set to talk to the grand jury that will decide the fate of darren wilson the police officer who shot and killed brown. an amazing first for space
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exploration. the successful landing of the surface of a speeding comet. we're live at the european space agency in germany with the latest from there. good morning to you from washington. i'm peter alexander. today is thursday, november 13th, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." two years ago president obama became the first american president to travel to myanmar. celebrated that nation's plan to introduce democracy after five decades of authoritarian rule. now reform there has stalled. yesterday, the president accused the government there of back sliding. this morning, he meets with the nation's president. president obama also met today with members of burma's parliament, including the country's leading opposition figure, noble laureate suu kyi. >> -- new day for myanmar, but the work is not yet done and the
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goal of the united states here is to be a strong partner in the process. >> some of that was hard to hear but he said the work is not yet done. human rights watch has called the treatment of myanmar's muslim minorities ethnic cleansing and suu kyi herself has been criticized for not taking a stronger stand. she told an indian broadcaster two years ago, quote, violence is something i can dondemn completely but don't forget violence has been committed by both sides. this is why i prefer not to take sides. myanmar criticized for the role military still plays in the government. the treatment of journalists and the slowness of constitutional reform. president obama will meet with suu kyi again tomorrow at her home when he traveled to myanmar's largest city langoon. the president has not been able to escape the new republican congress. overnight, white house spokesperson josh earnest responded to news that the
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senate will vote next week for the first time on the keystone pipeline. that the president will likely veto that legislation if it passes. >> i think it's fair to say that our dim view of these kinds of propoals has not changed. evaluating those earlier proposals, we have indicated that the president's senior advisers would veto legislation. we'll let all of you know. >> earnest says the president is nearing a final decision and we'll hear recommendations from his secretary soon after returning from asia. he challenged the republican house to pass the senate imcombinatii immigration bill. >> there have been some concerns. if it does happen before the end of the year, the president will be happy to sign that bill in lieu of signing any of these executive actions that the president's considering.
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>> nbc's kristen welker, now with more from myanmar. >> peter, good morning. president obama meeting with myanmar's president this morning. expecting him to do a better job of reforms here. myanmar has begun a process of reform transition to a democratic society but it has suffered some serious setbacks in recent years. president obama first visited this country in 2012. there have been some changes. thousands of political prisoners have been released, for example. some of the restrictions against journalists have been lifted. however, some people here feel as though the transition to democracy has stalled. including pro democracy leader suu kyi. one of the big concerns here is the treatment or persecution of ethnic minorities who live here. u.n. human rights watch has called that ethnic cleansing. in fact, some critics have said
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that suu kyi hasn't done enough to speak out against the treatment of those ethnic minorities. president obama met with suu kyi earlier today at a parliamentary meeting. he's expected to meet with her again at her house. the two will discuss these setbacks in a press conference where they will undoubtedly get some tough questions about all of those setbacks. the administration, though, says they are encouraged by some of what they are seeing. to that end, the white house announcing today that for the first time ever, the peace corps will operate here in myanmar starting in 2015. some news to tell you about on the sidelines of these meetings, president obama met with prime minister medvedev of russia. a white house official telling me there wasn't anything major to come out of that meeting, it was brief, however, it does come at a significant time against the backdrop of the escalation of the russian forces into ukraine. president obama could have the opportunity to meet with russia's president vladimir putin at the g-20 summit in
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brisbane, australia, which will start in just a few days. white house officials say at this point no firm plans for those two leaders to meet. peter. >> all right, kristen welker reporting from myanmar today, kristin, thank you very much. we're continuing to cover the winter whp that's pummeling much of this country. temperatures continuing to drop with some cities seeing as much as a 40 degree drop in just a single day. thermometers in some cities sitting below zero degrees this morning. as you see the shovels at work. it's not just the cold causing havoc. in oregon, high winds brought trees down on a power line, causing significant outages there. at the university of minnesota, crews spent hours yesterday clearing snow out of their football stadium ahead of this weekend's gopher's game. this morning, americans in the south and northeast are being told to prepare as the arctic blast heads their way while another winter storm could hit the northwest.
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nbc's janet shanley is in denver where the temperature is below zero. meteorologist bill karins is in new york with the latest forecast. bill, you're inside, we're going to make you way. janet, we'll get to you. you have to go back to the cleveland presidency to find a november there day this cold. >> we broke a record. 98 years old. it was a high of 6 degrees here yesterday. shattering the record from 1916 of 9 degrees. and you think denver, it should be cold. this is the coldest november that they've had in almost a century. temperatures drops from the 80s, down to the 30s and 40s. and not to make light of it. this has been a deadly storm. it's claimed for lives so far. here in denver last night, they were going and trying to find people who were homeless who
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usually stay out on streets at night to try to get them to come home. that's a tough sell. a lot of these people did not want to come in despite the cold. it's a serious situation as well. we broke another record here last night, pete effort. minus 14 degrees at the airport. you see snow on the ground. when i flew into denver yesterday, they had every plow that they had going. that's just something they don't usually have happen here before thanksgiving. and thank you for letting me go first. i'm only thinking good things about you. i will say this is all coming your way very soon. >> peter, don't believe for a second, janet's got the zip-up fleece on. >> yeah, if we pan down, there's got to be a foot heater. i know she's hooked up somehow. >> she's going in and out of the van. >> no, i got jeans on. i have the smart wool underneath. >> it's a long winter, janet, bundle up. nice to see you. stay warm out there. bill, we know it's coming our direction. what should we expect? >> janet's a pro, we're just giving her a hard time. the cold is going to be
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relentless, it looks like, for ten more days. then we have this big huge thaw. much of the country gets warm again. really on a sea saw. it had been pretty mild up until now. we could get light snow in new england. janet right now is in negative 19 windchills. ten different states are now reporting negative windchills. from montana to north texas. all the way to minnesota. so the cold air has settled in. now we've got these little bursts snow. areas that almost never see snow in november. little rock had a coating of snow. we had a narrow band in northern mississippi. even the nashville area. you could see sleet or light snow heading your way. in the great lakes, that's where we're going to expect to see the snow and the cold air. one of the things that's unusual with this storm, portland, oregon, is under a winter storm warning. the columbia gorge is under a blizzard warning. cold air almost to the pacific
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northwest coast. because of the storm moving in, a pretty good snowstorm tonight and today. detroit, we could see a nice coating around cleveland. snow tomorrow morning in southern portions of new england. the timing will be right at the morning rush hour. it really won't be all that bad. peter, you get the idea. the temperatures are like january. so of course we're going to get snow in areas that don't typically see it. there's no huge snowstorms coming across the country. that warm-up is going to come in about ten days. it looks to stay warm right through thanksgiving. there's a silver lining. >> officially, you got to put your golf clubs away now. >> i refuse. until there's snow on the ground, i refuse. >> i hope you've been working on your long irons for next spring. we'll talk to you soon, buddy, thank you. coming up next, bracing for the grand jury's decision day in ferguson, missouri where critical testimony from the man who performed michael brown's autopsy is happening right now. we are live in missouri with those new developments. first, a look at today's
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planner. senate leadership elections for both parties happen today. we're going to be watching this. we'll have more on the republicans going behind closed doors later this hour. you're watching "the daily you're watching "the daily runout" on msnbc. will that be all, sir?
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we turn now to missouri. all eyes are set on the grand jury's decision come up on the fate of darren wilson. today, they will hear from the forensic pathologist hired by the brown family. that's michael bodden. he performed an independent autopsy on michael brown. one of three that were conducted. bodden found the teen was shot at leetch sast six times. he also found no sign of a
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struggle. the brown's attorneys said bodden's testimony will be critical. >> his testimony taken along with the witnesses who testify also leave this grand jury to indictment. >> this attorney was more direct. he said brown's parents want the jury to hear from an independent witness. they feel all the local authorities are going to work together to try to exonerate the killer of their child. we do expect to hear from bodden after his testimony taking place this morning. the city of ferguson continues to brace for possible protest following the grand jury decision. attorney general holder held a conference call with federal state and local officials from missouri offering his department's assistance in keeping the peace there. holder also stressed the need for local law enforcement to seek to deescalate tensions and respect the rights of
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protesters. unforcement and election officials have been speaking to media in the recent days. preparing for things to go bad. the executive had a simple message for a city and a region on edge. >> some of the challenging days ahead of us. we know both the main reason we are here is to tell everybody take a deep breath, stand back, and calm down. >> msnbc's their main lee has been following all of this for us. he continues now outside the justice center in nearby clayton, missouri. i want to get a sense of what we're expecting and really what the time line is here. when we anticipate we could have a decision. >> well, so, in the next 35 to 45 minutes, we're expecting dr. michael bodden to go before the grand jury and offer his testimony on what he's gleamed from the autopsy. it's believed he is one of the last witnesses to go before the grand jury, which is a sign the decision, an announcement of the
6:17 am
decision could be coming. law enforcement, they're hunkering down, preparing for what could be another round of protests. on the other side, protesters and supporters of michael brown's family, are also hunkering down and preparing. training last night, nonviolent civil disobedience. folks are preparing to meet police in the streets if need be but they're trying to do it peacefully. a different take of what we saw earlier on. >> what we saw early on, those peaceful protests turn violent. a lot of it due from people who came from out of state. is there a sense there are those troublemakers who are coming in from elsewhere who don't share that same desire to have peaceful protests? >> regardless of what the decision is, people may or may not be coming in from out of town. it's still unclear these kind of mysterious troublemakers, how many are there. we know that the police massing with the artillery was also part of the provocation.
6:18 am
so it's yet to be seen whether those so-called troublemakers are coming in and how much the police will come in and control what could be hot heads but still to be seen, we still don't have a decision yet, so who knows how this thing will play out. >> a lot of responsibility on both side, there. tremaine, thank you, we know you'll keep us posted. kansas, a stay preventing the state from issuing same-sex marriage licenses has been lifted. the decision came from the u.s. supreme court late wednesday. the court took action after a federal judge struck down the marriage ban, leading the state's attorney general to ask the court to weigh in. it went so far as to lift the ban but didn't give a reason. the justices passed on an opportunity to decide same-sex marriage on a national level when they declined to review decisions by lower courts last month. they did not give a reason for that either. but since then, new cases have
6:19 am
cropped up in other states. last week, a u.s. court of appeals ruled that gay marriage bans can stay in place in ohio, michigan, tennessee, and kentucky. but a judge in south carolina ruled that state's ban was unconstitutional. in each of those states, people challenging the decision say they want to take their cases to the supreme court. up next, right here on "the daily rundown," a major mission accomplished in space. ten years in the making. and millions of miles away. when a comet that's hundreds of millions of miles from earth can tell us. first, today's trivia question. name the only sitting senator who has been to space. the first person to tweet the correct answer gets an on-air shoutout. you're watching "the daily rundown" live. woman: everyone in the nicu --
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back now with this thursday edition of "the daily rundown." these are brand-new pictures leased this morning from the spacecraft after landing on a comet. you're looking at images taken around the spacecraft showing what appears to be a large cliff close by. this stuff is really incredible. the images together form this panoramic view. the image of the craft itself is an animation to show how it is resting on the surface. scientists say they aren't entirely sure where the lander settled on the comet but say they don't believe it's far from the sport that they were aiming for. >> this morning, it was a good time to open the champagne again. because you saw both something that's man built really, a lander, because you see the foot there. and something that nature built 4 billion years ago which is a comet essentially preserved as it was at that tie, containing all the mystery you are trying
6:24 am
to look at. >> nbc's katie ter, if they're popping champagne, i trust she's there. has more from the european space agency in germany. we saw tears in the eyes of one of these scientists with you yesterday. this has been years in the making right now. and so where's the focus today? >> the focus today is figuring out where that lander is. we do know, although this a very successful mission, still is ongoing, a very successful mission, didn't quite land the way they were hoping that it would. it landed, it hopped, it hopped again, then it landed one more time. the thrusters, the harpoons that it was supposed to dig into the ground, the comet's ground, in order to keep it in place didn't fire. so it tumbled around a bit. gathered some more information while it was tumbling. now it's against some sort of boulder or maybe a crevice.
6:25 am
they're not entirely sure it it's been a decade in the making. nine -- no, 4 billion miles of space they've chased this comet through. just an amazing thing to even consider. 4 billion miles of space. it's happening 300 miles, 300 million miles out into space. they're likening it to the moon walk. they're saying it's pretty much just as big of a deal as the moon walk. it's an even bigger deal because they're doing it so far out, without any people at the controls on site. so they're very excited about what they'll be able to find. they say this is going to help them maybe answer some of mankind's biggest questions. how did we get here. and are we alone in the universe. comets are older than the earth itself. they think that maybe they brought water and that, like, organic soup mix you hear about in science class enables life to come forth. they say if it happens here, it
6:26 am
could have happened somewhat else as well. some very interesting information in the coming weeks, months, years, peter. >> we appreciate that shoutout to the soup of the day with the organic soup science mix there. do they have any sense how big this comet is? is there any idea how large this thing is they've been chasing? >> it's not big. it's not big at all. it's actually quite small in the scheme of things. it's only a little bit wider than the island of manhattan. when you're thinking about the vatness of space you have to go through in order to find it. calling it a needle in a haystack. >> barely wider than the island of manhattan. >> i just heard something funny in my ear. it's barely wider than the island of manhattan. they say it was an incredible feat. it had to circle the earth a few times and mars in order to use its gravity, sling shot it,
6:27 am
essentially out into space. the fact they were able to get to it and now orbit around it is a remarkable feat. >> all right, katie, thank you very much. we just wanted to echo with what you were saying with some of the audio on that video. thank you. back here in the u.s., there were some scary and tense moments at one world trade center yesterday afternoon when a pair of window washers had to be rescued after they became stranded. 69 floors above ground. when a cable from their scaffolding snapped. the men were left dangling from the tallest building in the western hemisphere for more than an hour. as new yorkers watched. more than 100 new york city firefighters rushed to that scene. they were able to bring the workers to safety. ultimately, as you can see, in these remarkable shots, pulling them through the windows of that building. thick glass they had to carve their way through. both men were taken to the hospital for what was said minor
6:28 am
hypothermia. they've both been releasinged and are said to be doing well this morning. on "the daily rundown" next, jockeying for key leadership positions in a closed door meeting just getting under way as we speak on the hill. we're going to tell you who is in the running and why speaker boehner will face his first key test of the lame duck session today as well. we're live from capitol hill with the latest on that. plus, for the first time in six years, the senate will vote on the keystone xl pipeline thanks to this woman, louisiana senator mary lawn drondrieu. more on that battle and landrieu's fight to hang on to her seat. >> this is not about credit, it is not about glory, it is not about politics. it is about getting our work done. ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪
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right at this moment, senate republicans are meeting behind closed doors to pick their new leaders. led by senator mcconnell who's expected to be selected by the next majority leader. the real question is who will lead the re-election effort for senate republicans heading into 2016? nevada's dean haller. and incoming senator thom tillis has expressed interest. senate republicans have 24 seats to defend in 2016. a much more challenging map. a lot of them are in blue states. democrats are only on defense in ten. and heller's chief selling point has been the state the president carried. he told the national journal, i'm the only one in this race who has been. heller also is recruiting nevada governor brian sandoval to challenge senator reid in 2016.
6:33 am
democrats also are expected to keep their leadership largely the same where they pick their leaders. that should happen today. senator jon tester is expected to win the race to lead the democrat's re-election efforts. but the biggest news over the last 24 hours really has been harry reid's effort to bring progressive favorite massachusetts' senator elizabeth warren into leadership. that's where we start now with msnbc political correspondent kacie hunt who is live on capitol hill. what do we know about this effort to recruit elizabeth warren in the leadership? >> hey, peter, what we know is that senator democratic aides say they're thinking about putting warren into a leadership position. they say she's a strong and important voice who should have a seat at the table. i think it tells you a little bit about the senate democratic
6:34 am
caucus and where they feel they are at this point. senate current majority leader harry reid has really sort of developed a lot of strong relationships in the progressive wing of his caucus. this is an interesting way to elevate warren in that debate and really gives her potentially her own platform. >> has she commented on this yet? have we heard from the senator yet? >> she is notorious for avoiding reporters in the hallway so we'll see what we find out today. >> another individual who doesn't really like to spend too much time with reporters is senator ted cruz. avoided saying whether he'll support mcconnell for majority leader. any clue whether he'll vote for him today? >> i talked to senator cruz late yesterday and asked hip this question. he was pretty mum. very uneager to talk about it. he locked at me and said call your press office. i also asked hi, he was a little more willing to engage on the question of 2016. will have to deal with this crop
6:35 am
of presidential hopefuls here in the senate. there have about some rumors about the timing. so i asked him about that. all he would say is he expects the field to form some time between january and june. >> for the first time in six years, the senate will vote on keystone. spent three hours on the senate floor yesterday basically begging democratic leaders to allow a vote on it. you were at a press conference yesterday. i want to hear some of your exchange with her very quickly. >> if taking my name off of this bill helps it to pass, go right ahead. this is not about credit. it is not about glory. it is not about politics. it is about getting our work done. >> the narnational democrats ha pulled their ads from your campaign. are you a lost cause?
6:36 am
>> i don't believe i am. of course i've stood against my leadership. >> when you asked that one question of her right there, so where do things stand in the head to head race with bill cassidy coming up soon? >> landrieu's in a tough fight. you're seeing her with this keystone move trying to sort of buttress her own support. as you heard there, national democrats have pulled their ads down. the fundamentals are very bad for her. there are a couple of good things. you have the spotlight off of this a little bit as compared to when we had this national mood that was driving the electorate. it's possible she could end up with an electorate that is different than the one we saw earlier this month. on the other hand, the number of black voters in louisiana has been declining so i think he finds herself in a tougher position than before. >> the house now and the soon to be larger republican majority after swearing in some new
6:37 am
members boehner wi first test this afternoon. boehner will officially run for a third term as speaker in january. the house is expected to hold a vote on the keystone pipeline today. as the president prepared to announce executive actions on immigration. two top democrats said on "morning joe" there is still time for congress to act. congressman gutierrez said obama's decision to delay immigration hurt democrats at the ballot box. >> we lost the senate anyway. lots of voters that might well have come out to vote in florida, in the florida election and in the colorado election. not to talk about other elections that might have been close. i'm hopeful that neither side, however, whether it's keystone today or immigration reform, says, look, if you do this, then i'm not going to negotiate, i'm
6:38 am
not going to compromise, i'm not going to sit down and talk. >> let's get right to our capitol hill correspondent luke russert. give us a sense first on keystone. what's the response and what it's about there on the house side specifically to this surprise decision by harry reid to move forward in the lame duck. >> oh, they loved it. they thought it was hilarious. they very much view it as a last second hail mary by mary landrieu to try to keep her senate seat. the one thing i heard over and over again from her leadership days is harry reid was more than willing to anger all the environmentalists on the democratic side for the last ditch attempt to save her seat. in the house, bill cassidy, the representative from lap la who's running against landrieu in that senate race, he's sponsor, the keystone bill over here. they're going to pass it out of the house. probably pick up a decent amount of votes from those guys in conservative areas who lost this last midterm election. for them this is easy as one,
6:39 am
two, three, peter. >> cassidy and landrieu, positive headlines to the voters coming up for their runoff, not too long from now. are already trying to insert language into the spending bill which would block the president's efforts on immigration. how much support is there for that? >> well, as of right now, over 50 signatures. this is going to -- quickly could become a thorn in the side of speaker boehner as he mos forward to try and craft a bill that funds the government. of course, that deadline is on december 11th. this idea, we need to check the president. heard a quote yesterday from one member, as well as the other plaintiffs, we need to be more pragmatic about this, we don't want to be very fervent with anti-immigration rhetoric. all that, if we get to this point, we want to get to the
6:40 am
fundamental bill. getting 218 votes which is never an easy thing in the conference. interesting to see how it plays out. from the beginning, i've heard from aides that boehner, mcconnell and reid, really what they want to do is sort of get through with the leetast amountf black eyes possible and get into next year, not have to deal with the pressing issues in that manner. >> right now, sharing the screen with you, some of the pictures we're just getting in of john boehner welcoming in the new members. facing his first test today. clues we may have in terms of how many trouble on the right in the next congress he may have. is it going to be similar to what he's had over the last couple of years? >> it's a very good question, peter. it becomes now, they have the largest republican majority they've ever had since the 1920s. so does that translate into more
6:41 am
fervent conservative opposition to john boehner? it very well could. with such a large majority, maybe he's able to neutralize some of them by some of the more pragmatic issues. what we'll learn from today's leadership elections, albeit a secret ballot, if there were any points contrary to boehner. what's interesting, in january, there has been a movement by some of the more conservative members to not allow john boehner to be elected as speaker on the first ballot. that would be something that would be deeply embarrassing. it hasn't happened in many, many, many years in the house of representatives. so if they want to make a real protest, look for it in january. we'll start to be able to read the tea leaves today on that front. >> a lot of tea leaf reading today. luke russert, nice to see you, appreciate your time, thank you. >> thanks, peter. wasting no time pushing for
6:42 am
answers about the fight against isis. defense secretary chuck hagel and joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey will testify on the hill. that, just moments away. almost 12 hours in, another 22 to go. oh, boy. we're going to check in with our friend al roker. he's in the middle of what he is hoping will be the longest live weather report in the world. they are serving up white chicken chili. it's cold out there, sounds like a good choice. we're going to be right back. but when we start worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on what matters today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice and help you break down your retirement goals into small, manageable steps. because when you plan for tomorrow, it helps you live for today. can we help you take a small step? for advice, retirement, and life insurance,
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6:46 am
book of world records for the longest uninterrupted weather forecast. right now, he's approaching the 12 hour mark. he started last night just after 10:00 eastern time. and if all goes as planned, he's going to finish and set a new record in just over 22 hours tomorrow morning at 8:00 live on the "today" show. how's he doing so far? we want to check in with al roker now live from new york. with the very latest. you look good. you're about 12 hours in. want to get a sense of how you're doing. i know you got to talk about the weather. >> here's the deal, peter, i feel really good. and what's fortunate is i've got so much weather going on right now. major snowstorm in the pacific northwest. and then we've got lake-effect snow going on around the great lakes, especially the eastern
6:47 am
great lakes. we could be looking at 1 to 2 feet of snow. and then really cold air making its way down south. a lot of our friends are sending in tweets for us. this is from carrie lynn. cold and rainy crossing the mississippi river bridge in south louisiana. so #rokerthon. people are tweeting in. we've got so much going on today. i could go more than 34 hours and still have stuff to talk about. >> sure, if you want to do that, we're glad to keep watching. let me follow up quickly, i know you've got to store some sleep. you obviously have smart eating habits. is there some things for endu endurance they could probably use? what are they telling you? >> i don't drink coffee. i'm drinking green tea which has some caffeine but not a high level of caffeine so you don't crash. and my doctor also said forget
6:48 am
about trying to be all that healthy. basically, fat and protein. i got a little bacon, some scrambled eggs as well. >> bacon. >> bacon, bacon, bacon. its get it myself but i don't have thumbs. you know, really, the fact there's so much weather going on, we're just kind of pumped. i get five minutes every hour that i do. and right now, i've at 55 minutes. >> you store them up. >> yeah, i'm storing them up. >> sounds good. we're rooting for you down here in washington. keep it up and we'll be watching tomorrow morning just about 8:00. you're doing this as part of the "today" show's shine a light campaign. we appreciate what you're doing. the roker-thon continues through friday. we hope you will support the weather questions. he's ready to take your questions.
6:49 am
#rokerthon. you can watch al streaming live on the web the entire time by visiting here's your trivia time. the florida democrat bill nelson is the only sitting senator who has been to space. 1986 was the year nelson spent six days orbiting earth as a payload specialist aboard the space shuttle "columbia." congratulations, today's winner, matt missen. you're watching "the daily rundown." we'll be right back. can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. americans drink 48 billion that's enough plastic bottles
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back now with some news developing on capitol hill. we are just minutes away from a new hearing on the fight against isis. defense secretary chuck hagel, joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey both set to testify in front of the house armed services committee. this will be the first time that the two men have spoken extensively about the mission since october. of course, a lot has happened since then, including president
6:53 am
obama announcing plans recently to send 1,500 more u.s. troops to help train and advise iraqi forces. on capitol hill, the talk is about whether the administration needs congress to weigh in on a new authorization for the war with isis. >> i think we should vote. i'm for the senate taking up the use of force and restricting what the president needs, so there's not an open-ended commitment on the use of american force. >> it's pretty evident to me that if you were going to fill in other elements to actually make this successful, which those elements are not in place today, then it's my sense they would need an authorization. >> right now, we are joined by nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. jim, give us a sense. there's been heavy scrutiny against isis right now. what do we anticipate we're going to hear in the course of this hearing? >> officials here at the
6:54 am
pentagon say don't expect either bombshells from either defense secretary hagel or the joint chiefs chairman, general martin dempsey. they're pretty much going to lay out what's happened so far, where they intend to go, and most of it, almost all of it, we pretty much know. but they do expect to hear that they're going to take quite a beating from some of the members of the house armed services committee today, because there is an impression that despite, you know, nearly 900 air strikes since august 8th in both syria and iraq, while isis has been slowed in its progress through taking territory in iraq, specifically, they definitely have not been turned around significantly. so the questions they expected are, why isn't the u.s. being more effective and the answer will be, air strikes alone can't do the job, and this is going to take years, and it's going to take the iraqis to solve it. >> mik, separate topic, but same
6:55 am
region. there's some compelling video we've now seen from turkey. this is about a group of american soldiers that appear to have been attacked. we watched them being attacked in the video. have we heard anything more from the pentagon about this or more about what we know about these individuals? >> the initial response here is that they consider the attack against those three enlisted sailors who were on shore leave there in istanbul to be reprehensible and they were by a bunch of thugs. but quite frankly, people here were somewhat relieved that despite the physical contact, there was a lot of pushing and shoving, no punches were thrown and it appeared that these radicals, these right-wing radicals, who are pro-communist and anti-u.s. were more intent on propaganda than causing these individual sailors harm. evidenced by the fact that almost immediately after this event occurred, they threw it up on youtube. >> yeah, that's right. jim miklaszewski, appreciate it. we'll be watching that hearing
6:56 am
coming up. thanks, very much. a programming note. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel has a remarkable special report on the battle against isis. his reporting from inside turkey, syria, iraq, even inside kobani, syria. you can watch all of that tomorrow night. it's at 9:00 eastern. richard will be live on tvr right here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. that's going to do it for the addition of "the daily rundown." coming up next, jose diaz balart. he's on the ground in mexico with the latest on the outrage of the suspected murder of those 43 students. also, the latest on how ferguson, missouri, is preparing for a grand jury's decision. dr. baden has just arrived. you're watching nbc live. $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge
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started using gain flings,fe their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) uh honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze for 3 big things in one gain fling. it's our best gain ever! it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast and we are watching several important developing stories right now. just a few minutes from now, the family of michael brown and their attorneys are scheduled to
7:00 am
appear at a news conference. today, the pathologist they hired to conduct an autopsy will testify before the grand jury that will decide whether police officer darren wilson will be charged in their son's death. we'll have that live. also right now, we're keeping an eye on the house hearing there on the strategy against isis. chuck hagel and martin dempsey will testify. wehle have more on that in a moment. good morning. nice to be with you. i'm frances rivera. jose diaz balart remains on the ground in mexico, where he continues to following the escalating protest against those 43 missing students. jose will be joining us in a little bit with the latest on that. but for now, let's get to the latest on the michael brown shooting story with a lot going on today. msnbc's triman lee is in missouri. what kind of detail can you given us about this news conference being held by the attorneys from michael brown's family. >> a few moments ago, i spoke with antny