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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it's unbelievable. >> donny deutsch is not on tinder. >> what did you learn? >> i learned something in the green room. interviewing susie for my book. first of all, no is the most powerful word in hollywood. she gave me the most amazing negotiating advice. >> what was that? >> it will be in the book. that's all i'm going to say. she's amazing. >> all right, kids. thank you so much for watching this week as always. we really do appreciate your patience. >> no, everyone likes you. >> tomorrow. alabama against mississippi state. "daily rundown" is next. we'll see you monday. multitasking on the other side of the globe. president obama comes out even stronger on keystone and lets republican leaders know he's not budging on immigration. meantime, back at hope, a new report on a recent white house
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fence jumper has disturbing details on what went wrong and basically everything that could have gone wrong, well, it did. also this morning, the winter blast brings more snow to the midwest. in a sudden cold up and down the east coast, the latest on how long it will last. good morning from washington. i'm luke russert. it's friday, november 14th, 2014. this is the "daily rundown." even 8,000 miles from washington, president obama can't escape the face-off of the new republican congress that waits for hip back at home. at a town hall with students in myanmar this morning, the president was greeted enthusiastically and as he said, that felt like a change. >> if you were the president of myanmar -- [ applause ] >> -- popular in somebody else's country.
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when you're in your own country, everybody's complaining. >> but the president seemed to be in embracing a moment, following through on his plan to squeeze every last little bit of opportunity to push his agenda and leave a legacy. speaking next to opposition leader ang sung suu kyi today, the president said he had no intention of backing down from executive action on immigration which could protect millions of illegal immigrants from the threat of deportation. >> i gave the house over a year to give at least a vote to the senate bill. they failed to do so. i indicated to speaker boehner that if congress fails to act, i would use all the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> the president made his strong
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et comments yet on the key stein pipeline. pushing back on critics who say he has been slow to act. >> as a policy matter, my government believes that we should judge this pipeline based on whether or not it accelerates climate change or whether it helped the american people with their energy costs and their gas prices. and i have to constantly push back against this idea that somehow the keystone pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the united states or is somehow lowering gas prices. understand what this project is. it is providing the ability of canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. it doesn't have an impact on u.s. gas prices.
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>> now, suu kyi, a noble peace winner, has been an important symbol of democracy in myanmar. as they transition from five decades of authoritarian rule. nbc's kristen welker has more on the president's meeting with her today. >> president obama and suu kyi emerged from the house where she served the better part of 20 years under house arrest. and they reaffirmed their friendship and their commitment to each other and to myanmar's democracy. although both leaders also acknowledge there have been some serious setbacks here in this country. suu kyi saying that this is a bumpy patch in her nation's history. one of the biggest concerns here in myanmar right now is the persecution of ethnic minorities. in fact, suu kyi has been criticized for not speaking out against the persecution of those ethnic minorities. president defending suu kyi and
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reiterating their commitment to this country. the united states has scaled back some sanctions against myanmar. reminded everyone the process in the road to democracy can be a long one. from here, president obama heads to brisbane, australia where he'll attend the g-20. on display will be the crisis in ukraine. president putin is expected to attend as well but no plan for the two leaders to meet. back to you. >> turning to capitol hill, the house will vote around noon today on a bill to circumvent the obama administration and move forward with the keystone pipeline. it's expected to easily pass. more contentious among republicans, how the party should respond to the president's expected executive actions on immigration. senator ted cruz and other conservatives are now pressing republican leaders to block the president's decision by inserting language in the spending bill which will fund the government past december 11th. to bar funding for the implementation of current or
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future executive actions. and they say republicans should shut down the government if necessary. at a news conference yesterday, incoming majority leader mcconnell, he ruled that out. >> -- shutting the government down, threatening default on the national debt -- we will not be shutting the government down or threatening to default. >> and the top house appropriator said the government will stay open. >> surely the president understands the kind of explosion that would occur up here if he takes that unilateral action. however, like it's been said before, don't take a hostage you can't shoot. there will not be a shutdown. >> kentucky guys do not want to shut down. house speaker john boehner, when i asked him about it, well, he left the shut down on the table. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. >> the government funding bill
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could have that strict language. you're leaving that option open? >> all options are on the table. >> joining me now, the "washington post's" boehner whisper whisper eer eer bob ocosta. there's also talk of the shutdown, the split of the parties, is starting to show a little bit. what do we know about how the republicans plan to proceed on this issue of immigration? >> good morning, luke. there are really two competing factions. i would call the first one the mcconnell faction. they would want to fight tooth and nail. the leadership wants to fight the executive action. they don't want to shut down the government. they saw what happened. it hurt the republican brand. they'd rather fight via a lawsuit. fight through other legislative means. the other side is ted cruz,
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senator jeff sessions of alabama, they want to use the funding bill coming up in december as the battleground, as the means of dissent. >> manu, let's talk about that. mitch mcconnell, his entire sort of narrative when he was running was i went the senate to go back to normal. we don't want to have these prolonged fights. technically, he's still in the minority, but this is a pretty big test early on, whether or not he can control the ted cruz wing of his conference. >> i think you'll see him do that. i think mcconnell's making that very clear. i think boehner even though he's not saying that, you know, the government funding bill won't include a rider preventing the president from moving forward, is on the same page with mcconnell on this. i'd be very surprised to see the leadership side with the conservative faction. from mcconnell's perspective, he feels very emboldened, after his re-election victory, resounding in both the general election and in his primary. he feels he's elected a lot of
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these members and more of the establishment wing, the people who the establishment did get behind. so if there are those folks in his caucus who are upset and want to take a harder line, i think he's ready to stiff arm then. we'll see if he does that. he's certainly signaling that right now, luke. >> you think, bob, this is sort of the boehner play that he lets a little bit of the hot air out of the house and then eventually they come around to his side? or does he face a potentially disastrous problem on december 11th? >> i think manu got it right. i think mcconnell, he feels he has the political capital perhaps to stiff arm the conservatives within his conference. in the house, as you know, luke, you yourself are a longtime boehner watcher. boehner has a different style. he's not going to go hard at the right. he's going to try to nudge them in the right direction away from a shut down, perhaps a different kind of battle. that's boehner's way. the problem for boehner, as much as he takes the soft touch sometimes with the conservatives, eventually, he has to make a hard decision. does he push back on them or
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not. >> manu, i want to go to you. harry reid faced a little opposition yesterday obviously re-elected as minority leader in the next congress but about six votes against him. two senators from virginia, mccaskill among others, joe manchin. i was fascinated by this decision to bring elizabeth warren, the progressive hero, into the leadership mode. i want to put a quote up. from tom harkin. a liaison to liberals? i never heard of such a thing. i don't know what it is. i don't know what that all mean. what are they doing with elez birth warren here? is this sort of a -- throwing a bone to the liberal base, making up a job for her? >> i think it remains to be seen exactly how this position plays out. technically she's an adviser to the policy committee run by chuck schumer. it will be interesting to see exactly what that means. i think they sort of made up this position frankly to show
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that, you know, reid was listening to concerns from his caucus and trying to inject some fresh blood, fresh energy, something that did get a lot of people in his caucus energized because she does represent a very increasingly liberal senate democratic caucus. the amount of influence that she'll have on day to day strategy, on tactics, really remains to be seen. it could certainly just be a symbolic gesture at best. >> if she's going to run for president, luke, this is a perfect -- to build that relationship with the left. i think hillary clinton watching these moves -- >> or less is more by not being front and center. also, she's now the adviser to the democrat's lee yiaison to w street. chuck schumer doesn't help the image there. >> thank you for coming on, take care. up next, unusually cold weather is heading eat, now blanketing two third, of the nation with an early blast of winter, no end in sight.
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42 degrees in new york. >> yeah. congratulations. you did it. >> oh, my god. >> there you have it, folks, roker-thon is over and history has been made. phenomenal. phenomenal by al roker. just over an hour ago, our
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colleague broke the guinness world record for the longest continuous weather forecast. delivering the weather for 34 hours straight. our weather man is tougher than your weather man, america. at the same time, raising nearly $70,000 for the uso. i done aipt atedonated. you should donate too. what a job. iron man. cal ripken of weather men. an early taste of winter as frigid air and unseasonably cold temperatures hit the east coast causing freezing temperatures from atlanta to des moines. yesterday, snow continued to fall in the midwest hitting places like southbend, indiana, the home of that french school. and the end isn't in sight. msnbc's meteorologist bill karins is in new york with the latest forecast. bill, i was in atlanta this time last week wearing a
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be"moneb bemoaning that i did not pack shorts. >> it's colder in atlanta than barrel alaska which is up there in like the arctic circle. that was a cheap shot at notre dame. >> the fighting french. >> especially for a guy whose bills didn't play so well. exactly. as far as the temperatures go, we've already mentioned, the cold this week, it spread pretty much across the country. now we'll watch a little mini snowstorm over the weekend. yesterday, it dumped a lot of ice in areas of oregon. still recovering from that this morning. now the snow is through idaho and heading through the central plains. the second week in open in, still pretty impressive. sioux falls, minneapolis, des moines, as far south as wichita. even st. louis. then up towards green bay and chicago. that's the highlight of the weekend as we slowly recover from the first arctic blast.
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a lot of travel trouble. there's light snow for saturday in the midwest. by sunday, a little rain in the southeast here. notice temperatures aren't too extreme. if you're wondering when is the cold really going to come from the great lakes and east, who kind of avoided this one for a little bit. we watch the purple on the map. that's pure arctic air right over the top of the ohio valley great lakes monday, sweeps s t the east coast. d.c., probably to the 20s, tuesday night into wednesday morning. it's coming. about a week from right now, whole country does a nice warm-up. >> well, that's good. >> we'll look forward to that. bill karins, you too, my friend. turning now to omaha, nebraska, where a third person could soon be treated for ebola. a government official says the cdc has been notified a surgeon who worked with ebola patients in sierra leone who has tested positive for the disease is being brought to the u.s. for a treatment.
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he is a citizen of see yierra l but a permanent resident the united states. hopefully everything works out for him. up next, the warning shots have been fired. republicans urging president obama not to go it alone on immigration reform. later, with an eye on the future, bill and hillary clinton are paying tribute to the past today in arkansas. we'll explain that of course. today's trivia question, who is the longest serving majority leader in senate history? i'll give you a hint. mitch mcconnell said he wanted to base his leadership off this guy. the first person to tweet the correct answer @"daily rundown" will get an on-air shoutout from me. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind.
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30 to 40 years instead of having the pieces and parts that we have today that simply aren't working. >> that was colorado republican senator-elect cory gardner who is trying to be the moderate guy. as he opposed president obama's reported plans to overhaul immigration. other republicans have been harsher in their criticism, insisting such a move would be unconstitutional. joining me now to give us his insight is msnbc's own jose diaz-balart from miami. so i want to ask you about the possibility of this executive action. said, quote, we don't know who's in and we don't know who's out said the deputy director of america's voice. but 5 million is certainly less than what we needed. alluding to the 5 million illegals who could possibly be helped out by this executive action or not be deported.
6:24 am
how big is this possibility of executive action being received? >> this is going to play very, very well. 5 million, if there are 10 or 12 million undocumented living in the united states of america, that's almost half of them. that in one decision are going to be able to come out from under the shadows of many in this country without documents and for the first time being able to participate openly and freely of their contributions to this country. for most people, this is going to be a life changer. if you talk about 5 million people, if the president decides to do what he did for the young kids, the dreamers, for example, deferred action of u.s.-born children, that would mean that a lot of people will find for the first time in their lives the opportunity to participate
6:25 am
freely in this economy and this society. it is temporary. it is not any kind of situation where they're going to be an amnesty. it's just an opportunity to get out from the shadows. i think that will play very well with many in the latino community. >> what's the republican play here? a certain congressman from your neck of the woods with a similar last name said republicans have to straddle this line where they can't go into the vitriol which would be viewed by the latino community as being just flatout mean i believe is the word. how do they move forward here? they're somewhat in a box. they obviously don't want this to move forward. if they were to shut down the government over this and some rhetoric comes out, that could be detrimental ahead of 2016.
6:26 am
>> i think this is going to be difficult for the republicans to walk this fine line. let me tell you why, luke, because if for the next two years, the discussion on immigration is the republicans want the president to take back an order that helps millions of people, many with u.s.-born children, for example, if that's the discussion you're having for the next two years, and not the discussion on let's have some comprehensive immigration reform out of the house and the senate, then i think that by 2016, you know, the discussion is going to be republicans want to take away that which the president gave to people, which is the possibility to live here legally temporarily. and not immigration reform. it's going to be politically very good for the democrats in 2016. not good for the nation. because nothing is really being permanently done.
6:27 am
politically, i think it's going to be very difficult for the republicans in 2016 if the discussion is that and not immigration reform. >> that's what's so interesting about this executive order. because if a republican president were to win, they will probably -- i would assume in the primary trail, pledge to repeal the executive order. so don't you think there's got to be a worry within the republican party that when they go into the primary season, one of the first litmus tests will be whether or not you repeal this executive order? >> if this is the discussion in 2016, they should be worried. if this is the discussion in 2016 and not immigration reform, this is going to be a problem. >> indeed. big show on monday. what do we know? >> we know that starting monday, we're going to have two hours of this broadcast where you, luke, are going to be playing a role, especially now, starting next monday.
6:28 am
an ensemble team of people working to give breaking news, objective, balanced discussion, about policy, right here, from 9:00 to 11:00, monday through friday, that's eastern time. of course in the pacific time, it's a little earlier. >> if you ever want to open up a politic, bureau in miami, you know who to call, my friend. >> i know, i've seen your bermuda shorts and you're ready to come over. >> indeed. thank you so much for being on. we look forward to seeing you monday. it's going to be great. up next, a setback in the fight against isis. after the group's leader re-emerges. and why joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey won't rule out putting u.s. boots on the ground. we're live on the turkey/syria border when "tdr" returns in three minutes. for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season...
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it's a matter of waiting now in ferguson, missouri, as residents brace for the grand
6:32 am
jury's decision. we just learned the st. louis county prosecutor's office is telling school districts they'll be notified before the information is released. three hours notice if it's a weekday. 24 hours if it's a weekend. obviously something to keep an eye on. michael brown's family says they're praying for officer darren wilson to be indicted. in the meantime, they're preaching calm. attorney general eric holder is also calling for calm. >> certainly, we want to ensure that people who have first amendment rights have the ability to protest as they deem appropriate, while at the same time, making sure we protect people in law enforcement and that we minimize the chances that any legitimate protest devolves into violence. >> and obviously we'll keep an
6:33 am
eye on that story as it develops. turning to the war with isis where the head of the organization appears to be alive and well. one week after u.s. air strikes led to reports that abu al baghdadi had been wounded or killed, new audio appears to put that speculation to rest. although not confirmed by nbc news, the recording appears to be al baghdadi and references president obama's troop deployment which came out as the same day as the air strikes. calls on his followers to erupt volcanoes of jihad everywhere, light the earth with fire. the propaganda may be working. militants have begun swearing allegiance to isis. isis has managed to keep up the fight, although iraqi forces have gained some ground. officials said isis had been driven out of baiji, a city north of baghdad. chuck hagel told a house committee that u.s. air strikes
6:34 am
have stalled or reversed the gain. but chairman dempsey says despite the statements to the contrary it may be necessary to send u.s. forces into the fight alongside the iraqis. >> i'm not predicting at this point i would recommend that those forces in mosul and along the border would need to be accompanied by u.s. forces but we're certainly considering it. >> the battle is deadlocked in kobani. the syrian city that has been under siege for months. nbc's foreign correspondent richard engel managed to make his way inside. here's what he found. >> we decided to rick a trip into the besieged city to see for ourselves. we crossed no-man's-land and entered cobain eed kobani. we found a city undefeated. american air strikes are gradually reducing that area to
6:35 am
rubble. mean whwhile on the free side o the city kurdish men and women outgunned and outnumbered are not just standing their ground, they're smiling. he leads us to city hall. in kobani, you never enter a building through the front gate or the front door. she walks us to the council room, describing a recent battle to take the building back from isis. she says there were about 40 isis fighters just in these rooms here. it's not that they're fighting between buildings and across streets but room to room. you can see some of the damage. you can see the bullet holes. this was real close quarter fighting. she shows us where the enemy is. we watch them all the time, she says, and make sure to shoot them before they get too close. >> extraordinary stuff. richard engel joins me now. richard, obviously, this has become sort of ground zero, if you will. very symbolic town. what can you tell us?
6:36 am
what did you really learn? >> we learned that this has become a symbol of the fight. it is a very personal fight for the people of kobani. both sides, isis and the people kobani and americans who were backing them have invested a great deal in this city. kobani has become the main focus of isis propaganda. it doesn't call it kobani. it calls it in a islam, the center of islam. almost daily the official website talks about how determined they are to take this city. that is one of the main reasons the u.s. is helping kobani, not to give the militants a pr victory, not to let them go in and execute the people of cobainy and raise their black flags across the town. tonight, we're going to have this special report you mentioned. not just on cobaikobani but exag
6:37 am
this entire war against isis and try to figure out what's working and what's not and is there time to change course. >> on that point regarding the overall u.s. strategy, i've been fascinated by reports coming out of officials here in d.c. that basically said the easiest day the u.s. had was the first day of fighting against isis, that isis has really done a masterful job of limiting their communications, being very hard to decipher. they have very high-level encryption. not using cell phones. using the courier method of osama bin laden. the united states does not have a lot of intelligence officials on the ground, especially in syria. how good is isis' ability to stay underground and limit communication of top officials? >> well, one of the main points we make in tonight's special is this is not a new enemy. this group fighting for years in
6:38 am
iraq. the core of isis was the insurgency in iraq. the same militants who fought against u.s. marines and u.s. armory divisions in places like anbar province and in baghdad for many years. they learned close quarter tactics. they learned how to communicate. they learned how to defeat not just any army but against american troops. they're using that experience once again. when you listen to the isis propaganda and you listen to that statement from al baghdadi or a statement we at least think came from abu bakr al baghdadi, he is hoping there will be a u.s. ground invasion. it's almost like he's nostalgic for the old days in anbar. he wants the u.s. troops to get back that a ground fight which isis hopes will be a quagmire for the u.s. >> of course don't miss richard engel's special report on the battle against isis. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern
6:39 am
tonight. fire up your comcast dvr. don't miss that. richard will also be taking questions on twitter about his special starting at noon eastern today. join the conversation using #msnbc chat. now, joining me now, more for the strategy against isis, former pennsylvania democratic congressman and iraq war veteran msnbc contributor patrick murphy. patrick, how you doing? >> doing great, luke, great to see you, pal. >> thanks for being on the show. we're getting conflicting reports about whether it's pushing back isis. what's your take a few months after this operation started? >> what we need against isis is a political solution. people just want to get the political powers, whether it's the white house or congress, to say let's just send military actions, send the military. it's a political solution. we made great gains. the fact that al maliki is not the minister is positive. but the new prime minister isn't doing enough to reach out to the sunni population.
6:40 am
people don't recognize the fact that isis is outnumbered from the iraqi army 30-1. that's boots on the ground already in iraq. but those troops are not ready to fight in iraq because they see that the new government, like the old government, where they're not reaching out to sunnis. they could do simple things like making the ministry of defense or the minute there aministry o sunni leader and they have yet to do that. >> patrick, one of the reasons why isis has been allowed to flourish is a lot of sunni residents felt the iraqi army was a de facto shiite militia. we're getting reports that iraq's prime minister has fired 26 commanding officers, retired 10 more, in an attempt to shake up the military. how significant do you think this is? >> i think it's very significant. let's see what happens next. and, you know, my frustration is people are saying well, you know, the whole argument is american boots on the ground. listen, the heart of the people, you know, the reason why we were
6:41 am
so successful in '07 and '08 with the american surge was because they turned against al qaeda. the worst news in the last 24 hours, as richard engel just reported, is the fact that al qaeda and isis are getting back together. they broke up earlier this year. now they're back together and they did cut their teeth fighting with al qaeda. we need to make sure that those 20 million sunnises that are in iraq and in syria, about 20 million sunnis, we need to make sure they turn against those moderates, turn against the extreme isis and al qaeda groups within their own ranks. >> patrick murphy, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. take care. >> thank you, luke. developing now, defense secretary hagel is announcing changes to the weapons program. in response to two separate reviews that found deficiencies in the country's nuclear program. he's expected to call for billions dollars to upgrade nuclear weapon systems and to
6:42 am
put a four star general in charge of the air force's nuclear program. secretary hagel called for those reviews after multiple embarrassing incidents including a test cheating scandal among mission launch officers. up next, a comedy of errors are renewing concerns about the secret service. details on the new report blasting the agency for a major white house security breach. first, the white house soup of the day, seafood gumbo. you can't go wrong with that, especially when it's 30 degrees. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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[singing] ♪mony mony a series of mistakes and miscommunications allowed an armed man to breach security and enter the white house in september according to a new review by homeland security. the nine-page report summarized a situation in which essentially everything that could go wrong, well, it did go wrong.
6:46 am
it began when omar gonzalez jumped the white house fence, evaded officers, crashed through thick bushes and entered the executive mansion through unlocked doors. once inside, gonzalez knocked a female officer to the ground, then began to walk past her. the officer tried to take him down but couldn't. yelling at him to stop, the officer pulled her flashlight instead of her gun. gonzalez ignored her, turned left and walked into the east room where he was eventually tackled in the center hallway by two off duty special agents. thankfully. nbc's peter alexander is live at the white house. peter, what more can you tell us and what happens now? it seems that from congress they really want an outside presence to sort clean house in this group. >> that's right, you spoke to mike mccall yesterday on capitol hill, so this is one of several reviews of this night that are taking place. a homeland security official described this report as a harsh report, saying it's intended to
6:47 am
identify problems that need fixing. the house judiciary committee chairman is the one who called it a comedy of errors. the secret service tells us it's already changed its training and procedures and that really they ultimately hope to regain the trust of the american people. this report says basically everything that could have gone wrong that night, as you indicated, did go wrong. uniformed secret service officers saw the man accused of the white house intrusion, omar gonzalez, that he was preparing to climb the fence. one made a call on his radio. that call was never heard. certainly it wasn't heard by one canine handler, one secret service officerness van in the white house driveway. he didn't have his two-way radioness eradio in his ear. his ear piece was out. he was on his personal call that he had on speaker phone. in addition to that, when gonzalez, as you noted, barged through those doors, he knocked over the woman, the female
6:48 am
officer inside, and literally walked past her. that was one of the things that was a detail that was new to us as well. the report adds that the armed emergency response team, the sort of tactical team, didn't enter immediately because they, in the words of the document, were not familiar with the layout of the white house. there's just all sorts of new information that came from this executive summary, nine pages we were given, luke. >> yeah, peter, some big change, definitely in store. thank you for that report. take care. >> turning now to some developing news out of virginia. in a brief hearing in fairfax this morning, 32-year-old jesse matthew pleaded not guilty to three felony charges in a sexual assault case from 2005. that trial is now set to begin in march. matthew is also facing charges in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham and has been linked to another missing student morgan harrington. all right, trivia time,
6:49 am
montana. democrat mike mansfield was elected majority leader in 1961 and served for a record breaking 16 years, until 1977. congratulations to today's winner david roberts. mitch mcconnell says he wants to run the senate like mike mansfield. we'll see. we'll be right back on "tdr." yor money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today.
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this morning with an eye on the future, bill and hillary clinton are kicking off a tribute to the past. the tenth anniversary celebration of the clinton museum in little rock. the wake of john kerry presidential defeat in 2004, the clintons along with the other living expresidents dedicated the living presidential center. >> thank you for your fore barnes and extraordinary patience today as we celebrate the dedication of the extraordinary institution.
6:53 am
the building is like my husband, it's open, it's expansive, it's welcoming, it's filled with light! >> what it is to me is the symbol of not only what i try to do but what i want to do with the rest of my life. building bridges from yesterday to tomorrow. >> today the clintons and their friends, advisers, and donors are gathering today nor little rock. celebrating the ten years of the clinton prshl center. it include a panel discussion about no ceilings. hillary clinton's signature project as well as a picnic dinner for 1300 parties and dinner with donors. there is no doubt they will also be thinking about tomorrow all the great fleetwood mac song. alex is live in little rock. thank you for being on the show. i want to ask you about david axelrod saying hillary has to be
6:54 am
weary of the cocoon of inevitability. how weary are that? >> yeah, definitely. i think, you know, if you talk to a lot of people around hillary now and who might advise her in 2016, they are very, very conscious of the mistakes made in 2008 and they're looming -- those issues are looming very large in their mind. david axelrod also said many times he thinks hillary clinton was a bad candidate in 2007 and great candidate in 2008 after she lost the iowa caucus. they're trying to be more of the 2008 hillary clinton than the 2007 one. >> if they're try not to make the same mistake of 2008 why are they talking to mark panbegan? he took them for millions of dollars. produced a massive loss. why are they talking to him again? >> no one ever really leaves the clinton orbit. even people who have been disgraced by scandals or maybe were controversial or didn't do
6:55 am
as great a job. he did a lot of good things for them. in 2008 there was obviously some problems there. they go away for a while and they come back. the network continues. that's the core thing here. that's what the weekend is about. many thousands of friends who have a personal connection with bill and hillary clinton. >> indeed. we appreciate it. thank you so much. of course, that is for this edition of the daily rundown. the last show to ever originate out of d.c. it's a honor. show start in 2010 has been four-year run. thank you to savannah and chuck todd who started off. covered politics and the breaking news this this city. and thank you to brooke, the ep, the number two producer who made a mark on the show. thank you for the directors, the technical guys, make up, everybody who put their heart and soul into this in washington, d.c. we appreciate it.
6:56 am
it's in good hands with jose diaz-balart on monday. immigration at the center of the fight on monday. jose will talk to l luis gutierrez. tune in monday for two hours of jose. don't want to miss that. thank you so much. take care from washington, d.c. starts with her minor arthritis pain, and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns. that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain. what's that, like six pills today? yeah. .i could take two aleve for all day relief. really? for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. 2 pills. all day strong. all day long. and now introducing, aleve pm for a better am. which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf.
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they have the ability to fix the system. what they don't have the ability to do is expect me to standby with a broken system in perpetuity. >> good morning i'm jose diaz-balart. our first focus today. digging in. president obama overnight in burma, raising the stakes on the immigration debate and throwing cold water on the keystone pipeline which is expected to ceo come up for a vote. the president defended his plan
7:00 am
to go around congress and issue executive orderings including stopping the deportation of possibly up to 5 million undocumented immigrations living in the united states. half a world away, intense pushback from the incoming majority in the house and senate setting up a show down that could go well beyond immigration and had john boehner refusing to rule out a government shut down. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. all the options are on the table. we're having discussions with our members and those decisions have been made as to how we will fight this if he proceeds. >> let's going to capitol hill where kasie hunt has been in the thick of our coverage as has ed o-keef who has two front page articles today. congratulations. i want to start with you, kasie. both sides were t