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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 14, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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for their part they are taking a break for now. in a press conference this morning. lopez said there are a lot of ground-floor jobs we might want to take for the moment. that is all for now. "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. the democrat who counts is the president of the united states. >> president obama has vowed executive action. >> this is a precedent that the left may not want to set. >> a ten-part immigration plan be before thanksgiving. >> terrible for the country. >> i gave the house over a year to go ahead and at least give a vote. >> and you thought your family wouldn't have anything to argue about this year. >> exactly. >> i have to -- constantly push back. >> the house voting --
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>> overwhelming in favor. >> to approve the keystone pipe lynn. >> not much republicans can do about it. >> whether the -- >> they can impeach him. >> we're trying to fight the president. >> the democrat who counts is the president of the united states. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. how many votes had boehner had in the house when it comes to repealing health care but they can't vote on immigration reform, can they? the new republican majority, it hasn't taken long to get ugly about things. republicans are focused on the keystone pipeline and trashing the president over immigration. the house voted 262-151 to approve the keystone pipeline.
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and the housenate is set to votn tuesday. i say hogwash to that, republicans are used the bogus argument that keystone would just create a stunning number of jobs. president obama has pushed back on thabo gus jobs claim. >> as a policy matter, my government believes that we should judge this pipeline based on whether or not it accelerates climate change or whether it helps the american people with their energy costs and their gas price. and i have to constantly push back against this idea that somehow the keystone pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the united states or is somehow lowering gas prices. understand what this project is. it is providing the ability of
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canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. it doesn't have an impact on u.s. gas prices. you know what does have an impact on u.s. gas prices is the incredible boom in u.s. oil production and natural gas production that's taken place under my administration. >> it's nice to know the president of the united states has been watching "the ed show" for the last six months, president obama is making the case against the pipeline and everything he just said was factually correct. and senator of north dakota told us that 42,000 jobs, although mitch mcconnell says a stunning amount of jobs would be created. i was on the ground in nebraska six months ago and i was told 30 full-time jobs when it's all said and done. the keystone would create
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minimal long term numbers and increase carbon emissions. the oil will flow through our conduct and be sold overseas. it's not going to lower your gas price. basically america takes all the risk and gets none of the reward other than to say, hey, canada, you're really good guys, come on down. judging by the president's tone i wouldn't hold out a lot of hope for an approval on keystone any time soon. republicans are wasting america's time on a bill that will go nowhere. meanwhile, president obama had tough words for republicans on immigration reform. >> there has been ample opportunity for congress to pass a bipartisan immigration bill that would strengthen our borders. improve the legal immigration system. lift millions of people out of the shadows so they are paying taxes and getting right by the law. it passed out of the senate. i gave the house over a year to
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go ahead and at least give a vote to the senate bill. they failed to do so. and i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago that if, in fact, congress failed to act i would use all the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better and that's going to happen. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> all signs show president obama is nearing a final decision on an immigration executive order. depending on his final decision the action could allow, up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the united states legally. most of them, the one with kids who were born here. this news has republicans furious. on thursday, house speaker john boehner says he is work out a battle plan on immigration. >> the president is threatening to take unilateral action on immigration even though in the past he made clear he didn't believe he had the
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constitutional responsibility or authority to do that. and i'll just say this. we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. this is the wrong way to govern. this is what the american people said they didn't want. so all the options are on the table. >> all options are on the table says the speaker of the house. that includes a government shutdown and his bogus lawsuit, question mark? in the past, boehner has said impeachment is not on the table but others doesn't agree. >> impeachment is a possibility. but you is to convict in the senate and that takes a 2/3 vote. but that would be a consideration. >> the talking heads on fox, well they couldn't agree more. >> this president is pushing and pushing and pushing on the sliding scale. if we are talk 5 million illegal
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immigrants we are in unprecedented territory. when ronald reagan gave amnesty to 3 million he did it with the congress. we are in new and enchartered waters here. that's why some say the republicans have no choice but to call out that perceived lawlessness and do something as unpopular as impreach him. >> i believe it is an impeachable offense. >> not all republicans are on board with government shutdowns, lawsuits or impeachment. here is cory gardner earlier today. >> the bottom line is this, instead of charging each with lawsuits or executive orders or abuses of power, why don't we do what the american people sent us to do and be the grown ups in the room and get the job done. >> they had their chance to pass immigration reform and they have failed. president obama is finally standing up for the people who
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put him in office. this should be a lesson for democrats on how to fight back against republicans. this is a defining moment for progressives who are down at the mouth and wondering where this whole thing is going to go. stick to your core values. this idea that mary landrieu has to vote for keystone to get re-elected is hogwash. it doesn't mean she is anti- oil. she is voting for something that we don't need, for something that the world doesn't need. we don't need the dirtiest oil in the world to go on the market. we don't have to put a pipeline over our aquifer. they do leak. why take that risk. are your energy costs going to go down because of keystone? no. there's no guarantee there. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think on immigration, do you think republicans would impeach president obama over an executive order on immigration?
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text "a" for yes or "b" for now to 67622. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. tonight we have the vermont hour and i'm proud to bring it to you. let's bring in howard dean and bernie sanders from vermont. i'm going to the young guy first, that would be me. just kidding. great to have you both here always. you know, these are two issues that the democrats have been well-defined on in the past. the democrats have led the charge, progressives have led the charge on climate change, no question about it. they want to do something about it. and the democrats have been very clear that immigration is something that we have to deal with. now that there has been a power shift on the legislative side what is going to change, number one, on immigration? >> well, the president made it
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clear, the senate in fact did the right thing. we passed immigration reform. the house has stalled and stalled and stalled. they have done nothing. and in my view what the president has to make clear, if the congress can't act for the sake of the american people he has to act. he has to act on immigration and on climate change, he has got to act on jobs on raising the minimum wage, define for the american people what has to be done and let the republicans say no. >> governor dean your thoughts on that? >> that's the -- the republicans have been very good at saying no. and the truth is that speaker boehner and his crowd obstructed almost everything the president wanted to do without proposing an alternative. they say they have passed 400 bills over to the senate to die. and that is because the senate is doing the right thing not letting the tea party rewry
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write the constitution and the laws of the united states. these 5 million people that the president is talking about allowing to the stay have children who are american citizens they have contributed to the economy. if you kick tell out, first of all, the economy will be worse off especially in towns like hazeltown. what the president wants to do makes common sense. the republicans are dividing us by eth nisity. that's what they always do. i'm glad that the president is standing up for doing the right thing. >> senator, do you think that this would be an impeachable offense? i'm not trying to play into the right wing here but they are saying what they are saying. they believe that the president would be operating outside of his executive authority and breaking the law if he were to take executive action that would give work permits to undocumented workers as a part of immigration reform?
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your thoughts on that. >> of course i do not believe that is an impeachable offense. you know, what the republicans have done in an extraordinarily effective way, is play very good politics. they just won a decisive vote by running a way from everything they stand for and by putting one group against the other. the fact of the matter is that if you look at the republican agenda, it is about cutting social security and medicare and medicaid, not addressing the serious problems facing the american people. so what they can do is rally their right wing base by talking about immigration -- by talking about impeachment. but i think when they do they're going to alienate the vast majority of the american people who understand that this country has enormously serious problems that have got to be addressed. >> do you think, senator
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sanders, that the president saying that he's going to move on executive action is going to move the legislative body any faster now that it is in the hands of the republicanings on this issue? >> i think what we need to do, ed, is clear the air. and the president has got to be able to say this is what i'm going to do if you don't act. what the president has said over and over again is he wants legislation. legislation is much more effective than executive action. but if you have a congress that refuses to move on important issues, he has got to act. and i tell you what else i think, the president should make it very clear right now, that those pieces of legislation that he's prepared to veto and rally the american people in saying no cuts to social security, medicare, nutrition, no cuts, no for cuts, tax breaks for the wealthiest in this country. let's define the issues and see where we can work together. and there are many areas. let the president stand with the
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american people and say to the republicans, no, we're not going to down the path of more pain for the american worker. >> can i add something quickly? >> absolutely. go ahead. >> i wanted to add to that. it's the job of the house to pass bills. we don't expect the house to pass a bill the democrats are going to like or the president is going to like. but they have to go on the record and say what they would do. they are asked to pass an immigration bill they don't have to pass what the senate passed but if their response is let's impeach the president, their popularity rating will go below 9 and that's hard to do. >> let's talk keystone. where does the president give in on keystone? is there a piece of legislation or an amendment -- or a piece of legislation they would put on the table he would have to go with as -- and have keystone as
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an amendment he would have to cave on? how do you see that playing out? that seems to be the plan that the republicans are going to take. >> i think that's an interesting plan. it seems to me is the way to do it is let the law take effect. the republicans want to impeach the president and when the president wants to do his job they're going to override that by passing a bill. the problem with this is if the senate and hougs should pass a bill and the president veto it you need 67 votes in the senate to override that. i think that is unlikely. this ought to be looked at and passed from the state department to the president if assuming that state department approves and let the president decide on the merits. i have no doubt he'll do that. but i find it interesting that the senate doesn't want to short circuit immigration but they are happy to short circuit the keystone pipeline.
2:16 pm
>> senator sanders would you use all your legislative power to stop keystone? >> the answer is yes. i mean, i think the passage of keystone sends a horrible, horrible message to the entire world. and that message is that the united states is not serious about reversing climate change and all of the devastation that climate change is going to bring. so i think we have got to be very, very strong on this issue. i think if it does get past the senate next week the vote is on tuesday, i hope the president vetoes it and i hope he will be able to sustain that veto. but the bottom line is if you're talking about jobs and you made this point, ed, you're talking about less than 100 permanent jobs. if we want jobs we have to rebuild or crumbling infrastructure and create thousands of jobs. i will do everything i can to see the defeat of the keystone pipeline.
2:17 pm
>> doesn't it sound like the president is not going to go along with it? based on his last comments at his press conference it sounds like no one's made the case that we have to have this. what are you hearing? >> well, i'm hearing the same thing you are. and i hope that is true. i hope he does veto it. this is not a jobs program. this is not going to lower gas prices for the average american motorist. there are studies that say it will raise gas prices. so this is a bad and stupid piece of legislation that will benefit campaign contributors and oil companies. it's not going to benefit the american people. >> and governor dean, how far should the democrats go to save one senate seat? >> well we always want to save as many as we can. you know, my view is we are better off not short circuiting the process. there is a process. people are trying to do their job. you know, what the senate could
2:18 pm
do is sit down with the president and ask him for a time line in which he's going to make a decision. that seems reasonable to me. it's sort of the reverse of immigration reform. if john boehner said we're going to get something passed and on your desk and negotiate about what's in it, that's the way the process is supposed to work. i think we're not off to a great start circumventing the processes, whether it's immigration or keystone. >> governor howard dean and bernie sanders, thank you very much. a lot of common sense coming out of vermont. thanks a lot. share your thoughts with us on twitter and facebook. we want to know what you think and appreciate it. coming up the tpp and the war on wages. workers will lose and multinationals like wal-mart are going to win big. we'll look at how to stop this. and first on trenders.
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military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. time now for trenders. and of course you can follow the ed team. we like it when you do that. you can get my podcast on itunes free 24/7. you can find it at ring of fire the "the ed show" social media nation has decided and we're reporting. here are the top trenders voted on by you. >> let the roker-on this begin. >> rocker's record. >> he did it. >> three, two, one --
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>> al wraps up his record-setting weather cast. >> is it a humonguous feat. >> it doesn't feel like 34 hours. >> 295 live shots. >> polar vortex is back. >> i went to heed nature's call. and forget that my mic was on. >> you should have spoken the me about live mics. >> al roker. the number two trender, counter point. >> this is a photo of minutes mayor arm in arm with a man flashing a known gang sign. >> the mayor of minutes respondents to the controversy. >> they are flashing gang signs back and forth. >> finger pointing gets us nowhere. >> no one is saying that she is in cahoots with the gangs.
2:24 pm
>> she is dedicated to making the relationship between the police and community as strong as it can be. >> give me a sign. >> and the top trender, check out. >> this health care law has helped americans. >> 10.3 million adults are no longer uninsured. >> and the republicans want to repeal all of it. >> every one of my members thinks that obamacare was a mistake. >> the house will move to repeal obamacare. >> why -- yes. do the republicans not have a plan on the table? >> there are nine plans that have been submitted by house republicans. >> they have offered piecemeal things. >> you is the power give us the plans. >> we have plans that have been submitted. >> joining me, wendell potter, senior analyst at the center for public integrity. good to have you with us tonight. let's cut right to the facts. thank you, sir.
2:25 pm
let's cut right to the facts the republicans clearly don't have a plan for health care. they talk about repealing obamacare but don't say we're going to do this. do more americans have health care today than they did a year ago today? >> absolutely. at least 10 million more americans have coverage than just this time last year. and the rate of the uninsured in this country has dropped dramatically. the answer is yes we have far more people with health insurance now than ever before. >> mr. potter, look at these numbers. we have the insurance industry trade on the new york some exchange, humana, aetna, cigna, increases of 17, 45, 30, 37%. are these companies benefitting from obamacare?
2:26 pm
>> they certainly are. when you look at what has happened to their stock prices since the law was passed in 2010 it's even more incredible. united health care stock price has increased 300%. and several other -- none of them has -- is traded on the new york stock exchange has done worse than 200%. they have done quite well and they have a lot of new members and billions of dollars in revenue they wouldn't have had with that reform. >> so those companies that we just showed have been involved in obamacare and because of the federal legislation you would say they have more customers? >> oh, yes. they have many more customers and revenue they wouldn't have had otherwise. they have plenty of new customers and stand to gain of course more as we go into the next open enrollment period for next year. >> i have just asked you a series of direct questions which
2:27 pm
i posed to a right-winger on this program last night and i didn't get straight answers. what happens if obama care gets repealed and all the threats are making what happens to the answers you just gave me? >> they would no longer be valid. the law will not be repeeld. and boehner and mcconnell know that. it has always been a strategy to win votes and confuse people to win votes. but if by some chance it were repealed we would have millions of americans losing their coverage and losing the assurance of having coverage if we lose our jobs or get sick. people have forgotten and the republicans have tried to obscure the fact the law does much to make sure we have far more health care security than we have had before. >> and of course they get their back up big time when you use
2:28 pm
the term junk insurance. let me explain it this way and you can tell me if i'm right or wrong here. there are federal standards in this law that are forcing the health insurance industry to perform at a certain level and if they don't they can't offer that plan. what's your response? >> that's exactly right. before the law went into effect there were many people enrolled in plans they didn't realize how bad they were. many didn't cover hospital stays. people had to pay thousands out of their own pockets before they got real coverage. that is junk insurance. they can't sell those policies any more. if you go to to look for health coverage, you can see that americans have the choice of 30,000 health plans to
2:29 pm
choose from. there has never been anything quite like that. >> all right. is it -- final question, is it possible there could be a cancer patient in america that could not get health insurance? >> absolutely. and many cancer patients were not able to get coverage. and that's something they try to obscure as well too. before obamacare people with cancer were black balled and couldn't buy coverage at any price. that is no longer a possibility. insurers cannot deny coverage to people because they have been sick. >> always a pleasure to have you with us. thank you for being on the "the ed show." the trade deal that would force american workers to compete with a 20 cent an hour minimum wage. plus, we are waiting the grand jury decision on the michael brown shooting in missouri. we'll bring you the new details out of ferguson, missouri.
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but next i have your questions, ask ed live. we are right back. michael brown shooting in
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welcome back to "the ed show." appreciate all the questions. love hearing from the viewers tonight. the first question is from dennis, after yesterday's show will you have any conservatives back on? two words. absolutely, yes. i got more words. i can't wait until the next time. the next question is from rich. should msnbc viewers start a drinking game every time fox news mentions the word impeachment. two words again, absolutely no. you would be drunk all day. the rapid response panel is next. stay with us. >> here's your cnbc market wrap. stocks end mixed. the dow down 18 points, the s&p
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welcome back to "the ed show." american workers are standing up for a fair wage. this was the scene last night at a wal-mart in los angeles. workers want their voices heard in the workplace. so they protested and they were met with police in riot gear. >> why are you doing this? >> to stop the retaliation for speaking up. we have a lot of associates who
2:38 pm
spoke up and were fired. >> why is it worth it to get arrested at this point? >> i have two sons and it's their future i'm concerned about mainly. and wal-mart is setting the trend for all companies. if we don't change it now, the future of our youth are in dire straits. >> the future of american labor depends on fair opportunities and respecting workers rights. these employees are fighting for their livelihoods while president obama is ready to put america's labor force in direct danger with a bad trade agreement. the president hopes to seal the nafta on steroids trade pact while traveling through asia. trade ministers already say the finish line is in full view. meanwhile, the view has been cut off from the american public. tpp negotiations have been in
2:39 pm
complete secrecy, the deal could trigger the down fall of key environmental provisions and lead to more outsourcing of american jobs. the republicans can't wait to pass this trade deal. joining me on the rapid response panel, director of public citizens global trade watch, and president of the communication workers of america, all of you, great to have you with us tonight. i won't get off this story. i honestly in my heart believe the president is fishing out of the wrong boat on this one. i don't know who is givering him advice on this or where the pressure is coming from. he is right on so many things. how could he be so wrong on this? how close are they to a deal? what was the significance of this trip? >> they got very close to a deal, i would say. it's not a done deal. there are real trade issues and a lot of countries, the other countries are very nervous about
2:40 pm
giving away access to affordable medicine, the financial regulations that will keep from an economic crisis. they are worried about their local development, internet freedom all of the stuff that the obama administration negotiators are beating on the countries to concede on for the big u.s. corporations. it's not a done deal but inching up on it. and the big difference is whether or not congress concedes its authority in the constitution and gives fast track authority to ram it through. no fast track, maybe no deal. >> mr. cowen, has labor had an opportunity collectively, and those who advocate for workers in this country, to collectively sit down with the president and speak directly with the president on this and tell him how wrong he is on this from your perspective? what about that? >> insufficient. there's an opportunity to talk to ambassador furman but the
2:41 pm
problem is talking has changed next to nothing. this is once again a deal where labor rights will be symbolic and the enforcement of them useless just as they've been with kapta and nafta and pnpr, enforcement takes year and corporations sue for billions of dollars when other nations like vietnam do anything to improve their labor rights or their environmental rights. this is way out of kilter. way out of balance, the ambassador knows it the president knows it. the chamber of commerce is basically writing this deal. >> how could the president be so wrong on this? how can he be so adamant about certain things, minimum wage. he wants to raise the minimum wage and health care for all americans. but when it comes to keeping the jobs here and there is a history
2:42 pm
here, how can he be so wrong on this? who is pushing him? >> the chamber of commerce and national security council and state department. this believes it will move vietnam closer to the u.s. and farther from china and the president will say increases jobs. but you have to do subtraction, not just addition and we will have a net loss of manufacturing jobs to vietnam and service sector jobs to other nations who will join the tpp. there will be a net job loss as there has been on every trade deal since nafta. and american people have to stand up and say no and have to stand up and say to republicans and democrats in the congress, which side are you on? the chamber of commerce or working america? >> what about that? lori, when you look at the republicans, there are some who are questioning this deal, not
2:43 pm
have many. but now that boehner and also mcconnell, mcconnell has come out and said we have to do something on international trade. he sounds like he's going to have his people with him. >> there is bipartisan consensus that it is the republican leadership, the chamber of commerce and i'm heart broken to say, president obama and his negotiators for fast track and tpp and more of the same job-killing trade agreements. then there is the bipartisan consensus the grass roots activists in a lot of the republican congressional districts, working people, democrats, tea party members who basically, the polling showed on election night exit polling, don't want fast track. they didn't send their members to congress to give away their authority and not be able to safeguard their jobs. and they don't want tpp, a nafta type agreement on steroids that's going to offshore their
2:44 pm
jobs and flood their kids with unsafe foreign foods. we could get a coalition of democrats and superconservative republicans and make sure there isn't a fast track so there isn't a tpp and not have more job loss. it's winnable. >> so mr. cohen is that possible on capitol hill in your opinion? >> absolutely. and we're asking republicans to mobilize in rural america in particular, from iowa to georgia, to say to those electeds, which side are you on? do you believe in sovereignty or the american people should give up their sovereignty to these foreign nationals where they can be sued if they do anything to protect workers rights. the coalition we see tonight, public citizens, labor,
2:45 pm
environmentalists, just good old democrats are all on the same side. >> all right. larry cohen, lori wallach, good to have you with us tonight. coming up, low income families are getting better food on food stamps. we'll explain why. tom click owe joins me right here on "the ed show." stay with us. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. ["mony mony" by billy idole she cokicks in on car stereo]y". ♪don't stop now come on mony♪ ♪come on yeah ♪i say yeah ♪yeah
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woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world.
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who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. i don't know what's going to come out of this grand jury. but i know what must come out of it. this neighborhood has to stay whole. >> the city of ferguson, missouri is on edge waiting and watching. a decision in the michael brown case could come this weekend. the grand jury is deciding whether to charge police officer darren wilson for fatally shooting the unarmed teen in august. attorneys say that any decision could be hard for the public to
2:50 pm
accept. law enforcement is preparing for more violence ahead of any announcement. ron allen has more. >> much of the heart of ferguson is hunkered down, fearing a rep of the violence that followed michael brown's death in august. now from the final witnesses including pathologist doctor michael bodden to perform an independent autopsy. now under court order not to discuss his testimony. protesters gathered in training sessions taking to the streets. >> finding the confidence they need despite their fears. >> sales are running three times above normal. police faced scrutiny for operating more like soldiers than cops said they will respect the rights of demonstrators. >> what we won't tolerate is when they infringe upon the rights of others.
2:51 pm
>> caught in the middle are residents worried about the town's reputation. >> the brown family took their case to the un testifying about their son about torture. demanding justice while calling for peaceful protests in their son's name. >> continuing coverage from ferguson, missouri as we await the grand jury decision. coming up, the fresh food revolution is helping low-income families take charge of their health. keep it here. we are right back with the ed show. ( ♪ )
2:52 pm
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website.
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don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to the ed show. this is for the people who take a shower after work. steve sutherland proudly led the gop effort to slash the supplemental nutrition assistance program by $39 billion. last thursday he lot of his congressional seat. they saw his policies for what they were. heartless. it's not about slashing snap. it's about finding ways to improve it which is exactly what the food insecurity nutrition incentive aims to do. the program was approved in the 2014 farm bill and allocates $100 million over a 5.5 year
2:56 pm
period to boost the value of the snap dollars when the farmer's market or produce section is too expensive for recipients to utilize. until this program, low income americans have a real incentive at the point of purchase to make healthy food decisions and choices. this purchase will help boost local farming economies as well. bottom line, it's a win-win for everybody. why would anybody be against it. healthy food is what it's all about. the member of the food policy actions board of directors and judge on top shelf. good to have you with us tonight. this has worked in new york city. >> it's one of the places that it started. it's a great program. it's very easy to demonize people of low income and struggling saying they are
2:57 pm
feeding their kids a lot of junk food, but nutrition is expensive and calories are cheap. some people don't have enough money to make the choices to buy healthy food. the double value coupon program just gives a great incentive for people to go to the farmer's market and double the value of their money in farmer's markets. you can go to a stand to set up and tell them you are spending $20 and they will give you an additional $20 to spend in that market. this is great for families. it's in 25 different states now. as you said, this is great for health. out in new jersey at a company called revolution foods, i met with a young woman there who was addicted to drugs and now working and off drugs. since she started eating healthy food, she lot ofst 100 pounds. the obesity and heart disease can be solved eating healthy
2:58 pm
food. how do you incentivite people to buy it? this is a great program that works. >> you got help in the house and senate. i understand your group scores members of congress on this. what about that? >> we have our score card and action. we grade them. we let members of congress know that we may score a bill and see if it's good or bad food policy and give them the score. steve sullivan was really terrible and the score was around 11. when we went down there, we found that food mattered. when you ask people about food, it mattered to young people and mothers and everybody wants
2:59 pm
better food and this helped them win the election down in florida. >> is it hard to get people to change their eating habits and take that them aware of their own food stamps. they can maximize what they are doing. is it hard to get out of a pattern or a cycle of the kind of food they are consuming? >> you are bringing up an interesting point. because of the recession, a lot of people who were solidly middle class, they were out of a job and couldn't afford it anymore. the programs like snap helps people get on their feet. the average person is only on snap for months. it gives people the nutrition they need and working again. yes, you can change habits, but also this allows people to get back into the habit of eating healthy when they are on their feet. >> great work always. i appreciate it and thanks for joining us on the ed show. i'm ed schultz.
3:00 pm
politics nation with al sharpton starts now. >> good evening and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the republican threat machine goes into hyper drive. president obama speaking at a news conference in asia said he is not backing down from taking executive action to prevent millions from deportation. they failed to give a vote and i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago that if in fact congress failed to act, i would use all the lawful authority i possession to make the system work better. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> the president is moving forward and driving