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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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happiness and a wonder that touches us even well into life. so for brendon i say hip, hip hooray and gods paid to all of us. >> the president comes out swinging on immigration, climate and now, the keystone pipeline. >> it doesn't have an effect on u.s. gas prices. >> and impeachment talk goes mainstream. tonight, the latest escalation over the president's lame duck offensive. and about those gas prices. >> crude do, down to a three-ye low as of today. >> the cost of oil gisjust keep dropping. why? is it a good thing? and the nba's commissioner
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surprise call to legalize sports gambling. >> former nba ref tim donagey who went to jail for beting on nba games will tell me if he thinks it's a good idea. "all in" starts right now. >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. president barack obama is spoilg for a fight. in a remarkable, defient presidential press conference, in some of his strongest language yet, his intention to implement his policy vision in the last two years of his administration. midterm losses and republican condemnation be damned. saying the evalwagsz process has to run its course.
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>> i have to constantly push back against in idea that somehow the keystone pipeline is somehow lowering gas prices. understand what this project is. it is providing the ability of canada to pump their oil, through our land and sell it to everyone else. >> the president saying it addresses opponents' only legitimate arguemented against inaction. but the rest of the world needs to do its part, particularly china, as the world's biggest pluter. >> by all ind pen dent acounts, for the first time, we got china to make a very serious kmitmented to con train its greenhouse gases. why would anybody be against that? >> obama's plan, which could protect as many as five million of the 11 million undocumented imgrants from deportation.
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the president cla i gave the house over a year to at least go ahead and make a vote. they failed to do so. i said if congress failed to act, i would use all the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. and that's going to happen. today, woe also got word of a $2 billion contribution. as mad as republicans are, john boehner is refusing to take a government shutdown over the issue off the table. and a conservative action is affirming that the president's
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move be attached to defund the government. and that's not even the worst of it. you may remember this summer when democrats started warning republicans might move to impeach the president if they were successful in the midterms. republicans an e and karl rove dismissed their claims. guess what? last night, on fox, one of the most influential voices trotted out the iword and he's not the only one. >> e beliei believe it's an impe fence. >> if the practical effect of his executive order is the opposite of what the law requires, i hate to say this, he's a candidate for impeachment. >> republicans who want to impeach see it over their poll this decision. .
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that is, of course, before the details of this impending executive action became clear. the president and congressional republicans are on, as of now, a very clear collision course and neither side has any inclination of interest. >> bob, you were in the clinton administration. you've been writing about and thinking about the obama administration. you've been in contact with people inside there. what do you make of the president over this last week and a half in the posture he's adopted? >> i think we are finally seeing a president who is free? he's free of having to protect vulnerable democrats. they were vulnerable. they lost or they hung on he
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also doesn't have to worry about republicans. well, they tried that. look what that earned them. or, they can try to impeach him. i can tell you from the clinton years, that when the republicans who took over congress beginning in 1995, when they tried to shut the government down, and they did, and then they tried to impeach bill clinton, what did that do? it increased bill clinton's standing in the public dramatically and he left the white house is e in very, very good shape. it helped the party. i think that the president simply feels there is no way he can lose right now. >> this point about impeachment, they cite clinton as a kind of disaster for republicans. i think it would be an awful
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pr precedent for our constitutional integrity, quite frankly. you cannot put it passed the base of the republican house in getting away with it. >> they have not a shred of memory left from what happened in the 1990s. i would not be surprised if a lot of them had no memory. >> i would adpree with you completely, chris. philadelphia be bad for the country. bad for the institutions of government. that's the problem that we have with them. and maybe if they try to impeach the president not because of anything that he did illegally, not because of what richard nixon did, i think that most people agree historically he deserved to be impeached.
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but here, we have a president who is doing his job. let the push lick see them try to do that. >> let me play devil's advocate for the other side. republicans are saying we have restore ds since historic margins. we're going to have a 55 or so vote majority. and here he is basically telling us to screw off. is there something offensive about that? >> let's look at what e specifically what the president has talked about doing.
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he's not very excited about the keystone. he wants to join the chinese. i don't know what's illegal about a president moving forward on net neutrality. he's talking about an immigration executive order that just codifies how you use a scarce enforcement. there's nothing illegal about any of this. the republicans are making such a huge deal out of the fact that the president is acting president shl. to me, it sug jeszs they don't want him to have any presidency at all over the next two years. >> one of the most long standing conflicts as well as a good number of democrats has been over that keystone exxon pipeline.
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and, now, that conflict is bringing us one of the most preposterous displays of desperation in a while. calling for federal approval of keystone excel so that landriue can go on the record. guess who got to sponsor their bill? none other than bill cassidy. we should noet louisiana is home to a benefit from the oil industry from that pipeline being built.
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it votes are effectively meaningless because the president is waiting to make a decision until that pipeline process is complete. joining me now, board chair of green for all. the president is at, i think it's fair to say, a mixed record of climate. what i have seen in the last several months with language of the china deal and his language on the keystone pipeline, that maybe these last two years, this is a real focus as they think about their legacy. >> i think it's been wonderful. i think he's recognized that people of color, people -- young people elected him. those are the ones that can i recall about climate. people want this to be an issue at the fore front. i think for the first time we're
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seeing him just own this issue and feel free to lead. >> do you really think that about the politics? i think the substantive is clear about how we can't be pulling out more dirty fuel. but plitically, it seems that he could be on the wrong side of the argument. that americans see this and they say yeah, build a pipeline, give us more loyal. we want cheaper gas. maybe they'll get some jobs in it. do you really think he's on the right side of the politics? >> yes, and they're also saying that the jobs, we know it's not actually going to create a lot of jobs. and what we know is who is most impacted. what we know is six out of ten
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african american children have asthma as a result of air we breathe. we know that 70 pnt of low income people and people of color live near a power plant. i don't think people can be fooled into the rhetoric of less than a thousand jobs is more important than the air we breathe. what do you expect to see come of this as a political issue? keystone has been tested by advocates. but climate as a whole has been off the front burner for the last 2-4 years. what are you expecting to see the big fights are over the next two years? >> i think part of the politics is it's kind of let people be more bold because it's so clear. the president has spent some
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time preking moderate democrats. now he just gets to say here's what i believe in. here's what i'm for. i think he's going to want issues that define who he is. in fact, what we know is we're going to look at reducing emissions from power plants. the power of the epa. the united nation talks in paris in 2015. but here's what this feels like. it feels like the president woke up, i'm here, i'm ready. i'm coming for you and climate is going to be an issue that defines the type of president i was. >> i think that's well side. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> if you drive a car, you're probably going to have more money in your bank akountsd next year. i'm going to explain to you why ahead. come on mony♪ ♪come on yeah ♪i say yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah
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we still don't know officially if the pigs of new jersey will pay for chris
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christi's bill, but it's sure looking that way. considering legislation that would ban the use of what's called gestation krats. it's dee confining pregnant pigs to crates so small they can not even turn around in them. christie has gotten legislation from iowa's governor for the bill. it shouldn't be surprising to learn that christie told a group of iowa pork producers that he will veto the bill. one of them, a producer named bill tettengej e r is now getting details. i ind kated to him i could not understand someone who has never set foot on a pig farm could never understand the use of gestation crates.
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the number one issue in the president campai president shl campaign was gas prices. >> i'm barack obama. i don't take money from oil companies or washington lobbyists. and i won't let them block change anymore. >> oddly enough, senator obama doesn't want to lower the gas prices paid by consumers. >> maybe if john mccain went to pennsylvania and met the man who lost his job and can't even afford the gas to drive around and look for a new one. >> who can you thank for rising prices at the pump? one man knows we must now drill more in america and rescue our family budgets. >> we can decide that solving our energy crisis will be one of the great projects of this generation. >> i will set forth a strategy to free america once and for all from our strategic dependence on foreign oil. >> when gas prices are as high as they were that summer, it leads the evening news and
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becomes the number one issue that politicians have to respond to. it's the only price that everyone in america sees plagserred in huge letters everywhere in their daily lives. but when gas prices drop, it doesn't get anywhere near that level of attention. take for example right now, you may notice gas prices are the lowest they've been in four years, falling to a national average of $2.91 a gallon. the energy department says that gas prices are going to stay low over the next year saving an estimated $60.9 billion. the falling price of oil and gas is reverberation all arnold the world. in russia, it's been disastrous for the economy. having to cut the value of russia's currency by more than 40% this year. and the drop in oil prices has hit iran so hard, they're accusing of other middle eastern countries of plotting with the west. here, in the u.s., there are
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signs that low gas prices are acting like a stimulus. retail sales rose last month. and every time there's an extreme fluctuation in gas prices, i find myself wonder why? why is it happening? and how is it possible that so much of the global economy depends on one incredibly volatile commodity. and the person i turn to, my friend, dan dicker, oil trader. >> thangs, thanks. if you e you have any favorites, i'm glad it's me. >> why? >> okay. so most of it is really financial in nature. it's really difficult. most people believe it's because we've been producing so much oil here in the united states. and that's been a part of it. in fact, we've had a structural gluttony for two years. you wonder why now? >> so we've got the -- back in formation in north dakota. >> on the ground, right? >> correct.
5:23 pm
>> 9 million barrels a day, a tremendous record for the monthover october. >> okay. so that has been the case for duoyears. and we're just getting the price to climb now. this is the thing with the oil market that drives me baa baa thats. why? why now? >> what i point to are a number of financial things that really get a little bit deep in the weeds. one is a major rally in the dollar. oil barrels and price in dollars, a more expensive dollar will drive down the price of oil globally. another thing that's happening eed is there's been a fleeing of hedge funds, the speculative kind of pillow, of money that's flooding in to speck lated oil. >> here's the thing. when oil prices were high, people like myself and you were saying this price is being driven up by a lot of hot money that's flowed into these
5:24 pm
commodity markets. >> most of the money that's floeting this investment price came from banks. some of the regulation that has come on top of the banks has really forced them out of the business. so jp morgan closed the desk. these are the people who went out and got clients to come out and bet on higher prices of oil. >> they were selling all sorts of funds that were based on commodity. >> correct. >> and doing the proprietary, as well. >> and this is one of the things that dodd-frank went off. >> and it has worked. to a large degree, they've given up a lot of these. what's left is in many ways to look after dichbt kinds of climates. when the price starts going down, they get redemption
5:25 pm
requests and they have to bail on the trade. now you have a situation where there are a whole bunch of oil companies out there who have bet on a high price of oil so long that they're in a position that they have no choice. they're standing on to have of it. they're actually tell e selling down here. what they have is real oil heat. >> oil companies are selling. >> they have to. they've banked on oil being over a hundred dollars a barrel now and now they know oops, we've got a problem. we may not be able to survive as companies. so we better put out some financial hedges here just so we can survive hoping that oil will e e revive itself. >> dan, thank you so much.
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find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. to wanight, schools and ferguson, moe mo are on notice as the grand jury is awaiting a decision on whether or not to indict michael brown. requested an advance notice from
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the county prosecutor's office. according to a letter posted by one local school district, the prosecutor's office will give schools 24 hours notice if a decision is reached on a weekend and three hours if it's reached on a weekday allowing enough time to secure cam putss. that news comes as protesters have already been immobilized in anticipation of the grand jury's decision, training people to engage in nonviolent action. one group of organizers have trained at least 600 people and has come up with a plan of where to carry out their protests. they've identified four potential hot spots. once a decision has been made, they include according to dispatch, the stretch of ferguson, the business district in clayton and the shaw neighborhood of saint lewis.
5:31 pm
in north county saint lewis, would bring the demonstrations to the doorstep of robert mccullough. protesters are hoping to shut down clayton the morning the first business day after the grand jury announcement. in the meantime, everyone is watching and waiting and so are we. stay tuned: ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. bonjour. comment ce va? bonjour. comment ce va? due cappuccini, per favore. domo... arigato? arigato united flies to more destinations than any other airline. namaste. over 5100 daily flights to nearly 60 countries. namaste. plus, over 230 us cities. dessert? pee-can pie. pecan? yeah. okay. in any language, that's...gateway to the world friendly.
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with the expert advice tool at so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are24/7branches? it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. . some unwelcomed news in the u.s. war against isis. two jihadi groups have now. >> jaime:ed forces. isis and the al-qaida affiliate had been devoted to killing each other along with fighting other various factions. now, according to the associated press, my tailitant leaders gatd at a farmhouse and agreed on a plan to stop fighting each other and work together against their opponents. o e according to sources in rebel groups opposed to both isis.
5:35 pm
meanwhile, a new report by jtic, independent organization monitoring terrorism and state department groups say that attacks by isis continue to arise. data showed that massively stepped up attacks after conquering and stepped up further since air strikes were launched in august. the war against isis has also seen some success thanks in part to kurdish forces. i'll ask richard engle about that in a moment. stressing it was not his recommendation to president obama at this time. >> i'm not predicting at this point that i would recommend
5:36 pm
that those forces would need to be accompanied by u.s. forces, but we're certainly considering it. it would probably include the introduction of u.s. ground forces. certainly the secretary of defense believe that's the right thing to do at this point. >> joining me now from turkey is richard engle. first i want to get your take on the news that the u.s. has in bringing up that. >> i'm not entirely convinced that it's final in anyway e way. the ied logical differences between isis are not that brave. their leadership structures are quite different. nrsa has been lipged directly to al-qaida and still in pakistan.
5:37 pm
and we've heard about these secret meetings in farm houses before. i'm still waiting to see a little bit more confirmation on this. they're still waiting to open the door and that emissary was executed. it looked like it was going to fall just a few hundred yards from the turkish border. >> the town was about to fall to isis. they were within hours of losing everything. they were running low on ammunition.
5:38 pm
they were about to be overrun. in the early battles of isis, they rushed in. there was street-to-street fighting. was it their own women because there was a lot of women fighters with the kurds. once they were able to get their supplies in, now they've been holding on for the laes e last several weeks now. >> you have been able to get inside and look at firsthand of what is going on there. what do you think people are not getting about the very dynamic state of that very complicated war right now? >> each battle is itsds own front in khobani.
5:39 pm
they are so many dee nappics fighting in this little town. coming to their aid are u.s. air strikes, other kurds from iraq. rebel groups from other parts of syria. this is an area that's relatively accessible. relatively close to the turkish border. the complexity there is replicated or achly filled in other cities, in humps, in aleppo, baghdad, in other places. it has to try to navigate through all of these different layers of complexity. this is a very, very complicated problem.
5:40 pm
>> i was reading on marxist discussion boards of posts with some of the secular kurds sort of historically aligned with marxist anticolonial struggle. what through the looking glass of ied logical world have i entered in just the fight in this one town. >> i didn't know there were still that many marxist discussion boards. >> yes, the people in chobani are certainly a throw back. you do almost expect to see a motorcycle passing through. that's the believes that they have. it is actually proven to be immensely cohesive, this ied logdg
5:41 pm
isle dee logdggicadge ideologic that they follow. on isis, you have these incredible fundamentalists who are blood thirsty and believe that they're doing god's work. many of them atheists fighting for their own local rights. >> false nating. thank you, richard. special report on the u.s.-led war against isis. >> shoult people be able to bet on sports games in this country legally. he thinks the answer is yes. and a former nba referee who was sentenced to 50 months in prison for doing just that will be my guest ahead.
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nba commissioner adam silver is calling for legalized sports betting. his main reason, seems to be pretty straight forward. >> despite the federal prohibition here on sports betting, something i'll talk about in a moment, $400 billion is wagered illegally on sports each year. and that national sports media outlet regularly talks about point spreads and underdogs and other information like injury reports that makes it easier to place a smart bet. then there's fap fantasy sp which isn't a far cry from
5:46 pm
explicit gambling. >> one of the major arguments is the potential incentive to fix games. here's the thing, players these days make so much money, it's hard to imagine them being moved by that incentive. the only game close enough are, of course, the officials. in fact, one nba official was sentenced in 2008 to 15 months in prison for taking part in a gamening ring in which he admitted to betting on games he officiated. joining me now is tim donagee.
5:47 pm
tim, thanks for joining me. what's your response to adam silver's proposal? >> i think it's just a decision to where down the road they're planning on being a part of the gambling industry and generating millions and millions of dollars from it. >> they're starting to support it now. and in the future, they want to be a part of it from a licensing deal or putting kiosk machines in the arenas. you can swipe your credit card through and place a bet for 50 or a hundred dollars and the nba would get a percentage of that. >> it does seem that there's some real incentives here for some foul play. officials have a lot of effects on games, else e particularly things like playoff games.
5:48 pm
>> well, absolutely. you're going to always have that situation where even a college referee or a professional referee is brought out by somebody. i think the league definitely has to step up and educate. >> coyou think that would happen? do you think that's a real danger? are there ways to prevent that? >> when you get involved, the price that you have to pay, especially with somebody like myself, is dramatic. it not only affects you, but it afkts your family. i think they deaf fitly have to edge kate the officials on what the ramifications are if they did go down that road. >> has it ever happened, to your
5:49 pm
knowledge? >> in rashd to a referee fixing a game? >> yeah. >> i think it's definitely a situation where referees have made calls to benefit players in one way or another or a team in one way or another. so, yes, i think there's a form of fixing going on even today. >> what do you mean -- sure, reves make calls that benefit one side or the other. but are they doing it because there's some monetary reward? >> no, i think the nba dictates what they want called especially during the playoffs and the referees go out and do that. >> what are you doing now? as someone who's been through that experience, does the thought of legalizing that activity make you worry about the scope of it growing?
5:50 pm
>> i think that the bottom line is as it is legalized and people get more involved, definitely you have to regulate it and edge kat people. when you do that, it's just like educating people on drugs and alcohol. there's benefits to it that people have to follow. >> in europe, from inside the stadium are apps on their smart phone. we're going to talk about that ahead. a secure retirement.
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it's illegal to bet on sports in the u.s. prohibiting gambling in all states except the ones that operated a sports betting scheme at any time between 1976 and 1990. in new jersey, governor chris christie unilaterally lifted his state's prohibition in septemberment and, now, the nba wants to expand legalized sports beting eing in every state. who really are we kidding. we have casinos in 39d states and lotteries in 44 states and the foundation of our entire financial markets are bets. you will you can place a bet in the commodity's team on team gold to win or lose tomorrow. joining me now, former nba player.
5:55 pm
anton, what do you think of this proposal? >> i think it was interesting. it was definitely blessing. >> it was interesting because it's not really what you typically hear from a commissioner. >> no, they're usually very, very we want to have nothing to do. >> i have a lot of respect for adam silver. hearing him talk about integrity, and i'm kind of thinking to myself, maybe integrity is in the eye of the beholder. i don't know if you can talk about talking about the preserving of the nba. they just don't really match. it's, like, in missouri, the governor telling everybody to stay calm. but then over here, we're going to revamp our already
5:56 pm
overmilitarized police. they don't really match. it sets up a very interesting dynamic here in 2016, 2017, when the new collective bargaining agreement comes up. you've already seen where they find this incredible new tv deal. she said that clek tiff bargaining was un-americanment she said her dna was offended. so using language like that and seeing where the nba is trying to take everything, it's going to be swresing to see what happens. >> so here's my question, as a player. the old argument, right, for not -- the old arguemented for not being able to bet on games was that you were going to get a situation quickly in which you would be incentivizing players to throw games.
5:57 pm
if the spread is 15 points, they could affect the spread three min you wills. as a player, do you think that's a danger? >> i think it's opening yourself up to a world where the integrity doesn't really match with it. >> so it's like the suspicion that does something that pollutes the fwam. >> no question. if it just is what it is and you see a $400 million business that you want a piece of, just say that. >> that's, of course, what it is about. >> it's very profitable for you. >> tim, there is, of course, legalized sports gambling in much of europe and much of european football. there's been match fixing scandals that threaten the very fabric of the game.
5:58 pm
there is some precedent that you can point to where you can bet on the stands where there's some pretty significant evidence that it's had this negative effect. >> no doubt about it. exactly correct, that that stays in house and it doesn't go out to where people take advantage of it. >> one of the reasons that i think they're moving towards this is one of the points that adam silver said. fantasy is such a huge business. you're getting to a point where you're, like, really, what is is the distinction. >> players don't really think
5:59 pm
about that. that's really not what we're concern ds over when we're out there. and, you know, to keep the integrity of the game, that's what the game should be thought of. that's the focus. but then you're going to open it up to is there going to be a team in vegas. >> and they've been talking about this for years. >> what would it be like to have a professional team in vegas. >> yeah, it's going to be really interesting. what i sit here and look at is we have this weird double standard and this consistency of gabbing in this country. at the same time, states are running state-angsted gambling monopolies in 44 states and the district of columbia and using it to fund their coffers.
6:00 pm
at a certain point, it becomes ridiculous that you've got to fly to nevada. >> that is "all in" for this efing. stay tuned now for an msnbc leave from live from cur tturke richard engle. good night. >> welcome to the front lines on the war on isis. this is the syrian town of choba incomes i and this is all that remains of main street. this city has been holding out against an isis onslaught of thousands of mill tans 23r the last several weeks and it's been paying a heavy price. to understand, you need to know what's happening here. what's working, what's not in our live report that begins right now. >> good evening. i'm richard