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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 16, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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in cities all across america, with a click of a mouse or a friendly wave from their car, men looking to buy sex for cash find easy pickings. >> turn off your engine. >> but it's buyer beware in san francisco. >> put your hands behind your back. >> as police crack down on the demand side, the johns who fuel the black market sale of young women and girls. >> you arrested me for no reason. >> can you stop the camera, dude? >> tonight, msnbc learns that for better or worse, most men who buy are married. >> my wife is going to kill me,
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for sure. >> risking it all to chase a sexual high that can be fatal to their jobs and marriage. >> i need to get std tested because my husband was arrested for sleeping with a prostitute. what? ♪ >> it's friday night in san francisco's tenderloin and business is hopping on this corner where those selling street sex strut their stuff for customers. >> you and joan be on atn and the other one be on a-6. >> san francisco's police department's johns unit is also trolling for buyers. for an unlucky handful, this guarantees there will be no happy endings tonight.
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>> once you guys get to the corner, do a mike check to make sure that she's audible. >> tonight's decoy, a veteran under cover, barely has time to zip up her jacket when she gets her first bite. >> this guy looks like he's interested. it's a black hatchback. he's on sutter facing west. >> let me know what you're hearing. >> with arrest teams lurking and listening in the shadows, officers hear the john quickly make a deal for sex. >> all right, she's already given the signal. go ahead. [ sirens ] >> meet inspector steve ravella. >> turn it off. turn it off. >> a 19-year veteran of vice who leads the san francisco police department's efforts to crack down on predatory men. >> you're under arrest for prostitution related offense. if you don't have any warrants, you'll probably get a ticket and
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be on your way in about 20 minutes, if you cooperate. who wants the honors of driving the car back? >> over the years, ravella has arrested thousands of working professionals, like pablo rodriguez, men who pay cash for street sex. >> pablo, that address on your driver's license, that's still good? >> yeah, it's still good. >> weekly sting operations like this one deliver much-needed consequences for the men who prop up an industry built on the exploitation of women and children. >> have you been arrested for this before? >> say again? >> have you been arrested for this before? >> no. >> what were you arrested for? we have a number that shows you were arrested in the city before? >> that was for -- sleeping in the car, something like that? >> like dui? >> sleeping in the car drunk. >> go ahead. >> arrested for dui and failure to stop at a red light. >> ten-four. thank you very much.
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>> since ramirez has no priors for prostitution-related offenses, he qualifies for the san francisco police department's first offender prostitution program, or fopp. >> pablo, you want to stand up? i need you to put some ink on your right thumb. >> in an effort to put names and faces to the anonymous buyers who keep pimps and buyers flush with crash, the arrested johns are identified, photographed and fingerprinted. >> second thing is, i'm going to give you a letter. >> all right. >> this letter's from the san francisco district attorney's office, okay? this letter outlines a class on a saturday for eight hours. it's for first offenders only, guys who get arrested for this for the first time. so, you have the option of going to the class and getting educated why they shouldn't be out here doing this. if you choose the class, you do not have to go to court. >> like most men caught in these stings, ramirez opts to attend the eight-hour john school to avoid court and a possible jail sentence. but before he leaves, he takes another stab at trying to wiggle
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out of the charge. >> i just have a quick question. >> what's your question? >> so, even if i was just lying to her, that counts? >> ask the question again? >> what? >> if it's related to the case, we're not going to answer it. >> because i just was asking -- >> what's your question? >> if i just was asking, is it a problem just asking a girl out, something like that? >> that girl's a police officer. >> yeah, i know. >> i already explained this to you. >> okay. >> everything you talked to her about is on a tape recorder. >> all right. >> you guys talked about sex for money, okay? >> okay. >> all right? >> all right. thank you. >> this is the first time, pablo? >> yes. >> really? >> my wife, i'm going to have big trouble with her. >> what? >> i'm going to have big trouble with her. >> with who? >> my wife. >> your wife? pablo, dude, you're married! >> really. i just want to know, what's this about it, you know? i was going to go -- i'm going to meet someone, you know. i'm going to meet my friend. we're going to santa cruz, you know. >> santa cruz, but why did you stop to pick up a girl then if you're married?
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>> i wasn't picking -- i just -- i want to know, what is this about, you know? i never been in -- i come from san rafael, you know. >> yeah? and you've never picked up a girl before? really? >> really. >> so, why did you stop and ask her? >> just was curious. >> you were just curious? >> yeah, who is she. >> well, now you know. >> no, now i'm going to have a divorce. >> now you're going to have a divorce? >> believe me. >> our producer, grace kahng asked pablo if he understands the real consequences of buying women. >> have you ever seen the msnbc series "sex slaves in america" about human trafficking, about the girls who sell themselves out here? >> no, i haven't. but i think so, maybe. >> have you seen it? >> yeah, something like that. >> well, it's about -- do you think the girls who are selling themselves, do you think that somebody's forcing them to do it? >> i don't really know, but i think that maybe some different cases, you know?
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>> yeah? >> but i just, i don't know. you know, i'm happy with my wife. i'm happily married. it's been a year that i get married, you know? >> oh! >> now my wife is out of town. i'm going to go pick up somebody because i work in santa cruz more in the morning, so i just want to go there. but i decided to do the tour. >> yeah. >> and i saw this -- see the girl is not even pretty or something like that, you know? i just was curious, you know? and the curiosity turned into this -- >> curiosity killed the marriage. >> exactly. >> true to form, most of the men caught in sting operations from florida to chicago to san francisco say they are happily married. ramirez is no exception. >> so, now my wife is going to kill me, for sure. >> you think so? >> she's out of town, but she's coming back until monday, so, when monday comes and i show her this paper about prostitution, it's going to be a big deal. >> well, pablo -- >> you know, it's something that
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i have to face. just curiosity, you know? >> well, maybe this saved your life, because you know, it's dangerous it pick up women. >> i know. i hear a lot of stories about the, you know, shaky womans and all that. i don't want to get that in my marriage, but just was curiosity, believe me. >> i know, but you know -- >> i swear. >> but you know, pablo, you could bring -- if you've only been married a year, you could bring something home to your wife. >> that's what i mean. that's what i'm just trying to tell you. i know this, you know. i've been hearing cases. >> yeah? >> yeah, yeah, you know, my neighbors and friends at work. i know this. i never was my intention to pick her up. i just was curious. >> you were just chatting? >> just curious, you know? >> i know, but you actually agreed to an amount of money for a sex act. >> yeah, but my plan was to go that way and then straight up and vanish, you know? >> so, you weren't going to buy
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her? >> no, if i was going to buy, maybe i tell her come in the car. but i just tell her, i'll pick you up over there, but i was going to go around and go straight up to mission, you know? >> okay. >> but this has happened, now i have to face it. >> pablo, everybody says that. everybody says that. >> that's the thing, everybody says that. okay, thank you so much. >> okay. bye, pablo. good luck with your wife. >> oh. >> they have their normal, happy life with happy wife, happy kids. it's like they have two lives, two brains. >> keep your hands out of your pockets. >> dr. barbara steffens writes about men who habitually buy sex. she says in the brave, new, wild world of sex for sale, johns are the every man. >> this is the kind of guy that can be really super focused at home, look like the super dad, the super husband, the super salesman at work, the high-achieving attorney, the man you would never think would ever do anything to hurt anyone, and then have this big, thick, brick
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♪ let me know what you're hearing. >> yeah, nothing yet, sarge. >> as the san francisco police department's undercover johns unit moves into position, they see a familiar face, a transgender prostitute named brian, who regularly works this corner of the tenderloin. when brian spots the police, he quickly decides it's time to move on.
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for the last seven years, inspector steve ravella and his team have focused their efforts on arresting the men who buy in an effort to curb an illegal industry that victimizes women. >> the stuff that they endure, i mean, it's unimaginable. >> ten-four. thanks a lot. >> officers like joan cronin have a deep appreciation for the everyday danger and degradation that exploited women face. >> it's not a glamorous lifestyle. it's not, you know, expensive cars and fancy clothes. it's being subjected to horrible conditions day in, day out, rain or shine, not getting to celebrate occasions with your family, not getting to know true love and know real friendships and that sort of stuff. it's a disgusting existence. >> the car that's facing northbound on larkin. she's talking to him now.
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>> back on the corner, the undercover decoy says hello to an interested customer. >> it's going to be a black car. >> yeah, they're talking about sex. >> all right, he's pulling around the corner and he's driving off. >> he stopped. >> all right, now he's waiting for her. >> the john and the decoy eventually agree on a price. but first, he says they'll have to make a stop. >> he's going to take her to the atm, i think. >> all right, there's the signal. go ahead. go ahead. [ sirens ] . >> what this john doesn't know is that his deal to buy oral sex for cash has been recorded by the san francisco police department. >> turn off your engine. turn off your engine. step out of the car. how old are you? >> i'm 23. >> 23. do you have i.d.? >> no.
3:16 pm
>> do you have a driver's license? >> i have a permit. >> the girl you were talking to is a police officer. so, you're arrest for a prostitution-related offense, okay? now, if you have i.d., you're probably going to have a ticket and be on your way in about 20 minutes, if you don't have any warrants, okay? >> okay. >> are the keys in the car? >> yeah. >> back up. back up. right here. spread your legs. spread your legs. you got any needles? knives on you? >> no. >> anything like that? >> no. >> okay, walk him back. >> loitering? >> the fist time he came up and talked to me, he said he had no money. and then he said, you know what, go to the atm with me -- >> with you. oh, you already agreed to a sex act with money. >> yeah, we were going to go -- >> police identify this young john as diego juarez of san francisco. they also learn that he's engaged to be married. >> she's not going to like what you're being arrested for. >> yeah, she's not going to like it. >> okay? so, if you can think of somebody
3:17 pm
else, you might want to call them. >> i don't have anybody else that has a license. me, i have a permit. >> no i.d. on you? >> i don't think i have it with me, ma'am. >> i thought you said you have a permit? >> yeah. she has the driver's license and she has my permit. >> understand me. when you have a permit and not a driver's license -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah -- >> -- you're supposed to have a licensed driver in the car with you. >> yeah, i know why -- i understand -- >> listen to what i'm telling you. you're under arrest for prostitution. >> yeah. >> also, you have to get a licensed driver to come pick up your car. if you don't, i'm going to have to tow it. do you know someone you can call that has a license? >> my fiancee. >> are you going to call your fiancee to come and get it? >> that's what he said. >> she's really drunk right now. >> she's drunk? if she's drunk, we can't release the car to her. >> yeah, i know, i know. i understand it. >> you don't know anybody else? >> i don't. >> you'd better give it some thought, because if you don't, we're going to have to tow it. >> i don't know anybody who has
3:18 pm
a driver's license, except my fiancee. >> you're engaged? >> yeah, i'm engaged. >> you're engaged. >> yeah. >> may i ask you, if you're engaged, what are you out here doing picking up women? if you're engaged! what's your fiancee going to say? >> i don't know. >> what's she going to say? >> i know, i get it. what can she say right now? like, i'm going to get home without the car and she's going to be like, where's the [ muted ] car? >> right. and then what? >> i know. >> where's your driver's permit? do you have that on you? >> my fiancee has it. >> okay. do you know on your driver's permit, which is with the california dmv, which is your last name on it? >> no, it's on here. the same name is on the work permit is the same that is on the dmv -- >> okay, cool. >> that's -- no, no, that's my fiancee right there. >> that's the fiancee? >> yeah. her right there. >> she's cute! why would you step out on her?
3:19 pm
>> she's not going to "meet the press" . >> she's not going to [ muted ] forgive me for this. >> how long have you been with her? >> three years. >> yikes. >> with his wedding fans fading fast and our cameras recording every moment, diego juarez seems to wish it would all just go away. >> can you stop the camera, dude? >> turn around. put your hands behind your back. >> in the hundreds of john stings the san francisco police department has conducted over the years, they've arrested thousands of men. >> have you ever been arrested before? >> yes. >> for? >> same thing. >> of every age and type. >> how old are you, sir? >> 78. >> from all walks of life. >> would you please get rid of that camera? >> but one thing is clear, the men who get caught buying are most likely in committed relationships. >> are you married?
3:20 pm
>> yes. my wife, she's special. >> she's special? >> when the guy's off chasing what he's chasing, he's not showing good judgment. all judgment goes out the window. he's just after his high. >> after counseling sex buyers and their wives for 15 years, dr. steffens says that often the johns are chasing something other than sex. >> it's about the effect that they get as they're planning purchasing the sex, the effect that they get when they start to look at lists of women on craigslist. so, it's much more about that for them. it's about scoring a high more so than it is a sexual release. it's just about themselves and their need and their want and their fix. >> it physically feels like your heart is ripped out of your chest and you can't breathe. s. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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across america, as newlywed couples vow for better or worse,
3:24 pm
it's doubtful that wives know that the worse could include having their hubbies arrested for buying women for street sex. >> it physically feels like your heart is ripped out of your chest and you can't breathe. and i've never felt anything like that before. >> for five years, laura, who asked us not to use her real name, says she lived in a state of marital bliss. she met her handsome, intelligent husband while they were both in the military. >> we would go places. we would go out to eat all the time. we would take care of each other. he took care of me. >> most importantly, laura says, she and peter, also not his real name, shared the same core values. life was good. >> my family loved him, my friends loved him. he was very supportive. he's the only person that i've ever 100% trusted. >> as two working professionals, life fell into a routine until
3:25 pm
one night in april 2013 when peter inexplicably vanished. he failed to respond to multiple calls and increasingly frantic texts. >> when i got home, his car wasn't there. at that point, i started calling hospitals, because i thought maybe something was really wrong, and i got really scared. >> what laura didn't know is that her prince charming sat behind bars at the county jail for making a date with an undercover police decoy. >> it was just kind of like, what? he's in jail? because it was so not characteristic of something that he would do. and then when i found out why he was in jail, for patron prostitute, i couldn't even think. i couldn't even focus, because it was just completely -- you just don't expect that. >> laura is not alone. >> what i saw were women whose lives had just been obliterated. it's as if they stepped on a land mine they didn't know was there. >> dr. barbara steffens counsels
3:26 pm
wives dealing with the trauma of cheating husbands. she says with pimps offering thousands of girls on the internet, sex on the sly no longer means the hassles of a workplace affair. >> the women that i work with say, i can understand an affair, because i get an emotional relationship connection. it's not okay. it's traumatic, but i can get that. i can't understand, i have no comprehension for the other, which is purposefully going out and using someone, purchasing someone. >> peter's arrest followed a series of days where he had been texting an undercover decoy, making a deal to have sex in exchange for cash. like many wives, initially, laura blamed herself. >> i definitely felt like it was my fault. how could i as a good spouse, as a good wife get to the point where my husband wants to go and pay for sex?
3:27 pm
>> steffens says, like many victims, wives tend to blame themselves, and even more surprisingly, so do their offending husbands. >> sometimes they will blame their wives, you know. if you were more present, if you weren't working so much, if you weren't spending so much time with the kids, i wouldn't have to do this. but again, those are excuses. they're looking for someone else to blame for their own choices and their own behaviors. >> he deliberately put our marriage at risk, his career at risk, my health at risk, his health at risk. >> laura represents the small percentage of women who, despite great personal hardship and anguish, cut ties with her spouse. her initial guilt turned to outrage as she realized the magnitude of peter's betrayal. >> i went to my school health and counseling center, and i had to say, i need to get std tested because my husband was arrested for sleeping with a prostitute. what?
3:28 pm
to know you have to go get tested because of this person that you love and that is supposed to love you? it's terrible. it's terrible. >> in my research, i found that usually when these things are discovered, when they're caught, it's years into that relationship. >> steffens says, surprisingly, many wives choose not to leave their husbands. >> there's a long history here. there's money involved. there's family. there may be children. so, it's very, very difficult to break off a relationship, i think, for women in the face of this kind of betrayal and infidelity. >> not only did laura, a college student, lose the financial support of her husband, she lost her home, her dogs and faced in-laws and relatives who she said thought she was being too harsh. one year later, laura still has bad days. >> there are days that i can't
3:29 pm
get out of bed, and there are days that i just want to cry. and there are days that i can't keep it together. and so, i'm not the same person i was a year ago. >> laura says the hardest part of recovering from the trauma of betrayal is the doubt it casts about what she considered the good times of the marriage. >> i found out that the day that he had brought me flowers was the day, right before he went to go and buy sex. it really brings a lot of doubt to your mind, because he bought me flowers regularly. so, did he go out to buy sex every time he bought me flowers, or was that his way of feeling guilty, or did he actually buy me flowers because he loved me? >> i've talked to women who had wonderful memories in their relationship, and now that they
3:30 pm
know, they know that they were at these really important times, like the birth of a child or an anniversary date or even a wedding date that their loved one acted out sexually with someone else. so, now those happy times now are really twisted and tainted and become very difficult, painful times. >> laura says peter maintained an unremorseful posture, and within a year of his arrest moved out of state and remarried. and despite his arrest. laura has no regrets about divorcing him. >> this would have happened no matter who he was married to. i could have had sex with him five times a day every day and this still would have happened because it's a compulsion. and there is nothing that i did or could have done that would have changed this outcome. there is nothing, because it has nothing to do with me. it has everything to do with him.
3:31 pm
>> as police continue to focus their efforts on arresting the predatory men who fuel a business built on the exploitation of the less fortunate, laura says the biggest casualty of peter's bad behavior is not the marriage but her faith in other human beings. >> there's no way he could know to the extent that he hurt me, to the extent that you disadvantage any future partner that i may have. to know that somebody that you trusted could do that to you, he'll never know. >> her mother was a crack addict and her pimp was the mother's crack dealer. the setting is perfect. you know what? plenty of guys have this issue,
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i'm richard lui with your hour's top stories. president obama is calling the killing of a u.s. aide worker by isis terrorists an act of pure
3:35 pm
evil. the president confirmed the death of peter kassig after a new isis video was released. and defense secretary chuck hagel says the u.s. military is accelerating efforts to train and advise iraqi forces fighting the terror group. a 61-year-old man was killed by a subway train in new york city after getting pushed on to the tracks. police still searching for a suspect there. more news later. now back to "msnbc uncovered." it's a four-door honda right there. deal's done. move in. [ sirens ] >> in san francisco, on this john sting, most of those arrested tonight are married or in committed relationships. >> turn around and face the car when you step out. >> i don't -- i don't do nothing. >> reporter: 27-year-old fabio perez is no different. in fact, he's driving his girlfriend's car. >> we're going to transport him back in the van. >> come on. i live in -- i go from my house.
3:36 pm
>> with no previous criminal history, perez will opt to attend john school, but he's about to learn that buying a woman may have jeopardized his immigration status as well as his relationship. just a few weeks after his bust, perez finds himself here, waiting outside the sfpd on a saturday morning, along with other johns caught in the nighttime dragnets. with heads hung low, first-time offenders hide their faces in shame and file in one by one to attend the eight-hour john school. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we see perez early on. >> good morning. i.d., please? >> i, along with my colleagues, prosecute these kinds of offenses. and i'm going to be the first one to tell you how easy these are to prove. >> the district attorney's office warns these nervous men that buying sex in san francisco is a serious offense, one that can imperil their jobs and
3:37 pm
families. >> i think they are sort of surprised in the beginning and maybe sort of thinking, oh, i'm not really like that. but you know, they're just a few steps away from getting one of those really serious convictions. >> d.a. laura claster reminds the offenders that the school rehabilitation is a one-time offer. >> if it happens again, you will be prosecuted and this offense that you committed here will be used against you. and if you are an illegal immigrant, you could get deported and you will never get legal status here. >> people are falling into it that never would have before. >> dr. barbara steffens says a growing number of men view buying women as a treat or reward for themselves. >> i think there's this sense of entitlement. i'm entitled to some fun, and this is fun and no one's getting hurt, no one has to know. there's no victim here. and so, they kind of force themselves to start believing that so that they really believe
3:38 pm
that they're not hurting another human being. >> we don't think about the consequences. i mean, when you were out there, you didn't think, oh, my god, i'm going to be arrested and i'm going to end up at the john school. >> after six hours of lecture, the speaker that usually attracts the most attention is david, admitted sex addict. >> i think for men who come through this program, they don't have a clue about what's really going on behind the scenes. they have a sense that, oh, the girl wants to be there, she's making a lot of money. she wants to do it, i want to do it, what's the big deal? >> david, not his real name, tells the men how buying sex online evolved into an unstoppable addiction that robbed him of his job, family and friends. >> we lose relationships. i lost my wife and contact with my daughter. but some of us don't have control over what we do, you know? maybe you went out and hired a
3:39 pm
prostitute and a pimp showed up, and you know, had a gun and took your money and you said to yourself, i will never, ever do this again. and you know, a week later, there you are out cruising again trying to find and pick up another prostitute. >> it's just like somebody being on heroin or methamphetamine, cocaine. it's an addiction to a sex addiction. >> don't do it. get out of the car. get out of the car right now. >> i'm getting out of the car. >> bust after bust, inspector steve ravella has come face-to-face with predatory men of every race and social class. >> thank you. >> we've had guys that have said to the decoy that, you know, this is my last $40 that i have, you know, until pay day. but yet, he's willing to give up that $40 to fulfill what he's looking for. >> they are contributing to a marketplace of predators that are surviving on them. >> officer joan cronin says
3:40 pm
trafficking won't abate until johns appreciate the traumatic individual stories of exploited women like tammy, a regular on polk street, who was trafficked at 14. >> her mother was a crack addict. and her pimp was the mother's crack dealer. so, in exchange for crack, the mother would allow this monster to trick her out. but you know, you see her. she's 18, 19, 20 years old, all alone, an adult. but i question, is that consenting, when that's all you know? >> i didn't do anything. >> you can talk to a lawyer if you want to and decide what you want to do. >> no, right now you're my lawyer, you know? >> i'm not your lawyer. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles?
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♪ all right, she's in place on the corner now. >> copy. >> it's midnight in san francisco's tend yoerloin distr, and as bar crawlers weave their way back home, the johns unit keeps a watchful eye on activity with their decoy. there is an air of nostalgia tonight as the man who led the efforts for seven years leads his final shift. >> are you going to miss this? >> yeah, i'm going to miss it. i really enjoy working with the younger officers in the department, their enthusiasm.
3:45 pm
i really enjoy getting to know them. yeah, i will miss it. >> over the last two decades, inspector ravella estimates he has arrested thousands of men. so, while it comes as no surprise that johns have run into steve off duty, what is surprising is that some feel the need to talk to him. >> i was at a mexican restaurant eating and a guy came in with his kid and he was eyeballing me and stuff. and he finally walked over and he goes, "do you remember me?" and he looked familiar and i go, you look familiar. and he goes, i think you arrested me. i go, oh. well, did you take the class? he goes, yeah, i took the class. and i said, well, hopefully, you learned something from the class and you're not out there doing it anymore. things happen, people make mistakes, life goes on. >> what did he say? >> he said, well, yeah, you're right. he had his son, who was 7 or 8 years old, not within ear-shot, but sitting right there. >> wow! >> another time i was at safeway, and this guy kept, with
3:46 pm
his kid, walking around, and he kept going down my aisle, like walking by me and stuff. and so, i walk out and the guy walked up to me without his son and says, do you remember me? almost the same thing. i go, yeah, you look familiar. yeah, you arrested me. hopefully, you took the class and you learned something and you're not doing it anymore. >> right. and what'd he say? >> he just, you know -- i don't know why they're compelled to come up and say that to me, but they were. >> it's like being a priest. >> i guess. let me give you absolution. >> all right, four guys on the corner. looks like at least one or two of them are talking to her. >> as if on cue, a small group of men ensures ravella goes out with a bang by setting the stage for a multi offender takedown. >> a couple of them are walking away. two of them are still there. >> yeah, two of them are still lingering around. >> yeah, they're talking about sex. i think it might be three now. >> these three men clearly have
3:47 pm
no idea that their offers of cash for sex acts are being listened to by six sets of ears. >> she's going to try and get all three of them to commit -- >> all right, there's the signal. go ahead. >> we're moving in. all three of you. >> okay. the one guy walking south, he was part of those three. and that's a friend coming up. >> the takedown units move in, trying to corral all three men as they splinter off. [ sirens ] >> come here. come here. come here a minute. who do we have? put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. both hands. put both hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. you guys speak english? okay. speak english? sir, do you speak english? okay. the girl you were talking to's a police officer, okay? you're under arrest for prostitution-related offense, okay? >> but -- >> listen to me. if you guys don't have any warrants and you have identification, you're going to
3:48 pm
probably get a ticket and be on your way, okay? it will take about 20 minutes or so, okay? all right. we're going to walk this way. >> while the 20-somethings find themselves under arrest, he confirms that all three offered the undercover $40 each for intercourse. >> what's your first name? >> instead of late-night hook-ups, aneel, shushan and laskmi are facing a late-night lockup. stunned, they can barely comprehend what's happening. >> all three listen to me, okay? you're all going to get citations for soliciting prostitution, for loitering for the purpose of prostitution, and you're going to be assigned to appear in court at another date in time. there's another option that's going to be given to you. that option's going to be to attend a class on a saturday for eight hours for guys that get arrested for this for the first
3:49 pm
time. so, it's up to you guys to decide what you want to do. >> some of the men try to sweet talk ravella into letting them go. >> tonight i'm just -- i was with some guys just having some fun. >> yeah, we just came from -- >> you are going to have some options. >> okay. >> you can talk to a lawyer, too, if you want to, and decide what you want to do. >> no, right now you're my lawyer, you know? >> no, i'm not your lawyer. >> i didn't do anything. >> while we express surprise that three men would willingly buy and share a woman, ravella says three guys is small change. >> back in the late '90s or early 2000s, i had a decoy at post and larkin and a bunch of bicyclists approached, and one of them asked, and while she was talking and another one asked and next thing you know is she actually got 13 bicyclists to solicit her for oral copulation. >> and then what happened? >> 13 guys got arrested.
3:50 pm
>> you want to do documentaries on human trafficking? >> yeah. >> i wanted to do that. >> because you are concerned about her welfare and you were concerned about human trafficking in the united states? >> yes. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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3:53 pm
get it? >> yeah. >> i already told you this on the street, i'll tell you again. the woman you talked to is a policewoman. she tape recorded the whole thing. >> uh huh. >> okay, you guys are under arrest for soliciting an act of prostitution, okay? >> it's just after midnight, and these three men, who thought they were each going to pay $40 to share sex with a woman now face sharing a jail cell. >> i produce a series called "sex slaves in america," which is about human trafficking. do you know what human trafficking is? >> yeah, i know. >> then, we're out here doing these -- >> yes, i understand everything.
3:54 pm
>> you understand everything? >> yeah. because there is human trafficking in my country, too. >> what country is that? >> i'm from nepal. >> oh, you're from nepal. >> yeah. >> do you think that the women who sell themselves on the streets do it because they want to do it? >> no. nobody wants to sell their body for money, you know? if i was a girl, why would i stand over there in the corner and ask for, like, guys for like $100 or $150 for a night if i had a good job? >> but part of the reason women sell themselves is because there are lots of men, like the three of you, who are interested in -- >> having a sex with the different people. >> yeah, right. >> but, like, you see, you know there are different guys who wants to have sex with different girls. >> and how are you different from any of the other johns we arrested tonight? >> we are a student -- >> oh, you're students.
3:55 pm
so that makes you different? >> i was just standing over there asking a few questions and you arrested me for no reason. >> what were they doing? >> they were not doing anything. >> they weren't having detailed conversations about sex? >> no. >> we were not having conversation about sex. >> well -- >> we have a girlfriend. >> you guys have girlfriends? >> i have a girlfriend in my house. >> in your house? like a live-in girlfriend? >> live-in girlfriend. >> and can i ask you something? >> yes. >> what is your girlfriend going to say? >> what is my girlfriend -- >> going to say. going to say. >> she trusts me. >> good. >> she trusts me. >> good. you're a lucky man. and what about you? what's your wife going to say? >> you know what i know? >> what do you know? >> i can tell them what i know. i was never buying any prostitutes or nobody from the streets. i know that from my heart and that's what i'm going to tell her. if she leaves believes me,
3:56 pm
that's fine, if she doesn't, i will try again until she believes me. >> suddenly inspired, anil weaves a story about reaching out to the decoy because he's working on a film about trafficking. >> you want to do a film on human trafficking? >> i always wanted to do that. i talk to her for two seconds about, like what are you doing, how many are involved on this one. like i was trying to do sex on her. >> were you trying to do a documentary on human trafficking in the united states? >> no, i was trying to ask her what was she doing, what was the main purpose, of, like, doing this. >> oh, because -- >> i asked her like how many friends is involved on doing this thing. >> oh, because you were concerned about her welfare and you were concerned about human trafficking in the united states? >> yes. >> stand up, please. >> these self-professed students and would-be filmmakers are about to be schooled by ravella.
3:57 pm
>> this is a letter from the san francisco district attorney's office, okay? this letter outlines -- are you listening to me? >> yes, sir. >> this letter outlines a class on a saturday for eight hours. this lady, jackie martinez, at this phone number on monday, after 8:00, you call her and she's going to give you your options. you may have the option of attending this class on a saturday for eight hours. >> yeah, okay. >> okay. that's for you. >> i have a question. the one who was standing over there as your officer, she going to be over there? >> if you go to court and fight this, she will be in court. >> okay. i just want to be her because i was not saying anything said to me for no reason. >> like many johns, anil keeps insisting that he said nothing incriminating. but unfortunately, for anil and his two friends, their criminal acts have been caught on tape. ravella says the tape recordings of the deals preclude most johns from taking their cases to court.
3:58 pm
>> it's rare that individuals do take it all the way and go to court. you've got to remember that this whole thing is recorded. >> do you want to talk to me? >> so, how do you really go in and fight that? >> how long have you been married? >> recently. >> recently? like when? >> i don't know. i cannot answer that here. >> recently? you're a newlywed? >> yes, i am. >> okay. >> tonight they're all young and they're all, like, either just engaged -- >> in relationships, they're married. >> -- or newlyweds! >> i know. that's one of the sad things you see. i mean, you want it to be or expect it to be some lonely person who doesn't have, you know, a companion or something rational to explain it, but when they've got somebody who they love or loves them and they're going to go out and do that, that is -- i would say that's a more disturbing trend of the evening tonight, for sure, yeah.
3:59 pm
>> and so, with the three nepali men headed into the night and to an uncertain finish with their respective girlfriends, steve packs up the fopp mobile unit one last time. >> what did we do without these phones? >> after leading and mentoring this team for seven years, ravella says he hopes the unit's work has made a difference. >> what tells you that you've had an impact on the behavior of some of these guys? >> i don't think we'll ever get rid of it completely, but i think by being out here and doing this enforcement, we're able to put like a lid on it, keep it contained a little bit. >> and now targeting demand versus targeting the girls who are out here. >> correct. the johns, they're preying on these here women. then you have the sexual assault suspects that are out here preying on these girls. you have the pimps that are preying on these girls. so, in that perspective, the prostitute is a victim. and these guys are the suspects.
4:00 pm
in the suburbs of orlando, florida, and all across america, the business of sex for sale is ruining young lives. >> i've heard a lot of people say that prostitution is a victimless crime, but it's not a victimless crime. if it was your daughter there, you would not be saying it's a victimless crime. >> girls and young women trapped in a world of despair and degradation. >> this is not some consenting adult having sex with another consenting adult for compensation. she's property. sh


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