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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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♪ >> every year, millions flock to orlando, florida for the sun, family fun and increasingly fantasy sex. >> whatever you can get. because you are hot. >> i'm up for pretty much everything. >> but in polk county, buyer and sellers of sex beware. >> welcome to polk county. you are under arrest. >> where sheriffs police enforce the law. >> the johns, they are the ones
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that's funding all of this. >> and find women dazed and confused. >> i don't know what the hell to say. >> caught in the unbreakable grip of modern bondage. >> how long have you been on heroin? >> this is not some consenting adult having sex with another consenting adults for compensation. >> tonight msnbc goes undercover and comes face to face with sex slavery in america. >> if you live this lifestyle, where are you going to be in ten years? i promise it is not going to be where you think it will be. ♪ >> a the sun sets on a spring break saturday in central florida, polk county sheriffs police hit the phones, laying a trap for those who traffic in
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illegal sex. >> i got you, girl. i got ya. >> i'm 15, 20 minutes from disney. >> after four days of targeting both the buyers and sellers who traffic in sex, detectives have made 66 arrests. this male undercover is on a roll. his next target a young-looking woman named chastity who promises young men that their wishes are her command. >> gold toyota corolla. >> within a half hour the go team outside the hotel spots a woman that fits chastity's description. >> hispanic female is in the building. >> we got her coming through the doors. okay. she's in the hallway. she's listening at the door. >> a cautious young woman enters the room and immediately gives the officer not one, not two but
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three hugs. >> don't get a real hug. >> yeah, i'm sorry. >> like you don't want to touch your body against mine? >> she's all over the uc at the door. >> they are looking for wires. trying to see if he is wearing a bug. >> despite chastity's initial nervousness, the officer confirms the deal and she accepts $500. >> before getting down to business, chastity checks out the room. >> look. she checks. she picked the money up to see if it was counterfeit. >> reassured the money is authentic, chastity ordered the undercover to get comfortable. code for get naked. >> get naked? completely naked? >> yeah.
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>> okay. >> you good with anal, too? >> no. >> for 500, 30 minutes. >> it won't go in. >> i told you to bring the tools. >> what tools, the lube and stuff. >> yeah. >> -- first of all. >> why? just kidding. >> having heard enough, sergeant jodi furlong orders officers to make the arrest. >> hey. i knew it. i swear to god i knew it. >> the woman known as chastity is identified as dynasty dunaway of toledo, ohio. because she's young looking and about 1,000 miles from home, officers question about her about her well being. >> i don't think a girl like you needs to be doing this. >> with 40 years in law
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enforcement, sheriff grady judd wants the public to understand that violence and coercion lurk behind smiling women and seemingly voluntary business of prostitution. >> this is not some consenting adult having sex with another con senlting adult for compensation. that's not the overwhelming majority of these cases. >> supposed to be a male in the parking lot. we're trying to stall him. >> while investigator work to learn more about dunn away's circumstances the decoy room is quickly reset, this time for a buyer of sex who's been cooling his jets in the parking lot. >> guy in the hallway, long shirt. >> the undercover apologizes to the anxious john for the delay. >> hi. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> good. >> sorry about that. so what's going on?
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how's diny? >> all day sglx all day. lots of money. >> oh, yeah, it's expensive. just crazy. when you have a kid what are you going to do. >> this divorced disney dad shares his tales of financial woe with the detective. >> spent money major, child support. every time you spend money. >> kwlae. >> now you are going to come and spend more money. >> i know. you are really hot. >> oh, thanks. >> you look exactly like your pics. >> i told you i did. >> yeah. >> are you wanting 30 minutes? >> you said you would cut me some quick deal, like 50 or something. >> are you wanting what we talked about like the lollipop or -- >> whatever. whatever you can give because you are really hot. >> stand up. you are not going to cause any problems, are you? >> no. >> put your hands out. >> for what? >> we will explain it all.
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>> i got an ad for a massage. >> welcome to polk county. i'm grady judd, you are under arrest. >> you have to be kidding me. >> we're not kidding at all. >> instead of quick sex for the night, james -- has brought himself a face to face visit with she sheriff and a night in the county jail. >> if you engage this this conduct you are engaging in human trafficking. that's not acceptable. the johns, they are the ones that funding all of this. if there were no johns, there lub would be no prostitutes. you understand me? >> i never do anything wrong. okay. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? >> i never do anything wrong. okay. prostitutes.>> you understand me? >> i never do anything wrong. okay. would be no prostitutes.>> you understand me? >> i never do anything wrong. okay. an apron is pride in what you do. an apron is not quitting until you've made something
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>> no change. the guy in the apollo is still
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sitting there. >> officers lie in wait, ready to bust those who fuel the black market sale of women and children. >> white male is entering the building now. you should have him in the lobby. >> thousands of ads make it easy for buyers to order women on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> yes, i'm running a special. >> it is buyer beware on this night as undercover female officers post their own ads. >> an hour is 175 and a half hour is 100. >> with a high demand for quick sex for cash it is easy to lure johns to the hotel. >> we're two good girls. you are really going to like us and i think you will be happy. >> officers know that dangers lurk behind closed doors. >> anything could happen in a split second. even though these guys are here and have our backs and can be in here in a matter of seconds it just takes a split second for someone to pull out a gun an shoot and kill me. i had one that hugged me
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yesterday and i don't like them touching me. and that is something i know i kind of have to -- even the hug i don't like them touching me at all. >> the other guy in the black camry. >> it is 7:30 and officers spot a potential buyer lurking in the parking lot. >> ten-4. that's going to be tiffany's guy. do we have charges on him? >> yeah. he's out of the car now and carrying a bag. walking up to the front door. >> officers alert the command team inside that the john entering the building is carrying a suspicious plastic bag. >> in the hallway. >> once the john arrives, 22 sets of eyes focus on the bag and its unknown contents. >> so far left handing bag in his right. >> did you make it? >> yeah. >> good. >> as expected, this john is quick to the touch. the uc quickly moves to the bed to see if she can ascertain
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what's in the bag. >> what's this? >> with the mystery solved, the john offers his date fruit juice along with $50 in cash. >> so you want a half hour. >> half hour. >> what's clear to officers watching is that this is no first-time john. >> all right. i want to go to the bathroom real quick and i will be right back. >> i'll be here. >> and sheriffs police are here for the john. >> stand up. put your hands behind your back. >> put your hands behind your back. >> oh, please, please, don't, please. >> calm down. okay. >> no, man.
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>> please, calm down. calm down. you are going to make it worse for yourself. >> i understand you, babe. i never do anything wrong. please. >> stop tensing up. >> instead of enjoying 30 minutes of sex for $50, this man from lakeland, florida, now has a reservation for a night in polk county lockup. >> i never do anything. >> prostitution is illegal. >> originally from india, he pleads ignorance, saying he doesn't know the laws of this country. >> i'm a little scared, really. please. please, i'm really scared. i don't do anything. please. >> he's ready. >> he works as a senior engineer for a billion dollar technical construction firm in orlando. >> please. >> but officers are not impressed by his job title. he is photographed, booked and labelled, arrestee number 72.
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>> forgive me. >> no trouble across the hall, okay. >> sheriffs police shuttle the 45-year-old engineer across the hall to join the other men arrested for buying sex tonight. >> never been if trouble before? >> no. >> meet james loro arrested earlier tonight for attempting to buy oral sex from an undercover officer. a divorced dad from orlando, loro says he came from the hotel after spending the day at disney world with his daughter. >> are you wanting what we talked about like the lollipop. >> whatever. >> all right. >> whatever you can give because you are really hot. >> loro gives a familiar excuse. he asserts he was simply on-line looking for a massage. >> i was on the back page. >> how many times do you go on the escort page of back page? >> never. >> never? >> never. >> you found an ad in the escort section. not anywhere else. >> sometimes when you pull it up, it does pull up -- like it
5:16 pm
will pull up all of them, it will mix together. body rubs, massages, i have never called an escort in my life. >> did she mention oral sex. >> no. >> she never did. >> so the detective is a liar. >> what she said is lollipop. i don't know what that is. >> the detective knows only habitual buyers of sex would agree for a lollipop which is a slang term for oral sex. >> you realize we have been doing this job a long time. >> i understand. >> i am one man. i just came here for company. >> he persists to get the officers sympathy. >> i'm sorry. i am an old man. i cannot do sex sometimes. i just came here. fruit juice. i will sit together with you and that's it. >> you spent $50 to come bring somebody fruit juice? >> yeah. >> are you serious.
5:17 pm
you are going to meet a complete stranger to bring them juice and pay them $50. that's ridiculous. >> just company. believe me. just company. >> are you married. >> my family is in -- >> with his job in jeopardy they have given him time to reflect on his behavior. like the other johns tonight, he will head to county jail and his car is towed and impounded. >> i don't understand. >> let me make it clear. you are going to jail. >> i'm begging you, son. >> i have no say in the matter. >> what you are doing is renting a girl. that girl in many instances is what bought and sold as a commodity by pimps. this is a crime on many different levels. and whether they like it or not or accept it as not, as long as it is on the books, we're going to put people in jail, period.
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>> we'll see if she give mess a call back shortly. >> under the watchful eye of sheriff judd, detectives work the end of a four-day human trafficking sting. >> you have a single female here. >> their next target, a young female who's ad sells herself as a real life barbie but this five star pleasure giver has one stipulation. she asks the john to meet her outside of the hotel. >> i told her i would go down to her car. she said that's what a gentleman from georgia would do. and i'll bring her back up. >> officers know pimps wary of sting requests make this request to make sure the john is not a cop. >> strip down they can go down. >> lieutenant board who runs on thes operation instructs the officers to follow safety proehl cot in meet her and bring her up
5:22 pm
here. >> all right. >> additional officers hustle to get in to position before barbie shows up. >> white mercedes or something pulling in right now. >> like a true professional, barbie arrives on time. she dances a jig and greets the undercover like a long lost friend. >> they are at the front and coming in the door. >> as the happy couple enters, officers in the go room shut the door just in time. >> you know what i mean. if they want to take you to jail, you are on some set up. dirty. >>ed in the takedown room the happy mood changes. barbie tells star she thinks she spotted police outside of the hotel and begins to school him on florida law enforcement.
5:23 pm
>> there's a possibility some power happy [ bleep ] from "revenge of the nerds" they could take you to jail. >> as barbie continues to rant about the police, the undercover tries to get her to refocus. >> you aren't charging me for talking. >> shut up. >> you are not bambooss me, are you. >> listen me, i'm just saying that's what they do. they look at some [ bleep ] out there. i want to slap one. >> you working your case, aren't you, mr. policeman. >> thinks he's the police. >> why are you calling me a cop. >> you are a dirty pig. dirty pig. dirty stinky pigs. >> you are crazy is, girl. [ phone ringing ] >> when the under cover's next date suddenly calls from the lobby, things unravel despite
5:24 pm
his best efforts. >> they got me. they fwot me running every. where i have to get up at 4:00 in the morning. >> with another woman on the way up, the undercover knows he must close the deal and fast. >> give me a deal. >> i don't do deals. >> you like it doggy style or no. >> yeah. whenever it is two consenting adults. >> suddenly the impatient date from back page shows up in the hallway. >> female outside. she's knocking. >> who's that? >> now the sergeant must act quickly. >> got charges on her. get the rainbow girl. >> the takedown team moves in and arrests the agitated rainbow girl. >> i'm not doing anything. >> police identify barbie as kristin mozer, a kentucky native
5:25 pm
with a bachelor's degree in journalism. >> are you kidding me right now? a quick check of her i.d. reveals tampa police just arrested this former college cheerleader for prostitution a few weeks earlier. >> you have the right to remain silent. anything you can say can and will be used against you in a court of law. >> as police try to prosecutor the 26-year-old they find her to be confused. >> i feel bombarded. i don't understand what the -- i'm so confused. i'm not sure if you are the police. i'm very con feud. >> really? >> you are not sure if we are the police. >> i don't know what the hell this is. >> a search of her belongings yields a mini pharmacy. >> do you take all of these? >> no, i didn't. >> among the partially empty bottles are caffeine pills anded a adderall. drugs for add and a powerful stim atlanta. >> if you have a medical issue i
5:26 pm
need to get you -- my concern is your health. how many of these did you take? >> she swears she's fine and simply shaking from nerves. >> two, four, six, eight, ten. >> a quick count of her pills indicates that she may have taken 26 adderalls since she was prescribed the bottle four days ago. >> i don't understand what is happening. bombarded. >> officers also find a tick tack box filled with unknown pills and labelled with a phone number belonging to an escort service. >> escort service. back page. >> this evidence undercuts her claim that she works inldly and indicates the service may provide drugs to their escorts. >> we googled that number. it comes back to an escort. >> did the camera get that? >> i can redo it if you want.
5:27 pm
>> that's okay. >> no matter how much she claims otherwise, officers find more possible evidence of prostitution. >> other names. handwritten list reminding her of her back page identities. april, steph, and kathy. >> i'm trying to get your side of what happened tonight. you are not telling us anything. >> i don't know what you are even saying. >> even though she is uncooperative, officers get a sense that she may be reaching out for help. >> has anyone treated you that way, we're here to help you. >> i am begging that someone not brush me under a rug and overlook. >> no one is overlooking or brushing anything under the rug but you are not telling us anything. >> look at my situation. >> look at her situation reveals a prostitution arrest in 2013, and internet photos of her in
5:28 pm
her mercedes flashing a wad of cash. >> is that car yours, the mercedes? okay. she tells our producer that she has seen the "sex slaves" series and offers a critique. >> are you seen the series. >> what are we missing. >> it is not entertainment. >> i don't think it is entertainment at all. you guys weren't meant to do this. >> even though evidence suggests she might be coerced to work for an escort agency she won't dill vulage anymore details. sheriff judd says many women they arrest don't initially take them up on their offer to help. >> we will make sure that anyone who needs help seeks help. our frustrating part is they don't communicate. they will deny it, deny it, deny
5:29 pm
it. why? because they are secure in their bondage unfortunately. >> how long have you been on heroin? listen, this is not for you. whi] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do...
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i'm richard lui. here's what is happening. protesters blocked a st. louis intersection today in what they call a die in. a protest of 100 days since michael brown was shot and killed as they wait the grand jury decision in his death earlier this month. the norovirus strikes again. sickening 200 people on a cruise ship the crown princess. it set off on the next journey from los angeles tonight. back to msnbc undercover. >> in the waning hours of the saturday night before mother's
5:33 pm
day, sheriffs police work the last day of a four-day trafficking sting. >> i wonder how she tried tied herself up like that. >> by 10:00 p.m. the operation is in full swing. the evening's first arrest begins with a self-professed slave girl. >> i like the dog tag thing. little sexy, huh. >> in his 40 years on the job, sheriff judd says he has seen it all. when this middle-aged woman arrives sporting a dog collar, even the sheriff is aghast. >> i'm sure. how much. >> 250 for two. >> are you going to be worth it? you like anything? you like anal? >> i do. as long as lubrication is used. >> doggy style or anything else. >> i'm up for pretty much everything. >> okay.
5:34 pm
>>. >> brandy gets a personal welcome to polk county from sheriff judd. >> you have a dog collar on? >> yes. >> are you from polk county. >> you would know better if you were from polk conte, right in. >> they are on their way up. >> how many? >> two of them. >> as undercover with three sets of dates on the way to the room, police hustle the so-called slave girl out. >> take a right. >> multiple officers making multiple dates creates the perfect storm. six suspects have arrived at the hotel all at once. >> starting to pick up. saturday night in polk county. >> officers outside call inside to report that two females have been dropped off bay car driven by two men. >> two people in the car. >> yeah. >> another within coming, too.
5:35 pm
>> as the to two-girl show makes its way to the room, another officer learned his date has arrived as well. >> my girl's here. >> now it anybody's guess as to whose date shows up at the door first. >> that's mine in the hallway. >> detective starr works to stall one date while two women for another date approach the room. >> they are at the uc door. listening at the door. >> who is it? what's up? come on in. how long did it take for you to drive here. >> half hour to 45 minutes because we left right after we spoke to you. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> i have to wash my hands. >> meanwhile it is chaos the go room as officers work to locate starr's date and assure she doesn't approach the room.
5:36 pm
>> she's at the other hotel. she's crying. >> relieved, detective starr learned hi date got lost and went to the neighboring hotel across the street. >> she's coming over now. >> with the clock ticking the pressure is on for the undercover to quickly close his deal so they can clear the room. >> go over everything with we talked about, sex, blow job and everything, you are down with it. >> uh-huh. >> the older woman then insists she needs to take the money to her driver before they have sex. >> i'm going to take it downstairs while she stays up here. >> you are good. >> your driver isn't going to come up here. >> no. >> the decoy hands over the cash and seals the deal. >>. >> go, go, go. >> don't let her answer the phone. drop your purse. ♪ >> dazed and confused, 32-year-old jennifer lopez can't believe she's being arrested. >> put your hands -- calm down.
5:37 pm
we will explain everything in a second. just need you to be quiet. just be quiet and you will be okay. >> meanwhile, lopez's driver keeps calling her for an update an the money. >> ten-four we have charges on the driver. >> outside their driver is arrested while inside officers tiptoe and hustle lopez and her 22-year-old companion in to the room. >> in the hallway, up and down the hall. >> with seconds to spare, officers reset the trap. >> all right. detective starr jumps in to positioning to greet a young woman named amber. >> oh, my god. >> man, golly! >> man, you had me thinking you was never coming. >> oh, my god. find it now? dang girl, you are cute. >> started freaking out.
5:38 pm
this one is playing a joke on me. how much was it? >> 200. >> appreciate it. >> did you bring condoms? >> yes, i did. >> amber is so dazed and focused on swirling away her $300 she doesn't see sheriffs police and her. >> not going to cause any problems. how old are you? >> 25-year-old amber register appears barely functional. police believe she maybe on heroin. >> what's your name. >> amber. >> how long have you been on heroin? [ crying ] >> amber, listen. this is not for you. i'm a detective with the polk county sheriffs office, okay. we don't do this because we think everybody -- we do this --
5:39 pm
i know it's going to be hard to realize it but it is to help people. >> amidst her tearful moans she learns that amber's mom is the one who dropped her at the hotel tonight. >> did she know what you were doing? >> no. >> what did she think she drove you to a hotel at 10:30 at night. >> thought you were picking up what. >> going to pick up money. >> before sheriffs police can search for amber's mom, the unexpected happens. >> got one running down the hall. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, >> guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company?
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. in the hallway, walking down the hall. >> on a saturday night in central florida -- >> out this door. >> in just under ten minutes sheriffs police have nabbed a two-girl show, a self professed slave girl wearing a dog collar, and a dazed and confused woman whose mother dropped her at the hotel. just as officers take a breath to interview the strung out woman, all hell breaks loose. >> got one running down the hall. >> get off of me. >> i didn't do anything. >> we didn't do anything. stop. please. stop. >> on your stomach. >> we need more. >> we need more. get up. >> get up. >> on a night of bad decisions
5:44 pm
and wrong choices, jennifer lopez and valerie -- continue to make fooler choices by trying to out run the police. >> they started with a misdemeanor. now they have felonies. >> chased you good. >> one of them did. >> got your arm. >> yeah. >> one of them peeed on me. >> sit down. >> just got another charge. >> what charges do i have. >> resisting arrest, forcible violence. >> i didn't hit nobody. i didn't do nothing to anybody. >> you ran. you are under arrest. >> sit down. >> meanwhile, outside another chase is underway. >> hey, lt, we have the car but nobody else in it. >> the search for amber's mother who drove her daughter to the hotel. >> we want to find mommy. >> it appears amber's mother has
5:45 pm
fled. >> tomorrow is mother's day. so what did the mother do, she brought her daughter here to turn a trick. so she's down in the parking lot waiting for a 25-year-old daughter who claims she has a heroin habit to come up here and work for an hour. crazy. just absolutely crazy. >> saturday night craziness continues. >> i thought you were doing some tv show thing. >> did anybody get out. >> honestlying the cameras on me and everything like. that i didn't know what was going on. >> okay. >> can you take it out of my face, please. >> valerie took the initiative to unlock the door it is clear to police that jennifer calls the shots. >> do you have an ad on backstage or anything like that. look at me. i'm talking to you. >> sorry. >> do you have an ad on back page. >> yeah there was an ad on back page. >> while they made the deal, jennifer says it was her cell
5:46 pm
number used in the posted ad. >> when he talked to you, what did he say he wanted? >> blow job. >> judging by jennifer's dazed demeanor, officers suspect she turn s tricks to feed a nasty drug habit. a search of their belongings turns up a crack pipe. a lip gloss container with a packet of white powder inside and what appears to be paraphernalia for drugs. the need for drug also plays a role in amber register's appearance here tonight. >> did you do heroin today? >> no. >> you have to do it to have sex with strangers? that's the only way. you got to stop it. i'm telling you you have to stop it. all right. you want help, we'll help you but you have to stop it because we don't want you to get hurt. it is inevitable you are going to get hurt.
5:47 pm
okay. >> police want the public to know behind the attractive girls featured for sale on-line are women like lopez and register. young lives devastated by drugs and exploited by predators who keep them in the game by promising their next high. >> calm down. >> police bring in jennifer's driver angel ortiz, a man they suspect is her pimp and drug dealer. >> you came with him. >> yeah. >> he's my brother. >> sheriffs police aren't buying the brother/sister act. >> what are you doing here tonight? >> i don't know nothing about nothing. >> a review of the 39-year-old's extensive rap sheet reveals arrest for battery and drug possession and a surgery of ortiz's cell phone yields multiple pack page ads offering other women for sale.
5:48 pm
>> what were you driving over here for? >> to pick up somebody, see somebody, something. >> avoiding ortiz's stare, valerie seemed genuinely stunned and officers suspect she is new to the game. >> who's car was it? who was driving? >> the guy with the long hair. >> these guys have told these girls that law enforcement is their enemy. no matter what they say they are not here to help you. they are here to arrest you, here to make their charge and they don't care anything about you, which is not the case. it's the simple pimps that don't care about them. >> so you know it is a penalty to derive proceeds from prostitution. >> i didn't know that. >> now you do. >> despite the fact that the two women won't hand over their man tonight d detectives have enough to charge ortiz with a felony. >> almost like stockholm syndrome. they protect their captors, if i can use that word, they protect their pimps.
5:49 pm
because they live in this little imprisoned world where they are not sure where their next meal is coming from because they have been brainwashed, because they don't know anything but the streets and the pimps and the drugs and it's frightening and it is scary and it breaks your heart. >> be a productive member of society. not a burden on society and an inmate in a prison. 2 campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® a wake-up call. but it's not happening out there. it's happening in here. [ sirens wailing ] inside of you. even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation.
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learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. here we go, here we go, here we go.
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5:52 pm
. >> put the bags on the ground. >> it's the final hours in the final day of a polk county, florida, human trafficking sting. >> don't get silly, dude. >> from frightened johns -- >> i'm scared. >> to dazed women strung out on drugs. >> you have to stop it. i'm telling you, you have to stop it. >> the three-day dragnet netted
5:53 pm
60 players in the black market sale of sex. but some arrested like 22-year-old dynasty dunnaway are fiercely unapologetic. >> quit talking to me. >> young and head strong, detectives try to reach her. >> do you have a regular job or no? >> this is my job. >> okay. she's a career prostitute on-line. has no intentions on stopping engaging in prostitution on-line and she's not worried about contracting diseases or getting attacked because she makes a lot of money. when i asked how much money she makes she refused to answer that question but she said it is a lot more than she could ever make at a job. >> reporter: a search of her belongings yields hundreds of dollars in cash. >> how many appointments have you had today? >> initially uncooperative, dunaway happens to reck niognizr producer grace. >> i know her.
5:54 pm
>> what's your name. >> >> dynasty, no, i know who this is. she's from toledo. >> yeah, that's her. >> she's here in the hotel somewhere. in 2012, using the same name, nye dynasty was arrested by the chicago police department at a sting operation in this downtown hotel. like many young women caught selling their bodies, dunaway insisted she was working alone. >> do you wish to answer questioning? but at the time of her arrest she was sharing a room with another young woman and a man she claimed she didn't know mr. who turned you on back page. >> myself. >> no one introduced you or told you about it. >> she has charges in ohio, south carolina and florida for assault, drugs and promoting prostitution. since chicago msnbc tracked
5:55 pm
dunaway posting escort ads in a new city every week. she logged as many as 2,000 miles and earned another prostitution arrest in louisiana along the way. still she insists she's an independent operator. >> are you still with him? in look at her neck. >> did she get tattooed. >> inked all over, yeah. >> visible tattoos or being branded is usually an indication to law enforcement that she is owned or controlled by a pimp. >> she is so tiny. >> i have been tiny my whole life. >> you are looking skinnier than the last time. >> you don't remember. >> when dunaway was taken in to custody, sasha arrested if the same sting offed useful advice. >> doesn't matter. they are going to keep arresting you. doesn't matter. they are going throat all of the tricks go, call you tomorrow and
5:56 pm
you are going to go to jail and they are going back to work. >> at the time, dynasty found it amusing. >> funny way to watch it from the outside but you don't want to end up there. >> you guys are laughing, remember. >> because that girl came in crazy. i should do right now. what the [ bleep ] i'm going to get out and do it any way. she was kicking. you guys, i'm going to get out any way. what are you looking at? >> obviously she's jacked up on something. >> relax. >> i am relaxed. don't touch me. >> but we knew her when she was younger and better looking and calmer. did you know that? that we filmed her ages ago when she was in a better place. that's our concern. you are young and pretty now. i wonder about you two years down the road. >> that's what girls problems this are, they are doing this to get high. that's not what i am doing. >> what are you doing. >> to get rich.
5:57 pm
>> to open my own business. i'm already in college. >> i graduate next year. >> good for you. except for the third time arrest foale felony. >> it is minimum mandatory prison time here. >> what is she facing. >> a year and a half day. >> they try to break down dynasty's tough exterior and get her to acknowledge the perils of having sex with strangers but the 22-year-old keeps her game face on for police. >> it is not helping or being real or anything. >> we care about you. you may not care about yourself but we do. >> who says i don't care about myself. >> you are out prostituting and putting yourself in danger and there's no need to. yes. you are breaking the law and committing felon nis and you don't need to be doing that. be a product i have member of society. don't be a burden on society and inmate in prison.
5:58 pm
>> if you live this lifestyle where will you be in ten years, i promise it is not where you think it will be. >> who knows what i will do t. i can open my own business and a millionaire. you don't know that. >> you are not some high-class hotel. there are five semis parked outside where nasty truck drivers are calling you and you go to their rooms and they batter, beat, rape, kill, rob. >> we are saying you should have respect for yourself an your body. you know the dangers and say it doesn't matter. so that tells me you don't have respect for yourself. dunaway refuses to budge. she insists she will be a millionaire with a college degree in no time. >> she seemed to have zero sense of consequences of this. >> she is a typical, if there is a tip kl that's engaging in this illegal activity that thinks there a pot of gold at the
5:59 pm
independent end of the rainbow. she could make enough money and get out of it. it is a lifestyle. like drug addiction. we see these people routinely. and now finding out she was arrested in chicago in an undercover sting and here she is in polk county, florida getting arrested forrer the same thing. it is a fantasy and think they will get out of this one day but actuality and reality is they will not get out of it. we try to hope and believe there is a chance they would get out of it. try to talk to them to explain on their terms of how bad and how serious it is and i think it finally got to her.
6:00 pm
in the shadows of orlando, florida, the business of sex for bsh buyer -- chances are the trick on the other end of the line is a cop. >> there are girls. >> i knew it. >> we are on tv. are you kidding me. oh, my god. >> welcome to polk county. if you come to this county you'll get the full effect and force of the law.


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