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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 17, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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helped the kurds. to hell with turkey. >> three musketeers on turkey. >> i learned we're going to close out this way. if it's way too early, it's time for "morning joe." but now it's time for the premiere of "the rundown." >> which you say is what? >> perfect match of man, moment and mission. >> it's rolling. >> it's right now. >> have a good day, everybody. good morning. we begin "the rundown" with breaking news on ebola. announced that dr. martin salia has died while undergoing treatment for ebola. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us live with the very latest. >> good morning. this is very sad news coming out nebraska. the third ebola patient treated here at this bio containment unit, doctors confirmed just a short time ago that he passed
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away. now, he was the tenth ebola patient treated in the u.s. he arrived from sierra leone on saturday. crews in hazmat suits transported him very gingerly. he was in extremely critical condition. they called this an hour by hour situation. doctors said he was given doses of plasma as well as the experimental drug zmapp. he was a native of sierra leone, but he was also a legal u.s. resident. his son had said he had seen him a month before he left and that he had been returning to sierra leone to help the people of west africa. this ebola outbreak, the worst in history, has already claimed more than 5,000 lives. but, again, within the past hour or so, doctors here in nebraska confirm that this latest ebola patient has passed away and we're expecting to get more information from doctors later
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this morning. jose, back to you. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez thank you very much. now we turn to peter kassig, the american executed by isis. his parents don't want him remembered as a victim. this afternoon, they will tell the story on camera. a news conference you can see right here on msnbc at 3:30 eastern time. president obama confirmed the brutal murder of the 26-year-old aid worker on sunday. he lashed out at the killers who he said are bent only on sowing death and destruction. we told you kassig's family will be speaking to the media. they also wanted the world to hear directly from their son. they released a tape of him talking about his work. here's what he said. >> over a period of time, like, in that hospital, i was able to share a little bit of hope and comfort with some people. they were able to teach me something about themselves that i wouldn't have known otherwise. and we each were given an opportunity to look at the conflict in a different way.
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>> now, we're not going to show you the video of the execution but there were some stark differences from other videos. for one, it was a lot rougher as far as production values. it didn't show the actual execution, just the aftermath. earlier tapes included threats to kill other hostages. there's nothing like that on this tape. but we know isis does have at least two more western hostages. nbc fortunate correspondent amman mohadin joins us on this topic he knows so very well. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> can we see what this tape shows us, maybe the possibility that other people held hostages could maybe suffer a different fate? >> that's a difficult question to answer. certainly the intelligence agencies around the world are going to be combing through this, looking for any clues, both into the identity of these individuals who may have been behind these attacks. keep in mind the footage that you were referring to. it was part of a longer clip about 16 minutes in which the
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islamic state, if you will, boasts about some of its accomplishments over the past several months, including some of the groups that have joined that cause in countries like egypt, libya and algeria. they were trying to boast about what they've been doing. in terms of the actual release of this footage, keep in mind in the execution of peter, keep in mind they had originally said he would be killed 48 hours after the release of haning that perhaps there was attempt to try and secure his reliease before the news we heard yesterday. >> you had an opportunity to meet and speak with peter in beirut. >> well, he was a very soft spoken guy, a person who was very driven by what he was doing. a person who understand the risks and the concerns of going and working in that region. he certainly felt at peace with what he was doing. this was a very difficult situation. it felt like an individual who had finally found his calling,
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which was to really help the syrian people, particularly those affected by the war. he was undeterred by the problems and the security concerns and the risks. although he did keep a very vigilant watch, he very much felt this was his calling in life, his place. he was a very humble individual. a person who was very easy to get along with and certainly his warmth was very infectious. i spent just very briefly some time with him in beirut. but everyone that knew him well spoke highly of him. >> thank you very much for being with me. we'll have much more on the american executed, the fight against isis and how the propaganda wars extend beyond isis. peter's parents will be speaking live at 3:30 eastern time. you can catch that on msnbc. >> president obama is back at the white house after a week-long asia pacific trip. if anything, he's gotten more
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problems piled on his plate now. let's get to nbc white house correspondent chris jansing. let's start with foreign policy, including the president's response to the murder of peter kassig. >> he was briefed about it, called it an act of pure evil. intelligence officials here in the u.s. had gotten an indication a few days ago that he might have been murdered. and obviously that was the confirmation when the president was told yesterday. it comes at a time when he is looking for a new authorization for the continued bombing campaign, both in iraq and in syria. of course, that is the retaliatory act that members of the terrorist group had said the reason they're doing these we headings is in retaliation. do not expect to see necessarily a vote on that until a new senate comes in, in january. in the meantime, that's not the only foreign policy challenge, as you mentioned, jose. in geneva, both iranian and
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american negotiators are gathering with the deadline looming next week to deal on the nuclear program. obviously, the stakes there are extraordinarily high, but there is not a high level of confidence either that anything will happen or if it does happen that will be as sweeping as the united states would like to see, jose. >> chris, congress back in session this afternoon. it appears the white house is digging in for a fight on a number of issues with republicans. including of course immigration. >> oh, yeah. immigration is going to be the first one we think. we don't know exactly when the president is going to sign this executive order. although there have been a lot of details that have been supposedly leaked, administration officials here have told me that no final decisions have been made about exactly what it will look like or when the president will sign it. so he's got that on his plate. also, the keystone xl pipeline after giving some hints that he might not want to approve that. so it's going to be a very busy week as he returns late last night from that big trip.
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jose. >> chris jansing, thank you very much. in just a couple of minutes, we're going to go live to capital for the latest on the immigration showdown with congress. a weather alert this morning. as parts of the deep south are waking up after a night of severe storms. tornado watches and warnings were posted from louisiana to north carolina. even a portion of florida. if it's not severe weather, it's a deep freeze. that same system is bringing cold along with snow and ice up through new england. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is tracking it. what are we looking at this morning? >> oh, a lot of extremes, jose. one of them was a very strong tornado. in the rural sections of north florida. north of tallahassee. it actually hit the prison there. the prisoners are safe but cars were tossed. there is a potential for additional tornadoes. we only have one tornado warning now to the due east of
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coappalachia. 1 to 2 hour delays from la guardia to newark to philadelphia. now, for the snow. we've watched overnight right around 2 to 4 inches of snow from the ohio river and now up towards the cleveland area, erie and buffalo, it's snowing pretty good. that's where we have a lot of schools that are closed for the day. as far as the interstates go, this is a 20-car pileup. the results of it, traffic stormed, on i-74, out of indianapolis. roads are treacherous. 50% of the lower 48 has some sort of snow cover. that's incredible. it wasn't until about the first week of december last year. remember how bad that winter was. jose, as we mentioned, this big blast of cold air is now in chicago. sweeping to the east. it's going to be a bitterly cold week. we're going to watch lake-effect snow making headlines. someone will probably end up
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with close to four feet of snow off of lake erie or ontario by the time this week ends. >> four feet, bill? >> buffalo itself, even downtown buffalo, will probably have two feet of snow. just south of there, they're expecting three feet. this could be an historic lake-effect snow event for that region. >> we'll be updating all of today's wild weather throughout the rundown. we'll take you live to one of the cities being hit by the snow in just a few minutes. we're just getting started on this monday with our brand-new two-hour "rundown." next up, the capital and immigration showdown. republican leaders are talking strategy as president obama gets ready to unveil his executive action. it's what's driving d.c. today. we'll take you to the hill and talk to the president of the national council. there's a lot going on in ferguson, missouri, with the decision from the grand jury expected any day now. jermaine lee is in ferguson. plus, developing overnight, a
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new woman claims bill cosby sexually assaulted her. this, after he literally goes silent during a radio interview. and tv appearances are canceled left and right. we'll have the details of that ahead. also, a busy day to start the week. and a new two-hour show. take a look at the daily planner. several events we're watching including attorney general eric holder speaks at a tree naming honoring emmett till. the 14-year-old whose murder galvanized the civil rights movement. we'll be right back. hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event.
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president obama is back at the white house this morning amidst rumblings of a possible shutdown over immigration.
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gop leaders now weighing their options as the president vows to go it alone, at least for now, on immigration reform. senior white house officials tell nbc news an executive action plan would grant legal status to millions of undocumented workers. that could happen as early as this week. some republicans are suggesting blocking spending proposals in protest. sparking fears of yet another government shutdown. msnbc's political correspondent kacie hunt is on the hill. good morning. >> good morning, jose, nice to see you. >> likewise. as we await this action by the president, what are you hearing from republicans on how they might respond to it? >> at this point, jose, on one side, you have incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who says under no circumstances is the government going to shut down. on the other hand, you do have some conservatives on the republican side in the senate who say they want to figure out a way to add language to the upcoming continuing resolution to fund the government, that would essentially strip funding
6:16 am
for this executive action. and they're debating right now internally exactly how to go about that. and should, you know, should that wing of the republican party win out at this point, i think all bets are off, as far as what the next two weeks look like. >> senator mcconnell has said this type of action would, quote, poison the well between the president and congressional republicans. any hopes of bipartisanship over the next two years, if the president does indeed act, as he's promised to do? >> i don't know, jose. what started out as a sort of bipartisan -- moment of bipartisan comedy if you will, has quickly devolved into this bickering partisanship over this issue in particular. i think you're seeing some centrist democrats are starting to raise concerns about this. while president obama had been frustrated by some of those requests earlier this year, he wanted to do this earlier. at the request of these centrists, he put this off until now. if the president wants to get anything done in these next two years, he's going to have to
6:17 am
look to mitch mcconnell as the incoming majority leader. the reality for mcconnell is he has to hold his own party together. while at this point we're seeing generally hopeful signs from republicans they're excited about their new majority, you can't forget about how the right wing of the party has really impacted their governing style over the past few years. the president complained in his post midterm press conference that speaker boehner has promised him things, not really delivered. sort of insinuated speaker boehner hadn't, by saying mitch mcconnell did follow through on his promises. this executive action from the white house could make it harder for mcconnell to keep that right wing of his party in line. >> it's ironic that some those centrist democrats beg the president not to act on immigrations until after the elections. now that the elections are over, they say, don't do it now. what's happening on capitol hill, what do we expect to be the first order of business this week? >> jose, as we're looking at
6:18 am
this week, they're going to push through some judicial nominations. day-to-day regular business democrats want to try to get wrapped up before they lose the majority. we're also expecting later this week a vote on the keystone pipeline. senator landrieu has been working the phones over the weekend to try to find a 60th vote for that keystone pipeline. my sources tell me they're still at 59. you might want to look to some of the more conservative maybe outgoing democrats, senator begich, the senator from colorado, see whether or not she can dig up that last vote. >> thank you so much. we're going to be checking back with you in the next hour. you know, this is a two-hour broadcast now. >> congratulations. >> thanks. the head of la rosa will join me to talk about what actions she wants to see from the white house. the reminder on this debut two-hour broadcast, as we pick up the legacy of "the daily
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rundown," how could we say no soup for you. the white house soup of the date lives. spoiler alert, today's soup, 15 bean. that's a lot of beans. you'll continue to find the white house soup of the day, the soup de jure, however you call it, on twitter at msnbc. jdbmsnbc. follow the conversatio conversation @jdbmsnbc. coming up, we are going to zoom through other top stories. unprecedented move by the dea, sweeping nfl teams on game day. the details ahead on the rundown. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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of women who claim they were attacked by the legendary comedian, in some cases, decades ago. one of the accusers wrote an op-ed. in a statement released before the latest accusation, cosby's attorneys say, in part, quote, over the last several weeks, decades old discredited allegations against bill cosby have resurfaced. the fact they are being repeated does not make them true. mr. cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment. cosby was never criminally charged in any of the cases. he did settle a civil suit with another woman over an alleged woman two years prior. he's firmly denying allegations that have come up over the past couple of weeks. an unprecedented nfl drug sweep and the pope coming to america. let's zoom through some of today's top stories. federal drug agents conducted spot inspections of at least three nfl teams and their medical staffs on sunday. all the investigation into the
6:24 am
alleged misuse of prescription painkillers to keep injured players on the field. they were looking for documentation for any controlled substances. the league says it's cooperating with the probe. which apparently stems from the lawsuits filed by retired players. pope francis coming to america in what will be his first trip to the united states as pontiff. the pope confirmed today he'll visit philadelphia in late stept 2015 to coincide with the world meeting of families organized by the catholic church. only three other sitting popes have visited the united states. pope paul in 1965. pope john paul ii and pope benedict in 2008. we're just a few minutes away from the start of the trading week on wall street. stocks are at or close to record territory. let's get a preview. cnbc's mandy drury.
6:25 am
what are investors watching? >> we had some big news off shore, japan's economy slipping into recession. in the united states, why do we care? well, it comes at a time when the global economy is struggling. there are a number of areas where they're struggling with growth. that could hurt some of the commodity and industrial plays in our stock market. the big names that are leveraged to global economic growth. but you could also see it another way, and that is that it just makes the u.s. market look a whole lot more attractive. you know, the cleanest dirty sheet in the laundry basket analogy. as we say, we've been training in a very narrow range, but we still are very near record highs. >> we've all been enjoying lower gas prices. i saw gasoline for under 3 a gallon. an oil expert says we can expect the good times? >> the national average is $2.88. which is 32 cents down from this
6:26 am
day a year ago. it's kind of significant because normally, at least last year, gas prices were starting to go up around this time. the expert you're referring to is john killnof, on my show last week, and he thinks if those bearish forces continue, global deman, we're more likely to test $50 for crude than $100 again this year. we're pumping so much crude in the united states. we are awash because of the big energy boom in shale production. back over to you. >> cnbc's mandy drury, what a pleasure, thank you. we're going to take a short break, but coming up, face-off in washington between the president and the newly empowered republicans over immigration. after the break, i'll talk with janet mogia the president of the national council of la rosa, a advocacy organization. you could drive home for the holidays
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from the financial capital to the political capital where the fight over president obama's imminent immigration action will be front and center probably this week. something he addressed this morning while still in australia. >> it continues to be my great preference to see congress pass comprehensive legislation because that is not reversed by a future president. it would have to be reversed by a future congress. >> meanwhile, former president bill clinton made some news over the weekend with his comments on the timing of president's pending immigration action. >> we had a little bit of a loss of hispanic vote. perhaps because the president didn't issue then the immigration order. but it was a tough call for him. because had he done so, then a lot of the others would have lost by even more. it was a difficult call. >> joining me now is someone who
6:31 am
has been at the center of the immigration reform debate, janet mogia, president and krp eo of the national council of la rosa, civil rights and advocacy organization. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, jose. >> what do you make of president clinton's comments and what sort of action are you looking for this week? >> sure. well, i think there is definitely some truth to president clinton's comments and the fact is that by delaying the executive action, the administrative action, i think it did harm some of the senate democrats who were in play for this last cycle. but frankly, we've moved on. we're focusing on what the president will announce and our hope is that he will be bold and that he will announce soon his intentions to allow those
6:32 am
individuals who have been deeply rooted here in the united states for many years and are tied to citizen children, hopefully advance opportunities for others and expand the category of dreamers as well. we see, unfortunately, still too many families being separated every day. we believe it is very important and urgent to act as soon as possible. >> we have to remind ourselves that 2 million people have been deported. more than 2 million. that's about 1,000 a day. >> what about the argument this will forever end any chances of immigration reform getting passed in the future because of the, well, split that's going to exist on capitol hill and the president? >> i just don't understand it. the republicans have now taken
6:33 am
control of the senate and the house. they have the ability -- they have the power to provide and promote and pass any legislation that they believe will be the best solution in responding to our broken immigration system and everybody acknowledges that it's broken. if they don't like what the president does, they have full latitude and authority to put a legislative solution forward. frankly, we hope there will be a legislative outcome. we know it's the only permanent solution to our broken immigration system. in the meantime, while there is this vacuum, we understand how important it is for the president to act and to make sure that we are addressing a broken immigration system. he has that authority within the law. this is something he can exercise. we understand that it is supported by legal experts.
6:34 am
far and wide. so it is a legal action for him to go forward. and he should. and if the republicans don't like what he does, they should respond and hopefully at the end of the day, we'll see legislation that would be comprehensive and fix ultimately this broke be n immigration sys. >> thank you for being on this morning. >> thank you, jose, congratulations. >> thank you. immigration will be just one of the pressing issues facing the incoming class of lawmakers on capitol hill where they're figuring out how to find their offices and where to get a cup of coffee. bowl introduce you to some of these new freshman faces. we're kicking it off with three new lawmakers from the northeast. nbc's luke russert joining us from capitol hill. luke, good morning. >> we're going to try to int introduce freshman lawmakers. the great state of new york and
6:35 am
that would be lee zelden. a lawmaker just elected from long island. he's 34 years old, from new york's first district. he's a veteran. part a group of about a dozen veterans. also with eric cantor's loss earlier this year, lee zelden now becomes the only elected jewish republican within the entire congress. and he's somebody who folks say, and the leadership say will really be a voice for them on issues pertaining to israel and veteran issues. let's go to elise stefonik from new york's 26th district. the youngest elected woman in congress in the history. she's 30 years old. she's a republican. and she is an unmarried woman. as you know, republicans have had an awfully difficult time trying to get unmarried women to their side. they hope elise stefanik can help break through that barrier. she's someone who the national party really propped up during the last campaign cycle.
6:36 am
trying to make the case that we want unmarried women here as well. it will be interesting to see what she does on capitol hill. the democratic side, in the state of massachusetts, from the sixth district there. this guy is -- we talk about the lack of a democratic bench. he is in line to become a democratic rock moulten emoult. the only member-elect who received a call from president obama. harvard undergrad. combat veteran in iraq, a marine. he won the bronze star. perhaps what's most amazing about his combat award medals, his military service, he didn't publicize it on the campaign trial. it wasn't until "the boston globe" did an in depth profile on him that they found out about all his medals. that's what leadership says is really great about him. soft spoken guy but someone would they hope will be front and center not only on veterans
6:37 am
issues but also in terms of trying to get more young people involved in politics. we'll be updating that throughout the day, jose. >> thanks so much. speaking of front and center, luke russert front and center in this broadcast as well, i appreciate it. always a pleasure to see you. luke will be back with tamron hall to profile some of the income incoming new members from the west. sometimes it takes a bourbon or maybe nine to get a straight answer from any politician. >> we asked you not to move on immigration without us and the first thing you do is say you're going to move, the first thing. >> so you're telling me republicans are going to pass an immigration bill? that's one of your first acts, a bill of immigration? >> absolutely, yes, it is a huge
6:38 am
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here we go again, a government shutdown could be looming this time over immigration reform. republicans say pending executive action by president obama could force their hand. incoming mange ing majority lea promised no shutdown. here's john thune. >> i think republicans are looking at different actions on how best to respond to the president's unilateral action, which many people believe is unconstitutional, unlawful action on this particular issue. my concern is, i don't -- shutting the government down doesn't solve the problem. my concern is what happens if we end up shutting down which end up could be a record legislatist accomplishment that's there for the taking. if the president would choose cooperation instead conflict.
6:42 am
>> robert costa is a national political reporter for "the washington post." what a pleasure to see you this morning. >> good morning, thank you. >> you heard the senator. how serious should mitch mcconnell take these threats of a possible shutdown? >> mitch mcconnell comes into these new posts as senate majority leader just like house speaker john boehner, wanting to extend the government's funding into late 2015, into the end of the fiscal year. that's always been a goal. because they want to have some time to legislate and do things on tax reform and trade agreements. however, because of the outrage that's likely to come from conservatives, should the president move, they're now looking at a short-term funding deal for the government that would maybe only go into early next year. that could create a showdown situation where republicans are using funding for the government as leverage in the immigration debate. >> you know, robert, there's kind of two sides of thinking here with the president. either he thinks imcombinatimig reform is so important that he can't wait or the chance of a
6:43 am
bipartisanship is so low anyway that, well, the well is already poisoned. where do you see things? >> certainly, when i speak to people at the white house, they believe that republicans are not serious about doing comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform in the new congress. so they believe they have an urgency to act. and that there's no need to wait. however, if you do look at the house of representatives, house speaker boehner, congressman ryan from wisconsin, these are more of the pro reform members of the u.s. house. there are people in the republican leadership who would like ton get something done. the white house seems to have made a collision that working with boehner and ryan and others is just not going to ever pan out so might as well move ahead. >> republicans in the house, the ones who won, received about 38% of the latino vote in this month's elections. the response to this executive action hurt them in the future? >> well, tone is very important of course. when you talk to republican strategists who are preparing for the 2016 presidential campaign, they are worried about some kind of reaction from the
6:44 am
republicans in congress that seems to be over the line, that uses rhetoric that's not appealing to the hispanic community. at the same time, mcconnell's al l allies, they believe if they can avoid a government shutdown, that will avoid the kind of theatrics that bothered republicans in the past and caused their poll numbers to drop. >> let's see what happens. it's going to be a very interesting time to watch on capitol hill. robert costa, "washington post," thanks, my friend, good to see you. going to bring in democratic john yarmouth of kentucky, a member of the house budget committee. pleasure to see you, congressman. >> thanks, jose. >> republicans are tossing around the idea of adding riders to the next budget to cancel out the president's action. the government needs a new budget agreement in 23 days an. where do you see this going? >> it's headed for the same kind of gridlock we've had for the last two years. obviously, the president still has the power of the veto in his pocket. so it's going to be very
6:45 am
difficult for republicans to prevail on virtually any issue as long as he stands -- as the president stands firm. whether it's the keystone pipeline or the budget or whatever you might have, it's going to be problematic and i don't think the american people are going to be happy with more dysfunction. >> so let's talk about this president's decision to act on immigration one way or the other. probably sooner rather than later. how do you see that -- would you support that? do you support that? how do you see the impact it might have on future of congress? >> i actually do support it. as you may know, i was part of the bipartisan group of eight in the house that worked this immigration reform. one of them was your brother it and we actually came up with policies the majority would approve. speaker boehner who set that process in motion last january,
6:46 am
and encouraged us continually and said i'll get it to the floor, i'll get it to the floor. here we are, almost two years later, and he hasn't brought anything to the floor, including piecemeal immigration bills that have been reported out of committees. so there's really no reason anyone should believe this republican majority in the house is ready to act on immigration reform. meanwhile, we're tearing literally tens of thousands of families apart by deporting parents of american citizen children creating foster children of american citizens on a daily basis, because we can't get any action here. i encourage the president to act. >> congressman, you guys were so close. i mean, you had pretty much the whole thing written. and it had been approved by, it seems, off the record, both sides there. by the substantial group of democrats. what happened? why couldn't you get it done? >> i think two things happen.
6:47 am
three of the republican members got cold feet and backed out of the process. then speaker boehner was having a hard time figuring out how to inch gait around the chairman of the judiciary committee which is the chairman for immigration. he's adamantly opposed to any kind of immigration reform. those are the two things i think led to the problem. but, again, the entire process, speaker boehner said, i want to do immigration reform. and you're right, we had a proposal which is still sitting there. not on the shelf. but it's still sitting there. we know it can pass because members of that group were vetting it with their membership throughout the entire process. >> different than the senate bill so there you go. >> different than the senate bill. crafted with the notion that whatever the house considered had to be perceived as more
6:48 am
conservative than the senate bill. we did one that we think can pass and solve the problems of our immigration system. it's a shame that they can't see it. >> congressman, thank you. after the break, we're going to go live to a city on edge. ferguson, missouri. waiting for a grand jury decision. will officer darren wilson face charges in the shooting death of michael brown? we'll also have more on today's severe weather. that's the snowy scene in mason, ohio. i don't think there will be a lot of kids on that ride today.
6:49 am
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. and now to ferguson, missouri and another story the white house and justice department will be watching closely. ferguson on the edge this morning as the grand jury could decide at any moment whether to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting of michael brown.
6:52 am
as that decision looms this afternoon a rally will be held in support of ferguson police chief thomas jackson, at the same time a rally will be held in support of michael brown. this comes as protesters are gearing up and strategizing for whatever decision the grand jury hands down. msnbc tremaine lee has the report. >> reporter: it has been 100 days in the fatal shooting of unarmed michael brown. the protests sparked by his killing continues. >> reporter: more than 100 protesters staged what they described as a die in on sunday. blocking traffic on city streets dampened by a late falling snowsto snowstorm. >> it's been 100 days. give us another reason we'll get more organized. >> reporter: protesters are preparing daily in anticipation of a grand jury decision to indict or not indict officer wilson. the decision could come any day. they trained hundreds of volunteers and nonviolent
6:53 am
disobedience tactics and police are training and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in riot gear hoping for the best. there's anxiety that a possibility nonindictment could spark violence. >> the level of intensity is high on both sides. >> reporter: local religion leaders plan to stand side by side. >> there are clergy serving as peace keepers as well as a number of us willing to risk arrests. >> reporter: in churches all over town plan to open their doors to provide safe spaces for people to take refuge in case of unrest. >> we have medics there. we'll have therapists there. we'll have food and water, blankets, places for you to charge your phone. if you need, like, medical attention.
6:54 am
>> reporter: are you concerned for the safety of folks who might go out there to express themselves one way or the other if there's a nonindictment? >> it's concerning when the police department and policing agencies have purchased, you know, a quarter of a million dollars in militarized weaponry to be brought to bear on poor black youth for the world to see. of course, we're deeply concerned. we have attempted to train people the best we can, but nonviolation cannot stop a bullet from a police officer. i want to bring in mgs northbound tremaine lee live in ferguson. good morning. how are you? >> good morning. i'm good. >> it's really concerning to see just, i mean, i didn't even know that the number $250,000 they've been purchasing stuff in case. i'm talking about the police department there. it seems the folks are kind of organized and aware of what may happen in the future. >> i think so. it's not so much a matter of
6:55 am
awareness no one can forget the hot firy days in august when the mostly peaceful protests and the tear gas and the rubber bullet. it's not far from anyone's mind. as people anxiously await the grand jury announcement as folks mentioned the peace. churches are creating safe space. people are volunteering to work the safe spaces. folks preparing for the worst because they remember how bad it was earlier in august. >> and, tremaine, what are we hearing as far as the timeline when the decision will be handed down by the grand jury? >> any day at this point. in earlier weeks we were getting all kinds of leaks intimated one way or the other. now it's the waiting game. the prosecutor said during the week at least school officials will get three hours notice. on the weekend 24 hours notice. we're sitting on pinning and needles waiting for one announcement one way or the other.
6:56 am
>> thank you so much. good to see you this morning. we'll have much more from ferguson in the next hour. we're just getting start order the run down this morning. coming we'll have more on today's top stories including the death of dr. martin salia. what went wrong? the execution of peter kassig. we'll talk about the prop began it data video with christopher dickey and our own jim miklaszewski on the u.s. role in fighting isis in iraq. and mother nature's double threat tornados in the south and a major monster winter blast hits from the midwest to the great lakes. the live report as we start oho of the run down. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
this morning. he contracted ebola while working as a surgeon in syria leon. i'm joined by dr. frank infectious disease specialist at uh case medical center in cleveland. what a pleasure to see you. >> it's good seeing you. >> we expect more details from doctors at nebraska medical center at noon eastern. what do you see happened. what do we know? >> we know that he came to our country, similar to what we have done with other united states citizens. we have brought them to our country when they show symptoms and start getting sick. unfortunately he got very sick by the time he arrived in nebraska. he was already having respiratory failure and kidney failure. those are some of the deadliest complications that come from ebola. when he arrived they had a difficult time in trying to stabilize him. i'm sure they did everything they could. >> yeah. is there something we can learn
7:01 am
from his death that may be useful? maybe in future cases? >> you know, i think we're learning from every case that we are coming in contact with. both here in the united states as well as there's a lot of investigation, a lot of research being done in west africa. we're learning a lot about the outbreak and the virus. we're learning more and more how best to handle and treat patients who have ebola. >> yeah. as you say, the ebola outbreak claimed more than 5,000 lives, mostly in west africa. where do we stand now on that fight? >> that area we've starten to see a lot of case have plateaued. we're not seeing as many new cases as we did. there's a new information coming out in the next couple of weeks as the world health organization releases new numbers. which they're doing fairley regularly. but we're starting to see a slow down in some of the hardest hit areas. however, there's still new areas that are being affected as in
7:02 am
mali, which became affected over the last couple of weeks. they're seeing four cases. there's some spread but a lot of the bulk of the disease is starting to become contained. >> dr. frank, thank you for your time. appreciate it. we're expecting to hear from the doctors who treated dr. salia at noon eastern time. heading overseas pure evil. that's how president obama is describing the isis militants who executed american aid worker peter kassig. peter's parents will speak to the media at 3:30 eastern. she was kidnapped more than a year ago and has been held in captivity ever since. richard engel has more. >> reporter: he had a terrible time in captivity, as you can imagine. suffering physical abuse, tortu torture, and also the mental trauma of watching other hostages, european cell mates of
7:03 am
his released after their governments reportedly paid ransom. he had to watch his british and american cell mates were not released but taken out one at a time to be murdered knowing his time would come as well. jose? >> thank you so much, richard eng engel. appreciate that. on the same day president obama confirmed that kassig had been killed chuck hagel said the u.s. is working to get iraqi forces up to speed more quickly to fight isis. jim miklaszewski is the man to talk about that. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> are these things connected? >> well, not really. as horrific and barbaric as the beheading of three americans has been, the driving force between putting u.s. troops into iraq and convincing and training and advising those iraqi forces to take on the isis forces in iraq. it's not a driving force.
7:04 am
now, these beheadings, of course, certainly helped the white house make the case for the reason for the u.s. to get engaged against isis. but ultimately it's the potential threat that isis could pose not only to the u.s. but our european allies but even perhaps more importantly the arab allies in the region who have been contributing to some extent in an effort to take down isis. >> and, jim, as a matter of fact the president did say over the weekend he would consider sending u.s. troops into fight isis but only under certain conditions, right? >> yeah even that was quite a stretch. everybody you talked to here and quite frankly over at the white house. the president is firmly committed to his pledge not to introduce u.s. combat forces into the battle against isis there in iraq. so what -- in fact, in his remarks he talked about if isis, for example, were to get ahold of a nuclear weapon, well that's pretty far fetched at this
7:05 am
point. but, you know, the reality is that those trainers, but particularly u.s. military advisers, those numbers are going to be doubled to about 3,000 over the next couple of months. some will be forward-deployed, particularly into anbar province. that's a stronghold for isis. they pretty much control that area. and once they're that far forward-deployed, there's a possibility they can engage in combat. remember our history, jose, you know, it was u.s. military trainers. three of them, who were the first american forces killed in the late '50s in vietnam. >> absolutely. chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski, thank you. keeping a close eye on the american efforts to train the iraqi forces in the days and weeks to come. i want to bring in christopher dickey who has been writing about this in the "daily
7:06 am
best beast." chris, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you. you've been writing about propaganda. how does the type of video tape help a group like isis. it's a different type of video tape >>well, i don't think the video tape is so good for isis, as a matter of fact. it shows their weakness in many respects. . shows they have no more american hostages or at least no more male american hostages. we believe they're holding a woman. and they don't seem to know what to do with her. let's hope she gets out one way or the other. what do they do? they put that video together with other videos of 18 syrian soldiers and pilots having their heads cut off to show how powerful eye sinisis is. i'm not sure that's what it shows. it shows how desperate it is to continue the propaganda campaign
7:07 am
to show it has momentum when we know it doesn't have the momentum it used to. it's not about to take ir biere biel, it hasn't taken kobani. >> why do you think it was the m.o. of the group and the videos in the past has been to show the mo hostage, alive, talking and what happens to them after ward. it wasn't the case in this video. why do you think that happened? >> i think one thing that is probably important is kassig is a convert to islam. he took the name meaning merciful to god. i'm sure when it came his time to die he was playing to allah. that was one thing they were not going to show on camera. they were slaughtering, beheading a person who converted to islam. that is supposed to save you. that is supposed to be the rich use in the eyes of god. of course, isis is not righteous
7:08 am
in the eyes of god. and in terms of his own leadership. but i think that is why they did not show the execution of kassig or any testimony by him. >> that's interesting. you also made an interesting comparison in your article. you compared isis propaganda to propaganda coming out of russia. explain that >>well, i think what we're looking at here and what we have to remember, it's a word we haven't used much. isis is a totalitarian state. i think putin would like to make russia a toll taltarian state, again, and bashar assad runs a totalitarian states. there are certain characteristics. one, they try to control in a manner that those of us in the west in relatively free societies can only begin to imagine. all the truth that isis preaches
7:09 am
is its truth and nobody els. if you come up with any different truth then you will die. you will have your head cut off or be stoned to death or krus fied. i think that's the similarity. the similarity between soviet toll taltarianism, which i think putin would like to restore. assad's kind of totalitarianism and the absolute religious tole taltarian. >> you're not going to be invited to putin's christmas party or invasion party any time soon. thank you. >> i hear it was already a done deal. >> i think so tool. we'll hear peter's parents later in the day at 3:30 eastern. stay tuned for that. to a weather alert. for many parts of the east coast, winter is coming early. front bringing storms to the
7:10 am
south is bringing snow to the ohio valley and rain up the eastern sea board. it's the same system that hammered the heart land over the weekend. it's a fountain in kansas city. you can see it's frozen over from the deep freeze. oklahoma city saw record snowfall nearly 3 inches in some parts. the weather channel's mike seidel is out in it. he's in mason, ohio. north of cincinnati. >> good morning. we've had 5 inches here. it's slush right now. what is going to happen this afternoon the next arctic shot comes in. it's going to freeze up. if no one plows or scrapes they'll have a skating rink. take a look at the national weather map. we've had tornados and tornado warning in part of florida and georgia. there's a tornado watch until 2:00 this afternoon. come up the east coast rain boston in new york and philadelphia. 90 minute arrival delays. there's a ground stop at charlotte because of low
7:11 am
ceilings. you can see the blue shade that's the snow falling here all the way through the great lakes. speaking of the great lakes once the arctic air comes in, lake effect snow some spot could get three or four feet of snow. luf low will get hit hard, too. the bottom line, jose, temperatures will fall like a rock. we'll have numerous record lows on tuesday and wednesday morning. and even going to get cold down there for you in miami. 84 today. tomorrow only 70! get the scarf out, jose. >> thank you so much. come on down here. take that hat out. we'll have something warm. check out these photographs from the florida pan handle. an apparent tornado hit a prison this morning. calhoun state facility is secure. no inmates were hurt. two staff members were treated for minor injuries. take a look at that.
7:12 am
we'll continue to watch the severe weather and bring you any updates on msnbc. the open enrollment period for the affordable care act is underway. and hhs secretary sylvia burwell is busy with several events today. we'll talk about the challenge's facing the president's signature legislation. including the challenge posed by jonathan gruber. >> clinton country comes alive this weekend. how to avoid lame duck status. what about hillary clinton in 2016? that conversation straight ahead.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. as the second round of sign up for the affordable care act gets underway, year old depends from self-described obamacare
7:16 am
architect jonathan gruber recently surfaced on the internet and sparked a fire storm. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. and basically, you know, calls the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. basically that was really critical to get the thing to pass. >> before returning from the g 20 summit the president dismissed accusation that the president tried to pull a fast one. >> the fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with in terms of the voters is no reflection on the actual process that was wrong. >> let's bring in nbc news perry bacon. good to see you. >> good to see you, jose. >> jonathan gruber apologized here last week. what is it doing to the debate as republicans look for ways to
7:17 am
dismantle obamacare? >> mr. grub ler find himself in front of a lot of congressional hearings. he made a comment that is controversial. he stepped into the time in which if you look at data, the law itself is working pretty well. 10 million americans have insurance. the insurance rates have gone down for a lot of people. that said the republicans rehan strongly opposed to the law. this gives another way to attack it and attack the president. they're going take advantage of that. >> yeah, and, you know, while that controversy rages on sign up continues. especially in the red states. >> surprisingly what you're seeing is states like texas and alabama, mississippi said we want nothing to do with obamacare. we don't like it. we don't like obama. they have not expanded medicaid. they won't sell the health care exchanges either. local groups have sprouted up. the legal aid society in north carolina created the obamacare program. they have a toll free hot line. they have events in 100 counties
7:18 am
last weekend sponsored by the legal society for obamacare. you have a big expansion of groups that are locally based and help with the law even if the state's governors and governments don't support it. >> perry, what a pleasure to see you. thank you for your time. carpe diem, live for day. that's the advice for the current commander in chief from president clinton. adjust president obama is a lame duck doesn't mean he can't get anything done. >> i never bought the whole lame duck deal. i just didn't. u i think, you know, it's a mind set. it's my only real advice. it needs to be fun. it's a great honor to go to work in the white house. it's crazy to say you're a lame duck and waste precious time. we did stuff up until noon on my last day, practically.
7:19 am
>> alex is an msnbc political reporter who covers the clinton and an opinion writer if for the washington post and msnbc contributor. thank you for your time. you were at the clinton library events. jonathan, is president obama having fun in his job these days, you think? >> given this weekend, yes. he's having a great time. especially this past weekend was one of reflection. it's the tenth anniversary of the library. the tenth anniversary of the foundation. on friday there were three panels, whione which i moderate on. during the clinton years from, 93 to january 20th, 2001 and looking at various aspects of the clinton administration. and president clinton came out on friday after the panels were done and spoke for about an hour. i think if that's right, alex. filling in blanks and clarifying other things and telling his own
7:20 am
reminiscence from each of the panels. >> and, alex, mr. clinton talked a lot about the economy. is that a preview, you think, of the campaign message we may hear from his wife? >> absolutely. she's been talking about it while stumping for democrats in 2014. she talks about working families, she talking about women, she talks about giving people not just a second chance but a third chance of success. i think it's a recognition if she's going to run and win there's a lot of people struggling from the recession. people who feel they haven't gotten a fair shake. she needs to convince them she has something to offer them. >> let's talk president obama a bit. does the president have to pursue his agenda before the air in washington is sucked. i the 2016 race? >> well, a certain extent the 2016 race has been talked about since the day after his re-election in 2012. yes. i think president obama is already following president clinton's advice about keeping
7:21 am
the foot on the pedal in the last two years and keeping it going. president clinton said your only lame duke as people allow you to be. same with president obama talking forcefully about executive action on immigration, the climate deal that was negotiated with china, what he's saying on net neutrality, and a lot of other things we'll hear down the road. the president is making it clear even though republicans have both houses of congress he's not going to stop. >> and al franken said sunday he was sure someone would jump in to challenge hillary clinton in 2016. who do you think it could be? >> there's a few people lining up. we have bernie sanders, the independent senator from vermont. he's been visiting key states. he hired a top democratic strategies recently. got a lot of play out of that. and martin o'malley has been doing a lot of work.
7:22 am
jim web, the former senator of virginia. moderate on the economy and a dove on foreign policy. also thrown his hat in the ring. the question is whether the people will mount a credible, very strong challenge to hillary clinton or if she is going to steam roll over them. >> thank you. good to see you. and coming up special treat in store tonight for the stargazers among us. we'll tell you what to look for in the skies. later, the unrest in mexico spilling into a new week. the outrage continues to grow. it's also growing in the u.s. as well. we'll have a live report from los angeles as a crisis continues. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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7:25 am
another out of this world win for space watchers around the world. check out the photographs released by the european space agency. they show the area where the probe first touched down on the
7:26 am
surface of the speeding comet. the images were taken by the rosetta orbiter as it flew over the landing site. i don't see any life there, do you? you know, always a possibility. the probe was put into hibernation mode on saturday. it has already retrieved. one more for the stargazers out there. tonight is night two of the meteor shower. a rare event when shooting stars appear through the night. so look up and make a wish tonight. coming up a drug raid on the nfl sidelines. that's what went down yesterday, at least in three games. we'll have the details of that. plus, the shots of the snow. take a look at the live maketures. you can't barely see anything. it's buffalo, new york back there. a november snow is relentless. a note more than half, half of the lower 48 states under snow covered this morning. once again, it's the 17th of november. it's not even thanksgiving.
7:27 am
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start building your confident retirement today. several nfl teams have received surprise visits from dea agents. federal drug enforcement agents meet with medical staffs from at least three teams yesterday. it's part of an investigation into former players that teams mishandled prescription drug. >> good morning. what they were looking for is painkillers amid the allegations that some nfl teams maybe illegally dispensing the dugs in order to try to keep players on the field. meaning perhaps trainers may have been handing out the presipgs medications, which would be illegal. according to the washington post who broke the story, at least a half dozen teamers targeted after the games yesterday. those included the san francisco 49ers, also, the tampa bay
7:31 am
buccaneers. in a statement the nfl said our teams cooperated with the dea and we have no information to indicate that irregularities were found. we heard from the 49ers. also, the bucks confirmed that they were stopped that it only took about five minutes and then the team was able to go on. it was part of an ongoing investigation that stems from a class-action lawsuit filed by more than 1,000 former nfl players. that lawsuit is pending right now. the dea investigation being called ongoing and, jose, we could see more teams targeted. >> thank you so much. good to see you. now to the continuing crisis in mexico. the country's president arriving back in mexico city sunday from australia facing a country looking for answers. protests continued on sunday
7:32 am
over the disappearance and presumed murder of 43 students. firy protests, i saw firsthand last week. joining me now is telemundo anchor. what does the mexican president need to do now that he's back home from this g 20 summit? >> well, he has to be very honest. he has to answer many questions. there are many questions that have not been answered. and also show a more humane face. i mean, more than a month and a half have gone by and he has been to china. he has been to australia. he has not been to guerrero where it took place. on the other hand, not only he has to solve the crisis. also prove he's going to be able to solve the impunity and the
7:33 am
corruption in the state of g guerrero and other places. >> let's talk about that. the sense in mexico is that impunity reigns. in other words, in sometimes it's lawless but inpupnty, thats a consistent. >> that's true. it's the con sis tense in many places in mexico. that's why many people are protesting. they're seeing crimes taking place and no solution to the crimes. nobody is being punished. there's no cost for commitmenticommitment i -- committing a crime in many places in mexico. that's a main reason for which they're in the country. >> the protests continue here in the united states. >> that's right. many communities here in the united, here in california are taking place. for many people, this reminds them to what happened in 1968 where a massacre took place in mexico city and students were the victims, too. and many of the adults who are
7:34 am
living in mexico and in the states right now remember that those moments and believe this is another moment to change the country to be able to become more critical. and to stop the impunity and the corruption. >> second of october, 1968, sometimes it seems more things change and the more things stay the same. thank you, my friend, thank you. >> thank you, jose. now to ferguson, missouri. the city remains on edge. ahead of a grand jury decision in the death of michael brown. this was a scene in ferguson yesterday as people took the streets holding what they call a die in. calling for the indictment of officer darren wilson. protesters are strategizing for their response if the grand jury decide not to indict officer wilson. according to the new york times organizers are outlining rules of engagement for dealing with the police. circulating long lists of equipment including bandages and shatter proof goggles and
7:35 am
establishing safe places where protesters can escape the cold or the tear gas. the new york times notes some are planning to protest even if there is an indictment. joining me now from ferguson, the washington post wes lee lowrie. >> what do you think if officer wilson is not charged? >> well, if officer wilson is not charged it's going to be continued anger in st. louis. there's going to be an outcry from the community and we'll see people in the streets exercising their economdemocratic rights. >> what are people feeling that may happen there? >> i think the general consensus is that there was not the will from st. louis county prosecutor bob mccullough in the beginning to farely prosecute. the calculated leaks that came out.
7:36 am
there's a general expectations and community that wilson will not be indicted and there's going to be a lot of heat in the streets after that announcement is made. >> and over the weekend the st. louis post dispatch obtained police surveillance video and radio calls from officer wilson leading up to and after his encounter with michael brown. they obtained it through missouri's sunshine law. here is a portion of the radio chatter. first in the moments before the shooting when officer wilson says he's on his way after a report of a theft in progress. another officer calling for back up after the fatal encounter. take nbc news has not heard the full audio tape. how significant is the new
7:37 am
information? >> you know, i think it's great, good new information to have gotten. i commend the post dispatch for filing that and getting it. one of the things it tells us it leads us to believe that wilson may have known about the alleged attempted robbery prior to the shooting. the ferguson police has been inconsistent about. previously they said he knew and then he didn't. also, the video tape which shows wilson moving around after the altercation. it seems to debunk the notion that put forth he was gravely or severely injured in an altercation. there's a lot of things it doesn't tell us. we have no audio of any phone call in which wilson acknowledges the shooting. we don't really know that first call for backup if it comes before or after the shooting. wilson allegation it is happens prior. we have no way of knowing. it helps give us context of what happened but the major unanswered question remains was
7:38 am
michael brown surrendering at the time of the fatal shots being fired. unfortunately, the new information doesn't quite answer the question. >> i was looking as you were speaking. we shown the surveillance video tape. what do you see in that tape? >> i see an officer being escorted -- who doesn't seem to be favoring either side of his face or body. doesn't appear to be someone who is deeply injured. however, one thing i'll say, when i talk with my editors and other reporters. i remember in the trayvon martin case when we had the early pictures of zimmerman and everyone said he wasn't hurt. look at the pictures. then we got the color version and you could see the blood and swelling of his face. we can't -- we have to be careful about what we can see and can't see. we have grainy video that is isn't direct on his face. we haven't seen the medical report. by every one's testimony whether it be dorian johnson or what darren wilson allegedly said. everyone agrees there was some
7:39 am
sort of altercation. however, the video makes it easy to be skeptical of the idea that wilson was in some way gravely injured. the idea of the orbital bone fracture doesn't seem to be supported. >> what is the reaction of the community over the information being released? >> you know, if we look at the video it does not appear that darren wilson was any severe struggle. definitely look like any he any kind of fracture to his face. he looked fine. he was walking around casually. i think it's been another example to the community, you know, that honestly, is not favorable toward the police or darren wilson and added to the anger we see in the community at this time. >> good to see you both. thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> great to be here. congratulations on your new show. >> thank you so much, my friend. capitol hill show down. president obama facing off with republicans over his pending
7:40 am
executive action, it's what is driving d.c. today. we'll break down the consequences for both sides. coming up. a little later on, remember the encount encounter george bush had when he pardoned a turkey in 2001? proving some world leaders are better nature than others. the five things animal diplomacy straight ahead on the run down. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪ so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo.
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7:43 am
we go back to what is driving texas can this morning. members of congress are bracing for executive action on immigration. the plan will give legal status to millions of undocumented workers. exact timing whf the president will issue the order is still unknown. but no matter the timing, the plan will surely have an impact beyond this election cycle. and most likely the next.
7:44 am
msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt is back with us from capitol hill. good see you again. >> nice to see you, jose. >> tell us about how the gop plans to respond to this executive action they've got to be careful there. >> so, jose, the timing of this matters a lot. government funding runs out on december 11th. i think it's going to impact the debate. he said he wants to do it right and he's not worried about the timing. you have senate leaders say they don't want a government shut down, which is potentially what could happen if the funding resolution doesn't pass through. on the other hand on the house side they've left the possibility open in the meantime you have several conservatives on the senate side who are working to figure out a way to strip funding for implementing this executive order no matter what. i think either way you're going see immigration politics ejected into the debate over fiscal policy. >> let's look at the numbers for a minute.
7:45 am
republican house candidates got 38% of the vote this year compared to 62% of democrats. they got a higher percentage than the last presidential election. it's not saying much. the executive action might be short term. talk about some of the long-term consequences for both parties. >> sure. while this seems like a short term fight we're talking a matter of weeks and months here. it's a long-term battle for the hearts and mind of latino voters. a really important and growing sector of the electorate. and, you know, the president didn't act before the elections and president bill clinton, over the weekend suggested that might have led to depressed turn out among latino voters. take a listen. there there was a collapse of the youth vote. the african-american vote held fairley steady and was remarkable given we had aability will of loss at the hispanic vote, perhaps because the president didn't issue the immigration order, but it was a tough call for him.
7:46 am
had he done so then a lot of others would have lost by even more. it was a difficult call. >> so as you can see there, republicans are very aware that this is an opportunity for them controlling both houses of congress, house speaker boehner said it's time to deal with the issue. they view it as a chance to try to win over the latino voters that have been going so heavily for democrats. the president on the flip side knows he has too do something to show he's taking action. >> sister interesting. the speaker did say that before in the last session. he said immigration was going to be one of the priorities then they didn't get it done. it's clearly the president is acting -- there has to be some political ramifications why he's doing it now. because there is know emergence. he's been deporting a thousand people over the last six years. there are political ramifications to deciding to do this now. >> there are absolutely political ramifications and, you know, they know -- the white house knows that latino voters,
7:47 am
hispanic voters are disappointed in how the president has approached this from the get go. you remember he said the comprehensive immigration reform was going to be one of the first things he did out of the gate. obviously we're sitting here and that hasn't gotten done. so there's been a long simmering debate as well as this legislation moved on the hill and failed. republicans were concerned that the president would refuse to sign a bill without a path to citizenship in it. because he was concerned about giving republicans credit or too much of a win. >> yeah. he told me some months ago that he was certainly willing to consider it but never got out of the house on that. msnbc kasie hunt, what a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with me and driving d.c. let's continue our conversation about the heated actions brewing. saying the president is picking a fight. >> i think the president wants a fight. i think he's trying to bait us into doing the extreme things. i don't think we will. >> the idea of poking
7:48 am
republicans with a stick in the eye is not a good idea. he knows that. >> my concern is what happens if we end up shutting down, which is what could be a record of legislative accomplishment there for the taking if the president would choose cooperation instead of conflict. >> let's frame the debate over immigration with former obama director of hispanic media and former spokesperson for george w. bush. i want to start. are both sides waiting to call the other's bluff? >> i think so. i think they're trying to figure out who is going to pass the hot potato. here is the problem. i think with president obama moving forward on the unilateral action, as we know 63% of americans do not agree with the executive action. this is why we saw with the referendum and the midterm election they really want both parties to work together. the president is putting a situation -- creating a situation where there is a
7:49 am
fragile relationship with congress. they came out of the box saying we're going to work together. the next couple of days the president said he's going to do the unilateral action on immigration. right there at that moment it just caused a big situation between congress and the president. i think it really will hurt the president and congress in making sure they can get other issues done like tax reform and trade agreements. that's what we're going to see. >> right. so luis, the president said he's going to wait until after the elections. he has to act one way or another. at least politically speaking, right? >> well, jose, i was there when the president signed the deferred action for childhood arrival the for dreamers in 2012. he didn't want to do it. it this is something he didn't want to do. he didn't want it to look political. he wanted the real solution to the immigration problem. that can only come through congress. he recognizes that. there was no major fall out after deferred action for
7:50 am
childhood arrival was approved in 2012. when secretary thnapolitano the was a lot of approval. congress didn't do anything about it. there was no fall out. the president was re-elected. what the president will do over the next few days will be an expansion of that. he's not legislating. he's not changing anybody's status. he's not trying to govern by fiat as some of the accusations go. the reality all he's doing is expanding on what he already did with the deferred action program. it's reasonable and a good way of buying time until congress does its job. they're not off the hook even when the president acts. they're not off the hook for not doing their job. he made it clear if they do that his executive actions go away. >> let's see what happens. it's going to be a very interesting couple of weeks and months ahead. thank you for being with me. coming up five things and
7:51 am
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see you tomorrow. same time. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
7:54 am
. and to australia now where i'm certain there was plenty of serious business that happened at the g 20 but the animals stealing the stage. turning things into a zoo. it's not the first time animals have entered the international stage. here are the five things animal diplomacy. number one, panda diplomacy. literally. michelle obama along with malia, sasha taking visit to the panda base on their trip to china earlier this year. number two, the cold war. certainly a dog eat dog world but the pup to president
7:55 am
kennedy. number three speakings of the kennedys. there would be no bo giving -- the dog that obama's promised their two girls during the presidential campaign. number four, a throw back to the john quincy adams administration. the country's sixth president an alligat alligator. it lived in the east room bathtub. number five, how could we do segment on animals and not show putin? apparently the putin man is not a fan of george w. bush's first dog barney. he told his daughter earlier this year. >> our dear dog barney had a special spot in i hmy heart. i introduced him to putin. barney and the bushes tend to disagree saying my lem board
7:56 am
could eat your dog any day of the week. thank you for the privilege of your time. next on "newsnation." an update on the death of the doctor with ebola who arrived in the u.s. for treatment this weekend. "orange is the new black" with her personal story about the immigration debate and author ann rice joins tamron live. hope to see you here tomorrow. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. julie celebrates live local saturdays at her store. she shows work from area artists. for more watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪
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>> good morning. we begin with sad breaking news. the doctor who arrived in the united states from syria leon saturday for ebola treatment in the u.s. has died. officials at nebraska medical certainly said early on that dr. martin salia may have been the sickest patient transported. it was an hour-by-hour situation. we're expecting to learn more in
8:00 am
a news conference from his doctors in less than a hour. joining me now is infectious disease specialist in cleveland. thank you for your time. >> obviously we've seen such great success here in this country treating ebola patients in this country some ten people including this doctor and now you have two fatalities here. what are the questions you think need to be answered or should be answered at this point? >> i think what is most important about ebola is the sooner you're able to effectively treat this disease and effectively able to control some of the complications from the disease the better the patients are. unfortunately this individual came to the united states at the late stage. he was already in renal failure. he was having breathing problems. it's unfortunate once you goat that stage. it's difficult to pull them out. >> a statement from his wife read in part we're grateful for the efforts of the team lead by


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