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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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out. just know that i'm with you. in the woods and in the hills and all the places you showed me. i love you. >> that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> did you mislead americans about the taxes? >> year two for obamacare and the president reacti ins to lat of salt e salt in the law. >> there is not a provision in the health care law that was not extensively debated. >> tonight, inside the gruber gate hysteria. then, the shutdown machine is officially cranked up. >> it's time for the republicans to man-up. plus, the national guard is activated in missouri. >> what was the d.e.a. looking for when they raided three nfl
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locker rooms yesterday? "all in" starts right now. >> good evening from new york. the president of the united states has final lly responded controversial remarks. g rurks gruber, he advised on romneycare and led to the affordable care act. conservatives are now being played on almost con stant loop on fox news. gruber is describing key parts of the legislation, essentially, as a grand bait and switch, designed to deceive american citizens. >> it's written to do that. in terms of subsidies, to get a
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law which says healthy people are going to pay in, you made it explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed. >> basically, call it the stupidity of the american voterover whatever or whatever. but, basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass. >> combined with weeks of negative ads on my terms have made their mark. a new gallop poll showing approval at a record low of only 37%. speaking of reporters from australia where he's participating the g-20 summit, president obama responded the very first time to the fire storm. >> the fact that some advisor who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that i completely disagree with in terms of the voterings i recall.
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there's no process that was wrong. we had a year-long debate. go back and look at your stories. the one thing we e we can't say is that we did not have a lengthy debate about health care in the united states of america. >> back here in 2014 with the own open enrollment, the president is being forced to address a controversy related to comments of the construction and drafting way back in the early days of his first term. but it is no fluke. it is the ledge slative process that produced the law in the first place that is at the heart of what many conservatives now see e see as their last best hope to kill the affordable care act once and for all. it's a supreme court case that alleges according to a single phrase in the nearly one thousand page text, lawmakers did not intend for insurance tax credits to be available in the states.
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that's 36 states right now. significantly, the supreme court did not have to take up this question at all. it was already schedule for review. but instead of allowing the judicial process to play out, the high court did something unusual. they reached down into the lower court to pull the case into their own jurisdiction. king versus burlo is all about the original mind set and intent of the people who broetwrote th mplt and using that mind set to destroy the law's le jit ma sill. and you will myou will maltly, o take tens of millions of people away. and if the supreme court agrees with the laws of the proponents, it could presip tat a change of events that could cause the entire structure of the entire law to come crashing sdoun in an ugly implosion.
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so, in short, i tell you this. it is no accident that right now, in 2014, conservatives are gleefully debating a ledge slative process that took place almost five years ago. they could, instead, be attacking the skpising affo ine affordable care act. but, rather, the actual law of the land. they could, for instance, be wheeling against a federal exchange web siet thatte that's complete and iter mess. but they can't do that now. when open enrollment began this week epd, the web siet was able to handle a million visitors and a hundred thousand applications. a far cry and enough of a success story to make the web siet a non-story. conservatives could be attacking the affordable care act for
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failing to accomplish one of itsd main goals. the number of americans without health insurance has gone down about 2525% in the lags year. they could be attacking a law for e for scaring insurance companies. but they can't do that because more insurers are offering more plans on the federal exchange this year than they did last year. they could blame obamacare for costing the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars more. the overall price tag is coming in at 1$104 billion letsds than the congressional budget office previously projected. of course, they could attack the law for driving up health care. but they can't do that. health care inflation has dropped to the lowest rate in a decade. oh, they can attack it based on the fact that premiums are
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skyrocketing across the board and everybody buying exchanges will now be paying through the nose. but they can't do that. while some premiums are going up, it's on par with employer-based insurance. on average, premiums are lower than an tis pated. they could go after the law for the people who have actually bought insurance through the obamacare exchanges. 7 out of 10 people enrolled in obamacare are happy with their coverage. in fact, if you take all of the different peetss of law and add it up together, they wind up to a positive success story. it's a ledge slative success story about as likely as landing a tiny rover on a hurdling comment hundreds of miles away sfr urt e earth. and it's all the more remarkable because the criticism that brought us to obamacare is not off base.
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it was messy. and, often, ugly. i e i covered the creation of the affordable care act. i thought i was witnessing in order to avoid political pitfalls, have grown so baroque that when the time came to turn the thing on, it would all collapse before everyone's eyes. a year ago, when the health care exchanges did turn on for the first time, i was worry. maybe the whole thing was too complex. maybe the critics were right. and maybe as charles said, it showed that liberal iism didn't e doesn't work. >> we have not just obamacare. not just the obama administration unraveling. not just the democratic majority of the senate. but we could be looking at the collapse of american liberalism. obama kaer is the big thing for them.
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>> i will say this to you, charles. if two years didn't work, then a year later, all the evidence sub e suggests the opposite. all the liberalism does work. what has happened is more people got access to health care that's affordable and decent. now, armed with some tapes of an m.i.t. professor, conservatives are looking to destroy all of it. to blow it all up. to grind it into dust and raise the affordablecare act to the ground based on no principle other than their ideological opposition to the project of providing health insurance partially through the government. to metaphorically show up the doors of millions of americans and knock on it and enter into their houses and rip their health department insurance up
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in front of them and return them to the tyranny of fear under which they lived for the passage. and that is where we stand. and those are the stakes. earlier today, i spoke to taifd axelrod. he was senior advisor during the led legislative batfuls. >> you know, my tweet was sent in anger. but i sent it because so many people worked so hard, including joan gruber on this law because they believed in it. they believed in reforming this health care system, making health departmentcare available to all americans. making health care affordable and doing all the things, giving people greater protection, veep sa veal the insurance in the street. and we've accomplished those things.
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now, there are people who are feelgti i fighting a four-year guard to amuse a bunch of academics, you know, just really bugged me. gull i also know that in guy has kmited his life to the cause of health reform. that's who i i said i want to sprat out the issues. so let me say what the strongest version is about these comments? this was basically a very comely kated bill. a lot of people didn't understand what they're working on or passing. and when you reveal the actual sausage making, there was a lot of bait and switch and no one really had a handle on what the thing was. and this is evidence of that, er go the law should be struck down because it was ill le jit mat in some fundamental success.
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>> when you tell the american people what is in the bill when you focus on the fact that people with pre-existing conditio conditions cannot deny you coverage when you get seriously ill. and the whole array of other things that have happened as a result of this law. that's what a lot of people don't yet have and, yet, fully observe. that's why the con zefbtive voices fear that the longer it goes, this thing is working. we're never going to turn it wac. and i doi e don't think they will turn it back. you saw today, the law has reduced the un-inshire e sured
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by 6 pnt. you know and i know that the progress would be emp greater if we didn't have a whole bunch of con 6 . >> when you think back to david axelrod working the white house 2010en this, if i went back and told him that the law would have been fully implemented for a yore and be a 37% approval, would that have surprised that. >> it wouldn't have if you told me that -- and by the way, there's hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of ads run misleading people and attacking this law. and, yes, that the health departmentcare web siet that should have run well, but didn't. the truth is the gallop poll has
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always been on the low side. most of the polls i see have approval somewhere in the mid 40s. but it hant moved up december pielt all of this progress because there's been a campaign waged against it. >> thank you e thank you very much, david. appreciate it. >> joining me now, senator brown from ohio. let me ask jowl the scape e same question i just asked sdaifrd. back on those con ten shl days on capitol hill swhenl this thing was being debated day and night, constantly. if i went back and traveled back to you, i told you all the facts listed in the opening of the show. how would you have rated back then. >> one, for five years, always david suggested, for five years, republicans have run against this, talking abo ing obama e e. democrats have moved onto other
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things: i would also, chris, put it in some historical perspective. i carry this letter with me. it's a letter from the vice president of pennsylvania gas and electric company to the grabd father of an employee in my cleveland office. it was dated 1936. it's a letter from the vice president to all of the employees that this utility company, saying gining there gln e. >> january, and then the next year we're going to take a higher per cent. the laur did e didn't know in 1936. then, we will send this money awful to washington. when you turn 65, you'll get this truck called social security. they knew nothing about this.
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it took a while for people to ps it and 5:00 september it it. in 1965, vice president ooft united states was instrukted by president johnson so e to get on the phone and call mayor's and governors. if you want medicare dollars. you're goix to have to integrate your hopts: huge opposition to that. every time there's a new social insurance, whether it's medical yar or the afforden care act, of rveg there's opposition. it's changed. but today, there are over 600, 000. a million ohio seniors are now getting.
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prescribed by their doctor, all of those kinds of things because of the affordablecare e e care act. so to republicans in the house and senate, why are you taking these benefits away from me. when i hear people dress like this with great titles, all getting health department insurance from taxpayers, taking these benefits away from hundreds of thousands of people in my state. it's just not going to sell. this is going to notch forward. people are going to be exe increasingly satsz filled with what this law is all about. >> senator brown, thank you so much. >> sure. >> the missouri national guard is on standby. there's official ri a state of emergency tonight in mo moe. bla blapg t i'm still stuffed up. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose.
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well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today. vrjts vrjts. missouri is in an official state of emergency. this is as everyone in the area waits to hear if the officer who shot and killed un-armed 18-year-old michael brown will be indicted. schools are waiting advance notice and trying to keep ahead of the decision.
5:22 pm
>> the halls of justice have refused to arrest the man who murdered him. we're going to keep making things uncomfortable. >> as the st. louis metro area awaits, we are long-terming more about the audio tape while dispatch also published aud audiorecordings for radio calls. surveillance video, previously released by police, appeared to show michael brown committing that robbery. however, it is not clear whether officer wilson ever suspected brown of being tie today that robbery. wilson realized that brown matched the description of the suspected. saint lewis dispatch also published police surveillance
5:23 pm
videos with his union ret representative and other officers a full two hours after his encounter. meanwhile, law enforcement officials are doing their best to assure that they have a plan. on friday, ksdj paraphrased saying if the grand jury does not indiet wilson, he will immediately return to active duty. if he does, he will most likely be fired. black bla trymanie, my understanding is that governor nixon made this account today. did we know this was copping?
5:24 pm
and how normal is it for a state of emergency to be calling in advance of an event? >>. >> if we go back to the press conference last week, possible unrest related to the grand jury decision coming up. he said that the national guard would be part of that. but, again, is it a matter of, you know, hoping for the best and planning for the worst? or is this just another step to kind of and alsoer bait the situation here. people on the ground, depending on who you speak with, are either fearful of riots and protesting, disrupting life and damaging property, or they feel their law enforcement will be heavy handed. and now, the national guard here could see that the calvary is in town in this gear-up for a very bad situation. >> avenue that announcement, we're signing the executive order this moshing, governor nixon had a press phone call.
5:25 pm
i want to play part of that to you. here's one of the questions he got in his response. take a listen. e e . >> does the buck ultimately stop at you? >> well, you know, our goal here is to keep the peace. i am usings the resources we had for the marshales to be predi predictable. i'd just have to say i don't spend a tremendous amount of time personalizing this.
5:26 pm
>>. >> the idea of being asked drektly, wruz e where does the buck stop? to stumble and stammer through it and then to defer to the unified command. it adds fuel to the fire that people have been spreading all along. who's in charge here? who's going to push the button if there's tear grasz back out on the ground: every step we move forward, there seems to be something to muck it up. and here we are again. >> president obama's wig battle is next. i'll tell you what it is after this. to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro.
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new reports indicate that president obama may act as early as this week to protect 5 million immigrants from deportation. many republicans claim to be against a government shut doub. but some conservatives want the party to do just that. >> i think there have got to be more productive ways for us to be able to impress on the president the need to work for a perm nant solution, as opposed to a temporary stopgap solution. >> i think republicans are looking at how best to respond. >> i don't think that anyone wants to shut down the government. >> it's an inappropriate tool. imthink the president wants a fight. i think he's trying to bait us in to do some of these extreme things.
5:31 pm
>> it's time for the republicans to man up. they were sent there to deal with these kind of lies. they were sent there to stop this. >> funding for the government expeer e pyres after december s 11th. the house could attach a rider prohibting enforcement of the's coming order. bear in mind, that would essentially be a government shutdown. they might pursue a legal challenge for the courts, but that's unlikely to prevail. >> if you look at this just in terms of blocking politics, why is it that the president will take such a big, frankly risky aex.
5:32 pm
that was in may of last year. calls for the president to act have only increased since activists have lived and breathed the issue making this case. my next guest knows that better than anyone. >> your story is remarkable. you were born in the united states, right? >> i was. yes. >> so you are a citizen. >> i am. >> and both your kparparents ca over from columbia. what happened next?
5:33 pm
>>. >> we spebt so much money to be here and not live in fear. >> you knew that you were a citizen, but was this something that hung over your head? >> absolutely. every day. my father was talking about paying close e close atengsz to the news and seeing that there was no relief being given. they would be disapointed. so i knew that every day growing up. >> and then what happened? >> so i came home and my fears were gone. neighbors came and told me what had happened and i just knew they were gone and i couldn't do anything about it.
5:34 pm
>> you're a 14-year-old coming to an empty house? >> yeah, i was coming home from school. >> mimmediately, i called my friends who were familiar. they said i could stay with them temporarily until my parents called them and we kind of figured out what to do: my mother thought about taking me with her, but i wasn't going to get the same opportunities that i would have here. >> and you were american, too. absolutely. what was i going to go do there? i wanted to stay in my country. >> where are your parents now?
5:35 pm
>> that he're in columbia. >> um-hmm. yeah. >> one of the things i think it's posimportant for folks to understand, this biggest trunk are people that iii in your situation chltsd and we are deforting people like that every day and doig e doing to those families what was done in new york. you're a -- it should be said again, an american suspect evba. >> i was very disill lugszed. i myself felt very disconnected. i believed in my country. i love my country. so when that happened, i can be the e dbt know where i really belonged. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger.
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. we began earlier this month with a local tv station in minneapolis. >> this is a photo of minneapolis mayor betsy hojs arm-in-arm with what law enforcement agencies tell us is a known gang sign for a north side gang. >> the man photographed is a van vasser for a local community group. and he and mayor hojs were participating that day in a get-out-and-vote effort. that didn't stop the mayor from being questioned. >> when you have a mayor with a known criminal throwing up gang signs, that's sister e critical. is she going to support gangs in this city or cops?
5:40 pm
>> kstp refused to back down. >> if you want people to invest in you ideas, you have to have integrity. >> that was the word that inc. vieded the debate outside. >> the people demand that hhubbard apologize for the story. we said they said it. we didn't say it.
5:41 pm
>> so, tonight, we respond to the nand for answers. >> the original story was about the mayor, pointing. pointing. a follow up record with the instahan grksz e d. >> the same size we've previously identified as beings asoesz yated with a local gang. on her bloglhodges krit sized the president's ae police yun
5:42 pm
kwoon. there's a critical dimpbtsz between our good aufrszs who have had a bad day on the job and aurszs who have a standing habt of miss treatment. >> the next day, mayor hodges appeared on a tv statement. >> if it's really a story pabt my junctionment, it's snot tack clully a question about my judge. mented pointing. as i said, there's so many pictures of me pointing. at that point, it's a jujtszment about whether or not i should be using material e stereotypes to assess whether or not i should be standing with a youngd, after ri can american bran e man.
5:43 pm
>> all right, david. this story is really something. let's start with this. they seem to think that they could ignore the o rim e ridge nap story. but that was not what the original story was about. >> right, they made a big deal at the beginning. one of the things that they didn't show was he had a bads knock. if they would is shown that bajs, it would have been, v you know, very much let h orksz d ges off the hook. they made it sown e sound like shefrs hanging with gang signs. and they didn't show the fact that the police of chief was
5:44 pm
there in the crowd. >> i thought mayor moges went hard at the plis e haste police department and the mare e mayor that they came after her with this piece to begin with. >> well, there's a lot of things going on. politically, one of the things you need to know about the police yun i don't believe eon is they haven't supported a winning mayorarksz lrksz candidate since 2001. by the way, it was higher then. they've had an ill-run budget.
5:45 pm
she is a tough person. she has stood up well wfr she was elected mayor for the rights of felons to rebane e gain their voting rightings. this is not shotgun she's been a sm rinking vie let on. so that all sort of came together in our statement: i think it's her deep believes in the issues. imthink there's some belief in redeposition, as well. and i think the public has shared that largely. >> daifrd brower, thank you very much. d-day kravrngs down on the nfl. why therm dppt e inspecteding teams that were on the road. i'll explain that ahead. i'll explain that ahead. tums smoothies assorted fruit. blaeng blank blaeng r r
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5:49 pm
investigation and potential vie ligss of the controlled act. this is key in states where they are licensed. that's why yesterday's surprise inspections happened to teams thoo were on the road preparing to fly back home. if 49ers were part of rabble e random de,a regarding, we proceeded onto our plane without incident. nfl official 5:00 knowledge e knowledged yesterday's raids and said our team is kwoop rating today. those raids were claimed will fellow toughers to interglie players before games. the players of the nfl knew of the debilitating effect ot jugs on all of his players.
5:50 pm
the nfl has asked the federal judge to toss the institute out. joining me now, sally general kins. sally, am i wrong? is this another big deal? >> yeah, it another education a a big deal. it's unpres don't e dented for the nll to be zermgs bags. >> they've looked at nfl teams before. they've never investigated the entire league to this degree. it's a months-long invesz gags. it's not just the dchlt e.a. it's also tattorney's office uc in new york.
5:51 pm
this siappears to get its start with the civil suit. he suffered a broexen net e mek. he believings it happened at a hit. he received medicationings and was pushed back on the field. if this is true, this nuts. >> the real story here is that this raid happened at all. the nfl's employees 26 full-time lobbyists and spend money each election cycle to keep the federal government off of their backs. but currently, the relationship is like between a vegetarian and a pork chop. this isn't just about the d.e.a.
5:52 pm
banning the use of their name. this is a big story about hostility between the fds e fed and the nfl. >> do you buy that? that the retch ewation is now so ebb? >> i think they do. the nfl has joined a very friendly relationship with law enforcement, as we have seen. so what happened e what happened yesterday? not friendly. >> right. that's the dea showing up and saying show us your backs. >> eye, go ahead, sally. >> just to say, in september, another big, democratic party operative in this ground. it's because they feel like their relationship with the obama add min sfragsz and, of course, the president supports the f krirks c. there was just a ton of hostility and wad fieldings.
5:53 pm
>> it's been a ruff year from a reputational perspective. >> it has. but you have to go back to that lawsuit thafgs filed. our understanding is that there are people who find that compelling. >> and if that's true, they find that with a criminal invest gagsz. >> right. now, understand it that it's with civil people. >> and you have a report that the u.s. foerp's office in the southern disdrikt? >> yes, in the southern district of new york. >> and daifr, i think you're right that we have seen kind of a sea change with the league that has gotten away with a lot of things for a long time.
5:54 pm
it's goirng to be very interesting to keep monitoring this. thank you both. >> we'll be right back. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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bill rothdman. born in indiana, kasi became an army ranger in iraq. he came back after medical discharge. and upon his enroll, he was a medical technician. in 23012, he found his calling after encountering syrian refugees. he skipped his flight home. on the ho . >> before founding an aid organization to help syrian's impact with the brutal civil war. he doe nated his own money to the cause. and, in october of last year, casey was captured while heading to's tern syria while delivering much-needed supplies. his parents say his religion had
5:59 pm
begun much earlier. yesterday, the group isis released a video he had been killed. casik wrote a letter to his parents while in captivity which was smuggled out by a former prisoner. he knew that the claims that his parents had abandoned him were lies. his father read from the letter last month. >> don't worry, dad. if i go down, i won't go down thinking anything but what i know to be true. that you and mom love me more than the moon and the stars. >> casik's parents, who you saw at the top of this, ask that contributions in their son's honor be sent to the syrian medical society. it is a cause worthy of his memory. rest in peace. that is "all in" for this efing. >> good evening, chris. powerful stuff. thank reals to you at home
6:00 pm
joining us this hour. so the pope. it turns out that the pope faxes. specifically, the pope faxes this man. his name is sean o'maile yrksz of boss ton. he's considered to be a con fill dent of the pope. they share a love of faxzing. they fax. >> usually, we fax. >> really? >> yes. >> people still communicate by fax? >> still communicate by fact. >> like, with letters? >> yes. >> really. >> it's very quick and e fisht a efficient and a little more private. >>


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