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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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joining us this hour. so the pope. it turns out that the pope faxes. specifically, the pope faxes this man. his name is sean o'maile yrksz of boss ton. he's considered to be a con fill dent of the pope. they share a love of faxzing. they fax. >> usually, we fax. >> really? >> yes. >> people still communicate by fax? >> still communicate by fact. >> like, with letters? >> yes. >> really. >> it's very quick and e fisht a efficient and a little more private. >> really?
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most people think texting is quicker than faxing. >> well, the pope and i right-hand turn into texting. >> no texting, just faxing. >> fl are reasonable arguments to be made. we were at this really interesting moment right now where the new pope has just announced plans to visit this country. he has also just demoeted who was the highest-ranking american at the vat can. cardinal raymond bburke. pope benedict named him a cardinal. he was known for making the most of all of the extravagances that come with being a cardinal. but you don't have to wear them all of the time if you don't want to. >> he was so flap buoyant that other church officials asked him to turn it down. the other thing that he had been known for was being aggress efly conservative and part san in his
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politics, in his american e merp politics. he is the cardinal who refused to give john kerry communion. the same cardinal said that senator kennedy should have been denied a catholic funeral because of his politics. the new pope had just demoted that american cardinal in rome. he had been chief justice. he just got demoted. and the american cardinal is cardinal sean o'mai lrksz ey of boss ton. he's now being profiled in "60 minutes." the big, immediate freakout in guessing american politics
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riegtsd now is over the issue of immigration. this american cardinal had e has not just been out spoken, he has been a real act vactivisten the issue of immigration. he went to arizona earlier this year and walked the trails where people trying to get into this counsel trif have tied by t dozens, if not the hundreds. the cardinal and the bishops walked through the valley. and then he and his agt bishops set up a cross-border mass. in april, this year, they said
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mass in english and spanish at the border that surrounded them on both sides of the border. en ened. and if you've ever been to a ath e catholic mass, you know that the apapeck e pex. through the border, they gave mun e kmoounon to the people in mexico on the mexican side of that wall. so there's this incredibly une influential making his case for compassion on the issue of immigration. it's not just these demonstrates. they've written to the obama administration saying they need to find a way to reform immigration policy.
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who knew that people still farksed anything. ever. but it is also deja vu weird. back in the golden age of faxing, it was the same situation between the kaet lick churj being made and then trying to get them to do something and it. back in the godden age of faxzing, the president whoa kaet e catholics were made at then was wrontd reagan. the new law grants am mes i necessity. >> the reason the catholic bishops got mad at ronald reagan in the '80s about that policy is
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not because they disagreed with the orr all rolls of what he was trying to do. in order to qualify to get legal stay tusz, you had to have been here for a certain amount of years. you had to have lived here before 19le e 82. and the problem that that worked out is not everybody's been here or alive for all of the same amount of time, right? sometimes the parent would have been here for the right number of years to qualify, but their child would not qualify. there was a strict determination for those time limits. eventuality wasn't the way that plan was. and then the catholic bishops
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started lob being to make a clang to it. to tweak enforcement to that wall so families wouldn't be sprated. so if imgrant pashltss could get status, their kids could, too. it was a powerful case. and the year after romd e ronald reagan had signed this law, congress did try to vote on a change to that law that would have made the kient of adjustment that the catholic bishops were asking for. they tried, but it wound up not getting all the way through. in 1987, the reagan administration announced that even though congress had changed the law, president reagan would do it himts. but the bishops kept pushing. even under the tweaked interpret
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tagsz of the law, there was still some farely common e common circumstances in which this law could result in naplies being split up. and congress, every after ronald reagan had taken that executive action, congress, again, trying to make another fix of the law. congress took up that law. by then, it was george hw bush he was president. and he decided to take action on his own to extabd e tand e up and down the number of people here illegal le eely in this country would never be spared the dee deportation. if total numb other of people to defer por tagsz was expected by about 40% of what was believed
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to be the total pop ewe laxz of undocumented imgrants in this country at the time. it's ruly on the same scale. it's goirk to be right in line with the kind of huge, cat gor kal protections by dell poration one of who want is now a saint. sorry, i jumped d kwun. conservative media and the republican party are so up set by the prosz pekt of barack obama and poppy bush did.
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on foxz news recently, maybe republicans and congress can try defunding the entire dcht. >> wile would getting rid of the justice sdpt, cl -- oh, that pros cue r cutes all frat frame e tram e friems. why would it help 1234. >>nd y. >> i don't know, it sounds big and clear. >> when ronald ray dan did this, the right did not mind. they were so un-out ramged. if e that a few mopnths afterward wouldn't expire at the end of his term as president. now that this president is considering the exact same kind of thing, natch railly, it's the
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end of the world. they still talk of impeaching him. >> are republican leaders seriously thinking of linking govrt aex. or just passing the short-term bills month-by-mopt and holding government fupding hostage? >> i think republicans are looking at the best way to respond to the president's yun lat ral aex.
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but my concern is, shutting the government down doesn't solve the prok. >> you're saying that you don't think republicans should take the bait if you will and do anything to shout dun the government. >> look, we were only in for a couple days this last week. we're going to continue to talk about is this. >> we're having those diskugszs. we went for a couple days hou h house leaders are talking ant it. the dwovrt shutdown to stop imdwragsz reform is also being pushed now by the washington think taeng, the heritage foundation. remember the de23u7d obamacare thing? that was the heritage foundation pushing the government shut doin
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as a imagine kalg moons of funding care. now it's a magical means of stopping amnesty. and so some things don't change. shutting down that worthless, evil thing may br a good solution do ilgts own problem. so x yaw know, the fake, defund obama care thick e thing. stop obama on immigration reform. defund the government. some things don't change. but the larger psych ms on these sometimes don't change, either.
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>> he's leading mass in english and span irk. calling for passionate reform. right now, they want president obama to act. in 1987, day wanted pope john paul in los angeles, the largest crowd in the history of dojter's sdad yum he side the people strongly set bratd newcomers. >> the pope, at that mass, he spoke in english and spanish before this huge stadium full of
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immigrants. he said today, in the church of los, christ is chinese? >> no, dwoeon't get mad at me f that. to fix immigration reform. some things don't change. president obama is about to do it, too. he may do as add soon as this wook sometime.
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it's faxz time all over again. this time, the right has decided to be enranged. emp snow we have been here before and we achievered it peace fli, this time, we are barrelling to self-imposed attacks. joining us now, john sj sjon stantton. >> it's good to be here. >> i was amazed to go wac and see the kind of pressure that the catholics were putting on ray kban e reagan then.
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that is so parallel. >> to a certain degree, yes. i think a bit of it, also, is just the sort of general, just distaste for obama on the republican side. he's really been stoked.
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>> it seems like the political power, though, so it can -- of trying to make a huge hubbub, like an impeachment lever hub b hubbuber e or something like that with the lever upset over this. depends on being able to say that this has never been done before. that no president has ever taken any sort of action like this before. is if dpe bait happening on a historical context? other the george h.w. bush at all seen as real vant? >> are publy cans have a pretty good way that don't go with what mod ratings, conservatives believe in. iffy look at it all from your
6:19 pm
pres dent, there's a pres dent do this e to this e this that allow them to make these kind of decisions. it's pretty much a -- the past in bah e washington doesn't really matter mump. we're hearing now, possibly wednesday, but more likely on thursday. they sorted sepding out some feelers toet opt misz groups. it's like you ooir talking to some of the hispanic caucus to get them to be bhiebd the president. >> john, thank you very much. good to see you. >> we've got lots more ahead, ichb colluding some important debunking the defunction, the
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on a wall near you. neat. you can also treat yourself to a number of random stock-video like movie clips. like this one, which is called frank frankenendiner. jowl can also check out this one. and then there's senator franken chatting with a man and a woman at a table. and that's it. and this is not an al franken thing, specifically. name a candidate this year, and i'll show you an out-of-context, inane video. if you want mitch mcconnell just smiling for no reason, for example, you can lots and lots and lots of short videos of mitch mcconnell smiling for no reason.
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>> this worthless piece of tape is not art. there's no voice over. it's just this. and, again, it's not him just being creepy. the whole system is creepy. everybody is creepy. everybody has to be creepy in this system. he spend a good chunk of time staring into the camera. >> what these are are pretty bla bla tant attempts at bending the rules. superpacs can raise and spend all the money they want, but they cannot koord nate what
6:26 pm
they're doing with that candidate who they love so much. the pac can't go to a diner with al franken and then use it in an ad. they can't work together. they can't go shoot pictures of their candidate for an ad. so the campaign has realized that if they just happen to post photos of their kacandidatings online and they just happen to stumble upon it, then nobody's breaking any routes. we just found this picture of mitch mcconnell smiling. >> since they were not sending that video drektly to the pacs, they said technically, they're not broke e breaking that no koord nation rule. . >> now, whether that line of
6:27 pm
thinking is okay, has never been cleared up with the fec. well, in any case, here's a new one. new tactic. you're not supposed to be able to koord nacoordinate, bru but the spy knows where his loose brick is. so the spies use this public but inconspicuous spots to drop information. that's leek spy novel 101.
6:28 pm
>> so this is the treat. >> so that's a coded tweet posted on october 25th. if i'm right, that would be polling data. and the last two numbers are where those molling districts are from:s. >> so my guess is those are the
6:29 pm
internal polling numbers for each of those districts. >> they were looifr until november 3rd. but then they were deleted with questions. so they posted these coded tweets. they pulled down the acounts. this was a koord nated spy way that they want to help, but legally, they can't communicate with: then this would be illegal. >> yes, this issue may come
6:30 pm
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built for business. . >> a late-breaking update tonight. topt, 13 days out from election day. >> we finally have a winner for the great state of alaska. characterized dan sullivan as the aparent winner of the race. but the senator insisted that all of the ballots be counted. they don't plan to officially certify a winner in that race until later this month. but the senator is aparentally seeing the writing ochb the wall in terms of the number that is have come in. and he has now thrown it in.
6:35 pm
he says he called toe con grat ulate his opponent earlier today. and that result in 5:005:00 tonight means that there's just one senate race left. it's a race that dem skrats are trying december pratly to hold onto. and it involves one of the more extrickble political strategies. that story is next. stay with us. of heroes and titans. blank blaeng begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. [annit's working forny. new york state. already 41 companies are investing almost $80 million dollars, and creating 1750 jobs.
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. >> this was the scene in washington, d.c. today. a giant, inflatable pipeline. >> she's in real danger of losing her seat in the senate. she now appears to be losing in double digits against her challenger. a republican congressman named bill cassidy. he's the sponsor of a bill that passed last week in the house.
6:39 pm
mary landrriue has been posting for her vote, as well. she believes it has the votes to pass right away. she demanded a vote on keystone in this lame duck session. and, coincidentally, while she was still running for reelection, senator landrieu wants to see you getting votes passed. kind kind of the definition of winning the insane way. >> regardless of what happens with the vote on capitol hill,
6:40 pm
there are also local votes that need to happen. the pipeline would cross several states. >> also, though, regard loes of what happens, there might be a local war over there. in the state of south dakota, the triens of the suh nation say they don't want the keystone pipeline coming through their land. a couple years ago, they issued an action alert for a code of people to stop oil trucks from moving through.
6:41 pm
they ended up in a six-hour standoff and they stopped those trucks. >> this is our community. look at 300 and some children over there. maybe a thousand people over here. we're standing on our nation. and why are they coming through here? stand up for yur rights. we have the greatest foundation in this world. i'm 93 years old. this is your foundation. protect it. at least we have our nation. and we can say you cannot come through here with whatever you havement. >> i should tell you, those trucks that they were blocking did not turn out to be keystone trucks specific le. but as a show of proverbial force, that was a show of provoesh yal force. you can tell by how long they
6:42 pm
have continued to say no. this coalition of cowboys and indians set up a camp on the washington mall. cowboys and indians has become an idiom that is all but separated from those very real things. but this is very literally true, too. they said they would do anything to stop this pipe looep. everything and anything they could. and this morning, there they were, trying, again, to stop this keystone pipeline. they called that vote an act of war. the president posted a statement saying, "the house has signed our death warrants and the death warpts of our children and grandchildren.
6:43 pm
it is an act of war against us and our people. we're going to protect our life on the high plains, on the reservation and now on mary landrieu's front lawn. >> pleasure to have you here. >> it's an honor to be here. >> what does it mean to you personally. this very provocative phrase that this vote was an act of war. what does that mean to you? >> i won't begin to speculate on what chairman was saying. >> what i do know, from being on the ground, we take this very seriously. wha i'm looking at is transcanada.
6:44 pm
them attempting to come through our reservation. >> in terms of at the reservation, when you say that the pipe lime won't be allowed to come through the reservation. what do you think could be done? what do you expect might happen on the ground. >> well, it's not going to come through. that's pretty much the entire state of south dakota going into wyoming, part of nebraska over to the east side of the missouri river. there's a consensus there not to let that pipeline go through.
6:45 pm
that keystone excel would follow proper procedures and that the government would support its due diligence process. and that it would continue with tribal policies. that pipeline opposition camp has been standing. it's been manned 24 hours a day. >> it's been said that this pipeline will not come through the territory. >>. >> is there a decision that's already made? >> my understanding is no.
6:46 pm
this pipe lyme is in no way wanted. we have seen and been a part of actions where we've been hearing that. we've heard of chairmans talk and say no, we don't want tar n tarzanin tarzanings: it's too risz kill to our communities, to the lapd, to the water, to the people. so i don't think there is any proper strategy for this to go through. >> thanks for helping us understand this. i appreciate you being here. >> all right, lots more ahead.
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torrential downpours, and everybody's favorite, wintry mix, made for a very cold and wet raw monday. if you had an event scheduled to be outside you called for the backup plan and moved it inside. but today in d.c. there was one
6:51 pm
event that couldn't be moved inside. this morning in the driving rain, a bipartisan group gathered under trench coats and y umbrellas and tents to plant a tree in emory of emmett till. he was 14 years old when he was beaten, tortured and murdered while visiting relatives in mississippi in 1955. if you think about your civil rights history, 1955 is early. it helped spark the civil rights movement in the south, particularly after his mother insisted on him being buried in an open casket so the world could see what had been done to her son in mississippi. well, today, in washington, emmett till was officially recognized for this sort of living memorial at the capitol. nearly 60 years after his death.
6:52 pm
attorney general eric holder spoke about it. >> although emmett till died senselessly and far too soon, it can never, it can never be said that he died in vain. his tragic murder gallon andized millions to action. and today we commemorate this legacy by planting a tree in his honor, a tree that will become his living memorial, here at the heart of our republic, in the shadow of the united states capitol. like the work it symbolizes and the cause it represents, this tree will outlast all of us. like our ongoing efforts, it will honor then during legacy of a young man, a boy, really, who never had the chance to grow old, and it will ensure that emmett till's story, his example and his too-short life will be preserved another ever. >> attorney general holder there
6:53 pm
speaking. and thad cochran over his shoulder there. the whole mississippi delegation there today. and he said we ennoble our nation and make our union more per effect. one of those days where it seemed like the weather befitted the occasion. [ applause ] .
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
vowing to block it. because of congress's history of imposing their views on d.c., the day after the election, i warned, we warned, that d.c. should expect some meddling. >> republicans love doing this to d.c. in 2009, the d.c. city council voted to legalize same-sex marriage. in 2010, congress decided to take d.c.'s locally-passed gun laws away. they blocked their locally funded abortion policies. now they're doing it again. d.c. votes to legalize pot. >> that was the day after the election. they're doing it again. now it's like two weeks later, right? so is that true or false? that congress is set to meddle in d.c. affairs once again, this
6:58 pm
time to block d.c. from legalizing pot. is it true or is it false? [ buzzer ] >> false? false? [ buzzer ] >> hard to believe, but false. yes, we thought there would be more of a fight, specifically by republicans, but look at the washington post today. with focus elsewhere, gop congress shows little interest in blocking pot legalization in d.c. senator john mccain says he's focused on other things. so at least publicly, the republican party says they're not going to interfere with d.c. legalizing pot. they're not. [ buzzer ] >> so they say. take them at their word until they give us a reason not to. we'll see. next up. to oregon. dr. monica wehby was a republican candidate in oregon. she ran against jeff merkley.
6:59 pm
dr. monica wehby did not win. but if there were two things that the dr. monica wehby campaign really wanted you to know about her is that number one she's a doctor. and number two, she really doesn't like obamacare. that's what her whole campaign was about. >> it's not brain surgery. obamacare is bad for oregon. i'm dr. monica wehby. as a pediatric neurosurgeon, i know first hand how devastating obamacare is for patients. i 'm the only senate candidate who has fought to stop it. >> i don't even know what that means. keep your doctor, change your senator was her campaign slogan. now that she's lost that election, there are reports that she's applied for a new job in oregon. she's applied for the job of running obamacare in oregon. is that true or is it false?
7:00 pm
[ ding ] >> oh, yes. one obamacare candidate runs against obamacare. the day after she lost the race she called the governor to ask about a job opening, specifically, directing the oregon health authority, in charge of implementing obamacare, which is something she campaigned against as devastating to oregon. so now she wants to run it! ta-da! coming up, we have a last word exclusive, after brittany maynard who had terminal brain cancer decided to end her life. she was criticized by the vatican for that decision. tonight brittany maynard's mother has written a response that she has asked us to read. but first, mitch mcconnell and john boehner have insisted that they will not shut down the government or