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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 18, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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devastating to oregon. now she wants to run it. not busy anymore. tah-dah! breaking news "first look." death and destruction. two terrorists attack jews praying in a synagogue this morning. and hamas congratulates those responsible. missouri's governor declares a state of emergency ahead of a grand jury decision in the michael brown shooting and the naacp is furious. today more than 200 million americans infy states will suffer from you temperatures at or below freezing pier. charles manson prepares to wed a 26-year-old woman. $66 billion for botox and a roller coaster to rival them all. breaking news, a brazen terror attack in the member of
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the. two gun and ax-wielding men stormed a jerusalem synagogue. this is video from that scene. four were killed, six hurt. >> we came down from the top of the street. we heard the sirens and police coming. we heard terrorists came into the shul with a knife and started to stab people. >> police killed the attackers in a shoot-out. hamas praised the attack but is not claiming responsibility. prime minister netanyahu says "israel will respond with a heavy hand." preemptive state of emergency adding fuel to a tense situation in missouri. during a teleconference with reporters last night governor jay nixon activated the missouri national guard and explained the unprecedented move.
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>> my hope and expectation is peace will prevail. i have a responsibility to plan for contingencies that might arise. i hope there's no violence. the effort is to maintain peace and i am hopeful that will occur. >> naacp president said the decision is presumptuous to the hundreds of peaceful demonstrators who have embraced their constitutional right to protest. the fbi is on high alert. that agency sent out an advisory to police last week warning of demonstrators who might preempt the announcement in an attempt to undercut law enforcement. >> reporter: a passionate group of demonstrators disrupted streets near the courthouse where a grand jury is deciding whether to indict officer darren wilson in the death of michael brown. how does this all end
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peacefully? >> they indict the cop. >> that's it? >> we're not going to stop. >> reporter: missouri's governor declared a state of emergency warning of possible expanded unrest and activated the national guard. hundreds of troops were called in last august when violence erupted after brown's death. police say all the protests have not been peaceful. >> it's been very hazardous. >> reporter: tension building as police records of obtained by "the st. louis post dispatch" show video of officer wilson hours after the fate encounter at a police station. police radio calls from that day tracking a robbery suspect. >> 25, it's going to be a black male in a white t-shirt. he's running toward quick trip. >> reporter: officer wilson asked if he's needed. >> 21 to 25 or 22, you guys need me? >> reporter: later, wilson reports his location. the street where he's shot and killed brown. >> 21, put me on canfield with two. send me another car. >> reporter: the newspaper says its analysis shows brown was dead some 90 seconds later. >> get us several more units over here, there's going to be a problem. >> we're in this together, st.
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louis. >> reporter: now appeals for calm on the air. from the local nfl team. and the high schools from police captain ron johnson, a ferguson native, widely credited with helping keep the peace. >> what you saw on the streets, did that surprise you, that that rage that anger, that part of it, did that surprise you? >> the magnitude of it did. some of the people that i saw as moms and dads and businesspeople and educators. >> reporter: some still on the streets now with a decision from the grand jury expected any day. >> that was nbc's ron allen reporting. tomorrow governor nixon will announce and swear in the members of the newly created ferguson commission. there is new concern over the levels of arsenic found in rice and rice product like baby cereal and gluten-free foods. a study to be released today recommends you not ease rice more than twice a week. scientists looked at arsenic levels from rice across the
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country. california rice seemed to have the smallest amount of arsenic compared to rice from other parts of the country. the average american eats 25 pounds of rice every year. and that is twice as much rice than americans did ten years ago. capitol hill is primed for a major showdown later this morning. it has to do with the keystone xl pipeline that would shoot oil through the middle of the u.s. while there are environmental concerns, a proposed bill was approved in the republican-led house last week. things aren't as certain in the senate. the vote is expected to be razor thin, somewhere on either side of the 60 votes needed. if passed that sets up the next huge question, will the president veto it? comedian bill cosby continues to make headlines over decades-old sexual assault allegation ises. he's been accused by several women. a new victim has come forward. she spoke to nbc news on monday. she says she was assaulted twice by cosby in 1969 when she was 19
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years old. >> i said, this is my time. i can't let this go any longer. i wanted to join the throngs of people who have talked about this already. >> cosby has denied the allegations in the past and has never been charged with a crime. cosby has not addressed the current allegations and according to his lawyer he does not plan to. listen to this, activist is buying allergen, the maker of botox, for $66 billion, a huge facelift. if approved it will become a top ten pharmaceutical company. while botox is used for therapeutic purposes, plenty of people use it to enhance their looks. according to the american society of plastic surgeons, there were 6.3 million botox procedures for cosmetic reasons performed last year. one of the most infamous serial killers in modern history may be getting married. charles manson, who is now 80 years old, has received a license to marry a woman almost
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55 years younger than him. her name is afton lane burton, 26 years old, has spent almost a decade trying to exonerate manson. reports say the two are likely to finalize everything next month and it is worth noting prisoners serving life sentences without parole like manson are not entitled to conjugal visits. just in case you were wondering. all right, let's get the latest in sports. >> from the 20. oh, takes a shot downfield! and lane washington, the former steeler, is going to score a touchdown! >> the titans took a 17-13 lead at the half and added another touchdown in the third. but the steelers rallied in the fourth. running back le'veon bell rushed 204 yards and a touchdown. that lifted the steelers to a come from behind 27-24 win. there was a jimmy fallon sighting at sunday night's colts/patriots game. you see him? the colts mascot tried to use a
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giant fallon head to distract the pats kicker. it obviously didn't work. the pats made the kick. by the way, jimmy's head isn't really that big. at least we don't think so. not sure, though. college hoops, eighth ranked florida loses its first game of the season against its rival miami. the hurricanes and the gators' there-game home winning streak with a 69-67 win. the upset of the night in women's basketball. sixth ranked stanford beats two-time defending national champion uconn in overtime. that ends the huskies' 47-game winning streak. stanford ended their 90-game winning streak in december 2010. former baseball slugger jose canseco surgically reattached the finger that recently fell off during a poker match with friends. now he intends to sell both the handgun that shot his finger off and the finger on ebay. he tweeted that the ad would read, slightly used middle finger with 462 home runs and
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could be used as a stirring straw for drinks. ew. luckily ebay has a policy against selling body parts. look, ma, no hands. legendary skateboarder tony hawk tested out a real hoverboard. sure, hawk makes it look easy. granted it only hovers an inch above the ground and tony hawk is a professional by the way. let's get down to business. good morning to you. >> good morning. the trustee overseeing the bernie madoff case says he's recovered more than $10 billion investors since is fraud was discovered in 2008. he struck a $500 million settlement on monday with two funds that invested with madoff, who's serving 150 years in prison. a study by two washington think tanks says seven u.s. companies paid more to their ceos last year than they did in taxes. including boeing, verizon, and citigro citigroup. those firms dispute it saying they abide by all u.s. tax laws.
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honda's offering to replace potentially defective air bags nationwide. even though a recall only covers cars in 13 high-humidity states. honda's recalling 2.8 million cars with taka air bags that can explode and spray shrapnel in a crash. terror strikes, they soared in 2013. but just four groups are responsible for 66% of the death and destruction. we will name them. it is coming to orlando and it may just be the biggest one on the planet. just getting word, new york state thruway is closed near buffalo because of this intent lake-effect snow. you won't believe how much snow i'm forecasting for the region.
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welcome to the frozen tundra. today more than 200 million in all 50 states will feel temperatures below 32 degrees. in some spots 100 record lows will be met by this morning. on those icy roads, rock salt
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might be hard to find. there's a shortage of it. you can blame last year's severe snow storms. michigan, salt prices are up 50%. in the south, tornados, five of them in fact, in central georgia an ef-1 with 105-mile-per-hour winds leveled homes in just seconds. all right, when is all this mess going to be out of here? >> it was a mess yesterday and it continues today. nine tornados, preliminary report from yesterday. that happens in november. we get big outbreaks every now and then. but this cold that we've had now for two weeks is very unusual. and because the water is so warm in the great lakes, with this cold arctic air, we have the perfect lake effect setup for a historic lake effect total. this is a firehose coming off lake erie. just now on the south side of buffalo, northern hamburg, new york state thruway is shut. special weather statement from the national weather service in buffalo saying, 4 inches of snow an hour in this band. and there are cars that are stuck and strarchded there on the highway. so crews are going to have to try to get out there on
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snowmobiles to get those people blankets and food. at 4 inches an hour, the plows probably won't bother to try to keep up. 30 inches is possible plus, maybe even more south of buffalo. also by watertown. i still think some of them will end up with 4 to 5 feet in the next 48 hours, and there's a lot of other snow, too. grand rapids, also there in the northern and upper peninsula of michigan. betty, you get the picture, it's cold pretty much everywhere across the country. two more days and then we warm it up. >> bring it on. can't come soon enough. thank you, bill. breaking overnight, a desperate search in chicago for the pilot of this small plane. it crash need a house just a couple hours ago. authorities say the pilot reported engine problems after taking off at midway airport. miraculously, though, the two occupants of the house were not injured. with a global focus on defeating growing terrorist groups like isis, a new study found that terror attacks soared last year. there were nearly 10,000 terror attacks in 2013, up 44% from 2012. a london-based think tank says
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the attacks resulted in 18,000 deaths. it also found that four groups, isis, boko haram, al qaeda and the taliban were responsible for 66% of those deaths. he was a champion for desegregating schools in georgia. former governor carl sanders has died. during his tenure, sanders helped turn atlanta into a big sports city, bringing in the falcons and the braves. he was 89. all right, so, you thought a-rod had the sweetest deal in major league baseball? uh-uh, not anymore. marlins outfielder giancarlo stanton just signed a record $325 million, 13-year contract. let's break that down for you, shall we? that is $25 million per season and more than $154,000 per game. not bad. and you are looking at a skyscraper roller coaster. the company behind the $200 million project released this video showing the dips and turns riders can expect when it's
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wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ 19 minutes past the hour. time for your morning dish of "scrambled politics." and when it comes to immigration, top democrats are urging the president to act alone. the advice came from six senators, including robert
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menendez, charles schumer and harry reid. as for taking on the gop, listen to what representative peter welch told msnbc's lawrence o'donnell on "the last word." >> if the speaker, who now has the largest majority of republicans since herbert hoover, wants to act, show us the bill. he can act. what he's doing instead is complaining about obama. and his problem is not with obama. his problem is with his own conference. >> in a "usa today" poll, 46% say the president should act now, 42% want him to wait for the new congress. in alaska, senator mark bagich has finally conceded. he lost to republican dan sullivan, helping the gop gain control of the senate. in d.c., keystone opponents took their gripe to a new level. they put an inflatable pipeline in senator mary landrieu's yard. she's hoping a keystone bill can save her job. despite the 2016 chatter, wisconsin governor scott walker is not sure about running.
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take a listen. >> i'm not going to run just because of, you know, the pundits or anything else like that. the closer you get to something like that, the more you realize -- and i say this only half jokingly -- that you have to be crazy to want to be president. >> add another one to the possibly maybe column. republican rick santorum will make his white house decision around june. ♪ this is your birthday song, it doesn't last too long, hey ♪ >> john boehner turned 65 on monday. happy birthday. the speaker of the house celebrated with a gavel cake, fittingly. he was also zinged by nancy pelosi. she tweeted "happy 65th birthday, speaker boehner. welcome to medicare and social security!" well, boehner's response, "thanks, nancy pelosi" and tweets "hope you'll work with us to save them from bankruptcy for future generations." and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i am joined in studio with
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columnist and best-selling author ellis heneghan. thanks for being with us. >> i think there are a lot of voters who would like all of them to retire. you get that feeling out there? just go. >> get them out of there, what they're thinking, huh? >> florida's very nice this time of year. >> it is, in the 70s compared to the rest of us. let's talk about the president and this executive action. we've been talking about it all week long on immigration. and despite the warnings that the president himself acknowledges -- and i'm going to quote here -- these warnings that say "broadening immigration would amount to violating our laws and would be very difficult to defend legally." so, is it a smart move? >> well, it depends how you do it. betty, clearly, the president has some executive power to just do stuff, in terms of enforcement and what you focus on, what your priorities are. he can't just go ahead and change the laws. listen, in the end, he's going to take action. he has promised to do so. there's a huge latino constituency that wants him to. and i guarantee you that no matter what he does, there will be complaints that it went too far and there will be lawsuits
2:23 am
about it. so, in the end, probably some courts are going to decide this. >> well, you know, seems like both sides, the president and the republicans are very dug in on this. is there any kind of agreement out there anywhere? >> hmm, i don't see it. while i think some smart republican strategists say, hey, in the long run, we've got to find some kind of way to make peace on immigration reform. >> right. >> there's all that republican base that says, no! keep him away! don't let them be legal. so, i think boehner and mcconnell are in kind of a squeeze on this. i don't think they can afford to move very much. >> yeah, but that could lead to a ripple effect. how will this battle on immigration possibly derail a long-term spending bill, because there's, what, a deadline of december 11th, right? >> well, that's right, and there's a lot of sort of agitation among house members particularly, house republican members, who say if the president does something, we have to stand strong, even shutting the government. but boy, boehner, mcconnell, some of the leaders say that's going to bounce back at us and fly right in our faces. hey, we just won! why don't we try and actually
2:24 am
govern here? there's an idea. >> and don't forget, mcconnell said there will be no government shutdowns, remember? >> he has said that, but you know, those guys don't always have total control over their members. so, yeah, we're screeching right up to a deadline on it. keep an eye on obama's actions this week and that funding stuff in a couple weeks. >> feels like we've been here before, right? >> about 47 times, doesn't it? let's get a new dynamic, huh? we had a new election. >> let's get something done. thank you, ellis. just ahead, the fiery natural phenomenon that is the size of manhattan? plus, what is going on here? why driving on three wheels is not a good idea. time to be on verizon. one: verizon's the largest, most reliable 4g lte network in the country. that's right america. with xlte in over 400 markets. two: and here's something for families to get excited about. our best pricing ever! get 2 lines with an incredible 10gb of data to share for the low price of $110! or just $140 for a family of 4! and three: get $150 credit for every line you switch.
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breaking overnight on
2:28 am, slaughtered in cold blood, four killed in a jerusalem synagogue. two palestinian attackers stormed the synagogue, opening fire and using knives and axes to stab jews praying inside. prime minister benjamin netanyahu vows israel will "respond harshly" to the attack. and the lava field could cover manhattan. it has been erupting for three months and is responsible for the largest lava field in iceland in more than 200 years. also in the news, 28 minutes past the hour, newly released time-lapse video shows the restoration work taking place at the u.s. capitol dome. the cost of restoring this washington landmark is almost $60 million. the exterior work should be done in about a year. and take a look at this video. now, this cannot be safe. an instagram user filmed a car -- >> i told you, betty, get off the road! >> i needed to get someplace. that had a tire, apparently. this person, obviously in newark, new jersey, didn't. it's missing a tire on the front
2:29 am
passenger side. quite a lot of sparks and rims scraping along the road. we don't advise that, folks. >> but it makes for a nice light show. >> i'm betty nguyen. this is your "first look" on msnbc. "way too early with thomas roberts" starts right now. >> all eyes are on us now. >> the whole world is watching. >> our children are watching. >> let's make them proud. >> proud to be a st. louisan. >> proud of how we move forward. >> the st. louis rams advertising for calm in the region as the missouri governor declares a state of emergency before the grand jury even hands down a decision in the shooting death of michael brown. old man winter comes a calling. at or below freezing in all 50 states today, so pull out those puffer coats, we've got one frigid forecast for you. and then, killer wedding? why this woman says she wants to marry that guy, convicted mass murderer charles manson, as soon as next month!
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the wedding beats. this is "way too early." ♪ your love's got me looking so crazy right now ♪ ♪ >> hey, hey, everybody! good morning, i'm thomas roberts, tuesday, november 18th. welcome to "way too early," the show that doesn't like to judge love, until now. we've got the bride of chucky details coming up in the cooler, which are wild. he's 80, she is 26. i'll just leave you with that one. but we want to start this morning in missouri. a lot of news coming out of that state, where a state of emergency is now in effect as a grand jury decides whether or not to indict a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed, black teen. democratic governor jay nixon issued the executive order in anticipation of possible unrest over the grand jury's decision. that action includes calling up the national guard to assist local law enforcement. violent protests erupted in august after officer darren wilson shot 18-year-old michael brown. governor nixon


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