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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  November 18, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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two attackers stormed in carrying a gun, knives, axes. this all happening during morning prayers. eyewitnesss looked on in horror. >> we came to pray this morning and we were coming into the synagogue. we heard gunshots from downstairs and then a flurry of shots. >> the four men murdered were all rabbis. the attackers were killed in a gun battle with police. they have been identified as palestinian cousins from east jerusalem. back here in the u.s., get this. 100 different records for coldest temperatures this day of the year broken this morning. freezing temp turks are hitting all 50 states and in hawaii only on the tops of the volcanoes.
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bitterly cold air from siberia descended across the united states as far down as the gulf coast. some areas hit worse than others. up to five feet of snow in buffalo, new york. pennsylvania should brace for about two. imagine being out in the cold trying to flash your best patriotic smile. the new freshman class of the congress that posed for the traditional post election picture on the steps of the capitol this morning. look at the shining faces. they have unproductive shoes to fill. the 113th congress is expected to close out having passed fewer bills than any before. it will be a busy day for democrats in the senate and house. the house will have new leadership where they will be voting on the bill to approve the keystone pipeline. facing a run off from her own seat scheduled for early december. we will have live coverage for tonight right here on msnbc
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starting at 6:00 on politics nation. a sat story in chicago now. a pilot confirmed dead after a plane crashed into a home. the small cargo plane tried to turn around and went down a quarter mile short of the runway. it plowed through this home. you are looking at pictures of it there and into the basement of that building. a neighbor watched. >> i was asleep and i heard the propeller like it was struggling and the next thing you know, you hear a bang. that's when i looked in the back. >> good news there. the two home earns were in the house and survived. they are looking into what happened here. we will let you know if anything testimony comes of that. >> let's go down on the bloodiest act in the synagogue. president obama came out and announced the attack this
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morning. obviously we condemn in the strongest terms these attacks. a number of people were wounded and four people were killed including three american citizens. israel as well as the united states and our hearts go out to the families who obviously are undergoing enormous grieve right now. >> also condemning this, palestinian president abbas came out strong against the rampage and according to some officials not strong enough. we will have more on that in a few minutes. of course one point of contention is the calls for more bloodshed from hamas. also challenging here, today's attack is the latest in a broader picture of derailing tensions between jews and
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muslims. part of that is the dispute over a shrine. here to sort all of this out is katie. thanks for following this for us. she is in london tracking the story. we have netanyahu speaking right now. we are looking at live pictures of him. how likely is this to escalate broader tensions on the ground and result in more military action for instance. something on many people's minds after this summer. >> we will find out in a few moment when is this gets translated into english. i think there is a lot of concern on the ground that this is going to escalate tensions. there was concern that tensions were escalating before this with previous attacks. netanyahu vowed to take this very seriously. he is vowing to respond with force. he already has taken action ordering the destruction of the homes of the two attackers. please raided the area earlier today and arrested many family members. the two attackers were killed by
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police after the attack in the synagogue. the attack this morning is being linked to an attack on monday. the death of a bus driver on monday. he was found hanged and palestinians are calling it murder. israelis were calling it suicide. it's one of many escalating tensions and incidents that people are concerned about. that's what some leaders are saying justified the attack this morning. some of them are praising the attack. the four jewish men are rabbis and they were killed this morning during prayer in synagogue. their funerals have happened and ronan, we found out that three were israeli-americans. >> thank you for the overview of a troubling situation. we will look closer at how the violence is echoing around the region. in just a few minutes. missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard.
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he was criticized for failing to do that sooner. that community is on the drink again. grand jury deciding whether or not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting could deliver a decision any day now. yesterday there was a peaceful protest outside of the courthouse in clayton. officials are bracing for much more. joining me from ferguson, tre main lee has been following this for us from the beginning. how are people responding to the moves thus far? >> minute by minute, day by day. they will decide whether or not to indict officer wilson. they have done little more than fuel fire for those who feel that the state government and law enforcement are preparing for a war. while they are bracing for what may be the worst, folks's nerves, there is so much anticipation and anxiety over the decision. it is drowned out andy woo are going 102 days since michael
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brown's killing. yesterday did little more than what we have been used to which is dra ma. >> we will stick with the story all day. he will join me with that family's new message to the tense community there. thanks again. >> a lot of controversy over how he is handling the latest events in ferguson. we want to bring you in on this one. it's the hash tag battle. what you think of governor nixon and his latest moves. was he right to order that state of emergency in missouri before this grand jury decision? is that a wise precaution or on the other, is this militarizing the reaction further and ramping up tensions. obviously a big challenge. whether it's a #rfd good or #rfd bad. we will track your responses. interested to what you have to say. watching a story in the sports world. the nfl just suspended adrian
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peterson without pay for the rest of the season. it's an about-face. the player's association announced plans to appeal the decision. the minnesota viking was suspended with pay indefinitely after being indicted on child abuse allegations. he pled no contest to a lesser charge of assault and insisted he was disciplining his son in a cultural issue. commissioner roger goodell extending and upping that punishment. he had not shown remorse and he is mandating he meet with a psychiatrist. all of this a bold move for embattled leader of the league. joining me in the studio, rob, it is goed to have you back on the program. how much of an unexpected move is this. >> commissioner goodell knew a lot of eyes were on him and how he handled this. after the previous incidents we
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had, the ray rice story and all the controverciy that came about due to the initial three-game suspension he was given before being banned indefinitely. the nfl knew they needed to get this right the first time. there was a lot of outrage in terms of the pictures we saw of his son. the wounds that were clearly inflicted on him by this beating administered by his father. it didn't come as a great shock this year. >> at nbc sports, thank you very much for that update. we will be watching to see what comes of the appeal. >> the biggest fight on the hill. all day we are looking at that issue including from an unexpected vantage point. i go on the ground with the border patrol. new polls revealing a trend you may not expect from what the public wants from president obama on immigration reform. a new movement on the hill that is just as surprising. the congressman is one of the big voices on this hill is with
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a nation divided right now over immigration and dwight it is over the president's potential executive action which is as we know expected any day. numbers are underlining how divided that public is. take a look at this in "usa today". one new interesting trend, some lawmakers are rallying around
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117 democrats. the representatives and luis gutierrez with the chairman of the task force and the congressional hispanic caucus. always great to have you on the show. they are looking to grant status to millions of workers with the executive action. there is a lot we don't know. i want to drill down on that. what this will mean for the border and for any potential pathway to citizenship. will that even be touched on with the executive action. >> the president doesn't have the authority to grant citizenship for undocumented workers. they have american citizen children and they can go through
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a background check with a clean bill of health. maybe they will give them a work permit and security card until the congress catches up with the reality of our broken system. here's what won't happen. you are going to -- i think what we will find ourselves in a situation where there 3 million or 4 million children who won't have on to worry about their mom or dad being deported. when we say a mixed family in the mihm grant community, we are not thinking of white or black or asian. we are thinking of someone with papers and someone without. i think the part that will protect families and children. i want to talk about discretion and is this within the bounds
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and even if it is legally, does it step over the line of acceptable practice for a president. this is president obama in a television interview. >> for people growing up here are americans we should welcome. we will not have them operate under a shadow. if we broughten that, i would be ignoring the law in a way that would be difficult to defend legally. i get worried that advocates of immigration reform start losing heart and think somehow there is an out here. we will have the president sign something and that will take care of them. we won't have to worry. >> the times chiming in that
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this order would be a turn around for president obama. >> i think he was speaking to republicans and saying i'm not going to act. i want to work with you. it wasn't until speaker boehner called him up and said mr. president, we are not going to call up any bill. there is no hope for anything on immigration. as he said in the state of the union, i will use my pen. i think the president of the united states and i had conversations with people who said the president himself upon looking and he has been surrounded by excellent people. they have shown him as a good staff should, different things he can do. he opened up his eyes. he knows that it's a dead end.
10:18 am
he was late on gay marriage. it takes all of us a complete understanding of what we can do. let me say, can you imagine what it mifb like in 1948 when truman said i'm going to desegregate the armed forces of the united states of america. i will have black soldiers and white soldiers and asians and native americans all work. you want to know about barack obama? he begged and implored and done everything to get this congress to act. when they said they couldn't include gay people, we found a way to compromise although it was against our values. when they said everybody couldn't have a pathway to citizen, we didn't walk away.
10:19 am
every time the republicans have said this is a demand for moving forward, we stayed at the table and looked for compromise. >> the president is between a rock and a hard place. he has people saying he waited too long and that damage the democratic platform and people saying don't act now, that will alienate the congress. i want to ask you about another story related to your state. we have all seen nancy pelosi not allowing her fellow representative to vote by proxy. she is pregnant and can't make it to the committee vote next week. this is an inconsist sensy that puts them in an ugh low position. >> the party should look for a way to allow everyone to exercise their vote. show has given up much for the nation. she is pregnant and she is special.
10:20 am
special people require special consideration. >> thank you for that. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> everybody at home on this subject of the stymie facing washington on immigration reform. here's a side issue, but one of the few areas getting bipartisan support across the aisle and it could impact a lot of lives. this week's call to action, we are writing to the governors of these state that refuses to expand to dreamers. 20 other states have done it. we want you to sign that letter to encourage the stays that expand the programs with health care coverage. isolating this because it's one of the few areas where they seem to be rallying around. all the information is on our website. coming up, my special report on the frontlines of the u.s. border patrol in arizona. they are protecting the most rugged unforgiving terrain in the country that can deliver a death sentence to those going
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something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪ >> good to have you back, everyone. we have a renewed heat in the fight to end the nationwide backlog of hundreds of thousands of rape kits. now out with new editorials calling for congressional action. from news day, it's crazy for any city to let sex offenders prowl their street. congress must act to help local communities investigate and prosecute cases as well as put in place reforms to prevent backlogs from occurring again. a huge human toll and $41
10:25 am
million hanging in the balance in the senate. keep tabs on that. first, i loa look at the storie spiking on social media. 80-year-old mass murderer charles manson granted a license to web a 26-year-old who goes by the name star. of course. she said she loves him and has been visiting him in jail for years. i got nothing. your favorite car service a cold war era police state. executive e meal michael announcing at a dinner he wants to assemble a team to dig up dirt on journalists who write negatively on uber. a dinner full of media who blogged this. >> a block south of here, times
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president obama just spoke out earlier today about the horrific attacks in east jerusalem. as the worldfocuses on
10:30 am
confrontations there, the violence is spreading. israeli and palestinian leaders don't work to put it out, they exploded in flame. with looming threats, our nbc correspondent follows the turmoil across the region right now. isis with a lot of developments there. my condolences there. he was the latest to be behea d beheaded. they didn't threaten the hostages. and they have the ability to fight on multiple fronts. in terms of your specific question in terms of what they
10:31 am
plan on doing with the hostages. they have been threatening hostages and killed them. today there was about 1,400 people since they started controlling the territories in cold-blooded executions. it is an indication that they have been disrupted by the coalition air strikes. they had the same time and ability to produce the videos we have seen with other executions. >> maybe signs of promise there. >> moving on, a looming threat on that front in the eyes of many especially in israel. news on that front, world powers in vienna, negotiating a nuclear solution. what's the latest on that. they have only god until monday.
10:32 am
they want to be true that the sanctions of the west that imposed are lifted. who will come 50 and commit first? the iranian foreign minster strike a tone of optimism. right now they say if it fails, it's not iran's fault. >> up against a lot. on to israel. the existential threat. they often say it's from iran. but they are dealing with a lot of other tensions with the borders now. why the flair up of violence? >> over the last several months, a lot of tensions have been brewing. it's all coming down to that. the summer was bloody. it's going to build illegal settlements that angered the government. also we have seen at least a dozen killed. it is a downward cycle and violence is on the rise. both sides are blaming each
10:33 am
other. >> troubles news there. you know it well. thank you so much for that reporting. we will drill down. >> it has been building for a long time. maybe the last couple of weeks to look at specifics of what happened today. there has been about israelis and about a dozen palestinians are being killed in this tit for tat violence. they carry out what they call the operations against israel. it's hard for israel and the security services to stop them. they didn't necessarily organize attacks and people driving cars into the crowds and bus stops or
10:34 am
attacking individuals with knives. for the security it's impossible to stop. there has been increasing violence and that takes place with the ongoing violence. >> we will be keeping tabs on that. what he said so far is there is going to be a harsh response. that has been the word. how likely is this to bubble over into formalized military action? >> formalized action extremely unlikely. >> that will be effective. the people who did it and that's what has been successful. when palestinians carry out the kind of attacks, it becomes mart iers. they are heroes to the local population. that changes the picture.
10:35 am
there will be a lot of actions against the palestinian people who can't get out. the large scale action, probably no chance. >> there is a broader picture of diplomatic talks going terribly a wry. take a look at john kerry weighing in on this. he has been at the cross hairs a lot of failed diplomacy right now. the sanctuary was hatcheted and hacked and murdered. in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality and murder. this violence has noplace anywhere. >> when i said failed diplomacy, i'm referring to the peace talks this year. in the wake of that, how much influence does kerry and this administration have? >> that depends on how much we want you to exercise and how
10:36 am
much the u.s. has. will they finally demand change from the israelis and the palestinians? in the meantime, kerry and president obama become extremely unpopular figures in israel. by the way, among the palestinians. the american attempts to make change in the area has been and they believe the administration is hostile to israel. that's why there is such an unpleasant relationship between netanyahu and obama. >> it seems like an all time low. always a pleasure to get your insights on this. up next, stay with us, everybody. we are looking at tensions mounting by the minute in ferguson. missouri's governor declared a state of emergency there. we look at how that is echoing on the ground. including the brown family attorney after this break. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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back to preparations under way right now in ferguson. city leaders bracing for unrest, anticipating protests whether or not a grand jury decides to indict officer darren wilson in the death of michael brown. the governor and officials are asking them to remain calm and not repeat the violence in the weeks after the shooting. >> benjamin crump, attorney for michael brown's parents. it's always a pleasure. i want to get your reaction to the governor's decision to declare a state of emergency. is that the right call or and excessive? >> first of all, i want to deliver a message for michael brown's parents that they would like to thank the citizens of ferg for exercising the first amendment rights in a peaceful nonviolent way and for everyone
10:41 am
who is planning on coming to ferg to act like the citizens who are good people and only want their voices heard. we want the same message that you put in that with this activation with the national guard. they made them act appropriately as well for american citizens exercising their first amendment rights. >> is the family confident in the grant jury investigation ongoing right now. has that been thorough and fair in their eyes? >> from the beginning they have always said they objected to this grand jury and the way this prosecutor was having this process. think about it. he is saying we are just doing this because we want to make sure we are fair. is that to say the other 28 years prosecuted, he wasn't fair to those citizens? this family wants equal justice
10:42 am
and don't want the police officer to get any greater due process than their child gets. america is supposed to be equal. >> if the grant jury decides not to indict officer wilson, what then? >> i didn't hear you. >> if they do not indict officer wilson, what is the desire of the family at that point? >> the family certainly wants to try to make something positive out of negative. they greatly want the police officer to be charged and they were killing the unarmed child. they understand that we have to get something positive out of this so this doesn't happen to anybody else's child. they want to see the proposal for the michael brown law with body cameras for the police officers and this whole system of having the prosecutor sit in judgment of the local police when they shoot one of our
10:43 am
children has to change. we have the sim bionic relationship with the prosecutor and the police and he has no relationship with the person of color. it's almost as if the game is rigged before it begins. they want to change this process so everybody can get their due process and so the family is thinking not only about their child, but they are thinking about your children too and trying to say we got to get positive change out of positive legislation. >> they want change in terms of accountability and cameras, that's a proposal we have covered several times. do michael brown's parents have a reaction to the current build up of what seems to be a fairly militarized police apparatus poised to react? is that necessary? >> they have been disappointed by a lot of government leaders. not only the militarization of the police, but also the notions
10:44 am
of the grand jury and the leaks and the video that just came out where there was an exaggeration of the police officer's injuries to try to justify the killing of the unarmed child in brought daylight. they have been disappointed and heartbroken by many, many things as you imagine any parent would be. it has been three months and they haven't had time to grieve. they had to have this emotional fight for justice for their child. it has been difficult on them. >> a difficult time for a family and a community right now, waiting for this decision from the grand jury. thank you so much. brown family attorney benjamin crump. >> thank you, sir. >> up next, stay tuned for this one. it's a rare look at life along the u.s.-mexican border. i was given an opportunity to embed with the border patrol as they deal with immigration on the frontlines, not the
10:45 am
political fight you know, but the human side of this debate. their emotional tug of war is next. >> coming from mexican background myself, sometimes friends and family question what am i doing? wethey were a littlehorizons to mbit, what they do actually is rocket science. but at ge capital we also bring expertise from across ge, like lean process engineers we asked who does what, when, where, and why that step first?
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all eyes on president obama right now. the promised executive action on immigration reform. thousands of miles away from the firestorm in washington, a very different side of the immigration fight is raging. every single day. the border between the u.s. and mexico, the u.s. border patrol is the last line of defense and the first face many border crossers see. they work in some of the most extreme places in the country and exposure to the elements can kill. >> what are the big crossing points?
10:49 am
>> in the traffic in the tucson sector has been dropping off over the last few years. >> this is border country. the expensive operation to keep it secure are operating bases. modular buildings and trailers and generators. even horse stables. self-contained worlds and desolate border from arizona and mexico. >> it's calculus and brush. >> these bases are so remote and far away from the border patrol's headquarters, they stay for a week at a time. >> it's a spot where we can stage up areas at a remote area. >> to help, they use everything from atvs to drones to heat sensitive. it's not all high tech.
10:50 am
>> there will be ten guys out on horses. >> is that the assignment people like to get or the bad one. >> it takes 4 like or don't like to get? >> it takes four-and-a-half hours to get to the border. through a native american land. >> we have seen high levels of human trafficking, narcotic smuggling, and we are trying to get suggests in the right place at the right time. >> but the cartels are saying ahead of that, right? >> exactly it's a cat and house game. they're trying to stay ahead of us and we're trying to stay ahead of them. >> they know all too well the human consequences of that game
10:51 am
of cat and mouse. >> a suggest waves us down and as he is waving he falls 30 feet down. we all rush out of the vehicle. by the time we show up we are trying to do cpr on the guy and you could feel his rib cage was collapsed. >> he didn't make it? >> unfortunately he was one that brings narcotics and we could tell that from the strap marks on him. >> it makes the deadly game worthwhile. >> we see more and more meth. we see a little cocaine, we don't see a whole lot of that here but a little bit, but a uptick in heroin too in the last few years. those numbers are very tiny compares to the marijuana numbers. we're talking hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds. >> have you seen any changes
10:52 am
since legalization? >> it's too early to call. >> this is the boundary for the operating base. >> about 150 miles into the desert, we arrive at the base. >> i'm 13 miles north of the mexico border at the boundary forward operating base. there is a living center, detention center, and high-tech gear for tracking migrants. >> you're out here with limited resources, trying to do a job, and you know you do miss your family. we're out here for six hours, eight hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, and you sleep out here. it can be tough. >> life on the f.o.b. is sparse. there is bunk beds and little else. there is an unexpectedly long
10:53 am
line of refrigerators in a small kitchen. >> most people when they come out they don't make trips to town for food, you have to bring it all out and stock it for a week. >> we're a long way from mcdonald's here. >> yes, yes indeed. >> there is also a small gym that agents make use of for practical purposes. >> if there is anyone in that group that wants to make a move, then people might get encouraged. >> there are some small creature comforts. >> journey to the center of the earth. the "repo man." "flags of our fathers." "the departed." it is a very manly assortment of entertainment options. >> of course there is also a
10:54 am
detention center available for use 24/7. >> this facility is extremely important because it gives us the ability to make ourselves more effective. when an agent is out in the field and they apprehend a group, they can bring the group here, drop them off, turn them over to another agent, and get themselves back out in the field, make another drug seizure or apprehension. >> they can hold eight people each and they have to often accommodate children. >> if it's a mom with kids, the whole process is they go together. the same thing with couples. >> some from arizona ranchers to legislatures in washington argue these bases, and the beefed up skrurt they bring, are not worth the cost. but the agent in the heat of these battles say it's worth it. >> coming from a mexican
10:55 am
background myself, sometimes friends and family question what am i really doing. and i'm like it's just a job. i do it because i want to make it safer for my kids. >> we're out here for a week, it's a long time to be away from your family, but the work out here is important and it needs to be done. >> thanks to the border patrol agents for their work and that rare access. as washington braces for immigration reform, we're continuing to look at immigration on the ground all week long. tomorrow, part two of this series from the front lines of the border battles. death on the battle. mortal risks of crossing into this country and a controversial new program that is designed to save migrants before it is too late. don't miss it. before we wrap today, it's time for the results of our hashtag battle. we asked you to weigh in if you thought it was a smart move for the missouri governor nixon to
10:56 am
order a state of emergency before the grand jury decision in missouri. that wraps up today's "rf daily." thank you for joining, love you for joining, it is now time for "the reid report." i know you have a wonderful run down. i peeked. >> thank you, ronan. the senates turn to vote on the keystone pipeline. we'll get the latest on a synagogue attack, and i'll talk to eva longoria. nce. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner.
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we're following reaction out of jerusalem where four people have been killed. in capitol hill it is decision day on the keystone pipeline. in ferguson, the grand jury continues to meet as governor jay nixon declared a state of emergency ahead of their decision. and with president obama expected to take executive action soon on immigration, we're talking to eva longoria about the plight of migrant workers. we start in the middle east where israel is vowing a heavy handed response to the deadly attack in jerusalem. two men with meat cleavers and a gun burst into the building and attacked people while they were praying. four people, three american, were killed.