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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 20, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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have you scratching your head this morning. this is "way too early." ♪ >> oh, nice, good stuff. hey everybody. i'm thomas roberts it's thursday november 20th. welcome to way too early. the show that is stocking up on stove top stuffing right now. one we just decided we're too thin and two because jen said it, can you believe that thanks give as good a week away? it's amazing. hope you have time off to enjoy the holiday. we get straight to the top of our show this morning and we're following this developing story out of florida state university where this morning there was reportedly a shooting on campus. tallahassee police say three people were transported to a local hospital after a gunman opened fire at the fsu library. their condition is still unknown at this time. a police department spokesman said officers confronted the suspect at the library. the suspected shooter then fired on police that shot back killing
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him and we're going to be sure to bring you more details as we receive them. we understand that the library was full of students at the time. they were able to come over the pa system to warn students to stay in position. also to call for help. 911 if anybody they knew or were with were injured but we'll have more on the developing story again coming out of fsu. >> now the incredible snow totals near buffalo new york with more on the way today. another three feet are expected in parts of the region. this is in addition to the five plus feet that have already fallen this week. the weather claimed 7 lives and the national guard is on hand to assist in the state of emergency. lester holt has more details. >> this powerful storm paralyzed part of the buffalo area. ill mobilizing entire communities. the relentless arctic air dangerous for anyone that has to be outside.
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>> it started as a giant wall of snow dumping almost six feet in some parts. looking down at the extreme conditions, a white out, backyards buried, homes under huge drifts. in and around buffalo many are snow bound at home. >> that's our backyard. >> chris hazard and her family spent the day sweeping up this mess. all that snow broke through the back door. they've had to get creative with the clean up. >> you can see it's almost all the way to the top of the treadmill that's holding it in place. >> we've been stuck here since monday evening. >> jennifer and her family including baby evan are snowed in and worried about their food supply. >> we're trying to ration what we have because we only planned for three to four days at best and the plows may not get to us until it starts to melt over the weekend. >> the call is out for workers to help shovel buffalo's ralph wilson football stadium before
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the bills play the jets on sunday. $10 an hour and free tickets to the game if they can get there safely. >> if they can get there. $10 an hour if you can help out to shovel. that's lester holt reporting. we'll have a full update on the weather there and coming up around the country for you. bill karins will join me later in the show. president obama will announce executive action to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation. this comes after a failure of congress to approve a comprehensive reform bill. >> what i'm going to be laying out is the things that i can do as president to make the system work better even as i continue to work with congress to get them to solve the entire problem. >> 4 million people that lived on u.s. soil at least five years and without a criminal record can apply for work papers. about 1 million more can avoid deportation through other means but people that qualify won't
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get access to government health care including obamacare and while a new poll shows support 57% for pathway to citizenship the new numbers flip when americas are asked whether executive action is the right approach. president obama entertained 18 key congressional democrats last night to discuss the plan and many republicans are outraged at the president's strategy. some warning of consequences. >> the country is going to go nuts because they're going to see it as a move outside of the authority of the president and it's going to be a very dangerous situation. you're going to see, hopefully not but you could see instances of anarchy. >> what do you mean? >> you can see violence. >> the president is expected to address the nation on the night of the latin grammys which topped most other networks. you can watch the address on
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msnbc starting at 8:00 eastern time. >> the latest wall street journal poll shows a lack of confidence in the direction of the country and little opt mifl that things are going to be improving. a quarter of americans feel the country is on the right track and fewer believe the midterms will change anything. the president upside down about the job he is doing especially when it comes to the economy and foreign policy and more think the government should take on more to meet the need of the people rather than leave it to businesses and individuals. so a majority of americans are speaking out saying they want congress to approve the keystone pipeline. this morning gay and lesbian couples are celebrating another legal victory. a federal judge overturned montana's same sex marriage ban. the ruling is unconstitutional and the state must immediately recognize marriages from other states. steve bullock says montana is now close tore freedom, dignity
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for all but tim fox is promising to appeal this ruling. it's now legal to get married in 34 states and washington d.c. and south carolina is set to become the 35th state today unless the supreme court agrees to intervene. house minority leader nancy pelosi is on the losing end of a closely watched battle. she was supporting congresswoman, a fellow democrat from california, to be ranking member on the house energy and commerce committee but she loss to frank pallone of new jersey who has more senority. after the steering and policy committee chaired by pelosi backed her. she was criticized for not letting the congresswoman that was pregnant vote from her home. she was an army vet that lost both of her legs in the iraq war was supporting pallone.
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>> we know the emotions battled secret service is open to suggestions on how to better protect the white house no matter how medieval the thoughts may be. when the agency's acting director went before the house judiciary committee to field questions about the fence jumper. he fielded a lot of questions. including the possibility of digging a moat. >> would a moat, water, six feet, around be attractive and effective. >> yeah, sir, it may be. >> it may be. >> clancy also responded to a suggestion about an electric fence though he was less open to that idea because of tourist traffic. what is likely to happen he said is that the current fence circling the white house gets heightened. i believe it's 9 feet. this is our current twitter question for you this morning
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and we like it. tell us your ideas to fortify and protect the white house. from the real to the absurd. tweet us your most creative answers. we'll put the best ones here later in the show. all of us like the idea of the moat because it can then be utilized as a lazy river in the summertime. just blow up your rafts and be circling around the white house. >> we move on now. new video emerged of a previously unreleased interview that the associated press conducted with bill cosby and his wife earlier this month about art the couple was lending to the smithsonian and he was asked about allegations of sexual assault referenced in another comedian's act. take a look. >> i have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding this comedian. >> no, no. we don't answer that. >> okay. i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all about whether any of that was true. >> there's no response.
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>> okay. can i ask you with the persona that people know about bill cosby should they believe anything differently about what -- >> there is no comment about that. >> okay. >> and i tell you why, i think you were told, i don't want to compromise your integrity. but we don't -- i don't talk about it. >> so after the interview finished cosby also asked the reporter not to air any part of his response. the ap says it never agreed to with hold cosby's comments and cosby was on the record. six women have now publicly accused cosby of sexual assault and the ap decided to release the video following the latest claims by janice dikenson. they called her claim a lie and said that cosby would not dig any identify decade old
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discredited claims with a response. he's never been criminally charged. meanwhile the fall out continues with tv land pulling repeats of the cosby show from its schedule and nbc entertainment says a new sitcom starring cosby is no longer in development with the network. >> we talk more business news where a tough read for ride sharing service uber keeps getting worse. we're joined live from london. steve it's never good when u.s. senators start getting involved. tell us how much trouble uber is filing the revelations about their private policy. earlier it was about top executives talking about doing opposition research on journalists and now we've got this. >> what happens now is that the senator has got involved in this and he is very skeptical about their promises that they are not using people's private details in an improper way. what happened was he made these suggestions about digging up
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data on critical journalists. these were apologized about by the ceo of the country but he wants real scope, transparency and enforceability on uber's policies as well. the debate here is about uber that holds data on clients and drivers in order to create a better product for a lot of the people they are driving for and be in the right place at the right time to get the prices down but it's a question of are they using that data which of course they have a responsibility to keep private. are they using it as well and this whole debate is a between buzz feed and the company and uber has a lot of enemies. they are in 46 countries now and the company is worth $18 billion. another one for you, slightly less contentious. this is yahoo! dealing with firefox. they have a five yard partnership where yahoo! will be the default search engine on firefox as well. this will be a mobile and desk
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search as well when the new product launches in december. not sure what that does for the relationship between yahoo! and microsoft bing. firefox has 10.4% of the u.s. browser market on desktops and smartphones. google's chrome browser has 33.5% of that sector. >> big difference right there but still certainly an interesting development for yahoo!. great to see you sir. thank you. still ahead, a big announcement from jason collins the first publicly gay player in the nba. plus dangerous conditions south of buffalo today with as much as three feet more of snow coming their way. and they are already overwhelmed in that region. we have bill karins and he has the latest. that and much more when way too early comes back. stick around. (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance,
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welcome back everybody. we'll begin with the nba. the nets hosting the bucks and forler coach jason kid. it was an extended visit as the game goes to a third extra period of brandon knight hits the game tying three-pointer at the end of the double o.t. the pucks hit them in a triple overtime. 122-118 victory. what a good game. lebron james gets the ball with less than ten seconds to play and a chance to win it for clevela cleveland. >> it doesn't matter now. he missed the free throw and then off his legs.
2:47 am
he comes free. he'll try and dribble it out. throws it up and the game is over. lebron james. >> james loses the ball turning it over to the spurs as well as any chance for a come back. san antonio e san antonio wins it 92-90. after 13 seasons in the nba the first openly gay athlete to play prosports is retiring. he ends as part of the nets organization where he played 22 games last season. making the official announcement before brooklyn hosted the bucks last night. >> it's great to see regardless of the profession i would love to see more people in the world of sports step forward but as recently as tim cook from apple, you know, all of us are doing our part to encourage society to shift in a new direction. >> he is a real hero, a very
2:48 am
cool guy. funny thing bill i sent him a text just to say congratulations and said when do you get the gold pin and a toaster? he said hopefully i won't. gets something better. >> he's still young. he can have a whole career. >> he can do a ton of stuff. >> he's already done a ton of great stuff. we missed you yesterday. >> the pictures out of buffalo are surreal. >> more to come. >> there's been fun stuff but seven fatalities this is historic proportions for this area. there was drone pictures yesterday flying over the area and it's just hard -- the concept is hard to grasp. they're saying it's the equivalent right now of two ford f-150s on top of everyone's house. that's how much the snow weighs there. it's not a large region. this was highly localized in this area and they had one day yesterday of clear skies and descent weather to get out there to shovel to try to make a
2:49 am
little bit of head way but now they're getting more snow. they already had thunder snow overnight and the bands are still over them. we wish them the best. they have one more day of this and then it should be 60 degrees by monday. so we have two feet of snow expecting today in this area, additional pain on top of what they already have and then 60 degrees with light rain on monday and now they're worried about rapid snow melt and flooding possibly. it keeps going for these poor people. >> it does. you're such a trooper for coming back. you're a little under the weather yourself. thank you for coming back. >> a little horse. i won't get too close to anybody today. >> thank you so much. coming up on morning joe member of the new york national guard continuing their trek into buffalo overnight and as bill explains you can understand why. andrew cuomo will speak about the state of emergency his state is facing as the region is seeing more snow today and we'll huddle around the water cooler and tell you about walmart's price matching promotion.
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it's backfiring as scammers exploit a loophole getting discounts on a popular gaming system. we're back after this.
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welcome back. it's time for the cooler and it was last week that walmart
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announced it would price match online retailers including amazon. walmart was tricked into selling 4, $100 playstation 4 consoles for under $100 and according to consumer advocates they presented stream shots of authentic looking listing from third party sellers. and some customers posted pictures of their receipts like this person tweeting two days ago they got the system for $97 but by the time this person got to walmart that day the jig was up. they posted this picture suggesting walmart caught on. loophole is now closed. yeah you shouldn't tweet about your scamming and then try to rescam them. we go on the tonight show and jimmy fallon interprets the many facial expressions of president obama. let's see how he did.
2:54 am
>> this first lesser known expression is from a recent white house press conference. take a look. this is called the s'up girl. this next expression, you don't see that often. this is the seriously you guys are my best friends. this next one is great it's from just a week ago. this is the just picked up my copy of paper magazine. this next one is from the chinese premiere, this is the came in way too early on the handshake. i didn't know you were that far. he's all the way over there. this is one of my favorites from a press conference with joe biden. this is the give daddy some sugar. come on. >> did you get that last reference? it's from 1988 new kids on the block and their music video for
2:55 am
you got it. ♪ >> remember that? that's going to be in your head all day and you're welcome. speaking of the president, cecily strong will headline next year's white house correspondence dinner. she's the fourth william to do so since the tradition began in 1920. the association president said her political humor is sly and edgy and comes with a chicago accent. she's a former host of weekend update but this sunday played the role of a dancing robot along side woody harrelson. i think she's going to do a good job. intel just unveiled a smart watch. it's a joint venture between the opening ceremony. this device is called mica. it features a sapphire glass screen and comes from 18 carat gold in two models.
2:56 am
it allows them to view messages, calendars and alerts while still looking beautiful. it hits stores with a $500 price tag next month. so it's like party on the top, business in the back. because apparently the screen is down here and you look all stylish up there. anyway i want to get to your twitter responses. we asked you what your best advice and ideas were to protect the white house, this is after a congressman seriously asked whether or not they should build a moat around the white house. our producer has some of the best responses and some people like this moat idea. >> some people do like it. others have better ideas. so morgan miller says use whatever security tent downing street uses. haven't heard of any problems there. >> true. >> very true. then we have some other alternative responses, the panic says we shouldn't consider any solution for white house security that doesn't at least involve chuck norris and then sean says sharks with laser
2:57 am
beams attached to their heads which is from austin powers. >> you could put them in the moat. >> you could. >> if we do the moat thing people are going to do a lazy river. >> yes, we'll be there this summer. >> next on way too early, a look at the stories you'll be talking about in the day ahead. morning joe moments away. oats go! wow! go power oats! go! go power! yayyyy! wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters shopping online is as easy as it gets. and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today.
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the biggest story you'll be hearing about today is president obama's address announcing his plan to take executive action on immigration reform. msnbc's live coverage of that address begins at 7:45 p.m. eastern. we'll have much more starting right now on "morning joe" live edition from d.c. ♪ >> this is an extraordinarily difficult situation. >> more than 230 truck loads of snow removed from south buffalo.