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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 21, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the attorney general calls for calm today as ferguson awaits a decision that could be announced sunday. >> the justice department encourages law enforcement in every jurisdiction to work with the communities they serve to minimize needless confrontation. >> under siege. the buffalo region gets a year's worth of snow in a few days. residents fear cave ins. >> i could hear a crack and i had a 16-foot crack between the wall and the ceiling. >> we have numerous reports of collapsing roofs. >> good day, everyone. battle lines are clearly drawn. >> don't let a disagreement over a single issue be a deal breaker
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on every issue. that's now how a democracy works. congress shouldn't shut down the government again because we disagree on this. >> with this action the president has chosen to sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms he claims to seek. as i told the president yesterday, he is damaging the presidency itself. >> and joining me now here on the set, host of the run down here on msnbc and chuck todd, director and the moderator of "meet the press." welcome both. first to you. is this what people wanted to hear in the community among activists? >> that's an interesting question. there about 11 1/2 million undocumented people in the united states of america. this is going to make a difference for about 5 million. more than 40%. a lot of people wish they were
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included, but i have to tell you. this is vast. this is a lot of people being helped. a lot of people who have children born in the united states and fear the possibility of being deported and the families being separated. this is a big, big deal. >> chuck todd, what this is not as the president said, this is not amnesty. people have to apply and the applications won't be taken until spring. there is a window where republicans can act. it's not what people are describing, the critics. >> the word is it's a temporary amnesty. >> it's a relaxation on deportations. >> that fits that definition, but the definition of amnesty has been perverted in different ways. >> is that not in the sense thaw get citizenship. >> it's not right. i'm curious about this and where i think that we will find out is, how many people are going to
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self-report? if it's for three years, is there a fear of if i come out of the shadows, do i end up on a list when this order expires in three years or if a president decides to rescind the order. it's funny about this. it may not have the impact that some people think it's going to have. >> the question now. >> will they be trusting enough to sign up for this? >> i think the overwhelming majority of people will. when the president did deferred action, about half of the young people who could qualify did so and about half didn't. a lot of people tell me today. i don't want to be put on some federal government list that i am here without documents. my parents are here without documents. what happens in the future. now the president did mention last night that the program called security communities which was started by president
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bush expanded by president obama will change. that i think is part of a statement that listen, we will go after the criminals. the people that are raping and destroying and pillaging. >> things are going home. >> that's right. but fear in the federal government, i think a lot of people. >> is the president in one regard with a lot of criticism, this is red state senators who are angry at him because they say any republicans who were going to make deals, any republican senators who have in the past been willing or might have in the future are now done. however -- >> that's silly if they end up doing that. >> that's it. has the president in some way put the burden now on republicans? >> 100%. >> now if they take a really tough stand, what does it mean for 2016? >> they can make a decision on
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how to fight the president on this. are they going to do it on process or policy? the policy is popular. popular is not the right word. the policy the public accepts. has majority support. i don't want to define it has popular, but the vast majority of the country is saying that makes sense. we are not deporting these folks and all this stuff. the question is, i agree. the burden is on the republicans. they can fight the process, but they look like they are fighting against a policy that most of them would end up supporting in a compromised bill. >> absolutely. >> most of them would end up supporting. you will see a lot more responses. jeb bush criticized the president and now pass a bill. the burden is this is the most powerful part. you have control of congress, republican party. both the house and the senate. you don't like it, the easiest way to do it is pass a bill.
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not just a small bill. they don't have the border security first bill that they always talk about. house republicans, that's why they are not in as high of a political ground as they think. >> one senator said to me after the president's speech, why doesn't he go out and sell it like he sells it today? >> should have done it months ago. exactly. >> put the burden on congress. why take this step now to give the republicans the ammunition. >> a little bit more ammunition. >> the president has been talking about this issue for a long time. i interviewed him on the 30th of january of 2013 after his last speech on immigration in the dell sol high school where he was going today. he was optimistic. he has been optimistic about something happening. what could come from the house of representatives. they haven't presented anything formally, but there have been a group working for years on actual writing legislation that
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could be the first step towards immigration reform. >> and chuck, with all the work you have done on health care and your summit on "meet the press" today, the house republicans filed the lawsuit against obamacare. >> we have to look at the specifics they are going after, but it has to do with how they have basically made decisions and delayed things and made regulatory decisions that didn't in congress's view follow the letter of the law. >> congress is going to file a lawsuit for the president not following a law that none of the people filing the lawsuit didn't vote for. they are basically defending the actions of the democratic house back then. the majority that passed the bill. i think they did feel they had to do something. what kind of a lawsuit we are going to get on the executive action? it seems as if some state attorney generals are desperate to find a way to sue him over
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this. i assume they can find standing because of the extra financial burden. we are looking at it. >> our legal expert later in the program. chuck todd, thank you very much. the run down. join chuck for more on "meet the press" this sunday on nbc. jose every weekday for two hours starting at 9:00 eastern here on msnbc. today the entire nation knows the dreamer who was watching the president's speech and was shocked to hear him describing her life's journey. >> aft rid was brought to america when she was 4 years ole. her only possessions were a cross, her doll, and the frilly dress she had on. when she started school, she didn't speak any english. she caught up by reading newspapers and watching pbs. she became a good student.
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today she is a college student working on her third degree. are we a nation that kicks out a striving hopeful immigrant like this or are we a nation that finds a way to welcome her in? >> astrid silva joins me from las vegas? what did you think when you realized the president was talking about you? >> it was overwhelming. there was all right so much excitement in the room because of the announcement that when he said my name, it really -- i didn't realize it and i was clapping with everybody else and i didn't realize what they were clapping for. >> suddenly you realized he was talking about you. you will see him later today. were you in any way disappoin d disappointed? did you want to hear more and the program to go further or is this a good first step for you? >> i'm a bit more disappointed
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in congress and their inaction on this. it has been 512 days since the senate bill and they haven't done anything. this is a step we needed for our communities. just like our families couldn't keep waiting for more deportations. president obama couldn't wait. >> we have been talking about whether people will actually sign up. do you think that people you know are going to be afraid to sign up and become part of a federal list? >> i think we are going to do everything we can so we can get out there and educate people about what it is and what the benefits are. people will be afraid, but once they see that it's very important and also they see our community is dedicated to fighting for something more, a law that is permanent, we will be able to see a lot of people signing up. >> tell our viewers, what has it been like to be free and
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speaking out compared to being in the shadows and being afraid of law enforcement anyplace you went. >> it's a complete life-changer. i used to be afraid to leave my house and to walk down the street because if you got pulled over or anything were to happen at a super market like a raid, you are thinking of everything because you are afraid of immigration. i don't have that fear now. i know i can have a good job and pay for my education and my mom and dad will have that freedom because they won't be afraid to be deported. >> good luck to you. you have a big day ahead with the president. thank you for sharing with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> you bet. the president will be detailing his immigration plan live from that high school in las vegas. you can watch it all live at
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3:55, we are toll. 3:55 p.m. eastern. up next, new protests and new worries about what will happen when the grand jury in ferguson announces its decision. >> it's a panic attack or something. i don't know how to prepare. >> only a few knuckle heads in the crowd will do violence. >> if he is not indicted, it will be a lot worse. >> the father of michael brown is speaking out. after this. we'll be right back. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. totally. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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as ferguson, missouri braces for a decision that account come on sunday, they are appealing
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for calm. >> no matter what the grand jury decides, i don't want my son's death to be in vain. i want it to lead to incredible change. positive change. >> this has more protests led to the arrests of three people. today general holder weighed in, urging protesters to remain peaceful. >> i know from 50 hand experience that demonstrations like these have the potential to spark a sustained dialogue and provide a necessary conversation and to bring about critical reform. history is also shown us that the most successful and enduring movements for change adhere to nonaggression and violence. craig, great to see you. everyone is on edge. a lot of indications this could happen on sunday. school would be canceled.
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what are you hearing about the security and about the national guard which was so controversial there. >> let's start with the timing. that continues to be the million dollar question, speculation has swirled. the grand jury announced that that has not been confirmed by the st. louis county prosecutors. i received an e-mail who gave me the lines that we have gotten. so many times from the office, they do not comment. they expect to be given a heads up before an document is made. they have not told us that heads up has come. schools have been told they will be given a heads up. one of the districts has said if a decision is announced on sunday, they have already
9:18 am
decided to cancel classes on monday and tuesday. they are out on monday, tuesday, and friday. one of the concerns is after they missed six days of school. they are offering online to try to keep the days missed to a minimum. all of this assumes that once the announcement is made there is going to be unrest. we don't know it to be true. the governor ordered this week calling up the national guard. a preemptive measure that has been derided by some on the ground. there is a news conference. they got together to do just as
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michael brown senior played. given that video clip, urging folks to remain calm. no matter the out come. >> craig melvin going into what could be a difficult waiting period this weekend in ferguson. sunday is the day we are all watching. more people have died in the buffalo area from that historic snowstorm. a live report on more dangers ahead. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. wha? you need to catch the 4:10 huh? the equipment tracking system will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it. now jump off the bridge. what? in 3...2...1... are you kidding me? go. right on time. right now, over 20,000 trains are running reliably. we call that predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪ >> it has finally stopped snowing in the great lakes region, but now what to do with the 7 feet of snow. the death toll has risen to 13 people. the focus is turning to the possibility of collapsing roofs and flooding as it melts.
9:23 am
sarah is in new york and i know it's cold and the amount of snow is incredible. >> it really is just overwhelming. to give you perspective, i'm about 5'7" and this snow piled up here is clearly up to my waist. even though the roads are plowed, people are still having a lot of trouble getting into and out of their homes and getting things done around town that needs to be done. much of this area is under a travel ban. people are encouraged to stay in their homes. the roofs are piled high with snow. that created a lot of problems. about 30 buildings collapsed and a lot of them were farm buildings or buildings with flat roofs. they expect that to increase when the snow melts and it will get heavier and heavier. the weight on these roofs is the equivalent of two or three
9:24 am
pickup trucks. that gives you an idea of the pressure bearing down on the roofs. let's talk about the weekend. we will shift from flow to floods. the temperature could be around 60. it has to go somewhere. authorities are preparing and homeowners are preparing. we talked to people in this neighborhood who are in their basements. furniture and rugs and trying to get personal items out just in case. a woman said she hopes she drained her swimming pool to back fill that area. another man joking it's time to pull out the canoe. this has been a one-two punch. first they went from extreme snows and dangerous conditions and now into flood preparations. it gives you an idea of what the weather has done to people this week. >> it's meant that the nfl had to move that sunday game. it's now a monday night game in detroit indoors. is that the deal for the buffalo
9:25 am
bills? >> they were supposed to play at home on sunday. obviously with this much snow it's not going to happen. the stadium has 220,000 tons of snow right now. they offered fans a deal if they came down to shovel, they would pay them and give them tickets, but there is no way you can keep up. they instead will take on the jets in detroit on monday night. something that people here are obviously very understanding of. they know it's just not possible. >> they can't even get there to get out of their homes and get to the stadium. thank you so much. thank you for being up there. it's quite a scene. coming up, republicans battling the president over immigration. later, as tom brocaw prepares to receive the presidential medal of freedom on monday, i talked about the famous phrase that is part of the american lexicon. >> i never thought i would coin a phrase with that enduring appeal. >> my interview with tom coming
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no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . and welcome back. you can join a twitter chat while watching the show. contributor reyes is answering your questions this hour. tweet using the hash tag msnbc-chat. we want to know what you think about the president's action on immigration. renewed activism by the dreamers who prodded the action by voicing concerns whenever president obama and republican leaders were appearing around the country. >> how would you feel if you had to tell them at the age of 10 thaw were never coming home?
9:30 am
that's what happened to me. >> i love you. i appreciate you too. thank you. thank you. so the -- hold you, young lady. hold on a second. >> senator rubio, stop flip flopping with our community. >> we came from florida to support us and our family. >> i have taken so far actions -- i'm about to get to that. >> so you can see what had been happening out on the road. how are the dreamers now responding to steps that president obama took last night? joining me is nbc's contributor and it's like awakening a sleeping giant.
9:31 am
bringing people out of the shadows. are they fearless? >> a lot of things are hopeful a& they have the congress act. they have a lot of dreamers and it's encouraging congress to act. a bill can fix this. what the president provided was temporary relief. he reminded our country that our roots are immigrants and it reminded our country what's possible. in las vegas, who will be meeting with the president and they were shocked to hear her name. they asked her whether people
9:32 am
will sign up. let's watch. >> i think we are going to do everything that we can so we can get out there and educate people about what it is, what the benefits are. it is people will be afraid, but once they see that it's very important and they see our community is dedicated to fighting for something more -- a law that is permanent, we will be able to see a lot of people signing up. >> i can't imagine the courage it took for her and others to become active rather than being silent. >> talk about using democratic principals when you don't have a voice to vote. the idea that they organize and moved mountains to make them sleep and now making sure that congress will take action is incredibly heroic. at the same time she said two people are going to be afraid to sign up. what folks need to do, there is power in numbers. the more people that come out of the shadows, it more it will be
9:33 am
difficult for them not to pay attention. i had the opportunity to be with the president and he was not only grateful for the work that was done that kept him honest and moving forward, but the work is not done. >> i was told in that meeting, he emphasized a lot of supporters of reform. he does have to deal with the border security and some of the tough measures. >> i think it's what the american people want. we want to make sure we know who is in our borders and are not coming across the border because they feel like they have a free pass. the people that are going to be recognized, they have to be here for five years. they are going to have to be paid fines. it's not easy, but there is a road. there was not one before. >> what do you think the pressure is on the republican fist they act too aggressively against the president over the procedures that hoe has done over taking executive action.
9:34 am
will this hurt down the road politically? >> he doesn't have a choice. he has to recognize this moment in time is not about the president. it's about a broken immigration system where 11.5 million people are caught in the system. he provided relief for half of those individuals. the only way is for congress to act. if boehner chooses not to, he will have a highly politicized group of people. they will say you know what, we have been showing up and my family members are paying attention. attention. we are going to be part of this democracy and make sure we hold you accountable. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> today speaker boehner vowed to stop the executive action. >> the days ahead, the people's house will rise to the challenge. we will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law and places lives at risk. we are working with our members
9:35 am
and looking at the options that are available to us. i will say to you about the house. >> how likely is that? and explain everything legal. pete, the house now is going to try to take legal action to stop the president. let's go through what the steps would be and how likely they are to get standing and be successful. >> there several problems here. the house will have to vote to sue as they have done with the health care lawsuit that was filed today. there was a standing issue here. the federal courts say if you are going to sue, you have to show some specific particularized concrete injury. maybe they can show it and maybe they can't. here's a potential problem here. some legal scholars have identified. the house ends every two years. the senate always continues. only a third of the senate is up for election. it keeps going. the house goes boom and stops and everybody guilties reelected
9:36 am
and it starts over again. it's a new house. this house or next year if they sue is not the house that passed obamacare. does that complicate the ability to say we have a particular stake here. we are the house that passed obamacare. that's a potential problem. >> they just filed suit on obamacare today. does that give them the standings? >> we will see. this is always hard. jonathan turley who is a very smart lawyer from gw law school hired by the republicans to sue told me over the summer whenever you are betting on a lawsuit between the congress and the white house, always bet with the white house. the courts generally rule in that way. it's always hard to get the lawsuits. >> he is now working with the republicans on their lawsuit? >> right. >> on obamacare. >> yes. he would say that although the courts are reluctant to get into them, the courts are ducking the hard work to maintain the
9:37 am
separation of powers. >> i want to take you to ferguson, missouri. different legal issue. you are the expert on grand juries. we have been told by a number of people that warnings have been given out to officials that sunday is the day they expect action. obviously security provisions are being taken. what is the process by the grand jury that they are taking? i was told for instance if they start working today, are they writing a report or indictment? >> grand juries are secret and we don't know when they will do this. there is no deadline and they vote to indict. a grand jury doesn't decide guilt or innocence, but is there a case? they have 12 grand jurors and it takes to vote to indict.
9:38 am
>> it doesn't have to be unanimous. if they choose to indict, that means there will be a trial. it moves on to the next state. a grand jury is a filter process like in some states a probable cause hearing. is there probable cause to believe a crime was committed? shall we charge this person and have a trial? that's the grand jury's trial. >> farp to choose not to indict, it's over, but could eric holder and the justice department civil rights division look into a civil complaint? or could the parents do what happened with rodney king and go after a civil suit? >> a wrongful death case. absolutely. the justice department is looking in fact on whether there is a civil rights violation here. it's a separate sovereign. it can choose to do whatever it wants independent of the grand jury. by the way, the state grand jury will answer a question about
9:39 am
whether the state law was violated. that is a separate question and different issues. different legal standard about whether there was a civil rights violation which in turn would be different from a wrongful death civil lawsuit that a family of michael brown could file. >> let's say they are beginning to vote and there has been some indication it could be sunday. do they hand up a decision? >> yes. hand up is the term that is used. they vote on whether or not to have what they call on the law a true bill. that's an indictment. if that's the case, what they have told us in missouri is they would give 48 hours notice to disclose what the indictment is. if they vote to indict, the prosecutor must file and that would go into court and start the trial process. sunday at the earliest is what everybody is preparing for. it could happen that early. if they say yes, we will indict or no, we are not, we find that decision out on sunday.
9:40 am
even though the decision would be made on friday, it wouldn't be disclosed until sunday. >> the prosecutor will disclose it in a public way or a filing in court? >> it would be a public announcement. >> the prosecutor might come out with an announcement that the grand jury decided this and at that point the public reaction is what we are all -- >> that's right. it's well to remember, it's not deciding. it's whether he is guilty or innocent. it's whether there should be a trial. whether there is enough evidence to merit file charges and going to trial. that's what grand juries do. by the way, the grand jury, the right to have your case reviewed is in the fifth amendment in the constitution, but it doesn't apply to the states. some states have grand juries and some don't. my home state of wyoming does not. in the county that use grand juries and about half of the
9:41 am
more difficult cases. some people have speculated about why they decided to use a grand jury. it's an extra check you can say. it's a way of having other people involved in the decisions and the prosecutor is not making the decision himself. >> what we have been told is if there were an indictment, officer wilson would be processed and taken before this. >> when you have a law enforcement, they would voluntarily surrender and wouldn't have to find him in handcuffs and have an all points bulletin for him. >> thank you so much. 11th hour negotiations continue over the iran nuclear talks. there is a monday deadline looming. john kerry and his iranian counterpart are continuing their meetings. they could leave at any time. the main stick point remains the question of how much of a nuclear program the international community will allow iran to maintain.
9:42 am
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to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! on monday, 19 special americans are going to be receiving the nation's highest honor. they include merrill streep, stevie wonder and ethyl kennedy and our good friend and colleague. i sat down on the nightly news set that he anchored from for 21 years to get reflections on his remarkable and career. >> looking back, you described yourself as a man of the great plains and a man of the west. how much did that background, did your roots inform the journalist you became. >> i always grew up in, wog class towns where they earned what they got. they got a motor.
9:46 am
they reminded me in if dad was alive, he sent me a note. that was also his line to me. that kind of sensibility where they didn't let you get too big for your britches. that meant a lot. >> they respected you report in many contexts. >> i always say when i go to iowa for the caucuses or even in new hampshire. if you give me and where the democrats are having breakfast. i can identify with them. when i was in high school i was a clerk at a clothing store. we had us all hard. we could keep the business going and had a small radio station at the same time. >> you have seen the best and the worst of america. and american politics.
9:47 am
you covered watergate. >> mr. nixon is leaving the white house as a president of the united states. he will arrive in california as a private citizen. >> you have seen presidents and other leaders do extraordinary things and do illegal and criminal things. how do you frame that? >> i was thinking about this the other day. everybody gets worked up over something that happens. democrats are talking about what happened to them with good reason. we failed to think about the achievements we made. look, silicon valley alone is transformative in history's curve. there never has been anything like it before. it's homegrown and changing the way we do almost everything. i have been ill with cancer and getting to the end of it, i
9:48 am
hope. it looks good. i have gotten to know the people in the laboratory. that's homegrown. >> here with the leader of the soviet union, nbc news correspondent, tom brocaw. >> you interviewed all the presidents and great leaders. you had the first interview with mickael gorbachev. >> wouldn't it be time to reduce that with places like nicaragua and they begin to stand on their. >> since you keep talking about the new thinking. let me teach you a little lesson. >> what is it that makes a leader great. >> the idea that you would have a shared gene pool in some way. if you think about mickael gorbachev and ronald reagan. he brought energy to the white house. they know who they are to begin
9:49 am
with. that is important. i think as well they are willing to take the risk for a greater good. not just for political reasons. i can see it will be to the advantage of the country. >> huh heros and busts of churchill and lincoln. what is so special about this? >> the third guy is a guy by the name of bill far ver who told me to quit school and get wine, women, and song out of my system and come back when i can do some good. they were courageous people and in the case of churchill and lincoln, they had the power of poetry. the way they wrote and the way they talked. >> speaking of the english language, how did you come up with the phrase the greatest generation? >> i have been asked that a lot. it evolved. the first time i used it, i went back and checked. the 50th anniversary of v day.
9:50 am
i thought what is it i want to say. i can't imagine there had been a finer group of men and women anywhere. >> had been gathering the stories at that point. i wanted to make it as economical as possible. we are always constrained by time. i thought they would save the war and built the country we enjoyed today. they were the greatest generation that any society ever produced. they were not a perfect generation. they were given accesses as well. the members were responsible for vietnam, but as i pointed out to those who are critical in my claim, the people fought against vietnam like george mcgovern and gaylord nelson were members and they gave us a civil rights movement. i put it out there and it's so gratifying and it's rarely in quotation marks. they use the phrase.
9:51 am
>> and those votes on the beach. all the guns that the germans had drained down at point blank rank. the bravery of that day and the carnage television all and it worked. it's just -- it boggles my mind every time i go. >> you go to the bridge? >> i go to the bridge every time. >> that was a defining moment in your life. >> as they said you have cancer, that's bad luck. how has it changed you?
9:52 am
>> i'm also 74. i'm tucked up against the age expectancy for a white male at this stage in my life. it changed me because i am spending more time on things that count. people said how is your tolerance for jerks? i said it has gone way down. if i have to spend time with them, i'm not there anymore. it is raised my appreciation of affection for friends. >> let me ask you about your granddaughters. >> and the presidential medal of freedom. >> well, they are very excited i'm taking them. the two older ones, i was with them in san francisco and they call me tom because they saw me first on television. they said tom, we are so excited. i said stevie wonder and merrill streep, guess what we get to meet. >> that's humbling. it keeps you in your place. thanks, tom. >> we feel luck tow know tom brocaw. the medal of freedom ceremony
9:53 am
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the nation still reacting to president obama's immigration plan. the latest on that and an interesting conclusion to the frontlines. i am down on the boarder and looking at the legal limbo that immigrants are thrust into. jimmy carter gives me the take in which washington has changed since he left office. see you in a few.
9:57 am
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>> welcome to the program, everybody. it's 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00 on the west. here's what you should know at this moment. right now president obama is in the air on air force headed to las vegas to speak at the same high school where he announced support for a congressional immigration bill. this is a series of rallies for the reform he announced overnight. executive action that should spare 5 million from deportation. >> the actions i'm taking are not only lawful, but taken by every single republican for the past half century. >> they held a news conference for acting alone. everything you need to know and a live report on the latest in a couple of minutes. more than 13 are dead after