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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  November 21, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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were supportive of it. and independent experts, not me, people, you know, who analyze the economy for a living, they said that over two decades, the new law would grow our economy, shrink our deficits -- in other words it would help to solve some big problems in a bipartisan way. and when it passed the senate we said, all right, let's send it over to the house. we've got the votes in the house. we've got democrats and republicans who are prepared to vote for it in the house. [ cheers ] it has now been 512 days. >> too long! >> a year and a half in which the only thing standing in the way of that bipartisan bill and my desk so that i can sign that bill, the only thing that's been
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standing in the way is a simple yes or no vote in the house of representatives. just a yes or no vote. if they had allowed a vote on that kind of bill, it would have passed. i would have signed it. it would be the law right now. these leaders right here tried to make it happen. nancy pelosi kept on saying to john boehner, let's just call the bill. see where it goes. there are republicans who worked hard on this bill too and they deserve credit because even though it wasn't necessarily popular in their party, they knew it was the right thing to do. but despite that the party leadership in the house of representatives would not let it come forward and i cajoled and i called and i met. i told john boehner, you know, i'll wash your car. i'll walk your dog, whatever you need to do, just call the bill.
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that's how democracy is supposed to work. and if the votes hadn't been there, then we would have had to start over. but at least give it a shot. and he didn't do it. and the fact that a year and a half has gone by means the time has been wasted. and during that time families have been separated and businesses have been harmed. and we can't afford it any more. las vegas, i have come back to del sol to tell you i'm not giving up. i will not give up. i will never give up. [ cheers ] i will not give up. [ chanting ] so -- so we're not giving up.
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we're going to keep on working with members of congress to make permanent reform a reality but it's until that day comes there, are actions that i have the legal authority to take that will help make our immigration system more fair and more just and this morning i began to take some of those actions. so i talked about -- i talked about what i could do based on talking to all the legal experts and not everything we want to do we can do. but they told me what we could do. and i wasn't going to sit by and not do at least what i was authorized to do. so first we're providing more resources to law enforcement so they can stem the flow of illegal flow of crossings of our board enand speed up the return
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of those who cross over. i want to repeat that, border security is important. second we are make it easier for high-skilled immigrants to stay and contribute to our economy. third -- third, we're going to take steps to deal responsibly with millions of undocumented immigrants who are already here. now as i did last night i want to spend some extra time talk about the third step. this is the one that brings up the strongest passions on both sides. the truth is undocumented workers broke our immigration laws. they didn't follow the rules in terms of how they were supposed to come. and i believe they should be held accountable. and some have proven to break other laws. some are dangerous. that's why over the past six years, deportations of criminals are up 80%.
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and that's why we'll keep focusing enforcement resources on threats to our security but it's that means felons, not families, it means criminals, not children. it means gang members not moms trying to put food on the table for their kids. so essentially what we're doing is what law enforcement does every day. we've got limited resources. and so we're going to prioritize who are the folks who should be subject to removal and that means that we've got to make sure that we've got clear rules in terms of how we're enforcing the law. but even as we focus on deporting criminals, the fact is, millions of immigrants, they live here. and many of them have been here a very long time. and they're found in every state and of every race and every
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nationality. i know a lot of people focus on the latino community. but the truth is that -- the truth is that they're not just -- [ cheers ] [ chanting ] >> but the truth is -- [ cheers ] -- that's right. not everybody will qualify under this provision. that's the truth. and that's the truth. that's why we're still going to have to pass a bill. that's why we're still going to have to pass a bill. so -- [ cheers ]
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listen. i heard you and what i'm saying is we're still going to have to pass a bill. this is a first step. it's not the only step. we're still going to have to do more work. so let -- i've heard you. i've heard you, young man. i've heard you and i understand. i've heard you. young man, i'm talking to a lot of people here. i have been respectful to you, i want you to be respectful to me. all right? okay. now understand -- understand that not everybody who comes here is latino. sometimes that's the face of immigration. let me tell you, i'm from chicago. and we've got some irish immigrants whose papers are not in order and polish immigrants
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whose papers are not in order. we have ukrainian folks and in florida some haitian folks. this is not just a latino issue. this is an american issue. this is an american issue. [ cheers ] and -- and what we have to do is be honest. that tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions of people is not realistic. that's not who we are. most undocumented immigrants are good, decent people. they have been here for a long time. they work -- you know, they work often in the toughest, most low-paying jobs. they're trying hard to support their families. they worship at our churches.
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their kids go to school with our kids. you know -- so the fact is that, you know, even republicans who say that they don't want to pass this bill that was passed by these legislators, they're not serious about trying to deport 10, 11 million people. they -- that's all rhetoric. now what we do expect is that people who are here play by the rules. you shouldn't get rewarded for cutting in line. so we offered the following deal if you've been in america more than five years and have children who are american citizens or legal residents. if you register and pass a background check, you willing to pay your fair share of taxes
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then you're going to be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. come out of the shadows and get right with the law. now, let's be clear on what this deal is. and what it isn't. this action doesn't apply to anyone who has come to this country recently. you can't show up for a week and suddenly apply. you can't. because borders mean something. it doesn't apply to anyone who might come illegally in the future. while i support a path to citizenship and so do all these legislators here, this action doesn't grant citizenship or the right to stay permanently or receive the same benefits that citizens receive, only congress can do that. all we're saying is we're not going to deport you and separate you from your kids.
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now, if you've taken responsibility, you've registered, undergone a background check and paying taxes, you've been here for five years, you've got roots in the community you're not going to be deported. i know some critics call this action amnesty. it's not amnesty. amnesty really is the system we've got today. you've got millions of people who are living here but they're not obliged to pay their taxes or play by the rules and politicians use the issue to scare people and whip up votes at election time. so they want to keep the system as is. people living in the shadows, maybe providing cheap labor not subject to any worker protections. and then you pretend like you're being tough on immigration. that's not the right way to do it. that's the real amnesty, just
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talking, leaving the broken system the way it is. mass amnesty would be unfair and mass deportation would be impossible and contrary to our country's character. that's not who we are. that's not who we are. so what we are -- what we are offering is accountability. it is accountability. it's a common sense middle ground approach. if you meet the criteria you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. if you're a criminal you're going to be deported. if you plan to enter the united states illegally, your chances of getting caught and sent back are going up. and for those who don't qualify under this rule we're still going to need legislation. but the actions i've taken are not only lawful, they're the kind of actions taken by every republican president and every democratic president for the past half century. [ cheers ]
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ronald reagan took action to keep families together. the first president bush took action to shield about 40% of undocumented immigrants at the time. this isn't something i'm doing as if it's never been done. this kind of thing has been done before. so when members of congress question my authority to make our immigration system work better, i have a simple answer -- pass a bill. pass a bill. pass a bill. nobody is stopping them from passing a bill. you know -- [ chanting "pass a bill" ]
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you know, i mean, i got to admit these days i don't always listen to all the commentary, but, i understand that some of them are already saying that my actions sabotage their ability to pass a bill and make immigration work better. why? why? i didn't dissolve parliament. that's not how our system works. you know, i didn't, you know, steal away the various clerks in the senate and the house who manage bills. they can still pass a bill. i don't have a vote in congress, pass a bill. you don't need me to call a vote to pass a bill. pass a bill. because -- because the actions -- the actions i've taken are only a temporary first step. i don't have the authority to do some really important reforms.
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we should be creating new programs for farm workers. we should be adding visas for the high-tech sector. we should be creating a path way to citizenship. but only congress can do that. the house could still pass the bipartisan senate bill before the end of the year. they still have time. they still got, what you scheduled to be in for another four weeks? right after thanksgiving, call the bill. it's been sitting there. and if they don't want to pass that bill, then i pledge to work with democrats and republicans next year to sign a more permanent bill into law. and i'll be happy to have john boehner and mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi and all these folks we'll have a signing ceremony.
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so -- so -- so i just want to emphasize this issue. you know, because i hear some people say well, we're in favor of immigration reform. but we don't think it should be done without congress. well, congress, go ahead and do it. and meanwhile, washington should not let disagreements over one issue be a deal breaker on every issue. that's not how our democracy works. congress should certainly not shut down the government again over this. americans are tired of gridlock. we are ready to move forward. and we just want sensible, common sense approaches to problems. now this debate deserves more than the usual politics. because for all the back and forth in washington, as i said last night this is about who we are. who do we want to be? america is not a nation that
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accepts the hypocrisy of workers who mow our lawns, make our beds, clean out bed pans with no chance ever to get right with the law. we're a nation that gives people a chance to take responsibility and make amends and then create a better future for their kids. america's not a nation that should be tolerating people who are ripping children out of their parentst arms. we should work together to keep them together. america attracts talent from all around the world. we educate the world's young people in our universities. and then we just send them home even if they're wanting to start a business or they have a specialized skill we send them home and they compete against us. we should encourage the best and
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the brightest to come here and study here and invest here and create businesses here. you look at silicon valley, 30, 40% of companies that changed our lives, they were started by immigrants. that's what this issue is all about. and that's why it deserves reasoned and thoughtful and compassionate debate that's why we have to focus not on our fears. we got to focus on our hopes. you know, every day, we receive thousands -- tens of thousands of letters and e-mails at the white house. as you can imagine a lot of them have been about immigration. and they've come from good, daebt people on both sides of this debate. and you know, i want everybody here to understand, you know, there are folks who are good, decent people who are worried about immigration. they are worried it changes the
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fabric of our country. they're worried about whether immigrants take jobs from hard-working americans. and they're worried because they're feeling a lot of economic stress and they feel as if maybe they're the ones paying taxes and nobody else is taking responsibility. so they've urged me not to act. and i hear them. and i understand them. but you know, i've also got a lot of letters and e-mails reminding me why we had to act. from american family members of hard-working immigrants afraid their family was going to be torn apart. for dreamers who were willing to live without fear over though it was a big risk for them. from republicans who don't agree with me on everything but are tired of their party refusing to vote on reform. one republican who wrote me said
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he supported my decision and he said, and i'm quoting, i believe that a human being created in the very image of alnighty gmig is the greatest resource that we have in the country. we're not a nation that kicks out strivers and dreamers who want to earn their piece of the american dream. we're a nation that finds a way to welcome them. we make them earn it but we welcome them in as fellow human beings. fellow children of god. and we harness their talents to make the future brighter for everybody. we didn't raise the statue of liberty with her back to the world. we did it with her light shining as a beacon to the world. and whether we were irish or italians or germans crossing the
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atlantic or japanese or chinese crossing the pacific, whether we crossed the rio grande or flew here from all over the world, generations of immigrants have made this country into what it is, it's what makes especial. and whether we fled famine or war or persecution, whether we had the right documents or connections or skills, whether we were wealthy or poor, we all shared one thing and that was hope that america would be the place where we could finally build a better life for ourselves and for our children and for future generations. hope that america is the place where we could make it. that's what makes us americans. it's not what we look like. it's not what our last name is. it's not where we come from. it's not how we pray. what makes us american is a shared commitment to an ideal that all of us are created equal.
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all of us have a chance to make our lives what we will. for generations. for generations, america by choice and americans by birth have come together to renew that common creed and move this country forward that brought us to this moment. that is the legacy that we now have to deliver to the next-generation. thank you, nevada, god bless you. god bless you, united states of america. >> that was president obama fired up and ready to go at del sol high school in las vegas selling his executive action on immigration to protect 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. it's the school where the president launched his campaign to overhaul the immigration system back in january 2013. today he returned as a man of action and a sales man of an important but controversial plan. joining me now is washington bureau chief john stanton,
1:23 pm
jonathan capehart and maria kumar. john, i feel like this president is excited -- clearly excited about the sales pitch he is making and u feel like he thinks the other side of the aisle does not have much to sell at all. >> i think you're right and/think they don't have much of a coordinate message. they are all home for ten days for thanksgiving and the white house for whatever reason -- republicans have creede them th battlefield. which is odd. they were doing a good job of beating up on the president and the white house didn't do a good job of selling it beforehand at all but it's now he is out and giving these big, soaring speeches and getting crowds fired up. if they're going to do this it's going to be hard for the republicans to do much on this.
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>> maria teresa, republicans are now jockeying this difficult line of saying we are opposed to obama's immigration policies but we are not opposed to immigrants and some republicans are better at delivering that message than others. i want to play sound from jeff sessions today, the republican from alabama who is trying to jockey that line. >> i don't think the american people are mad at immigrants. they fully understand the immigrants would like the come to america more than they can accept they are mad at their government and their politicians. that's what the anger is about. because we refuse to do what the right thing is. >> is it a fairly convoluted line of argument when you have no prescribed policy to fix that broken system and help immigrants. >> well, they -- i mean, they do have a piece of legislation that should the house choose to vote tomorrow, they could. >> of course. >> but i do want to address to
1:25 pm
what session is saying and the president tried to address it today. is there a fundamental change sweeping america that not everybody is comfortable with. and the fact that the president acknowledged that and talked to it today and talked about yes, the country is change but let's do this together. he is being that great communicator and talking about how do we heal and move forward. the republicans are going to try to break us apart. i think that the president addressed that need for change but also recognizing that there might with fear in that changing demographic i think is really important, alex. >> and in terms of the presidency, the president has faced rumors of his premature demise to butcher mark twain. but here he, is not only talk about a landmark decision but doing so in the context of what makes us americans with rhetoric that is as soaring as anything i
1:26 pm
have heard from him since 2008 reminding us of the country that we are. >> yes, this is what the president does best, reminding us of the country we are or the country we're supposed to be or the country that we project to the rest of the world. i had the same reaction as you did. i thought last night's speech was incredibly powerful and one that people can hear that this message is not a partisan message. it was an american message and reminding everyone about, one, why people persist in coming here legally or illegally. and, two, that we have to do something about the current system because it's unsustainable. and, three, reminding everyone that you know, the solution is there. the solution has been sitting in the house for 512 days, as he said last night and said just now and as astrid said in the president's introduction.
1:27 pm
all speaker boehner needs to do is let the senate bill that came over with 67 votes in june 2013, let it go to the floor for a vote and see what happens. and i think the reason he won't do it is because he knows it will pass. and his caucus is not happy with it. >> we were hearing cries of today, which is sort of irrefutable, call the bill, pass the bill. there is now a -- a chant that goes along with this executive action. which is fairly devastating for republicans in that they have no response. there is no rejoineder. they have the bill. passed. pass a bill, pass any bill. and yet they refuse. >> i would say that i think that before this summer with the flood of kids -- >> across the southern border. >> i do think that is true. now i'm not sure. i think a lot of republicans that would have voted in 2013 after the senate voted for it, a
1:28 pm
lot wouldn't vote for it now and especially after that happened. >> does anyone whip votes on this to know where the house is? do we have any idea of whether if john boehner called a similar bill on the floor of the house -- >> not recently. from a year ago, there was -- way more than enough republicans that could have passed it. i think that is more in question because of everything that has happened and republicans have done a very good job of messaging to their base and to, you know, americans that don't care one way or another about immigration and making this go back to a 1980s kind of a debate. >> maria teresa, we can feel jo john boehner with his finger in the dike trying to stop the flood of negative press. michele bachmann saying the social cost of this dpektive action will be profound on the
1:29 pm
u.s. taxpayer, millions of unskilled, illiterate foreign nationals coming into the u.s. that can't speak the english language. for the community that had a lot to do to make up with the immigrant community in the united states, that is not helpful. >> not at all. and i think that's what boehner and mitch mcconnell is afraid of. their message is so off when they are talking to the tea party that is not going to welcome the latino community into their camp. but at is same time saying we missed the boat on this. how do we provide permanent relief or the president will own a generation. >> stick with me. it is good to see you. thank you for your time. after the break we will look at the numbers and see who is now comped. plus, ferguson waits. a grand jury decision about the michael brown killing is
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♪ not everybody will qualify under this provision. that's the truth. that's the truth. that's why we're still going to have to pass a bill. that's why we're still going to have to pass bill. so -- listen -- i heard you. and what i'm saying is, we're still going to have to pass bill. this is a first step. it's not the only step. we're still going to have to do more work. >> in announcing more details regarding his executive action on immigration, the president faced some criticism from the audience regarding who will be protected from deportation. the vast majority of immigrants fall into one of two camps.
1:34 pm
the first are 3.7 million undocumented parents of u.s. citizens who will not face deportation if they have lived in the u.s. for at least five years. and the second is the dreamers who were brought to the u.s. before the age of 16. they will qualify you should the new rules. the rules that remove the upper age limit and lower the residency requirement by three years. as of today's action anyone brought to the u.s. as minor before the year 2010 will not face deportation regardless of his or her age. back me is john stanton and joining us is the ceo of the hispanic chamber of commerce, javier palomar. when you look at this from the business perspective how satisfied are you and where do
1:35 pm
we need patches? >> this is not the panacea that anyone hoped for. but what i heard just now is the president basically selling a deal. and the deal is in a nutshell if you come out of the shadows, if you become accountable and you take responsibility we will give you opportunity. and in my mind, as a business person, i'd like to be transactional. i like to know the rules. it affords us a way to deal with people in a stated fashion and it is ease dwroer sort out who should stay and who should go. >> this is not permanent. you get two years and there's a real question because if you are to come out of the shadows you have to turn yourself into an immigration and customs and enforcement office and you to be fingerprinted and then you are on the federal rolls and is it not certain you will be exempted
1:36 pm
for more than the next two years. do you think we are going to see 5 million people come out of the shadows given those constraints? >> it depends on a few things and not the least of which is the current administration's ability to sell this program. at the end of the day you are asking people who are used to living in the shadows to take a huge risk. but it does allow us an opportunity to ensure that people at least don't have to fear immediate deportation. and it gives our congress 24 months, more months than they already have had to find a permanent and comprehensive solution. if they can't do it in 24 more months then the only thing more broken than the immigration system is the congress. >> and is it a game of politics. it's asking everybody do you think congress will do something
1:37 pm
and someone will be elected who will keep the protections in place. >> i think you will see more people come out and take advantage of this maybe after the election, frankly when they see who is going to be the president and what their position is. but i don't think anybody should think that 24 months will end up in a new bill. >> don't expect functionality. >> and it's hardened everyone's position. i don't think the republican party will move a bill with a pathway to citizenship. they may try to roll back what the president has done or border security stuff next year. but even that, i would assume that mitch mcconnell wants to stay away from immigration if he can. if you look at what they have talked about it is not on their list of agenda items. >> the lawsuit is their top item on the agenda. >> i think migrants will have to look at that and make a
1:38 pm
calculation. >> they have to read the political tea leaves which is asking a lot. not a lot has been said about the high-skilled worker visas and the president's attempt to keep the brightest and most talented on our shores. we know a couple of things. s.t.e.m. students can stay in the u.s. for two and a half years and foreign entrepreneurs will have an easier time and spouses of green card holders can stay in the united states. this does not increase the high-skilled worker visas. grade those efforts in terms of making a difference in the larger problem of high skill workers, s.t.e.m. students and the problems on that front. >> it does not solve the issue. >> is it meaningful? >> it's a step in the right direction. it indicates to me the president and the administration recognize
1:39 pm
the importance of highly skilled laborers in this nation. we all know what happens when you have high-skilled, motivated immigrants and particularly immigrant entrepreneurs. one out of every five small companies in this country is owned by an immigrant. and those small companies employ one out of every ten american workers and they contribute $785 billion to the american economy. so the record is clear if you give immigrant entrepreneurs an opportunity they will take in the america. and this recognizes to some extent and to me, ill grates that the administration recognizes the importance of highly skilled laborers to this nation. >> and it's cat nip to republicans. this is something that both sides of the aisle wants to fix. the president is doing his part to fix that. >> i think, you know, the folks want to have comprehensive changes to the law have kept
1:40 pm
these issues to the broader concern of the undocumented. but if people look at this and they say, we won't have a comprehensive bill until 2018, 2020 or whatever, you know, you could start to see the parts of the business community say, well, look, we can get visa changes, we can get these things done. republicans want it, democrats want it. and if republicans see an opportunity there to split this coalition -- really having the business community in with the activists is -- >> powerful. >> if they feel like they can split that i would look for them to take advantage of that in the next two years. >> that is the trick is holding a broad coalition together, i think. buzz feed news -- we are specifying buzz feed news's john stanton and javier palomar,
1:41 pm
thank you very much. first we have the cnbc market wrap. >> let's look at stocks going into the weekend and towards monday. the dow rallying 91 points higher. the s&p up 11 and the nasdaq up by 11 points as well. that's it for cnbc, first in business worldwide. [singing to himself] "here she comes now sayin' mony mony". ["mony mony" by billy idol kicks in on car stereo] ♪don't stop now come on mony♪ ♪come on yeah ♪i say yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪'cause you make me feel like a pony♪ ♪so good ♪like your pony ♪so good ♪ride the pony
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enjoy the relief. suburban st. louis in session for what could be the final stages to determine whether or not to indict police officer darren wills man the august death of teenager michael brown. with the decision expected in
1:45 pm
the coming day, all eyes are on the town of ferguson. francis sleigh just announced a group of security measures. >> the bottom line is that we instructed the police officers to protect the protesters's constitutional rights. we directed them to use active tactics only to keep people safe and protect property. >> eric holder released a video calling for calm. >> i know from first hand experience that demonstrations like these have the potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue the provide momentum to a necessary conversation and to bring about critical reform. but history has also shown us that the most successful and encuring movements for change that "r" those that adhere to nonaggression and nonviolence.
1:46 pm
>> the statement comes one day after a similar plea from brown's father, michael brown sr. last night police in helmets and shields arrest lead the demonstrators for blocking traffic outside the forget season police department. it was the first time in weeks that the police used pepper spray against a protester. and wilson is in talks with the city officials to resign. thomas jackson said he is not been a part of those talks. joining us is tremaine lee in forget seaso ferguson. what is the mood? the rumors is that the result will come down in a few days you from now. >> it has clouded over the city for weeks now. it's a mix of anxiety and fear and anger, all of the unknown.
1:47 pm
and with this decision expected in the next couple days, tensions are ramping up. the ferguson police department, we're seeing a return of protests there. there have been multiple arrests. we are in this holding pattern. all this energy and anxiety and fear and anger just simmering just below the surface. >> i'm surprised at how missouri officials have been in their expectation for violence. we know of shops boarding up their windows. i wonder if furthering the message that chaos is upon us aren't they creating a self fulfilling prophesy here? >> by speaking the way they're speaking in tone and words they are setting it up so that you
1:48 pm
know, all of this will be fulfilled. i think what is happening is deeper. i have been impressed by and the nation has not paid attention to ferguson since labor day has come. but people have been demonstrating in ferguson since michael brown was shot and killed. there are issues that were laid bare as a relate of the killing of michael brown that go beyond that one action. i mean, as my colleague here has reported, you know, the way the city tax structure and criminal justice structure has it so that african-americans are disproportionately paying fines and taxes and being held in jail and being stopped. the culture that's there, people are push back against that. and yet you have there in missouri, in ferguson, a power structure or a public officials who seem to be absent. i mean -- folks need to go back
1:49 pm
to that time that wednesday night in august, when it seemed like all hell broke loose when you have militarized police taking down cameras and arresting journalists. and while all this was happening governor jay nixon was nowhere to be found. mayor knowles was nowhere the to be found. i'm a new yorker when stuff like that went down in new york city you saw the governor, the mayor, the police commissioner. and every other relevant city commissioner standing there at least visually letting people know that there's someone in charge and has things under control. that was missing in ferguson. >> that is a really good point, trymaine. part of being an official is being out there with the
1:50 pm
community that you are governing. have you seen any of the local or state leaders come to communities where there have been protests, speak with demonstrators to let them know their voices are being heard? >> on occasion you would see captain ron johnson of the missouri state highway patrol to marshall the protesters and take pictures. the police chief attempted on several occasions but it goes awry. there is a leadership gap that coincides with the trust gap. people say where were you and how come we don't see your faces. and corresponds with that trust issue and that's the situation where people feel we got here for a reason. the people in charge were not here on the ground with their hands on the people with all these concerns they have been talk about for years and years. >> yeah, you know, jonathan, there is also the exorbitent
1:51 pm
amount of information. one that shows darren wilson with an injury to his right eye and that went viral along with questions why aren't the media showing the injuries to darren wilson. if darren wilson is not indicted there will be a lot of concern about how this grand jury sort of saw evidence and to what degree these leaks are a te testament to not the best conducted or lawful conduction of a grand jury. >> these leaks have got the attention of attorney general eric hold whoever has expressed kpas prags of the leaks coming
1:52 pm
out of missouri. but these leaks also play into what try machmiane was talking is a lack of trust. people are saying how the side of officer wilson is coming out through leaks. wo orchestrated by people who are sympathetic to the officer or from police chief jackson. do you remember where he put information out, backtracked. people asking for more information and he put out that video. that in addition to all the other things that have happened, sort of feed into that lack of trust in public officials in ferguson. in missouri. >> trymaine my colleague and friend chris hayes had a widely examined interview with a klan
1:53 pm
leader who threatened lethal forth against demonstrators. have you got any sense that this other -- the other side, which is to say, extremists who may be keen to incite racial violence against black folks that they have been coming or readying for this in any fashion? >> i haven't seen anything here on the ground beyond what we have heard from the klan leader in his interview with chris hayes. missouri is a hot bed for this kind of -- these racial organizations. but we have seen that gun sales have tripled here recently. and you don't need a hood. they'll say after we came out to protest the death of a young black men we were met with violence and resistance. they feel there is a possibility
1:54 pm
that can manifest. they point to all the local law enforcement spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on weaponry and riot gear but it's they are afraid it is coming from the police side. i have not seen fliers or klan members here but it's there is concern that there will be blow back. >> to your earlier point i think it is worth noting as everyone prepares for the apocalypse to descend here but the fear mongering around this decision, the people calling for calm are the people that are inevitably and almost always are vilified in this. michael brown's family has released videos calling for calm. and many, many people saying this is a time for peaceful protest and you have people who have been in peaceful protest for months now. and i think it's important to
1:55 pm
credit that movement as it stands on the eve of what may be the decision coming down. >> it's very important that people listen to the people most directly affected. his mom, his dad, his stepfather. >> thank you guys both for your time. >> thanks, alex. >> coming up, darrell issa has one more encore for his farewell tour. that's next. have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today. really. it's not worth it. no worries.
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1:59 pm
deception surrounding the passage and implementation of obamacare. much like an reo speed wagon reunion tour he is closing the show with his greatest hit, obamacare outrage. last year he went on tour for congressional field hearings where he only invited people opposed to the aca. and he berated a committee member for raising questions about the way he conducted a hearing about the aca website. >> have i cut off any answer here? >> the ranking member. >> no witness has been cut off -- >> but -- >> every witness has been allowed to complete their entire answer. kangaroo courts is an accusation and/hope the gentleman from tennessee when he uses the term in the future will think boefef making the statement.
2:00 pm
>> house republicans filed a lawsuit against the white house for slow walking a law they oppose. that's all for now. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. ♪ >> this is a first step. it's not the only step. >> he's not an emperor. >> emperor in chief, obama. >> the president is taking that executive pen and slapping it across the face. >> pass a bill. >> he picked a fight. >> asking your viewers to join us at high noon. >> let's love people. >> scripture tells us. >> that is outrageous. >> this is the