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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 24, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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about ten minutes. we'll carry it live. officials tell nbc news that the white house lost confidence in hague toll carry out the job which he held for less than two years. according to one senior official, quote, he wasn't up to the job. joining me now chris jansing. and mark murray, and colonel jack jacobs, and ayman mohyeldin. chris, a loss of confidence. we saw the debacle that was hagel's conformation hearing but one would think over two years secretary hagel could, if he didn't have respect after the hearings be able to earn respect. >> he never really seemed to recover from what was a poor showing in that conformation process. in addition, there have been a number of what white house officials see as missteps including the way he characterized the threat posed by isis very different than what we heard from the president.
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recently he sent a letter to susan rice on another topic. there were some questions within the administration why he did that. if that should have been done. he was brought in, really, to look at winding down the wars in afghanistan and iraq. in fact, now there's a whole different set of circumstances on the ground there. new national security crises have come to the forefront. foremost of which is isis but ebola and others. they didn't feel like he was the person to do it. he never really got into the president's inner circle, either. inspite the fact that he and president obama had a good working relationship when they were in the senate. i'm told the two of them began what were a series of conversations back in october. came to the decision it was time for new leadership at the pentagon, and this morning he formally offered his resignation. >> i want to play a little bit of what secretary hagel said when he was speaking of his first day on the job. let's play that.
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>> you always know that you have a secretary of defense that will deal straight with you. i'll be honest. i'll be direct. i'm expect the same from you. i'll never ask anyone to do anything i wouldn't do. i'll never ask anybody to do more than i wouldn't do. that's the story of your lives. i wouldn't be worthy if that was not the case. >> colonel jack, let's talk about this. just listening to the comments from secretary hagel on paper. when you look at his war record, and i think we were here together when his name was announced and discussing what he would mean to the defense department and the position. now you hear a loss of confidence a vietnam vet, serve order the ground. >> they thought he would get confirmed. and there was a certain
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understanding that he would be compliant. that the white house would promulgate policies and he would carry it out. the fact of the matter is -- as a matter of fact, we talked about it at the time right here. somebody said he's a great guy. he's the perfect guy for the job because he was on the ground in vietnam. >> yeah. >> there are millions of people on the ground in vietnam and that by itself does not necessarily mean that you can translate that immediately into a world view, a strategic -- it's not his job. it's not as if he's an island making the key strategic defense decisions. he's a part of a team that got president with their insight and analysis. i'm questioning that because it seems as if he's taking lot of heat when he's not an island making the additions. >> i agree with you completely. i've give you the other side of the argument.
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people who were not on the ground in vietnam as specialists and privates and sergeants and who did a good job -- certainly a job to the satisfaction of the white house. bob gates, on the one hand and leon panetta on the other. they have an enormous -- almost impassive immovable boouureaucr they have to manage. and the congress and all the subordinate generals. it takes a special person to do that. >> i agree to that. let's factor in the current events with isis and syria and iraq. air strikes continue right now, aym ayman. the logical question is how much it has to do with the battle against isis. >> i think the overall strategy toward isis is going to be under a lot of scrutiny, in particularly we saw some clear defenses between the pentagon and the white house. this going back earlier this summer with the rise of isis.
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president obama described them as a jv team. at the time secretary hagel indication's were he was describing them the largest threat that the u.s. faced there were some people at the white house that were not happy that secretary hagel came out with the characterization. more importantly, going forward since then the policy has been somewhat ambiguous. the president said they wanted to defeat and degrade isis. recently secretary hagel sent a memo to susan rice suggesting that the president needed ed e articulate a clearer strategy what the u.s. is going to do with assad. it's am biggous. >> we're getting information that the white house has a short list of individuals it's looking at to replace secretary hagel. but the timing here indicates we won't have a are placement until the new year. >> that's right. one of our capitol hill reporters is reporting that anyone don't expect anything to happen during the lame duck.
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that's the period right now until the end of the year. you have conformation hearings, the vetting. there's too much to be had with the little amount of time left on congress's agenda for the rest of the year. as you mention there seem to be about three names on top of everyone's list. michelle flournoy served in the top defense official. she would be the first female to head the defense department and the defense secretary if president obama decides to pick her and she's confirmed. another was ash carter. he's the former number two person at the pentagon. someone who people know well and there's jack reed from rhode island. well known on defense matters up on capitol hill. those are the three names. >> let me go back to here. seven air strikes just today in iraq. five air strikes near mosul. you heard the time line that mark murray explained to us
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here. obviously the air strikes will continue but this is a critical time in this campaign to have this transition of power in a hostile away. he's not resigning because he wants to leave the job. >> right. i think in the last couple of weeks we've been hearing the term about boots on the ground. i think it's giving people a moment of pause. when the campaign start what we are hearing coming out of the pentagon is it's going to be a mostly a military aerial campaign. there was a concern that an aerial campaign was not going to be enough. we're hearing the slow, gradual push. people are questioning do we need to have boots on the ground. are we achieving anything? the air strikes are still going on. isis is taking over territory inside syria. >> chris, we referred to chuck hagel's conformation hearing. for those that don't recall. let me play a little bit of what happened in the more contentious moments with senator john mccain. >> will you please answer the question.
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were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous blunder correct or incorrect? >> my reference to the -- >> answer the question senator headache l. the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straightforward question. i would like to answer whether you were right and wrong then you are free to elaborate. >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> mark, we had chris jansing had to leave us. that was one of the moments we discussed heavily. fast forward to next year. whoever the president decides to nominate won't necessarily be talking about the surge. talk about the plan for isis and what happens as ayman pointed out with assad in syria and the more complicated issues not on the table during hagel's conformation.
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>> yeah. no matter who president obama ends up selecting there will be heated conformation. it would litigate and re-litigate the last two years and allow for republicans who will be in charge in the 114th congress of the senate armed services committee. the senate foreign relations committee to be able to tee off here. we'll be talking about those issues. but, you know, i'm glad you played that tape of john mccain grilling chuck hagel during that hearing. it was obama white house had to use so much their political capital after the re-election in 2012 to prop up hagel to be able to be confirmed. there were a host of republicans who were opposed to hagel on numerous grounds. it turned into a political fight. fast forward two years later and there weren't a lot of controversies that followed around hagel.
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he seemed to bring up his credibility. no one was really remembering the hearing. . the complaint from the white house that he wasn't up to the task goes back to the conformation hearings on whether he was able to move the bureaucracy enough to be able to get things done in the white ey >> we received the two minute warning. krit sim of this man who had a great relationship as chris pointed out with the president when they were both senators. highly respected and to have the loss of confidence. what was the expectations. >> something of a proxy. any conformation hearing is like that. this in particular was because hagel represented -- >> colonel, i'm sorry. here is the president alongside secretary chuck hagel. let's listen in. >> be seated. about a year ago, secretary of defense chuck hagel was visiting our troops in korea thanking
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them for their service and answering their questions. they asked about the usual topics about our national security, future of our military, and one soldier, a sergeant from ohio asked him what was the most pertinent question of the day which was what was your favorite college football team? to which chuck replied born and raised in nebraska. i don't have a choice. i'm a strong corn huskers fan. there was a time when an enlisted soldier might have been reluctant to ask that kind of question of the secretary of defense, but chuck hagel has been no ordinary secretary of defense. he was the first enlisted combat veteran to serve in that position. he understands our men and women like few others. he's stood where they stood. he's been in the dirt. that's established a special
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bond. he sees himself in them. they see themselves in him. and their safety, their lives have been at the center of chuck's service. when i asked chuck to serve as secretary of defense, we were entering a significant period of transition. the draw down in afghanistan, the need to prepare our forces for future missions, and tough fiscal choices to keep our military strong and ready. over nearly two years chuck has been an exlem -- as to meet long-term threats while responding to meet challenges like isil and ebola. thanks to chuck, our military is on a firmer footing. engaged in these missions and looking ahead to the future. last month chuck came to me to discuss the final quarter of my
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presidency, and determined that having guided the department through this transition it was an appropriate time for him to complete his service. let me just say that chuck is and has been a great friend of mine. i've known him, admired him, and trusted him for nearly a decade since i was a green behind the ears freshman senator and we were both on the senate foreign relations committee. there's one thing i know about chuck he does not make this or any decision lightly. this decision does not come easily to him. i consider myself lucky to have him by my side for two years. i'm grateful that chuck agreed to stay on until i nominate his successo eor and that successor is confirmed by the senate. i'll have more opportunity to pay tribute to chuck's life of service in the days ahead. for now, let me just say this.
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chuck hagel has devoted himself to our national security and our men and women in uniform across more than six decades. he volunteered for vietnam and still carries the scars of shrapnel from the battles he fought. at the va he fought to give our veterans, especially his fellow vietnam veterans the care they earned. as a senator, he helped lead the fight for the post 9/11 g.i. bill which is helping so many of our newest veterans and families realize their dreams of a college education. as secretary, chuck helped transition our military and bolster ed america's leadership around the world. during his tenure, afghan forces took the lead in afghanistan. our forces have drawn down, our combat mission there ends next month. and we'll partner with afghans to preserve the gains we have
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made. the nato alliance is as strong as it's been ever. we've reassured our allies with the increased presence in the central and eastern europe. we modernize our alliances, updated our defense posture, and recently agreed to improve communications between the u.s. and chinese militaries. chuck has been critical to all these accomplishments. meanwhile, chuck has ensured our military is ready for new missions. today our men and women in uniform are taking the fight against isil in iraq and syria and help chuck helped build the international coalition to ensure that the world is meeting the threat together. today our forces are helping support the civilian effort against ebola in west africa. a reminder as chuck likes to say that america's military is the greatest force for good in the world. finally, in a very difficult
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budget area environment he has never lost sight. the readiness of our force and the quality of life for our troops and their families. he's launched new reforms to ensure that even as our military is leaner it remains the strongest in the world. and so our troops can continue to get the pay, the housing, the health care, the child care, that they and their families need. reforms that we need congress to now support. at the same time, after the strategies we've seen, chuck has helped lead the effort to improve security at our military installations and stamp out the scourge of sexual assault from the ranks. chuck, i want to thank on a personal note. we come from different parties, but in accepting this position you san diego pow send a powerful message. when it comes to national security and caring for our
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troops and families we're all americans first. when i nominated you said you would give me your honest advice and you have. when it's mattered most, behind closed doors in the oval offices you've given it to me straight. for that i will always be grateful. you know, i recall when i was a nominee in 2008, and i traveled to afghanistan and iraq, chuck hagel accompanied me on the trip along with jack reed, and it's pretty rare at a time when sometimes this town is so politicized to have a friend who was willing to accompany a nominee from the other party because he understood whoever ended up being president it was most important when we unified when we confronted the challenges overseas.
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that's the class and integrity that chuck hagel has represented. you said the life is only as good as the family you have and the friends you surround yourself with. with that, you're blessed. i want to thank your wife, son, and your daughter for the sacrifices they've made as well. i know, as reluctant to see you go, they're equally excited to getting their husband and father back. i'm sure that the corn huskers are happy that a fan will be there to cheer them on more often. today the united states of america can proudly claim the strongest military the world has ever known. that's the result of the investments made over many decades. the sacrifices of generations. it's the as a result of character and wisdom of those who leave th-- lead them as wel. including an army sergeant in vietnam who rose to serve as our nation's 24th secretary of
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defense. on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you, chuck. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you very much. mr. president, thank you. thank you for your generous words, for your friendship, for your support which i have always valued and i will continue to value until my not only but long time dear friend vice president biden, who i have always admired and respected and both the president and i have learned a lot from the vice president over the years. thank you.
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i want to thank the deputy secretary of defense who is here. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general marty dempsey, also, is here. i want to thank them for being here this morning. i also want to thank you both for your tremendous leadership of the defense department in which you mean to men and women in our families. for the honor i've had to serve with each of you and the privileges it's been in every way. i want to thank the entire leadership team at the pentagon. without their support and wise council over the last couple of years, our many accomplishments and the president noted some, i have been part of that. but it's a team. the tremendous men and women, as you know, mr. president, that make this happen. and i couldn't be prouder of
8:21 am
them. and what we have accomplished over the almost two years i've had the honor of serving in this position. as the president noted, i have today submitted my resignation of secretary of defense. it's been the greatest privilege of my life. the greatest privilege of my life to lead and most important to serve. to serve with the men and women of the defense department and support their families. i am proud of what we have accomplished during this time. we have prepared ourselves, as the president has noted, our allies and afghan national security forces for a successful transition in afghanistan. we've bolstered enduring alliances and strengthened emergence partnerships while responding to crises around the world. we have launched important reforms that the president noted. reforms that will from pair this institution, the challenges facing us the decades to come.
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i believe we have sent not only this department, the department of defense but the nation on stronger course toward security, stability, and prosperity. if i didn't believe that i would not done this job. as our country prepares to celebrate thanksgiving, i want you, mr. president, and you, vice president biden, acknowledge what you have done. and how grateful i am to both of you for your leadership and your friendship and for giving me this opportunity to serve our country once again. i will continue to support you, mr. president, and the men and women who defend this country every day. so unselfishly and their families what they do for our country. so unselfishly. and as i have said, and as the president noted, i will stay on
8:23 am
this job and just as i have over the last couple of years every day, every moment until my successor is confirmed. i would like to express my grad constitute to our colleagues on capitol hill. my gratitude to them for their support of me, more importantly, their support of our troops and their families and their continued commitment to our national security. i also want to thank my international counter points for their friendship and partnership and advice during my time as secretary of defense. their involvement with me and their partnership with me and so many of these important areas as we build these coalitions of common interest, as you have noted, mr. president, are so critically important. to them i'm grateful i'll be forever grateful. finally, i would like to thank my family. my wife, who you mentioned, mr. president, that was with me this
8:24 am
morning as she has been with me throughout so many years. and during so many tremendous experiences in this experience and opportunity and privilege to serve as secretary of defense. and to my daughter and my son. mr. president, again, thank you to you and to all of our team everywhere. as we know, mr. president, mr. president, it is a team effort. and that's the part of the fun to help build teams and work together to make things happen for the good of the country and make better world. for all of that i'm grateful. and to all of you, your families happy thanksgiving. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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we were listening in to secretary chuck hagel resigning from his position as defense secretary saying he would stay on his job in his position until the president nominates the nominee for the spot has been confirmed. let me go to jim miklaszewski. we also have ayman mohyeldin, mark murray, chris january january sing. >> what did we see here? chuck hagel's demeanor, his -- he was upset. you could see he was upset. he was listening to praise from the president as well as kind tone from the vice president. but in the end, every headline is saying he was canned. kicked out of his job. and now you have senator john mccain saying i know that chuck was frustrated with aspects of the administration's national security policy and decision making process. his predecessors have spoken
8:26 am
about the micromanagement they face from the white house and how they made it more difficult to do their job successfully. >> from the very beginning chuck hagel didn't seem to be the right fit at the right time for this pentagon and this administration. it often seemed like he was out of touch with the issues. could not articulate u.s. policy but at the same time the white house was struggling with its own foreign policy and so hagel got caught up in that. frankly, officials here at the pentagon told us that hagel was not equipped for the job. was not up to the task. and i know the narrative is that hagel went to the white house, they had discussions for several weeks, but what we're hearing from senior defense officials is that essentially the white house in its efforts to revamp, apparently, the foreign policy team decided that it was time for hagel to go.
8:27 am
>> mark, how has the president choice ton handle this. you heard the praise heaped on secretary hagel from professional and personal. there's no hiding from, again, the sources that have painted a clear picture of what was happening there. i think senator mccain's words will be discussed a lot regarding the micromanagement he claims that chuck hagel faced and that his predecessors have faced and the situation was no different. >> what struck me is how awkward the event was. you heard president obama heap praise upon praise chuck hagel. you see joe biden standing by his side very quietly. but, then, of course, we know as mick was reporting on the real reason that the white house lost faith in him. that they didn't feel he was up to the task. as you realize in things like this you want to say the right thing. say the right words.
8:28 am
be nice on the way out. given the news why it ended up happening and the remarks is a striking situation. and you end up mentioning john mccain his criticism of the obama administration on foreign policy. it should be remembered there was no one more critical of chuck hagel than john mccain during the conformation hearings. john mccain has been critical of the administration's foreign policy hand ling on everything. he's using this resignation as well as criticisms we heard from past defense secretaries as well as leon panetta to try to drive the knife and stake into the administration. >> absolutely. to what colonel jack jacobs has noted and others, there are indications that there was conflict regarding, i guess, the view national security policy that secretary hagel wanted to pursue and what the administration wanted to pursue. colonel, you talked about a number of people. he seemed to be an outside per.
8:29 am
>> yeah. it's a difficult white house to try to become an insider. >> given the nominee. the person who was selected. >> you can't get in the door. even if you're the toughest of guys and deck tear hagel a nice chap. given a difficult job he was not up to do. on top of that trying to insinuate himself into a close society of people who make decisions and pass out -- you have to be one tough person just to do the job in a great environme environment. >> senator harry reed said with the united states facing threats to national security around my world it's my hope that senate emergency rooms will work with democrats to give swift and fair nomination. this is a critical time as it relates to isis and some of the develops we discussed a few minutes ago. >> yeah, the u.s. is engaged in military operations in syria and iraq. it's drawing down the forces in
8:30 am
afghanistan. this is a very tumultuous period there. they're involved in intense negotiations with iran that could fail. by no means is this a quiet period for the u.s. military. so certainly to have this position not necessarily in a stable environment, so to speak, is going to have a lot of allies somewhat concerned. perhaps some questioning whether or not right now is the appropriate time for something like this to happen. >> exactly. let me bring chris in to talk about this. timing is everything. you'll have some allies, perhaps, who wonder why it's happening now. that the administration could not wait a little longer here >>well, look, there are a lot of things that coming together at one point. one is that the president had made it clear that he wanted whatever team he has going into next year to stay with him for two years. they don't want upheaval in the middle of the last two years of his administration.
8:31 am
and the second point i want to make is that there was obviously an election where the for lack of a better word the democrats took a she lacking. they're looking at where there are issues they might be able to do better. this is one area where they felt they could. they wanted to bring somebody on board who they felt and to your conversation with jack jacobs was more in line with the administration and more in line with where they want to go and the shifting of priorities away from winding down a war in afghanistan, focussing on a new reality there as well as with isis and ebola. >> mark, let me go back to a new statement from john boehner. it might be part of larger rethinking of our strategy. especially the threat posed by the rise offi isil.
8:32 am
thus far this administration has fallen well short. that's the statement released by house speaker john boehner. but as it relates to isis or isil, mark, the administration was clear this would not be a one, two, or 30 day campaign. they saw it as a couple of years. fighting the forces on the ground and trying to secure that region. >> tamron, this is the big explanation here. and chris was alluding to it. chuck hagel when he was announced to be defense secretary was seen as a person who is going to draw down the iraq and afghanistan wars and manage the cuts in military spending. and who better to have a former combat vietnam veteran to be able to lead that. someone who had relationships at the united states senate who is well known on capitol hill given he was a former u.s. senator. now all of a sudden two years later the situation is drastically different. you're fighting isis.
8:33 am
there is whether or not the united states gets in syria. as ayman was alluding to, do situations in iran starten to heighten. this is a much different terrain issue wise than it was in february of 2013. it seems like the administration who wants somebody with credibility swems someone who is more of a wartime defense secretary than one seen as a peacetime one. >> thank you very much. >> ayman, colonel jack, chris, thank you. we continue to follow the developments of the day regarding the resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel. we'll have more reaction coming up. also, the grand jury will reconvene in the michael brown case and could deliver a decision on darrin wilson at any moment. will the public see the grand jury evidence? a lot developing in ferguson. we'll bring you up to date. students a the university of
8:34 am
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this is the equivalent of the and this is one soda a day over an average adult lifetime. but there's a better choice. drink more brita water. clean, refreshing, brita. we're following developing news in ferguson where the grand jury is reconvening this morning to decide whether it will indict officer darren wilson in the death of michael brown. it's unclear if the 12-member panel will continue considering evidence if they'll vote today. and the st. louis county prosecutor has not said what they will do if no decision is reached before the thanksgiving holiday. what we know is officials indicate there had will be advanced notice of at least a few hours once a decision is reached. as anticipation in ferguson and around the nation builds, hundreds -- was on display
8:38 am
during meet the press. >> what about the poor black child that was killed by ook black child. >> those will go to jail. i protest it. i'm a minister. they go to jail. why don't you talk about the way in which -- >> undercut the ability of americans. >> so many white police officers don't have to be in black areas. >> they don't have to be. it's a matter of the effective state occupying the forces, sir. >> how about 70% -- >> how about your -- >> i think this is a debate -- >> all right. >> nbc's craig melvin is in ferguson. he joins us now. craig, let's move past meet the
8:39 am
press moment, obviously. a lot of people talking about that. what is happening there on the ground in ferguson and that do we have any more insight as to whether we might hear something here? >> we have absolutely no insight. we know nothing about what the grand jury is doing today. we do know that at some point are set to reconvene. we don't know if it happened yet. the entire process is in so much secrecy. it's typically the case with grand juries. this grand jury is unique in a number of ways. for instance, i just talked to a legal expert short time ago. someone well versed in missouri law. for a long time, we thought that -- and this was according to the prosecutor -- the prosecutor said, you know, if we don't return an indictment we're going to make all of the evidence available for public consumption. everything that the grand jury saw. everything that the grand jury read. and even heard. i'm going to go to a judge and make that available.
8:40 am
yesterday a court administrator said whoa, not so fast. so there's a chance that's not going happen. in the state of missouri, this is the case in many other states grand jurors aren't obligated to talk after the proceedings. and, oh, by the way, if they do there's a misdemeanor charge associated. there is a chance that if officer wilson is not indicted, we may not ever know precisely what these are the seven men and five men saw what they read and as well. the waiting game continues. there's a school district in anticipation of a decision there's a local district that cancelled classes today and tomorrow. a number of businesses shut down in anticipation of a decision. but at this point, no decision. >> thank you very much. >> one more thing, tamron. i can also confirm that officer darren wilson did apparently remarried. he had been married once, went
8:41 am
through a divorce. we found out a short time ago the 28-year-old officer got married october 24th here in missouri. >> all right, craig. thank you very much for the details. up next i'll talk live with the rolling stone writer behind the rampant sexual assault at university of virginia's fraternities that forced every fraternity to be suspended for the rest of this year. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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8:45 am
violence is a problem in our fraternities and we recognize that we, the students, can be catalysts for the solution. the temporary suspension of fraternities gives our community a time to breathe and to develop more substantiative and actionable changes that confront this complicated problem in the long-term. >> this morning's news conference follows a weekend of demonstrations by students and faculty. more from nbc news peter alexander. >> on the university of virginia's campus, a silent show of outrage with students sticking dozens of notes on the admission's office doors. messages like expel rapists and a pile of rocks each representing a sexual assault survivor. [ chanting ] students and faculty voiced their anger in protests this weekend. >> this is an intolerable act that needs to stop now. >> the university is reeling in the wake of an extensive rolling
8:46 am
stone magazine article detailing multiple claims of sexual assault on campus. including the alleged gang rape of a first-year student at the fraternity house two years ago. just last week, the university asked charlottesville police to investigate. but the uva's president announcing the suspension of all fraternities and related social activities for the rest of this year. >> i think the great community needs to do serious soul searching about the way that it has behaved. about the behavior it's tolerated, about what its future is going to be. >> the target of vandals after the article's publication is promising to cooperate with any investigation saying the acts depicted in the article are beyond unacceptable. they are vile and intolerable. uva is already under scrutiny by the federal government which announced title ix investigations of the university and 54 other schools for their handling of sexual assault complaints. as students prepare to head home for thanksgiving, many are
8:47 am
dplanding their school's culture change. >> clearly something is not working. something is not right. people are getting hurt over and over again and that has to stop. >> nationwide the statistics are alarming. one in five women is sexual assaultly during their time in college. many students here say the administration has not gone far enough in suspending greek life through january 9th is unsufficient. they said they'll be protesting the fraternity and sorority rush this spring. >> let me bring in the rolling stone author. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> you know i've read your article now multiple times as many others have. yes, it was revealing and heartbreaking the details regarding the young woman only identified as jackie. what she went through. but honestly, we've heard maybe not in such great detail as your
8:48 am
excellent reporting gave us. we've known at different campuses throughout this country that sexual assaults have been happening, in some cases, even university officials have been accused of brushing this under the table. >> that's right. one of the things i was hoping to accomplish with the article is to explore how rape plays out on a typical college campus. i think what happens at university of virginia, what i discovered is absolutely horrifying. but it is by no means unique to university of virginia. i think that the prevalence of sexual assault that i discovered and the extend to which it's being brushed off is actually entirely typical of college campuses across the country. >> when you hear, for example, this news conference today the president of the fraternity council saying, you know, this ra break until the 9th of january gives them time to breathe on a complicated situation. my instant question why is it so complicated for the universities to deal with?
8:49 am
>> i think it's important they are taking a very introspective look, hopefully, at their culture. i think fraternity culture plays a large part in terms of, you know, rape and sexual assault, and i am hopeful that fraternity leadership will step up and see this as an opportunity to turn the tide on sexual assault. that's only part of the problem. another large part of the problem is the administration and this attitude of indifference that really radi e radiated from them and reverberates throughout university culture. >> absolutely. and the culture included as your report discussed when the young woman said she was sexual assaulted even her friends worried about her reputation if she came forward. advise her this would ruin her on campus. she did eventually report her allegations at the end of the freshman year. according to your report was given an option to go face to
8:50 am
face with the people who raped her in the dean's office as a possible option of conclusion here. >> it really goes to show the way rapes are being treated on college it goes to show the way rapes are being treated on campus. not as the violent crime they are, but of misconduct that can be resolved with face-to-face time and everybody goes along on their way. it's no wonder that the students are treating it as being a party foul that you can just brush off when the administration itself is treating it that way too. >> sabrina, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it and we will see what's next at that campus. many others there not in a vacuum there at uva. this has to be acknowledged and discussed. up next, a possible nor'easter threatening to ruin holiday travel plans for millions of americans. we will have the new forecast for you.
8:51 am
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it's been the greatest privilege of my life to lead and most important to serve, to serve with the men and women of the defense department and support their families. i am proud of what we accomplished during this time. >> president obama announced chuck hagel is stepping down after less than two years on the job. they tell nbc news the white house lot of confidence to carry out the job. he will remain on the job if confirmed by the senate. we will have more on the breaking news. millions of people are getting ready to hit the road or fly the skies. thanksgiving travel could be treacherous for some. a nor'easter is possible this coming wednesday.
8:55 am
the very latest on the storm. >> feet of snow the busiest travel day of the year. slick roads for the rest of the morning into the early afternoon. it's potential for the huge travel destructions. 6-10 inches of snow is possible. here's how i see it playing out. the storm will come off the north carolina coast and go parallel to the coastline. this is a signature if it's cold enough for snow. temperatures are border line, especially the big cities. we start as rain wednesday morning. from boston to d.c.
8:56 am
traveling in just the rain is wednesday. as the cold air filters in, it's snow. pocanos and catskills and higher elevations have the best chances of getting upwards of six inches of snow. the big cities are about 1-3. from al ban to new england could be a snowstorm to deal with wednesday evening. >> you will be tracking that for us. that does it for this edition. thank you for joining us. up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
8:57 am
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9:00 am
and most important to serve. >> breaking news from washington. chuck hagel, the republican senator of the obama administration fighting to get confirmed is out as head of the pentagon. the so-called resignation with the white house pressuring him out. the chief pentagon correspondent. the drama here and also msnbc analyst jack jacobs joining us. a fellow of vietnam veteran. mick, first to you. obviously difficulties with the white house and working with the nsc and a lot of conflict. the resignation. why now? >> as you suggested, some officials here at the pentagon. they had the meetings over several weeks and hagel's idea. i'm told that in fact as you mentioned thatag


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