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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 26, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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we've shown images of places like los angeles there's long standing issues with the police. give us issues on that for
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dallas. >> caller: sure, about half the protesters, it seemed, in fact, had some sort of specific example that they could give where they felt that they or a friend or family member had been mistreated by dallas police. there were a number of officer involved shootings here over the summer, and there have been, as there are in many major cities, officer involve shootings of teenagers who are unarmed, whether hispanic, black, or white here, there's been a number of over the summer, and so, yeah, about half of them had that specific feeling that that's what they were there for, and -- >> i got to ask you, in the time we have, how were the authorities locally responding to this sort of ferguson solidarity protest there in dallas? >> caller: we spoke to them before it happened, very unimpressed what they thought would happen. didn't they it would be violent
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or cause serious disruption, but i think they under reacted. initially, only a few cruisers followed the protesters. when the protesters block freeway traffic, it got serious, and eventually, we had dozens forcing the protesters off the freeway a half hour ago. >> wow. based in dallas, texas, thank you for the reporting tonight. there is much more to come as we cover the protests in ferguson, and as we've been telling you, other spontaneous and organized events around the country, and next, rachel will be here with a look of where the michael brown case goes next. stay with us. clear your blockede and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. my credit score for free, right? and then you're gonna ask me for my credit card so you can charge me on the down low two weeks later. look, credit karma - oh, are you talking to websites again?
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. number.ast business. front pages of major newspapers today. st. louis post dispatch, no charges for wilson. arson and rioting erupt in ferguson. this is the new york times today, protester in front of police vehicles with his hands up, hands up, don't shoot, continued rally cry for protesters upset by the grand jury decision no one will be indicted for the shooting. l.a. times had a full color
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photo, ferguson erupts, and then a picture of the mother of michael brown wailing and crying into the reaction to the news from the grand jury last night. this was the front page of the washington post today. this was the front page of the chicago tribune today. this was the front page of the boston globe today. this was u.s.a. today, moments after the grand jury announcement was made last night when protesters rocked and smashed windows of a st. louis police car. crowds that protested in ferguson last night were not the crowds largest turning out there since the case first erupted with the shooting on august 9th, but the headlines from around the country, the front pages around the country show what happens in ferguson now is a matter of intense national concern. not just because of the character of the initial tragedy
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that started this or because of the intensity, and at times, the destructiveness of the community anger vented in response so that police shooting, but it's a national story. this is now, of course, a touch stone for national anger, dispair, and frustration, and organizing around race and policing and this very difficult and ancient question in the country of whether or not black communities in the country are protected by america's police officers or whether actually black communities need to be protected from america's police officers. when i say there's been not just upset and dispair, but organizing sprung from ferguson, this is what a mean in a granular sense. part of the reason there's organizations taeds because in advance of the announcement. there is group called ferguson
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response network, building a graphic template for people to announce protests and rallies after the announcement, so any group wanting to organize ahead of time, could use this template to plug in the graphic, a map of their location, plug in where they wanted to hold the rally. the events were tagged for the day after the announcement. people picked a specific time. didn't have to be a preexisting organization with a big contact list on standly monthly meetings or something to organize an event in response to the grand jury announcement, so we've been seeing events in response to the garage's announcement around the country today and into tonight. they have been overwhelmingly peaceful, some angry incidents of violence and arrests, but overwhelmingly, it's peaceful but upet. it's organizing that's happening quietly in the background sense
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the shooting happened in august. it's become a national focus point. president obama today addressed the issue for the second time in two days. last night speaking from the white house less than an hour after the grand jury announcement was made. today, president obama made a trip to chicago to talk about his recent announcement on immigration policy but prefaced those remarks with pointed comments about what happened last night in ferguson and elsewhere around the country responding to that ferguson grand jury decision. the president talked about what he expects to happen going forward. >> a grand jury knead made a decision yesterday that upset a lot of people, and as i said last night, the frustrations that we've seen are not just about a particular incident. they have deep roots in many communities of color who have a sense that our laws are not always being enforced uniformly or fairly.
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that may not be true everywhere, and it's certainly not true for the vast majority of law enforcement officials, but that's an impression that folks have, and it's not just made up. it's rooted in realities that have existed in the country for a long time. separate and apart from the particular circumstances of ferguson, which i am careful not to speak to because it's -- it's not my job as president to comment on ongoing investigations and specific cases, but the frustrations people have generally, those are rooted in some hard truths that have to be addressed. i have no sympathy at all for destroying your own communities, but for the overwhelming majority of people who just feel frustrated and pained because they get a sense that maybe some
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communities are not treated fairly or some individuals are not seen as worthy as others, i understand that. i want to work with you and move forward with you. your president will be right there with you. >> president obama speaking tonight in chicago speaking on the grand jury decision last night in ferguson and the response to it. interesting, though, the president went out of his way to say it would be inappropriate for him as president to talk about the specifics of the case in ferguson, the specifics of the case of the grand jury who made the decision. saying he couldn't weigh in on the facts because that case is the subject of ongoing federal investigations. that case is the subject of ongoing federal investigations. eric holder spoke to the same point today. >> emphasize that we have two investigation ongoing.
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the department's investigation will continue to be thorough. they will continue to be independent. and they remain ongoing. >> at the height of the protests in ferguson after the shooting in august, one thing that seemed to bring a measure of calm, restore a sense that system was finding a resolution to the situation was a visit by holder to ferguson at the height of the protests. it was during that visit when calls started coming from the community, community leaders on the ground there that the federal government should be stepping in, the federal government should be taking over the prosecution in the michael brown case because of the lack of trust in local authorities in ferguson, in st. louis county to handle the case. that lack of trust that local authorities could handle this fairly did not just come out of nowhere last night after the grand jury made the announcement. the calls for intervention from
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the federal government to get out of local authorities and put it in the hands of the feds, those calls have been there all along. it's not unheard of when a local prosecution or state prosecution fails to convict someone. i mean famously, the rodney king case, right, five days of riots, a billion dollars of damage in los angeles. that rioting in the rodney king case set off by the acquittal in a criminal trial for the police officers who beat rodney king. eventually, there were federal civil rights charges brought against the four officers, and two of them were ultimately convicted on the federal civil rights charges. it's not impossible for there to be a federal case made either when a prosecution it not brought in the first place or it is brought and fails to convict. i have to say nobody's under illusions that's easy to do in this case, and frankly, asking my opinion, there's no realistic expectation that a federal civil rights case is going to be brougts in the michael brown
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case. it is possible, but there's not an expectation it will be brought. it is possible that the family could bring a civil case against the officer who did the shooting. it's possible to be held liable for a wrongful death the brown family attorneys might bring a civil suit. they have not said for sure they will, they have not filed the suit, but it's open as a possibility. here's where we get to the interesting question. whether there is a federal case or civil case or both, any future leading proceedings on the case, any further effort to get us through the system, through the courts, any of the efforts depends on the same evidence that the same grand jury has seen, right? physical evidence, autopsy reports, witness statements. witness statements.
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that factor bring us to the most bewildering, jaw dropping decision by the authorities. when they made the decision last night, there was a decision that he would not just present the results of the grand jury's deliberations, not just announce to the world that there would be in indictments in this case, but he would not even just leave it at the anomalous and self-remarkable decision to announce the grand jury's decision and release hundreds of pages of evidence and transscripts on the jury's proceedings. as it was, he would also choose to read aloud a more than 20 minute narrative of his view of the case. he's not required to do that, but decided to do that to leave his opinion on officer darren wilson. his own case why he should not have been indicted in st. louis county.
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in order to make that case, which is weird enough, right? the county prosecutor is not charge with defending anyone or have to say anything last night, but in order to make this lengthy case that he decided to make, the prosecutor also went out of his way to try to hamper any further legal proceedings on this matter that could happen in civil court or federal court. anything involving witnesses to the shooting testifying about what they saw because part of what this county prosecutor volunteered last night was his view about how noncredible and unreliable many of the terrible witnesses were. i mean, whether knowingly or unknowingly, that's what he did in the big long statement. again, he didn't have to say any of this, but he chose to volunteer it. to the nation. over and over and over and over again. >> many witnesses to the shooting of michael brown made statements inconsistent with other statements made and also conflicting with the physical evidence. some admitted they did not
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witness the event at all, but repeated what they heard in the neighborhood and statements changed, witnesses were confronted with the inconsistencies. some witnesses admitted that they did not actually see the shooting or only saw a part of the shooting or only repeating what they heard on the street. some others adjusted parts of the statements to fit the facts. others stood by original statements, even toe their statements were discredited by the physical evidence. >> can we get a cross-examination please? a rebuttal from opposing counsel? oh, no, this is not a trial. right. after volunteering this litany over and over and over and over again how terrible the witnesses were and how the witnesses in the case should not be believed, one of the reporters in the room, while he was saying that, asked listening to the prosecutor last night, skds if the witnesses were so terrible and telling lies, was the
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prosecutor going to bring perjury charges against lying witnesses? they were, in fact, lying under oath. if he said they lied over and over and over again, how about perjury charges against them? the answer from the prosecutor was, no, he's not going to do anything about it, just wants everybody to know the witnesses are liars. >> i heard you describe problematic witness statements. do any of you require going after perjury charges? >> no. there's a number of witnesses in all honesty believe what they said. some of the others, yes, we're making it up, but they all pretty much acknowledged that, you know, they saw parts and made up other things. >> they were making it up. don't believe what you hear by a supposed witness in this case. the decision not to indict at 8:30 at night last night with no advance notice begin to the governor, the state, law enforcement, schools, or the local people who believed they would get advanced notice, that
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was a remarkable decision. the timing, remarkable. the decision by the prosecutor to read a lengthy, effective, personal legal defense of the would-be defendant in the case was a remarkable decision. the cnn legal analyst called that an entirely inappropriate and embarrassing display by the prosecutor. he described what bob did last night as an extended whine. this decision by the prosecutor, not just that, to unilaterally call the witnesses to the crime or this case at least, the shooting at least, call the witnesses liars. witnesses in this case have been totally discredited and should never be believed. that decision, not only reflects what brought us to this point in ferguson, but could be what happens next there too. the prosecutor at the county level appears to be trying not to justify his own decision that
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there's no local prosecution for the shooting, but in his statements tries to affect the possibility that any other legal recourse might be sought in this case by the federal government or by the family of the deceased in civil court. since the 18-year-old die left to die in the street in the august heat for four and a half hours on that saturday afternoon, people upset by the shooting, including his family, want recourse for what happened there. they tried to get that through the system. it is not irrational that alongside those efforts to get recourse in the system, there's a deep distrust this system there's a deep distrust this offers a fair hearing, a real chance at justice, equitable recourse. it's not irrational to both demand and expect that the system should work for everyone
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or imprisonment and live by the meanest codes of the streets, reenforcing their violation, hair trigger mentality. scary, right? he said there was no way out of the superpredator hell that waited us because it was demographically inevitable. some people, you know who you are, are just destined from birth to be this monster, inescapable. demographically speaking. saying, quote, americans are sitting on a demographic crime bomb. the next wave of homicidal violence among urban youth will reach adjacent neighborhoods, suburbs, and the rural heartland. this crime bomb, he said, can probably not be defused. the largest population of 7 to 10-year-old boys growing up fatherless, jobless, and godless
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surrounded by criminal adults gives rise to a new vicious group of predator street criminal that the nation has ever known. we have to be prepared to contain explosions force and limit its damage. that was john writing in 1995 in the clinton administration. when bush was next president, he was the first director of the office of faith based outreach in the white house. meanwhile, in part because of the theory about teenage super predators that could be predicted at age 7, the states started locking up tens of thousands of kid criminals in adult prisons, sometimes for life. america took seriously the prediction about the super predator crime bomb. it was very scary stuff in theory, but our coming nation hair trigger, vacant eyed, remorseless young super predators. he said it was about to happen, demographically, a time bomb. it didn't happen. the juvenile air force rate,
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writing about the wave the super predators, writing about that in 1995, and his racialized, very scary predictions coming over the horizon, they did not pan out. and then, ultimately, john dilulio took it back. in a court filing years ago, he expressed regret for what he wrote in the 1990s, when he wrote a future of 7 -year-old boys he was afraid of. sorry about the super predator thing. sorry about the kids now doing life in adult prison, but it turned out the glassy-eyed, afraid of nothing, superhuman, super predator was just a racial fantasy. yesterday, in missouri, with the news that a grand jury decided
1:32 am
not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson, the documents were released seen by the grand jury and generated by that grand jury proceeding. as part of that, we got to see the grand jury testimony of officer darren wilson. for the first time, we got to see officer wilson's description of what happened in his encounter with the 18 -year-old michael brown, that encounter that left michael brown in the street with 12 bullets expended from wilson's gun in the process. after he fired the first bullet, he was looking at him with the most intensive face, and the only way to describe it, quote, it looks like a demon. that's how angry he looked. officer wilson testified that michael brown was huge. told the grand jury, quote, i mean, it was -- he's obviously bigger than i was and stronger. now, it is true that my coal brown was a big guy, 18 years
1:33 am
old, 6'4", 290 pounds. darren wilson, himself, also stands 6'4", although he's not as heavy as michael brown. darren wilson is not a small guy, 6'4", 210, but faced with a demonic young man, a young man he called "it" to the grand jury. he said he felt like a toy, a little kid in that actual kid's presence. this is how it appeared in the transcript of the grand jury testimony, quote, when i grabbed him, the only way i could describe it is i felt like a 5-year-old holding on to hulk hogan. that's how big he felt and how small i felt just by grasping his arm. that's how he said it to the grand jury according to the transcri transcript, and tonight in an interview with abc news, he said it again. >> i used my right hand to grab his forearm to move him back, and when i felt it, i felt
1:34 am
immense power he had. the way i described it, like a 5-year-old holding hulk hogan. that's how big the man was. >> hulk hogan? >> very large. very powerful man. >> you're a big guy. >> yeah, i'm above average. >> 6'4", armed, a trained police officer, inside a police car. the 18-year-old, he says, he struggled with is also 6'4", but to the officer, he seemed like hulk hogan and the officer comparatively was a child. to the officer, that young man seemed like a demon. he told the grand jury after he started shooting brown, the officer said he kept shooting shots at him because of the way michael brown looked to him after he started shooting him. he said the teenager, after he was shot, looked like he, quote, he was almost bulking up to run through the shots. like it was making him mad that i'm shooting at him.
1:35 am
bulking up to run through the shots. officer darren wilson was afraid for his life, he says. he says that was his defense. he thought he met hulk hogan a larger than life threat he could stop only by shooting, and even then this demon he saw would keep going through the shots by somehow bulking himself up to make himself immune to the shots because he was so angered by them. gunfire only made it angry. this demon. we are two decades out from the super predator mid-1990s. that was a racial fantasy that drove policy and changed a lot of policy and changed a lot of lives. the fact it was two decades ago and there's been an apology first does not mean it's gone or driving our judgment or accountant. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil.
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>> what is the purpose to undermind the credibility of witnesses, undermind the credibility of the victim, still has not explained to us how you have a man that feels like he's a child up against hulk hogan so what kind of training and policing do you do? >> reverend al today with pointed questions from the st. louis prosecuting attorney in how he announced it last night not to bring an indictment in the michael brown case. reverend sharpton is host of "politics nation" here on msnbc. he joins us from st. louis tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. >> at the perm level, how are michael brown's family doing, people close to them in this scenario, watching his mother erupt and stepfather erupt last
1:40 am
night with so much grief and anger. how are they doing personally? >> they are very pained. i've bin, since day one, when the grandfather called and asked me to get involved, so i've stayed in touch with them. it's been an agonizing painful thing for them. it's been exacerbated by watching on live world television that disparaging of their son. what made it so painful for the mother and father and for the family was to have him so disparaged. you talk about an 18-year-old young man who can't defend himself, and this is a prosecutor given this profile to the world. it was like pouring salt in the wound for them. >> rev, one of the things you raised today at the press conference that you did with members of the brown family was that this prosecutor in giving his own personal narrative about
1:41 am
the case, essentially, a lengthy legal defense of officer wilson, justification for him not being indicted, you essentially said he impugned the integrity of the witnesses raising the prospect that might affect the ability to bring other legal proceedings here whether it's a federal case or civil case. i asked a family attorney about that, and he expressed a lot of anger about it, although, they said they would do a case if they could that would not interfere with it. what do you think will be the results of the prosecutor's decision. what do you think he was trying to do? >> well, i think what is clear to me is that he set a premise that whatever proceedings go forward, let's say there's a federal grand jury to determine civil rights charges, you would have to wonder if the potential federal from this district have been prejudice against witnesses
1:42 am
that come before them because the local county prosecutor has basically put a blanket over them that they are liars. same with the civil jury. this is so far out of the norm if a prosecutor chooses not to prosecute or a grand jury sells them that they voted against that, it is very rare -- i've never heard of it, where they decide to come on national television and say, not only are we not going to prosecute, we're going to castigate and call liars the witnesses. the first thing you have to ask yourself, is it the witnesses were not credible in your judgment, why did you put them in front of the grand jury. the grand jury is at the discretion of the prosecutor to bring witnesses that would lead to probable cause to indict or not indict. for you to bring them on that you found to be not credible inconsistent and are liars means
1:43 am
in and of itself you're making a mockery of your own proceedings. >> reverend al sharpton, prosecute of action network, right at the heart of the story, al, thanks for the time tonight i don't know you're exhausted at this point. thanks for being here. there's a lot to cover incoming news outside of ferguson and protests tonight in los angeles, oakland, in new york city. stay with us. you got the bargain kind? you would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. what are you doing? dish issues? ... ... get cascade complete. one pac cleans better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean.
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hit him with a hard count,ine. see if they'll tip their hand. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to their game day communication. they're blitzing up the gut! get out of the pocket! hut! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition. welcome back, rachel will be back in a moment. these are pictures from moments ago on the west coast in oakland, california where protesters set fire to trash bins and what looks to be an increasingly tense standoff of ferguson related protests and police this evening. this is the scene in downtown oakland. this is one of many protests going on across the country tonight in response, of course, to the grand jury decision. we're now looking here at live footage. this is oakland there, a car dealership. you see the broken windows there, just moments ago, there were people going in and out of that store. that's live footage right now.
1:47 am
watching all of that for you live on msnbc tonight, and rachel will be right back. you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
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watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. the same day yesterday, the news from the grand jury, what that news overshadowed was a scoop yesterday in the new york times reporting that president obama asked for the resignation of chuck hagel.
1:51 am
within a few hours, the times' scoop proved correct, and the president announced it was time for secretary hagel to go. >> last month, chuck came to me to discuss the final quarter of my presidency and determined that having guided the department through this transition, it was an appropriate time for him to complete his service. >> that announcement does not make him the shortest lived secretary in modern times. that distinction goes to bill clinton's first defense secretary aspen who made it barely a year. chuck hagel made it almost two years. the announcement that secretary hagel is out on his ear after no time on the job, that raises immediate questions. first, why did they push him out? was it just personality? that's what the beltway press focuses on when someone is canned, or was it policy? as an pamexample, hagel express
1:52 am
reluctance to approve transfer of prisons from guananamo. just since this, six have been released. the white house basically restarted the afghanistan war. although president obama long said troops will end next month, the times said this weekend, in secret discussions, quote, the military pushed back, and, quote, the military pretty much got what it wanted, and so now the war will keep going for another year. there's a new name, apparently, operation resolute support. well, if the times is right, that civilian advisers to president obama got overrun and overruled on this decision on this extension of the war in afghanistan is chuck hagel one of the civilian advisers who objected to that? does the reported decision to extend the war have anything to do with chuck hagel leaving either in terms of who fed the
1:53 am
story anonymously to the times or how the fight over the policy has gone inside the administration? the beltway moved on immediately to who replaces hagel? this is michelle, a former top pentagon official, widely expected, would be the first female defense secretary if nominated and confirmed. she was probably the press' favorite in terms of press speculation. late today, she pulled herself out of the running for defense secretary saying the think tank where she works now, asked the president to take her out of consideration to be the next secretary of defense. the new name on the white house is short listed for the job is reportedly this man, jay johnson, currently the secretary of homeland security, formally the general counsel in president obama's first term. johnson is well-liked in the administration, talked about everything from a potential supreme court nominee to a potential attorney general, so even though it is soon after taking over at homeland security, the possibility of him
1:54 am
being moved out of there and instead named to run the pentagon, that's not an inconceivable thing for someone like jay johnson. as fascinating as that is, though, as everyone gossips about musical chairs and who likes who, before we get to who replaces chuck hagel, maybe the best conceivable outcome here is the fight over the successor could be occasion to fight over important policy opposed to just letting it run on auto pilot, never debated, never voted on by congress, just leaked to the new york city times as a done deal while democracy looks on as if decisions about starting and ending wars have nothing to do with us. apparently, we are getting another year of combat in afghanistan, and a new name for the afghanistan war and everything. not to mention our new undebated, unvoted on war in iraq, and the one in syria as well. washington has begin up debating and deciding on war these days.
1:55 am
maybe replacing chuck hagel at the pentagon is occasion to fix that. this has been a very big news week. it's only tuesday. chuck hagel out of the pentagon. who knows who's in in his place, all eyes on ferguson, missouri tonight and around the country as people protest the ferguson decision and a huge storm bearing down on the east coast for the busiest travel day of the year tomorrow. lots more to come. stay with us. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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[ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. you're looking at live pictures from union square in new york city and a few other protest sites around the country now as people continue to react to the news about the grand jury decision last night in ferguson, missouri. you're looking here at oakland,
1:59 am
california and also st. paul, minnesota, and, again, as i mentioned, union square in new york city. we've seen protests coalesce and break up, koe lcocoko coalesce . i want to tell you our colleague covering the story of the shooting since the beginning, spent a lot of time in ferguson, chris got an interview with dorian johnson, the young man with brown when officer darren wilson shot and killed him. watch what happened in the interview. >> reporter: one big point of departure is how it started. i want to read this to you. this is officer wilson saying you're right here, walking this way, right, the car's coming down canfield drive this way, you're in front. he says, why don't you guys walk on the sidewalk. is that what he said to you? >> he did not say that to me. he did not say -- you go he said get the [ bleep ] on the
2:00 am
sidewalk. exact words to me. >> that was the key difference. from the beginning, it was a hostile interaction? >> good wednesday morning everybody right now on first look protests following the ferguson grand jury decision spreads to hundreds of cities throughout the u.s. and north america. >> to those that think that what happened in ferguson is an excuse for violence, i do not have any sympathy for that. i have no sympathy at all for destroying your own community. >> and hear directly from officer darren wilson. >> plus a nor'easter is off the north carolina coast and the police in hot pursuit as a perp