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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 26, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and unbelievable. >> we're going to keep fighting. and pray for a better outcome. and job opening, hagel is out, but so are several possible replacements. who is now leading the list. good day, everyone, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. just one of the cities along the east coast where travelers are already dealing with the elements in this big holiday storm. this is the reality for drivers along interstate 76 in philadelphia and at reagan national airport. just the first wave of weather that will impact millions of people over the next 12 hours. nbc meteorologist bill karens joins me now with more on the national forecast. bill, what are we expecting? >> well, andrea, we're getting to the heart of this storm. it's almost getting to the point where you need to tell people.
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i know you want to get to your loved ones, but is it worth it? going on the highways at the peak of the storm. is it worth the risk? that's a personal decision everyone has to make. i'll give you the information of how you can avoid some of those highways that are going to be the ones you want to be off of. right now, the storm has really intensified. it has a ton of moisture with it. this one had a connection all the way to the tropics. dumped 7 inches of rain in florida yesterday. and it shot all of that precipitati precipitation northwards now. from maine to florida on i-95. and with the exception of the georgia/south carolina area, you could have the wipers on the entire time. it's almost like 1,500 miles of roads. thankfully, most of i-95 is wet, it is not snowy and icy. but other roads are much worse. here's how it's going to play out this evening. the storm is now intensifying just off the outer banks, by about -- say about midnight or so. it'll be up there in the gulf of maine. that means it'll make its closest approach to new york city and areas of southern new england right during the peak of
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the evening rush hour. not everyone's at work today, but there are schools in session, too. and that's where the roads are getting bad in a hurry. the white on this map shows you where it's snowing, the blue shows you where it's snowing hard. and just within the last half hour, we heard reports of thunder snow. in other words, it's snowing hard outside of baltimore right now. and people could hear the thunder in the distance. that means we have a very intense storm. if you get caught in one of those bands, i think this one's just off of the baltimore area and just to the north of d.c. it can drop a quick 1 to 2 inches of snow, even on the roads because the intensity would be so high. so be careful driving down there right now. but the roads that are already snow covered, they're telling people in pennsylvania, i- 81, harrisburg, northwards, up toward the scranton area, do not drive on those highways if you don't have to. it's going to be hard for the plows to keep up with it. temperatures right around 33, 34, so high-intensity snow. it's sticking. also, from albany southwards, outside of new york city, new york state throughway is starting to get snow-covered.
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and soon, all the way across the mass pike, we expect 1 inch per hour snow rates, at least. and with snow totals right around maybe 12, as high as 18 inches. that purple area there, from just outside of albany, right through southern vermont and new hampshire. notice a lot of the big cities, we're still okay. you're still safe to drive from boston down through providence, coastal connecticut, new york city, down i-95. no problems. you'll be all right on the roads there. it's once you get up there on the new york state throughway, heading up to the highways in the new hampshire or even vermont this evening, it's going to be a difficult go. and i know you're used to driving in the snow up there. this will be a tough one because of the intensity. and there's a lot of people on the roads, too. hartford, only about 2 to 4. questionable, maybe at most up to 6. notice philadelphia and baltimore, don't expect a lot. as far as the forecast, other areas of concern today, a little bit of snow in areas of iowa. careful driving there. but overall, we're doing good throughout the rest of the country. and for thanksgiving day, it's going to be a cold and chilly
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one for minneapolis to chicago. i mean, really cold thanksgiving day for you. northeast, snow showers left exiting, and andrea, from new hampshire to vermont to maine, you know, you can stick the turkey in the oven and then go shovel a foot of snow and then come back in. because that's what you're going to be dealing with tomorrow morning. >> oh, bill. you just hit every one of me, my producers, you hit every one of our destinations. thanks a lot. >> we're trying. >> thanks for being with us. a happy thanksgiving to you. and let's go to one of the airports where we're seeing the most flight delays and cancellations today. live at laguardia airport in new york. laguardia, newark, were hit early with delays. what are you hearing? >> well, good afternoon, andrea. you know, this is already one of the busiest and most stressful travel days of the year, and this weather is certainly not helping. laguardia, about 10% of flights canceled here so far. laguardia and newark airports currently in the top three worldwide for delays and cancellations. that is not a list that anybody
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wants to be on right now. airport managers really hoping everybody gets to their destinations. but they're also being realistic about it. they have cots, blankets, pillows and food on the ready for travelers who may end up, unfortunately, spending their thanksgiving at the airport. a lot of travelers have taken advantage of the airline's waiving of those change fees. and these affected areas and managed to slide in earlier this morning ahead of the storm. obviously, we are getting out of that safety window right now. outside we've seen the rain turn to sleet and it has been steady throughout the morning heading into the afternoon. all in all, about 3 1/2 million people expected to fly this year. that is the most in five years. some of those people are going to get lucky. they're going to slip through all those delays and cancellations, make it to their destination on time. for the rest of the people, though, it's going to be a slightly tougher trek to the thanksgiving table this year. andrea. back to you. >> and sara, let's talk about some of the options people have
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and the latest data we've got. the latest delays so far are total delays within, into, or out of the united states today, 1,467 delays, total cancellations within or out of the u.s. today, 497. and most u.s. cancellations are at newark, 66, and laguardia, 64. both of those airports, that's roughly 10% of their flights. the couple of websites that are helpful. we know that is one helpful website where people can go to look at the latest delays and keep track of flights that they are trying to catch. >> reporter: yeah, that is correct, andrea. there are all of these tools to help you on your travel planning. these websites. you mentioned and, of course, the faa's website and tsa's. they're recommending you leave at least 90 minutes, possibly more today to just deal with the
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sheer crush of people that will be at the airports trying to get to their thanksgiving destinations. >> okay. thank you very much. and now we have breaking news here in washington. concerning the health of ruth bader-ginsburg. the oldest justice on the supreme court and in recent cases, one of the strongest liberal voices in dissent from the majority. pete williams with the latest. >> andrea, for the last 15 years, ruth bader-ginsburg has in the evenings worked out with a personal trainer in the supreme court gym. and last night, she was doing that when the court says she felt discomfort. doctors were summoned. she was taken by ambulance to a hospital here in washington where doctors discovered a blocked artery. her right coronary artery, and they say a stent was police stationed early this morning, that she's doing well, her spirits are good and they expect her to be home by the weekend, within 48 hours, the court says. as you pointed out, justice
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ginsburg is 81. she is the oldest justice on the supreme court. and for the past several months, she's been going virtually door-to-door in america to tell people that she has no intention of stepping down. there have been some academics calling for her to leave now while president obama can still appoint her successor. but she has repeatedly said that she doesn't think in the current political climate in the senate she's been quite candid about this, she says i don't think anyone could be appointed that would decide cases as i do. >> and, pete, let's play a little bit from october 19th at the 92nd street y. she was being questioned by liberal scholars about that very thing. >> the question is, who do you think that our president could nominate and get through today's senate that you would -- in
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life, it's always what is the alternative? either i stay or someone, if anyone could get through, it would not be someone that has my record. >> and, pete, that was, in fact, questioning her. i've seen ruth bader-ginsburg last week, she's been out socially having, you know, dinners with friends. and she seemed in very good health. and as you know, she is one determined lady. >> well, consider this, andrea. in 1999 she had surgery for colon cancer. she was back on the bench 17 days later. in 2009, she had surgery for pancreatic cancer. in none of those cases, did she miss a single day of supreme court deliberations. as you say, she's tough, determined, and i would be very surprised if this changes her plans. >> and, just to point out on a recent dissent, she pulled an
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all-nighter like a college kid facing exams to get that in. remember that friday night, saturday? >> that was the texas voting rights case just a couple of months ago. >> thank you so much, pete williams. >> you bet. protesters flooded the streets in cities and towns across the country overnight. and in ferguson, missouri, police chief john belmar called it a better night after the national guard was called out in force. dozens were arrested and police used tear gas to disperse crowds there. darren wilson has given his version of what led to his fa l fatal -- the fatal shooting that -- when he killed the unarmed african-american teen michael brown on august 9th. >> i said, get back or i'm going to shoot you. and his response, immediately he grabbed the top of my gun. and he grabbed it and he said you're too much of a [ bleep ] to shoot me. and while he's doing that, i can feel his hand trying to come over my hand and try and shoot me with my own gun. and that's when i pulled the
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trigger for the first time. >> what happened? >> it didn't go off. i tried again and again another click. and this time i -- this has to work or else i'm going to be dead. something's going to happen and i'm going to be dead. so i pull a third time and it finally goes off. >> and that was with george stephanopoulos. michael brown's parents reacted today. speaking to savannah guthrie on the "today" show. >> he's claiming that your son was the instigator. that he punched him, reached for his gun, came back charging toward him. does that seem possible to you? >> for one, my son -- he respected law enforcement. two, who in their right mind would rush or charge at a police officer that has his gun drawn? that sounds crazy. >> ron allen joins me now from ferguson. ron, this is really a he said/he said.
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we have -- though we don't have the witness, michael brown obviously was killed, but we have the people speaking for him and saying what the prosecutor failed to do was cross-examine these witnesses. that he acted more as a defense lawyer for the policeman rather than in the traditional role of a prosecutor with a grand jury. >> exactly, andrea. and it's to some extent, all of this is moot because the case is closed, it's done, the evidence that the grand jury looked at has been released to the public. the brown family cannot go back there again. they have to take this to a different level. although, they are really being very, very critical of the process here. and so maybe that will change. but, yes, the local prosecutor bob mccullough did this in the interest of openness and transparency and giving the jury everything possible. but at the same time, the role of the prosecutor is to usually guide the grand jury to a decision that the prosecutor wants to bring them to. and in his discussion of the evidence the other night, the
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prosecutors didn't say anything critical of anything that the police officer did. and it seemed that the victim, michael brown, was the one who was on trial. so a lot of people are reacting very negatively to that. but, again, case closed, done deal. at least at this level. now, whether they will find any relief at the federal level is another issue. a lot of people are reminding us all of the rodney king case back in 1992 where the officers were found not guilty by a state court but then found guilty, at least most of them in a federal proceeding. so the pressure's going to continue here. the family is saying they are not done, they're not giving up, and they're going to push forward. we'll have to see. and, of course, the other thing that's going on is there's pressure to change the ferguson police department and other police departments around here. so that may be part of the legacy of this case. andrea? >> and dorian johnson, the young man with michael brown on that fateful day, he spoke with chris hayes last night. let's play that part of it. >> his hands were never at his
9:14 am
waist. he had on basketball shorts. he couldn't -- he couldn't hold anything in his waist. his hands was up, he didn't have a belt on. it wouldn't stay at his waist even if he did have anything. it wouldn't stay at his waist. his hands were up, he never plunged at the officer in no type of manner. he was merely trying to explain to the officer he did not have a weapon and why are you shooting me? >> so he directly disputes the claim by officer wilson to the grand jury that michael brown's hands were in his waistband and he thought there could be a weapon and he was charging the police officer. this is, obviously, an eyewitness account from the young man who was there during the entire confrontation. >> reporter: all these things could be true, andrea. at some point, he may have had his hands up, to the waistband, to the side. may have come at the officer, may have gone away from the officer. all of those things are probably true at some point. the question is, did the officer have the right to shoot him and kill him fatally? and a lot of people are saying at some point, he should've
9:15 am
handled the situation differently. did he have to use force? could he have handled it in a better way? at some point, michael brown is 30 or 40 feet away from him. does he have to fire at that point? that's the question. the grand jury agreed with officer wilson and essentially the prosecutors. and that's where we are. but a lot -- raises a lot of questions. and you have to ask, you know, the bottom line is that this young man is dead and a lot of people feel that should not have been the result of all of this and somebody should be held responsible for it. >> ron allen in ferguson, thank you so much for that report. and on this thanksgiving eve, here's a look at what the storm that's making a mess of so many travel plans looks like from space. take a look at this. given its size, it is no surprise that this storm is causing travel headaches already as far away as los angeles. coming up, what you need to know if you're one of the 41 million people, that's 41 million people on the roads over the holiday weekend. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc.
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the board that overseas the university of is focusing alcohol as a contributing factor of sexual assaults on that campus. one member is calling for a ban on underage drinking in the uva campus. all this after allegations of sexual assault rocked the historic campus following a major article in rolling stone. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander has more from charlottesville. >> andrea, good morning to you. this campus community has largely cleared out, but students, advisers, administrators are all dealing with deep-seeded issues here as the head of the council himself conceded sexual violence is a serious cultural problem in fraternities and in greek life, it's upsetting to admit.
9:20 am
>> your story's not unique? >> it's not. i've heard from a lot of women like me. >> reporter: emily knows firsthand about rape at uva. as a freshman, she says she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity house on campus. her attacker, she says, never punished because he transferred schools. now, employed by the university, she counsels other sexual assault survivors, including jackie whose detailed account of a vicious gang rape published in "rolling stone" has exposed a cultural crisis within this institution. >> every student you say needs to look in the mirror. >> every student needs to look in the mirror and decide, what can i do that reinforces a value system that supports survivors. >> uva's board addressed the fire storm sparked by the rolling stone article at an emergency meeting tuesday. >> i'd like to say to jackie and her parents that i am sorry. >> weeks after investigated the disappearance and murder of freshman hannah graham, the university president has asked chief tim longo to investigate
9:21 am
jackie's case. >> there were bystanders. there were people in that room. what is being called shocking and horrifying, and i hope that there's bystanders have the moral courage, the moral courage to come forward and help us with that investigation. >> even as protesters silently condemned the school's policies, one sign of uva's founder reading sexual misconduct, a jeffersonian tradition. the board vowed to come up with new solutions. >> if we can't deliver on this fundamental duty, then we, all of us, we will have failed. >> urging calls for change as this campus community undergoes a painful re-examination. >> we are facing a deeply kind of terrible thing that's happened within our community, and that fundamentally undermines your understanding of
9:22 am
trust here. >> reporter: at the conclusion of the board meeting, the board committed itself to a zero tolerance policy, but at this time, it's unclear exactly what that means and how it'll be enforced. back to you. >> our thanks to peter alexander in charlottesville, thank you. and a day before thanksgiving, this group has plenty to be grateful for. six american ebola survivors. kent brantly, nancy writebol, amber vincent, and mukpo meeting on the "today" show. many took the opportunity to thank dr. brantly in person for donating his plasma to help them recover. >> it's just amazing that you gave so much to all of us. thank you. >> he's a selfless man and he's our angel and gave us a second chance at life. that's how i feel. this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular soda. and this is one soda a day over an average adult lifetime.
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as we've been reporting, the michael brown case has set off a storm across the country. millions calling for the improvement of racial relations between police and minority communities. not only in ferguson, of course, but in cities and towns nationally from new york to miami to seattle and towns and cities in between, thousands gathered last night and the night before. mostly peacefully. yesterday, president obama went to chicago where he addressed the recent events in ferguson. >> the frustrations that we've seen are not just about a particular incident. they have deep roots in many communities of color who have a sense that our laws are not always been enforced uniformly or fairly. that may not be true everywhere, and it's certainly not true for the vast majority of law enforcement officials, but that's an impression that folks have. and it's not just made up. it's rooted in realities.
9:27 am
that have existed in this country for a long time. >> i'm joined now by the mayor of baltimore. thank you very much, very much for joining us today. you've been dealing with this issue, and in your community, there was an 11-1 vote last week in the city council for body cams on policemen and you're vetoing that. it'd be very helpful to explain to our audience why you think it has to be a more narrowly defined approach. >> well, it's not even narrowly defined. and i want to be very, very clear. we're getting body cams in baltimore, but it's too important not to get it right. the bill is just wrong. i mean, the bill would recommend that everyone, every single police officer wear a body camera. if i'm in the evidence control room, i need a body camera. if i'm working behind a desk, i need a body camera. if i'm working undercover, i need a body camera. the bill's wrong. let's be very clear this is about good legislation, not whether the city's having body cameras. i have a task force that's been
9:28 am
meeting, that has already met. it is a task force of community leaders, legal experts, the aclu is a participant. i have elected officials that are participating in this work group. and we are moving forward with implementing body cameras in baltimore. and once we do next year we'll be the largest city to have a body camera program. make no mistake, it's about making sure we get this done the right way for the people of baltimore. >> and one other thing you're doing there from having talked to you before back in august is that you're doing active recruiting to try to make your police force more representative. let me throw up a map that shows disproportionate police forces around the country where you have minority communities who are policed by majority white forces. and we know that leads to misunderstandings and that can lead to tensions. tell us again what you're doing to try to improve the diversity you've already done in
9:29 am
baltimore. >> we're actively recruiting. but more specifically within the baltimore city police department and in the fire department, we're working at the high school level. we're making sure that people understand that having a career as a first responder, whether it's an emt, firefighter or a police officer, it is a respectable career, and it could help you make a way for your family. and we want -- we have the fire chief and the police commissioner are working to basically have feeder systems from our high schools into the force. we want to make sure, not that the force is just racially reflective of our community, but also we want to get people who are living right here in baltimore who care and love our city to become first responders. >> is there any thought to requiring residency? or is that too difficult a task given the surrounding communities? >> i think that has been tried in the past. i think the best way to do this is to continue to do the work we're doing. if we continue to make baltimore a safer place to live, and we
9:30 am
continue to do this recruitment, baltimore will become a community of choice. for our first responders. and we've seen the numbers increase, the number of police officers who are active on duty and live in the city continues to rise. and we're seeing some movement in the fire department, as well. so, you know, it's one thing to make it a requirement, and i know that some other jurisdictions have tried that. but for me, you know, this is about making baltimore a place where people want to live and doing our best to recruit baltimoreans for these positions. >> wishing you a happy and safe thanksgiving, and thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. and travel plans are influx today in baltimore and elsewhere as a messy snow/rain mix ties up traffic in the middle east and mid-atlantic states. meaning stressful driving for millions, including nbc's intrepid dylan dreyer. >> we are out near winchester, virginia, on i-81. the snow replaced the rain early
9:31 am
this morning and starting to accumulate on the grassy surfaces. the road conditions will deteriorate through the day as we're expecting snow for the next several hours. the best road to travel on if you do not want to deal with any snow is going to be i-95. it'll be crowded, but it's going to be mostly rain right along the coast. you go inland and especially up into new england, and a lot of the major thoroughfares, the massachusetts turnpike, i-90, i-84, those are all going to be snow covered, especially later on this afternoon. so thanksgiving's fine, the whole storm pulls away. but it's getting to thanksgiving that's going to cause some trouble across, especially the northeast today.
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ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. well, the top contenders to replace outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel don't seem very excited about the chance of serving here. the first no thank you came from rhode island senator jack reid followed very shortly afterwards
9:35 am
by michelle reported by the magazine, and our colleague here. who wants the job? i'm joined now by "usa today's" washington bureau chief and the managing editor, also author of the new book "opening front." i was at an embassy dinner the night before everyone was saying, oh, it's got to be her. she's so qualified. she was passed over last time. and it's such a great choice. would be the first woman defense secretary. why do you think she said no? she said it was for family reasons. >> so i think in that case, it is genuine. she had a high-pressure job before, and her husband held a high-level job in the v.a. her kids are getting ready for college. it's a genuine issue. on the other hand, who wants this job? you're trying to think of a strategy against the islamic state that may not be doable for a white house that isn't functional with congress getting ready to take over and pummel you for the next two years. who wants the job? >> and an afghan war that is
9:36 am
expanding rather than contracting. susan page, i was told that flournoy was called by the president both to offer her the job, cajole her, talk her into it. the fact that gets out there that i learned about it and others learned about it is so embarrassing to a white house they've got a job, a cabinet job like this. they can't talk anyone into taking. >> and really, it's either a sign of bad staff work, they weren't aware she absolutely was not going to take the job, or his failure to strong arm her into doing it. because there are presidents who would not have taken no in that situation. they wouldn't have made that call unless they thought they could get this -- whoever the prospect was to take the job. i think it makes it -- i think it's a hard job to sell when there are three people who have held it already all have come away with a similar story about micromanaging from the white house, difficulty breaking into the small team, small close team around the president. and the huge crises going on in iran and iraq and syria and the middle east. there's no -- there's -- there's
9:37 am
a long list of big problems that whoever gets this job is going to have to handle. >> and john mccain is going to have a lot to say about this because he's the incoming chair of the armed services committee and disagreed with so much of the president's policy. disagreed with the setting of a timetable from withdrawing from afghanistan, which is being counter -- who is going to get the job, is it going to be ash carter? the former deputy secretary of defense? >> he would be the obvious safe choice. i was told when he did not get the job and was passed over for chuck hagel, he made his anger clear within the white house. so the same inner circle in charge of picking the next chuck hagel were angered by ash carter when he wasn't the next chuck hagel. that may be tricky. >> our own chris janicing is reporting that dennis mcdonagh is not a possibility, unless it becomes the way dick cheney ran the decision for george bush and then ended up choosing himself. >> and contrast this with the
9:38 am
way that george w. bush handled this at almost the exact moment in his presidency. right at that point when he pushed out donald rumsfeld. he was ready. he was ready immediately with bob gates as his nominee. there was no space there. and president obama's now set up a situation where the person he's pushed out is going to be in this office for some time while they try to find somebody new. and get them confirmed. that's not a position of strength when you're dealing with foreign leaders, dealing with countries that already have problems with the united states and its policies. >> what about ray mavis? former governor of mississippi, strong supporter of president obama? >> he'd be an interesting choice because he's been in the building since 2008. campaigned for the president since 2008. he's very close to the white house. he's not seen as an overly strong figure and don't seem like they want that. you're also hearing jay johnson, the current secretary of homeland security, also close to the president, served as the general council for the
9:39 am
pentagon. on the other hand, tied to the executive order. but i think ash carter, potentially, but it's sort of a tough sell. i think you now look at this broader list. >> and you've also got john mchue, someone was mentioning, i guess, was it -- i'm not sure who actually wrote this, writing joe liberman? >> well, there's been suggestion of joe liberman. i think thad be a surprise. but if you're casting a wide net, maybe you'd end up with somebody on our list and maybe somebody who would come ask be a surprise in a good way. that person makes a lot of sense. but, man, a tough job, short time -- >> thankless. >> and thankless. >> and thanks to you. the book is the invisible front. congratulations on the book, and all of your scoops and it's great to see you. >> thank you, andrea. and today is the day when one lucky turkey gets pardon by president obama. mr. obama is going to carry out that tradition later on this afternoon. however, one unlucky turkey will
9:40 am
receive a different treatment from house speaker john boehner after a special brine which includes maple syrup. well, we'll let him tell you. >> first half of the cooking time, i cooked bird breast out, and half way through, i go in and literally pick it up and turn it over. now, i like cook my bird to about 160 max. can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ] aleve. all day pain relief with just 2 pills. get back to being you.
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providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart. welcome back. and now to ferguson, missouri, where protesters took to the streets again last night. a day after that grand jury elected not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. here's a look back at what led to this moment, beginning with the shooting more than three months ago. >> there was growing outrage after an unarmed african-american teenager was shot and killed by police in the st. louis suburb of ferguson. >> any type of the weapon at the
9:44 am
time? the answer to that is no. >> i can barely breathe. my nose is burning, lungs are burning. >> there's never an excuse for violence against police, or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. there's also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests. >> the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. >> to protect the people and property of ferguson today, i signed an order declaring a state of emergency and ordering implementation of a curfew. >> they like so many in ferguson want answers. our investigation will be fair. it will be thorough, and it will be independent. >> tonight was a very good night in ferguson. there were no molotov cocktails tonight, no fires, no shootings. we did not see the single handgun. there were no confrontations.
9:45 am
last night through 2:00 a.m., the number of arrests were 47. tonight, the number was 6. >> what's going to be the hardest part? >> walking away. walking away from that casket. >> the new testament reading comes from romans 8th chapter. >> we don't need another -- >> no matter what the grand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vain. i want it to lead to incredible change, positive change. >> and yesterday, attorney general eric holder spoke about the need for a positive, peaceful change. >> the way in which we have made progress in this country is when we have seen peaceful, nonviolent demonstrations that has led to the change that has been the most long lasting and the most pervasive. i'd really embrace those who have been proactively intervening to stop acts of
9:46 am
violence within their midst. and i encourage them to continue to exercise this important leadership. >> joining me now is student council president at st. louis community college who met with attorney general holder when he visited ferguson. thanks so much for being with us. what is the reaction of the student body to what has happened in the last 48 hours? >> reporter: well, actually the community college has canceled classes until december 1st. a lot of the students are a bit afraid of what's been happening in the community. we've been trying to figure out ways to get involved without being in the protests, negative protesting. i met with a couple of student government presidents, leadership council a few weeks ago. we've been discussing ways to get involved. but we're really amped for being
9:47 am
involved with ferguson. >> you know, xavier, this has become a national protest. we have live pictures now from los angeles of people blocking the one-on-one. we've seen what happened in new york when people were blocking the lincoln tunnel last night. people are protesting peacefully around the country. and now the question is, what needs to be done? what do you want to see done in ferguson in your communities? >> well, i believe that for a change to happen in the community, we need to put our differences aside. the rioting, looting will not lead to positive change at all. what we've done on our campus, open up the campus to the community residents. been facilitating listening circles weekly for the community residents and students to come together and share their experiences of what -- of police interaction they've been
9:48 am
involved in and how we can positively change police and citizen interaction in st. louis. >> there's a lot of criticism -- calling up the national guard and the officers that first night, then, of course, it was a lot more peaceful after 2,200 were deployed the following night. how do you feel about the way the elected officials and including the prosecutor have handled all of this? >> well, i can say that -- that has been involved with the case have been duly appointed. i'm not really a legal scholar to explain my point of view on how from that standpoint. but i can say that we plan on being, well, i can't really
9:49 am
answer that question in a good fashion. >> okay. but -- but how -- what was your personal reaction to the grand jury's decision? >> well, actually, i can't say either because the evidence has just been released. so i hadn't had a good time to review the evidence to come up with a good decision. but they have been planning for the verdict ever since august by hosting safety sessions to get our students prepared for precautions to take in a case with no indictment. >> well, we wish you and all your fellow students a very peaceful and safe thanksgiving. thanks for the leadership that you're showing on your campus. and we appreciate your talking to us today. thank you, xavier. and after a quick break, what do you need to know if you are headed to the airport this afternoon. you're watching msnbc.
9:50 am
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9:53 am
surveillance video of the police involved shooting which left 12-year-old rice dead. he was shot on saturday after waving what turned out to be a replica gun. he died on sunday. police are also expected to release the names of the two officers involved in that shooting. stay tuned to msnbc for more of that as it develops. and the weather across the eastern seaboard is going to be making headlines over the next 24 hours with at least 553 cancellations nationwide on flights. tom costello filed this report on travel conditions from reagan national airport. >> hi, andrea, good day to you. we've got a rain event here at reagan national airport on washington, but it's right on the verge of kind of a rain, a sleet event. and as you look at the major airports up and down the i-95 corridor from washington to baltimore to philly into new york and boston. at the moment, we're looking at mostly kind of a rain and high wind and low ceiling event. because of those low seceilings
9:54 am
we're seeing delays in the new york city area. i like to look at the flight aware misery map. we've got delays going on in new york at jfk, at laguardia, newark and also down south in philadelphia. but they're blaming that on the low ceilings. in some cases, going into those airports, we're talking about a three-hour delay or so just because of the low ceilings and the winds. so watch for that throughout the day. that's going to be critical. you know, if we get snow in these airports and we're talking about maybe a couple of inches, these airports are more than able to handle that kind of s w snow. so this is not expected to be a major impact on the nation's airports in the northeast. although, listen, when you've got high wind and you've got rain, you're going to slow things down, and that's clearly what's happening today. >> our thanks to tom costello, and that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." happy thanksgiving, everyone. stay safe. i want to give thanks to all of you and my wonderful team here at andrea mitchell reports and
9:55 am
all my colleagues at nbc news. we're going to take a few days off to be with friends and family. hope you do, as well. remember, keep following us, follow the show online, on facebook and twitter @mitchellreports. ronan farrow with what's next on "ronan farrow daily." we've got a big hour up ahead because we're expecting the video release in that tragic case of a 12-year-old shot by police in cleveland. again, a press conference from authorities there, and we are expecting a video of that incident of some kind to be released. we'll be following that closely and bringing you any news out of it. also, an interesting take as protests over ferguson go national from martin luther king iii about what his father's legacy can teach to a current generation of protesters. don't miss it. we'll be back in a few. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
to know this thanksgiving eve. first up, a second straight night of protests in ferguson and across the country. look at all of those cities mired in this. we're going to have protesters in the thick of it. a big picture take from martin luther king iii, that is all up ahead. but first, today is the busiest travel day of the year, and there's some foul weather afoot. for real, producer, yes, fowl, turkey pun. anyway, the storm is bringing snow and rain from west virginia all the way to maine, as much as a foot of snow in some spots. highways are busy with drivers trying to skip the worst of it and largely failing. interstate 76 through philadelphia. and if you're planning to fly today, expect delays, as well. so far, new york city's airports are the hardest hit, but flight aware's misery map is showing a whole lot of that across the country. do we have that map? we'll get it up when we can. it is a domino effect from this storm. there it is. misery, everywhere. in the thick of that misery, she's at laguardia airport.
10:00 am
we've got to get you more cheerful assignments at some point. how are people handling the weather and delays so far? >> well, so far, ronan, they're handling it with a sense of humor and a good attitude. but keep in mind, it is still early in the day, so people whose flights are getting canceled are getting rebooked on afternoon and evening flights. i make no promises once it gets later in the day and those flights start running out. right now about 11% of flights out of laguardia have been canceled. laguardia and newark, of course, in the top three airports worldwide for flights and for flight delays and cancellations. obviously, that is not great, but it's not entirely unexpected given the weather we have outside. major airlines have been offering to waive the change fees for people in these affected areas. and quite a few people have taken them up on that offer. >> we're concerned about the afternoon weather, and original flight was coming in at 3:00 this afternoon.