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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  December 13, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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. hi, i'm richard lui with breaking news. it's the unexpected final vote on funding the government through 2015. the bill making it through the first key votes. it's the final vote going on. the trillion dollar bill is expected to pass because of the last minute deal to move the scheduled final vote from monday until tonight. it's an uncommon weekend session.
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we have the results of the vote that's going on now on msnbc later this hour. also happening just moments ago, within the last several hours, some nominations were voted on earlier today because of the posturing that benefitted. about ten minutes ago, senators pointed down a point of order from texas senator ted cruz on president obama's executive action on immigration. claiming the president's actions are unconstitutional. in the president's defense, harry reid flat out called cruz's argument, wrong wrong wrong and avert a government shutdown, feared to have happened at midnight. stay with msnbc for the live coverage. stay with the senate's final vote on the cromnibus bill. now back to lock-up.
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an agitated inmate takes severe measures to get the staff's attention. >> where's lieutenant? i don't believe this. swallowed the arms off his eyeglasses. >> the doctors can't afford the medication. >> i've been told there's crazies here and they're looking at me here like i'm a weakling. >> a young first timer is found unconscious in his cell. and -- >> deangelo segregated due to his status. >> i've done a lot of things in my life i'm not proud of. from its seawall to historic
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downtown landmarks, charleston, south carolina, is a picture of southern charm but not everyone displays southern hospitality and for some, that could meantime at the county jail. better known as the sheriff al cannon detention center. most of the 1300 men and women here are only waiting resolutions of their cases and each entered through the intake department. it's a steady show of body work to fingerprints and a booking photo. for those here for a while, it's important to determine where to house them. >> doing the declassification interview. inmates feel confined and have
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more privileges. >> there's older guys here really creeping me out, making advances on me. i told surgent that those guys are bothering me. the woman at the desk is like, do you need pc? i'm like, what is that? she said, do you need it? i said, i guess so. my anxiety is provoted by being in small places and this is a tiny room. >> he didn't realize protective comes with some for those who disobey the rules. they're confined. >> it's a safety issue, not a punishment. we have to make sure that everybody in here is safe. that's our job.
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>> he said this is for proex than he can handle. >> last night, i had a bad anxiety attack and kept asking me all of these questions. i was so confused. he was arrested in an abandoned movie theater often inhabited by the homeless. >> entered a premise with the intent to commit a crime. basically trumped up trespassing. >> he said he's not guilty but admits to being in the theater. he was robbed in atlanta and had nowhere to go. he was found sleeping in the box office. >> instead of a hotel, i went there. it was a lot warmer than being outside. >> jared denies another allegation in the report, that he vandalized the building. >> there's graffiti in the building, obviously old, but charging me with stuff that they have no proof at all that that was me. >> as he awaits a possible plea
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deal, jared said he wants out of protective custody. in the meantime, he said he copes the best he can. >> i do yoga, tai chi, i'm a buddhist. i believe every belief the buddhist philosophy teaches. that's what has been keeping me calm. the yoga mostly and then i can meditate. >> but some here take more extreme measures to cope. officers have been called to the intake department where an inmate just returned from a visit to the hospital after swallowing a foreign object and now he's done it again. >> he just walked back in the door. trying to dress it him out. he's refusing to go on suicide watch. >> they'll have to beat my ass. i'm tired of this [ bleep ], man. >> calm down. >> why you all taking me off my medication that the doctor prescribed to me, the doctor
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here said they can't afford the medication. >> you see that, he swallowed the arm. >> where's the lieutenant at? i can't believe this. mayberry just swallowed one of the arms off the eyeglasses. i just had inmate jules. he broke off one arms on his glasses and swallowed it. we had him from swallowing objects and on suicide watch, he did it again. i'm going to talk to the housing now. maybe has to go out to the hospital. we have to get a team back together while we wait on ems to get here. >> i broke the arm, it was about that long to swallow. >> mr. mayberry came back from the hospital. he swallowed a pen earlier. he was coming back and placed
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and mayberry said he was not going on suicide watch. >> i've had it. i'm ready to beat that. >> i don't want to beat. there's no reason to. >> suicide watch can be especially stressful for inmates. they are stripped of all their clothes and are required to wear a thick gown and placed in empty cells and under direct observation 24/7. >> i've been in here 10 months, man. >> i've been here 20 years. >> you ain't with a bunch of women walking around. been around me, man. >> stop that, all right. i ain't stopping nothing. >> as per policy from the jail, he has to go in the suicide gown and it doesn't matter if he is mentally ill or he can be stable. that's the policy. >> mayberry said he was not intent on suicide, but getting his medication changed.
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>>. >> i done swallowed two batteries in the hospital twice. i just swallowed a glass thing and you all still don't want to give me my medication. >> on the outside, mayberry had been taking a specific form of medication for his schizophrenia but the jail is unable to provide him with the same kind. >> our medical department supplies the medications and most of them are generic brands. it's a cost-saving effect because it's the county taxpayers bringing the money in to operate this facility. and we always look for ways to reduce costs without taking away from the services that we provide. >> you know what i've been going through. >> inmate mayberry, he's actually not a bad inmate at all. he wants his medication to be right. >> you keep pushing a dog in the corner, one day the dog will
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come out of the corner and bite you. peek on him every time. he is going to come out of the corner after a while. z . >> you personally have been good to me, but it's the other people, man. >> i can't prescribe medication. >> they can lock people up. the state hospital for prisoners. you all won't even sent me there to get my medication straightened out. >> just care is a nearby mental health facility. the jail refers some there for treatment but only when there's room. >> availability access is limited and there's not a lot of bed space out there and it's a waiting game. that could take four months. >> but for now, mayberry is headed back to the local emergency room to be treated for the eyeglass arm he swallowed. >> not any troubles, right? >> no troubles. >> we appreciate that.
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we're going to do the same to you. >> it's like i'm going parachuting. coming up -- >> you're going to change or not? >> the special operations group takes steps to make joseph mayberry to comply with orders. >> he started crying with emotion. >> william makes a new friend. it strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do, sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender, in the sleep aisle. but the comfort it provides is it's justimmeasurable.ece the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something.
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so join us as we raise a glass to everyone who remembered today. bottoms up, america. see you tomorrow. same time.
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hi, i'm richard lui. breaking news right now in the senate voting on the cromnibus spending bill. the final vote came in for passage. that vote was 66-40. the 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill, the government funding bill has passed and now will go to the president for signing. watching all of this on capitol hill has been a busy day there on the capitol hill for a saturday. we don't normally see this, kelly o'donnell, on a weekend where the senate is in session working so many hours in a row. they actually got something
7:15 pm
done. >> quite a bit done. and this was really the culmination of months of work for those negotiators on the democratic side and the republican side who have been trying to find a way to fund the government for more than one of those short-term crs. and this is a bit of a combination. because what we have come to know is the term cr, continuing resolution, there is one piece of that. that's for the department of homeland security. it gets a chunk of funding to get it through to february. all the other departments for the government will be funded through the year. this was high drama. leaders in both parties thought they'd have the weekend off, be back on monday. for some members, they had events planned at home in their home states. that kind of thing. senator ted cruz had wanted to push the issue of challenging this bill because of the president's executive orders related to immigration and because of the rights of a senator to do that, it sort of changed the whole dynamic. so here they came in to these ten hours. it's also because of the
7:16 pm
procedural change, gave an opening for democrats to begin to put a number of the nominations that might have otherwise completely stalled on the calendar going through them one by one during these long hours today. why were they able to do that? because the rules of the senate require certain amounts of time, intervals that must pass to take next steps. so harry reid filled that time. democrats will walk away with more nominations to judgeships and other kinds of federal appointments getting through. and the spending bill will pass and ted cruz can claim sort of sentimental vekt ri. one step in the way of victory, he was able to make his point about the constitutional question. 22 senators including cruz say they believe that the president's action was unconstitutional. there are others who disagree with it, but did not want to take a chance of scuttling the budget bill by voting for that. so it has been an eventful day
7:17 pm
for capitol hill watchers. this has been high theater, richard, and the result is there is no more threat of government shutdown tonight. >> within the last hour and a half, you were watching so closely there, kelly. there were several votes that were essential to getting this funding bill passed. what happened was it was one sided or very close? >> one of the things that's interesting to look at with this particular giant package is that it's not a straight partisan vote. you have liberal democrats with elizabeth warren who believe there were elements of the spending package that roll back financial protections that they believe will perhaps threaten taxpayers in the future to perhaps give banks the bailout option again. that's something that liberal democrats believe strongly should not have been included in the bill. and then on the far right, we've talked about the immigration issue where there's opposition to that and general government spending. so we don't often have bills
7:18 pm
where you have the most progressive and the most conservative senators voting in the same way. but in this case, we did. you also have in the multiple steps, sometimes there are senators who vote to move a bill forward and the culture vote we talked about. when it comes to final passage, they view it differently. one of the late additions, senator menendez of new jersey. in part, he was too concerned about the wall street provisions and get in trouble, asked the taxpayers to help them again. it's interesting to see this roll out. the white house had always said it didn't like everything in this but it wanted it to pass. >> it made it through. kelly, i want to bring in perry bacon, nbc senior political reporter. perry, as you've been watching what's happening tonight with kelly and myself, you noticed the senators who voted no for
7:19 pm
cloture were democrats. elizabeth warren one of the no votes? >> reporter: you had a core group of democratic senators. these are the most liberal members among the democrats and they view two things wrong with this bill. one, a rollback, dodd frank and the second part is the provision of the bill that increases what a wealthy donor can give. they use it to benefit. look at our first look at warren and mer ta as the big leader. she led the fight this week. 40 people voted against this bill including a big chunk of democrats even though president obama endorsed it. other big news, richard, to add that ted cruz pushed for this point of order to rebuke obama on immigration. and 20 of his republican colleagues voted against him. 22 republicans joined cruz, but 20 did not, including mitch
7:20 pm
mcconnell, the senate republican leader. this is a big rebuke of cruz from mcconnell and others who felt like he had been over the top the weekend. he pushed back tonight. >> oh, because they have memories and remember the last time that senator cruz had taken up such a tactic. what does this mean though for the new congress then, with what we're seeing what ted cruz does in the 60 seconds we've got here? >> i think in this new congress, you're going to see a different kind of fight. the last time was all about, would the tea party versus john boehner in the house. the new fight is going to be in congress, the tea party and john boehner still arguing but in the senate, the elizabeth warren section on the left versus harry reid and then the take cruz section against the mitch mcconnell. the fight will now move to the senate and the parties are more divided. kelly talked about that. this was unusual because you had 40 people opposed to it.
7:21 pm
a lot of people on the right and the left. this is no longer the tea party versus obama but a complicated new congress. >> kelly, 30 seconds, we remember the fiscal cliff. this was different but that had to do with funding. this has to do with funding. we're not at the new year's, good thing. kelly, are you there? >> reporter: there won't be any kind of a threat to keeping the government open. that's one of the good things about this, richard. i have the takes the threat of a shutdown off the table. it's good for the public to feel at ease about that. it's good for the financial markets to have stability and for businesses to plan. richard? >> thank you so much, both of you. on this saturday evening, kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. perry bacon as well. stay with us. we'll get back to caught on camera right after this. buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this.
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come in and use your starbucks gift card any day through january 5th for a chance to win starbucks for life. few things inside the sheriff al cannon detention center. pass time than being an inmate worker. >> this is in al cannon, you can basically distinguish what it is. other things, you can't distinguish what it is. you are just eating it. >> deangelo is a worker in a 1 b. administrative segregation. >> administratively segregation due to his enemy status. he has several enemies. nine in the facility.
7:25 pm
he's been fairly quiet since he's been in 1 b. no problems. >> most of his enemies from his affiliations with gangs. in jail on first degree burglary to which he pled not guilty. regardless of what happens with his case, he said he wants to change. >> i've done a lot of things in my life i'm not proud of. gang banging. first, i regret these. i regret these so much, tattoos. i studied a lot of things in prison, trying to find inner peace because i was trying to change myself. so what i try to do is avoid foolishness and try to stay out of little trouble as possible. >> i see these interactions with other inmates. definitely got a leadership.
7:26 pm
>> served time in both prison and jail with a variety of other convictions befriended a few arrival in the unit. >> he's a good kid, but he has some issues. >> al tumor is in segregation and jared is in protective custody but share the same unit in restrictions, such as 23 hours per day in their cells. >> in this unit, i'm told there's crazies and they're looking at me like i'm a weakling and first chance they get, they're going to strike because that's how it is in jail. >> i try passing things on to him, but he's very emotional. i saw him crying. go to prison and he started crying, show feelings and emotions. basically, stay to yourself. mind your business. don't deal with nobody. and other thing, please, if you're going to cry, just go in your room or go in the shower
7:27 pm
and put your head under the water. >> jared requested to be in protective custody because he said some older inmates were making advances to him in general population but he said he didn't know protection equates to confinement. >> i have anxiety disorder. i take medication for it. it's used to help me sleep because i don't sleep very well. and they just haven't been able to get it for me. i've tried it since the first day i got here. >> his small cell makes him claustrophobic and causes him to pass out. he wants back to general population. >> this is a request to be removed from protective custody. for classification, we have to research this inmate and to find out what type of person he can be around that he won't feel intimidated. >> from what i understand, he's new to the system. he has a tendency to suffer from anxiety attacks. we're not trained in any way to
7:28 pm
deal with him, but sometimes, just talking to someone helps. >> are you going to be okay? >> no. i'm not. that's the thing. i'm not going to be okay. i'm going to keep passing out here until i get back up there or somewhere else. other than this room. i'm not going to be fine. i'm not going to be fine here. i mean, do you know anybody that has anxiety? >> not personally. >> i mean, that's the thing. people just don't understand it's real. >> no, i'm not saying it's not. trust me, i'm not saying it's not. but there's 1200 inmates here and can't just concentrate. >> this is like punishment when i haven't done anything. >> this is not punishment. >> i get one hour break from where i was coming from saying i needed help from being protected. >> this is what's it's going to
7:29 pm
be. what i do is call classification and see if they'll move you. because they got your request in. we'll see what happens then. going to be laying in there? >> i don't know, it's unpredictable. the anxiety just comes and sometimes i just come from nothing. >> i understand. i understand they're real. >> he has to realize it's jail. just keep an eye on him to make sure nothing does really really upset him or he doesn't try to do anything himself. >> coming up. >> jared. what happened? >> staff rush to william jared's aid. and. >> mr. tumor in segregation, threatened to stab all our officers. >> i never made no threat to anyone. no.
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and visit our website to toothbrush... sweater... extra sweater... headphones, sleeping mask... oh, and this is the xfinity tv app. he can watch his dvr'd shows from where ever he wants. hey. have fun, make some friends. alright. did i mention his neck pillow? (sniffs pillow) watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. hi, i'm richard lui with breaking news this hour. no government shutdown.
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senate passing a $1 trillion funding bill. the preliminary votes, one an unusual point of order motion. basically a protest vote requested by senatexas senator cruz. it paralyzed the nation last fall and goes to the president for signing. now back to lock-up. inmate exercise is limited to what can be done in open area rec yards. technically, inmates are not supposed to exercise anywhere else but it's the type of minor
7:34 pm
violation that could be let go. but a pair of credit mails take it up a notch. david and joshua used a ripped up mattress cover, blankets, water bottles and a canteen box filled with books to create their own weight machine. >> you all ready? this is in prison. >> get your triceps like this. >> while the workout rates highly on the creative scale but doesn't take long and the gym is about to go out of business. >> everything i'm taking out of his room. a blanket.
7:35 pm
>> for destruction of county property. they didn't deny it. the deputy reprimanded and probably lose 4 hours rec. that's about the most. and they pay for the destruction of the property. no chance to commit. and on his third day of suicide watch after swallowing the arm of his eyeglasses, confined to a strip down gown with clothing, it's a hard existence and not all that easy. but the officers assigned to watch it. >> i have to sit here at 12.25 hours to make sure he doesn't do anything to harm himself. >> it's draining whenever you have to put individual officers on active suicide watch inmates because one on one, it's 24/7, constant observation. our basic policy is 15 minute checks and they never lose sight of them. they keep notes in the log to
7:36 pm
get a track record of what he's doing, if he's being compliant, if he's eating his food, if he's drinking. those are the things we're keeping track of. >> number two, are you ready? >> on her swift to watch mayberry, officer lom barry has time to read to him. >> i felt compassion day after day with very little interaction and i read to him some articles from a time magazine and several people came up afterwards saying thank you because other inmates were listening. so it was kind of nice to feel a little bit more needed than just sitting there watching somebody. >> mayberry said he suffered from mental illness since age 12. he is representative of a problem that is draining finances and resources from prisons nationwide. >> some of them, i think, got in the system really early on and just stayed in the prison system instead of getting any kind of care for their symptoms.
7:37 pm
>> dr. elizabeth leonard is the jail psychologist. >> i think there's behavior problems in the jail that make it worse and exacerbate their underlying illness being in. it's a holding ground or treatment facility for the population that can't get in to the mental health center. >> william jarrett said he suffers from an anxiety disorder which is made worse by 23 hour a day confinement in small protective custody cell. >> i seriously cannot meditate in here. it doesn't work. >> classification officer requested to move back to general population, officer chamberlain hopes he has found a temporary solution. >> i got permission to move william jack to another room. a slightly bigger room. it's not that much bigger, but it's better. it might be, psychologically, be
7:38 pm
a little better from him. >> jared, ready for you move? got all your stuff? your blanket, your towels, washcloth? okay, good. going upstairs, 2114. right now, staying in pc status until that's taken care of by the classification unit. >> in there. >> a two-man room but he's the only man in there. it will be bigger than the other one you were in. you all right with this one? >> for now. how hard is it to switch me to off pc? >> that's up to classification. that's not up to us. all right, you take care. >> i think it's purely psychological with him. the cell downstairs has a cut in the wall and that gives the appearance of it being short and this one is more rectangular. he's by himself. he sees the two bunks in there. that gives the impression that it's bigger.
7:39 pm
so he'll probably be a lot happier up here. >> you think you're going to hear anything more from him tonight? >> oh, god. i hope not. i like to think he'll give it the night. i don't want to minimize what he's going through but he's minor compared to a lot of people here that do have worse problems than him. >> less than an hour later, jared is found unconscious on the floor. >> looks like he passed out. >> we check on one of the new inmates a door down and walked by, i looked in his room, saw him laying face down. >> jared, jared. >> me and the nurse walked in and patted him a couple times. he was unresponsive and i called the medical emergency over the radio. the sergeants came, nursing staff. officers. >> jared, jared? jared? what's up? what happened?
7:40 pm
anything hurt anywhere? >> just my face. i don't even know how long i was out, honestly. >> how long has he been in that room? >> about an hour. >> he thought a bigger room would help. i guess not. all right. jail first time. >> what happened the last time he passed out? >> yesterday, i don't even know what happened. i don't remember anything from yesterday. >> did they take you to medical? what'd they say? >> they gave me medication they don't know what is. >> for your anxiety? >> i was taking trazadone as needed. something every two hours. i would sleep and that's it. >> according to the jail's mental health supervisor, there's several reasons jared is unable to have the medication on the streets. >> we try to treat through antidepressants, the
7:41 pm
antianxiety, there's reasons for those. it is expensive. it would be a significant portion of our inmates that would request the medications that would get very costly for the county. the other very important reason, they're schedule ii narcotics and widely abused on the streets. widely abused in correction settings. >> though jared said he's suffering from anxiety in his protective custody cell, staff said they can never be sure. >> if you see an inmate requesting to move a lot, you have a feeling they're trying to manipulate the system. in this gentleman's case, initially it appears that way, he's trying to manipulate and get where he wants to be. if he doesn't feel safe or if he's having a lot of anxiety and being in a housing unit and he feels threatened, protective custody may be the place for him. >> protective custody unit is in the same way and follows same
7:42 pm
restrictions as administrative segregation or ad seg. he was in ad zeg because of the enemies in the jail but now to a more restrictive setting. >> segregation last sunday, he threatened to stab one of our officers. apparently, this is a verbal threat and do not take those lightly. he was moved based on that. >> i did not do anything about it. if i do something, i'll just do it. >> what is nah? >> you know what that is. >> deangelo tumor meets with the gang investigator. and. >> 2:00, 37 e, a medical emergency. >> william jared passes out. eal. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care.
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de anglo is awaiting trial. he's been sent to disciplinary seg regrags and ordered to take down pictures on the cell wall. >> refuse no thing. that's the initial charge and then another officer, he tried to come back with another charge saying i allegedly tried to threaten him, which is bogus. >> after speaking to other staff members, the disciplinary committee felt they could not substantiate the threat and dismissed it. >> had one of the gang investigators to check in with tumor who said he wanted to stay out of trouble and no longer involve himself with gangs.
7:47 pm
>> he's affiliated with the gangs. he has a big s and what looks like a 6 point star. the 6 point star is a common symbol used by the gangsters to represent their gang. >> tumor said the f and 6 point star tattoo represent a clothing line he likes. >> what's this clothing line you like? >> it's called travis baker. he has a famous f and -- >> you mean travis barker? >> yeah, baker, barker. you know that guy. >> i didn't know he had a clothing line. i knew he was a musician. >> i think i was high as hell, they put it on me. >> could be for a clothing line, or could also stand for folk nation, which is gangster is part of. >> actually i called you up to here clarify.
7:48 pm
>> street, that nature. i try to stay clear, you know? >> no gang affiliation at all? >> no. >> so what's up with the six points on your right arm zm. >> that's famous. that's what you call travis baker, drama. >> never heard. >> travis baker. he's a pop drummer. >> i don't question you. the lightbulb. would you believe -- i don't even know. six point stars, fs. i mean, christian, star of david.
7:49 pm
>> not christians. >> star of david. >> jewish. >> how do you look. >> he would not longer need to explain his tattoos. it was lowered to third degree burglary and sentenced to time served. now his release is imminent and won't be going back. >> if i can do it, you can do it. right? well, i'm a couple steps ahead of you. >> yeah, yeah. >> and you've got a lot of catching up to do. but if you put your mind toyota, you can do it. all right? >> yeah, yeah. >> about to take the 8 mile walk home a home. >> good luck to you. >> i just really want to, like, stop and smell the roses, you
7:50 pm
know, as i'm walking to my destination. i actually pinpoint and plan what i'm going to do. making my mark in this world, period. >> tumor leaves behind first time inmate william jarrett, 24 hours earlier, said he fainted in his cell. now he's in the medical unit far four hour observation period after he was found passed out again. >> 37 e, a medical emergency. we're going to check in with him. see what happened and go from there. >> so what happened today? another medical emergency? >> i guess i just blacked out and fell backwards. >> see you hit your head a little bit over there. are they bringing you down here to see what's going on? >> second time. >> do you feel it's better in here? >> yeah. >> it's more open and not as confined for you? is that what it is?
7:51 pm
when you're done here, they put you back into a 1 b. >> i guess so. my chest, going in and out and heavy breathing. this is just like i'm blacking out completely. >> staff questioned whether jarrett's fainting spells are part of a plan to get out of protective custody and back to general population. >> that's not what it is at all. i can't force anxiety. it just comes. >> so far, he's cooperative and we find out to see what's wrong with him. >> go ahead and uncover. we'll throw the mat on the bag. we need to do an ekg and get one more set of vitals on you, okay? >> he's almost at the end of his observation and the end of that, we'll call and report and all the decisions made using the information we collected during the four hours.
7:52 pm
>> so have you been feeling okay since you've been back here? a little dizzy? >> yeah. >> you haven't blacked out or anything else, right? >> looks really good. >> okay. all right. >> all of his tests came up good. his ekg was normal and cleared to go back to his unit. >> do you feel going down there today and spending time down there like helped you any? >> not really. >> no? >> really accomplished nothing. >> no? when did you think your mom is able to bail you out? >> saturday. >> all right, let's go back in. >> though jarrett might be out of the jail in a few days, he uses the computer kiosk to once again, request a transfer. >> i put attention to sergeant price, explain the whole situation. i got on pc without being told
7:53 pm
where i was going. asked for another unit. this is not what i wanted at all. i didn't want to be locked up. >> the jail makes a decision on william jarrett. and -- >> favorite girl in the whole wide world. >> joseph mayberry makes contact with the one person who matters most. (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance,
7:54 pm
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inside the sheriff al cannon detention center, sergeant price is just received another request from william jarrett to be moved up out of protective custody unit. >> having multiple anxiety attacks that result in myself blacking out. this is due to the small rooms i'm locked in. please return me to general population. >> with this inmate's personality, it's very possible that he's going to have problems in any unit he's placed in. >>| we'll go ahead and go this way. >> given that, sergeant price decided to move jarrett back to general population but to a different unit from the one he said he was harassed. >> coming from where i came from, it's a huge improvement. all the new people, i'll have to get to know, obviously, but i should be fine for a couple more days. just looking around, everyone seems all right. no one really making any threatening faces at me or anything. >> how do you think this whole
7:57 pm
experience has altered you, if it has? >> never gotten in trouble until this. it's made me see -- i thought i had hit rock bottom in the past and now this is a whole new rock bottom. that was the worst experience i've ever had in my life. >> joseph mayberry, staying on suicide watch after swallowing the arm of his glasses. he did so after becoming upset that the jail could not provide him the same medication he used to take on the outside. >> certainly, swallowing all of those items that he has swallowed, certainly at risk to cause great bodily harm. >> mayberry is in jail for failing to reregister as a sex offender. mayberry insists he didn't commit the crime and was pressured to signing a plea deal to avoid decades in prison.
7:58 pm
>> how are you doing in there? >> as well as expected, i guess. think about my mama. >> being on suicide watch, you can't have a lot because we've got to take precautions, but they can use the telephone at the discretion of the supervisor. sometimes, he needs somebody to talk to. he does want to talk to his mother quite often. his mother cheers him up. >> hey favorite girl in the whole wide world? how you doing? >> my mother is my best friend. we are closer now. she said, i got your back in this. my mother tries the best to look after me. >> he loves his mom a lot. also, she gives him money for commissary and that makes him pretty happy too. >> our detention staff, they don't go to school to the true
7:59 pm
mental health counselors, however, we work with mental health and learn through their training they give to us on how to address or how to approach inmates. they are unpredictable. they weren't anticipating the inmate is quite calm, has been. one day, it was like a light switch. >> we're escorting mr. mayberry to the shower. he's in the shower now. give him an opportunity to completely shower and then we'll escort him back to his room. we're just here so he doesn't take anything, swallow anything because he's been doing that lately. >> this is one of the last showers mayberry will have on suicide's watch. the mental health supervisor said an outside treatment facility bed is available. >> joseph mayberry is going to the state hospital for psychiatric reasons and should be going within the next couple of days.
8:00 pm
>> how does it make you feel knowing you're in a hospital? >> makes me feel better. get the medicine i need. this whole thing was about medicine. hi, this is what's happening. no government shutdown in a rare saturday session just wrapping up now. the senate passed a


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