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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 16, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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the congressman from texas does currently own, rhymes with flow but his office says he will soon be relinquishing his rights to that name. relinquishing his rights. good morning. on "first look"man hunt. pennsylvania officials are looking for this man in connection with a cold-blooded killing of six people with family ties. a sea of flowers in outpouring of emotion following the hostage siege in sydney that ended in the deaths of two in any event people. the the russian economy is floundering. good morning i'm angie goth. we begin with breaking news. the manhunt is on for suspected murder and former marine considered armed and dangerous. right now near philadelphia, the death toll stand at six after a shooting spree yesterday.
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nbc kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: a manhunt continues in pennsylvania north of philadelphia for this man. bradley william s stone, a formr marine reservist spent time in iraq. prosecutors say stone went on a shooting spree early monday kilting six family members, including his ex-wife and wounding a teen in three different pennsylvania towns. >> as we stand here right now, we don't know where he is. we do not have vehicle information. we recovered his vehicle and his personal cellular phone. we don't have information about how he might be traveling. >> the violence began when stone allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife's sister, her husband, and their 14-year-old daughter. their 17-year-old son was found barely alive. he was air lifted to a nearby hospital. stone's former mother-in-law and her mother were found shot to
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death. they found nicole stone dead. stone's two children who had been in the apartment were later found unharmed a the neighbor's home. neighbors knew stone and his ex-wife were having problems. she was concerned for her safety. >> she would tell all the ladies in the neighborhood that the man is going to kill me. she felt threatened. >> reporter: the scene shifted to stone's row home outside pennsylvania. with no response s.w.a.t. teams lobbed in gas canisters. once inside, no suspect. family, friends, and neighbors who knew stone said he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorderer and discharged from the military because of it. he's considered armed and dangerous because of it. our hearts go out to the
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families of katrina dawson and tori johnson. these were decent, good people who were going about their ordinary lives. >> a nation on edge after the hostage standoff. the 16 hours of terror over in just seconds. the video heart stopping. heavily armed cops storming the cafe. windows lit up by flash grenades. not everyone survived. two hostages were killed. 34-year-old tori johnson who managed the cafe, and 38-year-old katrina dawson, also dead this man. the face of terror, the gunman man heron. as for the investigation?
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>> this will take time for us to get all the information so we can piece together bit by bit exactly what happened. >> nbc sara james is live in sydney for us. any new response? >> reporter: yes, as a matter of fact, angie, one of the things that happened to be the is the new south whaels police, the state police announced operation hammer head. it's going to be a three week program of increased police surveillance and intense policing activities throughout the city. the city of 4 million people. in particular police presence will be seen in places like the opera house, the harbor, other places where people congregate and elements of transportation. the idea with the heightened police presence, it will make people feel safer. in the wake of what happened, this city is edgy and anxious
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hoping there isn't going to be a copy cat situation or another lone wolf as was the case with man her roan man nice. everyone is deeply concerned about what happened. people here -- many of them know the two victims katrina dawson and tori johnson. i've spoken to friends of katrina today. she's remembered as a wonderful person. a bright, outstanding woman. johnson the same. and katrina was the mother of three young children. they're being remembered tonight and throughout the day at a shrine that has been erected at martin place where the shooting began. people dropping off flowers, remembering those who were killed and injured. angie? >> sara james reporting live for us. breaking news out of pakistan. deadly attackers stormed a school. they started shooting at random.
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the associated press said as many as 84 people are dead. of the hospital officials report, 20 students are confirmed dead. a soldier was killed as well. the pakistan taliban already claimed responsibility for the attack. we'll be. following the story all morning. turning to politics, specifically the 2016 presidential race. americans may soon feel a little bit of dèjà vu. could 2016 be the year of the political reruns or political sequels? jeb bush in south carolina, which happens to be an early primary state teasing graduates about following in their participant's footsteps. if your parents worked in politics, well, you know the rest. >> he's showing every sign of runni running released 250,000 e-mails, plus a new book, and strategy. refuse to veer right in the
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primary to appear to more voters in the fall. big brother is egging him on. >> he knows i want him to run. if need to reiterate it i will. run, jeb. >> hillary clinton another familiar face. but under big pressure from the party's left. >> the american people are disgusted by wall street bailouts. elizabeth warren said she's not running now be can clinton who made paid speeches for wall street appeal to democratic populace? >> you don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. >> so if this is the year when voters want something different warren, chris christie, rand paul. >> i don't think hillary clinton or jeb bush can run as an outsider. >> signs that rick santorum,
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even mike huckabee. a woman at the center of the bill cosby fire storm is breaking her silence. his wife of 50 years. camille is addressing the allegations against her husband. more than two dozen women are accusing cosby of sexual assault. she's assuring the public he's the man you thought you knew. >> for months camille saturday silently as her husband was allegations he drugged and sexual assaulted women were true. >> there is no comment about that. >> she defended bill cosby. in a statement saying the man i met and fell in love with, whom i continue to love, is the man you all knew through his work. that man appeared to be the ideal husband on tv. but more than two dozen women have come forward to tell a much different story. most recently, super model beverly johnson. >> i most certainly didn't think
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of my legacy as being first african-american model to grace the cover of vogue and drugged by bill cosby. camille said that portrait of a man she doesn't know. painted by individuals and organizations who many in the media have given a pass. she compares the scandal to the discredited rolling stone article about an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. none of us want to be in the position of attacking a victim, but the question should be asked who is the victim? bill cosby's lawyer consistently denied the allegations and the comedian has never been charged with a crime. but two women are now suie inin cosby. a terrifying moment at sea. take a look at this. four people had to be rescued after their boat's engine caught fire off the coast of south carolina. the cost guard received a call sunday morning and immediately dispatched a helicopter and boat crew to help. and nearby fishing boat responded and able to pull the
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two men and two women from a life raft to safety. one of the boaters was air lifted to the hospital after displaying signs of hypothermia. let's get down to business. >> good morning. russia takes steps to keep the economy from falling into a tail spin raising interest rates from 10 to 17%. aimed at stemming the slide in the ruble which dropped 50%. cheaper oil prices lead to less command for russian companies. nbc is launching a live stream of the network shows today. content will be available on demand and consumers will have to prove they have a paid tv subscription. nbc will launch a mobile live stream next year. jaguar wants to help you keep your eyes on the road. they are testing a virtual yule windshield giving drivers a 36 0 degree view and technology picks up potential hazard such as pedestrians and other cars and signs and projections them on
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the windshield. >> thank you. i think we can use that. now to monday night football. saints bears quarterback drew brees three for. 57 yards and three touchdowns and 31-15 win. the saints move into first place in the nfc south. suns parker went down with an injury. after that colliding with suns forward p.j. tucker. the team later announcing he suffered a sprained left knee and would not return to the game. the bucks end on a high note in a buzzer beater finish >> oh! he got it! he got it! >> nice! >> former arsenal and striker henry announces his retirement from soccer at the age of 37. he won the world cup with france in 1998, and the gunner's all time leading scorer. cowboys running back demarco
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murray underwent surgery to repair a broken bone. the injury occurred in the fourth quarter in sunday's 38-27 win over the eagles. and just hours ago, the rock and roll hall of fame announced the 2015 class. the five royals, green day, joan jet and the black hearts, lou reid who died late last year, and ringo starr.
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great lakes umbrella weather. at least it's rain. it's amazing how warm it is in the northern portions of wisconsin and michigan. it's a gloomy weather pattern now moving to the ohio valley. all the way through philadelphia bring your umbrella. you don't need it this morning but you will this afternoon.
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likely coming home from school or work. the southeast light showers moving through. it's mild across the country. there's not a lot of cold air. there's no cold air coming our way either. it's going to stay pretty warm. the forecast today showers late in the day. temperatures near 53 in d.c. today. so no complaints with the temperatures! there hasn't been a lot of sunshine to be found. >> i'm liking the little bit of a warm wave. it will last until at least christmas. some stories making news this morning. a credible new voice in the cia torture report. a new pugh poll reveals americans are somewhat supportive of torture. 51% said the cia's methods were justified. 29% degree isagreed. as for releasing the report 32% say it was the right decision. the fight festival in peru. folks settle old scores. it includes men, women, even children. there is some civility. people shake hands before
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lunging into battle. >> the most powerful democrat char her political future as thousands push her toward the white house. i'm not talking about hillary clinton. scrambled politics is next. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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he was selling untaxed cigarettes on the street in small volumes trying to make a little extra money. but he didn't deserve to die because of that. >> jeb bush's university of south carolina commencement speech he had a few bits of advice doing what you want to do. could it be another clue for 2016? >> you can do what you want to do. in fact, life is better if you find your own reasons to do your own things. there is no motivation as powerful as wanting to do something for yourself and expecting more of yourself. elizabeth warren to run for president is gaining steam. it has 110,000 signatures on the daily beast calls her the most powerful democrat in america. she had this to say on n. 3rks pr. >> i told them i'm not running for president.
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>> you're not putting a never on that. >> i'm not running for president. do you want me to put an exclamation point at the end? >> warren booker may have an eye on the top office. he's making himself at home on officer one. the president caught him. shocker obama laughs when he catches booker in the back of air force one. i should have known you would be back here talking to the press. chris christie gave a hearty welcome comparing that handshake with the warm embrace they famously shared after hurricane sandy asks could the bro mance be over? was the night before christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. >> the first lady there read to a group at the children's national medical center yesterday with dogs beau and sonny by her side. that may have prompted this
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questio question. >> hi, miss obama. >> hey! >> my question is, do sony and bo open their own christmas gifts? >> no, actually they don't. they -- >> they do have hands. >> they have teeth they would use but they would eat the paper, too. so we don't let them open their own gifts. we kind of help them out. >> and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. somebody also asked what they got in their stocking. who knows. probably a lot of good treats. i'm joined in the studio by political analyst ellis hannigan. good morning. >> you don't ask kids to ask you questions unless you're prepared for the answer. >> that's right. >> i thought she did a pretty good job. >> she did okay. >> let's talk about this. we're getting a surgeon general, but not without some controversy. >> that's right. dr. murphy approved yesterday in
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a close 51 votes. just barely enough. he angered the gun people, as you know, he equated gun violence with a public health issue. and i got to say, guns killed a lot more people in america last year than ebola did, so, you know, it kind of is a public health issue but any time a doctor talks about guns you know you're going get controversy. >> with the expression, do we think the idea and the issue of gun violence along with public health will we see a cross over now he's been appointed? >> the two issues have bumped into each other. but don't expect a to scare change a lot of minds in the second amendment people. they not want doctors equating those two things. they think if you're worrying about the impact of gun violence and the public health of america maybe people will think about regulating guns. >> it opens a whole another can of worms. we want to talk about senator elizabeth warren. more than 110,000 people signing the petition saying run! what does it say about -- what
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democrats want and perhaps hillary clinton? >> well, the first thing that democrats want is a contest, right. even though hillary clinton has a lot of advantages now. she has all the money and the organization. she's way up in the polls. i think a lot of democrats say let's let her have a little fight. let's send someone out. have some debate and discussion about some of the issues. especially among more progressive democrats who even if they may like hillary clinton, i think she's, you know, maybe not entirely in their camp. >> that makes it a little bit more fun. >> listen, make our lives so boring. >> the more elizabeth warren says no no. >> i want them all to run. run, run, run! >> thank you for running in and stopping in with us today. >> good to see you. just ahead why the director of frozen is apologizing to parents. the parents when "first look" returns.
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welcome back. in ten days the big island of hawaii could see a big explosion. encroaching lava is only one mile away from reaching a shopping center with an attached gas station. it's uncertain what the lava will hit. the island has evacuation plans in place. president obama was greeted by new jersey governor chris christie when he flew in for a thank the troops event. explaining how being in commander in chief was his hi s highest privilege. one of the reason he was there was to say, quote, thank you for your extraordinary service. and frozen director is saying sorry. the genius behind the film and
2:29 am
is apologizing for everyone's kids being obsebsessed with thet song "let it go." >> it's like an year and a half in. >> i can listen to it on repeat. >> you can let it go, all right. >> i'm angie goth with bill karins. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. devoted her entire life to her children. >> 100%. >> pennsylvania manhunt authorities looking for a man suspected of killing his ex-wife and her family members. the latest on the search efforts and the suspect's plot to wipe out one woman's family. australia's new normal. two australian hostages killed and the gunman dead. what more to do we know about authorities calling a lone wolf attack. and camille cosby in her own words. the comedian's wife speaking out on the mounting sexual allegations against her husband.
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what does she have to say? this isw "way too early"! hey, everybody. great to have you with me. it's tuesday, december 16th. welcome to "way too early." the show not up for u.s. surgeon general. we have a new one. we'll tell you who it is later on in the show. it's cool we finally have a new one. we'll get tlietest on what is taking place in side any, australia and the standoff. we want to begin with breaking news we've, following overnight here at home in pennsylvania. the extensive manhunt underway for the iraq war vet suspected of killing his ex-wife and five former inlaws. it unfolded yesterday about 30 miles north of philadelphia. 35-year-old marine reservist bradley stone went on a shooting spe,


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