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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  December 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> there are dozens of committed,al ened, righteous, kind, wonderful people who make this thing every night. it is a team effort. i'm sograteful to each and every one of them. i'm also honored to come before you every night. you make this show as much as we do. finally, this year was a rough year, but, in my life, it was an amazing year because i welcomed in this dude, david. that is my son. that is he and him on vacation. he is just so adorable with those dimples. he's made our home very happy. that is "all in" for this ooeching. good evening, steve. happy new year. >> good ef evening, chris. my parents will be asking when the grand kids are coming. thank you for that and happy new year to you. >> thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. rachel has the night off. happy new year's eve to all of you. congress is out of session.
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they're not toez e supposuppose until next year. tonight, the biggest story in the country is a drama that's unfolding right now as we speak on capital hi. this is what congressman walk up to this morning. he's the third ranking republican in the house, confirming that he spoke at a workshop for a white supreme cyst group in 2002. that group is called the european immunity rights organization. it was formed by david duke. he was a major player in louisiana politics not that long ago. skael e skalise acknowledged speaking to the group two years ago. that meant that today was going to begin with some serious
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suspensisu suspense in washington. the question, would his fellow republicans buy that? would they stand with him? or would they throw him over board. and, more specifically, the suspense was over the top two republicans in the house. the two who were above steve is e skalise in leadership. after all, republicans are just days aaway from taking charge o the republican congress. the last thing they want right now is a big, messy, protracted discussion especially one involving david duke. how are republicans going to play this? how are republican leaders going to handle this? we got our answer just after lunchtime today.
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>> right after that, congressman skalise acknowledged he made a mistake. i know that he does not share the believes of that organization. meanwhile, it is e as that was happening, skalise himself stepped up his own defense today. he spoke to many different louisiana groups back in those days trying to sell his tax and spending plan. and then he condemns the views of the neonazi group. he is among that groups targets. skalise also noeted that he was just a state legislature in lae la. lae la. louisiana. in other words, the idea that it would be a lot easier then for an invitation. now, to be clear on where we stand right now in terms of what we know, we still have no video of that 2002 event that skalise spoke at.
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his republican colleagues have circled around him, are defending him. so, if you take him at his word, and we have no proof to the counsel e contrary, this could very well be the end of the story. on the other hand, we also know that skalise knew all about david duke. david duke the leader of that group that skalise spoke to back in 2002. david duke is seen as the ultimate pariah in politics. maybe the ultimate in society. but not that long ago, there were plenty of mainstream politician e tigss in lae lae who saw value in cultivating duke's political base. remember, running as a republican in the 1990s, duke defeated a sitting re3ubly c ll governor. only to go on and lose the run aif to a democrat. he also ran for congress in a special election year in 1999. he just barely missed making a runoff in that race. he finished only 3700 votes,
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just three-points behind. three-points away from making that runoff and going to congress. duke was also a member of the louisiana legislature in the early 1990. that's when he gave up that seat to run for governor. when that happened, he was seceded to legislature to become the united states senator of louisiana, david vitter. at that time, he had to at least be aware of. in facts, back in 1999, when he was still a member of the state legislature, he gave an interview with many of the same conservative views as david duke. he talked about cultivating duke leaders.
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the novelty of david duke has worn off. duke has proven that he can't get elected. that's the first and most important thing. david duke's long time political lieutenant came out just today to say that he had invited skalise to that white supreme sis e sis workshop. hoe had no idea of the group he spoke e spoke to that day had anything to do with david duke or twiet supreme sill. for now, we can say that skalise's version of events is at least plausible. maybe he had no idea. maybe he thought it was just another random speech. maybe he barically eely gave the group a second thought and moved onto his next event as soon as it was over.
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it certain bli seems plausible that he knew more about the group he was speaking to than he's letting on. he decided to standby skalise, no questions asked. it's also why he helped push michael grim from staten island into retirement last night, too. john boehner's hold has aumgs been very sen e tenuous. this has been a big republican party since he regained power back in the house. the tea party base, they've long viewed him with suspicion. they are on constant guard.
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and it actually turned out there had been a full-flejed kyle in place to deny him the speaker ship. a cue that fell apart only hours before that vote. his party will soon have more seats when congress comes back next week. there has not been serious talks so far that boehner could face another opening day coup. but that threat, when you're john boehner, that threat is always there. it's always just around the corner. when you're john boeh nrksz er and the tea party base has never trusted you, the threat is always going to lurk. that's the other twist. skalise is trusted by the right far more than john boehne rurks is.
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joimpbing us now is ed okeafe. i think you get the gist of the question we're setting up there. we have, sort of, in the media, been looking at john b orksz ehner saying this guy is one wrong move away from a coup in his own party. hey, i've got to get behind steve skalise to cover his own behind? >> i think it's certainly one he'd have to consider. and, yet, to dive deep into
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things, if you look at the 345e9, you're going to need to come up with at least 29 house republicans to deny him re-election as speaker. by all accounts, that's not going the be there next week. two of the leaders are now gone. at least one other person who voted against him laes time says that he will vote for boehner. the idea is a little far-fetched, most likely. in order to keep them happy, in order to keep them from running to the 3450i kro phones and to reporters and calling and on the record or suggesting that they've dpop e got concerns about leadership to, at least for now, certainly helps him in the short term. if there's video or evidence of
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other appearances or even closer allegiance to david duke or his associates, which, so far, has not materialized or to his staff to others in louisiana, there's no belief right now that there is any of that. >> i'm cure yousz, then, what you're picking up there in washington in terms of talking to republicans, whether it's any members themselves. so people on the hill in general, are republicans, do they buy this story? or are they looking at this and saying, gee, i don't know, this feels like there might be another shoe to drop here? >> it's mostly they buy it. but there's total acknowledgment that he's foes. he hadn't thaublgt e thaukt about running for congress, certainly not becoming the top three. else specially if you watch house of cards, this is the job he has. he has kevin spacey's old job.
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he essentially was trying to build support at the state level. so be it. should he have known more? yeah, probably. but he says he only has one staffer at the time. he says he didn't use things like google to figure out what this was. certainly, we've all found that there was plenty to suggest that there's someone like skalise that should have understanding of what he was walking too e in to. >> boy the way, don't worry about that house of cards spoiler. you're off the hook for that one. but ed o'keafe, aappreciablprep
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. we mentioned at the top 069 show that michael grim of new york is now resigning from the house after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud. that means there will be an open house seat in new york that will need to be filled. here's how it's going to work. grim's resignation will go into effect next monday. it's january 15 e 5th. once that happens, the new york state constitution directs the governor to call for a second e special election to fill the seat. that election must this e then be held between 70 and 80 days after the governor calls for it. there will be a primary. each party will, instead, hold a convention to decide who their nominees will be. the insiders will be able to pick their party's candidates. the republican side, one of the names that's being floated, is, believe it or not, veto faselra. he's a former congressman who
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decided not to seek reelection back in 2008 after he was busted for drink driving while he was on his way to visit a secret family. he has been engaged in an extramarital affair and it turns out he had bb e been maintaining a whole separate family down in suburban vae va. since then, he has remained close with the leadership and there has been plenty of rumors for e through the years. you moe what they say, only in new york. blaek bla get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta
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search in the islands around indonesia, we can report that recovery teams with 8501, that's 2 jet that disappeared early on sunday, have retrieved bodies, reckage and debris of the coast of borneo. the head of indonesia search and rescue operation said that six bodies were resfrekt e jekted so far. the flight's last loan coordinates, recovery teams were able to recover things like life vests, portable oxygen tanks and a piece of the inner layer of the aircraft cabin. bassed on those items, pieces came from the missing flight. they addressed grieving families today while officials have not said so explicitly, that if it's suggested that any survivors will be found.
6:19 pm
the next step is to recover the rest of the bodies and the jet which is said to be in relatively shallow waterer. serjts operations were called off orr night. they're going to observe any members local time. they're also out there trying to recover the plane's voice and flight data recorders. the hopes of figuring out what exactly caused the crash. if they recover, think eel most likely be sent to another country, likely the united states, since only a handful have the ability to retrieve and study that data. so there's one phase that this mystery now passes. crews are out retrieving parts of the sea. as all of that passesings, we are now entering the next phase of that investigation. this is the wait for those black boxes.
6:20 pm
the other malaysia airlines friegt shot down over the ukraine this summer makes this year the deadliest year for air accidents since 2005 with more than 1,300 air fatalities this year alone. after that malaysia airlines vanished earlier this year, there was a push to equip planes with better tracking devices. planes are washed by ground radar and connected by saturday liet for much of the flight. that connection does not stream data in realtime about the plane's location and condition. in response, the organization setting global airline standards have started looking into new rules on how to track planes. they've not much e made much headway since they've not been
6:21 pm
able to get the airline industry to agree to install tracking devices. air asia was upgrading its jets to make them easier to track. could a universal tracking as much like that help in the future? we talk about the numbers this year. but one of the themes of the coverage of so many of these have been these long delays. in one case, we haven't been able to find the plane at all. are there simple things that can be done?
6:22 pm
we do have some very accurate information that we get in tracking aircraft any time they're overland when you look at them 234 primary radar. that seems to work very, very well in that regard. when we look at anything over the water, we kind of lose track of these airplanes and make it into ground stations. and it could be done differently. it just costs money and you have to have the will to do it. >> so we're entering the black box face e phase. i think everybody's used to this by now. but what's your sense to what we know about the search right now. what's your sense on how long it will take to get those black boxes and once we're found to get some information from them? >> i'd say you can give it a two or three-day program for them to
6:23 pm
get them to the right place and have the analyst analyze what the data is. and then, finally, to the general public. that information is very, very critical. and i, as long as those boxes are working right, we're going to get a lot of answers. and i think there may be some real surprising es in there. >> i wonder, i see here early in fwro your flying career, you have an incident with some severe weather. i wonder if thinking back on that incident like this, what did you learn from going flu e through that experience as a pilot? >> first thing i learned forever and ever and ever and never, never, never stick my nose in a collude that looked like that on radar. i was following the guy dance and device from a ground controller who i think probably didn't have anything but the right idea except that it's almost impose to determine if this airplane goes through there
6:24 pm
and doesn't e doesn't get a ripple, you're the next one going through there and you may get some very, very different results. i think that's what happened to me. i'll never do that again. i was a fairly new captain at the time. i became an old sage after that incident. and, ahead, president obama looks ahead. one he might not have expected could be a rising liberal star from his own party. stay with us. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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okay, this is what we call chart imitate life. this is when george gallop was still in the beginnings of his foray into the polling business. george gal 4rlop of the famous gallop polls. gallop calls up a thousand adults in the united states. they do this 350 days a year and ask their opinions on politics, religion, free speech. this is january of 2008 since the great recession began. gallop has been asking americans every day about their confidence in the economy. if you see on the chart here, president obama takes office right here. it's when the economy and american confidence were still in the tank. that confidence number burps along with some big dep e dips over the next few years.
6:29 pm
it's been flat for most of this year. but, now, look at this. this week, gallop recorded the highest level of confidence since before the level started. there's at least a hint here in this chart that that may be starting to change. and we'll be right back. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected.
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6:33 pm
with npr,obama reflected on the year that was. >> at the end of 2014, i could look back and say we are as well-positioned today as we have been in quite some time economically. right now, there are a lot of white, working class voters who haven't seen enough progress economically in their own lives. and, december piet the work that we've done to try to strengthen the economy and address issues like child care or minimum wage or increasing manufacturing, that's not what they read about or hear about in the newspapers. they hear about it in immigration debate or they hear about debates surrounding ferguson. and they think i'm being left out. nobody seems to be thinking about how tough it is for me right now or i've been down
6:34 pm
scaled, i've lost my job, et cetera. you know, part of my responsibility, then, is to communicate directly to those voters. and part of the democratic party's job is to communicate directly to those voters and say to them, you know what, we're fighting for you. >> there is at least a small sign that that sentiment obama is talking about is starting to resonat resonate with many americans. we should note that he's still below that 50% mark. still, he will be saying good-bye to the year 2014 on a slight upswing in popularity. and he will need all the momentum he can get as he heads into 2015 as he faces a new congress dominated by republicans. that is a fight that he amgs al previewed in this npr video. >> i'm obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election. i think we had a great record for members of congress to run on.
6:35 pm
and i don't think we, myself, and the democratic party made as good of a case as we should have. and, as a consequence, we had really low voter turnout. and the results were bad. on the other hand, now you've got republicans in the position where it's not enough schismly for them to grind the wheels of congress to a halt and then blame me. they are going to be in a position in which they have to show that they can responsibly govern, given that they have significant majorities in both chambers. >> of course, this has been obama's message for a long time. that he wants to get things done. that he stands ready to work with republicans and he stands willing to confront them with the veto pen if need be. but for all the attention that he's paying and for all the attention we're paying to loom showdowns in the lull e new year, there's a new e more
6:36 pm
immediate battle on the horizon for obama. this man you're seeing is antonio weiss. he became obama's pick to become the top official for domestic financial issues. weiss is a wall street guy. he's an investment banker. he's the guy that white house wants for this job. obama has had trouble throughout his presidency getting republican support for his nominees. this time, when it comes to the treasure department job, the opposition is coming from democrats. and i wanted'st's elizabeth war writing in an op ed against this financial background and high lighting 20 years as an executive financial firm that specializes in something called corporate inveterans administration. that's when a u.s. company relocates to another country, mainly to avoid u.s. tax e taxes. it's practice that president obama has called aept-american.
6:37 pm
bernie sanders has now said that he will not vote for weiss. now, senator al franken of minnesota says that he will vote arguing that weiss's ties to wall street making the wrong fit for a job that is mostly about implementing wall street reform. foxes make poor guards of hen houses. we are days away from republicans taking over all of capitol hill. right now, in the very immediate future, is this fight fween president obama and memberings of his own party over this nomination, this is the first one to watch a we enter the new year and the new congress.
6:38 pm
joining us now, jennifer, thanks for taking some time tonight. first, if you can, just give us a sense of where the politics on this stand right now. we have sanders, franken, warren saying no. how much opposition is there right now to weiss? and is the opposition growing quickly? >> well, there's at least seven senators right now who have publicly said they will not support this candidate. not to mention we've got at least one republican who's raised real concerns with this guy. and the real issue is that the message that the democratic party has been saying for -- like, the last two or three years consistently, is that they are the party of main street, not wall street. and, yet, here we have an obama nominee who is a 20-year veteran of a very big wall street firm who is being positioned to take over a job at treasury that oversees domestic regulatory
6:39 pm
issues that really don't have much to do with his background. >> how did this come to be in the first place? how does head get in line for a job like this in the first place. >> antonio weiss was a campaign bundler for obama. but he's in this ilk of people who come from wall street. it's almost like this revolving door where they end up in these high-level jobs. they're the ones we have to bail out after reckless trades sunk the economy. it's a fascinating debate to watch right now. it's putting on full debate against this split. it's at a time when a new congress is about to begin. >> and i'm trying to figure out
6:40 pm
as i read sort of the job responsibleties that come with this post and try to figure out the sberj, bureaucratic chain. my eyes glaze over. it's way above my pay grade. how much of this is symbolic? how much of this is elizabeth warren saying this is a wall street guy and we need the deny a wall street guy some sort of high level appointment to deliver a message versus how much of this is about the substance? >> it's both. personally, you know, there's things people point to that show he's just not qualified for a job. that involves overseeing financial domestic issues. democrats have really latched onto antonio weiss as symbolic with a much bigger problem. if we really are of the main street and we want to be the voice for the middle class, then why are we backing yet another wall street executive to oversee
6:41 pm
domestic policy that helps the middle class. what's the case think other making to them? why are they saying no? what's the case for that? >> the case the white house is making so far is pretty standard. this is a qualified nominee. we believe he's got what it takes for the job. that's pretty much the response they're giving to many news out lets at this point. the key is to watch this when they come back. that's when they're going to start reigniting this debate all over again. >> if elizabeth warren hadn't stood up, are we talking about this at all? or is this a fight she put on
6:42 pm
washington's agenda? >> i think i's safe to say she thrust this one into the spot light. i don't think too many people were focused on the third 234 charge of the member of the treasury department. this is not a position that makes flashy headlines. but it's that message beneath it that really resonates. this is a party that's supposed to be about, you know, the middle class. why don't we put our money where our mouths are, so to speak. >> it's interesting. all the talk about elizabeth warren running for president. when people say there is stuff she can do in the senate, here's a perfect example. now we've got a major fight among democrats on our hand. anyway, general fer, really appreciate the time to be the e tonight. thanks a lot. and, next, i will get out my fancy electronic big board. i'll tell you why the front runner among republicans in 2016 might not be -- excuse me, might only be a brisk walker. i'll explain what that means. that's next. that's next.
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. a former florida governor jeb bush surging to the top of the field in a new poll of likely republican presidential contenders. new jersey governor chris christie trailing in by ten points and form i recall governor mike huckabee and senator rand paul rounding out the top five. >> on the republican side, former governor jeb bush now breaking ahead a bit of governor chris christie by double digits. >> could we be looking at another bush versus clinton e
6:48 pm
ton showdown? we have a new poll that shows jeb with a commanding lead. but how well does he do up against hillary clinton? we have some interesting numbers to share with you. >> the bush surge. the jeb bush surge. that was the other big story maybe you heard this week. there was a new poll that came out from our friends at cnn. and a lot of people interpreted not just at cnn butter whe ever interpreted it as jeb bush wanted to run for president. i think there's a lot more to this story. i want to use the big board in all of these numbers to show you what that story is. so let's start with where things were a month aduo. this is before jeb bush put that facebook post up. before e before the political world say yeah, this is serious. and you see jeb, you know, 14%, ben carson, 11%.
6:49 pm
okay, now, the new poll this week, the one that caused all of that talk about he's open to commanding lead, he's surging. put it up there. here we go. you see bush, he is. he's jumped up from 14 to 2e 3. chris christie had a little bit of a bounce there. carson fell a little bit. i would still say when you're jeb bush, when you're being touted as this front runner who can unite the whole party, you e who can bring the money together, 23% may not be that overwhelming, that commanding the start off with. but i think it was a big thing that was missed here. and the big thing, we'll show you the next one, it's mitt romney. let's take a look here. cnn last month, this poll that jeb bush is surging from, last month, they also included mitt romney. look at this. match mitt romney up against jeb bush. mitt romney was doubling him up a month ago. bush was running in third place. the defeated candidate from 2012
6:50 pm
running way ahead of jeb bush. this new poll this week, they didn't even include romney. i don't know if romney is going to run. i doubt it. did you i would love to see how romney is zoing right now. these are all the national polls in the last few months that match up mitt romney, jeb bush, chris christie, sort of the three big hitters on the republican side. look at this. every single one of these polls shows mitt romney beating jeb bush winning by 9, by 5, by 8. this idea that he has suddenly surged to the front of the pack, i'm not buying it. we don't have the numbers to back that up right now. why he might be struggling like
6:51 pm
this, i think we can put it in some perspective. let's go back to the 2000 presidential cycle. he was trying to do then at roughly at this point in the 2000 campaign cycle, this is early 1999, you look a national poll, a favorable impression of george w. bush, 60 to 8. this is among all voters. 60 to 8. tick a look. positive or negative view of jeb bush. 26% positive, 33% negative. he's upside down here. his brother was 60 to 8. that tells me there is an awful lot of bush baggage out there. there's bush baggage among nonrepublicans who maybe don't necessarily remember the george
6:52 pm
w. bush presidency that well. republicans who are pragmatic and say maybe we're not smart by nominating another bush and it's also republicans, don't forget, on the tea party right who explained away the election of 2008 who said george w. bush gave conservatism a bad name. that laid the ground work for barack obama. i think that's the real story. not even any commanding lead for jeb bush. at least not right now. latte or au lait?
6:53 pm
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>> before we go, late developing news. the new year's celebration, which means unlike most year, this year there's not going to be a live possum drop in north carolina. how could that be? i know. for year, this is the self-titled possum capital of the united states. after recent challenges from peta, they decided to stop this tradition. the possum never got dropped per say. brass down is not really a bunch of monsters. if you planned on going on aless exotic location, it apparently works fine.
6:57 pm
atlanta georgia will go forward with its beach drop. in in flagstaff, they're still going to drop a six-foot tall pine cone because well, who care, it will be great. some kind of possum is getting dropped in brass down and that alone is worth celebrating. thank you for tien u tuning in this year. happy holidays.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> the female actor of the year will join me, the 13-year-old monet davis. and i will not attempt to hit her fastball. but first, the latest on the tragedy in the joba sea.