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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 2, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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day when a resistence band snapped, hit him, and caused him to fall. reid's office said quote, a piece -- senator reid will return to washington this weekend and be in the office tuesday as the senate prepares to reconvene. his doctors expect a full recovery. so it sound like a pretty nasty injury. one that we'll be able to see as soon as he comes back to work. it's not the first time senator reid has been involved in an exercise-related injury. he dislocated his shoulder a couple of years ago during a run and appeared on the senate floor looking injured at that point. >> you mentioned he's expected to make a full recovery. do we have a time line on any of those ailments when he'll be able to recover? >> they haven't said that as of yet. we know he's going to be flying from his home in nevada to washington this weekend. he expects to be back in his office on tuesday when the new
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senate comes into session. it sounds like even if he's not fully recovered he's going push through. >> kasie hunt in washington, d.c., with the developing story. i wish him a speedy recovery. day six of the search for the air asia jet liner. indonesian officials say the bodies of 21 more victims were recovered today bringing the total number to 30. more wreckage was found in the java sea where the plane disappeared sunday halfway during a flight. bad weather, once again, hampering the search efforts for the main fuselage. and the plane's black box is believed to be on the seabed off borneo haven't been recovered. kelly joins us from indonesia. a new team of international experts arriving today with special listening devices. what can you tell us about that and about how bad the weather is affecting these search efforts. >> these are primarily french
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expert who arrived with a ship carrying two devices that can listen to sounds underwater specifically to the pings coming from the black boxes. this shouldn't be an incredibly difficult for experts to hear these pings if they can deploy the hydrophones. the range of the black boxes is close to 10,000 feet. about 9800 feet. this wreckage where they believe the wreckage is only about 150 feet of water. it shouldn't be technically difficult to listen to these. the problem, once again, has been the weather. they're dealing with 13 foot seas, rain showers, very violent thunderstorms that come upon them suddenly. they haven't been able to use the equipment as yet. they need calmer seas in order to drop these listening devices into the water and that doesn't look like it's going to happen in the next couple of days.
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>> the main fuselage the wreckage itself. they're trying to recover it. do you know the mechanics how they recover that? do they lift it up or try to lift up the fuselage or leave it below and recover the black boxes? boxes? >> well, i think a lot depends on what state the fuselage is in. if you have it -- first priority is retrieveing the black boxes and recovering the bodies. they're going on the assumption that a lot of bodies will be in the fuselage potentially strapped into their seats. as a matter of fact, today there are reports of two passengers recovered at the surface of the sea who were still strapped into their seats. so that's a kind of scenario they're looking at. this is going to be a very long-term process before they even get to the stage of bringing that wreckage up to the surface. that's a long-term project, i would think, for the search and rescue at this point. >> kelly live for us in indonesia. thank you. let's bring in nbc news
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aviation analyst captain john cox. as we heard, the weather is a major factor. it's hampering the search efforts. what problems does a delay present at this point for these searchers? >> well, first and foremost is the safety of the divers. at 150 feet of water, they can get specially trained divers down there. they'll be the people who will be able to extract the recorders from the fuselage once they find it and get it triangulared. that's how they remove is probably using the specially trained divers. the problem is with seas this choppy and with currents as strong as they've seen up until now, you put those divers at risk and while it's very important to get all of these victims recovered and these recorders, we don't want to put something at risk to do it. the sea state and the violence of the violent thunderstorms
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that pass through during monsoon season are a couple of things they're going have to continue to deal with. >> we've heard that the french teams with underwater listening devices arrived to the scene of that crash. how significant is that? what are they expected to do with the listening devices? >> well, what the acoustic pingers on the two recorders continuing to transmit. they need these specially sensitive hydrophones to be able to triangular the position. once they hear this and the pinging is actually a metallic clicking kind of sound. when they hear the clicks and they can locate the position they then can put divers in the water to retreat the recorders. >> kelly talked about the wreckage found today including an inflatable slide and the wing tip. what does that tell us about the possibility of a crash and what does it tell investigators? >> well, i think increasingly
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we're seeing enough of the airplane to say we have the whole thing. that's significant because it says there was not an inflight break up. we've seen elements i believe, of the tail. i haven't heard anything about the nose section yet. now we have wing tips those are called the four corners. that says the airport was intact when it hit the water. that's an important step forward for the investigators so they don't have to be looking for orr parts that could be critical if there was an in flight break up. the fact the way the bodies have been recovered and the fact they're seeing some of these four corners indicated it was intact when it hit the water. >> captain john cox aviation analyst, thank you very much for that analysis. tributes are pouring in for mario cuomo who died yesterday at the age of 82. cuomo was a giant in new york politics as governor from 1983 through 1994. he was also known for his forceful defense of activist government and the fight for social justice in a statement
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president obama called cuomo a, quote, determined champion of progressive values. bill and hillary clinton issued a statement calling cuomo's life, quote, the embodiment of the american dream. new jersey governor wrote in a tweet our country and our region lost a giant today. and the reverend al sharpton calls cuomo a true statesmen and philosopher at heart whose place in history is cur. harry smith is here with a look back at his legacy. you've covered him and interviewed him many times. >> it's an interesting thing. here is a guy who hasn't been in office for 20 years. the tributes continue to pour in. tributes a lot of tributes coming from republicans that he fought against and some he served and served with. the fact is the man was a legend. >> he passed away on the same day his son andrew was sworn in
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for his second term as governor of new york. earlier his son spoke about his dying father. >> his inspiration, legacy and experience is what has brought this state to this point. >> mario cuomo was a son of the american dream. born in queens new york to italian immigrant parents who came through ellis island with little more than the clothes on their backs. active in politics he became new york's secretary of state in 1975. two years later, he ran against ed kosh and lost his bid for the democratic nomination for mayor of new york. cuomo was elected new york's lieutenant governor in 1978. with the help of his son andrew as campaign manager, became governor in 1982. >> we won because people and the passion of belief are still more important than money. >> cuomo was a liberal lion who lek fied the crowd when he
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delivered the keynote speech for the democratic national convention in 1984. his words aimed at president ronald reagan. >> there is despair, mr. president, in the faces that you don't see, in the places that you don't visit, in your shining city. >> the speech won him an instant following. many a democrat earned for a cuomo presidential run. his reluctance to run earned him an unfortunate monocare. two years later cuomo lost. >> i'm sure we've made mistakes as governor but i'm as proud as what i can be. >> after public office he joined law firm and remained a visible force in new york politics. including the support for his son andrew who followed in his father's footsteps to become
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governor as well. cuomo leaves behind his beloved wife of more than 50 years, matilda, and children chris, madeline margaret, maria, and andrew. amazing man. and really what is interesting is this '84 convention when walter monodale ended up getting the nomination. people across the country were like, wow! who is this guy? there was a groundswell for him to run for president. >> as we mentioned, you covered him for many years. he earned the hamlet on the hudson. >> most specifically in the end of 1991 he had some one, others say two planes were waiting in albany to take him to new hampshire. because the deadline to register for the primary in new hampshire was quickly closing in. there was a big budget impasse in albany time went on. time went on. the plane sat. finally, he came out and he said i'm staying here.
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i have to pay attention to this budget impasse. and everybody said what is the deal? we interviewed him years later and said i asked him straight out. did you want to be president? it was a question he found almost impossible to answer. >> incredible. harry smith with the look at the political icon. developing now getting a look at pictures from a massive pile up in new hampshire. this is happening now on interstate 93 northbound in the city of ashland. northbound lanes of i-95 are shut down as a result of that. there are reports up to 50 vehicles are involved no wort yesterday on injuries. drivers reported snowfalls and icy roads in the area. we'll keep you up to date on the new developments and information as they come into us here on msnbc. up next the investigation is underway into how a georgia police chief shot his own wife. >> very wonderful personality and great sense of humor.
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a great lady. we're praying she survivors this. >> what the chief is telling investigators as his wife remains in critical condition. a full report is next. plus the flu epidemic. 36 states are reporting wide spread flu activity much earlier than normal. is it too late to get vaccinated? and bono's statement. why he may never play the guitar again.
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a police chief in georgia is on administrative leave this morning after investigators say he shot his wife in the bedroom of their suburban home. the chief says it was a horrible accident. investigators say he's being fully cooperative and there are
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no charges at this time. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story for us. >> the top cop in peach tree city georgia. investigators are trying to find out what happened in william mccullough's home. >> there's a lot of things that we don't know that we need to know before we can make any decisions. >> he called 9-1-1 just after 4:00 a.m. telling a dispatcher he accidentally shot his wife with his department issued handgun similar to this one. margaret was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> the initial reports that we got from a 9-1-1 call were that the chief shot his wife accidentally twice. as a result of the preliminary interview we found he only shot him one time. william has not been charged
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with a crime but on administrative leave. he had been the chief less than a year. >> we're in concern for his wife, concerned for the chief. >> neighbors are in disbelief. and hoping what happened here was nothing more than a freak accident. gabe gutierrez nbc news atlanta. up next a new year and a new future for cuba. just weeks after president obama announcing plans to restore relations with the country. what is next for the isolated nation? i'll talk live with former ambassador bill richardson who traveled there. police are searching for an american man who vanished in mexico leaving behind this last picture as a clue. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." joovp
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it's good news for about 3 million americans. the new year is bringing in bigger paychecks for 3 million workers across the country. the minimum wage has been increased in 20 states. there are new laws in effect in several states. pete williams has a look what is on the books. >> california and connecticut any qualified state less dent can get a driver's license. even immigrants here illegally. state officials say 1.5 million people could be eligible to apply. many have been applying ahead of time and advocates say it make sense because drivers should know state laws. >> people are driving with licenses from their countries or other states with different rules. they're not properly trained in california driving safety. >> one catch the new licenses will be marked to show they cannot be used as a federally approved id to board an airplane. under a new law in illinois, employers must provide accommodations to their pregnant workers such as more frequent
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rest and bedroomathroom breaks, help with lifting. >> we shouldn't be putting women in the position between choosing between work and a healthy pregnancy. most of these accommodations are no cost or low cost to employers. >> more states are limiting the use of drones with cameras attached. north carolina is the latest state to ban them for use by hunters or animal rights activists to spy on hunters. similar laws in effect in alaska, colorado montana, and new mexico. and california now bans using them to capture images that could only be seen without a drone by trespassing. in new hampshire hikers skiers and hunters can buy a $25 hike safe guard. then if they're injured or get lost and have to be rescued, they won't have to reimburse the state for the expenses which can run up to 50,000. people on social security will see a slight boost in their checks in the new year of 1.7%
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cost of living adjustment. that means the average retiree gets about $22 more a month. pete williams nbc news washington. the south to west on ice. a major winter storm could dump up to an inch of ice on already dangerous roads. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." and bono's shocking announcement. he may never play the guitar again. after a violent bike accident. hear his message to fans just after the break. constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! live the regular life. phillips'. don't just visit paris. visit tripadvisor paris. tripadvisor not only has millions of real traveler's reviews and opinions but checks hundreds of websites, so people can get the best hotel
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activist groups say areas in northeastern syria have been taking poublding. aircrafts carred out more than a dozen air strikes. the air strikes come after a week of heavy fwoming of isis targeting in syria and iraq. and a surprise proposal from north korean leader in his new year's message broadcast on
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state television. he offered to hold a summit meeting with south korea's president. he said the trajgic division of korea could no longer be tolerable and acceptable. south korea called it meaningful and said talks should include practical and frank discussions on all on mutual concern. joining me now is bill richardson. thank you very much for joining us. what do you make of his offer? do you think he's serious? does he have something to gain now? zbl>> well i don't know if it's serious. it's so inconsistent. he's so unpredictable. it's a good move. the key to any kind of lessening of tensions in the peninsula is toxic between north and south korea. look what he did the sony hacking. he released three american
8:28 am
prisoners without many conditions. so it's inconsistency and unpredictability unpredictability. the summit meeting in itself is significant. there hasn't been one in many years. we have to watch and see what happens. i wouldn't put a lot of stalk in north korea making many concessions like regime change or north-south unification with south korea. >> you talked about that summit that hasn't happened in many years. it was in 2000 when it took place. do you think kim jong-un may be following in his father's footsteps who held that summit in 2002? >> yes, i think he wants to do that. he has been the victim of a lot of bad press. a lot of bad international attention with the sony hacking, with taken to the international criminal court by some u.n.
8:29 am
countries. a number of other destabilizing moves he's mad shooting the missiles, nuclear testing. perhaps what he's doing is saying, look i'm going to start the new year with a positive step. a potential summit. even my only point here is they're so unpredictable you don't know where the guy is coming. you can't do much. you can't put too much stalk in what he's doing. let's give it a chance. and it's good that south korea is reaching out, too. the move toward unification has strengthened a bit with their population. >> you mentioned a cyber attack on sony pictures which the fbi is blaming on north korea. do you think north korea has the technical capability. would kim jong-un get so upset about the movie "the interview"? >> well, on the first point, he would be enormously upset. they get very upset at those
8:30 am
personal slights him and his father. on the second point, i always said in interviews that i don't know if north korea act aided alone. i said there was probably some disdent within sony that assisted in the north koreas or doing the dirty work. i don't dispute the fbi and our technical people. i think north korea didn't necessarily have the capability. why would they carry about salaries of sony employees and the gossip? i just think that we need to look into it further. but there is a hand by north korea. and possibly china assisting them or turning the eye. because a lot of north korea telecommunications equipment and infrastructure is in china. >> let's switch gears a little bit to cuba and the wake of the move to normalize relations.
8:31 am
cuban leader bluntly stated at the year end news conference don't expect cuba to abandon the communist system. what tell does that tell you as we going deal with cuba on a official level? >> well, i support barack obama's initiative on normalizing relations. but there is still going to be serious problems. we have to realize this is a very hard lined regime. and the area of human rights we have to keep pressing. release of cuban political prisons, they have done some but not enough. repression of pro democracy groups. in is the area where the cubans are sensitive. i remember when i used to go to cuba and meet with groups. cubans would go wild. they would be upset. i think we need to stand behind these dissent groups and get the international community behind us. get the pope. that's part of the deal. cuba has to move toward
8:32 am
lessening, lessening of their hard lined tactics. doesn't mean they're going to abandon the communist regime as rule castro has said. >> we'll be following the developing story. early next week lawmakers return to their offices. for both chemowe ares of congress will be under republican control while a democrat is in the white house. joining me now live with a look at the top stories to watch out for in 2015 mark murray. mark, 2015 has hardly begun but it's never too early to start talking about presidential politics and the 2016 race is already on everybody's mind. what are some of the names to watch out for. >> a lot of names will be the ones we've been talking about over the past few months. the democratic side you have hillary clinton. on the republican side you have someone like jeb bush chris christie, the republican governor of new jersey. marco rubio, the senator from florida. there's also rand paul, the
8:33 am
senator from kentucky. it is wort noting there's just one person who has filed the presidential exploratory committee that is jim webb a former democratic senator from virginia. and jeb bush has been the only other person where he's said he's actively exploring a run. we'll see the dominos falling. >> let's switch government branchs and talk about the legislative branch. the next session starts on tuesday. what are the challenges that the particular congress is going to be facing? >> it's going to be trying to govern and be sure that the government stays open. the past 113th congress was the one that shut down the government for 17 days. and with republicans now in control of the house of representatives as well as the senate there are higher stakes now for republicans to be able to make sure they can move the machinery. now a lot of people argue that not a lot will change. you'll have an unproductive congress, the difference will be
8:34 am
you'll end up having a republican congress that passed a lot of legislation and president obama vetoing it. >> mark quickly there's the never ending debate over health care. you say it's another make or break year for the affordable care act. tell us why it is. >> the supreme court is going to be deciding a challenge about whether or not the affordable care act allows americans who are under federal exchanges, not just state exchanges but federal exchange to get subsidizes under the health care law. people under federal exchanges can't get the subsidies it potentially get the health care law and is a very serious challenge to the future. >> senior political editor mark murray. thank you very much live from washington. up next on "newsnation." new reaction to the suicide of transgender teen. she took her life after leaving a heartbreaking message. what she said about her parents and what they're saying now. plus more on the flu
8:35 am
epidemic. most is reporting wide spread flu outbreak.
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flu season has started early and could be one of the worst in years. the virus already reached an epidemic level. it's wide spread in 36 states. so far 15 children have died because of the flu. the biggest problem, one of the most common strains of the virus. h 3 n 2 new dated. that means this season's flu vaccine is less effective than before. since october 1st, more than ate95% of the people hospitalized were the flu were infected with this flu strain. a pediatrician from university hospitals in cleveland joins me now. should you still get a flu shot? >> yes. the mutation means it's not going to cover the h 3 n 2.
8:39 am
there is still other viruss out there that cause influenza. you want to be protected against those. >> the had 3 n 2 strain has been linked to harsh flu seasons in the past. why is that? flu season typically peaks in late january and early february. we're seeing it earlier than normal. >> yeah, i think we haven't gotten to the peak yet. one week we went from 13 to 22 states being severely affected by the influenza epidemic. they're calling it an epidemic. i think we have to know that and you should get a flu shot. any child over 6 months should get immunized. in particular children pregnant women, people with chronic conditions like asthma and heart disease and diabetes and people over 65. we're seeing people over 65 are being severely affected this year. >> doctor we said it's appearing a little bit earlier than normal. when can we expect it to peak
8:40 am
and what other measures can people take to protect themselves from the flu beyond the vaccination? >> i don't know we can predict when it's going to peak. i mean, part of the issue with the h 3 n 2, they didn't realize it was going to be a serious element this year until last march. by that time it was too late to get it in the vaccine that was being developed. i think what people need to do is the preventive kind of things. wash your hands. and you want to do a 20 secondhand wash. sing something like "happy birthday" or something that takes 20 seconds. an alternative vansanitizers. hand sanitizers aren't the same. they don't get under the nail. you want to wash your hands often. disinfect surfaces that may get
8:41 am
germs on them. honestly i don't shake hands with people. i do what i taught my little patients. i go -- >> a little fist bump. >> there are four times more germs on the palm of your hand than the fist bump. if you have to do something do the fist bump. people at church know i'm not going to shake your hand. >> let me give you the virtual fist bump. thank you very much for that. sorry we're a little bit out of time. i appreciate that. i'm sure our viewers will heed the doctor's calls there. on to two west virginia police officers recovering after being ambushed and shot during a traffic stop yesterday afternoon. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. the police officers pulled over the driver of a white suv after the plate registered as a stolen vehicle. while they were stopped, a red
8:42 am
chevy truck pulled up and the driver began shooting at the officers wounding them. the driver of the second truck was hit and taken into custody. meanwhile the driver of the white suv took off hiding before finally turns himself in. there's a twist, the two men edward and eric campbell claim to be father and son. both kbhiendbehind bars. when police searched the red chevy truck they found two bodies from victims from north carolina. ice storm creating dangerous road condition in oklahoma. parts of the state under an ice storm warnings as freezing rain moves up in. it could coat roads, trees and power lines. other areas under a winter weather advisory until tomorrow evening. general motors is recalling 92,000 trucks and suvs for a faulty ignition lock. it may slide out of the start position causing the vehicle to stall and prevent the air bags
8:43 am
from deploying. if there's an accident. the recall covers certain models from 2011 to 2012 and models from 2007 to 2014. they were repaired with defective parts. the search is on for a virginia yoga teacher who disappeared tuesday in the mountains of mexico. hari simran and his wife were in mexico for a retreat. his wife said he's an experienced hiker. funeral services which had been scheduled at this hour in ohio for the transgender teen who committed suicide have been postponed. that's according to a sign posted on the church's door earlier today. no reason was given. 17-year-old lila's death sparked national conversation after she left a heart wrenching note on her tumbler account begging for death to mean something.
8:44 am
she felt like she was a girl trapped in a boy's boy when at 2. she discovered there was a word for whom she was and that's transgender. lila scheduled her suicide note to post hours after she walked into the path of a truck sunday. named joshua at birth wrote how she was devastated when she told her mother she was transgender and her mother reacted telling her it was a phase. people say it gets better. that isn't true in my case. it gets worst each day i get worst. joining me now is a spokeman who is a transgender man. thank you very much for joining us. you were featured in a campaign for it gets better project. you heard lila said it wasn't going to happen for her.
8:45 am
what is your gut reaction to what happened here? >> it's so sad. it's a tragedy. the community we've experienced significant progress in terms of our visibility and influence in the lgbt community. we're seeing culturalivity shifts. the sad reality is that suicide atemgs rate of transpeople is ten times the national average. and i think that's what lila was talked about when she said it's something we need to fix. >> lila's parents are speaking outs. her dad said the family is devastated and told a local tv station, quote, we have no desire to enter into a debate. we wish to grieve in private. lila's mother told cnn we don't support that religiously. we told him that we loved him unconditionally. we loved him no matter what. i love my son. people need to love i loved him.
8:46 am
a teen telling their parents believe they are living inside the wrong body can be a shock. what would you tell parents who don't know how to react to something like? >> i would tell parents when you love someone unconditionally there's no but after it. the problem is what we need to do is give young people the space to develop into the most authentic and healthiest self-s by determining who they are. that's the thing and gender. gender is self-determined and not imposed. i can't debate how much they loved their child. i'm sure they did. there's a huge gap there. obviously misunderstanding between them. that's what i would say to parents. >> gay rights activists is outraged. he recently tweeted. charges should be brought. certainly that's his opinion. but there's now a
8:47 am
petition up calling for leela's law. ban convert therapy. there's almost 200,000 signatures. it seems we've come so far with laws protecting gay people. can we say the same about those who are transgender? >> not necessarily. we still have the conversations around the conversion therapy and trying to fix transgender people. these are the conversations we were having about gay and lesbians 15 years ago. there's nothing wrong with us. what is wrong is using a sense of religious to fuel fear and hatred. not giving people the young space to determine who they are. it's wrong there are quakecks practicing conversion therapy that has been discredited by every psychological association in the country. >> thank you very much for that insight on this tragic story. we'll be right back.
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>> new details and pictures from pile ups happening in new hampshire. people are injured, but the injuries are not considered life-threatening. one of the scenes is happening now in the northbound lane of interstate 93. they reported icy roads and keep you up to date on new information that comes in. some stunning news rocking the music world. bono said he fears he may never play guitar again. that's sad news to his fans. bono describes how serious his injuries were from a bicycle accident back in november saying he hasn't been able to move around physically for the last few weeks. he writes a blanked out on impact and have no memory of how i ended up in new york presbyterian with my bone sticking through my jacket. i broke my hand shoulder elbow
8:52 am
and face. he included an x-ray and keeping quite a sense of humor about the accident. he also wrote this real injury this year was to my irish pride as it was discovered under my track suit i was wearing yellow and black lycra. this is not very rock 'n' roll. here are the things we just thought you should know. a judge cleared the way for same-sex marriage to begin in florida. the ruling allows clerks to begin issuing licenses starting tuesday. pam bondy said the state will not try to block the latest ruling. the city of chicago may be losing out to new york in its bid to be the future home of the obama presidential library. the foundation leading the search for a location has major concerns with a proposal by the university of chicago given that neither the university nor the city proposed the controlled
8:53 am
sites. a proposal in chicago is in trouble too and that leaves columbia university in new york as the front-runner for the project. those are the things we just thought you should know. >> time for the "news nation" gut check. flu season started earlier and hitting hard. experts say this could be one of the worst in years because one of the most common strains mutated and this year's vaccine is less effective, but the cdc said a flu shot will still protect you and decreases severity of the symptoms. the virus is already widespread in 36 states and there have been 15 flu-related deaths in children. what does your gut tell you. will you get a flu shot this 17o season? go to volt. the entertainment world is ready for the new year and hoping for blockbusters after a lack luster
8:54 am
2014. nbc's halle jackson has a preview from los angeles. >> hollywood is ringing in 2015 and ready for it. after a mediocre 12 months -- >> a lot of people argue the movies were not that great. >> a record setting 2013 turned into a tumble with a 4% drop in ticket sales, but analysts think this year studios could rake in $11 billion. >> best year ever? >> best year ever and this is like the cavalry to save the day with a lot of huge movies. >> starting with a valentine's day opening that has everyone talking. the studios tastes are not. >> the studios want to hit four quad rants. old, young, male female. that's how they make the money. >> the spin off of despicable me could bring in the min yons drawing the kids parents and
8:55 am
even the grandparents. still 2015 won't be defined by the family friendly fare. but by the franchises. >> if you look at the movies set for 2015 it's the mt. rush more of big franchises. >> the new bond movie, another avengers sequel the seventh fast and furious installment. the terminator is back. >> i have been waiting for you. >> so is jurassic park and the grand daddy of them all. >> you have the people who remember the original "star wars" and the kids want to go too. that will be the most anticipated movie of the year. >> the battle with the dark side, expect it to light up the box office in december. a force to end 2015 strong. halle jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> that are does it for this edition of "news nation."
8:56 am
i'm in for tamron hall and she will be back monday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. kristin welker hosts "andrea mitchell reports." can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ] aleve. all day pain relief with just 2 pills. get back to being you.
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>>. >> right now, rough seas after searching for victims of air asia flight 8501. dive teams are going under water to locate the black boxes, the key to finding out what went wrong. >> they were battling heavy winds, once again. heavy rains and very rough seas. waves up to 13 feet high. >> liberal lion. former new york governor mario cuomo is remembered for the impact on the democratic party and whether to run for president. >> there is depair mr. president, in the faces you
9:00 am
don't see. in the places you don't visit in your shining city. >> and snapshot. white house photographer takes us behind the lens with the stories of his top photos of the year documenting the most powerful man in the world. >> a very good friday to you and happy new year. i'm kristin welker. we begin with the ariel search for critical pieces of the air asia jetliner deep within the java sea suspended with the bodies of 30 victims and the first was held today. the 50 did retrieve three parts that will be examined by specialists. the focus is on


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