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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 5, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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a new year a new week. right now on "first look." dangerously cold temperatures are ahead for millions as a bitter cold will blanketing the u.s. jury selection begins in the trial of the alleged boston bomber. the incredible details of the 7-year-old lone plane crash survivor. breaking news on a shooting death. the donald fires the first celebrity apprentice. >> and new jersey governor can kiss detroit voters goodbye. good morning everybody. thank you for joining us. a blast of dangerously cold weather is about to hit the u.s. millions will be in the cold zone, the south, midwest, and then the east coast. temperatures will be 10 to 35
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degrees below average. in connecticut the wintery weather proving deadly. app jogger was fatally hit on a sluggy road by a snowplow. in mississippi it wasn't the cold but tornados. two twisters in two counties. bill karins will have the full forecast. in a few hours jury selection is set to begin in the trial of accused boston bomer dzhokar tsarnaev. the case is expected to be one of the most high profile in recent history. can an impartial jury be found in boston? jay gray is there for us this morning. the jury pool is enormous. how long can this process take? >> betty, good morning. the julydge said they can find an impartial jury but it will take time. maybe two weeks. it starts in hours behind me. here is the to does almost two
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years in the bombing tragedy here. just two miles from where it unfolded. in the almost two years since the attack. >> i'm standing! the path to recovery has been difficult. the steps low and painful but always moving forward. later this morning survivors in this city will take another major step. as jury selection begins in the trial of bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. he's pleaded not guilty to the attack that killed three and injured 260 during the 2013 boston marathon bombing and to the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier after the attack. more than a thousand jurors have been summoned. boston's mayor understands it's a necessary part of the healing here but insists like the attack, what happens in the courtroom will not define his city. >> people just, you know people just feel that they know what
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happened on that day and i think a lot of people already say let's move it beyond so the families can have peace. >> peace and justice. and so many hope to find in a federal courtroom just two miles from the site of the deadly blasts. as jury selection begins later today, they'll show up the potential jurors in groups of 250 or more to fill out a initial basic questionnaire. they'll continue to weed the group down to eventually the 12 jurors and six alternates. that's going it take weeks. the trial itself could last more than four months. >> definitely a process. thank you very much. rested and relaxed. president obama is hitting the ground running. the president is getting red did toy kick off a multicity tour. he's taking a different tactic than before. selling his agenda to the people before the state of the union.
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tracy pots is live in washington. good morning. so the question is what is his plan? >> well, his plan is as you said to try to get directly lyly to the american people and sell it before he sell it is to congress. congress resumes tomorrow. the president is back in town but he heads out on the road trip in just a couple of days to pick some of the ideas you'll hear again in his state of the union address. president obama is hitting the road this week to lay out his agenda talking jobs in detroit, home sales in phoenix, and college in tennessee. >> i want to work with them. i want to get things done. >> republicans say approving the keystone pipeline will likely be the first thing to hit the president president's desk. not enough democrats say. >> an amendment to add clean energy jobs. >> he's going to have to decide between jobs and the extreme and supporters of not having.
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>> next for republicans -- >> have to pass a budget. there's only been one budget passed in the last six years. >> funding homeland security while blocking the president eats's immigration orders. >> i'm not 0 pieced edopposed to negotiating. >> republicans will try to roll back on health care. focussing on something democrats agree with getting rid of the tax on medical devices. >> the hope we will find a way to pay for it and get the tax off. >> we haven't figured out how to pay for it. >> cuba iran syria expected to take center stage when the new congress returns tomorrow. >> tracy, thank you. this morning federal investigators in kentucky have finally cleared the wreckage. the twin-engine crashed and killing four on friday. they're learning more about the lone survivor. a 7-year-old girl dressed for
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her florida vacation. she was in shorts and short sleeves when she walked through a thick woods and briar patches for 3/4 of a mile in the dark and with near freezing temperatures. larry wilkins describes the moment when she knocked on his door. >> i open the door and this little girl was standing there with a bloody nose and bloody legs and bloody arms. >> saylor is safe with family members now. they're asking for prayers and privacy si. the nypd is investigating the death of a founder of a $2 million hedge fund. he was bound to a gunshot wound to his head near the united nations. authorities have not ruled out suicide but they say gilbert's son has been taken into custody and being questioned. no charges have been filed. >> the new york city skyline honors the two police officers killed in an ambush-style
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shooting. last night the empire building was lit in red and blue to show a siren. raf it drew thousands of law enforcement officials and once again tensions between a few members of the new york city police department and mayor de blasio was on full display. some police officers turned their back despite a warning from the police commissioner. mare de blasio will make a major announcement later today. we want to get down to business with cnbc. >> good morning. stocks look to rebound after a mostly negative start to the new emperor. now eking out a gain on friday but the s&p 500 and nasdaq ending the red. the second straight year they started out on a down note. the big item for investors this week the latest snapshot with the labor market with friday's employment numbers.
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gm wants to make it easier to shop from your car. they'll unveil new services for the on star conservice this week. gm is partnering with dunkin' donuts and price line to offer drivers special deals on the road. this fish tail is no joke. a japanese sushi restaurant paid more than $34,000 for a tuna blue fin. tuna prices are down thanks to a successful fishing season. >> that was a deal! thank you. now to sunday's nfl's playoff game. cowboys lions and one heck of a thrilling finale. >> 3rd down and goal. end zone touchdown. >> oh yeah! that is tenderness williams with the second td of the game. check out who is celebrating in the owner's box?
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do you really see that? chris christie with jerry jones? who would have thought. they win it 24-20 they travel to green bay next. suh became emotional during his post game presser. >> just trying to say i didn't expect this. that's what it comes down to. [ inaudible question ] >> earlier in the a iffc wild card game. andrew luck stepping up to avoid the rush. he get it is out in time to hit his receiver monfrief in the end zone. what a play. they face the broncos next. and it was all smiles as the colts locker room after the game. safety sergio brown channels
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rick flair in a post game speech. wheeling dealing. everything is right. and i'm having a hard time holding these alligatorers down. two times for the rick philips. >> all i have to say is woo! one city gets the way. wearing a hoodie sweatshirt could be illegal. plus, the death of a popular sports caster is drawing an outpouring. arctic blast, snowstorm, and another arctic blast that is worst than the first one. this is the week we say winter twins. we have more details coming up. you're watching "first look"."
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welcome back to "first look." it figures as soon as everyone back to school and work with the deal with probably the harshest winter conditions of the season.
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likely maybe of the entire winter this week. the worst of it this morning northern plains. first ones to get into the grip of this cold outbreak. windchill and international falls is negative 44. those are windchill warnings numbers. that's dangerous stuff. sitting in your car is one thing but getting the kids to school is difficult. chicago is negative 21 this hour. we have the arctic air today. that's pretty much other over the northern portions of the plain through the great lakes and northern new england. that's the worst. as we go through tomorrow we watch the snow today in montana breaking down through iowa. we're going to watch about 3 to 6 inches south of chicago for indianapolis, and some of the light stuff could make it as far as philadelphia maybe d.c. and new york city. on wednesday behind the snow another blast. this one will be worst than the fist. it covers everywhere from about texas even down through georgia. the worst will be in new england that we were of this winter and
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possibly colder than any day last winter. boston could hit zero. >> okay bill. happy new year everybody. okay. and it looks like calmer weather in the java sea is giving indonesian divers another chance to recover wreckage and more bodies from air asia flight 8501. icing of the plane's engine likely caused the crash. 37 bodies have been recovered. 13 have been identified including one woman and three men. there's a law preventing people from wearing hoodies while permitting a crime. now a proposal for an amendment to the law could make it illegal for anyone to hide their identity in public by wearing their hood. fined for your fashion crime? $500. condolences are pouring in following the passing of anchor stewart scott. she's being remembered as a trailblazer not only for african-americans but a journalist who brought his
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unique style to the anchor chair. president obama sent his condolences saying over the years he entertained us and he inspired us with courage and love. scott made one of his final appearances at the jimmy v perseverance award. >> when you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live. [ applause ] so live. live! fight like hell. and when you get too tired to fight, then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you. >> that just gave my chills. stewart scott was 49 years old. he'll be missed.
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1967 to 1979. edward brooke died of natural causes. he was 95. it's palin versus peta. the internet went wild after she posted her 3-year-old son standing on the family dog. after much backlash palin took to facebook to write chill. at least trey didn't eat the dog. well after that post peta responded with a statement saying peta believes that people should not step on dogs and judging by the reaction we've seen, we're far from alone in that belief. republican mike huckabee announced he's leaving his fox news talk show to explore a possible 2016 bid for the white house. >> as much as i loved doing the show i cannot bring myself to rule out another presidential run. >> huckabee said he expects to reach a decision in the spring. from the blaze conservative activists launched anti-boehner website, freedom works created
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the site with the header speaker boehner has to go. it reads speaker boehner, quote, betrayed conservatives and cut back deals to give president obama what he wants. and in an exclusive interview david cameron revealed that president obama sometimes calls him bro. he's not the only president to use that kind of slang. former president george w. bush occasionally greeted former prime minister tony blair with a yo blair. christie's man hug with jerry jones is getting a lot of attention. nfl live host asked a pretty good question tweeting i wonder if chris christie realizes those 16 electoral votes in michigan are 16 he'll never see. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >> 21 minutes past the hour. i'm joined by msnbc reporter jane. >> happy new year. >> let's start with the..
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he's hitting the road pretty much going to the american people to ramp up the state of the union address. this is a new tactic of sorts. do you think this will work? >> you know, i think he's going out there to talk economic successes. we've seen gas under $3. things are looking pretty good. i think he wants to say, hey, we did this and not sort of get as pummelled as they got in the midterms. i think he made it clear he's not going to be a willing lame lame-duck president. >> i want to move on as we talked about the future. arkansas governor mike huckabee is leaving his fox news show to consider running in 2016. what are his chances of winning the nomination? >> he's one of the far off groolts -- grassroots candidates. he raised $16 million last year which is a good start. he has a considerable following. and who else got to stand on fox
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news and say i can't rule this out. that's great platform to start building campaign movement. i think we'll see in the coming weeks how he starts to do. i think he has a book coming out. how that plays out. we'll see where he falls. >> he's not the only one with a book coming out. a lot of gop members have them coming out. we'll be talking about that. thank you very much for joining us today. we appreciate it! >> great to be here. just ahead. an epic battle of strength at the happiest place on earth. the special way people are pulling together for a cancer stricken teen. what's in a can of del monte green beans? ( ♪ ) grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life.
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coming up on 27 minutes past
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the hour. thomas roberts is just ahead. we want to give you a "first look" ahead. a wake will be held today for mario cuomo in new york city. the 82-year-old three-term governor died thursday evening. a funeral will be held tomorrow. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for eric trooen. a man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and seriously wounding another. propose franope francis named 15 new cardinals. none from the united states. an alaska man plead guilty to attempted murder is getting a lot of attention because his tattoos. quick warning they're a bit stream. jason will spend the next 22 years in prison for shooting a police officer in twelve.2012. he goes by the nickname eye ball. you see why. it darkened the white of his eye. >> can you do that? >> it seems like it would be
2:28 am
painful. let's move on to the daily mail. puppy love is the best medicine. hundreds of thousand of dog owner post funny pictures of their pets to cheer up an arizona teen. it's for 16-year-old anthony lions undergoing chemotherapy. all you have to do is go to facebook that is named photodoggies for anthony. for those looking for a cool place to stay check out quebec city's famous ice hotel. >>. the exclusive 44 room hotel has a isobar and a chapel. for anyone who has seen the characters and wondered if they're real. check it out. a visitor challenged them to a push up contest. it didn't go as planned. >> he speeds ahead and goes one handed.
2:29 am
hopefully the guy will think twice. >> easily one handed. >> yeah. he's done! >> the guy is struggling. >> really hard. i'm betty winn. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts now. have a good one everyone! >> some people, you know, don't believe in miracles but it's to me it's a miracle. >> wow, an incredible story of survival. how a 7-year-old manages to find her way to safety after a plane crash kills four of her family members. new year new candidate? mike huckabee signals he may be getting ready for another run for the job of president by quitting another job first. and suddenpipe dream? how it will carry beer from the bottling plant. what would laverne and shirley say? this is "way too early."
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♪ ♪ >> okay. who doesn't want to start off a monday workweek with a laverne and shirley theme song in your head? hi everybody i'm thomas roberts. it's monday january 5, 2015. welcome to "way too early." the show writing 2014 on the checks for a couple of months. i'm back and refreshed. january is already annoyed with me. it is an incredible story. police calling it a mystery and miracle at the same time for the little girl survived a small plane crash in rural kentucky. the rest of the passengers on board her family were killed. the ntsb is examining the twin-engine they pulled from the woods yesterday to investigate what went wrong. on saturday the


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