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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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john boehner squash rebels? >> some on the right are concerned about the boehner strategy. we want to get to the same place of making our government work. >> we are not attacking john boehner and the conference that you say you are part of. >> new york city manhunt. police search for a fugitive after two officers are shot responding to a robbery, the commissioner praised his men. >> they performed courageously and the station house to respond to the robbery scene. >> inside selma. as some question the accuracy of the new movie's portrayal of lyndon johnson, we ask the men who almost died in the struggle almost 50 years ago. >> it's not a matter of making blunders are mistakes but the drama. to make it simple and real.
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>> congressional republicans now reign on capitol hill. the new reign begins with plenty of drama within both chambers. mitch mcconnell is ready to roll out a keystone strategy to push pipeline legislation on to the president's desk. there is a political hurdle to vote this hour. the heavy favorite to retain the speaker's gavel is trying to avoid the embarrassment of a second ballot forced by conservative challenges. kelly o'donnell is covering the senate and we have the associated press. 50 to you, luke russert in the house. boehner has the votes.
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it will be a challenge, but it looks as though he has got the numbers? >> yes. john boehner will be reelected as speaker more easily than he was in 2013. the last time he had to go through the process. why? there will be a rebel yon against him. there is an insurgency within the gop that seems to oppose him, but the numbers are about 15. he is ed aaided by the fact that he won the vote within the conference to be elected when they held a private vote back in november. you are hearing some old members say a lot of this opposition when the tv cameras were not on. they were silent in the room. he is aided by the former new york governor mario cuomo. 10 to 12 democrats will be
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attending the funeral and that means the overall number that he has to hit will go down. from our math he needs a majority of 207 votes which our producer figured out he can lose around in the 30s with the number of republicans who can vote against him. he should be okay. we don't expect anything crazy. i said it before and the crazies happen, but today boehner looks okay by the funeral and the fact that his conference was more than last time. >> over the senate kelly o'donnell, this is a big day. this is the biggest and most dramatic change. the senate and republicans. mitch mcconnell signalling that he wants to work on proving that republicans can lead. they set up a meeting for next tuesday with the president. >> now this is the accountability phase for mitch
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mcconnell who spent so many years as the opposition trying to push democrats and he has control of the dennate floor and he gets to decide which legislation is brought forward. he will challenge the president enabling the keystone pipeline saying they can get that passed. will you veto and will you not? areas like trade packs that liberal democrats will not support, but he thinks the approximately will get behind it. another is tax reform. he wants to send a message saying he doesn't want the american people to view republicans being in charge as something scary. he wants to show a responsible era of government. it won't be entirely easy because the magic number of 60 means he will need democrats. there a couple of moderate to
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leaning democrats. a big day personally who was thought to be a senator who could be beaten for reelection and won big in his home state of kentucky and without the drama, he becomes majority leader and no big election for that. that has been determine and he takes over today. >> just briefly before we go to talk about the white house perspective, there is one person missing and that's harry reid. the democratic leader tweeted out a picture from home because he had the fall while at home. he was exercising and equipment broke and here you see him meeting with patty murray and chuck schumer and dick durbin at home, but he can't come in today. >> he is a fitness buff into his 70s. he was a fit man and there was an accident involving his home fitness equipment and he broke ribs and got beaten up.
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he expected to be able to be here. but given the snow and his condition, he will take a little more r and r. it is probably bruising to him on the physical injury and the difficulty in losing control of the senate floor. bad timing for harry reid. obviously the other democrats in the senate and leadership will fulfill that today and we hope he is on the mend quickly. >> indeed. the president is going to work with this new republican congress and try to prove that he is more of a shmoozer than in the past. >> he will give it a shot. we have been through the spurts where they will be reaching out to republicans and the president wants to work with the gop. we know how that ended up. the first meeting between the president and this new congressional leadership will be on tuesday. the president is first going to get out of washington.
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he's got three trips this week. he is going to go out and make the case to the american people before he makes it directly to congressional republicans. officials say that's both an effort to keep up the momentum that he feels like he had coming out of the election but to try to draw a contrast with republicans and talk about things like the auto bailout that was successful and new college affordability plans and housing plans. talk about those things to the public while house and senate republicans are talking about things like immigration and the affordable care act. >> one quick question i want to ask you about jeb bush. he did it in an unusual fashion. when that first vote the pipeline vote comes to the president's desk presumeing it does s this going to be the first big veto? >> the white house so far has not issued an official threat. they have all but said the
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president would likely veto this and take a dim view of legislation that would force his hand. this is a state department process and they want to wait for the court cases we have seen in nebraska to finish up before they take action on that. >> of course you have a number of democrats and others who don't want to be identified. they are not happy with the way the white house and the state department have dragged this thing out forever. a lot of support around the country. not from environmentalists per se but other parts of the democratic party for this. now, jeb bush. weigh in on this cell phone video by which he announced just standing outside. this is not exactly like your highly produced slick hillary clinton ready for hillary video and the way she announced her decision to run in 2007. this is jeb bush on the street announcing that he is forming a pack. what do you make of it?
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>> it was a bit of an odd video. i don't know if he was going for the low tech selfie look. the fact that he announced this pack is one more indication that he is really taking this seriously and one more step into the water of a presidential bid. he is further ahead than pretty much anyone else in either party at this point. what will be interesting to watch is if he is dragging others in behind. does hillary clinton who looked like she was going to put off making an announcement until march or april, does she feel pressured to make an official announcement and do republicans feel like they need to if they feel like they will be competing with donors with jeb bush. >> they will be at rick scott's reinauguration in florida today. luke and kelly, the mood up there. today is a festive day not just for republicans, but both parties. it's the first day of school.
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>> you see a lot of friends and family here. i was walking over to do the hit and i saw a former governor in bob graham. his daughter is going to be sworn in today as a member of the house in florida for the second district. he then subjected to having to do a few hundred photo opes of members who want their picture taken with him and their families sworn in off the floor. all the new member fist they want the pictures. it's a big physical day for the speaker. he has to recite the pledge for a lot of folks and take a lot of pictures. >> there is a new jingle in the house, the longest serving member retire and is being replaced by debbie dingle from michigan. on the senate side we have to see the ceremonial swearing ins when vice president biden greets all of the families.
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>> historically that always makes for classic joe moments. we will await the vice president. i rode in the elevator with the family of alaska's senator dan sullivan and they found the concern over the snowfall charming. it's great to meet families. the mothers in law are here and the children are here. it is a joyous occasion. we know how they feel about congress, but today is a family day and the start of something new. >> thank you julie and luke and thanks to you on the first day of congress. weather alerts from coast to coast on the west coast. heavy rains caused mudslides in washington state, pushing several homes off the foundations. the mudslide cutoff a neighborhood of almost 200 people. there is risk of more rain today
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out there. most of the country including us dealing with record setting cold temperatures and winter storm expected to dump more than a foot of snow in places as it moves east. kevin tibbles reported in chicago. >> 200 million people will be affected by this cold and you are speaking to one of them right here right now in chicago. lake michigan behind me is quickly freezing over. there is a winter cold advisory in effect not just for today, but through tomorrow right into thursday. temperatures with the wind chill are going to be well below zero perhaps in the minus 10 to minus 15 degree range. the mayor of the city here rahm emmanuel said chicago is ready for this weather. they have an army of battalion of snow trucks and salters at the ready to hit this cold weather. it's interesting because up
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until yesterday we thought they were getting off luckily in the new year. it hospital been that bad as you remember. last year was brutal in the midwest and all of a sudden it arrive and will stick around for a while. from lake michigan back to you. >> and up next the nypd hunting a gunman or two on the loose after two of their own were shot overnight while responding to a robbery. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. here we go. ♪ fifty omaha set hut ♪ ♪ losing feeling in my toes ♪ ♪ nothing beats that new car smell ♪ ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm ♪ [cheering] everything okay?
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. a manhunt here in new york is under way for a pair of suspects after two officers were shot and injured late last night. the plain clothes officers were
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responding in the bronx when one was shot in the arm and lower back and the other in the arm and chest. the unidentified officers are being treated at a local hospital. is in critical and in stable condition, both expected to recover. this was not believe to be targeted. the second of two slain officers was buried sunday amid high running tensions between police and the mayor. in the bronx, we go for the latest. they are unrelated and this is police doing what they do well respond to a robbery alert, but still this is more tension for the nypd at a tough time. >> that's right, andrea. this comes as emotions are running high. on sunday they buried one of their own who was assassinated weeks ago. mind me you will wind around for several blocks until you come to this chinese restaurant. all the shops on this stretch of
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the avenue are closed except for the chinese restaurant. there is a big hole where a gunman is seen on surveillance firing at officers as they responded. the two officers and more than the wounds they suffered the police department is still feeling that the mayor and the city do not have their back. this comes at a fragile time in the relationship with the nypd. >> the mayor spoke to that last night. let's watch. >> they were disrespectful to the families involved. that's the bottom line. they were disrespectful to the families who lost their loved one. i can't understand why anyone would do that in that context. >> my apologies with mayor
9:19 am
deblasio earlier where he was for the first time since the shootings responding to the fact that at a second funeral yesterday some police officers did turn their backs and having been warned by the police commissioner not to do that that it was disrespectful and not fair to the families. tensions continue unresolved. >> that's right. he said during the press conference he couldn't understand and it was beyond him why they would make a political statement when the department and this city is still mourning in the way they are. when you look at the bigger picture while so many are calling for police reforms, there is ongoing violence that sparked up against the police. now as the administration tries to wrestle with how do we at once call for reform and not just protect the lives of officers, but stand with them and have their backs.
9:20 am
undoubtedly while this shooting seems clearly disconnected from the suicidal man who murdered the two officers it again is a little fuel on the fire. again, when thousands of officers have turned their backs on the mayor and the mayor stood by and said we suspect and respect you as should the city this did not help. >> arrests are way down in what could be we don't know. they deny it but it could be some sort of a work action or silent protest from the nypd against the mayor. thank you so much from the bronx. right now, elsewhere in new york city that is saint ignatius loyola which is where the funeral is being held. democratic party leaders and hillary and bill are there, hundreds waited in line to pay
9:21 am
respects. the governor died at the age of 82 hours after his son was inaugurated for a new term as new york's governor.
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>> per a half century after hundreds of protesters risked their lives to win the right to vote, the film selma has a raw portrayal of martin luther king and other civil rights leaders. criticism for depicting president johnson as a reluctant warrior, they worked closely to build political support for voting rights legislation. i talked to john lewis, a survivor of that struggle about the film and historic confrontation that galvanized the nation. >> the film recreates what happened in selma in 1965 the
9:25 am
march, bloody suspected when you almost got killed. it has been criticized for the portrayal of lyndon johnson. was he working with martin luther king,jr. to reach a voting rights act or arguing that it had to be one thing and voting rights had to come afterwards. it was a matter of timing? >> it was my understanding that president johnson wanted to wait and not move so fast. he said in effect i just signed the civil rights act. we don't have the votes in the congress. if you want me to get a bill passed, make me do it. >> when he said make me do it he meant create the political pressure on congress. >> create the political pressure and the climate, the environment.
9:26 am
and selma selected herself because you had all the necessary ingredients. very few people of color were registered to vote. people had to stand in line and take a literacy desk. people were beaten. >> nbc interviewed you before you started the march. >> we will march today to dramatize to the nation and the world that hundreds and thousands of negro citizens of alabama, but particularly here in the area denied the right to vote. we intend to march to montgomery to the governor. >> we were determined. we were organized. we were disciplined. and we were committed to the way of peace, the way of love. the way of nonviolence. we were prepared to die for what we believed in.
9:27 am
>> tell me about lyndon johnson's role and martin luther king and what that relationship was like. the film portrays it as contentious. was it? >> dr. king wanted to move. we all wanted to move. we have been saying that we must make it happen and happen now. i think the president said again and again, we just don't have the votes in the congress. we were determined to put the issue of voting rights on the agenda. >> there is a january conversation where the two of them seemed to be allies strategizing on johnson saying find an example, find the best case and martin luther king saying if we can get blacks to vote, you can be reelected in 1968. you have to get the southern
9:28 am
states. they seemed to be working together with a different timing. a different tempo. >> dr. king was trying to use every mean and method at his disposal to get lyndon johnson committed to moving a voting rights act through the congress. >> do you think the film is unfair? >> it's art. it's drama. i love the film. the film is so real. it is powerful. it made me cry to see what happened and how it happened. i think it would educate people that were too young to know what was going on. educate and inform people who were not even born. it's so timely.
9:29 am
>> timely because we are again debating voting rights legislation and the supreme court decision? >> well there still too many people being denied the right to participate the right in a democratic process. people are becoming harder and more difficult and people want to gut the voting rights act and take us back to another period. the film said we made progress but we still have a distance to go. with ferguson and new york and other places in our country, i just think this film is like lyndon johnson said, we introduced the voting rights society. it's fate and history coming together in a single place. >> he also said and this is in the film. we shall overcome to a joint session of congress as he was introducing the voting rights act. >> we shall overcome.
9:30 am
>> that was one of the highest moments. we call that speech the we shall overcome speech. he delivered that eight days after bloody sunday march 15th 1965. i remember it very well. i cried. dr. king cried. he remembered the president of the united states saying we shall overcome and he said we will make it from selma to montgomery and the voting acts right will be passed. >> you had a southern president, lyndon johnson and it only took him eight days after bloody sunday to go to congress to a joint session with legislation. you get the feeling that he is dragging his feet in the film. but the film does show that in the end he was with dr. king. >> the american people demanded and members of the congress demanded that the president act. there was a demonstration at the white house.
9:31 am
the department of justice in more than 80 cities in america. on college and university campuses. the american people were ready for the congress and the president to act. we made them ready. >> how much disappointment and disagreement when he decided on the second march on the bridge after bloody sunday decided despite the supporters and the religious clergy coming down and as you marched across he decided to observe the injunction from the judge and turn back. were there many mt. movement who felt that that was the wrong decision? >> some people within the movement and some of the people members of the religious community made the trip to selma felt like we should keep going. i took the position like gandhi
9:32 am
did and sometimes you retreat for another time another day. >> how important is this to have a film that for all the criticism, portrays what was happening in the movement. the first portrayal of dr. king and the rest of you and what the struggle was internal low. >> it's so necessary. i hope it will inspire other talented smart, gifted writers and filmmakers to make more films. to inspire not just the american people but to inspire people around the world. we did it in a peaceful nonviolent action. >> a different time and a different congress.
9:33 am
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>> two members of the u.s. tokarski team were killed in the alps near the european training center when they set off an avalanche. others were unhurt. the alpine director about the terrible loss. >> you don't believe something like this happened. it took a while to understand what happened. it's difficult and very sad. two great guys. great future ahead of them. >> joining me now via skype from park city utah is the spokesman for the u.s. tokarski team. our condolences. this is such a tragedy. two young athletes so promising. tell me about them and their loss. >> thanks, andrea. it is a real loss at the tokarski team but not just with the tokarski team but the sport of tokarski racing in general. we are a close-knit family around the country and the
9:37 am
world. even today when the tokarski world cup is under way. a remembrance for what happened yesterday. >> ronnie was from new hampshire and bryce was from utah. from sandy, utah. they are so young and so promising. >> the thing they all shared in common the two men that lit off the finish line. they were respectful and models and the kids that is a tragedy
9:38 am
to lose them, not just the tokarski racers. outstanding young men. >> social media, the memories are coming from the other colleagues and athletes. lindsay vaughn tweeting the avalanche took their lives. it is a tragic loss. my prayers go out to them and their families. julia tweeted sorry to hear such sad news. we will be skiing for these boys. tokarski in peace, ronnie and bryce. what are the conditions that can produce this kind of avalanche and is there any wa warning? what could they have to done to avoid it? >> i'm not an avalanche expert so i can't comment on the specifics, but it's important to note and this is unusual for skiers. i was talking to a friend of mine about this today. i think with a lot of professional sports. the thing that the racers do when they have time they want
9:39 am
to tokarski. all of them wanted to tokarski at the mountains. they were condition the tokarski area boundaries and the tragedy occurred. >> thank you so much for checking in by skype on a very, very sad day for all u.s. athletes and the u.s. tokarski team. thank you. >> and checking in again on that first day of the new congressional session. vice president joe biden has been swearing in newly elected and reelected senators and many of them joining the republican majority. mitch mcconnell is the new senate majority leader. that is the big change. we are watching the house of representatives where congresswoman nancy pelosi is expected to easily win the selection, but on the republican side, john boehner is also expected to win the speaker's job despite two tea party congress men who said we will amount to a challenge. we will bring you the latest as it happens. you are watching "andrea
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>> the dow plummeted more than 300 points fuelled by economic concerns in europe and that continuing drop in oil prices. perhaps good news at the pump and bad news for manager companies and their profits. the u.s. managing editor of the financial times and joins me now. great to see you. happy new year. not so happy of a new year in terms of oil prices for at least the oil industry. they are really taking a hit. >> yes. this oil price is really quite startling and we are seeing market swings on a scale to be honest. in terms of the magnitude for the degree to which most investors and companies were
9:44 am
unprepared unprepared. >> am i wrong that we used to cover energy when energy and speaking of crisis and i thought that the saudi announcements by the saudi oil minster were so striking when he said they were going to keep production up no matter what the price. they are putting pressure on the developing u.s. market and putting pressure on russia and iran. >> absolutely. it's important to remember that there three things driving these price swings. first you have seen a big amount of supply coming on stream or the shell gas and shell oil revolution playing out. secondly, you have seen opec and the saudis crumbling. in the past they will agree to the production to keep prices high. this time around they are not playing ball. then of course you had weaker demand. what's happening in china, many emerging countries has been a big blow for the oil price.
9:45 am
what's care scarey is that right now the problems are probably worse than when the whole creek crisis happened or started two or years ago. not only have you got greece still facing severe problems and it's debt burden and unsustainable. you have an increasing population who are saying we have more than 25% unemployment and real austerity and we are not going to stand for it. you have a crucial election coming up soon which is likely to elect to power the party on the back of populous protests. what is more concerning that is something close to deflation and they have fought most of the bullets and it's hard to know what to do next if the situation keeps deteriorating. >> what are does angela merkel
9:46 am
do and what does the bank do? how do they treat greece? >> we have seen interesting hits that angela merkel would not let greece go she fought through quite significantly. that's fairly unlikely because the blow would be severe. the reality is that the eurozone problems would be swept under the carpet and you had the central bank using verbal intervention and frankly verbal magic. >> he is there. >> on the road. but the problems and greece's debt it unsustainable as it stands. >> how does it affect us. do we see a declining market or is profit taking going to swing? i know it's hard to predict, but is it going to hurt the prospects for finally real growth in the u.s. economy? there is so much lagging growth we might get movement. >> it is so frustrating.
9:47 am
the u.s. economy is looking like it is recovering. you really do have a broad base sense that things are getting better. we will see jobs soon that will confirm the fact that the outlook is improving. it's a bit like a bonfire where you have a name going and it started to crackle and smoke nicely and it started to rain again. the head winds not just in terms of the price, but the eurozone problems and japan and they don't forget the problems are significant. let's hope the economy keeps going and can drag the rest of the global economy up with it. no surprise they are seeing the triple-digits in the stock market giving away the problems. >> assuming that nothing else happens in terms of foreign policy or other shocks to the system going forward. thank you so very much. >> thank you. it will be a happier new year soon. >> a happier time coming up.
9:48 am
>> more from capitol hill as the new congress takes control. the house is choosing their speaker. we will have the latest up next. luke russert is reporting from the hill.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> we are talking about the house vote. nominally -- >> throw it up there for now. >> nominated for speaker. we are talking about louie goem effort and danny webster from florida? >> it's an interesting strategy because one would think this block would coalesce around one person to give them the best opportunity. i think what they are trying to do is show a little bit of force as to what exactly there is regarding the opposition and house speaker john boehner. i ran over there from the chamber and it is a cheerful
9:52 am
boisterous mood for boehner. he got a standing ovation and put forward by the head of the conference. >> it goes back on the program. he has the support of most of the rank and file. they want to see what they can do with the republican conference. the fact that former governor mario cuomo and that takes about 10 to 12 new york members away from the vote meaning the overall majority he has to get is lower and they can afford to lose more republican votes. you did see a little bit of this outcry from the conservatives, they are more of the ultra conservative and they put forward the nominations. from being in the chamber, it was interesting because as boehner was announced, they stood up and moved to the center of the house chamber and sat there in the aisle twiddling their thumbs and nervousness
9:53 am
went up forward and they decided to make their anger towards the speaker publicly known. it will be a fun vote to check out. i would suggest that people who vote against nancy pelosi to be democratic leader will be reelected. that's an interesting subplot here is how many democrats defect from her. we will keep an eye on this. i can tell you boehner looks to be okay. they can gauge what the instruction is within both of the parties. >> for now. john boehner tried to centralize the power and the speakers as nancy pelosi did. they have been very strong in trying to keep control. boehner had more challenges than pelosi in the past. there have been a lot of grumbling over the years that maybe it's time for her to step aside and there were divisions in the ranks of the leader who is have not been here or can't. she can be a tough customer. >> she is very tough and without doubt. that's why it will be
9:54 am
interesting to see who does that publicly. most of the people lost in 2010 and 2014. on the point you made about john boehner, it's important for all the talk about restoring order, he asserts the power of the speakership similar to what nancy pelosi did. without going to the committee process and we expect that to continue moving forward. in all honesty, that's the only way they can get things accomplished. if goes to regular order. the longer a bill is out there, the more time they have to go up against it. that's in the future right there. we will see how strong his margin is. his passing aids john boehner's ability to suppress the up rising and fascinating what you see in american politics.
9:55 am
>> you knew him better than most and he would so be enjoying this irony. >> without doubt. >> thank you so much luke russert over on the house side as the new congress comes together. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, more on the new congress with the republican senator and leadership and remembering selma with the legal defense fund. remember to follow us online on facebook and on twitter@mitchell reports. my colleague ronan farrow has what's coming up next on ronan farrow daily. >> good to see you, andrea. we have breaking coverage as the votes come in on the hill. the house voting about the fate of john boehner in that leadership agenda. an interesting update from the floor at ces. a lot of tech gadgets and potentially changes in the way we consume content around the country. quaking in you're boots?
9:56 am
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>> the people we pay to not get things done are back. all two chambers convening right now. the house is holding a vote for speaker at this very hour and will be telling the results as they come in. at least a dozen republicans are expected to vote against that freshly bronzed john boehner and likely to not keep him from winning a third term is the odds on favorite still. crack open that bottle of self tanner or wood stain or whatever that shade comes from. let's check in on the senate side. joe biden conducted official swearings in. he is about to do mock swearings in. you can see a live picture of where it's going to go down. we will be keeping tabs for you.
10:00 am
that senate has a republican majority led by the man, the myth, the legend and the guy the president doesn't want to get a drink with senator mitch mcconnell. nbc's kelly o'donnell. good to see you. today's vote for speaker. why is boehner facing his biggest challenge yet even though as we said it seems his fate is secure? >> it's another form of being beautifully awkward today. this is part of the