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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  January 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. hello, everyone. i'm joy reid. this is "the reid report." we're continuing to cover breaking news out of paris where a brazen terrorist attack has rattled all of france. right now it's about 8:00 at night, but the manhunt for three suspects in today's military-style attack on the offices of a satirical newspaper continues, now entering its eighth hour. three masked gunmen stormed into the paris headquarters of the weekly magazine charlie hebdo today, killing 12 people including the publication's editor and several journalists. at least four others were critically wounded.
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right now investigators are processing evidence from a small black getaway car the suspects abandoned after fleeing the scene of the attack. france's terror threat level has been raised and security has been stepped up for media organizations, large stores and places of worship. speak frlgt oval office this afternoon, president obama expressed his sympathies offering support to one of america's strongest allies. lease listen in as french prime minister francois hollande is speaking. >> translator: defended freedom of expression. most man, woman, are dead for the idea they had of france. that is, liberty. i wish here in your name to say our recognitions to their loved ones, to the victims, to their friends and to all those who are today saddened in their flesh by
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this cowardly murder. necessity are our heroes. that's why tomorrow will be a national day. at 12:00 there will be a minute of silence at all the -- all the official places. today it is the republic that has been attacked. the republic is freedom of the expression. it is culture. it's creation. it's diversity and democracy. that's what was targeted by the perpetrators. it's an ideal of justice and peace that france takes everywhere on the international scene. this message of peace, of tolerance that we defend also through our soldiers to find against terrorism and
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fundamentalism. france received messages of solidarity from all over the world. and we should acknowledge them all. we should answer appropriately according to this crime that we are the victims of. the perpetrators should be stopped, taken to justice and punished severely. everything will be done to arrest them. today an investigation is going forward under the authority of justice. we also need to protect all the public spaces and the government has put in place -- a plan for attacks, which means police will be deployed everywhere where there could be a threat. we should also be ourselves. conscience that our best soul is
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our unity. the unity of all our citizens in front of this -- of this -- nothing should separate us. nothing should oppose us. tomorrow i will get together the presidents of the two assemblies as well as the parliament to show our common determination. france is -- france is great when it -- when it reacts to its level in front of an attack like this. france has always been able to overcome -- freedom is always bigger than barbarianism. france will -- this is what our response should be. let's get together to confront
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this and we will win because we have the capacity to believe in our destiny. nothing will be an obstacle for our determination. let's be united. viva la france. zoo we were listening to french president francois hollande talking about the terror attack on the offices of charlie hebdo, a satirical newspaper in france. he did say flags would fly at half-staff for two days in paris and called the victims heroes. saying the french should simply be ourselves but saying security would be deployed throughout the country in response. nbc is live in paris with the latest on the ground. we just heard from the french president. what is taking place right now on the ground? >> reporter: right now investigators are still on the scene.
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forensic teams are still on the scene. there's a very heavy police presence around the offices of charlie hebdo. right now police in france are looking for the attackers who open fire in the offices of charlie hebdo. we've been told after fleeing the scene, they hit one car, injured a driver and then hijacked another. >> and the investigation, as you know is there a suspect, do we know? are they looking at any specific groups in paris, or is this sort of a wide-ranging search for these attackers at this point? >> reporter: well the french president has come out and said this was undoubtedly a terrorist attack. the attackers shouted alla'a akbar, god is great. they were heard on the video captured by witnesses saying we've done it we've taken care of the prophet muhammad. so, there is clearly an
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indication here this was a terrorist attack. shoutingal allah akbar, but no link to a specific group. it it worth noteding the magazine attacked charlie hebdo, has been very satirical in their approach to religion. in the past they printed satirical cartoons of the prophet muhammad. their most recent tweet was the tweet about the leader of isis. >> thank you from paris, appreciate it. speaking from the oval office this afternoon president obama expressed outrage and called the attacks evil and cowardly. >> counterterrorism cooperation with france is excellent. we will provide them with every bit of assistance we can going forward. i think it's going to be important for us to be sure that we recognize these kinds of
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attacks. it could happen anywhere in the world. one of the things i'll be discussing with secretary kerry today is to make sure we remain vigilant. >> nbc's peter alexander is live at the white house. the president expressed great support for france, which has been a key ally in the war against the islamic state and against terrorism. talk to us about the white house's -- what the white house is preparing to do next. >> reporter: specifically of france, joishgs he said this is america's oldest ally. those words echoed by the secretary of state in both english and french. then the president himself, president obama now traveling to detroit as part of his scheduled trip. we'll tell you some new information we're hearing from homeland security officials who say right now there is no credible or specific intelligence that would indicate any threat here in the united states. and beyond that any threat at any of the u.s. embassies or
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diplomatic posts in europe right now. while security has increased at embassies in europe and overseas in the last year nothing new today is being done as a result of this attack. a senior u.s. counterterrorism official tells nbc news this will take time. it's still too early to know. no claim of responsibility to know exactly who's responsible for this attack right now. some of the resources the u.s. will help provide to french officials right now in their effort to pursue these terrorists. that is intelligence specifically. law enforcement officials say really until the attackers are caught or at least identified, it's very challenging to know whether the gunmen acted alone or whether they were in fact part of an organization. clearly this had the hallmarks of an al qaeda-inspired attack but right now, too soon to say who exactly is responsible. >> thanks much. and as that manhunt
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continues in paris for the gunmen, the question sters on who they are. as of right now, a u.s. officials tells nbc news no one has claimed responsibility for the attack and there's nothing to indicate that isis is behind it. leaf aillaith alkhouri joins us. an interesting question of whether or not this has any hallmarks of a specific group because they have done varied and desperate attacks. from your point of view does this attack have any hallmarks of one group or another? >> does-tit doesn't have a hall mark or sign that one group is behind it. it appears to be more of a lone wolf style attack. probably inspired by the ideology of one or another group or even inspired by the group itself or even inspired by some of the invitations from the spokesmen and leaders of these groups to attack and strike inside france, inside the west and other countries. i think if a group is exactly behind this attack, it doesn't
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appear to be a very sophisticated attack, the likes we've seen from al qaeda previously. it appears to mirror some of the low key style attacks we've seen recently, whether in canada, australia and other places. >> and as in some of these previous attacks, what we saw in canada, the parliament and others, as you said small attacks that can be actually clearly quite deadly there is already some chatter on social media from people supporting it. jihadists have already posted messages supporting the attacks. we have evidence of them congratulating the attackers, et cetera. is there a sense of almost competition between these groups to be more and more brutal or more and more shocking in their attacks? >> sure. i mean first of all, there is an overall jubilation in the jihadi community online whether pro-isis or pro-al qaeda. isis are extremely happy, joyous with the attack. they praised it. they commended it.
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as some people you know have insinuated this might be pro-al qaeda, pro-aqap in the spring 2013 in its inspire magazine number ten, it actually put a hit list out there, including the name and picture of one of those deceased today in the attack. however, there has been a lot of chatter from pro-isis guys guys who have before demonstrated their insider jihadists who know a lot of details on the activities of islamic state, indicated not only those attackers were acting inspired bit islamic state, actually they -- not only at large at this point, but they have returned back to their bases safely, which is an indication that they might actually have another attack in mind. >> explain for our viewers what might be behind some of the ideological underpinnings of why people would be so angry about
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some of these depictions. the last tweet from the magazine charlie hebdo was sort of a satirical cartoon depicting al baghdadi, the leader of isis. talk to us anaconism i think is the name where they disapprove of a depiction of a deity within religion. >> before al baghdadi there were pictures of prophet muhammad. you no depiction of the prophet muhammad in pictures should ever exist. this is very purely and essentially against the religion. that's on the one hand. on the other hand, having baghdadi's satirical cartoon featured the day before might be a red flag these guys might have been motivated to carry out the attack today, shortly after that was released. they completely disapprove of having baghdadi's picture being mocked in their newspaper. but, obviously, the newspaper
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has had a history in mocking some islamic icons previously. of course, prophet muhammad is the main one of them. >> interesting. laith alkhouri, appreciate you being here. stay with us for continuing breaking news coverage. after the break, nbc's ayman will break down the attacks against charlie hebdo and trying assimilate immigrants within that country. >> today's murders are part of a larger confrontation. not between civilizations, no. but between civilization itself and those who are opposed to a civilized world. the murderers dare preclaim charlie hebdo is dead. make no mistake. they are wrong. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..."
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charlie hebdo is no stranger to controversy. it's directed bashs at multiple religions, the catholic church particularly when it was mired in the child sex abuse scandal. it's the attacks on muslims and islamist face which has drawn the most controversy, even leading to fire bombing of the office was in 2004. we're joined by aman mohyeldin. >> this magazine has been very satirical in caricatures but in 2011 is drew a lot of condemnation. it had muslims, christians and jews on the cover, but it also invited the prophet muhammad to be a so-called guest editor of
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that particular issue. it also had the title that if you don't laugh, 100 lashes you would die by 100 lashes. again, it was very controversial because of depicting the prophet, but also the message it was inviting him to come in and be a guest editor. it was a result of that that there was that explosion that happened at the headquarters of the newspaper. >> how has the french government reacted? how has the french government reacted? >> the french government has been somewhat sensitive to this particular issue to a lot of these criticisms that have been appear negotiate magazine. in 2012 the magazine was coming under pressure at same time that that prophet muhammad video was coming out of california was causing all kinds of international protests. the french government actually asked the newspaper to -- or the magazine, rather to not publish cartoons, to not continue to feel some of the flames of the anti-islam film that came out. the magazine actually ignored it saying we abide by french law, not by international laws.
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they went ahead it and did it. that forced french government to close down schools and institutions. the french government has rebuked the magazine but under french law they couldn't do it anyway. >> they've also been accused of blasphemy. >> in 2014 it had an uproar when it had on the cover of it a man holding up a copy of the koran that had bullets flying through the koran saying the koran does not stop bullets. that angered french-muslims as well as across europe. several international muslim groups filed lawsuits accusing the newspaper of blasphemy. it was at that time it essentially shifted over to the legal system. >> the magazine editor was very forthright about it saying this is their free speech right and said i would rather die on my knees. thank you for being here. as we go to break, a look at
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in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. we're following your social media responses to the paris terrorist attack. you're sharing your feelings on numerous hashtags including the #charliehebdo, which has almost 2.5 million tweets. this user tweeted, my heart hurt this is morning for the shootings in paris. our thoughts and prayers to those effected and their families. you are joining the support for charlie hebdo facebook page with over 270,000 members. the page header is je suis charlie, which is i am charlie. the french embassy made charlie hebdo its avatar. many victims were the magazine's cartoonists and cartoonist ted rall tweeted, we stand with
11:25 am
charlie hebdo on this tragic day for free speech. all true heroes. cartoonist khalid al baih added, i wish we could have talked our differences out. you're also debating the role of islam in the attack. these terrorists are evil sick and an affront to islam. this tweeter tweeted, their violence needs to be exposed. another, this is not the time to talk about reforming muslim attitudes to blasphemy. seriously, what planet are we on? they say making fun of any religion and murdering in the name of religion are uncivilized. sadly, one user made this prediction, the lives of muslims just got a whole lot worse thanks to these dimwits, achieving nothing more than fear and hatred toward muslims. another noted an up tick in anti-muslim sentiment. just seen my first post relating
11:26 am
to charlie hebdo. yes, let's ban stuff in response to an attack on freedoms freedoms, #idiots. most are defending freedom of speech. to combat this attack you're also asking all newspapers to publish charlie hebdo cartoons tomorrow with people reminding, all bold truth tellers, the pen is mightier than the sword and cow wards were afraid of it. don't stop writing. it's a good thing many of you believe on the darkest of days like this, the french philosopher voltaire perhaps says it the best i do not agree with what you have to say, but i'll defend to the death your right to say it. we'll keep you updated on the deadly shooting spree in paris, including other times when it's triggered threats and acts of violence here and abroad.
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out an ambush-style terror attack on a satirical newspaper today. emma murphy reports from paris. >> reporter: they just murdered ten people. fueled by religious ideology and armed with automatic weapons, they turned on an injured policeman. no, no he says, as he's executed. it is noon in paris. we have avenged the prophet muhammad, they shout. men who seek to deny the right to free speech and western values calmly collecting one of their shoes before driving away. the vengeance they brought on the charlie hebdo staff dreadfully clear, as their victims were brought out. the critically injured moved to safety. the dead left where they fell. >> translator: they went inside
11:31 am
the offices. it's like a butcher inside there now. there's so many dead. one of my colleagues is in a critical condition. >> reporter: those who had been in nearby offices scrambled onto rooftops to escape. what fear must have gripped them. their phones captured the sight and sounds of the killers below. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: this was the day militants brought terror to paris. the ruthless execution of the attackers' plan and their victims suggested a skill borne of careful training. military-style precision leading the president and others to believe the militants the magazine had ridiculed had taken time over their revenge.
11:32 am
france is today in shock, he said. a shock at a terrorist attack on a magazine that was threatened many times. and we'd protect it. the editor of charlie hebdo once said he would rather die standing than live his life on his knees. after his death on this street earlier today, that may well be his epithet. later the killers' getaway car was found miles from the office. spreading terror across this city. this eyewitness says the car came stopped here. armed men got out onto the pavement and a threatening man had guns and what looked like a bazooka. they took another car and then they left and blocked everything. where they went from there, nobody knows. and tonight those men are still on the run as paris mourns its dead. emma murphy itv news paris.
11:33 am
>> that was itn's emma murphy. dean is a political comedian and writer and host of the upcoming sirius/xm. first of all, congratulations on that. >> thank you very much. happy new year. dean you recently actually not long ago, wrote a piece for "the daily beast ", for whom you also write, and you were looking at how some muslims were looking at isis/isil by mocking them. it empowers both those telling the jokes and those laughing at them because it imbuse and for those caught in the serious war the brief moments of levity offered by this comedy might provide a much needed cathartic release. at the same time obviously, as we see now in paris, there is a mortal danger potentially to mocking isis. >> i think there's no doubt. if you were to mock isis, these
11:34 am
comedians know they're risking their lives. kurds in the tv show in the country where isis is going around killing people. in lebanon you have people on television making fun of them. palestinians made videos for youtube. they know their lives are at risk but they're willing to take that risk the same way these brave cartoonists were. it's not just an attack on these people it's an attack on freedom of expression for all of us. i'm a muslim. these people don't represent islam. they have a political agenda. i'm sure we'll find out, if it turns out they're muslim. seems they might be. i think we'll hear about their agenda. >> what's interesting and i'm glad you brought up that point, people in the region are using satire and using their writing to fight against this deadly scourge. but in europe it's different because you have this tradition of free expression and open press. and france has guarded its secularism.
11:35 am
talk about where they're in a couple tour maybe feeling they don't fit in does it change the way that speech is received? >> no doubt it does. a wrote an article showing there are more muslims from europe going to join isis than from muslim-dominated countries. 200 from france. from indonesia, maybe 100 had went to isis. they don't feel part of the safety. maybe self-alienating. it goes both ways. in any event, when you feel like an outsider you don't buy into the country freedom of expression. if someone were to defend them it's not writing letters to the ed tors organizing boycotts it's i'm going to use violence to stop them. >> this is the latest in this kind of tug of war between western values of you know again secularism and using some very offensive comedy as satire.
11:36 am
in the past we've seen things happen. not regarding isis but regarding depictions of the prophet muhammad. we had the "south park "situation where "south park" wanted to run this satire following other controversies. we have a clip of it. >> we've all wanted to show things we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some magic goo. it was because of the magical power of threatening people with violence. >> you've had that. the danish cartoon controversy in 2005 where you had threats against a magazine where they posted cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad. what is behind that kind of -- i talked about it earlier with lathe, this notion that it's not just wrong to depict muhammad but something worthy of death. >> i'm glad you raise this. there's nothing in the koran that says you can't depict the prophet muhammad. nothing, zero. the teachings of prophet muhammad,there are excerpts there which say do not depict
11:37 am
muhammad. it says don't depict jesus or moses either. not because moses or muhammad is some holier than thou figure. they don't want muslims to pray to these figures. they saw christians putting simpreesz christ up praying to christ. they say, you pray to god. we don't pray to muhammad up. pray to god. this is this idea this philosophy that somehow if you depict muhammad in some way, it requires a death sentence it's made up. it's fiction. it's literally made up fiction. there's no penalty like that in the koran. it does not exist in any level. >> by the way, there are other religions that have that same kind of belief system. there is the prohibition against engraven images in christian beliefs within biblical teachings. from the muslim community, every time something like this happens, unique to a lot of other communities, perhaps other than african-americans, there is a focus on the entire community as being represented by these individual groups. is that still a problem?
11:38 am
do you still feel like that is what happens when something like this occurs? >> my twitter feed this morning made it clear yes, it still occurs. people know me now as being muslim, they'll come to me on twitter, look at what your people have done. you know, isis is slaughtering muslims every single day. we cover the westerners they kill. every day. and they kill sunni and shia. they don't care. the state department had a stud y 90% to 95% of victims of the terrorists have muslims. it's a struggle of power. it's submit to isis or die. this is truly a power play for control and definition of islam. muslims like myself and groups around the nation are trying to make it clear, they don't represent us. i'm the normal one. they're the exception. >> and control of territory. control of actual land and territory. dean, soon-to-be sirius/xm star. thank you for being here. happy new year. now three things to know on
11:39 am
this wednesday. fbi director james komi says in no uncertain terms today despite recent claims from cyber security experts, north korea was behind the sony hack. >> we didn't hack sony. it was the north koreans who hacked sony. there is not much in this life that i have high confidence about. i have very high confidence about this. >> he also says the evidence of the attack came to light because the hackers, quote, got sloppy and used ip addresses connected directly to north korea. officials in indonesia have found the tail section of the ill-fated airasia flight 8501. the airplane's black boxes are housed in the tail. the discovery could be the break investigators need to find out exactly what happened before the airbus 320 dropped from radar more than a week ago. the bodies of more victims of the crash were also recovered, bringing the total number to
11:40 am
about 40. 122 still remain unaccounted for. and police in colorado are searching for a person of interest in connection to an attack near the colorado springs chapter of the naacp. officials say an improvised explosive device was detonated against the exterior wall of the building tuesday morning. the fbi says they do not know at this point if the explosion was aimed at the civil rights organization. no injuries were reported.
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11:43 am
and we are continuing to follow breaking developments out of paris where today's attack on a french satirical newspaper left at least 12 people dead. and it takes place in a larger context of tension between secular france and its large muslim population. most visibly in the form of the burqa ban, which was upheld by a human rights court in july. and produced years of protests since it was passed more than four years ago. today the french muslim council
11:44 am
issued a statement on the paris attack saying, this extremely grave, barbaric action is also an attack against democracy and the freedom of the press. america's own council on american islamic relations had this to say. we strongly condemn this brutal and cowardly attack and reiterate our repudiation of any such. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> when something like this happens, there are a couple different aspects of it that we wind up discussing. one is the alienation of immigrants, sometimes first generation or even second generation immigrants, many of whom from muslim countries in europe particularly in france. and the second of course is the question of religion and whether or not religious depictions trigger this kind of you know maximalist response.
11:45 am
how do you respond to those two aspects of this situation? >> it is true muslims in europe often feel alienated but no sense of alienation could justify this kind of brutal terror attack. i mean we have defended people who have insulted islam. for example, michael savidge, the radio host was banned from britain a number of years ago. we said you can't ban people just based on their speech. we are some of the first defenders of first amendment rights, free speech rights. you know that's something that is there in the mut muslim community. we respect these kinds of things and nothing can justify what happened today in paris. >> clearly, you know one of sort of the ironies, ibrahim, when things like this happen i was just talking to dean about this, the focus goes on all muslims, the entire islamic world rather than on the individuals, which then does
11:46 am
feed the sense of people feeling alienated within this culture. >> it creates this downward spiral of mistrust and hostility. i'm trying to figure out a way how we can get out of this downward spiral where these kinds of extremists take a violent action which leads to anti-muslim hostility, which leads to alienation, which leads to all kinds of counterproductive, domestic and foreign policies. and it just creates this downward spiral. how do we get out of it? i think that's why mainstream followers of all faiths need to get together and marginalize the muslims marginalizing the extremists on their side and also people of other faiths marginalizing this growing islam phobic movement. now in europe you've seen tens of thousands of people marching against islam in europe and that sends a very negative message. it creates this sense of
11:47 am
alienation. and it adds to this downward spiral that we all somehow need to get out of. >> it's interesting, ross who writes about religion from a conservative point of view here in the u.s. did tweet that regarding the french on the far right, muslim are favored more favorably in france. we also have seen this situation where -- a couple of our guests have mentioned, there are more fighters streaming into isis from europe than from muslim countries. 700 are estimated -- the economists estimated coming from france one of the highest numbers in europe. do you think we're at a moment where we have to tackle this because extremism is now actually starting to be born more in europe than even in the countries -- >> these people who are going to places like syria and iraq are even alienated from their own faith and their own community.
11:48 am
because the vast majority of american muslim organizations, muslim organizations and groups worldwide have rejected the extremist ideology of isis and rejected their brutality in dealing with not only other religious minorities but as the previous guest said muslims themselves who are the prime victims of their brutality. so the clear message is out there. i mean, i've been getting hate calls all morning since this happened. why don't muslims speak out? that's the kind of thing we get every time something like this happened. we do speak out. we speak out consistently repeatedly, but somehow the message isn't getting through. >> pretty clearly, groups like isis don't exactly listen to what fellow muslims have to say. >> believe me, we would be the first ones under their knife if they got ahold of us. >> indeed. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> and after the break, we
11:49 am
discuss the heightened security around french diplomatic outposts including here in new york city as that -- as france reels from this morning's sudden tragic attack. [ male announcer ] approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about 80% of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans
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11:52 am
what has happened in paris is an appalling terrorist outrage. i know everyone in britain will want to stand with the french government, the french people at this time. we must never allow the values that we hold dear of democracy, of freedom of speech, to be damaged by these terrorists. we must stand against what they have done. >> that is british prime minister david cameron today on the terrorist attack in france that killed a dozen people. including the editor of a satirical french magazine. now as people in france gather in solidarity in the -- on the afternoon of the attack, the french embassy in washington lowered its flags to fly at half-staff in honor of those who died.
11:53 am
earlier, the french mission in new york -- at the french mission in new york security has been stepped up with additional guards stationed in front of the building. back with us now is laith alkhouri, a senior analyst at flashpoint global partners. i wanted to ask you about the specifics of the way this group of attackers operated. one of our earlier reports said they spoke of a military training. you had more to say on that. >> from the look of you know, what we've seen the footage in the video, it appears they either had a prior military training or even militant training. those guys could have actually traveled overseas received military training or militant training in some training camp, and then returned unnoticed. and were not on the radar of french authorities. i mean that's a possibility. >> what makes you think that? >> just the way they carried out the attack. they were going in and out. they were not waiting for security forces to get there. they were not waiting for a confrontation with security forces or received by police.
11:54 am
they were in and out. that could be a sign that there could be more attacks later. maybe they wanted to in a way, just cause this kind of havoc right now and watch what is going on on tv and see the kind of reaction of the french people and the world and then maybe return with another plan perform of course they're at large right now, so a lot of details by the french authorities can't be disclosed, however they do appear to have carried themselves in a guerilla style warfare attack. >> would the french authorities be looking for a cell of -- of what kind of a size in theory? >> maybe looking at a cell but i think they have to expand all kinds of intelligence gathering, whether it's communications whether it's online chatter, any kind of cyber communication that might have any details linking those individuals to the terrorist attack. >> it's interesting you say that. because we did have that stat earlier, that at least 700 french nationals have traveled over to syria to join isis. one of the largest cohorts of
11:55 am
europeans, really of anyone that has goon to fight isis. does france have a particular problem that's different from other western countries? >> no it just has a bigger population of muslims. statistically you might just have a bigger number of that fraction of radicals in france joining isis. but i think, you know we've seen the problem in europe generally speaking whether it's in france england belgium, denmark, so on and so forth, going all the way to russia. so, europe has been plagued by radicals. not only radicals that are traveling overseas but obviously now we see radicals at home. since isis has put out videos encouraging some of the -- some attacks inside france this might be a response to their calls from earlier. >> they are the radicals who make it overseas and those who may not be up to snuff, but still remain where they are and try to do what they do. laith alkhouri thank you for being back with us. we appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. that wraps things up for
11:56 am
"the reid report." i'll see you back here tomorrow at 2 p.m. eastern. visit us online at "the cycle" is up next with continuing coverage perform car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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for cooling relief in a snap. . france is one of our oldest allies. to see the kind of cowardly evil attacks that took place today, reinforces once again, why it's so important for us to stand in solidarity with them. >> it was a horrendous, unjustifiable and cold-blooded crime. >> they may wield weapons, but we in france and in the united states share a commitment to those who wield something that is far more powerful a pen that represents an instrument of free dornlgs not fear. >> this vicious terrorist attack is a reminder that we must always be vigilant against the enemies of freedom. >> we are working with them. we will do everything we can to
12:00 pm
help them bring to justice the perpetrators of the atrocity that happened in paris. >> what has happened in paris is an appalling terrorist outrage. we must never allow the values that we hold dear of democracy, of freedom of speech to be damaged by these terrorists. we must stand against what they have done. >> i'm ari melber joined by krystal ball and toure. a massive manhunt continues all across france. america's oldest ally. two police officers and ten journalists are now dead murdered in this morning's terror attack on the headquarters of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo, known for controversial cartoons of political and religious leaders, including prophet muhammad. the three terrorists are on the run as france