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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  January 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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raided both of those different locations in the case of the hostage taken by the kouachi brothers and that press has been released. we don't know the fate of the hostages or all of them in the case of the kosher super market. we have seen reports that the gunman there is dead. we have a lot of information we learned about the nature of these three men and the woman who remains at this moment at large in the hour. we are expecting both french president hollande to address the nation with an update on what transpiredas well as american president barack obama who had a previously scheduled event in tennessee to discuss a new community college plan. he is also expected to address the events that have unfolded here. with me i have evan coleman who is an analyst and international affairs correspondent.
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evan clearly a time for negotiation was through for whatever reason. that was proceeding on dual tracks. he walked into the super market and fired into the air and demanded the release of the kouachi brothers and we know there was a connection between the two. he was accused as a suspect in a plot with the younger kouachi brother to break out a convicted terrorist from prison. >> not any convicted terrorist. a very senior terrorist. >> who was that man? >> the organizer behind the paris metro bombings. the most significant attack ever to strike france and someone whose name was is synonymous. the idea that they were both
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involved in a plot to free is significant. to what degree were they in contact? >> this seems to be the big question. i would imagine for french counter terrorism officials, the most pressing question at this moment is is this it? if you are joining us we should fill you in a little bit on the case of the man who is new to this as a named suspect. he is the man who shot and killed the police officer the day after the charlie hebdo shootings. at the time they refused to say whether they were involve and they seemed to think it was not. it appears that he committed that murder as part of this. the question is was this in concert or was it a spontaneous attack done in a deranged solidarity and is there a cell structure that coordinates this and does that still exist and is it still operational?
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>> we have comments that were made by him when he went into the kosher super market. he yelled out you know who i am. the question is is this something, he saw them on television and saw this going on. he figured i'm the next 1 to get wrapped up. # the question is was this a third person involved? >> this is an important point and it appeared there were three named suspects. we saw the video and the third is unclear if we saw that person. his name was hamid morsd and he was 18 and nationality undetermined. >> his schoolmates were in class today and he proclaimed his innocence. we don't know if it's the name of someone else or there was a
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third person involved. bill, what is the latest there? >> the latest is after these extroerd 2345er7 events just the after swhok president hollande has already spoken twice about france being in a state of shock. he also said today that this was a test for france and the people and a test for the principals upon which the nation stands. we had a statement from france's prime minister saying look france is at war and new security measures will be necessary to combat a threat that is now very, very clear. the mayor has spoken in the last hour or at least released a statement of condolence to not just the people of paris, but
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they have been so despicable and the woman responsible for all operations in and around paris. she will give a briefing and perhaps then she will be able to confirm exactly what happened when the two seejs were broken. what we know for sure is that the three gunmen are dead. some of the hostages were killed although there is a dispute about whether there is three or four that are dead. all in all that means that is a very large number of people 18 to 20. that's a horrific couple of days. that's outside the kosher super market that was the sight sirt of that second situation earlier
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today. we have seen some pictures at the moment after the raid of some being escorted out. it would appear to be an orthodox man. we do not know how many were in there and how many survived. that's the account for everyone who was involved in this hostage siege. the police presence here was massive around the super market. hundreds of police and full riot gear. they were really ready for anything.
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they were preparing for any possible out come that could happen here. we know that the gunman was killed. now here around the cordon tension remains. the police still seemed to be in an operation mote.
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there is a gunman described as armed and dangerous and still wanted. >> the area of paris which is the jewish area and the mayor asked they close all businesses earlier today to try to prevent any other possible incidents that can occur as you said the siege is over. i believe operations will be
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taking place for sometime. >> in paris, france let's go back to you. bill, we have not gotten official word from french authorities yet. are we expecting that the person that will give whether that will be hollande himself? >> there is the francois hollande address to the nation that will come in the next hour but all the detail will come from the paris prosecutor. police themselves unlike in the united states where the police give regular updates, two or three news conferences a day. so far the french police have not done that. i think the details will come from the paris prosecutor's office. there a lot of unanswered questions. one of which is what was it that
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made the police in both places storm these sieges? certainly it came just before darkness fell and that was a good opportunity to attack. they had the force of numbers. certainly where i am, there were dozens if not hundreds of anti-terror police and i understand that the kosher super market was the same thing. the gunman had threatened that if police had raided the factory where the brothers were he would begin killing the hostages. if the reports are true and they seem to be at what point did the gunman begin killing the hostages and was that the reason that the police stormed that building? we don't know the sequence of events clearly enough and we
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hope that that's what the paris prosecutor later tonight may give details of. of course just to reinforce what we have been saying there is one person still on the loose. a woman who was pictured in a wanted poster earlier on and described as armed and dangerous. she is still, we think, on the run. of course after all of this there will be the inquest into how these three gunmen somehow escaped the radar. they were known to french intelligence and it was known ten years ago that they were part of a militant cell that was recruiting people to go to iraq. it was known that one had been in yemen. the french intelligence will be asking themselves did we let these people slip through the net and was it an understandable lapse because you can't have 24-7 surveillance on these people. or was there something -- really
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we did badly wrong that could impact what happens next. it's over in one sense, but in another it's not. france is scare and braced for more incidents like this. >> thank you very much. michael, i want to go for you for a moment on what bill was talking about. we will listen in for a second. >> with the minster and myself. they are doing the framework of an investigation under the prosecutor of the republic. >> i have come to express my gratitude to those who have exposed their lives. to ensure under very difficult conditions the saving of the
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hostages who were being kept under very difficult conditions by the terrorists. i wish to express my gratitude and recognition to those policemen of the minster of the interior. they mastered in gold blood saving the hostages. they were very professional. and they show the courage we know. i wish to express here the gratitude of all the french of the whole nation who is safe tonight. i also wish to acknowledge the work of the policemen from the gign who intervened under very difficult s.
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under the authority of the general and the gign. i also wish to express my sincere gratitude to the firemen of paris who since the beginning of the events have been present to assure security. i also wish to thank all the staff of the ministry of health and emergency who also held during the operations. i thank the policemen and the firemen and all the stuff of the civil protection i wish to say that we stay mobilized in a very near context to assure the security of all french and throughout the national territory.
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the events that took place show the scope of the challenge we are facing. and the violence that terrorists are tapeable of. it is because we are conscious of the scope of this challenge that we have taken since a few months. measures through the can't terrorist law. concerning interior security and giving our forces the necessary means to act. we work in partnership with our european partners to be more efficient to fight terrorists. this sunday i will meet with my colleagues of the united states. they have been invited to come to paris to talk about the recent events because we are arare
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obliged. mobilization and surveillance will protect the french. that is our task. we will continue to accomplish it with this policeman who are very professional. whom i wish to thank tonight. i wish to acknowledge the exceptional work they accomplished. to neutralize these dangerous terrorists. i thank you. there ongoing investigations. so this is the first time i will not express myself further before coordinating with the other administrations.
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this is a very serious context. information needs to be given -- >> that was the french chair minster addressing the press for the first time since the raids by the gign of the two hostage situations in eastern paris and the other near the airport. chris dicky is joining me now live. he is in paris. that's the first we have heard the french interior minster expressing thanks to the gign and the people of france expressing sorrow. no word yet on the crucial question of how many host annuals were inside the coacher super market and how many survived. >> the french and the b fm the usual headline service television here, both are saying again and again and confirming five dead including the hostage taker and possible accomplice.
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that would mean three or four of the hostages died. there were reports earlier in the day that a couple of hostages had been wounded or possibly killed in the national take over of the kosher grocery. i think it's likely that there or five dead people there among them the hostage taker himself of course. >> what are has it been like in paris today and all of france? i remember the boston bombing manhunt which is the closest and most recent and you have the city shut down. you had this dramatic ending to it all. i imagine it's been a tense day throughout paris as these things have popped up in places where people were not expecting anything to happen. >> yeah i think the thing that really, really raised tensions is the kosher grocery hit around
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the middle of the day. up until that point, where was of the tense and in the morning, there was a feeling that okay the guys are cornered and the charlie hebdo shooters are cornered outside of town and we have seen the way the police in france handle hostage takings like this. they get most or all out and kill the hostage takers. that's what happened. when there was an incident at the kosher grocery, people thought oh, my god, what's happening. nothing is safe. there was soon after that a false alarm which overlooks the eiffel tower and there was concern that there was a multipronged attack. it is in a sense like 9-11 was. if you were in new york on 9/11 which i was, there was a feeling that you didn't know what would happen next. that lingers.
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people are not convinced that this is entirely over. >> i top the go on this tactical question on how they handled this. you heard chris talk about their approach to hostage situations. being to not negotiate that and we saw a moment where they could take an opportunity and they moved in against the kuachi brothers and they moved in on the super market. what is the thinking process that goes for making that call? >> we have seen an incredible complex call. his number one or her number one priority is the safety of the hostages. and the safety of the civilians and the competing priority with that is to nip this and get this situation over and done safely so contagion does not follow. a number of ways they can do that. the eyes and ears are everything. you get the two locations to the
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east of paris and right in the city central, the kosher deli. one is rural and one is urban. both will have restricted operating zones on them. there will be an area cordoned off and contained in both of the locations. there will be a piece of airspace where helicopters can operate with cameras and the ability to listen. the eyes and ears are absolutely everything to the police authorities and the s.w.a.t. authorities and the special forces. usually they don't make a move unless they can get eyes on. what will have happened is they will have tried to get cameras into the room. whether they are climbing up and putting a crack in the roof and someone putting it under a door. they need eyes on the room. we heard earlier reporting that what happened in terms of the trigger action that bill was alluding to was that the
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brothers moved into a separate room and left the hostage by themselves. i think of that point the on scene commander will have made the decision for the safety of the hostages for the ability to get the job done to make the move. that's when they heard the flash bangs. we were talking about with tamron, the first indication that it's gone dynamic and hot. >> once you have that you saw the port action just a few monday minutes later. you sort of have no choice. given the existence of 24-hour news and social media, they jammed the cell signals at that point, but that gunman is going to figure out quickly that that raid has happened. >> it's a great point, but they are not necessarily directly linked. every situation has to be taken
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autonomously. they have to look at each situation. there was one hostage and there were many more in the center of france. there were a lot more people in the surrounding area in the center of paris and every location would have had their own threat analysis by the commander. in this occasion you are right. someone made the commission and they went for a parallel hit at the same time. >> technology made it easier. as you were pointing out, they could see clearly when these two individuals moved out of a room and they appeared to be holding firearms and there is no doubt that made it easier that they only had one hostage. they had the ability to use heat
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seeking cameras and they were physically in the rooms. # and that was the site of one of the hostage scenes. is there an expectation that there might be further activity or does it feel resolved? it feels resolved and the past two days that we are going with the ups and downs and the drama of the past couple of days. people are resigned that this is over and a feeling earlier on as to whether they were going to be more random attacks and once it
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was associate and brought together together together. >> the super market is this way, but the police line here is broken off and has the street blocked off in this direction. the heavy riot gear they are not deploying, but the area is closed off and trying to get here. the streets were in some places very quiet. oddly enough on the way here we ran across the bizarre incident a bank robbery that was happening. we were pulling down the street and saw police in the streets with guns trained on a building.
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we don't know what the fate of the robber is. the bottom line is here. i think peace prevails from the moment. 24rr7 unanswered questions about the woman involved. the alleged accomplice. she may have been kill and may have escaped and she is still on the run. the area closed off and there is a feeling that things are resolved. in the muslim community, there
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is a lot of concern about backlash and what's going to happen here that the attacks have happened and muslims have been linked to the jihadi movement in iraq and syria. there were minor incidents reported of attacks at mosques and other places in the community over the past couple of days. they were set up outside in area and blew out the windows of the building nearby. a lot of fear in this community about what there might be. there is a much more intense immigration problem in this community and in this country than in america. it's resolved differently in america than here. i think that's one thing that people will be watching for as to how they come together.
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they had the leaders who have been lending their support. the hope is that that will come in the ensuing days. >> in eastern paris, the largest population and the largest jewish population that in absolute numbers is 500,000 which is the largest in europe. you are seeing footage of the raid of the kosher super market who is taken over by one of the confederates of the three gunmen and four suspect miss this. the kouachi brothers had been killed near the airport. the one hostage has been freed. the man whose face you see here
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is killed and still wanted is his partner. it's unclear where she is. she is described as armed and dangerous. we are learning more about these men particularly. you can me what we know about the men involved and what that indicates about the indication and support and infrastructure for this series of attacks. >> we know that the brothers have been swimming in these jihadi networks for the better part of a decade now. we heard reports that the older brother went to train for at least a couple of months for al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. they tried to bomb airplanes and
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they almost got away with it over the last couple of years. this is the organization that turned out the english language inspire magazine. a webzine that anybody can read and download and fkt download it if you do a google search. we know these people had certain levels of sophistication and understanding about how to use weapons and how to get in and out. what's interesting that these guys did not seem to have much of an ex-filtration plan. it took several hours for them to arrive at that printing press factory factory. they could have gone out of the country given that they gave police the slip. we know there is actually one individual who is still at large as you just said. we don't know if she is dead or escaped.
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these two brothers and the footage we saw on the attack of the offices were not on a suicide mission at that point. their idea was not to sit and fire until they were killed. they hijacked a car and got away. there was no apparently ex-filtration plan and they bounce around. it seems as if the place we put them and the spectrum of extreme sophistication to complete lone wolf crazy person is in the middle and there was a degree of planning and coordination and some degree of training but not a super high degree of sophistication as far as we can tell so far. does that sound about what's tracking with the facts?
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>> these people had to get ak-47s and it's not impossible to get the weapons in france. it's more difficult to obtain firearms and the ammunition to go with it than here in the united states. they went in and carried out the attack and got away in a matter of minutes. remember that paris even though it's a city of grand boulevards it's many small roads and it's hard to get away by vehicle unless you have really thought it through. that shows that they were getting desperate and they were caught near one of the big airports and they were holed up they were not trying to get out of france and out of the region at all.
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the nearest tight tight gives the appearance of two individuals that don't have a sophisticated plan. >> if you look at the parallel of about ten years ago, two guys tried carrying out a bombing of a nightclub in london. british police zoomed in and realized these guys were in a car and on the way to the airport. isis claimed credit. if these folks were headed towards the airport, french police were concerned there was a possibility of exactly this happening again.
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>> i think building on that we are talking about the ex-filtration plan and there were two tenants of escape. the first is that you put as much distance as you can between the last place you would compromise and where you need to get to. at the same time by daytime you hunker down and move by night for obvious reasons. we heard a gas station was held up by two gentlemen. i don't think they were confirmed as the brothers. highly likely. that was not a clever move. on the one hand yes. they seem to know what they were doing. it seemed like they had training and operational experience. on the other hand the escape plan was not that well carried out. they were heading northeast. they were heading towards the belgium and german border. whether they were going to go or not, that could be a coincidence. we shouldn't speculate on whether it was going to be a hit on the airport. we know having spoken about
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europe access transiting is easy. going back to the escape piece, if they wanted to put distance between them and where they get to i would bet they were going towards the border. >> i can tell you, i flew through paris a couple of weeks ago from paris to zurich or back, no one ever checked my id at any stage in either direction. my id was never once checked. there still hole there is the french need to plug up. that's a big area that they need to watch for. the idea of people transiting between different countries and people have no idea they moved between the countries. >> in this case it appears that one of the gentlemen went to gemmen and came back apparently training with the older brother. this is the question here that is we are dealing with the
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brothers who had been convicted on terrorism charge and done time in prison. maybe 1200 french fighters have gone to syria and iraq to fight. there is a question of what do do you with them? at one level it seems in the wake how did we not know this was happening. at the other level, there was an amount of resources you can devote and number two, you can't arrest people on the crimes. if they are around, being bad guys, you have to have some incident to go get them. what do you make of the news we have that these were known officials to french counter terrorism officials.
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there is over 1,000 individual who is perhaps have gone to syria and have come back. this is obviously just french citizens. also belgians and britains and so forth. as the other guests have said, you can go through much of europe without a pass or id. this is an issue that the european governments have been wrestling with ever since the beginning of the syrian civil war. another problem is that in europe their counter terrorism cooperation among countries is relatively poor. the only country that is taking in all this information looking at all the foreign fighters going to syria and iraq and not so much the yemeni sector but syria and iraq is actually the united states. not part of europe. this is at the national counter terrorism center. there certain civil liberties and privacy issues talking about
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people who maybe have committed no actual crime in their countries, but are still of concern to the local governments. this is something that at the french and the belgians and the brits and the germans have been worried about. it looks like something might have come home to roost. >> it was going to say that the brits, for example, they have known about this problem. the communities have known about the problem of extremists coming back with that training and operational experience and made the communities very nervous. they are not letting people come back in who they expected have gone to syria. the french can't do that because of open access to the borders. the other important thing about france as well. we talk about syria and iraq. let's not forget north africa. we have al qaeda and france has
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a long history going back to the colonial empire of negative influences within north africa. it's getting hit from the east and from the south which makes france quite unique. >> if we have ron allen with us we are seeing live images right now near the kosher market in porte vines ens senz, is that what we are seeing? >> moments ago. they are being let closer but not being let back to the area where the market is. it's still around the corner and a couple of blocks away. this is an area that has been sealed off for a couple of hours now. as you can see, there lights on and people are in that area. it wasn't an area that was evacuated, but people were
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trying to get through this busy part of the city that were not allowed in. as an indication of how calm is prevailing, people are moving back in and things are returning somewhat to normal. still a lot of questions and no one is able to get -- if you look to the left you can see that there is a line of police cars and that is blocking the road in that direction. that's what the road to the super market is. it's several blocks away and you can't get there at this point. everybody here is very curious about what they can see and find out. what the extend of the damage is. the other thing i want to point out is this is a neighborhood that while there is this jewish grocery store in the neighborhood it's a mixed neighborhood. i was struck here on the corner. you see people from many different places and many complexes. that is what this community is
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like. there is a lot of resolutions amongst people of different backgrounds. a lot of concern in the islamic community about what is going to happen now going forward. things are very calm and there is an emergency vehicle that is leaving and fire engines and so on and so forth. more vehicles are coming out from the direction of where the super market is. perhaps they are planning to lessen the restrictions in that area as well. we want to leave you when we can to get around the corner and see what we can see. most people are again returning home and returning back to their lives. as we all try to sort this out. >> live in paris and porte vin senz and raids.
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>> the two brothers there on the left, both of those men it appears were responsible for the mass murder in the offices of the satyrical magazine charlie hebdo. they were at large throughout the week and today cornered in an industrial park outside paris near the airport about an hour and a half or two hours ago at this point. french special tactical units raided the building and they freed the one hostage who was in there and killed both of the men. if we can put that up again, the man on the right there was a gunman who knew the brothers and he is a convert from what we know to islam.
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described in one press account as a juvenile delinquent and had done time in prison and met president sarkozy in a moment that was captured by the press. walked into this kosher market on the friday before the sabbath and put a gun in the air and fired shots and said you know who i am and demanded the release for the kouachi brothers. he also is dead it appears. he was at the site that was raided by the gign a few minutes after they raided the site outside the airport, we saw incredible dramatic photos of the hostages who had been inside that super market being taken out by french police officials. french reports indicate that some of the hostages are dead as well.
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as of this hour the fourth suspect remains at large. she is a woman who is believed to have lived with the man i was referring to before. the hostages coming out of the super market. she remains at large. she is armed and dangerous. the president of the united states remarks at a preplanned event to promote a new plan to make community college free something he is unveiling and will be in tennessee. that is a live shot there. we are anticipating he will address the tragic events today in france at the beginning of his talk and also the first address today from french president hollande. mr. hollande of course has overseen the response as the president of france and also deeply embattled politically and has been near lows in approval ratings and found himself
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buffetted by criticism on all sides. he will address the nation tonight and presumably we will get an address from the paris prosecutor, the law enforcement official who oversees what would be the prosecution of anyone apprehended and we are hoping to get details about what is known about the suspects and the fate of the hostages particularly a lot of nervous, nervous people in paris, france at this hour. we are monitoring additional reports of any additional activity. this was i think the rare instance in which what often happens in these events is early in the day, you hear multiple shooters and it turns out to be one. having sat in this building and gone through this numerous time ottawa canada being the most recent, right? we thought there were multiple shooters and it was a lone wolf. this was the rare instance in which there were more assailants
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and people in the plot than it first looked in the person who is the person who also murdered that police officer the day after the charlie hebdo incident. that shooting and killing that was police officer was not necessarily linked to the plot. it is unnerving for the people of france this yet of coconspirators. >> we don't know the degree to which it was coordinated, but the fear is still there. the concern that this will be compounded by not only having innocent people murdered by juvenile delink wens but on top of that the beneficiaries being the national front. gained from this. they should not gain from this. they do not deserve to gain from
10:47 am
the murder of innocent people. if you look at germany, you have seen the protests by this anti-islam group that has rallied thousands of people. they have been prompting angela merkel to address the nation and knock them down and say it has no place in german society. you also have the situation in france and this is the key. you could not have placed dynamite more specifically in the fissure lines than in charlie hebdo with secularism and freedom of speech and rising fears of anti-semitism and the question about what a multicultural france looks like. when you consider the men that
10:48 am
we know of here people from the suburbs of paris and one of whom was a failed rapper. in france they are dealing with a situation in which the lines of terrorism and jihadism also run on top of their lines of class and poverty and racial prejudice, right? all of those things that in the u.s. are separate you had ferg and questions of criminal justice and policing and the question of the war on terror and what we are doing there. those are the same story. the same social lines. >> it's sad watching this play out. i was in paris in the jewish district. there is heavy security there. what's worse and more disturbing is you see stickers up everywhere. advertising the jdl. the jewish defense league. the idea that the jews in france are so frightened about being targeted, they have good reason. they have been targeted there and now they are responding.
10:49 am
this is just not helpful. this is not the direction we want things to go in. >> what it does is amplifies the requirement for this approach to the problem. it lends itself that we need to understand how people become disenfrance chized. we are talking about the levels the layers that you are talking about. that's layers of multicultural coming from africa and coming from the mideast. it's almost like a melting pot. an explosive cocktail of what can happen if that disenfrance chizment concerns whether it's socioeconomic and toxicity. it's multifacetted. >> what we are seeing from these men, i recall one profile we saw -- we have francois hollande addressing the nation right now.
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>>. >> translator: with the killing of a municipal policeman and the injuring of and the injuring of an employee and today with the two hostage seizings, one that ended in the killing of four people. france faced this challenge. first, i wish to express all my solidarity to the families of the victims of the injured, but france overcame this challenge. this was a tragedy for the nation. but it was an obligation for us to confront this challenge. the killers were killed with a double intervention once in a warehouse, on the grocery store
10:51 am
in vincennes. i wish to thank the courage of the policemen, of all those who participated in those operations. i wish to tell them that we are proud of them. because when they were given the order, they all acted at once with a good result. they did it to save human lives. the lives of the hostages. they did it to neutralize the terrorists. those who had killed. but france even if it is conscious of having faced this challenge and if it knows it can count on its security forces, made by men and women who are capable and professional we know that we are still -- the threats are still not over.
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so i wish to call on your -- to your unity and mobilization. so we should demonstrate, along with the minister i have reversed all the measures to protect our public spaces and to make sure that we can live in peace without being the object of a threat of a risk. but we need to watch out. i also ask you, ask for your unity, because as i said before it is our best weapon. unity, that means we need to show our determination to fight against every and anything that can divide us. and we should be very firm against racism and anti-semitism because today in that grocery
10:53 am
store, there was a terrible anti-semitic act that was committed. we should not be divided. that means we should not make any -- we should not go the easy way. we should not escalate. the terrorists who committed those acts those fanatics have nothing to do with the islam. so, we need to mobilize. we need to be capable to respond to those attacks by force when we are obliged to use force. but also we should respond with solidarity. this would show solidarity because it is efficient. we are more -- we are free. we should -- when we are not afraid. and should not be under pressure because we carry an idea that is bigger than ourselves. we are able to defend it everywhere where peace is threaten pdthreat n
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threaten threatened. once again, i wish to acknowledge the work of the soldiers who fight against terrorism. several heads of state have expressed their solidarity. many of them have told me that they will be here during the gathering on sunday. i will be with them. and i call all the french to be together this sunday to carry these values of freedom to which we're all attached and that are represented in a certain way by europe. so i assure you that we will come out stronger out of this challenge. viva the republic and viva le france. >> french president francois hollande addressing the nation a short address.
10:55 am
he expressed -- first, he confirmed four hostages died in the kosher market in the operation there to free those hostages that resulted in the death of amedy coulibaly, who was the shooter. and the hostages he expressed his grief and so will dare i can-- solidarity. he expressed in latter part of the speech he stressed unity. our determination to fight against anything that divides us. he said we must be firm against racism and anti-semitism and described the attack today as a terrible anti-semitic attack. he urged france, and this relates to something we were just discussing a moment ago with the fisures in french society, not to go the easy way. we carry an idea bigger than that. he called for all the french to gather on sunday. i had heard reports about this
10:56 am
earlier today. there will be a kind of national unity march. the french, of course, with an extremely robust tradition of street protests. we saw that in the wake of initial attacks against charlie hebdo in place de la republicque. so, it will be interesting to see what sunday looks like. this moment of essentially called for national unity. and hollande making reference to precisely the fissures in french society. the one line where he says we must fight against and fight against racism and anti-semitism. directed precisely at the fears of co-radicalization you might see emerge. >> neither jews nor muss lips deserve to live in a condition in france where they feel their lives are in jeopardy. they feel like they cannot be integrated into society.
10:57 am
they feel like they're being turned into the enemy or treated as foreigners. this is a problem that goes back in france a long, long time. and it's something that was never fully resolved. they need to do something about this because now it's becoming a matter of life and death. >> i want to bring in chris dickey, who's in paris, france. there are plans for some kind of national unity march in france in sunday -- on sunday across all the major political parties. >> reporter: well, no not all the major political parties. they're excluding lapenne and it's not a french party. they may not like marine lapenne but she brought it much more further to the center than her father did. she'll have a very good chance of getting into the second round in the presidential elections in 2017. this is going to be something she'll actually be able to exploit. not by promoting hate but by
10:58 am
saying it is hollande who is making this a political gesture by excluding her. so, the political games have already begun, no matter what hollande says about national unity. >> that's a very good point. the national front, the right-wing party, marie le pen, whose father founded this party and brought it into promise unanimous prominence, they will be excluded from the national unity march. for some reasons. >> look at their propaganda. the propaganda is openly racist. it's openly prejudice. it's openly hateful to minorities across france. the national front has absolutely no business being in the european parliament, no business being in the french parliament, no business running a presidential election and no business being at this national unity rally. they are as much of the problem as jihadists are. there are many more national
10:59 am
front supporters than jihadists in france. that's the problem. >> let's pick up on something else a more positive note that francois hollande reported. i think something that happened today was incredibly important in terms of the psychology in which this played out. and that was, this came to an end based on the actions of the security forces and it wasn't drawn to a conclusion by the perpetrators. because we know the unpredictability of what this outcome could have been. it could have been a self- self-sacrificing mission. it could have been a suicide mission. they could have blown themselves up the hodges up and blown the buildings up but they didn't. psychologically the fact that the on-scene commanders made the decision to move in and neutralize the threat and, yes, there is a little bit of risk or maybe even a lot of risk to the hostages, but psychologically in the future that is an incredibly important thing that happened today and we should not miss that. >> yes. the president expressing thanks for those soldiers.
11:00 am
we also have former cia counterterrorism analyst with us. since we are just hitting the top of the hour i want to reset you and tell you where we are on what has been a terrifying tense, dramatic tragic day in france. this morning in local time the two kouachi brothers the suspects believed to have carried out the charlie hebdo mass murder earlier this week. those brothers holed up and took a hostage in a printing -- what appears to be a printing factory in an industrial park near charles de gaulle airport. thereafter a man named amedy coulibaly, suspect in a shooting of a police officer the day after the charlie hebdo shootings. he burst into a kosher market in porte de vincennes, and took hostages there and in communications with hostage negotiators he called for the safe release of