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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 10, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PST

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marches and memorials planned in paris and beyond to remember the lives lost in the attacks. good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." it's 7:00 here on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. out west but notably, 1:00 p.m. in paris. french police today continue their search for hayat boumediene. she's the suspect of being an accomplice in yesterday's supermarket attack in paris. also, the thursday shooting of a french police wamoman. french officials held a meeting to discuss security precautions that will be stepped up at certain institutions. the paris prosecutor said last night that since wednesday's attacks, eight raids have been carried out in several cities. 16 people have been arrested 5 of whom remain in custody. at least 17 french citizens were killed in the terror attacks. three suspected terrorists are dead. one is still being sought. those attacks began wednesday at the office of the newspaper, charlie head hebdo late friday
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police raided a printing factory. meanwhile, an associate of the suspects took several hostages at a kosher market in paris. he was killed as heavily armed police raided the shop. you're seeing it right there. four hostage also died in that siege. the gunman's accomplice is the one still being sought. and the main synagogue in paris will remain closed today. it is the first time the temple has been closed on the jewish sabbath since world war ii. let's bring in nbc news producer chapman bell in paris. he was outside the grocery store. chapman, welcome to you. describe the scene for us there right now? >> reporter: well, alex i'm standing right in front of the supermarket, where this siege took place and the hostage taker was eventually killed in a raid by police. the police still have this area cordoned off, heavily armed police still guard this area. if you look at the windows in front of the supermarket, it's still riddled with bullet holes
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from when this raid took place yesterday. now, yesterday, when the raid did finally take place, the raid for the other two suspects began, you heard a few bangs from what we were told were stun grenades and a hail of bullet fire, and then it was over several hours after it began. we were just around the corner and police as soon as it started, moved us out of the area, around corners, taking no chances. and as you said there were survivors, but unfortunately, there were casualties as well. four hostages lost their lives here. the gunman's accomplice his common law wife, as she's being described, police are on the lookout for her. however, she has not been identify anywhere yet. >> chapman, this kosher grocery store, it should be noted, it was a friday afternoon just ahead of the jewish sabbath day.
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there were people inside there shopping, for what they would prepare their meals the next day. talk about what we know about these four hostages who died in the siege. and also the timing of their deaths. is it certain that they were killed by the terrorist gunman or might they have died in the siege? >> reporter: from the initial reports we've received they are saying that the hostages were killed when he took initially took them that they were not killed in the raid by police or by the hostage taker, during this raid that they had been done for some time before. he had done an interview with french radio, and threatened to kill the hostages if the police raided the supermarket or if they did not release the other two suspects who were also in their own siege. >> okay. >> these people were just normal people, going shopping on friday.
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so -- >> a tragic end in the timing. >> reporter: he said it was an attack on people. >> thank you so much. meantime the united states is issuing a global travel warning after terror attacks in france, but also recent attacks in australia and canada have been considered. the warning says attacks against americans are becoming prevalent. it also sites an increased risks of reprisals against u.s. targets for the increased attacks against isis. let's go to kristen welker with the question what other precautions are being taken to protect americans? >> reporter: president obama has been in close contact with his national security team throughout the week and federal officials are urging state and local officials to be on heightened alert. we know that security has been stepped up at french consulated in major countries across the country, new york, atlanta, boston, chicago, just to name a few. the secret service has been on heightened alert as well. so president obama, extremely focused not only on the ongoing
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developments in france but also the security posture here in the united states. alex, while he's doing that the president has also been showing the united states solidarity with france. on thursday, he paid a visit to the french embassy here in washington, d.c. calling the country's america's ees's oldest ally a key ally in the fight against isis. on friday, he was in knoxville, tennessee, talking about college affordability. but it was the crisis in france that topped his remarks at a community college there. take a listen to a little bit of what he had to say. >> i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow. our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been directly impacted. we grieve with you. we fight alongside you to uphold our values the values that we share, universal values that bind us together as friends and as allies. >> reporter: now, alex it's
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important to point out that intelligence officials say that at this point in time there is no known threat against the united states so they are not increasing the terror threat level here. also worth noting that this threat of foreign fighters has been a key concern for the obama administration for the past several years, but particularly over the past several months as it has ramped up this campaign against isis. of course, foreign fighters those who are trained overseas and then who come back and target western targets on the home front. it's something that president obama talked about at the u.n. this past year and it is something that is going to continue to be a key focus for this administration and the next one, undoubtedly. >> thank you so much, kristen welker welker, from the white house. let's go back to paris once again, nbc's ron allen standing by for us on that level. ron, what do you think is the headline today? is it people trying to figure out what happened and process all of it or is it actually that there is a manhunt that continues for hayat boumediene?
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>> reporter: i think it's mostly a day of reflection alex. we don't hear a lot about this manhunt. and this is one of the big mysteries still hanging over this episode, is is this woman dangerous? where is she? and where was she yesterday during the sieges? there were reports that she was in the supermarket, but there are reports the that she may have escaped. but that seems so unlikely, given the fact that there were security forces there almost immediately. the place was surrounded there were a number of hostages who were able to escape after it was over. police certainly did a thorough accounting of everybody who was in the building, as best they could, and there's apparently no sign of her there. we don't see her anywhere around town. we've been checking. we don't see anywhere around town any indication of a massive manhunt, which is what you would expect to see if there was another suspect out there who was armed and extremely dangerous. the other thing is french authorities over the past few days have done a thorough investigation into the
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backgrounds of the three individuals who were kill the gunmen. they've known them for years. they've improved parents and been to their homes. and i think if there's any indication that this woman is anywhere in this community, that the french authorities would be aware of it and be able to find her at this point, unless she's left the countries. and the aborts here it's not a terribly huge country, so there is the possibility that she's left the country, but at this point, there's no indication of that. it's a big, big mystery. but the loath line is it's a day of reflection people trying to figure out what we do going forward here how this happened and of course trying to dig into the past of these individuals and further trying to assess the continuing threat. how imminent is it where would it come from, and what are authorities doing to try to prevent it? obviously, again, because these suspects were known to authorities, something went wrong, something they weren't able to prevent, and now that's a big question. what do they do going forward? alex? >> and ron, as you're reporting there, we're hearing a police siren in the background, which
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begs the question how heavy is police presence today in the area? >> it's been very heavy for the past few days and officials have said they're going to step it up at specific sites. we're in the center of town here, it's a fairly relaxed atmosphere. it's a weekend, people are out and about, going about their normal business. but when you go to certain places around town like subways or religious sites or government buildings, there is an increased security presence. and of course, there's an increased presence you don't see. but again, the feeling now is of calm, things are certainly toned down from withhere we were a couple of days ago, but still a feeling that this entire situation is not over or entirely resolved to any extent. >> and ron allen there at the place daye la republique. joining me now, jim cavanaugh. rate your concern for copy cat
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attacks or sleeper cells that take this opportunity to come forward now? >> irate my concern as high on both. i think the propaganda of the deed, with which these terrorists have leveraged throughout the years to get inspired actors to do something, to copy activity and you know we're comeing to grips, everyone talks so much about lone wolves lone wolves lone wolves it's like we're surprised when we see an actual cell. an actual cell that's operated and existed for maybe ten years that has kxconnections directly to aqap in yemen. we need to accept that reality. now, whether it was directed by aqap is a question for our intelligence officials worldwide. but i think there's no evidence that this was a cell a small wolf pack. it was connected into the conflict zone connected with real terrorist players over the years, in france. people responsible for bombings people in yemen. we need to come to grips with that. there's a threat from both sides, inspired actors copy
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cats, on that enginegenera, and also if there is a cell somewhere they could be induced to act, to carry on the momentum of the tragedy. >> how about more accomplices, jim? because we talk about the hunt for the 26-year-old hayat boumediene, the common law wife of amedy coulibaly, the hostage taker inside that kosher grocery store who's been killed but you heard the interior minister i believe it was, who said they have at least eight raids, they've had 16 to 17 suspects that they've taken in for questioning, five of whom remain in police custody at this point. is that the type of person to whom this hayat would reach out and say, help me to escape or do you think she would be more likely to try to just flee on her own? >> well it's hard to say exactly, but you're exactly right. what happens is, these cells have logistical support networks. law enforcement, intelligence professionals, when we've looked at that over the years, we've seen that. we've seen there's a logistical
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support. you know al qaeda used to dispatch their logistical support people first into an area, set up everything, get the network ready, before they would make the attack. and then they would later dispatch an operational commander. you know someone like khalid sheikh mohammed was the operational commander in 9/11. but they've perfected that and they were good at doing that. and this is a smaller scale, certainly, but there's a logistical network. they've rounded up about nine people. there's a support network. she could easily be hiding right in the basement of a house in paris, confederates hiding her out and just keeping her low or she could secrete herself out of the country and try to get to terrorists somewhere in iraq or yemen or syria or north africa. >> jim, does it make sense the reports or speculation that these two sieges that were happening at the same time the kosher grocery store and the printing facility that there was communication between the two somehow, and that mr. kul
4:15 am
bali when was in the grocery store said if you make a charge or go after the two brothers that are in the printing facility, i will kill all the hostages here. i mean which really tied the hands of the french police for a while. does that make sense to you? >> right, look i've been on these barricades. one of the hardest things to do for the on-scene commander is to lock down communications in the modern cell phone era. years ago, we used to just grab their phone. we had a way to get the phone, we got on the phone line we hooked up our hostage rescue phone and we could talk to the barricaded suspect. now you can't do that because every person in there has a cell phone. even if you cut the electricity, everybody has a cell phone. on the cell phone, worldwide media. you have to bring in other equipment. we call it trigger fish or it's been in the news about these cell phone intercepters where you kind of lock that signal and it only comes to the police. but it takes time.
4:16 am
and it's a question of whether the french security officials were able to get that equipment in to lock those signals down. and she could have been across the street. watching and texting to him inside as the lookout. so she was the communication, the radio man, if you will from across the street. so it would not be hard for her to escape. she's an observer. nobody would know who she was at the time so she could have easily gotten away. doesn't necessarily mean she was inside the market, she could have been across the street from the market. >> it's extraordinary, all the possibilities. we'll go through further possibilities with you again later. jim cavanaugh, thank you. ahead, much more on the terrorist attacks in france as authorities are searching for this woman, the female accomplice still on the loose. plus mitt romney says he's considering another run for the presidency. so how does he make this go-around different from the previous two?
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paris today, trying to return to normal after this week's devastating terror attacks. two raids yesterday at an office complex north of paris, as well as a downtown kosher market effectively ended the siege, though killing three of the four suspected terrorists. one remains at large. 17 french citizens were killed in the attacks, which began on wednesday. the french government met this morning to discuss what actions should be taken in the wake of the attacks. one official said security will be increased in certain institutions, as well as places of worship. police are still searching for one person this woman wanted in connection with thursday's killing of a police officer and yesterday's kosher market attack. let's go to politics now, where mitt romney says he is seriously considering a third run for president in 2016. mr. romney made the comments to a group of donors yesterday in new york city, but didn't give a timetable for his decision. joining me now, phillip bump political reporter for "the washington post." phillip, good morning to you.
4:21 am
what do you think? romney really going to jump in the race? >> it's a great question. this is the moment where it's a best-case scenario for mitt romney to throw his name out there. people are still trying to find a front-runner, people know who he is. so i think if you are mitt romney with everyone asking you repeatedly, can't you come in and do this now is the moment where you really think, yeah, maybe i can. better than his response a year ago where his answer was saying no 11 times in a row. >> you've written a piece about presidential candidates and why they don't just admit they're running. why don't they? >> there are a couple of reasons. one reason they don't do it is because a lot of times, candidates really aren't sure. we all assume jeb bush is going to run for president and hillary clinton is going to run for president. a lot of time candidates really aren't sure. but there's really no reason for them to make this announcement. right now they can collect money and use it for whatever they want to without having to report it. and the they decide not to run, they never have to report that
4:22 am
money. there's a very good legal reason for them to sit back and wait and not actually make a formal announcement. >> you mentioned jeb bush who could be the potential other candidate who could go head-to-head with mitt romney with they decide to get into sit. you have the washington journal who wrote about this potential matchup. romney and bush would favor some of the same donors. so who do you think those donors would support? and i've heard it said many times that maybe these two are the only two republicans who could raise the money that is required to be president. so really the only two truly viable gop candidates. >> i think who the donors pick i think, is up for grabs. you know there was a time when chris christie was mentioned in that mix as well. i think that's faded to some extent. i think, frankly, the reason mitt romney came out right now is anyone who is in the middle of writing a check, he wanted them to lift their pen what eaway
4:23 am
from the paper. that said, in terms of fund-raising, people put money towards who they think is going to win. if you look at what happened in 2008 mike huckabee was this back of the pack candidate, who surged to the front because he was likable and had this strong fundamental christian base that was behind him and money started to pour in. it wasn't enough but he still won a number of states. i think the idea that you have to have this massive war chest right off the bat, i think that is important. i don't think it's the end all, be all. >> i'm curious if you think the two prior losses for mitt romney have more to do with the way his campaign was run, who he is versus who was also out there running against him. so what would be different this time? >> frankly, i don't know what would be different. the one thing that would be different, clearly, is the fact that he would not be running against barack obama. one of the things he was surprised in 2012 by what happened during that race. but i think that it should have been a huge surprise. barack obama had a lot of support, that future democratic
4:24 am
candidates might not. it looks as though, if you have to put your money on it the democratic candidate in 2016 will be hillary clinton, that's a different matchup for him. but i think the fact he's considering this third one, one of the main reasons he's less likely to do it, there's no guarantee he'll get the nomination. for him to put himself out there and not get the nomination is a pretty garszingembarrassing way to end his career. george zimmerman is behind bars and expected to appear before a judge in a few hours. those details ahead. and the events expected to unfold in paris as we remember those killed in this week's terror attacks. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula
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france's interior minister is calling for extreme vigilance after the three days of attacks which left 17 citizens dead. we'll have more on this in just a moment. in other news now, retired four-star jm and ousted cia general, david petraeus could be facing felony charges. the fbi and justice department have recommended that petraeus be charged for leaking classified information to his mistress, paula broadwell. the decision to go forward now rests with attorney general eric holder. we'll have more on that story a bit later in the hour. grmzeorge zimmerman is back in jail today after being arrested in lake mary florida. the man who was acquitted was arrested and booked on charges offing a ing aaggravated assault with a weapon. this is not the first time zimmerman had brushes with the law since his 2013 acquittal. shortly after that ruling zimmerman was involved in a dispute with his estranged wife shelley, and months later, was arrested after a dispute with his girlfriend. authorities have released a sketch of the man they believe
4:29 am
detonated an explosive near the offices of the colorado springs chapter of the naacp. the sketch is of a bald white man wearing sunglasses. it is based on accounts of witnesses who saw him place a device behind the business which houses the organization as well as a barbershop. paris, of course on high alert as police look for this woman, suspected of playing a role in the grocery store standoff. meanwhile, authorities are scouring for clues to see if there are anymore accomplices to that deadly newspaper attack. we'll take you back to france in just a moment. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. crest gave one friend crest 3d white whitestrips. and the other, a whitening toothpaste. here's what they thought. i can't tell if the paste whitened. well the whitestrips worked. yeah. the paste didn't do that.
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4:33 am
the paris prosecutor said last night, eight raids have been carried out in several cities over the past few days. 16 people have been arrested five remain in custody. at least 17 french citizens were killed in the terror attacks. three suspected terrorists are dead. those attacks, of course began wednesday at the office of the newspaper, carlie hebdo. let's bring in bill neely who's standing by in paris, where a sense of anxiety certainly persist. the hunt is not over yet for hayat boumediene. it's a city that's faced terrorism before but not like this one in modern times. how do you feel they're handling it, the citizens there and officials? >> reporter: yes, good morning, alex from a city very much on edge. as you say, it's a city braced for more attacks. i'll give you one example of that. just in the last few minutes, we heard police heard reports of an armed man leaving a shop near where the two brothers abandoned their car after the massacre.
4:34 am
locals chased this man. half a dozen police vans with armed police rushed to the scene. they sealed the street off. they searched for this man. they have now declared that a false alarm. but that's just one of many such incidents of a city reeling with nerves jangling. they are waiting for the next attack. so the deadly sieges may be over, but the crisis france faces is not. the gunmen may be dead but their accomplice is not. she is still on the run. she is a terrorist on the loose, photographed here with her partner, the man authorities say killed four hostages in the paris supermarket. french police say hayat boumediene is armed and dangerous. she knew all three gunmen well. hundreds of their phone calls were intercepted by anti-terrorist police. two of the men had been prisoners together. her partner, released just months ago. they were all well-known
4:35 am
extremists. once recruiting men to kill u.s. troops in iraq this week they became the killers. but were they on their own? are others ready to strike? >> the french are going to try to find out how far this network extends. we know for a fact that these individuals have connections, direct connections with al qaeda. >> reporter: cherif kouachi said he'd been commissioned by al qaeda in yemen. his brother, said had terrorist training there four years ago. the supermarket killer said he was with isis and had chosen a jewish target deliberately. this horror was the work of one cell. but is this cell bigger? police and intelligence officers have a challenge ahead. french president francois hollande called for unity and resolve. we've tightened security, he
4:36 am
says, so we won't face risk and threat. but the french jewish community feels under imminent threat. and fearing attack on the sabbath, it has closed the main synagogue in paris today, for the first time since world war ii. this city is on edge. extra anti-terrorist police remain, france says its government is on high alert. >> reporter: so security alerts here this morning, nerves jangingjang jangling, and tomorrow a major security challenge for paris, right here in this square. there will be a major rally attended not only by the president of france but the prime ministers of britain, spain, italy, the german chancellor, all here to express solidarity with france and for france's democratic values including, of course free speech. france's president says this is a testing time for the country. it certainly is alex. >> yeah. hey, bill do you get a sense of police scouring through paris
4:37 am
more this 26-year-old hayat boumediene who's still on the run. do they believe she may have fled the country? is there any sense of the ongoing investigation and man manhunt there? >> reporter: well it was interesting yesterday, what the paris prosecutor said. he spoke about 500 intercepted phone calls between her and the wife of one of the brothers. they have clearly been looking at these people and listening to them very closely. now, obviously, the french government has admitted that there were intelligence failures otherwise, 17 people wouldn't be dead. but they've been keeping quite close tabs on these people. they don't believe this woman has fled the country yet. they do believe that she is in france, but they don't know whether she's in the paris region. in fact, they don't know frankly, where she is. they took in a lot of the family for questioning. five people are still being
4:38 am
questioned, but, yes, the priority is, find her. remember her partner is dead. sthes she is the widow of what they call a martyr. we spoke to one investigating judge who said in their line of thinking, she might now want to become a martyr too. she needs to be arrested soon. >> which makes her very very dangerous. bill neely, thank you very much from the place de la republique. joining me now, michael sheehan, former nypd deputy and a former special forces michael, good to see you. and we also saw you in bill neely's report there. i want to ask you about this hayat boumediene. they want to get her because they want to get information. what kind of information would they hope to get from her? they want to get her to also to stop her from potentially being, as bill was describing the widow of a martyr which would make her very dangerous. >> you're right, alex. first, it's great to see you again and work with you.
4:39 am
you she clearly is as we find out more about her, more directly linked to this plot and her boyfriend or associate coulibaly, she is the primary person they want now. these three men that are all dead now have deep ties to al qaeda. all three in different ways connections to a man named jamal gaball a known al qaeda jail time al qaeda guy who recruits in paris. she also knew this individual. so she is a true al qaeda operative, a true member of the cell. they want to find her to see where this cell extends to. and there's no doubt in my mind it does extend beyond these four people. and unfortunately, the french sbleblgs police services are very good. they've made a lot of arrests and they're going to continue to make arrests and try to round up everybody associated with the broader cell. >> we talk about the kouachi
4:40 am
brothers about being trained by al qaeda in yemen, by aqap how does that happen? how do you get word to a leader in al qaeda and say, i want to come be trained? they talk about there being these camps, how do you get into a camp? >> it's not always that eased. they need to have their bona fide s established. so when they do travel to yemen, they make their connections again and have to re-establish their bona fides. but this guy was a known player so he did receive training. that's the brother, said we know was trained with weapons in yemen. the other one, also involved and did jail time for recruiting operatives to send to al qaeda in iraq and syria, as active participants in that war. >> talk about the frustration in doing what you do? the headline in "the new york times" yesterday, michael,
4:41 am
talked about how these two were known to investigators, to people that follow terrorists, for as much as a decade they had known about these two, and then they pulled this off. >> absolutely alex. this is extremely frustrating. not only were they known, the fact that some of them did jail time and got time off -- the younger brother was sentenced to three years, got reduced to 1 1/2, and got off for time served. and these were very dangerous people that were known. there's got to be a great deal of frustration within the french intelligence services these guys got out of jail so quickly. and the fact that they were under the radar, they've got a lot of reviewing of how these people slipped through the cracks because these were known jail time guys with known connections, that obviously, this plot was undetected. >> do you have a sense of the efficacy of the state of counterterrorism in france today? i mean how well-respected is it? >> i know these people very very well alex for at least 15
4:42 am
years, in my last job in the pentagon worked deeply with them. they are very very good. unfortunately, this one broke down. and that happens for all -- in all countries. we've had our own breakdowns after 9/11 where we've supposed tremendous problems within our own intelligence and law enforcement services. so they broke down but the french are extremely good and they'll get to the bottom of this and they'll be re-energized to arrest these people like they already are doing in paris, and hopefully that will prevent another attack in the near time. but in 1995 paris was attacked three times with bombs in the subway system dozens of people killed. it's been ten years or so since paris has seen this type of terrorism. but hopefully in this case they'll be able to stop it from replicating itself like it did in 1995. >> welcome back to the msnbc team. good to see you. we'll see you then. french authorities have now assigned 320 additional army troops to anti-terror duties. more from france is coming up.
4:43 am
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to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. 46 past the hour as we give you a live look at the site of that second siege yesterday, that kosher market there in the outskirts of paris. it was a brutal scene, four hostages died there and of course, the terrorist was killed as well during that siege. and also this morning, france's interior minister is calls for extreme vigilance following the deadly attacks this week. the interior minister held a security meeting this morning, saying the french government is deploying hundreds of troops in addition to thousands of police and other security forces. joining me once again now from paris, host of "msnbc's ronan farrow daily," ronan farrow. let's talk about the rally that's planned right there at the place de la republique
4:47 am
tomorrow? >> reporter: it's all going down tomorrow, and there are a lot of nerves leading up to this. first, a big high-level ministerial meeting today. and what we've concluded is that the threat is actually higher now than before this attack. they're worried about copy cats, worried about follow-on. nerves are stretched thin here. everyone here is worried. you mentioned a call for vigilance. what that's resulted in is a lot of scares ahead of this rally. we've had threats called in all around the city multiple raids by police and responses to threats that ultimately didn't pan out. we just had now an alleged sighting of another gunman that turns out not to have panned out. but everyone is ready for something to happen. hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. many world leaders will be attending. david cameron tweeted that he will be here. obviously, we hear sirens going by. that's a police car going by right now. so we're getting in reports that
4:48 am
security is just ratcheting up more and more and that there are more and more reports of scares as they brace for that big event. >> you talk about, i mean there's got to be a police presence there, because look at all the eu leaders, david cameron, angela merkel others will be there tomorrow. but i have yet to do a live shot from that location today where we don't hear a police siren. you've had it ron allen's had it there. i'm curious about the police presence. do you see police all over paris? >> reporter: there is police everywhere. and we're hearing from our stringers, from our fixers just reports of fear everywhere. as i mentioned, you know this you be founded report of a gunman walking into the streets, there was a scare at a synagogue earlier. people are on edge. and one thing i want to point out is that the message of this rally is one of unity, one of defiance in the face of these threats, but people are both on edge and they're divided over this. one thing we talked about earlier was far right politicians being secluded from
4:49 am
tomorrow's rally. that's causing a lot of tensions too. >> absolutely. well that rallying cry will certainly be in banners all over the place tomorrow. ronan farrow thank you so much. glad to have you live for us there in paris. a surprising developing story in washington today. retired four-star general and ousted cia director david petraeus could be facing felony charges. the fbi and justice department have recommended that petraeus be charged for leaking classified information to his mistress paula broadwell. the decision to go forward now rests with attorney general eric holder. joining me now, retired army colonel jack jacobs, medal of honor recipient, and msnbc analyst. so what would this mean? you have david petraeus one of the most highly regarded military men, certainly in this generation. what happens if he gets put under felony charges and potentially behind bars? >> well i think it's unlikely he's going to wind up convicted of anything. maybe mishandling classified information. but even that's going to be tough to prove. and you also have to prove
4:50 am
intent. this information has been out there a long time. and what's happened is that the government has really dragged its feet trying to make a decision whether they're going to turn it it over to a federal prosecutor or not. they've had a lot of time to do it and haven't done it. there's a great deal of con sternation for a variety of reasons. it's possible but unlikely he'll wind up in jail. >> do we have a sense of the specific details, the information that may have been leaked and what's going to be presumed, some sort of pillow talk with the former mistress and author of his book paula broadwell. >> the feds know what it is and they are not going to be telling anybody. that's one of the reasons they don't want to have a public trial. it will be something of a spectacle, they'll have to release all kinds of information they don't want to release. it's all going to come at the end of obama's presidency in his last semester. what i think the government
4:51 am
doesn't want to do have this headline grabbing show trial towards the end of the presidency. >> colonel jack jacobs thank you so much. in a moment the mood in paris this morning as police search for the alleged female accomplice. that is next. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ 54 pacht of the hour
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security forces remain on high alert to thwart any possible new attacks. security forces on the hunt for this woman hayat boumediene. joining me on the phone from paris is a former msnbc colleague dana kennedy, with a welcome to you, let's talk about the muslim angle here and the extent to which so many muslim citizens in france are exhausted at being painted with the same brush that these extremists create. >> alex they are really really tired of having to point out that these radicalized fanatics don't represent their religion and don't represent their thoughts and values. they feel they don't really -- shouldn't have to come out and say we're not like that any more than someone who is a catholic or christian. they feel it should be self-explanatory. one thing i will say, it shines a light on the problem in france
4:55 am
that most americans who think france is is something out of a grace kelly movie, they don't realize there is a real division here. i have quite a few friends who find it very difficult to rent an apartment in paris. these are not the kinds of things you hear about when you hear about france. it has a lot of great p.r. for itself elegant and men are great lovers and food and wine and cheese, but there's a very different france and we saw that in an awful yesterday. >> france has the largest muslim population in western europe but we also saw a sign during the tape being played of, i am jewish, talk about the jewish community, it's the first time since world war ii that the main synagogue has been closed. >> jewish friends here and i
4:56 am
have a jewish friend in california who lives here half the year are horrified. we were talking yesterday and he said listen i feel like i'm a complete target. it's extremely -- it's extremely scary for them. there are people in france who have left for israel because they feel panicky here now. people don't realize, minorities here unlike the ones in america, blacks and puerto ricans they own new york as much as anybody else here you don't unless you're an elite member. most people here don't feel they own paris the way new yorkers own new york. >> it's an interesting cultural perspective having lived in the country for a decade now. that's a wrap of this weekends
4:57 am
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is it really over? >> good morning and thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. on any other morning we would probably be leading the show with the news that mitt