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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 13, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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films did. they have been a victim of that. >> and we'll see if it builds up on momentum. >> that is all for this evening, the "rachel maddow show" begins now. thank you for joining us. the westborogh baptist church was going to protest at funerals of sandy hook victims. the twitter account for the church's leader was hacked. the website was taken off of the internet. it was a cyber attack.
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and the attack was the hacker group that calls itself anonymous. in the end, the westboro folks decided they would not show up to protest the individual. but they have not escaped the wrath of anonymous since then. they continue to run a fake facebook account dedicated to the group. church leaders, marilyn manson and cats. anonymous is a loose collective of individual lanty hackers from across the globe. they retaliate against those they don't like, and they do it on their own and crude but effective turns. anonymous took responsibility for hacking several government websites for the tunisian governments.
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in the past they have shut down big, well protected corporate websites like papal, visa, and master card. after a local klan group threatened people in ferguson, they launched social media profilers saying to the protestors, don't be afraid, we will protect you. agree with their cause or not, anonymous really does just do it their own way. anonymous now appears to have aligned themselves with the victims of the charlie hebdo victims in france. they put up this video saying
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they would destroy the online presence of the terrorist groups responsible for the french attacks. this video with the guy wearing the mask, he is acting out this monologue, but he makes these threats and he uses a computerized voice. the voice they use in the video was speaking french. a french language video. that was released on friday. now they released a new much slicker version as you can see. this time the man wearing the mask is speaking english. it is less grainy, still spooky,
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and there is a long montage of images. like the earlier video, it ends with a threat against the terrorist groups. >> any terrorist attacks should expect attacks from anonymous. we're tracking you down. they posted online a list of 70 twitter accounts that they invited their members to target for alleged links to terrorism. they released a shortest list of websites with the same implied mess an to their followers. it seems like they're mounting an attack on terrorist groups. they posted this list not just to the twitter but those websites, posting that list essentially pointing their own members and followers at that list so their own followers and
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members go after those websites and shut them down. just before we went to air, a bunch of the websites on that list, not all of them, but some of them seemed to be down. they are timed out, or it looks like their servers are overwhelmed which is one of the most simple ways they take county websites. one particular website, that appears to be singled out for special treatment by anonymous. it didn't just get a denial of service, they were redirected to a search engine called duck duck go. they have been described as being an online hub specifically for french islamic extremists, so that may be eye that got
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special attention. that hack seems to have been up and day. so there is a little vigilante justice, but this hack, and this anonymous attack on terrorist grouping online. this is where they are pretty well versed. it was a really change story that happened in albuquerque, new mexico. it seemed like a outliar. suddenly today it became less funny. something that happened tole albuquerque news journal. they say they were an isis sympathizer. why pick that paper? that was on christmas eve, they
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hijacked an article and replaced the existing article with this one. christmas will never be merry any longer. which is ridiculous. they posted things like you'll see no mercy infidels, we're already here in your pcs, in each house and office. we begin with albuquerque. why would anyone begin with albuquerque. are they going alphabetically? it is such a weird story when that happened on christmas eve. last week, round two, happened again, it was the same imagery, you can see begin. some of the same language. same stuff that was used in that attack on christmas eve, but the
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attack last tuesday, they also changed the banners. that all looks the same, the same language. and again on tuesday, when we got round two, again it is was the albuquerque news journal. when we got round two, we saw a random tv station in salsbury, maryland get attacked. when they got the froup that posed a weird message, and now it was now about new years. infideling, new year will make you suffer.
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that was posted on the website of the albuquerque news journal last week. even though the attackers managed to get their i love isis guy, and the pictures, they got all of that up there again, take over the twitter accounts and everything. when they tried to post this article on the albuquerque news journal website. they could not defeat the pay wall. so they're able to do all of this stuff, but if you wanted to read the article they posted called infidels, new year will make you suffer. you still had to click through the questionnaire. even international jihadist attacking has technical limits. sometimes it's funny. funny strange like an alba cure i can newspaper. why did they get picked. it's laugh out loud funny and the stupid messages they post.
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there is something juvenile about that threatening stuff that gets posted when hacks like this occur. the news, and that tv station in maryland, they have no idea why they were targeted. they appear to have been the warm up for the big event. the big event happened today. about 12:30 today, cencom was taken over today with the same picture. for 40 minutes. whoever hijacked them used it to post taunting messages like this one to u.s. soldiers. and also pictures and links of what it said was classified
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information. what looked to be pentagon and military plans for china and north korea were not that. the map that was posted opportunities out to be lifted from the website federation for american scientists. that's where they got that front. other information included this list of retired general offices from the united states army. and it is worrying to see a group like this posting information, but it is also not classified information. it has been publicly available if you knee where where to look for it. the account posted, we think, about ten tweets and lots and
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lots of files. they also uploaded two isis videos. by 1:10 they were back in control of their social media accounts. they said nothing damaging to national security was posted. they said there is no evidence that any d.o.d. system, computer, or network has been compromised. they said it is little more than a cyber prank. it in no way compromises our operations. and he is right about that, right? this is twitter that was hacked, and you tube that was hacked
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today, not the pentagon's central servers. it is discomforting to see the u.s. government lose control of their youtube and twitter accounts. so they spent the afternoon trying to convince people it was not a big deal and not dangerous. and noork city officials are trying to convince people of something they say is a big deal. >> you may have noted that a couple notices went out department wide for officer safety. there was an isis twitter account. it was a message from the isis spokesman who reiterated language that was posted in a threat in late september that said civilians and also police officers, intelligence officers
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and soldiers were all targets according to isil, and they were asking their followers to carry out threats with whatever means they had available. >> that video they are discussing it was released in september showing a leader of the group calling on sympathizers to attack police. they drew a link between the uploading of that video between that video being released and a number of attacks being carried out on police and security forces in the weeks following that. they cited the hatchet attack, and a few other incidents. they're not saying they are necessarily directly connected to isis calling for attacks on
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police and soldiers in the west, but they do worry there is a connection. someone reposed that video from september, and added to it footage from france. given that and the resurfacing of this video. police say they're on alert, they want law enforcement agencies to be on alert. it could be seen as a call to action. there is one other propaganda video that raises concerns of a different kind today. this video appears to show one of the assailants from last week's attacks in france, a man who kills a policewoman before attacking a market. we should say that nbc news has
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not verified when or where this video was taken, but the assailant spouts propaganda with a sign that he prints out from a home brinter. he says it's retaliation for air strikes. worringly, it includes footage of the man's death. it includes at the very beginning and the end, screen grabs and video from the moment at which police shot and killed that man as he left through the front door of that kosher market. the reason that is worrying because the inclusion of that footage in the video clearly means that he didn't upload the video himself, right?
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it was completed by someone other than him. who did that? who added the death footage and then posted it? were they working with him all along. and it leads to important questions. french police say they're looking for six additional suspects. including one who they say has been seen since the attacks driving the car that was registered to his widow who is still at large and being treated as a suspect in these attacks. she apparently left france and went to turkey and spain. on it goes, richard engel joins us live, next.
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take a look at this surveillance video, it shows the
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take a look at this surveillance video, it shows the fourth suspected police bhient the paris attacks last week. the man she is traveling with has been identified by french officials, but you see her at the passport control desk. they get them stamped and they go along their way. this video was taken on january 2nd, before the attacks in
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paris. on that day, she went from spain to istanbul. after two days in istanbul, she is thought to have left and gone to a southeastern city in turkey. the city is pretty well gone, and it's a good way to get in wurfa is right at the border. they followed her phone signals from istanbul to that border city until last thursday, until a day after the attack on the charly hebdo offices in paris. officials believe she then
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crossed into syria that day. into syria, that day she is believed to have crossed into syria, the day after the charlie hebdo attacks, and the day after her common law husband killed a policewoman and then attacked a market in paris, killing four hostages before he was killed in a shootout. they are all dead now, all killed by police, but she is still at large. bbc reports today that officials placed her last known phone call as coming this saturday from an isis controlled town inside syria not far from the turkish border. french police say that as many as six people overall are still at large, including one man being seen driving her car after she left it behind in france to make her way to spain and then
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to turkey, and then into the isis stronghold of syria. joining us now is richard engle. thank you for being with us in the middle of the night. what do we know about the investigation, police looking for six suspects now. >> those, that information is coming from leaks, there is two reports that say they're looking for six suspects and one of those was seen driving her mini cooper around paris somewhere, but when we contacted the official spokesperson for the office here in paris, they will not comment at all. france is treating this like an ongoing investigation. they're clearly looking for people over the last 24 hours they have deployed 10,000 troops and police officers nationwide, about half of them in front of jewish schools, the 700 that are
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in this country. france is worried this is an ongoing plot. that is why it is cone. the biggest deployment forces since world war two. >> richard, in terms of those troops and police being deployed, as you say, specifically the bulk of them to guard jewish schools and facilities, do we have any reason to believe they have specificity in their fears about this? that they believe jewish schools are next on the list? or are they summizing they're a likely target. >> not sure. when you look at the past history in testimony, that shareef gave himself, the younger brother involved in the charlie hebdo attack, when he spoke to judges and prosecutors when he was arrested in 2005, he said his initial goal was to attack jewish targets in france. and then the attack at a kosher market, and that he scouted it out a week before.
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they noticed he was not one of the usual customers here in paris, they didn't think much of it and then thought a lot more of it when he showed up with his assault rifle. it's unclear if they have specific information to indicate jewish targets, but given the past behavior, it seems like a fair assumption. >> the attacks on wednesday, thursday, that is when the woman was named as a suspect in the attack. should we be surprised she was able to cross an international border two days after that when
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she reportedly crossed from turkey to syria? we have you reporting, is it surprising she has been able to cross the border. >> there has been so many intelligence failures in all of this. they have all confessed to being involved in their telephone calls or video messages. all of these individuals were well gone to authorities. they were either ignored or they were under appreciated. that's one issue. and then two, this is what happened according to turkish officials. we don't know exactly when she left france or arrived in space, but on the second, which is
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significantly before these attacks began, she arrived on the asian side airport on a pegasus airline. she stayed for a couple days in istanbul, and made her way down, all of this time, nothing had happened, there was no reason for the turkish authorities to be following her. she was questioned for involvement with extremists here in france. the turks started to follow here. we're told not at the request of france, they just thought there was something suspicious about her. they're tracking her phone and keeping tabs on her.
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in the end, on the eighth, she crosses into syria, into a town that is a very well known isis stronghold. they lost her because they lost her cell phone signal. they didn't have a body on her, just a somewhat casual trace on her cell phone. after the french authorities put out their apb releasing her picture, putting it out to the public, at that stage the turks got in touch and said we have been following this woman who disappeared, this might be the woman you are looking for. so why didn't they communicate this information that they lost contract of someone that crossed into syria earlier? should they have contacted the spanish because she was coming from madrid. there are many people who go
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into turkey, and there is a real problem with turkey right now with so many foreign fighters, extremists, and people that go into turkey and then just disappear. it's unclear that the turks really knew where she was until she failed, actually, on the ninth to catch her return flight to madrid. it was on the ninth that she missed her flight and they just lost her tracking data the day before. so something fell through the cracks here, and when you look back, and i think when this will be investigated by the turks and the french and a variety of authorities, they will see that even after a decade after 9/11, over a decade, that was supposed to be a time when all of these dots would be connected, they
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were not connected. >> richard, thank you very much, good to see you, my friend. >> we have much more ahead including unexpected military news and unexpectedly constructive normal news from washington of all places. please stay with us.
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the route of the march, they decided to entertain the many, many, many people stuck under his or her window. this person later posted the video of what happened to reddit. i heard the news about how huge the rally was. this guy, turning around his own stereo speakers to play "imagine" to the crowd below so they could hear it, until i saw his video of the crowd hearing him do that, i did not understand how big it was or what it was like. >> all the people ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ >> it gives you an idea of the mood in paris yesterday at what french officials described as the largest demonstration in modern french history.
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>> it gives you an idea of the mood in paris yesterday at what french officials described as the largest demonstration in modern french history. after four people were killed at charlie hebdo last week, the surviving staff announced they would make their production deadline. they would publish charlie hebdo on schedule this week. the usual print run is about 60,000 copies. last week they announced the paper they plan to put out this would would not be 60,000, but a million copies after a million people turned out to protest the killings, they announced the print run will be three million copies and it will be printed in 16 languages instead of just in french. our own ronan farrow is there,
1:37 am
hearing what it's like making the next edition. >> the first day it was very difficult for them to work and just focus. they are very few now, but because they know that we wanted them to -- they start again to work. >> we also talked today about the cover of the new edition of charlie hebdo, which was released tonight ahead of it's scheduled publication. it is a cartoon. he is also holding a sign that says je suis charlie. the reason that i'm describing it to you and showing it to you
1:38 am
is because we're not allowed to show it to you. we addressed that concern head on today when she spoke with ronan. >> we had some other -- like this one, because we are in america, you're probably going to blur it which is just crazy. >> it is a debate going on in news rooms around the world. it is true, many stations decided they will not show some of those covers that are most offensive, what's your response to that? >> i think it is the sadness news that i have heard around charlie hebdo. >> joining us now is ronan farrow, thank you for staying up to the middle of the night. >> thanks, rachel. the feeling here is exactly what you were talking about rachael, all of the people in the streets
1:39 am
echoing what the remaining staffers talked about. it is what we heard all through that rally here. >> in terms of that specific discussion that you had, from those who work at that magazine, those that work in the industry, people part of the response in france, is it a source of anger that news outlets see it contrary to standards and that american news organizations are labelling it offensive and won't show it. >> the biggest surprise is that people are not aware of that here. people in the community, people part of the very tightly nit family of former editors, you heard the response, she was taken aback when i described that debate. she said as you just heard, that it was one of the saddest things.
1:40 am
i heard that echoed by the widow of the chief editor who was somewhat of an icon here. she was utterly shocked that countries were undertaking these standards and blurring out images and not showing sop of the most offensive ones. and she joined that chorus in seeing that is one of the saddest parts. she said the fundamentalists have already won if we self sensor in this way. >> in terms of your interview, i just want to ask you what her overall, i guess what her overall position is right now. obviously she lost her beloved, right? she lost her partner in life, but she ended up talking to you about some of these other strange things that emerged around their relationship. can you just describe some of that to us?
1:41 am
>> certainly, i think the most surprising twist was to remind the world that it was one of the most avid opponents of anyone that would crack down on religious freedom. the publication went off all different faiths. and she reminded people that he was in a relationship with someone who came from a muslim family and they stood for freedom, and that there wasn't, in her view, an antimuslim sentiment there. in terms of the spat with her family, the family. we have seen pictures showing their relationship. they were cohabitating much of the time. her child called him dad.
1:42 am
she talked about their whirlwind romeo and juliet romance. she talked about how their families didn't always approve of that. no one could silence her, not politicians, not terrorists, and not family members. she was defiant about it. and the legacy -- >> thank you, ronan's show airs weekdays here on nsnbc. we still have lots to come tonight, including surprising news from the u.s. military, please stay with us. when the cencom twitter account was hacked today, this is what the twitter feed looked like just before it got hacked. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me...
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when the cencom twitter account was hacked today, this is what the twitter feed looked like just before it got hacked. france to deploy aircraft carrier to fight isis. u.s. and partner nation forces continue to attack syria. can't imagine why isis might
1:46 am
want to replace all of information with something else. there is significant news to report in the actual u.s. war against isis and that story is next.
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meanwhile, from yesterday into today, the united states military launched 27 separate airstrikes against isis targets over a 24-hour period. between 8:00 a.m. yesterday and 8:00 a.m. today, the airstrikes that have been dominating isis and syria bombed another 27 airstrikes and a dozen more over the weekend. it's been lost in terms of the coverage of the french terrorist attacks and the western response to the french terrorist attacks. but as the perpetrators of the attacks in france claim credit for al qaeda and for isis. an international air war
1:49 am
continues and seems to be escalating between isis and iraq in syria in light of the global threat of those groups. will congress ever pass an authorization to fight isis? do we finally get to debate that war now and how it should be waged? we've been waging that war against isis for months now without ever making a formal decision about it in our own country. is now the time to assess whether the efforts so far have been successful, especially given what just happened in paris? is this the time to decide whether or not moving forward we should somehow change course? a member of the foreign relations committee, skpeez been calling for a vote in congress authorizing war against isis since they started last summer. thank you for being with us. >> sure. >> do we know what's happening in isis and syria enough to be able to say that the pace of operations is speeding up, that
1:50 am
there is anything more intense about the way that isis is being fought there? >> well, we certainly know that there is significant military progress on the ground in both iraq and syria. as you're reporting, increased activity just over the last 24 hours, but if you look back over the last 30 days, you've seen progress on the ground, you've seen significant progress in pushing isil out of kabodi, you start to see western tribes beginning to take steps to ex spell isis. that's all good news. what is in question is if there is political reform on the ground that's going to be the end of isis. that's part of the reason why congress has to have a debate about this, because we can hear reports of military progress, but unless it's a company by real political reform, asylum reform on the ground in places like a rack, a little momentum
1:51 am
on our side doesn't help us in the long run and that's why it's a parody for us to talk about this in the next several days and weeks. we're at a pivotal moment as military success is building, but there is a political success next to it. >> do you see a military connection between the military fight against isis on the ground in iraq and syria and the international threat posed by isis through propaganda, perhaps through directly organizing foreign attacks and inspiring the kind of fighters we saw strike last week in france? >> i clearly think that you're seeing a flow of foreign fighters back and forth into syria and iraq that's presenting real problems and threats to our allies in europe and potentially here to the united states. but i think it is important just to recognize that the individuals who carried out these attacks in paris were originally radicalized not by isis but in coordination against
1:52 am
the united states' invasion and occupation of iraq. that's what initially brought them into this fight, and it's worth repeating that those who would call for another insertion of u.s. ground troops to fight isis would be essentially repeating the very mistake that radicalized thousands of muslims all across country during our ten-year occupation of that country. so i certainly think isis poses a threat to the united states and our allies, but we're living with a decade-long mistake in iraq that radicalized thousands already no matter whether or not isis was present in that region. >> do you think that there will be a vote in this congress sometime in this congress about authorizing what we're doing in iraq and syria and, thereby, for the first time really substantively debating it? >> i don't know. we took a vote in the foreign relations committee the end of last congress. we passed a limited authorization that did not allow for a ground troop presence in the fight, attempted to put some geographic restrictions on it.
1:53 am
but you don't see any hustle right now in the new republican senate majority to bring an authorization vote for the congress. i think senator corker, who is the new senate committee chairman is working towards it, but i don't think in the next several weeks. let me be clear this is an extraconstitutional conflict right now. we're outside the powers of authorization. i and others do not believe there is legal justification for proceeding without a congressional vote. so every day that we are not debating this is a day that we are advocating our responsibility as members of congress. >> senator chris murphy of connecticut. thank you very much for your feelings on this. we'll be right back. stay with us. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called...
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can we cuddle for a little while? >> thank you, svengali. i knitted us a blanket.
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senator tom coburn of oik observing is no longer in washington. before he left town, he made sure one of his final acts as senator was to block a veterans suicide prevention bill that was all but unanimously supported by every other member of congress, by both houses in both parties. nobody else had a substantive problem with it at all. but tom coburn decided to block it, anyway, so the veterans suicide prevention bill was lost while we keep losing 200 veterans a day every day to suicide. but now tom coburn is gone. it's a new year. and with him out of the way, the bill was reintroduced last week, and today it passed the house again unanimously. it's already passed the house for this congress. the new chair of the senate veterans committee is republican john isaacson of georgia. his legislation tells us tonight that it will be one of the first priorities in congress. that doesn't say exactly when he means to get the ball rolling,
2:00 am
but with unanimous support in the house and bipartisan support in the senate and tom coburn gone, it seems like this thing might finally have a chance. i can't believe it's taken this it is tuesday, january 13th. right now on "first look," the french magazine at the center of the bold strikes, france remains on high alert. this as the bodies of four french jews killed in paris arrive in jerusalem for burial. deep inside washington, d.c.'s metro, a tower water main brake caught on camera. then america has a first of its kind undisputed national carolinas. good morning, thanks for joining us i'm betty linn. police are further looking for more suspects for last weeks