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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  January 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards.... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections that's preferred rewards from bank of america. good afternoon, everyone. this is "the reid report." i'm joy reid. and we start with the threat of terrorism. moments ago president barack obama and british primary david cameron wrapped up a news conference in the east room of the white house. among the economy and nuclear negotiations with iran. both leaders spoke at length about the war on terror. >> this phenomenon of violent
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extremism, the ideology the networks, the capacity to recruit young people this has met aft isized and it is wide-spread and penetrated communities around the world. >> we do face a very face a extremist islamic terrorist threat in america and across the world and we have to be incredibly vigilant in terms of that threat and strengthen our police and security we ought to make sure we do everything we can to keep our country safe and that involves annin he had credibly -- an np incredibly hard and discipline add poach. >> chris jansing is live at the white house. what was the takeaway from the news conference today? >> reporter: a couple of big things. let's start with terror because obviously the timing of this
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meeting, the 14th between the two men, comes on the heels of thwarted by belgium police of a terror attack that could have been on the level of what happened in paris, ore -- over several days 14 people were killed. and including over belgium, france and germany and this proposal that this push by david cameron, he wants american tech companies like google and twitter and facebook to allow more access so they can intercept these terrorist communicates. this is obviously raising controversy on both sides of the atlantic. how do you balance privacy concerns with the need for homeland security. and you heard the president talking about how they've been working on this issue and he thinks in some circumstances that the threat of big brother is overstated. there are very good safeguards in place but this is an ongoing
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debate and conversation. i think there are a couple of pieces of news on iran. the president saying he would veto legislation that would impose further sanctions if some assurances were not made that rye ran is not developing a nuclear weapon. and we found out david cameron made calls to u.s. senators and le make some more not to interfear with the u.s. government, but to make his opinion known on par with the pred's that to do what some members of congress are suggesting would really hurt any chances they have as slim as they might be for them to be in a nuclear agreement with iran. joy. >> thank you, chris jansing. a lot going on at that press conference. and an arrest in belgium have set much of europe on aenl. a shootout with police led to the death of two suspects. the suspects were plotting to attack and kill belgium police. in berlin two turkish men are
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in custody after german police raided a dozen homes and a mosque. they are believed to be part of a terrorist cell. katie is monitoring this. are the police making connections through the groups or individual raids. >> they are not making connections between any of the groups. as of now they are isolated raids but they are looking into potential connections. yesterday there were two dead and one arrested in the belgium raid that turned violent and we have more information on what they found in the apartment, specifically four ak-47s, bomb-making materials and police uniforms. now authorities say they were able to stop a large-scale attack pretty imminent from the people they raided in this specific raid. they do believe they were targeting police and that would be underscored by the fact they found police uniforms within the home. the people had been under surveillance for quite sometime.
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even before the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris last week. and they had just recently returned from syria. no timeline though on exactly how long they had been under surveillance or exactly when they returned from syria. today though more arrests across belgium. the raids were being conducted all night. 13 in total. they are still looking to see if any of them had connections to each other or connections to the paris attacks. that is still being investigated at the moment. and belgium is on the second highest alert level, three out of four and a number of jewish schools were closed today out of fear of the attacks. also a lot of other stuff going on across europe other raids and arrests and tension and anxiety, speaking to the fact they aren't sure who will be a threat and who will not be a threat as of now. joy. >> nbc's katy turn. thank you. and at least a dozen arrests
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were made overnight as france tries to take into consideration freedoms. ron allen is live in paris with the latest. ron? >> reporter: good afternoon, joy. this morning started off with a bomb-threat at one of the main train stations during the commuter hour it. turned out to be nothing but they vaticanevacuated the station. and later in the day we had a hostage-taking -- [ inaudible ]. >> i believe we have lost ron allen. and we'll try to get him back and bring you more of the report. and here the republican national committee has wrapped up and they plan nine primary debates and three possibly late in the primary season.
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mitt romney will speak at the winter meter. last week he announced he is considering a third run for the white house. his speech comes a day after potential candidate ben carson made controversial remarks of american revolutionaries to isis. >> a bunch of rag tag people defeated the most powerful military force on the planet? why? because they believed in what they were doing. they were willing to do for what they believed in. the british were not. fast forward to today and what do we have? we've got isis. they got the wrong philosophy but they are willing to die for what they believe, while we are
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business illy giving away every value for political correctness. we have to change that. >> and after that carson said he wasn't equating the two and called such a comparison ridiculous. casey hut joins us from the rnc winter meeting in california. my head is spinning casey, from the ben carson comment. how did those comments play in the room? we heard scattered applause but how did it play when he said it? >> reporter: there was some scatter add plause -- scattered applause in this group. this isn't entirely his crowd. this represent the party establishment. and while carson polls fairly well, he gets more support from grassroots conservatives, people who don't necessarily show up here. so his speech over all was mixed. and in addition to making the comments tipped through a list of other things he said have
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caused consternation on various subject and defended himself point by point which is something i don't think rnc members here thought was productive. >> that is called repeating the things that got you in trouble and getting into more trouble. and let's go on to mitt romney. not the first choice for the movement, but what are we anticipating hearing from him tonight. or he is considering it. >> reporter: he is considering it. and we're going to hear his first comments on the uss midway docked off the coast here in san diego. we're not sure how far he will go in considering this bid, but his core of supporters have been calling and wering the hallways here. and the reaction among those one or two circles away, maybe they worked for romney or for a long time and the skepticism is
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intense and i'm hearing from members, they expect or feel like they need him to make it very clear what he is doing and to sort of outline a rational for this because people here are saying this didn't go well in 2012, there are people who felt that romney didn't care about them as we saw from the exit polls in 2012 and they are not sure how he will fix the problem or explain that away. >> and casey, is there a sense if rom any is not -- romney isn't the cup of tea or ben carson. is there anyone getting a ground-swell support from a plurality of anybody who has a buzz among the rnc. >> reporter: i think there is interest in jeb bush candidate assy and among donors and those with long-standing ties to the bush family. i think there are people here supportive of chris christie.
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and you also have governor scott carson who just hired someone to help run a campaign. he spoke last night and got a warm reception in the room. so i think there are so much just so many potential faces for the establishment, they are not interested if a rerun of something that didn't work in 2012. >> and lastly casey, i don't know if you follow the john boehner twitter account, but what is this taylor swift business going on where they are using gifts of taylor swift dancing around to make a point? what is happening there? >> reporter: apparently the speaker disagrees with the president's plan to offer two years of free community college. he said americans need to shake it off. nothing is free in life. and i did read to the end of the press release which i can't say apologies to the speaker that i read to the bottom of every john
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boehner press release. >> and when your dad tries to be cool when using pop references and it doesn't come off. it is like that. i won't ask you to respond. thank you for being here. appreciate it. and after the break, a deep dive into the many al qaeda off-shoots that are taking place in the middle east with lathal cory. and a police department is under fire for using actual mug shots for target practice. the picture has bullet holes in one of my forehead and one of my eye. i was speechless. but ferst secretary of state john kerry enlisted a friend to pay tribute to the friends of the terrorist attacks. [ music playing ]
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. welcome back. with europe on edge about possible sleeper cells and president obama moments ago saying that violent extremism has metastasized, it is important to keep track of the differences between the terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis which have not only different structures but often competing objectives. laith alkhouri is from flashpoint global partners and thank you for being here. so let as go through it.
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and let's chain the groups and their differences. let's start with al qaeda, which was the original terrorist group in 2001 that people knew about. talk about the branches. >> indeed. al qaeda has established branches throughout time. it didn't happen all at the same time. but we know the origins in afghanistan, osama bin laden established that and with his mentor and his mentor was assassinated in '89. bin ladin continued on and it was focused on the soviet forces and continued on with the taliban. so al qaeda central leadership which is in afghan region pakistani borders. and then you have al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, because the roots go back to saudi arabia. and later on in 2008 they
11:18 am
established aqap in southern yemen which has try the to carry out attacks in the western europe. and then we have al qaeda kind of stations in southern algeria, although it does commit a few terrorists acts in neighboring countries like mali and -- >> and sometimes we heard of al shabab which is an al qaeda affiliate in somalia. >> yes. in somalia. and they have pledge add leithance and has walked in the footsteps of al qaeda, dominating certain areas in somalia and traying to -- trying to carry out national attacks in uganda and other places. >> let's talk about syria because it has to do with the syrian civil war. >> al nostra was established in
11:19 am
iraq which today is isis it. was an extension that spread through syria. basically in about april of 2013, the islamic state in iraq isi, automatically decided to expand into syria and once they expanded they broke the -- they went out of obedience. they disobeyed the al qaeda top leader and in april -- in february of 2014 they were officially ex communicated and disowned by al qaeda. >> and they have their own separate branch. and let's talk about the branch which was al qaeda in iraq. so if we can go to the next graphic. that is the former al qaeda in iraq is now what isis is. >> exactly. so in february 2014 they were disowned. isis, which stands for islamic
11:20 am
estate in syria. and isil, and some know the area as lavant and it goes back to the origins being part of the greater branches of al qaeda stationed in iraq. but once they disobeyed the top al qaeda leadership they are ex communicated. and let's talk about where isis is. we have a map. that area that is yellow and orange what is the significance of that? >> isis has main strong holds in iraq and syria. and we know that in syria, in rat car, it is their main strong hold but they have operational control in al bad and other places in northeastern syria. and they have the little region between the boards in western
11:21 am
iraq, and syria. so they have control over the borders there. but also it has found acceptance and actually a number of groups pledged allegiance to al-baghdadi from algeria and the brigade in libya, we have the barka provence in eastern prove lense and benghazi and then egypt, which is a nascent group that hasn't committed any operations but we have [ inaudible ] that has been around for a number of years and committed acts of terror against israeli and egyptian security forces. >> so the significance is that people who declare them to be loyal to islamic, and so they pledge allegiance and try to expand this caliphate around the
11:22 am
world. >> expanding territorially and establishing a provence. and we have groups that pledge add leithance from pakistan and afghanistan and who used to be part of the taliban or part of al qaeda and local factions. >> and there in lies the answers. the two leaders of the group. al-baghdadi said he is the boss of all muslims and then you have al-zawahiri. >> once he took over al-zawahiri said al-baghdadi was a soldier and of course he was ex communicated by the leadership and at this point he is a rival of al qaeda because now it is expanding not only internationally but in areas
11:23 am
where al qaeda has operational control. >> right. >> in areas like yemen. >> we do have to wrap it up but i want one more question. because people will ask why isn't boko haram on this list? is it an ally of isis or al qaeda or neither? >> they have never pledged official allegiance to al-baghdadi but they do believe it to be part of the islamic state and does have a harmonious state of al-baghdadi and he has quoted him. and we know about the group operating in mali and he was part of aqam in algeria and formed his own group. >> and this is important, because some in america is benghazi
11:24 am
benghazi. >> and in 2012 they accused of attacking the american consulate but it does have some connection with isis links in libya. >> very complicated. but we can get a picture of it. laith alkhouri thank you very much. and coming up the outrage over oscar snubs and diverse thinking at the idea. i'll have more coming up.
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parents help their children discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths keep laundry pacs out of reach and away from children brought to you by tide it is time for twee people and many of you can't stop talking about the love for selma on mlk's birthday and the academy award nominations. the hash tag oscars so rate is trending at 95,000 tweets per hour it.
11:28 am
took off on black twitter and went viral and sparked tweets like this. it is so white, they have asked aggie adistillia to host. and not to be outdone. oscar is so white they ask to touch my hair. and even jimmy fallon tweeted this year's nominations are so white they have just become the 2016 nomination. trip your waiters everyone. and april is with me. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> i think you could be a comedy award winner. have you been surprised by the voluminous response? >> absolutely. it took off like wildfire. and like many things do on
11:29 am
twitter, it swent viral -- it went viral. but i had no idea when i wrote the tweet it would be as persuasive as it did. >> and this took off from black twitter, world of black twitter, why do you suppose there is so much angst about this situation with selma. 12 years a slave last year was honored and why do you suppose people have such strong feelings about the nominations this year? >> i'm not sure it is just about selma, it is about representation of people of color in general. and the lack of diversity and inclusion with the academy awards in the entire history. selma is one example, but we also have goo goo raw who was fantastic in bell who was snubbed. and we have the best sin matt og raffer nomination mr. young was not nominated. and so i think there is a push-back on the lack of
11:30 am
diversity and inclusion overall within film. >> what do you think about the fact that right now the head of the academy of motion picture arts and science is a woman of color, cheryl boon iceks and she is the only member of the 14-member board who is an african-american and she's only one of 14 women. so is this a hollywood kind of representation problem that goes beyond the academy awards or is it just a hollywood problem? >> it is definitely a problem that is pervasive throughout society society. we have miss cheryl issacs at the head but the academy is 90% male 76% white and the average age is approximately 62 years old. so it is the obama effect if you will. we have a person of color at the head but just as president obama has to deal with congress and can't make sweeping changes that
11:31 am
people may like miss issacs can't do the same because the academy has to make the decisions and neither representative organization, other congress or the academy, have any motivation or insentive to change the status quo and make the academy more inclusive. >> does it also have to do with kind of the new -- i guess you could say the new economy of the movie interest. you have big blockbusters fewer and far in between and you have competitive forces like netflix and prime, and can that foster more african-american filmmakers, because we have to make a movie but a high art film to be nominated for an oscar. >> absolutely. i hope that is the case. recently spike lee went to crowd sourcing for his latest movie. so unfortunately, people of color all too often are having to make films on their own because the studio executives and the heads and the people who
11:32 am
like the films are not of color and not wanting to tell the torys of -- the stories of people of color and we're having to be forced to go outside to find other ways to make films and to share our history and the nuance of our lives. >> well april reign, the creator of the oscars are white hash tag. congratulations on the hash tag and very good points. hopefully the academy is listening. thank you. >> thank you. and by the way, president obama will host a selma screening at the white house this evening with the films' cast and crew including ava due varney and oprah win free. and you can join on facebook twitter and instagram. we'll be right back.
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where the north miami beach police department is being criticized for using mug shots of black men for target practice. reporter willard shepherd of our nbc station in south florida, wtvj, has the story. >> i was like why is my brother being used for target practice. >> it is here on the range where targets were being used for snipers. records show that after the police left the florida national guard came in. that is when the guardsmen saw what police had left behind. >> they were all black males. >> among the photos her brother woody's mug shot taken 15 years ago. >> there were gunshots there. and i cried a couple of times. >> when she said they used you as target practice the pictures has bullet hopes in my head and eye. >> he did four years in prison after being involved in a drag
11:37 am
race in 2000 that left two people dead. >> and now i'm being used as a target and i'm not even living that life according to how they portrayed me as. i'm a father i'm a husband, i'm a career man. i work 9:00 to 5:00. >> the police chief jay scott dennis defends the use of actual photographs saying the technique is widely used and that the pictures are vital to facial recognition drills. >> our policies were not violated. there is no discipline that is forthcoming from the individuals regarding this. >> the chief said the fact that the targets were all african-american did not mean there was any racial profileing. >> as we utilize an array of pictures who will have six pictures of people that look very similar. we have an array for black males, we have an array of white, hispanic males.
11:38 am
>> but he is disturbed about this photo. >> but what we are uppet is about is the -- upset about the this was somebody arrested here on miami beach. >> and willard joins me now. and willard, my good friend this is shocking. and it is taking off around the country because of the plain, surprising nature of it. the police chief continued to stand by his defense of the use of the photos? >> reporter: yeah joy. always good to see you. and from your time here in south florida, you know this neighborhood is about 20 minutes north of downtown miami and a very diverse neighborhood caucasians latins haitians latin americans. the police chief said they have reached out to the community but the point about the photos his point was there was no racial profiling, they have to look
11:39 am
similar because they are training the sniper units to pick out a suspect and if it comes to it on a day, take a life and that is very valuable training. from the broader perspective and the families involved in this and we spoke to another family shocked their loved one would be portrayed in this kind of fashion but the chief said this training is vital and the only way to really do it is through this race system. we atraced across the country with other law enforcement in the area who told us they don't do this type of training at all. >> and willard, and i did live in south florida for years and it is a small community. and did the police chief express anything at all, that the polices might be training themselves to recognize anybody
11:40 am
who resembles those in the photos as a criminal and treat them as such. >> reporter: that is what he was worried about. and he was surprised about mr. woody deant, and gone on with his life and working at an aircraft company and he was concerned his officers could come in contact with these people. a second family was identified and they have seen their loved ones in the photos. he is halting this. nothing has been done. he is trying to implement changes so that the data base of photos that were used consisting of latins and others but on this day they were only african-american that the snipers were shooting at once he gets a wider scale, photos from out of state and other places that this training will pick-up and resume because i
11:41 am
thinks tactically a valuable. >> i think people around the country will find this shocking they are going to continue this. good to see you, willard. my good friend. >> good to you see. and penn state is getting back 112 football wins from the jerry sandusky scandal. the university also restored late coach joe paterno's status as the winningest coach. and duke university has scrapped plans to use the chapel for the call for prayer. it was met with widespread controversy and drew the ire of franklin graham. the counsel on american islamic decisions have cite sized the university's decision. they remain committed to fostering an inclusive and tolerant and welcoming campus
11:42 am
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so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. welcome back. recent numbers show that despite the economic recovery over the past five years, not everyone is bouncing back. right now just over 45 million u.s. citizens live below the poverty line. one in every six. a survey by bank rate shows 76% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
11:46 am
it is a tough reality for one of the richest countries in the world but exactly what a major gathering of business leaders and heads of state are hoping to tackle. they are meeting for the hope global forum in atlanta and msnbc is a proud sponsor. and jermaine lead joins me from atlanta. how great is it to cover a story that is ambiguously positive. so a good thing happening down there. tell us what the leaders are hoping to accomplish? >> i'll tell you what joy -- thank you very much for having me. and one troubling stat that you didn't mention is for the first time in over 50 years the majority of america's children from kindergarten through 12th grade is living in poverty. this is a gathering of chief executives from major corporations, government officials and community leaders coming together to figure out how to bridge the gap with those that have access to the money and have the money and as the chairman said this untapped
11:47 am
brilliance and to shift the culture to recognize these people are an asset. they are under served and under privileged and how do you put the mill airs -- millionaires next to them and lift those out of poverty. >> and bill clinton is there. castro ambassador andrew young, bernice king, steve case, of aol time warner. and lisa borders of coca-cola. it is a collective group. are they trying to craft ideas for legislative initiatives or is this sprikt -- strictly private sector? >> the first is sector. how can they spur ingenuity in this space and what our deleted communities suffer is economic. so when you have people with low
11:48 am
credit scores or don't have access, how can you get them to boost their credit scores. they have a pitch session for young people who can wine micro financing for their great ideas. so the first steps is how do we see people as assets people who don't have much money but how do you tap into the genius and effort that to get them more part of the process. but also to build them out. and the first step is farrow -- narrowly focused on the economic needs and then the next is policy, how the government officials can work around that brain trust and the energy to spur further growth. >> how can people access this -- as you said this brain trust and involve whether they want to be on the of helping under served community or looking to be a part of it and uplift themselves. how are people able to access what is happening in atlanta? >> first, you can go to the website. i don't have it here. but you can access the website
11:49 am
and sign up to be part of -- they have programs set out in cities all across the country. so look for the hope foundation and this is the global hope forum. access the website and there are resources and people willing to help people get on their feet whether it is a saving loan or small branches for aid for students and there are information on the website. >> we appreciate it. have a great weekend. >> thanks for having me. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. you want i fix this mess?
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sinceorship. it is a word that makes people in a fro society decidedly uncomfortable, particularly in the news business. but censorship is not government acting to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable. and there is self-policing designed for self-civility. a war broke out at nbc called saturday night live. the ceo quit after this. and michaels went forthwith the network finally agreeing to a five-minute delay. and the mishap resulted in a
11:53 am
sketch featuring pryor and chevy chase and most of the words unfiltered. >> and jeffrey cluger noted in 2013 that the oxford english dictionary traces the use of euphemism as far back as 1985. it came into wider use in 1995 during the o.j. simpson murder trial when testimony shows mark ferman had used the slur during his career and news anchors were trying to report the news story without throwing out the n-bomb for every sense. sometimes we self-sensor for policy. here we are not showing you the cover of "charlie hebdo," as the statement reads, as a knew organization, the nbc universal news group supports free speech like chb to defend and at the same time we make editorial
11:54 am
decisions every day about what information to share with the punt and we take care not to offend our viewers, particularly with relate to ethnicity and religion. but it is complicated. for instance, i've declined to say the name of a washington football team considering it a slur. and cartoons that used to run regularly on saturday mornings are now deemed too racially inflammatory. and in 1988 more than 150 movie theaters designed to show the last adaptation of christ and directed by the great martin scorsese who received an oscar nomination for it. some cities like savannah georgia, went so far as to ban the film.
11:55 am
some places found vandalism and stick bombps. it portrays that he lived a normal life and married mary magdalene. a group that attacked a theater, was a far right christian fundalism that wanted to stop the movie. the movie was banned in some countries and blockbuster refused to carry it. the reality is that censorship the self-imposed or that imposed by governments and employers and even by extremists tends to work. however tough we talk human beings can be made to conform our behavior to the demands and sensitivities for other people and for better and for worse.
11:56 am
that wraps things up for the "the reid report." i'll be back here next week at 2:00. and be sure to check things out on our website at "the reid report". "the cycle" is up next. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something.
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♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good! the raids continue in europe as the rhetoric continues here at home. all of our countries are working together seamlessly to prevent attacks and defeat these terrorist networks. >> big terror bust across europe as president obama looks to beef up u.s. security deploying troops to train syrian rebels. as we come on air, 400 troops are heading to train the syrian rebels. they are lending knowledge but not man power against isis. they now have a chapter in
12:00 pm
pakistan and afghanistan and expanding outside of iraq and syria. and isis is encouraging supporters to send money to them overseas but to stay home and launch attacks right where they live. that is a big tactical change. meantime more than two dozen people have been arrested in a trio of anti-terror raids in belgium and in germany. in belgium, 15 suspects are being questioned in raids that