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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  January 23, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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happy friday we made it. it's the end of the week that made the phrase perfect balls a fixture in every newsroom across the country. here's what you need to know right now. turmoil abroad is what we're watching. first up two big stories in the middle east the funeral of saudi king abdullah and unraveling the government in yemen. president hadi and his cabinet resigned and rebels are calling on supporters to hold mass protests. a fallen yemen has huge implications for the united states. the country with a new of key positions, cross roads of the oil trade and central to u.s. counterterrorism efforts in the middle east and as well as u.s. drone programs that have become a controversial cornerstone of the global war on terror. the resurge ent al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is based in
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yemen and considered by washington to be al qaeda's most dangerous group. with this crisis fears are on the rise in washington and beyond that yemen could become more of a breeding ground for terrorist ambitions. we'll have the very latest on the turmoil there. that's not the only terrorist threat we're watching right now, islamic threat in syria and iraq set the deadline for the execution of two japanese hostages being held by them. they released a video tuesday demanding $200 million in ransom to stop the execution. the two men have been identified. kelly is following this from london. a sad story here. the deadline was 12:50 a.m. this morning eastern time. a lot of different stories making rounds at this point about what has happened what's the latest that you have? >> well we have nothing confirmed yet, ronan, as far as we know the situation stands as it did on tuesday.
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but japan's public broadcaster, nhk did say it received a message from isis saying a statement would be released sometime soon very vague obviously. the japanese government has said it is doing all it could to win the release of the two men, including reaching out to local tribal chiefs but no word on whether they've had successor made contact with the militants holding the two men hostage. government officials have also not directly said whether they are considering paying any ransom. that is as a policy against japan's line of thinking. they don't generally go for these ransom payments. the militants in the video on tuesday as you mentioned, demanded $200 million from the japanese government for the rea lease of the two men. but earlier today the mother of one of the hostages appealed to the militants to spare her son. she said i'm asking islamic
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state from the bottom of my heart to let him go. it is not in any way an enemy of is. her son is a journal i,istiist, left japan in october two weeks after his child was born to try to rescue his friend his friend now of course the other hostage. we've seen these kinds of appeals from relatives before ronan. the wife now widow of the british tax zi driver tried this, he was delivering humanitarian aid to syrians when he was captured and the parents of peter kas ig tried and we know how both of those cases turned out. >> it's heartbreaking and a lot of stories making the rounds about whether these two individuals may have in fact been killed already. we as a news organization not confirming. we appreciate that update. the other major u.s. ally in flux is saudi arabia king abdullah is being laid to rest
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this day. the king died yesterday at the age of 90. a controversial leader of a critical u.s. ally, leaders from the muslim world converged on the saudi capital and tens and thousands of people expected to pay condolences during a three-day period of mourning. that includes vice president joe biden, leading a high level u.s. delegation. the death of abdullah and the unraveling of that government in yemen leave a power vacuum in the middle east. new found uncertainties about u.s. counterterrorism strategy in that region. ayman mohyeldin is following both stories. all eyes are on the successor, king salman his half brother. any signs the next chapter in leadership will change the dynamic with the u.s.? >> the short answer is no. this relationship between the saudi arabian government and united states is a deep one. it is certainly built on personal relationships at the highest levels of government.
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but for the past several decades, this relationship has been constantly fortified with intelligence sharing, security cooperation, as you mentioned, the war on terror. the short answer is it's not likely going to change on the external front, through the united states or war on terror. you can see changes on the domestic front, the coalition needed to have king salman govern saudi arabia efficiently but don't expect a major change. >> and king salman is being thrust into power quickly and things are changing on ground. we're seeing google maps change the names of streets named after him from prince to king. all moving quickly. thank you for following it for us. >> there's also historic turmoil farther afield in thailand where an army appointed legislature voted to impeach the prime minister banning her from politics from five years and possible criminal charges all on the basis of corruption after a rice subsidy program the former
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prime minister oversaw lost billions. the impeachment was something of a show trial. the voting assembly was entirely drawn from the military that pushed the prime minister out of power. prime minister yingluck was popular with the rural poor but made enemies in that country's establishment. this worsens a slide into unrest there, already seen several coups. now to the diplomatic breakthrough, a positive story, it seems happening right now in cuba. the u.s. and cuba have wrapped up the first round of official talks in more than three decades. assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson gave a positive assessment of the progress. >> let me say that these talks were cordial and respectful. i believe that each dell grags understood the importance of the task we're facing in trying to mend more than 50 years of diplomatic he is strangement. >> this morning jacobson met with seven cuban dissidents at the u.s. chief admissions
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residence. gabe what can you tell us about the latest on these talks? >> reporter: hey, there, ronan, as you mentioned, both sides following this very positive step saying progress has been made however the big sticking point is the issue of human rights. the u.s. delegation assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson put out a statement last night saying that the u.s. had pressed cubans when it came to human rights. the cuban delegation took issue with that word saying they don't respond to pressure. this is an issue that has really affected the relationship between these countries for decades. but the fact that these talks even happened is incredibly significant. this is the highest level u.s. official from the state department to visit cuba in more than 30 years. the talks began with immigration on wednesday then moved to restoring diplomatic ties yesterday. as you mentioned, this morning,
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the u.s. delegation jacobson met with cuban dissidents and made the point before they left havana to meet cuban dissidents. no specifics have been talked about with regards to reopening the embassy. we don't know when that may happen. both sides agreed to meet again and that many view as historic. ronan. >> great britain we appreciate your highlighting that angle, a very important focal point here given the controversy about this back home. we appreciate the update. andrea mitchell just reported that mastercard is going to be removing its block to cuba on march 1st progress beginning in the lifting of those economics barriers. back here at home, the story that saw balls coming out of reporters and sports icons, take a listen. >> some guys like them round and some like them thin. some guys like them tacky, some guys like them brand-new, old balls, they are all different.
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>> oh, boy. tom brady and tom brady's hat on the balls. the balls still weighing on head coach bill belichick and sparking accusations of cheating. this past hour the general manager of the indianapolis colts that lost to the patriots said he couldn't talk about the issue. just moments ago at the white house briefing that is how high level the story has gotten, press secretary josh earnest talked about that memorable news conference. >> this specific issue, i can -- one thing i can tell you, for years it's been clear there's no risk, that i was going to take tom brady's job as quarterback of new england patriots but today it's clear there's no risk of him taking my job either. >> it is possible to talk about this without saying balls. chris palone is covering the story. what's the latest. >> reporter: ronan, well the metaphorical ball is in the nfl's court.
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>> well done. >> reporter: now that patriots quarterback tom brady and coach bill belichick said maybe they were under-inflated but we have no idea how it happened. the nfl hasn't said a word about this investigation all week other than to acknowledge that it is going on. but there have been a couple of leaks about various aspects of it. in just the past hour the boston globe reported that a league official has told them that the balls were properly checked before the game by the referee using a league approved air pressure gauge. that would be important because some people have speculated that maybe the referees went in and gave them a squeeze and look over and said yeah these are okay. if they did indeed use a proper air pressure gauge that establishes a benchmark. a lot of people are waiting for what the nfl comes out and says about the investigation. the patriots are daring the nfl to say, we didn't do this so
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you go ahead and prove it. while many analysts are questioning tom bratddy's honesty after yesterday's nervous half hour press conference, some of the team mates say they have full faith in their quarterback. >> we got a leader that we never question. there's never any doubt, no matter what the situation is. you know, whether it be on field, off the field. this team has a lot of trust in tom and honestly i don't think anyone in the locker room is worried about it. >> reporter: earlier in the week an nfl official did tell nbc news that he expected this investigation to wrap up in two or three days. that time has passed. now it's not clear when the nfl is going to conclude this investigation. yesterday tom bratddy said the league hadn't even contacted him and he's the one at the center of this investigation. a lot more questions than answers at this point, ronan. >> how credible the team's account of this is we'll have to leave to the audience.
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we'll cover the viral reaction and how much people are buying their claims later in the show. thanks for the update. and up next stay with us we're going to look at the story some are calling the most important in the world right now. why the collapse of yemen could signal a sea change for american foreign policy. don't go away. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft.
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one of america's biggette allies in the middle east is on the verge of collapse as we speak. yemen's home grown problem, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. there is no president and no prime minister and no cabinet. all have resigned after houthi
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rebels took control of the capital sanaa. what does that mean for security in the region and in the united states? joining me, mohammed and david sanger. what does this mean for united states? >> many of us were surprised by the regular is nation of president hadi and the president felt that they reached a stalemate with the political factions and the prime minister felt that yemen was on the wrong track. so at this point, like you mentioned in your entry, we don't have a president or prime minister. but with the current constitution the government is a caretaker government so it continues to offer basic services and pay salaries and security situation is calm. there's a vacuum but hopefully
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sunday when the parliament holds a joint session we're going to have two scenarios the parliament will accept the resignation for the president and we'll have 60 days for presidential elections and the speaker of the parliament will be the defacto demander in chief. scenario two, according to the constitution, the president resignation will be rejected by the parliament and the president will have 90 days to continue leadership of the country or to resign again. if he resigns again, that will be final. >> a real moment of uncertainty there. david, give us context here. the houthi refers are enemies of al qaeda in the arabian pen peninsula peninsula. are we looking at the civil war scenario? >> you can see that and see division of the country north and south. al qaeda, the elements that you describe are of course strongest
10:19 am
down in the south. the other oddity here is that it's another place where we find ourselves on the same side of the fight but not aligned with the iranians who have been helping to finance the houthi rebels in this case. this also took washington by surprise. it wasn't simply a resignation, although that was part of it. we saw the presidential palace overrun and all of that chaos. the critical issue for washington is this one, that the previous two governments, including president out two years ago approved drone strikes that have been aimed at al qaeda. and it's southern yemen where we're seeing bombmakers at work and a lot of plots against the
10:20 am
united states have been hatched there in the past. can the u.s. keep up the intelligence collection and keep up the pressure on aqap. >> let's ask mowhammed about that. what can you tell us about the current status of counterterrorism operations with the u.s.? has any changed because of the unsflest. >> first and foremost i would like to highlight it is an enemy of the state of yemen and people of yemen that killed and wounded thousands of yemenis through the years. this is a common threat between us and the u.s. and regional partners. my sense is that the relationship will continue to fight this common threat. but the situation was also fluid. things could change. there's a sense of fear from the unknown but i'm confident that all of the political farkss and upcoming days will get together and find a common ground to
10:21 am
co-exist and consensus building will be a key to move forward. what complicates the situation at this point, the death of king abdullah in the saudi monarch yesterday, key vital, crucial ally for the people of yemen and government of yemen. we hope and i'm confident that king salman will continue that support to yemen and to the people of yemen. >> david, you've been immersed in the story, do you have a question for mohammed? >> one of the biggest questions that comes out of this that i would be interested to you is when you think about where we were four years ago right now as the arab spring was starting and the chaos that has spread across yemen, libya, the central bank last working institution in the country was overrun in benghazi. you have to ask the question are we going to look back at the arab spring and say what it did
10:22 am
in the end was unleash a set of forces and places like yemen and libya that were not going to be able to put back in the bottle forl many years? >> arab spring and events of 2011 pushed us towards change change is difficult and doesn't happen overnight. we have to be patient looking at yemen's history and past uprising and revolutions in the 1900s. in some cases we had to wait for a decade for the things to be stable for the situation to get better. i think that the event of the arab spring empowered the youth, empowered my generation and gave a sense of ownership to the situation in regions in our neck of the woods. but it's difficult. it's heartbreaking to see what's happening in my homeland to see what's happening in the rest of
10:23 am
the region. but in yemen, i'm happy to see that violence is not escalating. we haven't reached the point of no return. things are not spiraling out of control. there is a vacuum in the political leadership but there's also stability when it comes to security for the time being. and i hope that continues and that's something we need to differentiate between the events happening at this point. >> you're correct to put it in the arab spring concept. things could come full circle and you might see him back as a political player. thank you both. >> turning to a much lighter topic, stick around. if you think you've heard enough about balls this week think again. we have a final word maybe coming up after this break.
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welcome back everybody, when our intrepid team scoured the web to bring you the most important serious media trends of the day, one thing hit us full in the face. balls. yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's ballcy daily spike. take a look at that spike. popular terms included, deflate deflate-gate. the new england patriots coach and star quarterback coming out yesterday to respond to claims that 11 of their 12 footballs were not properly inflated during last sunday's playoff game against the indianapolis colts. the game of course that sent them to the super bowl. and one thing kept coming out of their mouths. >> some days one ball may feel good, the next day it may not. balls, balls, balls. some guys like them round and
10:28 am
some guys like them thin. some guys like them tacky, some guys like them brand-new. old balls. balls. balls. balls. to me they are perfect. >> can't they just say football? next up, the inhe have itible the classic alec baldwin saturday night skit. a popular doctored moment from love actually with a little extra touch of balls. that's what i'm going to be strung up by my fair producers who love love actually. a throwback to tom brady in the early years. there it is. aw. and you've had another kind of balls weighing on you too. you can't stop watching this basketball moment during a lakers pel can game.
10:29 am
that is will ferrell throwing a basketball right in a cheer leader's face and guess dragged out by security obviously staged but still popular. she was shooting scenes for the new movie "daddy's home", it will probably be better than "love actually." another thing setting the internet on fire this moment a slip of the tongue by a youtube star. >> moi mom said whenever go to somebody's house, don't come empty handed. so i have green lipsticks one for your first wife -- i mean -- >> first -- do you know something i don't? >> oh -- >> what did she have to say right afterwards? i have the interview minutes after their clash with the president. that's up next.
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want to know about education. >> the lack of jobs for college graduates. >> the economy, racial profiling, that's a good one. >> peanut butter or jelly. >> finally, mr. president, who's your favorite youtube creator. >> a pretty big moment in how the president of the united states talks to the american people. the white house invited three youtube personalities to ask whatever they wanted of the president. bethany moda the 19-year-old purviewer of fashion advice and the green lipstick comedian best known for eating cereal out of a bathtub. i talked to them after the first interview with the president and started to talk what they found most surprising about the conversation. >> overall, that he did the
10:34 am
interview. i was like what are you sure do you see what i post? i was very excited because he knows i have to -- i reach a lot of people. the people that he wants to reach. so that was amazing. and just sitting there, i was having this out-of-body experience. i thought i was doing good enough the lipstick thing, i'm sorry, first lady. >> i have green lipsticks, one for your first wife -- i mean -- i mean -- >> do you know something i don't. >> oh. >> it is not incorrect, shs the first wife the first lady. >> that is right. thank you. >> i'm going to say that does not need an on-air apology. what was the most surprising moment for you hank? >> honestly i don't remember a lot of the interview because it's weird, i'm going to have to go watch it again. but i did like i felt like the president took time to legitimately answer the questions i asked him.
10:35 am
a lot of people feel like the job of a politician is to dance around and dodge questions. i didn't feel that happened. the concerns i have obviously maybe i disagree on some of his answers but like -- >> what? >> how are you going to tell the people you disagree with the president and you just interviewed him. >> i'm not going to agree with the president on everything. >> he's not going to invite you back to his house. >> you're in the house. you don't need another invitation. you were both honest. >> that was worse than what i did. >> this is what we need what's happening right here. what is next in this trend? if this is a shift in how the president communicates with the people is the next step doing a cereal bathtub challenge? >> you want to go there, do you? >> i'm a fan your challenges. i don't think he's going to go that far but i do believe they'll continue the relationship with people on the internet and white house, that would be great. >> what is the number one question people suggested that you did not ask today?
10:36 am
>> i didn't ask the president is you okay? >> i was waiting for it. >> i know right? let me hug this man while i get a chance he's good looking. i just went there. i just went there. >> you'll get another crack, get to say is you okay? did the white house get to see your questions ahead of time? >> they didn't. that wasgoogle's whole strategy, they don't want them to see questions before hand. >> anything conveyed as off-limits? >> no if we proposed questions -- google did look through and make sure we weren't overlapping and asking the same questions as each other. >> hank, there was a moving movement where you had him sign a picture with a receipt for your monthly medication for a chronic illness that you can afford now because of obama care. before i had it i could not take this medication $1100 a
10:37 am
month and that is a receipt showing $5 a month. obamacare has worked. >> and it has worked and that makes me feel good. >> what is the illness. >> ulcerativec colitis. >> what's your take on the ability to connect with the youtube generation? >> i think this is a legitimate like a significant step. this was obviously the most significant of those to invite us in. >> because we were there. >> it's a big step. >> glozell what else does he need to do more if he wants to connect with the youtube audience? >> this needs to be more than once a year and continue. that will be the number one way. maybe he'll answer questions off the internet off of twitter. i would lolve for you to follow me. >> maybe in the white house press pool --
10:38 am
>> i like how you think. >> you guys both did -- >> i live in montana. >> i so appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> big moment. take care both of you. >> the president's youtube gam bit has proved controversial, some calling it beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency. the truth is more people are watching glozell and hank green than are watching news on tv. this year the state of the union reached 31.1 million viewers. that is the lowest viewership in 15 years. glo zs zell he'ding cinnamon that was seen by 42 million people so far. up next who said it? undocumented immigrants have calfs like kant loups. how that guy is playing king maker to the republican party right now in iowa. ♪
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big moment tomorrow for republicans jockeying for presidential buzz. conservative leaders and would be leaders gathering in iowa for freedom summit. hosted by steve king. proximity to that name could prove delicate for some attend ees. this is the same steve king who used the term deportable to reference a 20-year-old dreamer brought to the state of the union by first lady michelle obama. it's the same steve king who compared undocumented immigrants to dogs and the same one who declared most young immigrants developed calves the size of cantaloupes from smuggling drugs. casey hunt is in high with a and glenn thrust is watching reaction in washington. does his influence outweigh those moments of controversy that we just mentioned? >> well ronan, you have to remember what an important role conservative activists play in the caucus process. this event is oversold.
10:43 am
there's a waiting list that is 1,000 people long. that audience helps especially in the beginning of the process sort through who's going to do well in the iowa caucuses. iowa has been full of pit falls for candidates who go onto the general election. mitt romney in particular it was in iowa where he said he would veto the dream act. that's something that really came back to haunt him in the general election that even his advisers later acknowledged was potentially a problem. of course you don't have romney here. you don't have jeb bush here or marco rubio here. somebody who of course pushed hard for that bill in the senate that would include a panelth to citizenship. you do have chris christie whose track record on this might not stand up the same way that some of these other more conservative candidates could do. if you'll remember christie talked to mark lebowitz for a long piece in which he was asked by immigration by a voter in iowa. he said, i'm not going to get into immigration here in marion
10:44 am
iowa. that's not an answer that's going to stand up over the course of the next year. >> glenn, we talked about those notable absences. what is the significance of who's not there in iowa? >> well the big one is obviously mitt romney said he's not going to attend in a really pointed way. jeb bush has the proverbial scheduling conflict going to a cantaloupe convention somewhere, i think. mitt romney in particular has got to mend some fences here. remember, his mentor on immigration in 2012 was chris co-bach. when he was governor of massachusetts he had a more moderate record, not surprisingly. but the self-deportation thing killed him. he only got 31% of the -- 28% of the latino vote which was down from what john mccain got, 31% i
10:45 am
think romney is making the calculation that not being in the state at that time is the safest play for him. >> let's look at the other side. what are democrats and immigrationry form ryeform act vists doing in. >> a group of dreamers are planning to come here and disrupt the event or create moments of confrontation between themselves and some of these candidates who are coming. you've seen that actually already in iowa. if you'll remember it was caught on video when steve king and rand paul were sitting down to lunch together and a dreamer came up to confront king and paul mid bite stepped up and walked away. >> the audience is looking at that video right now. >> it's something of an awkward moment. if they are able to successfully create moments like that this time, you never know how many times we'll see that on repeat
10:46 am
for next year. >> glenn, republicans arriving in iowa will be greeted by a headline we found interesting. look at the des moines register front page climate change threatens to pummel iowa economy. is that something the politicians will have to address there? >> i would think not. >> i assume it's not a popular subject. >> i don't really think they are going to talk too much about it. it is pretty striking. we're seeing this more and more in texas we have the prolonged drought and epic drought in california which is killing production agricultural production. it's going to become an issue sooner or later as we start seeing agriculture -- the agricultural industry still the back bone get adversely impacted. i'm really interested going back to the immigration question, the most interesting player and kasie can talk about it too, is chris christie. not just because of the way he dodged that issue before. i suspect that christie might
10:47 am
use this as a platform to take a slightly contrarian view from the rest of the field, maybe not so appealing to the base but something to differentiate him from the herd. >> you're right to put it in the 2016 context. are you seeing any extracurricular activities from hopefuls there, building their iowa base in other ways? >> ronan, it's a pretty busy weekend. you have several republicans who are going to be here at least a couple of them flying straight out to palm springs for that koch retreat, because they are going to be talking to those donors. you have here in iowa several people who are holding cloegsed door meetings with activists, being here is a chance to talk to groups and build ties. you have a couple of people kicking off tours here. you'll see rick santorum spend much of the week in iowa. this was a state ultimately he won in 2012. you'll see mike huckabee starting his tour for "god
10:48 am
guns, grits and gravy." we appreciate it. everyone at home stick around the big tech story of the day. potential breakthrough in wearable technology that could provide an early warning system for one of the most life threatening medical conditions we face in this country. fascinating journey inside the world of the company behind that. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with walk-in medical care, no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. rma. checking your credit score is for chumps. i have great credit. how do you know? duh.
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we're following news of a potentially life-changing break-through in wearable technology. samsung announcing it developed a headset that can detect early warning signs for strokes. it has been in the works for two years according to the company and may have other applications once it is developed. samsung is based in south korea and for them it is much more than technology. we had exclusive access to the secretive lab and sent back the
10:52 am
report. >> this is the mopu bridge in seoul, south korea. it is nicknamed the jumping bridge. in 2013 these upbeat messages were added to the bridge. the messages were chosen by suicide prevention specialists. this was a joint effort by the samsung life insurance and samsung ad agency. yes, that samsung. the one americans know for cell phones and current screen tvs. >> these are some of samsung's quarter million employees. which accounts for nearly 20% of
10:53 am
the country's output. >> after months of negotiation, we were invited into the samsung electronics headquarters. it is called digital city. it is a technology version of willie wonka's chocolate factory, where new devices are developed and show cased. after the negotiations we were moved into the samsung innovation system. our guide showed us the frig of the future. imagine a world where everything inside has sensors. remember that samsung insurance company and that samsung hospital, they might want to know if you are putting a lot of ice cream in the frig. if you eat a lot of lettuce maybe your insurance premiums should be lower. >> a person in korea every day
10:54 am
can go through their lives using only samsung products. when you wake up in the morning, the food that you eat can be made by a off-shoot company of samsung. when they go to work they can drive samsung cars. when you watch tv there are tv stations that are related to samsung. >> the samsung lifestyle is so appealing, they have women on the prowl for a samsung husband. >> which would you rather have for your husband? government worker samsung man? looking for a samsung man?
10:55 am
you might be the one. >> but many koreans were afraid to talk about the country's bee behemoth so here they go online to vent. they are people willing to strike out on their own here. >> while i was still working at microsoft i saw the huge demand for craft beers in korea. we've heard humors of samsung trying to come on board. i am quite scared they do have very deep pockets that will be tougher for the smaller breweries like me. >> the future arrives.
10:56 am
our thanks to our friends for that report. that wraps up today's rf daily and we appreciate you taking the time. now time for "the reid report." >> here on "the reid report," deflate-gate. and they speak publicly for the first time? and the yemen government fallsar a powerful standoff with an anti-american militia. what spell for the global wear on terror. and the death of king abdul abdullah abdullah. "the reid report" is next. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah.
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♪ stouffer's mac and cheese with real aged cheddar now in a convenient cup. new stouffer's mac cups. made for you to love. good afternoon. this is "the reid report." good to be with you. i'm francis rivera filling in for joy reid. we start with isis.
11:00 am
the 72 hour deadline given by the terror group has passed with no process for their release. the group demanded $200 million to not exec suit a freelance journalist and security contractor. the mother of one of the hostages has made a tearful plea for her son. and we are joined now by steve. how is japan approaching these negotiations and have they signaled a willingness to pay the ransom? >> to my knowledge, japan has not signaled a willingness to pay this ransom not at the left of 200$200 million. there is receipt issence reported in japan about really doing much to contact isis itself. there is a mixed story where the government on one hand said it is trying to reach out to isis but it actually has