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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 26, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart and developing now on "the rundown," huge weather day. up and down the east coast, as we're seeing the very first flakes of what could end up being an historic blizzard, but before we get to that, i want to tell you about another developing story. this one out of the white house. overnight federal law enforcement officials say they found a drone on the white house grounds. these are pictures of security pictures scanning the area this morning and we want to go straight to nbc's kristen welker at the white house with the very latest. kristen? >> reporter: jose good morning. the very latest we know. according to a federal law enforcement official a drone landed in a tree in the white house grounds at 3:00 a.m. eastern time. the secret service responded to it and determined the drone didn't pose a threat. secret service searched the ground of the south lawn overnight. the president and first lady are, of course on a diplomatic trip in india but their
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daughters and grandmother are here. white house press secretary josh earnest is traveling with the president and made these comments while speaking to reporters just a short time ago. take a listen. >> there is a device that has been recovered by the secret service at the white house. the early indications are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat right now to anybody at the white house. but as the secret service has more information about their investigation about what they've been able to learn about this they'll share nor information. >> reporter: now the interim dructer of the secret service joseph clancy is also in india with the president. he was appointed after a series of security lapses here at the white house including when that man jumped over the fence and made it deep inside the executive mansion last september. he has not commented, but this latest incident clearly raises new questions, and new concerns. secret service officials i've been speaking with today say they are investigateingened a planning to have more information later today. >> thank you so very much
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kristen welker. now what could be a blizzard of historic proportions from maryland to maine a blizzard warning in effect for a 250-mile stretch of the northeast. at least 29 million people are in the blizzard zone. some parts of the northeast could see up to three feet of snow. including thundersnow, and already airlines cancelled more than 4,000 flights through tomorrow. we have a team of reporters following this nature story. tom costello at reagan national airport. meteorologist dylan dreyer in pittsburgh, chris malone in boston and meteorologist bill karins tracking the latest forecast. bill, start with you. we're hanging on every word. what are we expecting and what? >> well for the most part what we're looking at is a lot of heavy snow coming up the coast and rain too, throughout the mid-atlantic region now. the storm is now beginning to develop and head off the coastline as far as the snow goes. don't be fooled by this morning.
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light stuff. cause an inconvenience. people think it's the blizzard starting. it's not yet. that's later tonight. as far at snow totaling the worst in the pink shaded areas. 29 million americans under the blizzard warnings now. this is monday p.m. to wednesday a.m. feet of snow gusts to 70 miles an hour. the worst, power going out, when people are trying to sleep tonight and early tomorrow morning, then the roads, everybody has to be off the roads or risk getting trapped on them. updated snowfall forecast map. the worst, pink shading who has a chance of two feet-plus. portland through worcester, boston providence, almost over to hartford and new haven and eastern portions of long island. as far as the specks go on this jose looking at 20 to 24 portland. boston 24. new york 18 philadelphia 8. a lot less for baltimore and d.c., but everywhere from philly northwards up the coast, jose that's where we're looking at the high impacts from the storm. >> bill thank you. it now to reagan national airport in arlington, virginia where nbc's tom costello is and, tom, we're talking
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thousands of flights already affected? >> reporter: yeah. that's right, jose. good morning to you. we only got rain here in washington this morning, but because of what is coming we've seen airlines already pro actively cancelled 2,000 flights today and already 2,000 cancellations for tomorrow. the most affected airports today, really no surprise. it will be philly. already new york city. laguardia newark and jfk, then move north and you've got, of course, boston, hartford connecticut, and into maine. spread west to columbus ohio. detroit, chicago all of these cities affected. already for tomorrow 88 0% of flights cancelled. the reason united airlines a hub at newark, proactively cancelling flights. newark for tomorrow already essentially a ghost town. expect the other airlines will follow suit. if we have that much snow on the ground you'll see the airlines trying to move flights, their planes out of the new york city
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area to sit the storm out in a drier location at least not as much snow then can fly back in once the snow is cleared from the runways and service these airports again. but if you're planning to fly in the next 24 48 even 72 hours, a very good chance you could be affected. even if not going into or out of the northeast. because of the ripple effect across the country. amtrak also affected. 720,000 people every day are on the northeast corridor, amtrak is watching the storm closely. got 475 miles of track and about 1,200 bridges. with a lot of snow that koim pact operations as well. jose, back to you. >> tom watching live shots out of boston logan airport, and what were you saying is key and important to underline that this is not just going to affect the northeast of the united states of america, but people flying throughout the country, and even internationally are going to be affected by this? >> reporter: yes. boston and philly, by the way, already cancelled 20% of their
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flights today and it's only what is it? 9:00 a.m. the storm hasn't really hit yet. the big impact this evening and tomorrow really really tough going. we haven't even talked about the highways and the roads. new york city, remarkssticity rather, new york state talking about chosen down thoroughfares. >> planes may not move much but someone chasing the blizzard nbc meteorologist dill pylan dreyer, starting her day northwest of pittsburgh in the big snow. billin dylan, good morning. >> reporter: trying to get to boston from a flight from pittsburgh to boston. see if it remain on time. we are at the start of the storm. it began as an alberta clipper in the northwest over it's weekend. now light to at times moderate snow. take a measurement. i got the yardstick. i'll need it in boston. about three inches of snow on
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the ground. over the course of the morning perked up an additional inch. here's a foot. here's two feet and here's 30 inches of snow. more like the snowfall totals we are going to see in hartford and providence and up into boston too, and then when you factor in those hurricane force wind gusts up near 70 to 80 miles per hour it's going to create these snow drifting about five to six feet high. well over my head but this storm right now is just gathering itself. still just a clipper producing a widespread two to four inches. by the time the storm strengthens overnight tonight over the atlantic we'll see snowfall rates come down at about two to four inches per hour, and this storm is going to stick around for hours. looking for to intensify around 10:00 in the new york city area last throughout the day tuesday and boston not really wind down until early wednesday morning pap long duration event, a lot of snow and we are certainly going to see power outages. everyone has to do what you can now to prepare yourself for these types of conditions because if your power goes out
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you need batteries you want to have perhaps a land line phone in case your cell phone battery goes dead and keep supplies handy, blankets and water and non-perishable food. using words like catastrophic and life-threatening to describe this storm. you need to take it seriously and prepare now while you still can. jose? >> dylan, thank you, from pittsburgh. go to boston and the whole state, frankly, is preparing to be buried in snow there. nbc's chris pallone is in boston. chris, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, lz. like dylan said they're using words like catastrophic and unprecedented, even historic here in the boston area to describe this potential storm. you know, the record for snowfall in the city of boston 27 1/2 inches and they say that record is certainly wynn reachithin reach what is forecast now. between 20 to 30 inches of snow in the city of boston. maybe more going south of here down towards providence and same snow totals up into southern new
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hampshire and into down east maine. now, we've got about eight to ten hours left before this thing gets really cranked up here in the boston area. massachusetts, govern charlie baker, is urging people to use these last hours to get prepared. his biggest fear not just the snow. this whole area will be under blizzard warning. they're worried about winds of up to 60 70 miles an hour. almost hurricane force winds and coastal flooding, these areas of massachusetts that generally flood, marshfield, plum island many boarding up homes much like they would for a hurricane, because this really could bring some coastal flooding widespread power outages over the next several days. they're saying be prepared to be in your home in the next several days here in the boston area. jose? >> i'll check in throughout "the rundown" this morning. just getting started on this pre-blizzard edition of the "rundown." you're looking right now at the
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city of boston. already seeing snowflakes this morning. we'll keep you updated on the latest forecast. plus a political blizzard at the iowa freedom summit. a lot of 20016 jockey ing16 jockeys. we caught up with donald trump. >> reporter: mitt romney? >> a loser. he lost. he should have won. he should have won. he choked. the last thing we need is another bush. he's very strong on common core which is a disaster. he's very weak on immigration. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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a live look at 1600 pennsylvania avenue where there were some snow flurries earlier, but the snow no longer falling. much more on this historic
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winter weather event throughout "the rundown." and chris jansing is traveling with the president who joins me now this morning. chris good to see you. amazing pictures coming out of india. what can you tell us about the day's festivities? >> reporter: it's been a busy day. this is the biggest holiday of the year and there's a huge parade. the president, the first sitting u.s. president, ever to serve as the chief guest, a place of honor. a lot made of it here in india. a couple of observations. first of all besides the fact it's a great parade in spite of a downpour at times. great floats. they had marching contingents from what are essentially the military operations in each state here. there were flyovers. you got to witness really some of the close relationships tweev aukd about between prime minister-month-old modi and president
6:15 am
obama. this is where the population growth in the world is happening most also where the economic growth is happening, and india is about to overtake china in both of those areas. a deepening of that relationship. the ability to announce some new deals on buildy nuclear plants moving forward on climate change and we just saw a meeting of u.s. and indian business folks looking to move forward and make more investments here including the ceos of major companies from pepsi and walt disney to westinghouse and marriott. so a lot of activity today, a very busy day for his last full day here in india. jose? >> and chris, the president, then, heads to saudi arabia. he'll meet with the new king. tell me about that. >> reporter: yeah king salman. obviously the first order of business pay respects following the death of king abdullah, and there's a congressional delegation, nancy pelosi is here. some other key members of congress who have been involved
6:16 am
in these u.s./india negotiations will also pay thr respects. there's business to be done. the u.s. has a very important -- >> we're losing -- the satellite transmission with chris jansing in india and as you see images from saudi arabia, where the president is heading next. chris jansing in india, thank you so very much for being with me. as we continue to cover the storm storm, there is another one well underway. the gop race for the white house, and if you're in that race chances are you had a pretty busy weekend. the billionaire koch brothers playing toast to potential 2016 names over the weekend and this weekend, learned another name. chris christie launching a political action committee critical to the 2016 run and also critical iowa where steve king played host to a who's who of 2016 names, including christie. one name not there --
6:17 am
jeb bush who declined an invitation to king's conference but said this on the subject of immigration on friday. >> we need to find a way, a path, to legalized status for those that have come here and have languished in the shadows. there's no way they're going to be deported. >> msnbc political correspondent casey hunt just back from iowa. so good morning to you. >> good morning, jose. >> what do you say is the biggest headline out of des moines this weekend? >> i think that the people that stood out at this conference in iowa were really the new faces. ted cruz absolutely brought the house down. wisconsin governor scott walker was a real standout. he's been working to sort of hone especially his approach onstage. not known as somebody wowing audience. i saw him give a speech at the winter meeting in san diego, delivered some of the same lines in iowa. fell flat with the establishment donor type of crowd but played really well with this
6:18 am
conservative activist crowd in iowa. a breakout moment for him. on the flip side you have as you noted, jeb bush and also mitt romney declining to attend here and the tone of this conference was really a lot different than what you heard from jeb bush in san francisco. and, frankly, the activists in iowa, they didn't seem to miss romney and bush. one of the speakers from the stage said we can't have another bush and there was lots of loud applause and cheering for that. >> and, casey, then also of course donald trump, who i understand made news with you? >> reporter: yes jose. a little bit of shall we say, around the edges, a number of other conservative figures at this conference. sarah palin was one. gave a long and rambling speech took a lot of criticism for in the conservative media. donald trump on the other hand did bring the crowd to its feet but there are questions about just how serious a presidential run for him would be. so i asked him a question that was sort of aimed at getting to know how serious he would be
6:19 am
about playing in iowa. take a listen. >> well my favorite county in iowa and i'm not going to get into that because this is not a history class, but one of my favorite places is iowa itself. >> reporter: there are 99 counties in iowa you can't name one? >> i'm not doing the history thing. not a question of naming. i can name more than one. >> reporter: such as -- >> not look who's who, who is the president of a different country. we don't do that. >> reporter: we don't do that. if you are serious about running a president's campaign it's likely you would not only know some of the counties in iowa but which you need to win to come out on top in the caucuses. >> he does probably know the ratings that he gets in all the different counties in iowa. >> reporter: i'm sure. >> good to see you, casey. talk to you in the necessary hour and also talk to one of the dreamers who made news for interrupting a speech in iowa on saturday. other stories, three
6:20 am
suspected al qaeda fighters killed today in yemen. first u.s. drone attack of the new year. also a live look now from the top of the rock. snow already causing thousands of flight cancellations. look at that. just went dark. that's how much snow there is. it just joveoverpowers everything. we'll be back in moments. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills, living trusts and more. visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this.
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6:24 am
president obama said sunday the u.s. strategy in yemen may not be simple but it's the best option we have. in washington state, apair of planes evacuated after arriving at tacoma airport. one passenger says the item mentioned a bomb threat but the airport would only cite security concerns. the scare a day after a bomb threat targeted two planes goundbound for georgia. and an elderly couple missing since last thursday. two warrants for this man, ronny towns. the last person to speak to the couple before they left to meet someone about a car they'd seen on craigslist. they were headed for mccray, georgia. authorities say they aren't sure if they ever made it that far. just minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. whether investors are dealing with the storm or not, but they certainly have been keeping close eyes on what happened in greece over the weekend. cnbc's dominic chu is there with
6:25 am
the market rundown. dominic, a while in wall street when we hear what's going on because of the snow? >> you know ate of factors playing into today's trade, jose. one of the big deals, you said the snow. going to be a up who factor here whether or not it affects traders in the new york area actually getting to work and doing the jobs they want to do. watching trading volumes closely and what's happening with the greek elections. whether or not they sway the markets. the sense from a lot of traders, rather contained. e don't see a lot of movement with u.s. stock futures now. a couple thingses to watch. the home building stocks dr horton, nation's biggest home builder in terms of total revenues, total sales, reported better than expected results. those shares moving up. that could drag the other home builders up with it and watch technology. especially the big cap names throughout the rest of this week, you have the likes of microsoft, apple, alibaba a slew of huge technology names reporting throughout the course of this week and technology shares are the biggest waiting
6:26 am
of the overall large cap s&p 500 index, why a lot of traders will pay close attention what the reports say and indicate about the health of the overall tech sector. balk to you. >> thank you. of course, keeping an eye on the opening bell when it occurs in about four minutes from now. meanwhile, a live look at philadelphia. another city where the salt trucks are out for the big storm. an update on the blizzard forecast, next on "the rundown." and speaking of storm preps, the new england patriots are getting out of dodge. leaving boston ahead of the blizzard. of course, they're heading to a much warmer and drier phoenix, arizona. ahead of the super bowl. seattle seahawks richard sherman put his stamp on deflate-gate. those details and much more ahead on "the rundown." ctive heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already.
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nbc's meteorologist bill karins is with us. the very latest forecast bill this is the real deal coming down? >> yeah. now down to about the final ten hours of preparations for people -- you think 29 million people have the potential to be without power at least two or three days. stuck in their houses snowed in because it's going to snow all day tuesday. no one will be outside. they may be able to keep up with the roads. wednesday, cleanup day. try to dig yourself out and they'll tell people stay off the highways on wednesday. some won't be able to leave their hours until thursday. what you're preparing for pt the possibility of being stuck in your house with you and your family two days maybe with no power. could be freezing cold. that's the danger we're trying to prepare for people for and only ten hours left. take you through the timing of the storm. important for getting things done today. up until sks6:00 p.m. light snow. we deal with this all the time. not a big deal. as we go through 9:00 or 10:00.
6:31 am
the storm bombs off the coast. called bombogenesis. 24 mail bar, consider that bombogenesis. this is thunderstorms of a ut coast, heavy moisture into the cold air and this lighter shade here, heavy snow. there's going to be a heavy snow band out there from starting about midnight tonight until about noon on tuesday. there will be lightning. you'll hear claps of thunder. call that thund per snow and underneath that a snowstorm like a thunderstorm. like three to four inches of snow an hour. however that sets up over the top of, that's who's going to get the worst of it. when we deal with the cleanup of the storm, not enjoyable, because a storm goes by takes cold air from canada throws it down at us. wednesday, full flown, single digits from hartford to boston a little warmer in new york city. by the time we get to wednesday morning, most will be out cleaning up from this we are
6:32 am
down to about 9:00 by 6:00 p.m. wednesday morning, single digits all the way to d.c., philly hartford. you get the picture. brutally cold and windy when people are trying to shove from this. this is the center of the storm. bombs out. the back side cold side of the storm. almost all snow. don't have the to deal with sleet or freezing rain. maybe out here on the islands of cape cod, that's it. everybody else, all-snow event. the back edge cuts off around the philadelphia area and right around baltimore. why we have that lower snow totals. if the storm is going to bust not going to do as expected it would be the hudson valley to philadelphia, maybe even new york city's on the line too. i still think new york city getting at least a foot no matter what. windchill, already cold in new england. the storm is coming off the coast. get to my forecast map, jose to let you know exactly what my latest thinking was. blizzard warnening out there. the best bet of that three feet of snow in this blue section in
6:33 am
here. where the thundersnow is most common. eastern half of long island connecticut, northern rhode island worcester through the 495 loop around boston and in boston steft. back into southern portions of nump nump port smith and back up into portland, maine. all of these locations have a chance of at least two feet maybe three feet of snow and that's why this will be an historic storm. talking life-threatening storm. emergency workers will not be able to get to these people. thinking, 29 million people. probably a couple hundred of them pregnant near full term. you got people making tough decisions now. imagine you're expecting. what do you do? go to the hospital now or risk being at home and going into labor? so many problems are going to be because of this. >> and bill, you're saying monday morning. you're saying really this is going to be a problem, the first, the snow and bitter cold until at least thursday? >> i bet power crews won't get all the power on until the end
6:34 am
of the weekend, that bad. power crew don't have snow plows. they have to wait for the roads to be cleared. tuesday, the storm, lose power. snowed in. wednesday plows try to go to work. hopefully done by the end of wednesday and then the power crews on thursday get out to start their work. talking a couple 00,000 people some not until friday or saturday until power is back o. bill karins thank you. one of the places expected hardest hit, massachusetts. the new governor telling residents to expect power outages, shutdown of mass transit and a major disruption to daily life. in boston could be a record-breaker. that's where nbc's miguel is with us. good morning. what about the largest storm ever approaching? rt good morning >> reporter: good morning. boston bracing for a winter white jou whiteout. the mayor says, stay inside if you can the next 24 how shes.
6:35 am
the city has more than 700 pieces of winter snow machines and clearing devices that are getting ready to hit the streets. some 35,000 pounds of salt also at the ready. right now streets for the most part of clear. sidewalks are passable but all of that it expected to change by late tonight. we're expecting up to two feet of snow here in boston. some 29 million people will feel the effects of this storm in this larger region out here. the city says any emergency personnel that can be on staff will be out on the streets. also asking everyone to stay out of the area if they can. they're expecting that snow to start falling close to 6:00 7:00 later tonight. of course the heavy stuff overnight into tuesday, anyone who can stay inside is warned to do so jose. >> from boston thank you very much and staying in boston. the new england patriots have a sendoff before escape be for arizona preparing for super bowl xlix. the pats trying to escape that
6:36 am
other storm. deflate-gate. and if you asked them the patriots just want to play some football. patriots receiver edelman says anxious to get out there and feel your surroundings, what you'll work with as far as facility, meeting rooms. don't have to worry about anything else. much more on the run-up to the super bowl and deflate-gate. peter? >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. patriots will appreciate the change in atmosphere and pressure. zero degrees, windchill in boston now. 68 degrees when they arrive in the desert in phoenix. a little later today. the patriot faithful expected in a short time from now after 11:00 for a big rally. tom brady in attendance. all of this as one of their outspoken opponents, richard sherman, has basically called out the nfl commissioner and the patriots owner for a conflict of interests. >> let the war of words begin. >> i guess it is ironic i was the villain last year. seeing as i didn't break any
6:37 am
rules or do anything despicable. >> reporter: seattle cornerback richard sherman, no stranger to sound bites. >> when you star me with a -- that's what you going to get. >> reporter: saying the relationship between the patriots owner and league's commissioner could prevent the team from being punished over deflate-gate. >> will they be punished? probably not. not as long as kraefrt and roger goodell are still taking pictures at their respective homes. he was just as kraft's house last week. talk about conflict of interest. >> reporter: sherman's comments came hours after the seahawks touched down in phoenix ahead of sunday's game. while some teammates refused to fan the flames. >> i focus on playing the game. all the distractions of the footballs have nothing to do with us. >> reporter: sherman's words re-emerged the words of bill bell chick. and following days of
6:38 am
exponentially more research into the matter. >> i believe now 100% that i have personally and we as an organization have absolutely followed every rule to the letter. >> reporter: the league announced over the weekend it's conducted nearly 40 interviews so far during its investigation and scientists took the matter in their own hands. some dismissed the allegation carnegie mellon separately conducted tests that determined cold temperatures and moisture could lowery football's air pressure in certain cases. all of it was fair game for "snl" that had a field day with the patriots quarterback tom brady. >> guys, i don't know things! i'm not a banker. i'm not a science computer. >> did you just say science computer? >> isn't that what you call it? i don't know. >> reporter: the real tom brady will have to face new questions tomorrow. that is media day in arizona,
6:39 am
and voors for the patriots and parady himself, their desire is to focus on the game this coming sunday. not the game more than a week ago. that's the latest from here jose back to you. >> peter alexander thanks. a live look at gillette stadium, home of the new england patriots. also a live look now at times square. first flakes falls ahead of what's expected to be a full-blown blizzard, and, of course, with bad weather comes a ton of health and safety concerns. we'll talk to storm preps with dr. devy and how to keep your family safe. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. stephanie saw a gaping hole in the health care industry. once you leave your doctor's office, who's there to help you stay healthy day to day? so she lunched a bead to health. an app connecting people with health coaches by their side 24/7. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on
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♪ go! go! go! he's challenging the very fabric of society. in a post cannonball world! was it grilled cheese? guilty! the aquatic delinquency is a larger issue to this ♪ you did it again, didn't you? yup. ♪ now back to the blizzard and winter storms can have a devastating impact on healthy safety. this winter storm is expect ttd droge more than two feet of snow in the northeast. roads might not be the only hazards. danger could be no farther than your driveway or your front yard. the risks are everywhere from shoveling snow to making
6:43 am
snowmen. dr. devy joinening me now for much more on how to keep you and your family safe from the storm. dr. devy a pleasure. >> nice to see you, too, jose. >> thanks. what the biggest mistake a lot people make a situation like this. >> people are taking extra precautions in terms of driving and walking around but they forget the risk of heart attacks. especially shoveling snow. especially this much snow. you're at risk to have a heart attack or a stroke in that type of condition. what happens is sometimes people get symptoms chest pain. pain in their jaw or arm and think they've pup add muscle. remember, this is a huge taxing exercise on the heart and on top of that doing a lot of manual labor and in stressful conditions. in the cold, the heart already has a hard time keeping your body warm. >> yeah and a lot of kids home from school and want to play outside in the snow. how do you know how to keep them safe? >> it's difficult. you want to let kids play of
6:44 am
course. the thing is kids are at rick mostly for falls and head injuries. what can's has, sometimes when they fall on the snow they hit themselves with the shovel. be careful if they're playing with toys other shovels, they have safety. proper footwear to not slip as much and think about flat surfaces, of course. you're more at risk to slip otherwise. teens, hire a teenager or somebody else to shovel your snow to predict you from your risk of heart attack but the teens have to be careful and make sure they have proper padding, the proper gear to be able to do this type of manual labor. >> and talk to me about frostbite. could be a huge risk in the next couple of days especially after the snow. bill told us wednesday and thursday are going to be bitter cold. what are some of the signs of frostbite? >> the first thing you'll see is actually, feel it maybe in your ears fingers, nose. you feel cold and start to lose sensation. those areas can become numb. what you start to worry about, is there any color change. if the skin is pale or white,
6:45 am
sometimes can turn blue. there's something to think about here. the reason you get frostbite is because your body's actually struggling can't keep itself warm everywhere. it's basically shunting a lot of that blood and that warmth to your heart and to your lungs and to your brain. so what's happening is these areas further out from your heart are actually getting older and the water in our bodies is actually freezing. so those tissues can die. >> what's the difference between frostbite and hype other they were kbra? >> hypothermia is the other problem. say you kept those areas warm. the problem, then your core areas get cold. so as that happens, your body temperature lowers. sort of the opposite of a fever where your body temperature is going down and then your brain can't function as well. at first your body does things to try to keep itself warm. shiver, you'll see that. at a certain point that stops and you'll see a lot of changes inner its of thinking. people might have slurred speech not able to talk easily think clearly. if you're confused tired and
6:46 am
confused you may not realize if you're having problems with your thinking and may not be the first person to be aware of it so others have to keep an eye on you. that can be a fatal condition as well where your thinking slows down and eventually loss of consciousness or death. if you have a loved one out there in the snow shoveling or just generally in cold conditions, make sure that you keep an eye on how they're doing. >> doctor this can happen relatively quickly. right? >> it can. it can happen quickly because your body fights it up to a point. at once meets that resistance and it's difficult to maintain your body temperature is suddenly drops. be careful about that. >> and on frostbite, for example, permanent damage? >> it can be. if those tissues die it can be permanent. if you catch it early enough you can rewarm those tissues and bring them back to life to protect them, but you want to catch it before that point. if you see any color changes, that's the time you have to intervene. >> dr. devy always a pleasure to see you.
6:47 am
thanks for being with me. a live look at rockefeller skater. few skaters willing to face the start of the snowstorm. more than a couple minutes ago. we'll keep you updated on this blizzard forecast. and a new miss universe crowned last night in miami. not without in controversy. many on social media saying fourth runner-up miss jamaica should have taken the prize. especially for this answer. >> hi jamaica. >> hi. >> what is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world? >> well, as we all know, we have the home to the legend aerary bob marley who contributed such great music to this world and we have the fastest man alive, frail blazing the jamaican flag. thank you so much. crunch! a garbage truck backs into it. so,you call your insurance company, looking for a little support. what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your flashers
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6:51 am
pictures from boston buses that will take the new england patriots to the airport where they'll be heading west for the super bowl. and live pictures from boston city hall where they're holding a sendoff rally for the team. not a lot of people there, but keeping a close eye on it bringing you all of the information as the day goes on. some entertainment news this morning. we just might have a preview of what oscar night will look like, thanks to the screen actor guild awards. julianne moore took home an award for "still alice" and eddie redmain won for "the theory of everything" and the cast of "bird man" one the ensemble award. kevin spacey won for frank underwood, and william h.macy for his role in "shameless."
6:52 am
the northeast braces for a blizzard, another award show brought the heat last night here in south florida. miss columbia took home miss universe title. pauline a vega business administration student beat out contestants from 88 other countries that participated in the event. keeps the hands in the title of another latina contestant. miss usa was first runner-up. she gets an undisclosed salary apartment in new york and one year scholarship to new york film academy. back to the big apple in what's expected to be hours and hours of snow has just begun falling heavily. we are expecting to hear from the mayor of the city bill de blasio around 11:30 this morning. also new video of salt spreaders and snowplows ready to
6:53 am
hit the streets of new york. some 500 salt trucks already on the streets ahead of the storm. weather channel sam champion is in new york. how is it looking? >> reporter: starting with roads in good shape as we start to collect snow. all weekend there was light snow in the area, that was cleared, piled up from sidewalks, also on road surfaces but at least they have a pretty good starting path to get roads cleared through the rest of the day. if you take the winter in an area like new york city that's all right, go ahead. if you take winter in an area like new york city still talking five inches below normal in snowfall. this storm system will make that up. remember, the zone in the forecast for about 18 to 24 inches of snow. through the city area as we go through the day and night, blizzard warnings will continue from 1:00 in the afternoon until midnight tuesday. a lot of that time will be spent in howling winds and snow. even when the snow schultz down
6:54 am
the idea of leaving blizzard warnings up even when we think it is not going to be snowing, the wind will still be strong and all of that snow that fell if the storm verifies with 18 to 24 inches will be blowing. there will be a large period of time, call it most of the day tuesday, when the idea is don't get out, just stay in let the storm pass. >> sam champion thank you so much. we will check in with sam in the next hour. coming up as we take a turn on the rundown, dramatic turn of events in greece after they elect a leftwing leader. live in athens with details. also blizzard watch on the east coach, a major update coming to the forecast at the top of the hour. we're going to bring you all breaking information throughout the program. we will also hear from connecticut governor dan malloy on how his state is prepping for a potentially historic blizzard on the way. (woman) caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things.
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we are back with the second hour of the rundown as we track a major blizzard taking aim at the northeast. we just got an update from the national weather service. in seconds we're going to hear from the connecticut governor dan malloy who ordered evacuation of the emergency operations center. this video just into us a short time ago. new york city getting ready to do battle with 12 inches of snow expected there. let's get the very latest on the track of the storm. msnbc meteorologist dominica davis has the latest. good morning. >> good morning, yes. we are getting updated snow totals. it is pretty much staying on tragedy. here is the radar now. the main part of the storm is still out through pittsburgh cleveland, columbus. that's where the part of the low is now. the main part of this system really the blizzard that we are talking about, comes tonight. that's really when this gets going. but the snow is around, starting
6:59 am
to fall from philadelphia to new york to hartford. leading edge getting into boston. this will bring a few inches by the evening commute. it is tonight where the real heavy stuff and blizzard conditions will start to come into effect. that's what we are looking at right now as far as snow totals. what we are still seeing is on the high side. again, this is a blockbuster storm. we are calling it 22 to 26 in boston, 16 to 20 in new york lowering that a little bit. still significant snow. and we could see the potential of up to a foot of snow in philadelphia. so the main part of the system heaviest snow is still trending to new england. so the heaviest part will be from new york to boston. here is a look at future cast. as we track the storm, here is what you need to know. what's going on out there right now, it is a nuisance more of a nuisance. still dangerous, but really the dangerous part of the storm, where we're going to be talking blizzard conditions and really
7:00 am
terrible travel is going to come by this evening. here we are, 6:00 monday. the storm is starting to come up. we are looking at pretty much moderate snow over the area. nothing too major. by the time we get to evening hours pushing, closer to midnight, that's when the storm really bombs out. that's when we are going to look at problems. the main part of the storm is going to be overnight and in through the first part of tomorrow by the time it winds down. power outages are going to be a major concern, and travel will be at a stand still for much of the east coast. these are certainly things we can count on in the next 24 hours. the storm will move away by tuesday afternoon and on the back side we could have an additional couple inches of snow. the main part of it is tonight and tomorrow morning. here is a look. the cold is locked in place. we will have wind chills that will be in the 20s from boston all the way down to new york and
7:01 am
philadelphia and then tomorrow morning 7:00 the storm, in the brunt of it. wind chills will be in the single digits and teens. so we are talking very dangerous cold. it is going to be very slippery out here. here is a look at the euro snowfall forecast. all models are starting to come in agreement. that means the confidence level of prediction for the snow is definitely there as we are getting closer to it. so this snowstorm comes up tonight and it is going to make for quite a bit of snow as we have been talking about. of course we will keep you updated on the newest models when they come in we will see if snow forecasts get higher or lower over the next coming hours. jose? >> and this is going to be a real problem just on the temperature side until probably end of the week then the cleanup will be well a long time coming. >> yeah, jose. this is going to come down as that sort of fluffy snow.
7:02 am
it is going to have a weight to it. as we get in the next couple days, it starts to freeze. so if you're shoveling a day out or two days out, you have a nice ice pack on it. for shoveling purposes yeah it will be pretty much a nightmare the next couple days. even as we go into the weekend on the east coast, temperatures are going to drop into the teens for daytime highs. >> dominica davis, thank you so much for being with me. appreciate it. let's head outdoors in new york, mayor bill de blasio is expected to update new yorkers next hour on storm prep. we know the city sent out 500 salt spreaders in advance of the snow, even more will be sent through the day. here are pictures we got in recently, 6,000 miles of road in new york city alone. jane tim on the west side where salt spreaders and snowplows are already deployed. jane are they ready? >> reporter: they certainly look ready. we have seen them all morning
7:03 am
filling in the garage behind me stacked floor to ceiling with salt. saw dozens of trucks fill up and hit the streaks this morning. we know there are 2400 sanitation department workers out, 7:00 to 7:00 and 7:00 p.m. tonight, another 2400 workers take the streets and try and keep the snow off it. as you can see, it is already snowing. we're already seeing it stick. visibility is pretty low. a few minutes ago could barely see hoboken. starting to clear as the wind blows, but i think they're aiming for overpreparedness versus underpreparedness, could be the worst storm in a very long time. >> nbc's jane timm on manhattan's west side. thank you so much. take you now to boston, we have been telling you massachusetts will bear a lot of the brunt of the storm. look at the huge amount of salt the city has on hand. that's salt there. this could become boston's biggest storm ever might be
7:04 am
like the blizzard when two and a half feet fell. chris pallone is with me. it is snowing? >> it is cold 12 13 degrees now. we are getting a couple of flurries. there might be ocean effect snow that moves in before the storm hits about 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. but the travel problems are already starting to stack up even though we are seeing a little burst of sunlight now. logan airport announced in the last few minutes it is stopping all flights tonight at 7:30 so no more flights in and out of logan tonight sometime between 7:30, 8:00 tonight. they don't anticipate resuming flights until wednesday morning at the earliest. if you're looking to travel it is going to cause a domino effect across the east coast. other cities from philadelphia to maine. if you're trying to get somewhere in the country, that could be a problem. using words like historic,
7:05 am
unprecedented for this storm. snow is one thing. predicting 20 to 30 inches in boston down into providence into down east maine. governor charlie baker says what could be a big problem is coastal flooding. there are many areas on the massachusetts coastline, up in plum island, down to the south shore on the cape in the islands where this could pose a problem. along with flooding and heavy snow, there will be winds up to 70 miles per hour near hurricane force winds. people started taking precautions. many people are boarding up homes along the coastline here. normal day people are doing work in boston today, there's a matter of the patriots send off rally to the super bowl going on in an hour. after that it is all storm, jose. >> chris pallone in boston thank you so much. there's a briefing under way with governor malloy in connecticut. he is taking questions. let's listen in.
7:06 am
>> when we lift it we will announce a lifting as we are taking this step of pre-announcing closure in anticipation that blizzard conditions could arise as early as that time. [ [ inaudible ] question ] >> seems they're preparing for some outage. >> sure. both utilities are treating this as a level one occurrence so for cl and p, up to 100 or 110,000 households could be out of power, with respect to ui, that would probably represent around 10%, or 10,000 maybe slightly higher but those things can change dramatically.
7:07 am
we don't know what the weight of the snow is, whether we will experience 35 45 or 60. we are preparing for 60 on the coast, people should make those assumptions. it is important to note if you're without power, you're going to be without power for a period of time. in all likelihood several days. so i'll give you my advice. you have a fireplace that's usable, have some wood ready. if you don't bring in to your home a heater a system that has exhaust, don't bring that into the house, don't run it in your garage for that matter. we don't want people to die as a result of those emissions.
7:08 am
we are putting cold weather protocols in effect the announcement will be made shortly that they're in effect presume that's coming relatively soon. that's being coordinated with our local partners. we know that a number of communities are already going out, we urged them to go out and find folks who they know are frequently homeless and get them into shelter and we are prepared to work with those communities. we asked 211 to staff up and they are doing that as this kind of incident requires. >> using bus service to get home early, leave work early? >> we don't want buses stranded. that's why we made a call said that the last trip or last bus leaving will be at 8:00 p.m. so people should plan accordingly and travel accordingly. >> governor malloy from
7:09 am
connecticut talking about the preparations and plans that are under way to deal with what could be a massive storm hitting that state, and much of the northeast. announcing a travel ban in connecticut starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight for that state. we are going to take a short break and continue with all of the developing news. this is a massive, potentially massive storm that's going to hit much of the northeast of the united states of america. tens of millions of people effected. a live shot from times square in new york city where the snow is just starting. but we are going to continue covering from all angles on the rundown. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent
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7:12 am
here is a live shot from philadelphia, one city starting
7:13 am
to feel the impact from the massive winter storm. joining me the mayor from stamford connecticut. >> good morning. >> we heard the governor issuing a travel ban for the state beginning at 9:00 p.m. what can you tell us about what preparations you are doing? >> we just completed an emergency operations meeting of all key department operations police, fire health schools, including the power company and we have already decided to declare a snow emergency in stamford. the crews are ready on trucks, ready to start plowing, we closed schools tomorrow no garbage collection tomorrow and we have opened the city garages and are encouraging people to park in city garages, get their cars off the street. >> paint the picture for us. as of right now, it is not critical as far as the weather
7:14 am
situation, but we expect that to change in short order? >> absolutely. we are perfectly fine but we are preparing for the worst. and i think we are prepared. what we really need is when the storm starts to hit tonight as you already know the governor declared a travel ban. we expect both i-95 and merit parkway to be closed expect metro north to be closed down. people need to get prepared to ride out the storm. >> mayor, what concerns you more than anything now? >> what concerns me most is people trying to get out and do something tomorrow when they shouldn't be. it is better to stay home and stay safe even if there's a power outage. we don't need more cars slipping around on roads when we are trying to plow and make things safe for emergency vehicles and everything else. i hope that everybody is ready. we have every fire station
7:15 am
available for warming centers, if people lose power. but that's the thing most concerns me, people trying to do their own thing on the streets in the middle of a blizzard. >> as of 9:00 tonight, there's no mobility in the streets of your city or the state. >> that's correct. >> mayor david martin of stamford, thank you for being with me. good to see you. >> thank you. bye. back to the developing story out of the white house we told you about in the last hours, getting more details about the device that flew onto the white house grounds. kristin welker joins me with the latest. >> reporter: here is what we know according to a law enforcement official, a drone landed in a tree by the white house. secret service tells me it started at 3:08 a.m. an officer heard and saw the device, approximately two feet in diameter. it was apparently flying at low
7:16 am
altitude before it crashed. secret service officials searched the grounds of the south lawn overnight with flashlights. the president and first lady are on a diplomat i can trip but their daughters and grandmother are here. josh earnest is traveling with the president and made comments speaking to reporters a short time ago. take a listen. earnest essentially said the drone did not appear to pose a threat based on an early investigation, but obviously the administration monitoring those developments very closely. the interim director of secret service, joseph clancy is also in india with the president. he was appointed after a series of security lapses at the white house, including when you recall a man jumped over the north fence and made it deep inside the executive mansion. clancy hasn't commented, but this raises new questions and concerns.
7:17 am
secret service officials say they'll have more on the incident later today. >> good to hear that someone heard it and saw it as soon as it entered. good sign. thank you so much. and in the aftermath of another storm we are following, the political one in iowa this weekend. iowa republican congressman steve king played host to 15 of the gop hopefuls and top republicans. he also had some uninvited guests dreamers holding up steve king's own word deportable. and governor rick perry spoke saturday. two dreamers arrested by police outside the summit. joining me one of the dreamers that interrupted governor perry, co-director of dream action. erica, good to see you. >> hi jose good morning. >> this is not the first time you've gotten attention in iowa and beyond. what's the goal of these confrontations? >> well just particularly the goal of this past weekend was really to get a message not
7:18 am
necessarily to steve king or to his crowd. i think for us it is pretty much a lost cause trying to get him to understand you know the stories of the undocumented community and that issue, but it was mostly for presidential candidates that were there who are trying to be presidential candidates for 2016. perry and chris christie whether they stand with steve king or whether they stand with immigrant and latino community. and it seemed like chris christie called him one of his good friends and i think to us it really has to show where they stand and where the latino community should be looking at or who they should be looking at in 2016 for the best person for the presidency. >> steve king took another swipe at dreamers saying they're from another planet. there's the deportable comment. why do you think going to someone like that's meetings
7:19 am
when you know clearly where he stands, there's going to be no change with him, why even deal with this. >> i think it is mostly like i said trying to make sure that those who are running for this very important seat in 2016 the presidential seat for us we are very very concerned about the fact that whoever wins in 2016 has the power to overturn whatever happens, what already happened with daca. it is important to know who is going to be that person from the gop and from the democrats so that they don't do that so they continue the program, so that they have better options for the latino community and immigrant community. and chris christie and perry should know better. why go to steve king that's not a good way to start. they should have learned from mitt romney when he you know continued to say that he believed that we should self deport, he lost the majority of
7:20 am
latino community when he continued to make those comments. so hopefully they learned from that and stay away from steve king as much as possible. that was the message we have there, not necessarily for steve king but for them. >> and in buzz feed dreamers are back and coming for the gop and clinton. what does it mean for both sides? >> yeah. you'll see that in the past for us we don't shy away from also holding the democrats accountable. for us hillary clinton made comments about children coming from south america, about really what the president could have done in the past and it is important to know who is running for the seats, jeb bush or clinton. i think we're going to be looking at both seeing who has the best to offer to our community. it doesn't matter the party but i mean we have hope it will be
7:21 am
somebody that's not going to be going into the presidency breaking another record of deportations because we don't need that any more. >> always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you, jose. up next more on the blizzard in the northeast. the city of brotherly love gets ready for the massive winter storm and possible thunder snow. in less than an hour big sendoff rally for the patriots as they get ready to leave for the super bowl. doesn't matter how much snow the fans will be out there. live pictures outside city hall. and deflate gate was too much for the "saturday night live" writers. >> you don't want the truth. deep down in places you don't talk about in super bowl parties, you want me on that ball, you need me on that ball. >> did you deflate the ball? >> i did the job i was told to do! >> did you deflate the ball! >> you are damn right i did!
7:22 am
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7:25 am
as this 2015 blizzard moves east, one of the cities being hit right now is philadelphia. already this morning flights there either delayed or cancelled all together. more than a foot of snow is expected to fall in the metro area. the weather channel reynolds wolf is in philly. it is already snowing, right? >> reporter: absolutely. timing is i canmpeccable. we heard a plane taking off from the airport. that's good news. some flights are moving at the airport. bad news is we have more snow coming down and we expect things to deteriorate once again at the airport. we will have more cancellations with a storm of this magnitude. we are in opening chapters of a story that will last the next several days. roads have been treated, but
7:26 am
with roughly 400 cars they have out, when i say cars referring to salt trucks and plows, so roads are fine. earlier this morning one of the plows hit a pedestrian outside of town. time around 6:20. and another incident between a car and snowplow. 2:00 towards harrisburg on interstate 81 a truck jackknifed. so we are going to have some issues on roadways. that's a given. in terms of snow and issues from that, what we could see is from 6 to 8 inches of snowfall in the next several days. some locations getting up to a foot of snowfall. vantage point. right now, in independence hall. you can see the skies are cloudy for the time being. expect more clouds more wind more snow. remember guys it is not just effecting places like philadelphia. as you make your way up the jersey shoreline into long
7:27 am
island new york city into boston, some locations could get in excess of two feet of snowfall. philadelphia, although people need to take it seriously, probably will have an easier time than you'll have in new york city and into boston. that's a wrap guys. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. reynolds wolf live in philadelphia. and more than 4,000 flights are already cancelled in anticipation of the nor'easter. the latest on how travel is being impacted in a live report. and the u.s. launches drone strikes against al qaeda in yemen. the latest on this developing story coming up. introducing aleve pm... the pm pain reliever. that dares to work all the way until... [birds chirping] the am. new aleve pm. it's the first to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last all the way until morning. new aleve pm, for a better am.
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you know i tried one of those bargain paper towels but the roll just disappeared. bounty is 2x more absorbent so one roll lasts longer. bounty. the long lasting picker upper i think she tried to kill us. are you kidding me? no, it's only 15 calories. with reddi wip fruit never sounded more delicious with 15 calories per serving and real cream the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. the connecticut department of transportation will have its entire fleet of more than 600 crews active. we have been in coordination with local and municipal public works departments to assist with clearing secondary roads. >> that was the connecticut governor dan malloy moments ago
7:31 am
talking about the emergency preparations ahead of the big blizzard. a statewide travel ban will go into effect at 9:00 tonight in connecticut. we are keeping an eye on several other news conferences. new jersey governor chris christie speaking at noon and massachusetts governor charlie baker speaking at that time. 12:45, mayor bill de blasio in new york city expected to be speaking. and weather channel's sam champion joins us from midtown manhattan. >> reporter: how are you. we are starting -- nice to see you, too. you can see that we are in the zone that around columbus circle. we had light snow move through the area. stuff that you're seeing here jose, is all from the weekend, slush and ice they pulled off the roads and sidewalks. so you start with a nice clear base to get the snow on top of. the moment you came to us, a little sun peeking through the clouds. but we're going to take care of that pretty soon.
7:32 am
as this low gets closer to the coastline, what's going to happen is it really gets extra energy from the jet stream has plenty of open ocean moisture to work with. this thing has everything it needs to be a monster. the interesting thing is which model wins here. we have a couple different versions of what's going to happen. one of them would put this area in new york city in more of a band like 8 inches of snow while another model will put it in almost 12 to 18 inches of snow. this is the kind of thing everybody looks at the forecast about, and everybody is deciding what model to go with. it means a lot to people. am i going to get 8 inches or 18 inches of snow. we are going to be watching that carefully. the weather channel is tightening those bands and looking at it throughout the day and tonight. jose you said something earlier about getting people off the roads. i wholeheartedly totally agree. by afternoon and evening hours, you should be ready to sit this out safely inside your home. >> and sam, talk to me about what exactly thunder snow means.
7:33 am
>> ha-ha-ha. well, you know used to be something we said you never really see it never hear it can't show you pictures because it is a sign of an explosively developing winter storm. just like in a regular thunderstorm, the mechanics work the same way. when you're starting to build a powerful storm, you're getting huge lift. clouds are really taking moisture and shoving it up into the atmosphere. and as it goes up you start shedding layers of moisture. the air goes up and it starts throwing moisture out so it can get higher. it starts going higher and higher. as it goes so fast like that rapid development, you'll see classic signs of that. lightning, a little thunder. the weird thing is when you see it and don't think about putting it together with snow so in the strongest, most rapidly intensifying snow storms we have thunder snow. it is one of the things everybody in this business wants to say they stood there and
7:34 am
watched it. just a few times have i had the opportunity to see it and we expect we will have that classic development of a big, rapidly building storm tonight. >> weather channel sam champion. good to see you, my friend. thanks for being with me. >> nice to see you, sir. now with the latest on the airport situation, let's bring in aviation producer jay blackman. good morning. >> good morning. >> talking thousands of cancellations? >> talking about upwards of 2500 cancelations, more than 3,000 delayed, and it is just going to get worse. if you don't have to go to the airport, it would be a good idea. the airlines at this point have a liberal cancellation policy. you don't want to be stuck sleeping at an airport overnight. >> this is not just effecting the northeast of the united states. >> it is said three new york airports are effected by snow
7:35 am
it is like getting a cold. it shuts down the entire air space. you have international flights that use kennedy and newark frequently. it is really the most crowded air space in the nation. right now, you have flight -- you want to keep an eye on it. it is tough in new york and new york city. it's also going to be difficult at dca, washington reagan airport, because we have a little light snow going on. boston logan airport after 7:00 p.m. all airlines cancelled flights. the airport hopes to remain open, keep runways plowed try to keep up with it. a spokesman telling me they'll plow until it is too dangerous for employees to be on runways. >> nbc's jay blackman thank you for that update. appreciate it. a few hours from now, that blizzard will blanket the northeast. no question about it. the snow is already falling. may look pretty but there are dangers everywhere even outside your front door, kids, the
7:36 am
elderly may be especially at risk in the storm. dr. devi good morning. a snowstorm is a great time to be a kid, could be dangerous. >> i agree. they have the same risk that we do as adults. and more at risk for slips and falls. can have head injuries related to hitting the pavement or hitting tools. >> it is dangerous to be outside when it gets as cold as it is expected to get in the northeast. >> of course. kids i group them into two categories. kids can communicate, if they recognize symptoms, say frostbite frostbite, fingers are changing colors fingers or nose is getting numb maybe they can stay out longer they'll be able
7:37 am
to tell you a problem, as opposed to kids that are smaller that can't talk or communicate, you want to bring them in sooner. there's not a set time. you have to be careful about that. and adults too, we have to be careful of frostbite, it is common in the fingers, nose ears toes these are areas that can freeze and low body temperature is a huge problem in this weather. >> always a pleasure to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> stay with msnbc. we have special coverage of blizzard 2015 starting 1:00 p.m. eastern with craig melvin. coming up, a win for greece's far left party causing concerns for the markets. we have a live report from athens. and the northeast bracing for the storm for the record books. we're taking you to crossroads of the world for a live report next. first, #blizzard2015 is trending worldwide. here is a photo mosaic more on the store ahead on the rundown.
7:38 am
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a live picture now from boston where the new england patriots are getting a super bowl sendoff, trying to get out of town before the blizzard hits. now i want to take you to greece and major political changes. a new leader was sworn in following an election that challenged austerity measures. michelle car use oh cabrera is in athens. give us the big picture. what happened? >> reporter: well, what happened was we had a leftist, a socialist, near communist leader elected as the leader of greece. he campaigned on the problem to renegotiate a massive bailout, $300 billion, with the lenders of the country. all of the austerity measures
7:42 am
he doesn't like them and the population doesn't like them. don't like the fact that government size is cut, salaries cut, pensions cut, unemployment has gone up. he promises to do re-negotiation. but the problem is all of the things he wants to do the other countries and international monetary fund don't want him to do. so promises to be a showdown. how is that showdown going to finish? many people worry that ultimately greece could be kicked out of the eurozone the group of countries that decided to use the euro or he may want to leave. if that happens, could lead to instability in europe and instability for the u.s. economy, it is a big trading partner for us. >> michelle the euro has been slipping forecasting it may reach parody with the dollar by this summer but the question this leader can say he is going to do this and that but they're expecting a 9 billion euro injection of cash in the next couple weeks to continue running
7:43 am
the government. that's even in jeopardy now. >> reporter: yeah that's the leverage that they have over him. he says he wants to do this that and the other thing. has a list of things they don't like. they can turn to him and say you want to do those things, then you won't get the money which helps you pay your bills and salaries. so that's what they have over him. at the same time, they don't want to see instability. so looks like there's going to have to be some give and take between the two sides. may have to give him a little of what he wants to avoid a bigger issue. >> and michelle as you said beginning of this conversation, he says he is going to renegotiate with europe the german chancellor is not very prone to doing this kind of stuff. the question is, even if he is willing to talk they're not willing to change their position. >> reporter: no, no. the only thing they are willing to do is they have a huge batch of loans. they said okay maybe what we could do is give you longer to pay it back and reduce interest rates. imagine if you have a mortgage
7:44 am
and the bank says instead of 30 years you can have 50 years, instead of 4% rate you can have a 1% rate. they might be willing to do that, but he has to stick with conditions they impose which he doesn't want to stick with. that's the real issue. >> michelle thank you so much for being with me this morning. meanwhile, the united states launched drone strikes against al qaeda in yemen this morning. the first since the country's ruling government was toppled by shiite rebels. joined by former white house middle east policy adviser. >> good morning, jose. >> the president said this strategy is basically the best we have. does it change now that the ruling government has essentially dissolved? >> the special terrorism and counter forces that are currently based in yemen the president intends to keep there, u.s. forces they're working quietly with saudi and yemenese
7:45 am
forces. the fact of the matter is without a central government that's been allied with the united states, president hadi and his government that's now been overthrown the united states loses an important ally and most importantly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is able to ride the tiger of the sunni anger that will gel up in yemen as a result of the shiite, houthi takeover of the capitol. >> yemen continues to be a very difficult place to be at and it seems as though we have very few allies in that part of the world, with the exception of saudi arabia that's been effective on the border with yemen. >> it is going to require, jose you have it right, it will require the white house to engage more deeply with the saudis with respect to what do we do strategically with respect to the future of yemen because it poses not just a threat to the united states al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, but
7:46 am
direct threat to the saudis. as you know jose the president cutting short a trip to india and flying in to pay respects on the passing of king abdullah and more importantly to have a crucial meeting with the new king, king salman i am sure that yemen is high on the topic of conversation. >> ambassador, i want to turn to japan. the government there is coordinating efforts with jordan and other countries to try to save the remaining hostage. boy, is there any chance this man survives? >> the reason why the japanese are trying to work with the government of jordan is as you know the isis terrorist organization has essentially demanded that a former female terrorist who has been in jail in jordan who was instrumental with her husband in the terrible attack in 2003 in an amman wedding hotel. her husband was killed in the attack. she was able to escape and was
7:47 am
captured. the isis leadership wants her now freed. whether or not the jordan government will bartter her for the safety and security of the japanese hostage remains to be seen. i don't understand what the jordanians have to gain. they have their own pilot captured by isis maybe there's a three way trade going on here. >> ambassador thank you very much. pleasure to have you. >> sure. let's turn to the weather story, a few hours from a dangerous blizzard in new england. forecasters say some areas could see three feet of snow in some places. we have two reports for you now. let's start with weather channel jim cantore in boston an area that could see the heaviest amount of snow. jim, good morning. >> reporter: hey, jose it is a huge deal. already one of the most important parts of the equation has come out. governor malloy recently saying
7:48 am
look we have a complete travel ban in the state of connecticut starting 9:00 tonight. that's enormous because last time in the blizzard in the northeast where connecticut got 40 inches of snow they didn't shut down the roads. they did in massachusetts. we are hoping at 1:00 today governor baker follows suit. it wouldn't surprise me at all. they had tremendous success in the last big blizzard of when they shut things down to get it back up and running again. we cannot have people on the roads. it is a huge deal. happy to hear governor malloy did that in the state of connecticut. it doesn't matter how much. if we get 24 inches or 32 inches, it doesn't really matter because the snow is going to be blowing around horizontal with 50 to 70 miles per hour winds. so the amounts don't matter. the problem is you just can't get out there when it is zero visibility, when wind chills are below zero people are literally trapped in cars under snow drifts because the wind is piling up snow on top of the
7:49 am
cars. if we can keep people off the roads, somewhat keep up with snowfall let the storm go by get out, clear things out, i am telling you, this part of the world which is heavily traveled will get on its feet again in a big hurry. the worst tonight. back to you. >> so important what you said. really appreciate it. now is the time if you have to be out to get something, you have to do it now, right? >> reporter: yes. now is the time. my thing for boston is i think by a little after sunset tonight, everybody needs to be home, and be ready to shelter in place for 24 to maybe 36 hours. >> thanks so much. i want to go to cnbc morgan brennan, she's in times square. things are going to change quickly, right? >> reporter: that's what we are hearing. the snow is coming down but it is pretty light now. it is pretty chilly now, 27 degrees in times square. but in general throughout the tri-state area officials have
7:50 am
been preparing for this quote potentially historic snowstorm. it is a blizzard that's expected in the city to drop from 18 inches of snow to three feet. wind gusts as high as 65 miles per hour. potentially whiteouts in certain areas. so just to put the magnitude of the forecast into perspective for you, there have only been five times in new york city since 1888 that we have seen 20 inches or more of snow by a snowstorm. the most recent example is february, 2010 we got 20.9 inches. before that january of 1996. so as was just mentioned, the governor of connecticut holding a press conference a travel ban goes in effect at 9:00 p.m. eastern. new york governor andrew cuomo, new york city mayor, bill de blasio, both urging commuters to work from home work remotely stay off the roads, if possible today.
7:51 am
we have national weather service issuing a blizzard warning. that goes into effect at 1:00 p.m. and as far as businesses in the city are concerned, many are playing it by ear. the stock exchange, for example, remains open. last time we saw the stock exchange close because of snow 1969. back to you. >> morgan brennan in new york. jim cantore in boston. thank you both for being with me. up next, blizzard edition of five things. before the break, take a live look at washington, d.c. that's the washington monument back there as this northeast area of the country gets ready for the first big blast of winter of the year. another shot of the white house for you.
7:52 am
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in case you haven't heard or looked out the window don't look now, a major blizzard is on the way. despite what we think here in miami, snowstorms are actually part of everyday life for some. but some storms stand out more
7:55 am
than others like these, five things blizzard. number one, storm with a nickname floridians can relate to. the great white hurricane. march 12th 1888 dumping 50 inches of snow from montreal to washington, d.c. winds in new york city reached 60 miles per hour. number two, trick or treat. halloween blizzard of 1991 hitting minnesota and iowa day before halloween, forcing a lot of kids to go as snow men and women. it shut down interstate 35 in iowa causing $11 million of damage across minnesota. number three, a storm we covered here last november in buffalo. we all remember the pictures of raffle wilson stadium where the bills could have used some hot air from deflate gate. number four, leave the u.s. and head to china. the great wall of china blizzard november, 2012 beijing and surrounding areas getting the heaviest snowfall in 50 years.
7:56 am
number five. i remember this like yesterday. we are all still recovering. known as the day it snowed in miami. yeah real snow. it happened on the 19th of january, 1977 temperatures dropped down to the 30s, the 30s. and the new york staff thinks they have it back. victor it was really snowing, not kidding you, real snow in miami! that wraps up the rundown on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is next. i have all the details on the historic blizzard. see you tomorrow. $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. good morning, everyone i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." developing now, we are start to go see the beginning of a potential historic storm that will bear down on the northeast. 29 million people from new jersey to maine are under a blizzard warning just this morning. if predictions ring true tens
8:00 am
of thousands could be without power and millions more stranded in their homes. here is a look at the storm by the numbers. 16 to 20 inches expected in new york city. 18 to 22 in hartford connecticut, and in boston they're looking at 22 to 26 inches. and portland maine, 20 to 24 inches of snow. whiteout blizzard conditions will start tonight. and officials in new york city and boston are telling people to get ready and prepare for the worst. >> this literally could be one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of this city, and we need to plan accordingly. >> got off a phone call with national weather service, and they're talking about throwing around words like historical monstrous. from that perspective, yeah we are preparing for the worst. >> the massive storm is also