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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  January 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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ty is acting accordingly with this snow that is coming down. so that is dropping rapidly right now along i-95. visibility, a mile and a half already in boston. less than a mile in north korea and it is four miles in washington. this is the travel problems we're talking about and it is going to get worse and it will continue right through the evening and into tomorrow. so now we are starting to begin those travel problems. here is a look at the snowfall forecast that we're expecting. again, this could be record-breakers in some cases. 22-26 in providence. boston, mass 22-26. and we could see the three-feet zone along the pike so framingham, up through parts of cape cod and we could see higher -- isolated higher amounts. portland, maine, 20-24, hartford, 18-22 and philadelphia 8-12e and lesser amounts in the
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mid atlantic. everybody will get in on the winds and blowing and drifting snow. so i would say, craig, now is the time we have to start thinking of getting off the roads, especially from new york on south. getting gnarly out there. >> and you mentioned the winds. how severe are we talking? >> hurricane-force winds will kick in this evening. they will intensify as the storm intensifies overnight. so winds in many cases are upwards of 50 miles per hour and that means the blowing and drifting snow is going to continue to drop the visibility. visibility will be down to zero at times. so we'll have persistent white-out conditions for three hours or more which is what makes a blizzard warning. we'll have that through tonight and tomorrow morning. dominica. thank you. and let's go to massachusetts. boston right in the middle of this thing. governor charlie baker has declared a state of emergency and issued a ban for
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nonessential travel and similar bans issued in new york and connecticut as well. in boston some areas could get up to three feet of snow. officials say they are taking every precaution possible. the state department of transportation has some 4,000 pieces of snow removal equipment at the ready. 250,000 tons of salt has been stock-piled and 13 specialized runway clearing plows are ready. again massachusetts governor charlie baker say this is not a storm to take lightly. >> this is a top-five historic storm and we should treat it as such. the safety of the public is our primary concern at this time and will remain as such throughout the course of the storm. >> chris pal own joins me live from boston common chris, what is the situation there? how is it looking? >> reporter: it is kind of a light day here in boston. many people said the commute in
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this morning was not your typical commute. while people are here and working, it is not the typical volume. a lot of people chose to work from home or seek other offices. i'll show you what is going on on the common right now. not too much activity right here. you can see the results of the latest snowfall on saturday. about four or five inches snow here in downtown boston over the weekend. but, just as normal here in boston common. just people out for a walk taking the baby for a stroll up on the hill. i can see people walking dogs or whatever. many people are preparing for this storm. we talked the last hour you asked me if bostonians are treating this any different? they are used to snow here. only about 80 or 90 inches of snow in boston in any given year. this snow could deliver up to 30 inks -- 30 inches itself. and we've seen supermarkets decimated, people grabbing what they can, having trouble to find
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carts to take into the supermarkets, people are lining up at gas stations to fill up gas tanks. officials are saying you might not be able to get out of your house for the next two to three days so do what you need to do to make sure you are safe during that time so people are stocking up on gas for vehicles stocking up on gas for generators if they are lucky enough to have them and stocking up on food to keep the family fed. one of the biggest concerns is not the snow it is the wind. the counties on the eastern coast of massachusetts are facing a blizzard warning today that means inland we could see sustained winds and along the coast gusts up to 70 miles per hour. that brings the possibility of falling tree limbs and branches and extensive power outages on cape cod and coastal flooding. many people with home as long the coast are boarded them up
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like they are anticipating a hurricane because ultimately this is what it is a snow hurricane along the coast. so there could be problems here. there is a travel ban in the state of massachusetts starting at midnight and that means all nonessential and nongovernmental personnel are ordered off the roads and could be fined if they are caught driving around. >> chris pal own there. and we just heard from the mayor of boston a short time ago. let's take a listen. >> we are urgent all boston residents and employees to take this storm seriously as well. i'm asking everyone to do their part. put public safety first and stay off the roads as much as possible. >> are you seeing that chris? are people heeding the mayor's request to stay off the roads. >> reporter: not at this point. i think people are starting to trickle out of work as people head toward 3:00. i think people will head home and hit the roads. but it is certainly lighter
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here, craig. there is no doubt the traffic is lighter than it normally is. chris, in boston. we'll be coming back to you in the next day or two. to new york, where a state of emergency is in effect as well. mayor bill de blasio announcing a short time ago that all public schools will be shut down tomorrow and getting that news conference happening about an hour or so ago. new york governor andrew cuomo announcing state restrictions and state controlled highways will shut down at 10:00 tonight. the new york subway system will be operating on a limited schedule. that will start at 8:00 tonight. the governor and the mayor say these steps are essential. >> this is not a storm to take lightly. and we're taking what we believe are prudent measures. >> it is not business as usual and if my fellow new yorkers
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join me in doing the smart and safe thing we are all going to get through this okay. >> the mayor bill de blasio. james tim joins me from the new york city department of sanitation. when i came to you before we saw the salt trucks an the plows as well. but now it looks like we see your feet? there you are. >> it is starting to accumulate down here and now you can see quite a bit of snow sticking to the ground. this is the light, fluffy stuff. the stuff that will move with this wind. so when they start plowing, it will go right back where they left it. salt trucks are continuing to come in and out and refill the streets again. every time they come through, they sand behind us. we are getting sprayed with it a little bit and we're starting to see a few less people on the streets. cars are still out in full force. there are taxi cabs here on the west side highway, but for the most part we're starting to see a lot fewer pedestrians on the
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sidewalks. >> it is very interesting, jane to hear the mayor, bill de blasio, i'm not sure if you heard it to urge folks in the city to leave work early if they could and stay off the roads and he warned for price gouging, or price surging, folks accused uber of during the last storm. what are you hearing about price gouging or surging, if anything? >> reporter: i think it is a big anxiety here is that people trying to get somewhere if they have an emergency and feeling line they can't afford it. we've seen it in the past. i think there has been a lot of warning of it so i think it will be a bad move for those who do try and do it. so i think they are being put on minutes, this is not a storm to do this in. >> jane tim in new york city. thank you. we'll come back to you shortly. that is a -- as i understand
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it -- control, tell me if i'm rock. that is the top of the rock. we are looking at the new york city skyline and of course this is not nearly as bad as it will get. visibility from this camera already virtually zero. i mean this has happened within the past 30 or 45 minutes. the snow outside of 30 rockefeller starting to come down faster and winds picking up here. as you can imagine, the storm wreaking havoc at the airports. more than 6,000 flights have been canceled and thousands more expected to be canceled tomorrow and that does not include the delays as a result of the domino effect that we see at airports any time there is a major storm like this. the hardest hit airports newark la guardia, boston logan, shutting down as of 7:00
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tonight, philadelphia international also experiencing some major delays and cancellations. luke russert is in northern virginia. >> reporter: hey, there, craig, here at dca, there is a lot of cancellations. we have over 120. a little bit to the north of me in dulles they are seeing over 40 and bwi is over 40. and talking to some of the officials here they said look for protective cancellations to start later in the afternoon, especially if you are flying up into the northeast corridor, new york, boston. a lot of those flights have been canceled. this is expected to be the norm here in d.c. throughout tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory is in effect until about 10:00 a.m. a bit of good news. if you are trying to fly internationally out of dulles the expectations are those
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flights will move forward. they will try to route the planes around the storm itself. but it does not look good if you are flying north. south, you should be okay. but from talking to some of the passengers a lot of the cancellations that are happening if your flight was to start in the northern part of the country today and then end down here in washington, well it didn't make it. so there are people who are stranded here that will increase as the day goes on. but i think it is sort emblematic of the rest of the corridor washington, d.c. air travel will be significantly delayed as the storm gets closer. >> luke russert for us at reagan national. and we'll tell you the lower chamber of the house of representatives announcing they are canceling planned votes, six votes getting canceled. it looks like the house is going home early. grocery shelves in connecticut are almost bare. i saw many people this morning in connecticut when i was at the
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store. after the break i'll talk to the mayor of new haven about how her emergency management team is preparing ahead of a statewide travel plan announced by governor malloy a short time ago and more on how the weather continues to effect air travel and not just in the northeast. a live look at my brave colleagues here on the plaza just outside 30 rockefeller. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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a live look right now. this is mehlville new york that is in suffolk county out on the island. governor cuomo expected to take the podium. we just heard from the governor shortly after 1:00 and that is
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when he informed us that the subway system in the big apple would scale back considerably starting around 7:00 or 8:00. long island railroad shutting down tonight and the same for metro. a state of emergency has been declared in new york. travel restrictions have been put in place but expecting to hear more from governor andrew cuomo. updating us on storm conditions any moment now and when it happens we'll take you there live. blizzard 2015 wreaking havoc on air travel in the north east. online, flight tracker, flight aware, showing right now more than 6,000 flights have been canceled today and tomorrow already. we expect to see that number climb. new york area airports taking the brunt of the closure with 2,000 arrivals and in new york
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and philadelphia more than half have been canceled and boston logan after 7:00 no flights are allowed in or out of boston logan. in philadelphia, where predictions are up to a foot of snow for the city of brotherly love officials there say it is all hands on deck. >> under the direction and authority of the managing director, the city of philadelphia will declare a snow emergency at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> mayor nutter there. to fight the snow officials say right now they have in philadelphia roughly 400 pieces of equipment and 800 people out to work the storm, public and catholic schools have been shut down. they closed today at noon. if tuesday was trash day, bad news. figure out what to do with your trash until next week. the city is canceling trash pickup. you need to hold that as well.
11:18 am
governor dan malloy has declared a statewide travel ban as well. that ban starts at 7:00 tonight. parts of connecticut could see as much as 2 feet of snow and they could also see winds gusting between 30 and 75 miles per hour. that is hurricane force. state already under a blizzard warning now. i'm joined by toby harp the mayor of new haven. talk to me about what this will mean when you start talking about shutting down metro-north at 11:00? >> well it is going to mean that people have got to really go home and be safe. we know this is a life-threatening storm and we want people to take it seriously and make sure they are in a safe, warm spot. so folks just will not be able to travel. i'm going to ban traveling in our city as well along with the
11:19 am
state. so there will be travel for only essential personnel. so we're hoping people stay at home. >> city ban now in new haven. that city ban being announced right now. mayor, let's talk about some of the predictions here because we've seen up to 32 inches perhaps in terms of accumulations, snowdrifts could mean more than four feet of snow in some places. how do you even start to prepare for something like that? >> well we have actually purchased new trucks so that we have more machinery on the road. and we've gone to the national guard and asked for pay loaders to come here and help us. we learned from storm nemo we didn't have.adequate equipment so we have it for this storm. we feel very prepared. >> and let's talk about power
11:20 am
out anl-- power outages and that is something that happens when storms hit the state of connecticut. are there going to be widespread outages and how long do we expect the power to be out for folks who live in connecticut? >> we are expecting widespread outages in new haven alone, from 10 to 31,000 outages. we hope they will call the emergency operation centers in the town because u.i. will be there to work to get people reconnected as soon as possible. but we are hoping no one is out for more than 24 hours. we have shelters in place for those who are. >> how can folks find out more about the shelters. is there a website or something? >> they can look at the state website and look for new haven at our website and call our
11:21 am
emergency operations center. but i would suggest that they call the hartford emergency operations center and look at the state website. >> new haven mayor tony harp thank you so much. keep us posted, okay. still ahead, we'll continue to track this with meteorologist bill cairns and get an update and we are waiting for an update from andrew cuomo, expecting to take the podium and out on long island and the second update in about an hour and a half. we're going to take a quick break. wee be right back. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile,
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that the folks behind me and all of the people that work for them are prepared. but you never know how bad these conditions are going to be. >> new jersey governor chris christie explaining why he has declared a state of emergency in the garden state as well ahead of this blizzard. offices in the state have started to close and folks heading home early from work. chris christie said flooding is a maimer concern. the nation weather service has issued a coastal flood warning starting at 7:00 tonight and again hearing from governor chris christie and also expecting to here from governor andrew cuomo any moment now. stay with us. more coverage live here on msnbc state ahead. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you?
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i have a simple message for the people of rhode island. use today to prepare. the snow is coming the storm is coming. it is going to be the most severe storm that we've seen in years, maybe decades and i need you to keep yourself safe and keep your loved ones safe. we have today to prepare, so hunker down. the governor of rhode island echoing a similar sentiment. we've heard that from just about every governor in the northeast over the past few hours. we're bracing for what a lot of folks are saying is going to be a potentially historic blizzard. we continue to track the monster blizzard expecting with up to three feet of snow in some places. the new york city area is under a warning and that starts an hour ago. and it could obliterate the
11:30 am
one-day snow record set at 26.9 inches in 2006. this could be the record in new york city. but that is the least of it. this covers a 250 mile swath of the northeast. the national weather service estimates that some 29 million people will be effected more than 6,000 flights scheduled for today and tomorrow have been delayed and that does not include the domino effect. the blizzard begins tonight with a rapid drop in air pressure and it will peak tomorrow with roughly three inches per hour and wind gusts between 50-75 miles per hour and tomorrow night that blizzard still effected to be going strong for a number of folks and by wednesday morning the show should be over for most of new england and the digout and the
11:31 am
massive clean-up will start. let's get right to msnbc meteorologist bill karns.-- bill karns. >> we were saying 6:00 to get off the roads and it may be earlier than that. this band of snow is sticking with us and shows no signs of going away. and this is a very impressive map. these are all of the players. how do we get a historic storm? we have storms all of the time. why is this one different? this is exploding off the north carolina coast. all of the bright oranges is a ton of atlantic moisture off the gulf stream and you can see it from the bermuda area back up into southern portions of new england and the kicker low will capture this and not let it leave tonight. it will stick around for about 12 hours. that is why this is going to be
11:32 am
historic. this big nor'easter turns into a blizzard and lingers for about 12 hours and that is why this has a chance could be historic and blizzard warnings for all of this neon green, from the jersey shore up to nova scotia. and this is colorized too. this is rain off the coast. plenty cold for all snow inland. where the blue is in here, snow pellets and sleet mixed in. that is a coating down on the roads and this hasn't moved much. 495, long island through the expressway has had the heavy band over it where i'm telling people to get off the roads. i heard it is a mess along with the highways that run out of new york city and now the band is shifting north for the first time. the snow shield is moving in through connecticut, rhode island and about to head up into areas of cape cod, giving another two hours into cape cod
11:33 am
and it may not stop snowing. and winds howling it. and you can see new york city and all of long island and look at the band across the expressway and so i-95 that highway is quickly going downhill also. once this band sets up tonight, from midnight until about noon tomorrow it will put on quite a show. it is going to be flashing of lightning, claps of thunder while you are sleeping tonight. it will start to produce about 3 inches an hour maybe 4 inches in the worst case scenario and that will set up from portland to boston to worcester. and about 50 miles could put this over the top of new york city and give more snow toward philadelphia but as for now we'll hold with this and we won't know until the band forms
11:34 am
how far it will drift. still around a foot and a half for new york city 2 feet for boston, almost 2 feet for portland. hartford around 2. philadelphia at 8-12. philadelphia is the hardest forecast out of any location because if that shifts just a little bit, they get into the 18 inches. if it shifts the other way they get 3 inches. so philli up to harmony is unknown but long island will take a brunt and people will be without power up until saturday. >> really? >> oh, yeah. no doubt about it. three feet of snow and it will take days to get the power back and the crews wouldn't be back out there until about saturday. >> not to get too far ahead. what is behind this system? is there light until the end of the tunnel? >> we get four or five days of typical weather and then a
11:35 am
serious cold air mass coming down the first week of february. so whatever falls in this storm, it is going to be with us and turn to block ice. we're talking the first week of february, some of the coldest air of the winter for this area. so yeah we're in the thick of it here. no snowstorms but i think the cold will be bad enough. >> bill we'll let you get back to your computer and get back to you in a few minutes. as always a major element, in addition to the power outages that was just mentioned, the disadvantage of air travel. and john is at la guardia. what is the scene like at la guardia and has that airport effectively shut down? >> reporter: well good afternoon to you. the airport is still operating but on a very limited basis. there are a lot of delays people are dealing with and the port authority said close to 70% of
11:36 am
flights at la guardia and 50% at jfk, moving from the hundreds to the thousands of cancellations. there is not a lot of hope for people to get out before thursday and into friday. it all depends on the domino effect you mentioned earlier and there is a sliver of hope with some people i talked to in that they keep looking up at the board and see well my flight is coming in from west palm beach and it looks like it is scheduled to come in as long as that flight comes in here we can still have hope to get out but that hope is dwindling with every hour and as snow starts to fall. you stand here near where the gates are, i can barely see planes in the distance taking off and that is not a far distance away. the visibility is really tough right now. >> john earlier i spoke to a reporter at logan in boston and they indicated that they were starting to go ahead and scramble some of the planes on the runway there, the idea and
11:37 am
the thinking being to get the planes off the runway and get them out of the storm's path to protect the planes there in boston. are you seeing the same at la guardia or are you hearing that as something they might do at that parent as well? >> yeah i think it is a similar thing that applies here. i think everybody is operating as though it is a rush against time to get the planes they have here out. and you see them all lined up and ready to be de-iced and in the process of being de-iced and passengers are looking out and seeing that and holding out hope of that. but i think everybody is aware in the back of their heads, if i haven't left yet, i'm probably not getting out. u.s. air and american air has suspended flights and that will wrap up through this. >> john chandler for us in la guardia. and here is the other part of this. you have hundreds of airport workers, some of the folks who work at that airport, they live out on long-term, they have to use public transportation and
11:38 am
depending on how late they will be at the airport, they may get stuck as well. john thank you. with the widespread power outages expected across new york, so are expected down trees and live wires. a spokesperson from con ed will join me. and we expect to hear from andrew cuomo who will update us on storm preps. and that was a live look from 30 rockefeller. visibility has dwindled. and that truck is out on long island where the governor is expected to speak any moment to you. we'll give it to you, right after this. >> we are preparing for the worst. >> just preparing. salt for the car, be prepared
11:39 am
with a shovel and full tank of gas.
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governor andrew cuomo set to make comments any moment now. we just heard from the governor about an hour and a half ago. that is when he declared a state of emergency or informed us a state of emergency had been declared throughout new york and the governor saying this is not a storm to mess apr with. states of emergency have been declared in five states so far. governor cuomo has restricted travel as well. and spent some time talking about restricting public transportation as well. let's listen in. again, this is a local official giving a briefing but we expect to hear from the governor right after. >> to assist municipalities to clear roadways. when you deal with a storm of this magnitude, it is difficult for the local municipalities who
11:43 am
simply lack the operations, the full operations necessary to deal with this and the governor has stepped in and the state has stepped in in a way to assist us as we work with towns and villages throughout suffolk county. so again thank you to the governor and i want to turn it over to my good friend and partner in government here on long island nassau county executive ed. >> it is great to be with you. although it would be better if it wasn't snowing. so i'm happy to be here with the governor again and we welcome his support and partnership. he's been a constant partner. we would rather be talking about tax cuts but today and yesterday were concentrated on keeping our citizens safe. i again want to thank the governor for the resources that he brings and his attention to our great county and our great region here. and i want to thank all of those out there battling the storm and
11:44 am
the personnel from the state and counties an towns and villages and we in government are here to try to support you to the best of our ability. so with that it is my honor and privilege to welcome the governor of the great state of new york andrew cuomo. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. it is my pleasure to be back again with two of the really great county executives steve malone and ed man gano. they are my blizzard brothers. we spend too much time doing this. i don't know who offended mother nature. >> it is ed. >> it is knaussomething.
11:45 am
we haven occurred -- we have incurred her wrath. it is already dangerous out there. i just drove on the expressway and local roads from new york city and it is very slow going and starting to be dangerous already. so do not take this lightly. i know we've gone through a number of storms and sometimes people tend to be a little casual about it. this is not a time to be casual. remember that we've been fortunate in the past storms and we've been prepared and did what we had to do but we still had people stuck on the roads and people in dangerous situations so we have to be careful. we have about 6 # 50 pieces of equipment coming to long island. we expect long island to bear the brunt of it in new york. this is a classic storm coming up the coast. it is going to hit long island
11:46 am
and connecticut especially hard and eastern long island harder than western long island. new york city also westchester also. but really it is about the island and the east side of the island as we've seen before. the two things that we want to make sure you're aware of. the long island railroad i'm here with the chairman of the metropolitan mta, mr. pender gas, we are encouraging people to leave office earlier and not later and get home sooner rather than later and the lirr will facilitate that. we would like to be in a position where we can close down the long island railroad at around 11:30 or 12:00. meaning we can put the rail cars in a safe place so the weather
11:47 am
doesn't damage them so we can get up and running once the weather clears as soon as possible. so people should put that into their planning. to be home by that hour. and then back up -- what time do you have to leave, what train do you have to take to get home by 10:00, 10:30 so that when the system starts to shut down at around 10:30, 11:00, you're done with the system. we want to make sure we are ready to rebound as soon as the storm passes. and from past experience i can tell you if we don't get the cars -- the railroad and subway cars in a safe place, then that doesn't happen. number two, as far as the roads are concerned, we are expecting a very high rate of snowfall starting later this evening. combined with high gusts, gusts as high as 55 miles per hour
11:48 am
that is a big combination. you almost can't plow that much snow that quickly, especially with the wind gusts. what we are planning unless we hear differently at the 4:00 weather update but if nothing changes in the 4:00 update at 11:00 tonight we will impose a travel ban on all roads except for emergency personnel on long island. all roads except for emergency personnel, state roads, local roads, et cetera at 11:00. so get wherever you have to get by 11:00 and on a night like tonight, you really are jeopardizing yourself if you are out past that hour any way. so long island railroad will be running, early departures. get home or complete your trip
11:49 am
with the lirr by 10:00 because by 10:30, 11:00, we want to close down the system and then 11:00 a total -- a total travel ban on all roads except for emergency personnel. this will allow the emergency personnel to clear the roads, to get to people who are in distress and will reduce the number of accidents, et cetera. i know this is a difficult circumstance but i'll give you one quick irony. a few weeks ago i was in buffalo, seven feet of snow in buffalo. seven feet of snow. and that stopped buffalo cold. but it was seven feet of snow. and it was beyond what we could handle and we called for assistance to our friends from all across the state and plow
11:50 am
trucks from nassau and suffolk literally drove up to buffalo to help with the seven feet of snow. and i was in buffalo and i greeted many of the plow operators from nassau and suffolk. i want you to know that buffalo and communities upstate are now sending their equipment down to help nassau and suffolk. so that is how we roll in new york pardon the pun. we're there one for another. that is what community is all about. when somebody needs help we are there for them. and all of your brothers and sisters across state are sending think resources and best wish and we're going to need them for this one. luckily you're in great local hands. steve and ed are the best and the coordination among us, i feel good about the efforts we're going to put forward. whatever we do it is still a
11:51 am
difficult storm. the wind the weight of the snow you can expect power outages, we've been working with pse and g. we have representatives here who if there is problem with the power companies we'll be on it right away. but there is a storm and there is only so much you can do. and you should expect some degrees of discomfort, some degree of power outages possible. and make sure you are acting prudently and doing what you should be doing. and number one is stay off the road and get off the road as early as possible today. thank you. >> questions? >> governor andrew cuomo there on long island telling folks that this is not a time to be casual. the governor saying that he
11:52 am
himself experienced some slow-going on the roadways when he left new york city. he had a news conference shortly after 1:00 here in the city. we also heard there, the governor saying that starting at 11:00 this evening, there will be a total travel ban in the state of new york. governor cuomo saying all nonessential vehicles that is all nonemergency vehicles will not be allowed to be on the roads in the state of new york after 11:00 tonight. the governor also saying that long island railroad will run early departures and shutting down lirr sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 tonight. and the governor saying in addition to the plowing of the streets, because of the amount of the snow we are expecting to see, roughly 3 inches per hour
11:53 am
at some points tomorrow he basically are letting folks know that it is going to be virtually impossible to snow -- to plow all of that snow quickly. again, state of emergency has been declared in new york. state of emergency has been declared in four other northeastern states including massachusetts and that is where we find my friend and colleague mike seidel who continues to track things for us. mike, has the scene changes there considerably in plymouth since we spoke? >> reporter: the wind is slowly increasing. about 15-20 miles per hour coming in the northeast and the storm will go by. and tomorrow the pressure will fall like a rock. and as we get into the after midnight time frame into the afternoon, winds could gust to 60-75 miles per hour and maybe hurricane-force wind gusts to 74 miles per hour. and that leads to flooding and beach erosion and expecting
11:54 am
widespread power outages from the coast inland toward connecticut and long island. the shear force of the wind where temperatures are around 20-25, it is a dry and powdery snow. here where it is warmer, we are at 30 the moisture has more weight gets on the tree and power lines, that is the threshold when we talk about trees coming down on power lines, we see winds gusting that high and we see power going out. right now the snow is getting underway here at plymouth over in boston. again the airport has flights coming in and out until 7:00 and that is it until wednesday. and then they have to dig out. when it snows 2 to 3 inches an hour and with the wind shear, you can't keep up with the snow coming down and once you plow
11:55 am
it just drifts again. you go right through and it drifts back over. so it is like a catch 22. so until the winds back off and the snow rate backs up up here which won't be until tomorrow evening, there is going to be a lot of areas where you just can't go. in fact that is why there is a travel band here kicking in at midnight tonight for everyone except essential personnel like police and fire. can you really see -- let's look at this real quick, the snow blowing across the parking lot. i think it looks like fargo. but you can see the waves blowing across the parking lot as we just get underway here in plymouth massachusetts, on the south shore of massachusetts. i'll be out here tonight and tomorrow morning, i can't wait to see how it ends up. i've been in some doozies and this one will be here. >> stay safe. and we can hear that wind starting to pick up as you were
11:56 am
speaking there. that will wrap things up for our special coverage right now of blizzard 15. we'll continue to follow this thing throughout the course of the afternoon, evening, until it is over. a live look here at new york city. again this is the camera that is perched atop 30 rockefeller. you can still see some folks milling about there in time square. governor andrew cuomo encouraging folks to get off the roads and get home. the case the same in philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. we heard from the mayor of philadelphia, mayor nutter telling folks if they don't have to be outside of their homes to not be outside of their homes. and again plymouth massachusetts, boston expecting to get absolutely hammered as well. we'll continue to follow the blizzard and take a quick break. more right after this. "the cycle" is up next. i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget.
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the blizzard of 2015 is bearing bearing down and the storm cycle is in full effect. this is going to be a significant storm. we want to get individuals home and off the roads as quickly as possible. >> 50,000 pounds of salt we have several hundred national guard who have been called out. and will be stationed in new york city and long island primarily. >> this is not a storm to take lightly. >> we anticipate that hundreds of thousands of customers are likely to be without power at some point. it is important to remember that it may take many days multiple days to get power back on. >> we have crews working around the clock. any time you have blizzard conditions and several feet of snow it will take time to clear all roads for safe