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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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sharpton. stay safe out there now. "hard ball" starts right now. good evening. i'm chris mathis. in washington we're following the massive storm that's now gripping the northeast at this hour with blizzard conditions on the way. up and down the region residents are warned to stay indoors and off the roads for what is going to be a very dangerous storm. the heaviest snowfall is expected overnight and into tomorrow. 28 million people are under a blizzard warning tonight stretching from the jersey shore on up to maine. when all is said and done, some areas could see more than two feet of snow or a lot more. states of emergency are declared in five states. officials throughout the region
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have spent the day warning residents to get indoors and prepare. >> this will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of new york city. this is not going to be like other snowstorms. it is going to be by all indications worse. >> you should stay home if you can. you should only go out in a case of absolute emergency of necessity. >> use today to prepare. snow is coming storm is coming. it's going to be the most severe storm that we've seen in years, maybe decades. >> this is a top five historic storm. we should treat it as such. safety is our primary concern at this point in time and will remain throughout the course of the storm. >> this storm is going to be serious. this is going to be a dangerous situation. get wherever you have to get by 11:00. on a night like tonight, you really are jeopardizing yourself if you're out past that hour any
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way. >> in new york and new jersey non emergency vehicles have been banned after 11:00 tonight. a similar ban goes in effect in connecticut at 9:00 tonight. after midnight in massachusetts. the storm causing huge headaches for those trying to travel getting home from work. 6500 flights have been cancelled today. i'm joined by anne thompson on the streets of new york. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: hi chris. i want to show you something because you'll appreciate this. take a look at fifth avenue. have you ever seen it like this? it is just about empty. it's the end of rush hour. all throughout the day, people who venture into manhattan have been trying to get out of manhattan because of the coming storm. in fact the blizzard has been hitting us in wavings or the initial bans have hit new york
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city in waves. everything is shutting down. 11:00 is the magic hour. bridges and tunnels into the city will close at 11:00. the subways and bus system will shut down at 11:00. there goes one of the plows that they've got on the streets. here's another one right behind it. that's all the noise you hear. the other big piece of news is that at 11:00, only emergency vehicles are allowed on the streets of new york. chris? >> we've got to go now. thanks for that great report. let's go to the mayor of no, bill de blasio. >> i rehindmind you their work as just begun. they've got comradery and spirit crucial to this city in the next 24 hours. we're going to depend on them to clear the way so people can be safe. i want to thank them for the work they do. we're depending on you and know we're in good hands. thank you very much to all of
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you. i want to thank of course commissioner katherine garcia for her leadership sanitation men's association for friendship and leadership. commissioner has been doing a great job all day getting the agencies on the same page about how we'll handle the hours and days ahead. i keep saying to everyone, take pre precautions, be careful. a lot ahead of us. this is literally the calm before the storm. it's about to start in earnest. when it does it's going to come in fast and hard. people have to be very very careful. stay off the streets, stay off the sidewalks. again, clarifying that starting at 11:00 tonight, only authorized vehicles on the streets. at 11:00, only authorized vehicles. we don't want to see anything but authorized vehicles on the streets after 11:00.
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plan ahead. if you don't have everything you need go get it now and then get inside and stay inside. schools will be closed tomorrow. if anybody needs further information on what's happening around the city and how we're responding to it get that 311 or visit if you see anything you believe is a life threatening situation, call 911. on a human level, look out for neighbors, people in your neighborhood, look out for senior citizens disabled homeless. you don't know if you might be the one to save someone's life because you took the time to check in on them. please do that for your fellow new yorker. with that any questions we'd be happy to take.
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[ inaudible ] >> i'll start. joe may want to add to this. he's been talking to the national weather service throughout. this snow is going to come in very fast. fast accumulation. there will be drifts and visibility problems. we've heard wind speeds could easily go 30s but 40 to 60s. if you're walking out there, you're very exposed. if you slip and fall it could be a bad situation. you will not be visible. people need to assume it's not a safe night to be out walking around. that's tomorrow as well. >> that's new york mayor bill de blasio. i'm joined by the police commissioner bill bratton. what should new yorkers do?
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talk to the public. what should they be doing right now? >> caller: one, they should be at home watching the mayor on tv with the advice from him and others involved trying to keep the city safe during the next several days. right now weather wise we're in a lull. a storm came through earlier and dropped three to four inches. problem is it's so cold up here this is going to freeze over quickly on sidewalks and et cetera. when we get snow later tonight, the mayor is indicating it will be treacherous walking and on the roads. >> what are the dangers when you have to shut down the city at 11:00. is this danger to orlando people living alone? what are the terms? >> the city has a list of who's who in the various housing developments, senior citizen homes. after the experience with sandy
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several years ago, that was greatly expanded upon. we'll be assisting city ambulance services operated by the fire department. we anticipate during the course of the night, even with the large system we have here, it might be overtaxed. we'll use police vehicles to help move people with non-life threatening injuries and illnesses to variation hospitals. i applaud the governor and mayor for the decision to effectively shut down new york city and surrounding counties. it will make it a heck of a lot easier in 24 hours to get back to normal. >> bill bratton, head of the police officer there, thank you. i'm joined now by msnbc meteorologist bill karins. there you are outside there. give us an ark of what it looks like coming the hours and days ahead. when is going to be the worst time, et cetera. >> reporter: in the new york
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city area i'll start there because that's where i am now. we picked up a quick four inches of snow. that was step one with the storm. it accumulated everywhere, light fluffy snow. now winds aren't blowing much at all. now we get a break. if you're in new york city maybe go out and get a quick shovel in. this will be four inches less than wednesday morning. that's the next time you'll get to go outside. let me take you through the storm. right now the worst is starting to move in from the ocean. the storm, the beast, is really intensifying and start to throw everything back towards new england. eastern new england you're first. blue bands show two to three inches of snow in a quick hour as the squall goes through. now is the time to be off the roads in southern new england, cape cod back through long island. bands rotate inland. one of the big questions is how far inland will they rotate?
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? make it to new york city or sit over rhode island? >> we know boston rhode island providence, you're going to get it no matter what. bigger questionmarks are philadelphia and new york city. right now it's close on cape kochltd for much of eastern new england and long island blizzard conditions move in about midnight. i'm still targeting midnight to noon tomorrow. the peak of the storm will be then, best chance of losing power. we'll have power outages, 100,000 to 200,000 by the time we get to noon tomorrow. turn up thermostats, get houses as warm as possible. make sure you have supplies. firewood, bring it inside. you may be in for a long haul. chris, you're asking about the timing. storm ends tuesday night, wednesday morning. wednesday will be a day to clean up for plow crews, front end loaders, everyone in their front
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yards, sidewalks and driveways. power crews may not get to some areas until thursday. looking at losing power later tonight and tomorrow all day tomorrow no power and some chances thursday. it could even go friday to saturday. it's going to be freezing cold wind chills down to single digits. that's kind of like the time line. my biggest fears with this storm are for elderly, people that are sick, that emergency responders won't get to you tonight or tomorrow. for those parents or future parents near term they're very nervous. no one wants to be stuck in their house when they go into labor. we'll have those stories hatch happening to. this is different than a hurricane. the dangers afterward are fallen trees and things to clean up. we have to deal with elements cold temperatures people have
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been no power. feel bad for the power crews too. imagine working on lines with wind chills of 0. that's intense stuff. this is going to go down as one of our worst blizzards in eastern new england we've had in 20 years. >> 911 number still works in cases birth or something like that. an elderly person with a health challenge. it still works even though things are shut down. >> reporter: it will work. the firemen and policemen will try. they're try to get to emergencies, but in a lot of situations time is of the essence. you hope they get there in time. it's a difficult situation for them. all those heroes will be out there in the storm tonight and tomorrow. >> good people will be out. thank you bill in new york msnbc meteorologist. we'll check back with him throughout this hour. the storm is more than a regional event. it's disrupting air travel
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throughout the country. we go to laguardia in new york and great tom costello. new york is the great central, great center there of travel in this country. it's where everybody comes to when they come to this country practically. what's happening? >> reporter: take a look behind me. ever seen laguardia look like this? it's a ghost town. a third of the air travel comes through this airport, comes in or exits out. right now this is essentially a no gone zone. 80% of flights in new york boston philly all cancelled. we're going to 100% of flights later tonight and tomorrow. there's nothing moving. nothing will move. right now airlines are taking the last steps to move their planes out of the blizzard's path. no airline wants to see their planes sitting on a ramp when you have blizzard and icing
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conditions coming in. they moved those planes to warmer conditions. they'll sit out the storm and come back 48 hours later. boston philly metroplex, entire northeast, will be without air service 24 48 maybe 72 hours as they get back up to speed. amtrak cancelling services tonight between new york and boston. all northeast services cancelled tomorrow morning. they're essentially shutting down as well. 457 miles track, 1200 bridges and everyday they take 720,000 passengers on the northeast corridor. shut down as of this morning. this is going to be a period of 24-48 hours probably where nothing moves. as you know the highways and the roads in new york state are going to be closed as of 11:00 tonight. they want to keep everybody off the roads as best as possible. back to you. >> one last question to you,
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where does this storm place itself in history? five times in a century, seven times? how often do we get a real blizzard situation? >> reporter: i don't have the meteorological answer to that. i can tell you the vast majority of biggest storms we've seen over 100 years or so have been within the last 10 to 15 years. it's astonishing to see the magnitude of blizzards hitting the coast. whether that's because of climate change i'll leave that to others to discuss. as it relates to transportation infrastructure in this country, it's going to be difficult tomorrow. keep in mind the ripple effect across the country. you may be sitting in kansas city dallas chicago thinking how does this affect me? if you need on a flight in the next 24 to 48 hours, your plane may be out of commission. ripple effect will be profound. >> thank you so much information
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so fast. thanks tom. let's go for more road conditions out there with nbc rahema ellis driving in framingham up in mass. thanks for joining us. keep your mind on driving, but tell us what's going on. >> reporter: i can tell you the road condition ss are getting worse as the night goes on. the volume of traffic has gone down diminished. that says people are making their ways to their destinations. there was a big push in this area as there has been from new york up in through new england to get people to work early so they could leave early. we saw a large volume of traffic earlier chris. want to attempt you something else we're seeing too. there seems to be a lull in precipitation right now. in the last hour we had a lot of snow hitting the windshield.
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not so much at this moment. we're told do not take that as a sign of comfort in any way. they have forecasted this to be a record breaking storm. the governor of massachusetts expects it to be one of the top five historic snowfalls in has mass. they're not measuring in inches as you know. they're talking about it in feet. adding to that what i was listening to earlier. you were talking about how cold it is. they're stay in addition to record snowfall it's very cold. they expect it to be anywhere from 0 to below 0 temperatures. that's going to make it out here on these roads more dangerous when you add on snow, cold, and freezing conditions on the roadways. right now these crews have been out. they've been salting and sanding the roads. they're in a lot better condition than they would be had they not been out here. a travel ban for all non essential vehicles goes into place at midnight tonight here in massachusetts.
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they want to get everybody off the road as best they can so that these crews can be out here trying to stay ahead of the snowfall. that's coming in a big way. as you've been saying and they're pointing out in massachusetts, they're expecting blizzard conditions. >> great state. they know how to look out for snow. thank you so much rahema. jorge, mayor of long island. thank you for joining us. looks like further east, the more snow you get. >> reporter: we have a lot of snow and it's cold. we're urging everyone to stay home and only go out under emergency circumstances. roads are clearing up. i'm happy to report every single child is back home from school all accounted for. we're happen i i about that. the work is just starting. we're treating the streets and making sure we have all our plows throughout the city.
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we have over 100 pieces of equipment keeping our streets clean. we've asked every resident to stay home unless they absolutely have to come out. as long as folks stay off the road, we'll plow the streets and get the city back to normal as soon as possible. >> a lot of older people up there must be very worried about being trapped in their hopes. tell us what they should do if they've got a health concern tonight and tomorrow people living in providence. >> reporter: that's a good question chris. i've activated the emergency operation center. i'll be sleeping there later tonight. i'll be on call all day. we have a registry system for seniors and disabled. we'll be checking in on them throughout the day. i also urge all residents throughout the city if you know someone is in need or might be in need, please lend a helping hand. we have a number 0401680880.
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if there's anything not an emergency, call that number and we'll respond. we have to respond to every call throughout the city. we've planned. as long as we stay ahead of the storm, we'll be in good shape going forward. >> thanks. he made history for his election there in providence rhode island. we're going to go live with reports up and down the coast as we've been doing. we're going to give you history later in the show of what happens to mayors that don't do their job. that's the challenge facing de blasio and others in the eye of this storm, maybe the biggest we'll ever see. our coverage continues after this.
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this is going to be a significant storm with snowfall today and tomorrow that will create really haszardous conditions. >> welcome back to "hardball" we're seeing governors and governance is about services to the people. you saw detroit, rhode island new york connecticut. the winter storm bears down on the northeast. this is a historic moment. officials mobilize resources and residents, people prepare to hunker down for day, through wednesday it looks like. a storm of similar size back in 1996 cost $3 billion in damage and claimed more than 150 lives. it's hard to predict any of that now. craig melvin has been at rockefeller plaza.
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i've been watching you out there. no more skating the tonight. >> reporter: no skating at all chris matthews. take a look here at the skating rink. this is the time of year tourists flock to this thing. there's not been a soul here since early this morning. you were talking earlier about the public officials who are encouraging folks to leave early, stay off the roads. i can tell you that people by in large, seem to be doing just that. we have not seen a lot of people on these roads. we saw a lot of folks earlier today getting on mass transit, leaving early. we know that long island railroad will be shut down around 11:00 and metro north around the same time no. cars on the roads unless they're essential emergency vehicles. we've seen people again do just that. now we've seen taxis and buses. here's something else we've
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noticed chris. the plowing of roads, salting of roads, fifth avenue -- in fact we can probably swing this camera around and show you fifth avenue. you can get a glimpse through the buildings at rockefeller. you won't see a lot of cars pass through, a few taxis. that fifth avenue was plowed two hours ago. i went there 15 to 20 minutes ago and it looked like it hasn't been touched. governor cuomo saying that will be the case because of the speed in which this snow is falling and shear volume we're going to see. plow trucks will have to make several passes. plow trucks have been out. i've seen plow trucks as well. just over 26 inches. that's the record here in new york city. the single day record of de blasio indicating earlier today
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and cuomo saying the same thing. it looks like there's a solid chance we might surpass that just tomorrow. we can also you show you if we can pan up here. bill karins mentioned this a few minutes ago. you can see the snow falling considerably slower than 30 to 45 minutes ago. winds dying down just a bit. there's a bit of a lull. however, as i've been talking to you we can show you there's a fellow who's come back out here. couple of workers on the ice that have started to shovel the ice. here's something we have not been able to figure out over the past couple of hours. no one is coming to skate tomorrow. we're not sure why they're so aggressively keeping the ice rink clear here. every 15 or 20 minutes we see pokes come out and do their darnedest to get the snow off.
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that's the latest here. chris, back to you. >> thank you so much craig melvin msnbc. we go to mayor mark boughton in connecticut. it seems the further north and east we go there's more snow. >> we're geared up and ready to go. we're blessed with great men and women that drive our plow trucks. we're ready to take this thing on. >> this will affect all your computers up there. new york city is shutting down bridges shutting down tunnels. it's not just a curfew at 11:00 it's an ongoing shutdown of the city. there's no way to get to work. >> caller: absolutely. really if the worse of the models pan out and verify tonight and they get the snow they think we're going to get, i don't think anybody is going to want to go to work tomorrow any ways. work from home. i think we'll survive without having to go to the office. i understand the pressures
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people are under. your life and limb is much more important whether or not you get to work by mid-morning. >> i kept thinking what it was like to be a kid going to a catholic school and being thrilled of this thing. only thinking of short term i don't have to go to school tomorrow maybe two days. it's heaven for kids especially in a tough catholic school i went to. i went off. how is the situation up there in terms of emergency? that's my big concern. older people -- i know from where i live. when older people get old, they need access to ambulances and need to call and get a response. how's that up there? >> we have a group of super senior, age 75 and beyond. they don't have extended family. a lot are shut-ins and live by themselves. we have 2 or 300 of those. firefighters will check on them throughout the night. a lot of times children and
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extended family members call are from other part of the country and ask us to check. we'll do that throughout the night to make sure they're okay. we're also reaching out to young people, high school students, and asking them to own the community, go out and check on elderly neighbors to see if they need anything. a lot of kids have taken us up on that. >> it's good for kids to get out with a shovel and knock on doors and see who heeds help. this is causing havoc on transit and travel ain the northeast and across the country. our coverage continues after this.
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at 11:00 tonight, we will impose a travel ban on all roads
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except for emergency personnel. >> i have signed a travel ban for the entire state beginning at 9:00 p.m. this evening. please prepare a plan to get home this evening safely and find a place to stay through the duration of the storm. >> i'm asking all to get off the roads by 8:00 tonight. >> welcome back. more now on the historic blizzard now reeking havoc on the northeast tonight. travel will be extremely dangerous and in many instances as you heard it will be illegal. this is not a curfew. this is a ban. governors in connecticut, new york massachusetts and rhode island have ordered travel bans except for emergency personnel, authorized vehicles. connecticut's ban begins in less than 90 minutes. 70,000 air flights are cancelled in addition. bus systems and railroad systems are grinding to a halt. the transit system shuts down at
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11:00 tonight. miguel is in boston. thank you for joining us. give us a sense. boston is good at snow. they know it's coming. how they doing? >> reporter: chris, good evening. yeah, they are bracing here in boston. they're a hearty bunch, used to cold weather. as you know this is a historic storm. they're already if in overdrive. 700 vehicles are working around the clock today. they're also dropping 35,000 tons of salt on the streets in this area starting right now. the roads are going to be treacherous later tonight, visibility going to be zero. they're asking and pleading for the public to stay off the roads. it's going to be very dangerous. they're asking to keep roads open only for emergency first responders. they're working so hard at the front edge of this storm. roads are only going to get
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worse as you know. they're asking the public to stay home at all possible. >> it's up to a person's judgment unlike new york and other states where they say it's illegal if you stay out on the road after 11:00. >> reporter: they're asking folks to use better judgment to stay off the roads. it doesn't sound like the police are promising to make arrests. if this continues to get worse, they may move in that direction. we expect traffic to ease up quite a bit tonight. there's no reason for might be to go out. everything in this area is going to be shut down over the next several hours. we expect traffic to be light f. folks go out on the roads, it's going to be a dangerous situation. >> thank you miguel in boston. peter is helping oversee the traffic crisis in mass mass. he's with the emergency management agency and joins us on the phone. peter, let me ask you about oil heating. the truck has to come around and
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bring the oil. how do you deal with people running out of oil in their homes? it's nice to go home to a warm home but what if it's not warm anymore? car >>caller: we've been pushing people to make sure they have sufficient oil. we've been working with the oil companies here to make sure they have enough stock in place. they'll get assistance to get emergency oil to people if necessary. at midnight tonight, there will be a statewide travel ban. there will not be traffic from midnight beginning tonight and also the transit system will also be closed down into tuesday at this point. >> it's going to be an actual legal ban. you get in the car and drive after midnight you're breaking the law. >> caller: unless you've got a real good reason to be out there. medical responder, emergency personnel or another good reason. >> let me ask you how long this could go on. i heard this afternoon there's going to be a travel ban in new
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york for example. i realized that didn't mean until morning, it went basically until it's relieved. is that the same in massachusetts? you're not allowed on the road until they tell you. >> caller: right. we'll open county by county based on how safe roads are. some areas get two to three feet of snow. it's not a quick fix as far as pushing snow off the road. >> great reporting. thank you peter for letting us what's going on at the massachusetts emergency management agency. up next the latest on this strong storm. the heaviest snowfall is yet to come. we'll get the latest from meteorologist bill karins when our coverage comes back here on msnbc.
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welcome back to "hardball." a monster snowstorm is hitting the northeast. it could cripple them for days. 28 million are in the blizzard zone from jersey shore up to maine. at the peak snow will accumulate two to four inches an hour, maybe up to three feet. 60 million people are under some level of winter weather advisory in this storm now. dylan drier is driving the streets of boston. thank you so much. the kind of snow is it snow ball heavy? what kind of snow are we getting? >> reporter: snow blown weather is what we're going to see around here. temperatures will be dropping.
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it's going to be a light, fluffy snow. when you have wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour and eventually gusting hurricane force up to 70 70-80 miles per hour, we're no doubt going to see white out conditions. there's a possibility of 16 hours for blizzard like conditions in boston. it's still a possibility. that's the way this storm is setting up. you can see here we're starting to get gusty winds. snow is light and fine for now. we're noticing it getting tossed around. it's coating streets. i want to show you the radar where we have heavier snow. the darker shade of blue snow falling 1-2 inches per hour. if i put this in motion this is creeping closer and closer to boston which is right in through here. once we get to the heavier snowfall, we could eventually see rates of 2-4 inches per
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hour. that's when we pick up accumulation. it's possible for this area here in the city of boston to pick up 24 to as much as 36 inches of snow. we're going to be watching it throughout the night. looks like the height of the storm hits midnight to tuesday morning. schools are closed. everything is closed around hoar. people are urged to stay off the streets. tell me about a whiteout and what that involves. >> reporter: a whiteout condition, i've been in them before. that's when you cannot see two feet in front of your face. it's completely white, completely disorienting. you can't see exactly any point of reference. you could end up in snow banks, could end up driving off the side of the road. everyone is urged to stay off the roads until this passes. it's nearly impossible to get around. >> let's talk about the conditions on the ground assuming you're not going to get your sleet plowed. if you get two to three feet it
4:45 pm
doesn't stay fluffy long at this temperature. >> that's right. eventually it's going to start to freeze. that's why one of the biggest tips is make sure you stay ahead of shoveling. don't try to go out and do it at once when there's 30 inches of snow on the ground. you need to stay on top of it stay hydrated. we get reports of people having heart attacks shoveling snow. if you can go out every hour and get ahead of it that will help people. have your supplies in place. hunker down throughout the storm. we should see improvements wednesday. >> i've lost friends shoveling snow. you try to be macho for the family start lifting that snow up, and you die. take it easy do a little at a time or else get a kid to do it. even smarter. dylan dryer tonight. still ahead, the political cost
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of winter weather. how storms like this one, the one we're watching tonight, can actually break careers. it doesn't make careers. this could destroy a political career. it's true. several were wiped away politically by bad managements of snowstorms. our coverage continues with that and other news when we come back.
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we're back. mother nature has given many politicians challenges with their fates. in 1969 a snowstorm that brought 15 inches to new york city, leaving 42 people dead nearly brought down mayor john lindsey. the city was out buses and trash collection for day. he is said to have given
4:51 pm
manhattan special treatment for snow removal. and the mayor was sent a message that said as for as getting to the united nations was concerned i might as well with the in alps. and a blizzard struck in 1979 and streets were unplowed for days. they were not able to keep up with the 20 inches that hammered chicago. the tran sit system was slammed and thousands of people were left in the cold. >> in the cold days of january and february i took a hard look at our administration. as a result i'm establishing a new commitment to the needs of the people. >> well the city's response to all of that was too little too
4:52 pm
late mr. mayor. he was defeated for renomination. the washington dc mayor was visiting california for the super bowl as his residence dug out from 20 inches of snow. that was barry's only problem. in that 2010 blizzard chris christie was criticized for refusing to return home from a disney world vacation down in florida. >> i was not going to rescind by child's christmas gift especially when i was convinced that we had a plan in place that -- this is not like in the 1800s when no one will be able to get me. believe me my cell phone was ringing where i was much more than i would have preferred it to under normal circumstances when i'm away on a family vacation. but you know i was not going to look at my children and say no we're not going.
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>> that fits with which whole picture, doesn't? an i took a major to task over his slow response for snow removal. >> washington is the city that commands the power of the world's greatest country and the resources of the planet but they can't plow the streets. why can't a government town do a government job. today we had the weather of buffalo, and the snowplowing capability of miami. i have seen mayors lose their office over this. >> we had a sophisticated mayor, everyone liked him for a while, and now it is time for a competition. >> that's what unfortunately happened. michael nutter is mayor of philadelphia he won't have this problem, mr. mayor, thank you for joining us.
4:54 pm
how do you face this thing? what does it mean to you? >> it means having a fully coordinated plan. i talked to four of the mayors up and down the east coast. mayor walsh in boston may your deblasio in new york. we're all affected by the storm in one way shape, or form. you know here in philly we know how to fight storms. we have a fully integrated plan across all agencies. i think the thing about this particular storm for philly is it has been so unpredictable. we have reports from the national weather service and a number of other agencies and so far it has not done what we have been anticipates. we have had episodes of snow in the course of the day and the evening. we're still anticipating 10 to 14 inches overnight into tomorrow morning.
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we have 375 petes of equipment ready. 800 personnel, and 45,000 tons of salt to deal with all of this. we have informed our citizens -- we just had a presser at 6:30. we had one at noon and we have another about 10:30. it is about communication, coordination, patience and an incredible effort by everyone coordinating their efforts to make sure that we have weathered the storm and then get through it, and then start the recovery effort to get the city back up and running. we're geared up and ready to go. we fight storms in philadelphia. we have attacked them aggressively and worked with our citizens. >> michael nutter thank you for that full report there. we have a political reporter with the boston globe.
4:56 pm
how does it look out there? is this three days of cold weather and staying in? >> i think it will be. obviously the governor is asking people to be off the roads by midnight. of course the subways will also be shut down here in boston it will be a big one. >> will there be a paper waiting for us at the end of the drive way? >> of course. >> boston globe is the hub of the universe up there. our coverage of this blizzard will continue after this.
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msnbc will have complete coverage of this blizzard. we continue now with "all in with chris hayek." >> you cannot under estimate that storm. >> the first great blizzard of 2013 threatening to break records across the northeast. >> we're expecting a very high rate of snowfall. you almost can't plow that much snow that quickly. >> 1800 plows, 126,000 tons of salt. we'll look at what it takes to keep things runs as five states declare a state of