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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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accumulations and damage are storm. hopefully people will not lose power. that will do it for "all in" this evening and i will hand the microphone over to msnbc live coverage of blizzard 2015 continues now. riff ard lieu richard lui with, here you go. >> you started earlier together and quieter. >> this is the real deal right now. >> it has finally hit manhattan. get out of here chris. good to see you. thank you for the work. >> welcome to our live coverage of the blizzard of 2015. i'm richard lui tonight along with betty wen. we have hit midnight on the east coast. it is picking up in terms of wind gusts and the amount of snow in the sky behind us. at this hour we have states of emergency in seven states including new york city. travel ban s in connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island. late tonight, new jersey issued
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a travel ban. >> absolutely. this is a big storm you are seeing right now with 30 million people in its path. depending where they are as the storm continues to move in millions are in for a night of heavy snow and gusting winds. coastal areas are preparing for storm surges. emergency personnel are watching for possible power outages. i want to start with the latest from our weather team. for that bring in our meteorologist. people want to know what kind of conditions we are seeing out there right now and where's the storm the strongest? >> the storm is strongest over new england, southern new england. that's where we are looking at the worst conditions and where this historic storm is ramping up. providence to boston is where the worst is. blizzard warnings are in effect from coastal new jersey to bangor, maine. with blizzard warnings it is not necessarily the amount of snow
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you will get but the winds and visibility and all of those things that make it treacherous on the road. we are going to have those conditions up and down the coast as we are seeing the winds ramp up. the worst of the winds right now are definitely through new england. they are getting the heaviest snow. the winds are picking up. wind in providence town of 48 miles an hour. nantucket picked up a wind over 60 miles an hour. they are at 62. 47 vineyard haven. these are strong winds that are causing blowing and drifting snow and also they will see some big waves along the coast with these winds, as well. that's causing a decrease in visibility. that's also something that creates these whiteout conditions which is pretty much making for the blizzard warning. less than a mile in boston right now. we're down to a mile in hartford. less than a mile in new york and then it gets better the further
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south you go. philadelphia is not too bad right now. again it is pretty much the cut off from hartford down where we will see the lesser amount of snows. conditions will be tough but not as bad as we will see them through new england. here's a look at the radar. it is faint here but we have some bright blue bands that you see with this storm. the bands push to the west with. that's where we get snowfall rates of two to four inches per hour. that's significant snow right now that's coming from providence to boston. as we go further down to the south, new york is trying to get in on that heavier snow. the eastern part of the tristate is getting heavy part of the snow. long island are getting hammered. in manhattan the snow hasn't been that heavy, which is good news. we're not looking at as much snow but will see bands of heavier snow that will move in overnight.
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we are still calling for a lot of snow in manhattan. it's just we are not looking at as a much snow as we will see through new england. close to two feet in some cases in new england. philadelphia is not getting in on as much of the snow either. we are looking at five to eight inches of snowfall for philadelphia. much of that is already fallen. here's a closer look. you can see these heavier bands now that are setting up to the north from boston to providence as well. not only do we have the heavy bands moving in the low pressure system is moving in and starting to deepen. the cold air is locked in place. it is very cold out there. look at the windchills in the single digits. five for the feels like temperature in boston. four in harter ford. a little better for new york down to d.c. but still very cold. and that cold will be a problem for several days to come. even when you say good-bye to
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the snow the cold will stick around and that means we will have a lot of freezing behind it and a lot of freezing snow to shovel if you can't get out to shovel it right away. here's what we are looking at for the forecast. this is a call we are making. remember this storm will go until tomorrow afternoon. it will die down through new england by late tomorrow afternoon. we are calling for 22 to 26 in boston. 22 to 24 in portland. we are looking at a couple of feet of snow through the new england area. lesser amounts through new york. ten to 14. long island will see higher amounts and then philadelphia is definitely on the lower end. it just doesn't look like that storm can carry the moisture over that far west which is certainly good news. everybody is going to be in the zone. not only for the cold but extreme winds, as well. so this storm is definitely underway, and the worst is still yet to come. we're going to continue to see the worst of the storm through
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new england over the next several hours and through the early part of tomorrow for what with would be a commute but isn't going to be a commute in many cities. betty. >> never a good sign when you say the worst is yet to come. already seen snow for hours on end today. >> unfortunately but we still have high tide to get through. we still have a long ways to go. it's going to be a long night, a long night for southern new england because now we will start to get power outages. the winds are howling there and that is something that will persist through the overnight. so when i say it gets worse, it just means all of the effects of this storm are going to start to ramp up. >> all right. stay inside, stay safe and stay warm. our richard lui is doing none of that. he is outside braving these conditions. richard, back to you. >> you know betty, i just checked the temperatures and sustained winds reported by the weather channel right now.
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about 12 miles an hour. feels like 15 degrees out here. that means the salt they normally put on the ground behind me will not work as well with. the snow is picking up up. now we see the plows behind me in front of 30 rockefeller plaza now working with. that's because -- this is the bewitching withing hour as new york city city mayor bill deblasio was talking about today. he said around 11:00, 12:00, expect one to two inches of snow per hour. and his concern is you would have whiteout conditions. we are seeing a little bit of that increase the bewitching hour that the mayor was so concerned about. we'll see how things work out but the plows behind us are starting to work again. it was quiet for a good amount of time. now over to msnbc's craig melvin who is out in the city driving around and was at rockefeller plaza earlier. craig, you have a great perspective you can give us in
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terms of the arc of the day. now we are after midnight the key time the mayor was telling us about, what would you say. >> great way to put it my friend. i would say earlier today, several hours ago it was interesting and refreshing if you will to see the sheer number of people that seem to be listening to their elected leaders saying this thing could be bad. go home now if you can. get ou of the city now if you can. we saw a lot of folks doing that. we have also seen the lion's share of people abide by the mayor and governor's request to stay off the roads. as you know a travel ban was put in to effect at 11:00. nonessential vehicles not on the roads, non-essential people on the other hand are all over the roads. a lot of people are using this as an opportunity to go out and snap some really cool pictures
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before the worst of the storm hits. we are on fifth avenue heading away from 30 rockefeller. heading to the flat iron district. you can probably tell richard, the streets in front of us they may look like they have not been plowed but they have been. fifth avenue has been plowed. parts of fifth avenue have been plowed several times. governor cuomo saying several hours ago, one of the major problems we will see the next 24 to 36 hours is the amount of snow and the speed at which the snow is falling. it is going to make it virtually impossible for the plow trucks to keep up. that's what we are seeing right now along a fairly empty fifth avenue. >> craig, what are you seeing in terms of wind gusts, winds us sustained. are you seeing a pickup in the areas where you have been at? >> shortly after 6:00 when we were right outside the location
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right now, the wind was pretty intense. it was whipping fairly fiercely off of those sky scrapers there in manhattan. we have seen it die down and saw it pick back up. and now it looks like last time we were outside of the vehicle ten minutes ago, it seems the winds died down once again. the same can be said for the snow. you have seen periods of heavy snow intense snow. then other periods tonight where there's barely no snow at all. again, based on what we have been reading and hearing from our meteorologists in house and at the national weather service, this is not just figuratively but literally the calm before the storm. >> right. and craig, you can maybe hear the plows behind me. how many have you seen out in the areas that you have been looking at? >> dozens. dozens of plows. dozens of what i call primary plows.
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these are vehicles that were clearly purchased to be plows. and then there are makeshift plows, as well. garbage trucks that have been outfitted in the front to be plows, police vehicles that have been outfitted to be plows, as well. we have heard from a number of mayors, a couple of governors as well throughout the course of the day who have said all hands are going to be on deck. it was interesting to hear from governor andrew cuomo earlier. he was in sussex county and telling the story about buffalo. back in november they saw seven feet of snow. they are not going to see anything like that this time. but governor cuomo saying that the folks in buffalo to repay the favor, to pay it forward so to speak they shipped a lot of resources, manpow er and vehicle resources, as well to help new york city recover from what is undoubtedly going to be one of the worst storms in the history of the city.
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>> they are so worried about -- the big number 26 inches the record set back in 2006. craig melvin who's been driving in the streets of manhattan, surveying and reporting back to us in terms of what you have been able to see for the storm, the blizzard of 2015. thank you as always, my friend. robert >> ron, your reports throughout the evening have seen a consistent amount of snow and wind gusts. >> you're telling me. >> yeah. >> it has been getting worse by the hour. it started snowing here 2:00 3:00 this afternoon. yeah now it is kind of blowing in this direction, which is why i'm standing this way. it is swirling. the winds are gusting. definitely picking up. so far, i guess we look around it seems there's about, seven or eight inches of know on the ground. it is light and fluffy. back there in that direction is
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the long island expressway which is a busy heavy commuter route that is basically abandoned now. we see some snowplows go by once in a while. we see utility vehicles go by which is good news. motoristst have been staying off the road and that's great. earlier it was gridlock on these roads as everyone was rushing out of the yards heading home. going in that direction is east which is where the storm is even worse or forecast to be worse than it is here if you can believe that. right now, it seems that people have have hunkered down. it seems colder -- or maybe i am colder because i have been here so long. it is hard to imagine it is going to get much worse but it is certainly going to get much worse. hunkering down hanging in here for now and watching with it as it piles up. again, the wind gusts are the big concern out here. it creates a situation where you can't really see anything in front of you.
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i think you were driving you would have a few car lengths to see in front of you. that's why it is a good idea to stay off the roads. at this point it is against the law to be out there. >> national weather service consistently predicting blizzard conditions there. ron allen reporting for us today. thank you so much. betty, back to you. as we see a little pickup now. as we were talking a moment ago, this is the bewitching hour that we have been told about by the mayor. the 11:00 to 12:00 a.m. time period. >> we are not seeing people on the streets. they are heefding to the warning where you are and where with ron is. it is coming down and has been for hours. we will have more ahead on this blizzard. you are looking at a live picture right now of times square. you don't see this often, pretty empty down there. and it is for a good reason as people are being told stay inside. we'll have more coverage. stay right here with the latest
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welcome back, everybody. we have live coverage of the blizzard of 2015. it's in effect at this hour. the worst we are hearing is that it is yet to come. at this hour travel ban is in effect for five states. seven state of emergencies have been issued. let's get the latest on the ground. let's take it to framingham
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massachusetts where rehema ellis had been driving. do you see anybody on the streets right now? >> reporter: well we just see a car in front of us. if you can take a shot of the camera that we have mounted on our windshield you'll see some taillights up ahead. i must tell you, we have seen a distinct drop in the volume of traffic in the last hour. there are very few vehicles out here. the majority of them are emergency vehicles or they are snowplows or sanding vehicles spreading out the salt and sand on these roads. the state of massachusetts has 250,000, i should say 250,000 tons of salt available to try to treat these roads to keep people out here safe. it is getting worse by the minute. the ice is building up on the
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windshield wipers and on the windshield. it is cold. the snow is blowing. it's a very fine icy snow. the temperature, according to the national weather service, is 17 degrees. they say it's going to get even colder. it will go down to zero or below zero. that's going to make these driving conditions out here really treacherous. you understand why the travel ban is in effect. most people at this hour would be heeding it any way now that we are past the midnight hour. but it's unusual to not see any other cars out on the road even at this time of the night but not unusual considering the circumstances and conditions on the road right now. they are tough conditions and we expect that they will get worse before they get better. >> definitely tough conditions. just look ing at your windshield right now, it has to be hard for you to see because it is hard for us to see out of it. it seems like the ice is piling up as a you are driving.
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>> it really is. i have to tell you also it has gotten darker. the fact that you don't have other vehicles on the road it reduces the light that you have out here unless you come across -- right now we are passing an auto dealership so there are a lot of lights focused on that but once we pass this section the road is very dark. there is a sense that something is happening out here that is an indication of all of the warnings that we are getting from officials, and that is to get off the roads, get inside. the worst with of the storm, as we understand is to be happening from now until tomorrow afternoon. that's why the travel ban is in effect. the public transportation also has been shut down here in massachusetts until sometime on wednesday, at least they hope they will be able to get public transportation up and running again in the state, but for now it is not happening. people certainly will be
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expected to be at home tomorrow and they should be because the word is they should not be out here on these streets. >> absolutely. you be safe out there, too. looking at this windshield icing over, it doesn't look like a good situation. thank you so much for that live report from framingham massachusetts. parts of massachusetts are bracing for as much as two feet of snow. in the town scituate massachusetts, south of boston, they are bracing for potential flooding along the coast. at this hour officials there have cut off the power along some streets in an effort to prevent fires if the water comes in. we have this report. >> reporter: it is almost unbelievable out here. this is the early part of the storm. while it is snowing you barely notice the snow. the wind is overwhelming here this close to the water. a lot of folks have been preparing all day and you see it up and down the coast here in
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scituate. boarded up houses making sure their houses are safe for the brunt that will happen overnight. see how strong the winds are. we have the lights on the car for two reasons. one to show how strong the winds are. the snow here falling sideways. not a lot of accumulation where i am standing because a that snow is swept off the coast inside as well. we also turned the lights on because it is dark out here. they cut the power to five coastal streets here in scituate at 10:00 tonight. just about 30 40 minutes ago because they wanted to make sure if there were any emergencies like a fire, they are trying to prevent a widespread fire out here. they cut the power to these roads so it would be easier for fire truck and emergency crews to get out here. the concern is high tide spoefzed to hit at 4:30 in the morning. the winds will be likely as
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strong as well. >> wind is blowing tremendously. that is whdh reporter from scituate massachusetts. back outside to 30 rock. richard lui has been standing out in it. looks like the snow continues to come down. earlier, as we were coming in to work i don't know couple of hours ago, there was nothing going on really but boy ha how things have changed. >> we will have fingers of the storm that will pick up and go down a this moment as we talked about at the top of the show here, this is a time they were so concerned right after midnight. talk about the wind in massachusetts n scituate. i want to get to the latest from boston. we are joined on the phone by renee fielding the director of emergency management for the city of boston. renee, tell us where you are at and what's the latest information you are getting there in the office of emergency management? >> sure. thank you for having me. we're at the boston emergency
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operation center in boston with all of our city departments here monitoring what's going on outside. about right now we probably have three to four inches on the ground. we are getting ready for the brunt of the storm in the next couple of hours where we will see one to three inches of snow an hour and we're going to see the wind gusts dramatically pick up. >> do you expect the peak around 3:00 a.m. is that what you are saying? >> about then is when we expect the shift where snow will come down a lot harder. >> rene, talk about last year where the storm walloped boston. it wasn't the biggest in recent years but significant. how does this compare to last year's big storm? >> so it is shaping up to be the same as blizzard nemo. it hit us a good 24 hours and saw a lot of snow coming down, two to three inches an hour with
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high winds. a lot of drifting and blizzard-like conditions. >> i forget that we are already in the new year, rene. we are in 2015 now. i remember how cold it was. my feet were with freezing to the ground during the week i was there. tell me about the number of vehicles you have deployed. i know when i was looking at the statistics earlier in the week the 700, 800 vehicles at the ready. >> right. right now we have 600 and they are bringing on another 100 or 200 in the next hour once the snow starts to pick up. they have been out all night salting and now they are out plowing. >> what's been your approach to overprepare or just get it right? >> we have been planning for days. we learned a lot of lessons from nemo and incorporated them in to the plan today and it has been about getting the message out to the public to be safe an allow
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public works to get out and clear the streets without any cars on and make sure that people are safe. >> rene stay close to the phone. i will be calling you in the next couple of hours to get the latest. as you said the high around 3:00 a.m. rene fielding from the office of emergency management in boston. so far the state of connecticut has been in the bull's eye of the storm. we will come back. stay with us here on msnbc.
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just about 12:30 here in new york city. we are live at 30 rockefeller plaza on this day. we are covering the massive winter storm you heard so much about. up to two feet of snow with wind gusts as high as 65 miles an hour. yes, those are blizzard-like conditions creating potentially dangerous conditions throughout the region. governors in seven states declared a state of emergency and travel bans are in effect in massachusetts, rhode island connecticut, new jersey and parts of new york state, including new york city. joining me is msnbc meteorologist and a concern here. you don't want the potentially 60 million people affected by the storm to be out in the streets, any of them for the concern of death or damage here.
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>> no. exactly. this is a good call. you can never be too careful. the storm is setting up. it is a dangerous one. we have seen it with rehema driving on the roads. the ice is coming down. getting reports to the north of freezing fog. we are going to have conditions that are going to continue to worsen as we head through the overnight and early morning hour. we notice from your live shot the snow is starting to pick up. in manhattan we are getting a heavier band that's moving through. this is a band of snow pushing through long island. the set up right how has been the heavy snow in rhode island. some of it pushing in to coney island manhattan, white plains. the snow is picking up. this will be the case. we will have those bands that will come in and out over the next several hours. the winds will also be picking up. it will be blowing and drifting snow. now, up to the north, through new england is where the snow is really ramping up right now. this is where we are looking at
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the significant snowfall. a couple of feet of snow that will by the time this storm is said and done late tomorrow we will have a lot of snow here. hyannis, newport, providence brockton they are getting hit with the snow. >> awesome. >> that is coming down. and the winds are whipping up. here's what we are looking at right now. the bands will be pushing to the west. we will continue to have sort of that back and forth between heavier snow bands and lighter amounts that come in this but this snow is on track -- i should say this storm is definitely on track to dump a significant amount of snow up and down the east coast. >> it is definitely not over as we see it coming down outside. and we can see right there in the radar model. thank you so much for that. joining us is tom mccarthy the city council president in bridgeport connecticut. and here to tell us what is happening in his city. thank you for checking in with
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us. >> oh, you are welcome. >> first of all, we want to know, connecticut is right now in a state of emergency. what's the situation like in bridgeport? >> in bridgeport it is like the calm before the storm. we have had significant snowfalls all day but nothing overwhelming at this point but you can feel it. it is starting to change a little bit and getting more intense and we know what is coming will not be fun. >> absolutely. as we look at the radar you see it is definitely headed your way with. what preparations have you made for the storm? >> we have been going with the motto, -- stay home stay safe. we have been telling everyone since we declared the local emergency since 7:00 this morning to get off the roads, clear cars off the streets so we can have the ability to plow the roads and create safe passage around hospitals and the fire houses and all of the places that are essential for the city of bridgeport to maintain
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safety. >> do you feel your city is prepared? >> we are definitely prepared. this one is not going to get away from us. i can assure you of that. >> i like the confidence there. if you are concerned about something, what areas are you most concerned about tonight? >> i think one of the things we are concerned about, it is frigidly cold outside. we are very much concerned about making sure our homeless population and anyone who has a need or loses power has the ability to go to the shelters that we have set up and other places to keep warm. it is going to be a tough night tonight. >> tom mccarthy in bridgeport, thank you for checking in with us. we do appreciate your information. new york city hasn't taken any chances with this storm tonight, as well. there's a city-wide travel ban in effect right now ar all non-emergency response vehicles. at this hour the entire new york city subway system is shut down. we will have a live report from here in new york city at one of the city's salt depots. that's next. so stay with us.
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welcome back to our live coverage of the snowstorm. we are looking at the blizzard of 2015. a finger of that storm hitting manhattan. this is the hour that mayor deblasio was concerned about. the preparation and response here in new york city part of what the mayor was concerned about, what he planned for. steadily. we go to amanda who's with a salt truck. salt trucks that are so key, as you know, amanda to keep the snow cleared from the roads here. are they out and about? what are you seeing? >> hi richard. we just saw a fresh round of trucks here at the salt depot here in lower manhattan.
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the snowfall has been coming slow and steady but the bitter cold that's been coming up and really increasing. along the west side highway, and an hour ago we were unable to see the new jersey skyline across the hudson river. now it is all but disappeared. here as the trucks come they pick up up more salt as they go along in their routes. city officials say there's some 2300 vehicles snowplows and salt spreaders that will be deployed throughout the five boroughs. to think about it they will be covering some 6,000 miles of road here over the night. if you want to have an idea of whether or not your neighborhood or roads are getting plowed the new york city has an app for that. if you go on-line, the city has a plow and icy app. it refreshes every 15 minutes.
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you are able to see which roads were plowed an estimated time frame, one to three, three to six and up to 12 hours. so you have an idea which roadways are getting all of that coverage. the city has been going for this for some time. they always have emergency reserves like the one here. storage facility some 29 throughout the entire city. they have the capacity of some 238,000 tons of salt. as far as preparedness we know the with the salt here. it is just making sure the vehicles are getting ahead of the snow before it piles up and becomes a problem. >> one concern is the temperature. once you get to the ten-degree mark is when salt stops being as effective and then you have to move to chemicals which are more expensive. right now the temperatures are in a range where salt is effective at least here in new york city. amanda sakuma in new york city thank you for that report. betty?
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>> thank you, richard. the city of boston the areas around boston are expected to get hit pretty hard tonight with the snow. let's check in with steven smith, the city editor for ""the boston globe "". what are the conditions like in boston right now? >> what we have seen, betty, in the past couple of hours is a further deterioration. we are seeing the snow pummel the region more ferociously and all eyes are turned to 4:30 this morning. that's when we expect high tide along the coast of new england. we know from past experiences that towns up and down along the massachusetts coast are vulnerable to this combination of wind and sea. there's a fair amount of foreboding waiting to see what will happen at that hour. >> boston is no stranger to snow. are people there heeding the warn withings or are they
9:43 pm
shrugging this off? what's the mood there? >> reporter: it's interesting. if you look out of our newsroom on the interstate 93 over the past hour you have seen less and less traffic and governor charlie baker declared that all cars and trucks should stay off road starting at midnight except for emergency vehicles. people seem to be heeding this and certainly at the grocery stores today there were long lines as people begin to bring in provisions for the storm. >> people are definitely getting prepared. like i said they are no stranger to this. when it comes to problems especially with this storm, what with are you seeing that could likely cause problems or what problems are you expecting? >> the greatest concerns exist along the coastline. in the past we have seen these ferocious waves that will come hurdling over flood walls, and that can sometimes spark fire.
9:44 pm
for instance what we have seen this evening in scituate which is a town to the south of boston, town administrators there took the preventative measure of already severing power to some coastline streets in the hope that would diminish the prospects for any sort of fire there. >> we saw a report on that earlier. they are not messing around there. definitely don't want fires started because they have enough to deal with. thank you very much stephen smith, boston globe editor. richard lui is outside braving the conditions and we will keep you abreast of the blizzard conditions that are up and down the east coast. we will bring you the latest here on mbssnbc, don't go anywhere.
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welcome back, everybody. the massachusetts national guard activated 500 guardsmen to assist during this winter storm. this was the scene in massachusetts tonight. >> i'm actually standing in the
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perfect direction where it is not too bad. you are walking through the wind. it is a hard time. of course if you turn your face toward it like this it's like little knives, ice pellets just smacking you in face and eyes. this wind has been blowing the snow sideways. now it is almost turning from snow to little ice pellets again. it is really whipping up. heavy winds don't feel like they are going anywhere. if you go in for 30 minutes and come back it feels that much stronger. the snow is accumulatening a the wind is the big story right now. everyone is trying to hunker down and stay inside. no one is on the roads. i'm told the national grid power crews are here in case we are widespread power outages. you have to wonder what it will be like at 4:30 when we have high tide. heavy wind is the story right now. >> it is coming down there. that is a report from massachusetts tonight.
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talking to richard lui. he was outside of 30 rock and reveling in the fact earlier that the wind was blowing at your back and wasn't too bad. looks like things have changed a little bit. >> they have changed a little bit. the temperature down two degrees right now. it is a temperature that feels like 11 degrees. also remember we have the plows behind me that i was showing you here at 30 rockefeller plaza. i want to walk out here. that was clear and there was salt put down on it. as you can see behind me it is completely covered and that was 15 minutes ago. to give you a sense, we have seen an upstick in the amount of snow and the temperature dropping and the temperature dropping means it is good for more snow. for more on how the storm is effecting the rest of new york city, there is the transit system. the first time ever as we have been saying the mta shut down the subway because of a
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snowstorm. that's been a milestone in this city when it comes to weather emergencies and weather situations. we are joined on the phone by ginger otis of the "new york daily news." trying to get around after 11 p.m. is been absolutely difficult for many individuals. i just saw one police car drive behind my about five minutes ago. that's about all you will see, and other emergency vehicles. >> yeah. it's definitely a whole different city when you have no transportation, can't get in a cab and go to get a beige bagel or watering hole. this is the first time that people have been hunkered down and obligatory so not necessarily voluntarily so. >> ginger where do they park the different trains and vehicles? how do they start them up again? this is a big city and this is many hundreds of thousands of individuals to move around. >> sure.
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that's a good question. that's the question that is going through everybody's mind right now is when is it going to get back. it is a new novelty for the system to be shut down for a snowstorm. but tomorrow how long will i have to wait to get on a train and go where i have to go. the answer is it depends. the system is complex to shut it down. basic live they take the bulk of the trains and store them on the tracks that run express lines. which is why earlier before the prognosis got really bad the governor was talking about just running trains on the local lines because they could keep the local lines open and store the trains on express tracks but now they have said everything is closed some maybe stored at the mta shed or taken to the boroughs. it depends how hard core they go with the shut down. if they power down the third
9:53 pm
rile rail, it will take eight hours to get it fully back up. they will turn on major lines faster but to get the whole system going can take a long time. >> ginger, quickly, what's the criteria they will use to determine when to turn it back on? what do you know? >> it will depend how clear are the lines? can they get things moving? have they had to shut down the third rail overnight? that's the big key. if they have had to shut it down it is not easy to get it back on. if they have kept that going and not a lot of snow and see people moving about, they want to keep the streets clear and will make an effort to get the trains and buses back up. >> that's the question, when will they move the subways and the lirr and the city be able to use mass transit again. >> a lot of questions as to when that will restart again. thank you, richard. joining us is the meteorologist
9:54 pm
for "slate." thank you for being with us during this stormy night. you have been reporting on this storm. what's the latest you can tell it about the progress of it and what is truly in store for the next 24 hours? >> for new york city we have had a breakthrough. there was a lull all evening where we had the snow earlier in the day. now we have this really strong band that came through within the last hour. that's going to be more of the same just ramping up for the next 24 hours now of intense snow and wind. >> you know something that we noticed too is it came down really hard in the afternoon hours, like around 2:00 and 3:00 and what not. and then it tapers off and now it is picking up again. why has the forecast changed in the last few hours? >> i'm not sure the forecast has changed that much. i know the weather channel is
9:55 pm
still taking a few inches off of their forecast and the national weather service is trimming off a little bit in new jersey. what the forecasters are really looking for right now is how far does that initial westward push go? that's where the edge is going to be. it is going to be a pretty sharp snowfall cut off on the west side of this storm. right now looks like new york city will be within that part that still gets the heavy snow. >> a lot of people have been calling it an epic storm, saying it is unprecedented. is it too soon to say if the storm will live up to that billing and of course we don't really want it to to be honest with you. >> the weather models, for sure, i would say were with unprecedented. you have the national weather service in their forecast discussions calling it this storm that was -- risking brecking the record books.
9:56 pm
>> right. >> so both boston and new york city and national weather service were saying right now it is looking like it could be an all-time record snowfall. to forecast something like that up to a day in advance takes some guts. these forecasters were really seeing something that was really kind of popping their eyeballs. >> you agree with that though? you believe this is one that will go down in the record books? >> i think there is that potential. again for new york city and boston specifically, some of the high resolutions forecast models during the day on monday were showing some of those intense bands hitting right over those two cities. if that does happen we are talking up to three feet of snow for each of those cities. it is still in the ballpark and still a possibility. >> a lot to come in the next 24 hours. we will be watching it closely.
9:57 pm
eric holthaus, thank you for joining us. keep it here for more on the blizzard of 2015.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
and welcome back to our special continuing coverage of the winter storm that is pummeling the northeast tonight. i am richard lui, your host tonight, along with my colleague betty nguyen. tonight i'm outside our studios here in new york. we have been tracking winter storm juno with 30 million people in its path at least, and we have now reached 1:00 a.m. on the east coast. we're beginning to get reports of power outages in connecticut. about 1,400 customers in the dark right now along the coast there. governors in seven states have declared a state of emergency. we have travel bans from massachusetts to new jersey. the port