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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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tragedy and trap of chronic generational poverty. that is all for "now." good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. >> the iphone business for apple is now bigger than google and microsoft combined. >> apple wants it all. >> will big blue dominate the entire computer industry? >> they beat expectations by over 10% to 13%. >> this is a mesmerizing
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quarter. >> those who felt that this is only an iphone story and that maybe one day it'll be a worldwide story -- >> we shall prevail. >> it is the next chapter in apple's story. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. been a lot of talk about weather and storms. you know what the big storm is in technology? this thing right here. if someone had told me 15 years ago that this was going to be at my fingertips i wonder what my reaction would have been. it really is amazing, isn't it? we take it for granted. we start tonight with the booming economy, the american economy. i guess you could say it's all about apple. today apple announced its first quarter financial results and
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the numbers are simply stunning. apple sold a shocking 74.5 million iphones, setting a record for unit sells. tim cook says on average they sold 34,000 iphones an hour every day of the quarter. this boosted the company to a record profit of $18 billion for the quarter. overall, the company brought in over $74 billion in revenue. this is higher than quarterly revenue from microsoft and google combined. by some measures it's the largest quarterly profit ever to be reported by a publicly traded company. it's amazing. apple ended the quarter with a strag staggering $178 billion of cash on their balance sheet. that's a whole bunch of zeros, folks, and it is enough money to buy ford general motors and
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tesla and still have $41 billion left over to go to a picnic. no surprise here. apple stock ended up 6% today at $115 a share. meanwhile, america's automobile industry is roaring. gm hasd a record year in 2014. president obama was exactly right to be touting the booming american economy in his state of the union address. >> since 2010 america has put more people back to work than europe japan, and all advanced economies combined. our manufacturers have added 800,000 new jobs. there are millions of americans who work in jobs that didn't exist 10 20 years ago. >> we have seen 58 straight
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months of private sector job growth. if you had told the average joe on the street back in 2009 in the wintertime they would have laughed you off the street. the unemployment rate some people thought it would never go below double digits. it is at 5.6% right now. that is from the labor department. >> the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? jobs and the economy are still the number one issue in the country. >> despite all of this success, republicans are still fixated on defeating president obama. republican leadership is standing firm against just about everything president obama wants to do. >> from the president's state of the union address, let me ask you dead or alive, raise taxes
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on the wealth? >> why would we want to raise taxes on people? >> i'll take that as a dead. >> dead real dead. >> community college free. dead or alive? >> we have added more debt and giving away free tuition strikes me as something we can't afford. >> i'll put that down as debt as well. increasing the federal minimum wage. >> debt. >> debt. i wouldn't have had a chance at half those jobs if the federal government kept imposing higher minimum wages. >> finally, debt or lie, tripling health care for families? >> we'll take a look at this when when he sends his budget up. something that could be looked in the overall context of
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simplifying our tax code. >> with all the positive things that are happening in our country in the economy, if there was ever a time to move things forward progressively, this would be the time to do it. to address the things that we certainly couldn't address in 2009 at the start of the great recession and the years following. but right now, isn't this the time to invest? shouldn't this news from apple at least give us some confidence that if we do invest it's amazing what american ingenuity can do? that american innovation that american technology, is the best in the world? shouldn't that motivate our lawmakers to want to do something a little bit more to make sure that we're on the cutting edge? but instead, no matter what the conditions are whether they are at the very bottom or where they are right now, the pinnacle of our economy is right now -- the numbers don't lie and we have the same old republican party in
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the way of progress. they will say no to everything unless it's for the wealthy. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question does john boehner need to stop asking where the jobs are? text a for yes. text b for no. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. let me bring in scott paul who is the president for the alliance of american manufacturing. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. david kay, you first. what would you compare where we are economically in this country right now as to where we have possibly been before when you put it in tournamenterms of recovery and where we were years ago? >> we are much better off than we were in 2009. it was a very good point that president obama made that our
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job increases have been greater than all the rest of the modern world combined. we would be much better off if we were investing in the future of america and if we were using our tax dollars to benefit all of us through education and infrastructure and training. the chinese government will finance their research. we won't. the future propertyfits are going to come there. the bottom 90% of americans' incomes fell. wages went down on average for every one of the 60 job categories the social security follows, except jobs paying $50 million a year or more. and they were up by about a third. >> so how big is this deal this apple financial report? what does it signal? what's the upside as you see it when you relate it to our economy? >> well, apple has produced a
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series of products which are all interlinked with one another? if you have an imac computer and an ipod and an ipad you're not going to buy an android. we know apple pays minor taxes because i-- to give you an idea of how much that is. that is about $550 for every man, woman, and child in america. apple's pretax profit was $24 billion. that's enough to run the minnesota state government where you are for about nine months. it is a profit of about over a quarter trillion dollars a day. >> yeah. scott paul the president talks a lot about high-tech
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manufacturing. for us to say comepetitivecompetitive, don't we need to continue to make investments? >> ed it's a good question and i couldn't myself as a fan of apple products and the amazing technology and innovation they have brought on the american market. i think it is really exceptional. my bone to pick with apple is the way they make their products. it is a backward lazy way of doing things for such an imaginative company. when the iphone 6 was released, it is assembled in chaiina. our trade deficit went up $5 billion and it was almost solely because all of these iphones were coming into the u.s. i would like to see apple invest
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1% of its cash sitting around build a factory in the united states help recruit a supply chain of advanced technology products manufacturers into the u.s. to make more of its product for the u.s. market. now i expect apple to make iphones in china for chinese consumers, but they ought to try to do it in the united states. i think we would all be better off. the one thing we're going to need a lot more of in the coming years are those middle skill manufacturing jobs. it is going to take companies like apple to set the bar in the advanced technology products sector. we have imaginative products. we have incredible research and development, but where we're following behind is that advanced technology product manufacturing and apple could lead that back to the united states if it set its mind to it. >> i'm sure people in the front
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office of apple are asking why should we change anything? with numbers like this why should we change anything? where would be the upside for them if they were to do it in america if the costs would be high higher? i have to ask that. >> you bet. people have looked at how much bringing an iphone back to the u.s. would cost apple. it would cut into their profit margin a little bit. it would still be an incredibly affordable and amazing phone for consumers to purchase. it would take that down payment of building a factory and also recruiting the workers. i think you make that up in goodwill and in terms of probably some tax benefits you could talk some states into as well. but apple, tim cook they're always looking for the new amazing thing. the one part of that entire
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company that is really lacking is their production platform and how they are dependent on outsourcing, on waking up workers in china, feeding them tea and biscuits and putting them to work if there's been a screw up in the product. i can only imagine the factories they can design in the united states if they put their mind to it. they can do anything if they put their mind to it. >> isn't this the model? this is what american companies want to emulate. look what they did. that's what we got to do. >> yes. if apple were to bring jobs back to the u.s., and it would cut their profit margin a little bit, it would also result in some more money being spent hiring people in this country which would be good for the company.
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apple's quarter profits were a quarter billion, not a quarter trillion a day. we will over time lose our edge to china. it is important we have a domestic manufacturing industry that does very high-tech work. it would mean more salaries more jobs and probably more people who can afford to buy apple's phones. >> on the cutting edge. gentlemen, thanks for your time tonight. i appreciate you being on "the ed show." remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts with us. we appreciate your comments. coming up scott walker makes his move toward 2016. we'll look at walker's new organization and a big money push that could put republicans right where they want to be on top. later, mike huckabee wants ladies to watch their language.
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tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. the field of republican presidential hopefuls is being groomed. it's the grooming season. big money is pouring in following the freedom summit in iowa. sarah palin's appearance was less than stellar, so she goes to fox and hannity asks her the $64 question. >> you also got criticized by the speech for a lot of people even people who tend to be supporters of yours. did a teleprompter go down?
2:19 pm
did you have trouble with copy? was there any moment in the speech where you had any difficulty? because people have been so critical. >> i don't read the praise and i don't read the criticism. i know how the media in general works. >> i'm not a member of that group. >> the teleprompter back in '08. i kept on going. i received a standing ovation throughout and at the end of the speech. i think a lot of this herd mentality of some reporters kind of exacerbates some of the criticism. >> the word that was used by conservative bloggers was incoherent. these are her people. not anybody else's from the left. chris christie also took the stage doing his best john adams imitation. his speech sounded like an appeal to super conservative tea
2:20 pm
partiers. >> i ran in new jersey as a pro-life candidate in 2009 and i won. and i ran for reelection as a pro-life governor in 2013 and won by 22 points. the notion that our party must abandon our belief in the sanctity of life to be competitive in blue states is simply not true and i am living proof of that fact. >> well, the gop golden boy from the iowa freedom summit turned out to be wisconsin governor scott walker. he strode comfortably around the stage and came away as the most impressive for the conserveativeeatives conservatives. he's launching an organization called the great american revival. >> those groups in washington they tend to measure success by how many people are dependent on the government.
2:21 pm
we measure success by how many people are no longer dependent on the government. >> what did sarah palin do? she made scott walker look good. how many speeches has sarah palin given since 2008? how many stages has she actually been on? what a slam for the conservative social media to use the word incoherent. you're still responsible for what comes out of your mouth, ms. palin. the bottom line is you just couldn't put a coherent thought together. of course, she blames the media. what she did was she made scott walker look real good. the tap dance conservatives candidates are going to do is going to be fast and furious. based on his iowa performance, scott walker could be an early
2:22 pm
frontrunner. for more on this i'm joined my ruth connif and also brad woodhouse. let's combine this if we can. great to have both of you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. >> ruth, it just seems to me if sarah palin is the bar of the right wing that gets motivated to vote all she did was help scott walker. your thoughts? >> she never made any sense to me. she pushes some emotional thoughts. but when she talks, it is word salad. scott walker is dangerous. he is not dumb. he is a skilled politician. while he appeals to that base he also comes off as personable and potentially moderate which he is not if you look at his record in wisconsin.
2:23 pm
in his speech in iowa he indicated that. he highlighted the things he down played in reelection. things like closing down planned parenthood. many of them saw planned parenthood as their primary health care provider. he is trying to privatize our public schools. he was saying, look, i wasn't running on wisconsin values and with wisconsin money. i was running with these big national donors like the coke brothers helping me. thanks guys. >> i'm reading today walker wants to cut $3 million out of the uw higher education system yet he wants to throw millions
2:24 pm
of dollars at a new hockey arena. as far as his stage presence is concerned, brad, i think walker is what they're looking for. he's not a teleprompter guy. this is a guy who goes out on the stage. he is somewhat conservatively unspoiled. he knows who he is. he is not afraid to do it off the cuff. this is what ronald reagan did. reagan was a guy, call it acting whatever you want but isn't this what the conservative movement ashas always gravitated towards? >> it might be. he's a talented politician. i wouldn't get carried away with what he did in iowa this weekend. we saw sarah palin. we know steve king was there. it was kind of a low bar to cross. he also went to the coke brothers' conference in
2:25 pm
california and he wasn't the life of the party there. it seemed they liked marco rubio better. this is a marathon. it's not a sprint. the two sides to this coin is there's what you can do in a primary and what you do to yourself in a primary. being a romney mini me on planned parenthood won't serve him well in the long run. >> yeah republicans at this point don't seem to be sold on any candidate for 2016. most recent poll asked a question, who do you want the republicans to nominate? there's a big undecided number at 45%. romney got 16%. what's your reaction to these numbers? what does this mean brad? >> i think it is exactly what you have suggested.
2:26 pm
the field is really unsettled. there's a lot of the field. scott walker would fall into this category. people are obviously in the republican party lukewarm on jeb bush for obvious reasons and mitt romney because he lost the last time. romney is trying to distinguish himself today by going after hillary clinton on foreign policy and jobs which is kind of rich considering how poor his job creation record was and how bad his foreign policy positions turned out to be in the last election. there's going to be a lot of fleshing out here before i think you see this settle out and you see favorites in some of these polls. >> ruth isn't a strong point for walker say what you want about the progressives and how upset they're been he can just fire back in one sentence. what do you think about that? >> i think that's right.
2:27 pm
i think it made him really powerful. it strengthened him. he is a candidate that interests the cokes. look, the coke brothers are going to spend as much money as a political party unto themselves. the very rich and their interests are represented in a way than they never have before in american politics. that's what walker represents. the little bright spot is the republicans are talking about inequality because people are seeing it and they don't like it and it's going to be a real problem for them. >> thanks so much. appreciate your time. we'll do it again. still to come the feminine
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ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. welcome back to "the ed show." appreciate all your questions. love hearing from our viewers. tonight our first question comes from samuel. he wants to know do you think the democrats should boycott netanyahu's scheduled speech to congress? when you say boycott, do you mean -- i assume you're saying don't show up for the speech. no i don't think they should do that. i think they should go on record on how they feel about netanyahu's visit and his speech, but boycotting it i think that goes too far. i think you can make a statement without having to do that. i think it is unnecessary.
2:32 pm
our next question is from cordell. how did you feel when republicans filibustered the keystone pipeline bill? i loved it. it's astounding how ignorant some of the republican senators are or how they are trying to hood wink people. filibusters are part of the process. it is when they become the norm and totally stop all government is when i have a problem. stick around. rapid response panel is next. i'm courtney reagan. another triple digit slide for the dow which ends down 195 points. the s&p slips 27 and the nasdaq falls 43. the federal reserve leaves interest rates unchanged and
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welcome back to "the ed show." mike huckabee is trying to cement his social conservative standing heading into 2016. what a strange pathway to do it too. the cultural warrior has been on record opposing gay marriage, abortion rights teaching evolution in schools, and beyonce. while promoting his book huckabee discussed the culture shock he faced while working in
2:37 pm
new york city. >> it's one of those things where in a business meeting that you might have the south or the midwest there in iowa you would not have people would just throw the f-bomb and use gratuitous profanity in a professional setting. in new york not only do the men do it but the women do it. my gosh this is worse than locker room talk. this would be considered totally inappropriate to say these things in front of a woman and for a woman to say this in a professional setting, we would only assume -- as we would say in the south, just trashy. >> it is red meat to cultural conservatives. this is calculated language from huckabee in an attempt to solidify the conservative base.
2:38 pm
i know who he is appealing to. joining me now is the vice chair of the florida democratic party. also with us tonight the cocreator of "the daily show," and a political strategist. let's talk about the political strategy first here. annette, who is he winning over by attacking women in this way and coming up with an accusation that that's how women on the east coast are in a business meeting? >> i don't know. honestly. i live in the south. i went to school in alabama. i have really lived the southern lifestyle, and i still don't understand who he is trying to appeal to. maybe he wants to encourage more of the white male to vote for him. i don't understand where he's going with this. when he says he wasn't referring to the fox coworkers, maybe
2:39 pm
there's another job that we're not aware of so i'm curious about that too. >> angela your reaction to all this? >> i think it is crazy, ed. i don't know if he's trying to get his tv ratings up so he can sell more books, but this doesn't appeal to me. my honest thought initially was what the hell is mike huckabee talking about. the only job he has had is with fox. we better hope we don't catch his wife or daughter using any foul language. we know this very well. i wish that the rest of the members in his party would also pay attention to this. i wish they would stay out of our mouths our bedrooms and focus on making sure we earn the same wages they do for the same work. >> go ahead, liz. >> the thing that i found hilarious about it was a month ago he was on with megan kelly
2:40 pm
and she dropped the f-bomb when she was introducing him. right there in front of him. apparently he missed that or he was focusing on something else. >> he might have been talking about her, liz. >> right? all of his language is a narrative of women are out of control. if you are trying to build a coalition and you're basically not going to include the swearers the people who like sex and birth control, and the people who like beyonce, i don't know who is left to vote for you. nonswearing gravy eaters. that's it. >> liz, he's saying women in the midwest and south in business meetings they don't act like that. it is only on the east coast. we know you have never dropped the f-bomb.
2:41 pm
>> just do a little google search on me and i think the first thing that comes up is f-bomb and trashy. i'm a twofer. >> annette, does this raise money for him? the last time huckabee ran it was a dollar to a donut. he was way behind the curve. what does this do for him? >> i really believe he's trying to sell books. i mean that's what i think he's trying to do because i don't know how he's trying to get elected this way. but maybe since it is such a big number of people trying to run for president, he's trying to get a specific right wing white male voting block. i don't understand it. but i think he's trying to sell books, honestly. >> the number one selling book in the last five years is "fifty shades of gray." his book about gravy and no sex ain't going to cut it.
2:42 pm
>> not only that we really have to look at what mike hukckabee is showing us. he thinks that we have forgotten as a governor he had all these ethics challenges some of them that look a lot like bob mc mcdonald. i'm not saying he should go to jail. even when he was running in the primary with mitt romney, the religious intolerance displayed by mike huckabee is shameful at this point. it is not just him, but within his party the issue they have with women's rights and fair pay is just beyond the pale. mike huckabee needs to address this other than what beyonce is doing with her husband. >> if he was a serious contendser at all, people would be digging into all of that. scott walker has legal stuff against him. we know about chris christie's
2:43 pm
bridgegate. mike huckabee is not even close to being a contender. that's everything. he can go out and say that and he is just trying to get headlines. >> i believe he's trying to actually bring down the fact that hillary clinton will be the democratic candidate and sort of like saying women shouldn't curse. it is a very subtle way of saying a woman shouldn't be president. >> yeah. >> yeah. appreciate your time tonight. thanks for the discussion. still to come senate republicans continue to push for keystone but nebraska landowners aren't backing down. they have the law on their side. we're going back to ground zero on the keystone fight. uh, and i know my iq.
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drill the super bowl ad everybody will be talking about monday is pretty easy to identify. it will run during the super bowl. the nfl spent much of 2014 under fire for how they handled or failed to handle several high-profile domestic violence cases. 30 seconds may not sound like a lot, but in the world of advertising it is a big deal. a 30-second ad can cost upwards of $4.5 million during a game. you'll see the 30-second version aired during the first quarter of the game on thursday and an extended version was released last night. take a look.
2:49 pm
[ phone ringing ] >> 911, what's your emergency? >> i would like to order a pizza. >> you know you have called 911. >> do you know how long it will be? ma'am, is everybody okay over there? >> do you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you're unable to talk? >> yes. >> is there someone thein the room with you, say yes or no. >> yes. >> are there any weapons in your house? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone with me? >> no. see you soon. thank you. >> powerful stuff. no doubt about it. plenty more coming up on "the ed show." stay tuned.
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welcome back to "the ed show." republicans will just not give up. today the senate is voting on 18 more amendments to the keystone pipeline bill. this is on the heels of democrats using their first filibuster to stop keystone. what the senate fails to understand is that it's a property rights issue with land
2:54 pm
owners in nebraska. no one seems to be addressing liability issues. if you're a landowner, this is paramount. >> the landowners still have the liability for any negligence that may occur and negligence is just an accident something i didn't mean to do. so transcanada can say, wasn't it you that drove your combine across the easement? now you're fighting over who did what. >> so it would be the little guy against the big corporation that has deep pockets. >> the landowner would lose everything they have. >> so it's not only an environmental risk there's a serious legal and personal risk to the land owners forever. >> forever. it's a colossal risk being forced upon them. >> no one in the senate is talking about that. transcanada, what are they doing, trying to eliminate this problem by cash whipping landowners into accepting the
2:55 pm
project. >> the first time they came to my house, they offered me a good sum of money and i listened to them for a little while and i knew enough about it that i was not going to sign anything that day and just before they left i told them thanks but it's not enough money just kind of jokingly and i wasn't ready to sign yet. >> uh-huh. and they came back? >> yes. they came back a couple times. one of the state pipeline manager and then here about a week ago they were back in my house. >> i mean i've been told that you were offered $250,000 to allow this pipeline to come over your land. is that true? >> yes. that was their first offer. the best offer i've got amounted to about 307,000. >> and you say "no" to that?
2:56 pm
>> yes. >> can you be bought? >> no. because my land is worth more to me and my family than any amount of money that they could offer me or would offer me i should say that. >> i'm joined tonight by america's lawyer and ring of fire radio host. mike, property rights goes all the way back to the colonial days. it's one of the reasons why we fought a revolution in this country. do these landowners have a case and what does this legal process look like? >> they have a good case. first, you have to understand that corporations that want to accomplish this have to show that there's a need for it. there is no need for this pipeline. it's about moving oil from canada to the gulf coast to be refined so it can be exported to yourp europe. so you don't even meet that issue of a great public need. that's the first part of no
2:57 pm
public need for it. they can't take constructive use of a property owner's land. secondly, there's no proper compensation here. he said, how are you going to pay for events in the future? we don't even know if it's going to happen in the future. the experts tell us they can't calculate damage because what happen if a leak takes place. what does that do for the second or third generation of the landowner? what does it mean when you have drinking water that is ruined because poisons and toxins move into that aquifer? there is no need. this is all about corporations making money. it used to be a corporation couldn't even be involved in this type of process but now they can. but they still have to jump over that first hoop.
2:58 pm
and when you can't even say to any true nature how much is it going to -- how much is it going to cost the landowner, you have a real failure. it used to be government alone was the only group, entity that could take land from an individual. they had to show that there was a need for public safety public health, public welfare. they used it for things like expansion on the infrastructure power grids. and then all of a sudden we have this new element of corporations for the benefit of their dollar for the benefit of more property, more profit taking property from americans. and right now you have a congress that's not even talking about that. it's as if nobody is advising congress -- >> no, they are not. >> -- there are thresholds that transcanada has to meet. let's hope that the gentleman that you interviewed and the other 100 claimants hold out because i believe it's winnable. i believe it's winnable.
2:59 pm
this can be delayed for an awful long time simply by analyzing the two parts -- actually there's more parts than two but the two most important parts to eminent domain taking of land. >> yeah. >> and they don't really rise up in certainly my evaluation but the evaluation of other experts looking at this case. >> i just find it amazing that there is none of this conversation in washington. you know, they say that all politics is local. it doesn't get any more local than a local judge making a determination of whether it's for the greater good johnny for you to give up your land so this multinational can pump oil down to the gulf and put it out on the open market. i mean this is a constitutional landowner issue here that is just out the window in washington. oh heck, we've got a pipeline we've got to put in the middle of the country because it's going to be good for whoever it's going to be good for and
3:00 pm
they are circumventing the process. president obama doesn't have to make a decision on this. and so he probably won't. and the chances of this being built on his watch are slim and none at this point right now. mike, we've got to go. we'll come back to the story again because it is the fabric of what is going on in america right now. what does it mean to be a property owner? that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend sharpton starts right now. good evening al. >> good evening to you. the case of a mistaken identity. there are confirmation hearings for the nominee to be the next attorney general of the united states. her name is loretta lynch. but you wouldn't know that by listening to republicans today because instead of discussing miss lynch's record they were obsessed with somebody