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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  February 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the pocket. russell for kearse and it is broken up again. and is it -- but somehow -- did he wind up with the football? >> i think butler hit it and it fell right back down to the ground. >> how many different plays are the patriots going to have like this? >> he has it at the five. first and goal. 33 yards. play clock at five. pass is intercepted at the goal line by malcolm butler! unreal! malcolm butler! >> i'm sorry, but i can't believe the call! >> me neither. >> i cannot believe the call! >> and after the whackiest lead-up to the super bowl ever the new england patriots are the nfl champions. >> can't believe the call either. i'm toure. and as we come on the air, no
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amount of snow or ice will keep new england from celebrating yet another new england patriots super bowl. we'll get to the storm. but first the blizzard that is belichick and brady. >> the guys never gave up and fight to the end so it was great for our fans and the people that support us and i'm just really proud of our accomplishment. >> it was 28-24 and it went down to the final seconds, decided by an interception in the end zone. hey, seattle coach pete carroll, you have the best runner in marshawn lynch and the best runner in russell wilson but you throw from the one yard line what were you thinking? but i digress. the patriots will be welcomed home tomorrow with a ticker tape parade if they can make it home from the storm. and we have to talk about the ads from the funny to the serious to a down-right downer. a $4.5 million downer ad.
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what were you thinking? is pete carroll on your board. we'll talk about that. but first the big game. and josh elliott reports on it. and did i mention, they should have run the ball. >> social media erupted as emmitt smith tweeted, that is the worst call i've seen in the history of football. >> the patriots weren't always efficient but more than effective. completing the largest fourth quarter comeback in super bowl history. in erasing a 10-point seattle lead and negating one of the best catches many had seen. and tensions so high a ugly brawl broke out in the final seconds. afterward robert kraft was both delighted and defiant, addressing the deflate-gate controversy head-on. >> we won today 28-24.
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our team didn't touch the balls. i'm proud and i love our guys. >> for tom brady, a record-tieing third mvp award. he celebrated with his family afterwards. and while the patriots danced on the field after the win -- during half time that floor belonged to katy perry, who pulled off an eye-popping, field bending performance with the help of lenny kravitz and missy elliott. along with a giant lion and a few lip syncing sharks. all that provided the night's second dose of fireworks. >> thanks to josh elliott for more on last night's big game. two friends of the show jordan schultz and and brew brand. jordan tom brady was fantastic last night. bill belichick was fantastic last night. great comeback in the fourth quarter like none we've ever seen in super bowl history but they don't win if you don't do the simple and obvious thing
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that even my wife was screaming, just hand it off to the best running back in the game. so the question to you, did the patriots win this game or did the seahawks lose it? >> toure, i'm not overreacting when i say this is the worst call, not in the history of professional football but in professional sports. >> wow! you are hiding some serious emotion. i know how upset you are. >> well i'm in seattle right now. i'm from seattle. i was at the game and i couldn't believe it. i actually thought at the time it was good that marshawn lynch didn't get in. more clock was ticking. bill belichick didn't call a timeout. it was a perfect scenario for seattle. the first interception all year at the one yard line in the nfl. >> unbelievable. andrew, you've been inside the nfl at the highest level with the green bay packers so you've understand -- you understand and you've seen the highest levels and when you lose the super
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bowl, you are sad all year long but how sad will this be for pete carroll knowing that loss is on his shoulders. >> it will be the first question everyone will ask him all summer and the first question about this super bowl. and 20 seconds before that you had the catch by jermaine kearse that rolled around and he came up with it. it was going to be the david tyree from a couple years ago. and they will remember this play. and people in the nfl tried to defend the call the rub, the pick that was picked and it just doesn't add up. you have to run the ball. especially when pete carroll bailed out bill belichick, as you mentioned. they didn't call a timeout. so assuming marshawn lynch runs in, they have 20 seconds. they won't do anything in 20 seconds. they could have had 50 seconds if they called a timeout. and unfortunately that is the way it ends for the seahawks.
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we talk about legacy with russell wilson and tom brady, their legacy is determined by a guy named malcolm butler that is how it is determined. >> and we agreed that pete carroll made a terrible call or his offensive coordinator and the coach is getting blame but let's talk about the players. russell wilson is a great player but isn't there some onus on him -- a slants play from the 1 yard line is the easiest to do and he didn't execute and he could have taken a sack all of those would have been fine and he is at the one yard line why isn't russell wilson getting more of the blame and why isn't he? >> he is such a factor in any sport andrus is a very likeable guy. you are right. the play call is getting more of the attention rather than the execution. i would blame russell wilson and the receiver. and not to get too technical but talk about getting flat and getting into the position where
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the body is open and the cornerback can't come up and knock it out. so the execution was poor. we could have it an incompletion rather than an interception and still be celebrating seattle's victory. >> jordan, andrew mentioned legacy, and now that you and toure have been able to vent. >> not enough abby. >> i want to talk about my man tom brady that had a nerve-racking night and there was an ad where mark lienovich talked about him and his work ethic and understand who he is and how he is misunderstood in the media and beyond winning the super bowl he said brady is bent on nothing less than subverting the standard expectations of how long a superstar quarterback can play like one. is he changing the standard of a
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quarterback? >> he is 37 years old and he hasn't won in a decade and there was talk he had lost the ability to win a game and so to join terry bradshaw and joe montana as the only guys ever to go to a record six is unbelievable. and now he really has an opportunity to go down as the greatest ever. who knows how much longer he will play. he said he wants to play into his 40s. i'm not sure he k. but at this rate i'm not sure he won't. and going back to the previous play because i want to say one more thing -- >> okay, okay. >> -- the blame needs to go on russell wilson, he shouldn't had thrown high, but the blame goes to the offensive coordinator and pete carroll -- it is inexcusable. i can't say enough horrible things about what happened last night. new england was going to give seattle the touchdown and give it away. so we can talk about tom brady's legacy but like andrew said the legacy of the seahawks and pete
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carroll is tarnished ever. >> what did you say, worse decision in the history of the universe? >> in the history of sports. i'm sitting here and still dreaming about what happened. >> your poor wife had to sit next to you all night. >> no she's in another place now. >> what about the flip side of the coin jordan so yes, terrible awful, horrendous call maybe we don't feel as strongly as you do. but you have to credit the patriots for being ready to take advantage. no one expected that except apparently the patriots. everybody expected them to run except for the patriots and they were ready for that play and i think you have to credit bill belichick for that. >> you do. you have to credit the defense for not going out of the goal line which tricked seattle into getting too cute. but this is why new england won four out of six and the dynasty and it is incredible to win it
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like they have and that is why. >> and i know the head coach blamed him. the quarterback blames himself. and the offensive coordinator said the wide receiver should have beaten him to the ball. >> there is a lot of blame to pass around. but kudos to pete carroll. that is what leader do. they take the blame. it is probably not on him. and it is probably on the offensive coordinator or the receiver or whoever it was. but he did take the blame. and you know jordan two weeks ago i had -- as a guy that was with the packers for years, watching that lead dissipate in a matter of minutes. and in the whole playoffs it looks like detroit had a heartbreaking loss to dallas dallas heartbreaking to green bay and seattle heartbreaking to new england. >> and the heart break passes on and on. >> and they would have given the
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ball to lacy. >> and nothing super this monday. a dangerous mix of snow sleet and rain crippling the nation's largest cities. domenica davis is tracking it from the storm center and ron allen is braving it in boston the city of champions. this is monday february 2, 2015. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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so stop me if you've heard this line before, but you are in the storm cycle. we might be in the dead of winter but mother nature is
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alive and kicking. from chicago to new york to northern new england, it is a mess out there today. we'll get you outside in just a moment. but first meteorologist domenica davis from the cozy studio. >> hi. we are back in the cycle. the northeast has a way to go and we have ice and snow becoming a major problem, especially on the roadways. so i-95 starting to see some serious accidents and getting reports of fatalities so make sure for the evening commute i think it will be brutal. here is our winter storm warnings and advisories and stretching from maine down to philadelphia. and they will stretch through tonight until midnight. icy conditions along with snow. the snow is still going pretty good. through upstate new york boston all the way up to portland. so we are looking at an additional 5-8 inches. boston already has a foot. but here is the pink. it is the rain-snow line. we are getting all snow right now in new york but up the coast starting to get the sleet
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mix. so icing will be a concern. especially around the i-95 corridor. not only now but for the next several hours. really through tonight as well. i want to point out the temperatures though because this is the problem. we do have windchills that are minus zero right now. that will stay that way through the rest of the week. so chicago, the cold air is coming down. 16 was the high today. tomorrow we'll see it in the northeast. the coldest day, 18 degrees on tuesday. same thing for new york. so it stays cold really right into friday. we dip back into the teens. up around the freezing mark on wednesday. but that is about it. i want to leave you though with the final thing -- listen i'm no punxsutawney phil but we have 46 days until spring so think of that. >> good news. >> we'll keep that in mind. domenica. thank you so much. and the patriots are not the only thing making news in boston this afternoon. the city is back under winter weather alerts as they prepare for tomorrow's big parade. ron allen is there. and ron, how exactly are they
12:17 pm
going to pull this parade off any way? >> reporter: well that is a really interesting question. the city of champions and all of that. so they are getting ready for it. but look outside here. this is a residential neighborhood and i can barely see 100 feet ahead of us to that traffic light. it has gotten worse i think in the last half an hour or so. we thought the snow would wind down a bit. freezing rain and sleet is forecast. it is supposed to be winding down as night falls but it is not. suddenly we're getting more snow. and it is blowing because the winds are gusting as well. and the real problem here is that there is snow on top of snow. all of the roadways are lined with big snowdrifts. it one over here -- out the window here is 4-5 feet tall and they are even higher. and so you have snow on top of that. they are trying to figure out where to put it. there are -- side streets that are completely blocked in and the cars are blocked in and
12:18 pm
people can't get out. but, yes, they are going to have a parade here. they are going to walk down the pain part of boston from the prudential center down to city hall. why are they doing that now? the mayor said until putting it off until the weekend, they wanted to do it because many of the patriots' players will head out of town and not be here for the weather. so that might be why they are doing it. it seems improbable but they will do it and it will be cold and we'll see how big of a crowd they get. but, hey, after yesterday, anything is possible. so we'll see. >> i bet there will still be a massive crowd there. ron allen, stay safe and thank you so much. and now we turn to the president. his staff delivered a $4 trillion budget to congress and a statement on degrading and defeating isis.
12:19 pm
today there were airstrikes credited around kobani after the second hostage was beheaded this weekend but the plan does not include hundreds of thousands of ground troops. without supports of locals any gain our troops could make would dissipate. >> we are doing exactly what we should be doing to make sure that while we're pushing back isil we are not creating another situation in which we are deploying massive numbers of u.s. troops. and those who want us to shoot first and aim later typically get this country into really bad situations. >> haven't the forces of militant extremism, jihadism grown stronger on your watch, if you look at syria, iraq libya, yemen, a place where al qaeda is -- that branch is so active and vicious and now the government, our ally just
12:20 pm
collapsed. >> i believe we are safer. but obviously that doesn't mean that we aren't concerned about the breakdown and order in this region generally. >> for more on this and all things politics lauren fox from the national journal. lauren, it is great to see you. and i do want to start to isis in addition to the terrible news about the japanese hostage being beheaded and the latest hostage is a young female american aid worker. how have the horrific hostage situations and beheadings impacted the american psyche and shifted the focus of what the president has had to do? >> well it forced global communities to come together and decide what are you willing to do in terms of negotiating with the islamic state for getting the aid workers and reporters captured over there. >> and it has hurt the american psyche. americans don't feel as secure as they did three or four years ago and i think the president
12:21 pm
has a tough and difficult chance ahead to prove that the country is safer and more secure than it was when he took office in 2009. >> another big headline this week as krystal mentioned is the $4 trillion budget the president is punting off to congress. they call it the have-it-all budget including $4 billion for the pentagon. and how can we afford it all? and even the republicans would say we want to have it all. but we want to cut spending and this is not something we'll approve and that is why they are considered the jerks here because they are not talking about entitlements, they are talking about cuts. >> this is the president's first argument and the first bid to get republicans to sit down at the negotiating table with him. and he talked about this at the state of the union, talking about increasing the capital
12:22 pm
gains. they said we can change the tax codes and loopholes that has been used for years and this is the playbook to increase taxes here. >> and let's talk about one of the men who wants his job and i'm thinking of chris christie had trouble when he was asked about whether children should be vaccinated in the united states and asked in the context of measles and gave an answer that made some waves let's say. he essentially said that he had vaccinated his own children but thought there should be a balance in this country and that illicited a response of -- that elicited a response from him of how this plays on the right. he needs to appeal to a republican base as he wants to run por president, that something that will be popular among the right that has this anti--government, don't tell me what to do fervor?
12:23 pm
>> well what is interesting is pew did a poll that shows that democrats and republicans weren't that different, 71% of democrats and 71% of republicans said it was the government's decision if they wanted to mandate vaccination. a small quarter said it was up to parents. but chris christie is not the only one making stations. rand paul said this should be up to parents. so it is interesting to see how democrats and republicans respond to this and whether it is a partisan issue because polls haven't shown it so far. >> and after winning an iowa poll scott walker has spring in his step. >> it seems like he's having an up-swing moment. he is a candidate that meets the base and more establishment donors so it will be interesting to watch him tow the line between the primary and general
12:24 pm
election down the road. >> lauren fox, thank you so much. >> thank you. and days away from the third anniversary of whitney houston's death, a strikingly similar scenario is playing out for her daughter. we'll get a life update from the hospital. and more uncertainty in the market. and what can the rest of us do to be more certain. and a pretty penny for the super bowl ads but let's face it, some of them were just priceless. into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra. it's more concentrated... ...just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. here's to the over-extended family gathering. dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters
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oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. cycling right now, the daughter of whist any houston is clinging to life in a georgia hospital in a medically induced coma. bobbi kristina brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub, nearly three years to the day when her mother was found in a similar state. gabe guiterrez is at the hospital for us. what is the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. family members are keeping a close watch over bobbi kristina.
12:28 pm
welcome back the within the last few minutes we got a statement from the family. bobbi kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by the immediate family. we are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time. thank you for your prayers, well-wishes and we greatly appreciate your continued support. there were conflicting supports about what her condition is. e-news citing an unnamed source said she is on a ventilator but no one has confirmed that. and a police investigation is under way to find out how she found up unresponsive face down in the bathtub in her atlanta home. and we received the police incident report. not a whole lot of information but it does show police were called to the house for a reported drowning. police looking into what led to that but right now family members here are pulling for her
12:29 pm
here at the hospital. back to you. >> thank you, gabe. we're learning today that johnny manziel has entered rehab. congrats to johnny football for realizing he has a problem and taking steps to deal with it. he's entering treatment for unspecified reasons saying he needs to improve himself before rejoining the team. now back to the super bowl. the game within the game last night was the battle to keep us watching dur the commercials and it was very interesting. where super bowl ads come out of the straight of the aid of the collective frat house, last night's ad seems kinder gentler and sweeter. mcdonald's had people paying with love budweiser had a dog that loves a horse and fofi gave us god as a brother. >> i love that. >> let's talk about madison's
12:30 pm
avenue with david quisenberrys with johns hopkins university. and i want to talk about the ad with brian gumble and katie couric. >> i wasn't prepared for that remark. the a with the round thing about it. >> katie said she thought it was about. >> what is internet any way? do you write to it like? >> see, that is what i said. >> what do you mean there is nothing under the hood? katie said she thought this was a car. and it is built using wind? >> or a fan or a turbine or a fan-bine. >> a little background from the folks at home. >> the man who produces this was producing the "today" show when they had the conversation about
12:31 pm
what internet is and he still doesn't know what internet is. but why were the ads this year kindler and gentler? >> i think in the past marketers have tried stunts with sex appeal or doing something controversial and in the end it doesn't pay for for long-term view ability and sharing on social media and i think people love good stories. >> i love my mom but i loved her that much more when she took me through the mcdonald's drive through so i could get a mcfleury and me played off of this and it was all about love. they would ask the question what do you love about your mom and it is tough to give someone chills in just a few seconds and i think mcdonald's was successful last night. but as toure was saying nothing sexy or controversial about this. could you see more of this in the future? >> i think so. and if you look at the ad rating polls like u.s. today ad meter,
12:32 pm
all of those poll polls shows what people like. so i think marketers will go where they see success. >> i watched the super bowl with my 6-year-old daughter and there were very few moments where i was like i really wish she wasn't seeing this right now. it seemed to your point, they seemed to have gotten the message, a, women yes, do watch football and b, guys won't buy a product because you stick a pair of boobes in your face. toures is sticking his head in my face. and and i put this up on media and again last night playing it social media went crazy. how much are the brands playing to the social media audience and wanting people on facebook and
12:33 pm
twitter to be buzzing about what they are putting out there? >> and honestly $4.5 million for 30 seconds isn't worth it so you have to get a hit that people will talk about online and share and generate online buzz for additional audience and views. that is what you have to do to make that amount of money worth advertising on the super bowl. >> keith, we talked about a lot of very popular super bowl ads that people really liked. this was not one of them. have a listen. >> i'll never learn to ride a bike. or get cooties. i'll never learn to fly or travel the world with my best friend. and i won't ever get married i couldn't grow up because i died from an accident. >> all right, keith. so nationwide basically did an ad about a child dying and they showed a couple of scenarios in
12:34 pm
which it could happen. kind of a downer in the middle of a super bowl. >> kind of. >> here is a statement, preventible injures around the home are the leading causes of childhood deaths in america. most people don't know that. nationwide ran an ad during the super bowl that caused a fierce conversation. the sole purpose of this message was to start a conversation, not sell insurance. we want to build awareness of an issue that is near and dear to all of us. and they certainly did start a conversation and what did you make of the ad? >> the motives are in the right place. and they know from consumer research we want to buy from companies that are socially responsible and promote efforts that make awareness but they chose the wrong place and the wrong time to do it. people watch the super bowl it is a party atmosphere and they want to have fun and celebrate and that was too much of a downer. >> i think that's right. their heart was probably in the right place, but the execution was all wrong. kind of like the seattle
12:35 pm
seahawks. keith quisenberry, thank you for your time. up next the answer to broken policy and broken politics. your wallet will thank you. but first, let's run some more ads. (scraping sound) what are you doing? the dishes are clean. i just gotta scrape the rest of the food off them. ew. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through your toughest messes better than the competition the first time. cascade. now that's clean. your mom's got your back. your friends have your back.
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and we are back with a market alert. stocks once again on a roller coaster ride after some softer than expected manufacturing numbers. the industry is growing but not as quickly as analysts predicted. and oil prices are inching upward, that is good news if you invest in the energy sector but not for those of you enjoying the lower gas prices. this is where it stands 30 minutes before the closing bell. many understand the economy is improving but don't understand why they are not feeling it. our nest guest says it is up to
12:39 pm
us to gain our own financial freedom. rick is from yahoo finance and the author of liberty for all. >> thanks for having me. >> so let's talk about a big group of people but the people having a hard time feeling the economic rye covery and the 40 million americans saddled with student loan debt with an average of $30,000 as they are entering the work force and adulthood and people still in their 30s and 40s and still dealing with that and not paying it down. what are their advice for the people in their 20s and those older in their 30s trying to get out from under that. >> i hope that in 15 or 20 years people will have learned a terrific debt and so did they take on good debt or bad debt. and if you are taking out loans for education, i think the kids are learning how much you take
12:40 pm
on and what you spend that money on. so what i think we know now is it is crucially important to be really efficient about how you pay for education. you don't necessarily have to go to a brand name for your university. can you start at a community -- you can start at a community college. get your education however you can do it. pay for it along the way or take five or six years if that helps keep the debt down. if kids coming out of school today have learned this lesson don't just take on debt because somebody said it was a good idea then in 15 or 20 years they might be the most informed consumers. but right now it is tough. >> right now the process is opaque. >> at 18 years old. >> exactly, 18 years old. >> it is a tough system to navigate right now. one of the things you seek to explain in the book is the phenomenon we saw when the tea party was at the height that said get your government hands off my medicare right and we do have this thing in our society, where we don't want big government but very protective
12:41 pm
of the programs that support us when we need help. so what is going on with that? >> americans don't like big government conceptually but they like the things big government provides and i think this is a phony conversation should the government be smaller or bigger. i think the government is big and will stay big. because government is like a self-perpetuating beast. there are so many lobbyists who make their living off the industry -- rather the government. the lawmakers make money off of being lobbyists. it is such a large industry. it will stay the way it is. it will shrink a little bit when the debt has to be dealt with. maybe five or seven years. more likely it will do less for people but i don't think it will come down that fast. but there is something about we want to blame somebody for things not going right in america and people are saying yes, it is the government's
12:42 pm
fault. and we in government tell you this is the government's fault. >> it is always the blame game. and now it is the fight for the middle class. and i think you're the best person to ask. who has the upper hand here the republicans or the democrats, who has the better argument to the middle class who says they will make my life better if i vote for them? >> i don't think either of them. whether it is republicans or democrats, they are not going to fix the problems. it is time to talk about how americans fix their own problems. you redistribute the tax money this way or that way will solve the problem. we have complex economic problems. people feel they are not getting ahead is not because the money out of government is not spending the right way. there is no simple policy to fix that. it varies by industry. globalization has something to do with it. you can prevent companies from
12:43 pm
hiring overseas but they will replace it with something else. the answer of how does the middle class get ahead, more skills and training -- >> the government can help with that. >> sure, they can help. >> suggesting free community college. >> guess who can help the most? you. you can help the most. >> so workers aren't trying hard enough? >> i'm not saying that at all? i'm saying it is hard to figure out what to do. i'm not blaming anybody. i think it is hard to know what to do, we in the media, including me myself. >> responsibility. >> we focus on the government. here is the part of the government that is ruining your life i think we've obscured an important message, that there are things you can do for yourself. you have to understand what is happening with your understand and how will technology change your understand and know what is coming and find ways to fix it. >> rick newman people out there, still vote even if you don't have faith in republicans or democrats. thank you, rick. and coming up if the wright brothers could make a horse fly, why can't toure.
12:44 pm
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12:48 pm
kids toy car in the plowed spots or what appears to be an empty bird cage. how low can you go, toure, those are creative tactics. our next guest shatters a gift. craig shafton's new book is how to fly a horse a book of discovery and you say all of those things are not magic. discovery and invention comes from work and all of the thinking we have even toure and so how do we overcome this? >> well i think the thing is what do you find when you look at the true stories of people who create is everybody has some kind of talent but 99% of what they achieve is through hard work and you keep going and you fail and you pick yourself up
12:49 pm
and try again. and what you can conclude from that is that yes, everybody has some creative ability and probably more than they think. >> kevin it seems like there are interesting lessons for children or parents of children in terms of the value of creativity and thinking inventively and how would you suggest parents create this in children. >> i think you have to not squash them. there is nothing a 4-year-old didn't know what to do with a box of crayons. there is a story i talk about in the book called the marshmallow challenge, you have to work in a team and put a marshmallow on top of a spaghetti tower and the people who do the worst, business school students build a tower, and the best are kindergarteners. and you have a kid that can
12:50 pm
build a 27 inch marshmallow tower and the trick is to encourage that rather than squash it so they at marshmallow. >> how many marshmallows can you eat? >> that's a different kind. >> one of the things you talk about in the book is selective attention, which is something quarterbacks use in terms of thinking more efficiently. the practiced brain eliminates important solutions. talk about the importance of selective attention on this creativity you're talking about. >> sure. selective attention is something you find in experts. you'll notice it in somebody who is an expert. a quarterback is good example of that. an expert is someone who cannot even consider the bad solutions. they have done it so many times. they don't think about those. they go straight to the best few
12:51 pm
choices. that is the great thing if you're a quarterback unless something unexpected happens. what we have seen with people who are experts is they can be fooled by something they don't expect to see. a classic example, some scientists in boston did a study where they put pictures of gorillas in x-rays of lungs and found expert radiologist didn't know the gorillas were there. expertise is a great thing unless there is something unexpected. often when you are creating the unexpected is the thing you're really looking for. >> let's say you are an adult whose like marshmallow tower is only two inches tall. how do you reclaim your 26 inch genius? >> there is no such thing as
12:52 pm
creative genius. genius is a word that started getting thrown around at the end of the 1800s. it is popular of a movement called eugeneices. it is what led to the holocaust. when you let go of that and you realize you do have the ability to be creative the next step is to let yourself create. the reason the children built the marshmallow tower higher is they try things early. marshmallows are much heavier than you think they are. older people tend to think about it and think about it and they run out of time. >> fascinating. >> how do you fly a horse? we're going to have to get you back for that one. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come the super bowl comes to toure tv and the ratings will be out of this
12:53 pm
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you got marshawn lynch in the backfield. you got a guy that's been borderline unstoppable in this part of the field. i can't believe the call. >> and there's brady. >> you really have to show that again, guys? thanks. thanks a lot. last night's super bowl was a microcosm of this nfl season. there was a lot of thrilling football, but in both of them the play was overshadowed by really dumb decisions by the men who are in charge of things.
12:57 pm
the finale of this season could not be a catastrophe-free game. players are taught to follow orders like soldiers. they were about to lose because their general messed up. instead of being smart and safe and handing off to one of the best running backs in the world, a man who jim brown watches and says, damn he's good. instead of that they throw the ball into traffic. coach carroll spent the night explaining like a politician trying to intellectualize this brain fart. this nfl season will be remembered for moral transgressions from players and a lack of curiosity or courage from the man in charge of the nfl, roger goodell. a man whose investigations of
12:58 pm
wrong doing move at a pace to protect the league from itself. we deserve better than an nfl that avoids punishing stars unless absolutely necessary and sweeps anything it can under a rug. we deserve better than a super bowl when some out there are wondering if the patriots are cheaters. where the massive baggage of jameis winston would make teams cringe at the thought of investing millions on him. many will end up like jim mcmahon their brains deteriorating before them. these are russian roulette numbers, people. this must change. but this is the nfl we've got. either the nfl is a bad friend who knows how to show us a good time or a good friend with a
12:59 pm
really bad side that comes out way too much. football rose in prominence in this country toward the first part of the 20th century because people were concerned that what it meant to be a man was being lost. sports and football in particular was a meant to develop a boy's ruggedness and to maintain integrity under fire. football remains a test of how tough you are and how well you can fit into an army-like hierarchy, but is the integrity still there? is it there in the commissioner's office or has the nfl been corrupted by money just like so much of the american government? this groundhog day brought to you by a debate over vaccines and a once eradicated disease. it's monday february 2nd and this is "now."
1:00 pm
>> you should get your kids vaccinated. >> the hot button issue of vaccines. >> president obama is urging parents to vaccinate their children. >> the science is pretty indisputable. we have looked at this again and again. >> this isn't a 50/50. >> we vaccinate ours. >> 2016 hopefuls say parents should have a choice in vaccinating their children. >> the science is overwhelming clear that vaccinating your children is a good thing. >> so many in california are keeping their kids from being vaccinated and are endangering other children. >> measles are preventable. there is every reason to get