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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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catching fire with hundreds of people on board after it collided with an suv. most passengers had to be rescued themself as smoke filled the cars. some trying to save strangers who were up front. >> we could not get the head car's door open for some reason. we were trying to break the glass to no avail. it seemed like somehow some of the people in the head car got out. it seemed maybe they broke the window or something. >> well officials say a black jeep cherokee dref on to the tracks as the crossing gates came down. the driver got out to look for damage then jumped back in to try and drive away but was stuck, her suv shoved farther than the length of a football field. the impact causing an explosion of flames. adam reese is at the scene. the investigators, i understand it, have arrived. what's the very latest of some of the conditions of people that were on that train? >> reporter: tamron good
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morning to you. ntsb investigators here are on the scene. they just arrived within the last hour. now, six people were killed 15 injured. the jeep had stopped on the train tracks at the intersection. the driver got out to lift the gate. when she got out in an attempt to lift that gate she tried to then drive off and away and than when the train hit her, pushing her more than 400 feet down the tracks. ntsb investigators will look into the gate. they'll look into how fast the train was going. now, at the same time when the car was hit, the third rail the electrified third rail punctured the front car, sparking a fire. there was lots of fire and smoke in the car. passengers rushed to get out of the car. some of them punching through the windows to make their escape. now, governor cuomo said he's kind of surprised there weren't more injuries here considering the devastation to the front two cars. the fire and the smoke damage. now, investigators will be looking when they get here and
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they're right behind me to talk to eyewitnesses to look for videos of the accident and also to look at the recorders that were in the front car to see if that will shed any light on to the accident. they say they will be here for five to seven days. the total analysis could take about 12 months. they want to see what happened and make sure this doesn't happen again. tamron? >> adam thank you. many of those are hospitalized who were injured in that train accident. we'll keep you up to date on the investigation. turning now to the breaking news overseas jordan acted swiftly, executing a female likeky terrorist and another iraqi jihadist in response to the gruesome murder by isis of a captured jordanian air force pilot. today crowds gathered in jordan's capital to demand revenge as their king cut short a u.s. visit and returned home after meeting with president obama. a statement by the jordanian government promises a, quote, earth-shaking and decisive response to its pilots' murder.
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the pilot's father greeted a steady stream of people offering condolences and called on jordan's government to take revenge for his son and for the entire country. an isis video released yesterday showed the 26-year-old pilot being put in a cage and burned alive. amid all of this there's growing concern about the only known american in isis hands. a 26-year-old woman who was working for an aide organization. at her family's request, her identity is not being released. joining me live now on the phone, nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel in turkey. also former army ranger and agent in the cia counterterrorism center kevin strauss. he work on the case of the iraqi terrorist who was executed by jordan today. let me start with richard engel. the statement from jordan earth-shaking and decisive response. we're also hearing they plan to perhaps, execute more prisoners. >> jordan has to act. it has to do something to show
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its population that it is not allowing this kind of thing to happen without a decisive response from the jordanian government. isis clearly wants to break apart the coalition, particularly the arab members of the coalition who are joining the u.s.-led war against isis in iraq and syria. and so far, this execution, this learning has had the opposite impact. people are behind the monarchy there's been a steady stream of condemnations, not just in jordan but around the world. there's been criticism of leaders, especially islamic leaders, that they've been too silent and too slow to condemn isis. this time they've not been silent, they have not been slow. the leader of the oldest and arguably the most prestigious islamic university came out strongly against isis saying there is no precedent for this
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kind of burning atrocity in islam. we will see if it makes a difference. as far as the response jordan is already taking part in this coalition. i wouldn't be surprised if in the coming days we hear more about jordan's role its highlighted role in the air campaign. >> this pilot was captured on december 24th. jordan now says he was executed even as isis at least, pretended to be negotiating the release of this iraqi woman. >> reporter: yes, pretended to be negotiating is a good way of describing it. the pilot was recovered by isis from a body of water near ruqua. he ejected from an f-16. he had a bruise under one eye. he was in fairly bad shape when he arrived but he was still alive. then there were reports, a lot of them rumors some
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intelligence that was being picked up by jordanian intelligence agencies that isis was already starting to celebrate the death of the jordanian pilot in very early january, that they were celebrating that there had been a burning death. in the video, the very disturbing video, the 22-minute montage that was put together and released yesterday, you can see that the jordanian pilot still has a bruise under one eye, suggesting it was recorded not very long after his capture. and that is why jordan didn't just release the woman that it executed today in retribution, first it was demanding proof of life. first they wanted some sort of evidence that its pilot was still alive. that proof of life was not forthcoming. >> kevin, let me bring you in. as i mentioned, you covered this iraqi woman's case will she be another individual propped up as a tool of propaganda for isis and other jihadists? >> i think that's likely.
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again as we had spoken before she was not going to be a terrorist mast everyminde mastermind. now her value for isis will be as a propaganda tool. there's not a lot of information to indicate her counterpart was a high-level operative. they can be part of this martyrdom propaganda tool. i think we should expect isis to exploit both of them. >> let me play a little bit of what our president said to savannah guthrie this week. let's play that please. >> we are deploying all the assets that we can working with all the coalition allies that we can to identify their locations. we are in very close contact with the family trying to keep them updated. obviously, this is something that is heartbreaking for families and our obligation is to make sure we can do anything we can to try to make sure that
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any american citizen is rescued from this situation. >> obviously, kevin, we know there was an incident not long ago when there was an attempt to rescue a hostage but that individual was moved before he was rescued here. this is a perilous situation, but also made even more complicated because of this aide worker is a woman. >> yes, that's correct. but i mean, again, i think we need to remember who we're dealing with here. and it's isis. the united states is a policy where it does not negotiate with terrorists. as the president said they're going to have to take a fairly aggressive posture to rescue this person. i would not expect that isis would show her as an american any more mercy than it might show a male. >> let me get your thoughts on that. you know that region better than anyone. you covered this organization
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and many others. >> i would say yes. in theory one would say despicable and cowardess, under the isis frame of mined to show a woman being executed. but i'm continually surprised at the level of brutality that this group exhibits. it is more brutal than al qaeda was. it is more brutal than any of the organizations i've been covering in the middle east for 20 years. so i think you could expect almost anything from this group, frankly. >> richard engel, live for us thank you. thank you so much for your time as well can be kevin. we'll continue to update our audience on any actions out of that region. we're also following the rescue operation under way to find more survivors from a deadly plane crash in high want. it was captured on some of the most dramatic video you may have ever seen. the video appears to have shown the final moments of the transasia flight as it took a sharp bank left and clipped part
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of a highway in taipei before plunging into a river shortly after takeoff. 58 passengers and crew were on board the plane. emergency teams quickly arrived to the scene and pulled some of those passengers and crew from the partially submerged fuselage. one of the first to be rescued was a toddler. so far 26 people have been confirmed dead and at least 17 others are unaccounted for. ian williams joins us now with more on the search operation taking place right now. ian, what's the latest? >> reporter: high tamron. the latest is they've now hoisted the battered body of that aircraft out of the river and are now looking for those who remain unaccounted for. the latest figures we have from the aviation authorities are, as you mentioned, 17 still missing and 26 now -- 27 i'm sorry, now confirmed dead. now, this aircraft was only two minutes into a flight out of the second of two airports in taipei
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when the pilot lost control. and those last moments captured dramatically by the dash cams of at least two cars on that elevated motorway. the aircraft clipped the edge of the motorway almost sliced the front off a taxi before it landed in the river just below the expressway. soon a massive rescue operation clicked in. swarms of rubber boats surrounding the aircraft, just to give you some sort of idea of the resources that the taiwanese through at it, we're talking about 90 fire engines, 37 ambulances, 4 water motors 60 boats and more than 400 police and firemen. now, the aircraft was a french-built aircraft within an atr-72 which has a pretty good safety record. it was a short domestic flight one hour to an outlying island. the aircraft was also less than
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a year old. just 9 months old. already, the speculation about what might have happened taiwanese broadcasters are carrying a recording which they believe was from the plane with the pilot saying may day, may day, may day. we can't verify that although the source they say is a reliable one. they're speculating there were engine problems. there's also speculation that the pilot might have steered the plane deliberately around apartment blocks to land it in the river. they do have the black box, though, that was speedily recovered. we should soon know precisely how it did get into trouble, tamron. >> thank you very much for the live update. coming up the debate to vaccinate. senator rand paul tweets a picture of himself getting a booster shot just a day after casting doubt on vaccine safety. this as concerned parents are wondering what to do next. up next, i'll talk live with a minnesota mom who's been writing about the controversy and wants
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to know why a parent would not vaccinate their child. and you've heard the story, the detroit man's 21-mile walk to and from work. now that man and the student who raised thousands of dollars to end that gruelling commute will join us live. wait until you hear now how much money has been raised. plus developing now, patriots fans are lining the streets of boston as the super bowl champions kick off their parade through the city. we'll get a live report. join the conversation online my team is @newsnation, you can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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for the first time in recent memory republicans and democrats in the house appear to be on the same page when it comes to one topic, measles and
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the need to stop it. a majority of congress menl expressed concern over the outbreak and over low vaccination rates. that's in contrast to what senate colleagues said yesterday. rand paul is being slammed for saying he's seen tragic cases of otherwise normal children who developed profound disorders after vaccines. yesterday's hearing, that comment came under fire. >> is there any shred of credible evidence that shows that this in fact is the case? >> not the vaccines we're using today. >> dr. midkin. >> not for the vaccines we're using today. >> dr. robinson? >> i'm in agreement with the other doctors. >> dr. -- >> agree. >> senator rand paul tweeted out this photo of himself getting a hepatitis a vaccine. he told one reporter he's annoyed that he's being characterized as someone who is against vashg seens. as the debate continues in washington, it's going on in
8:18 am
homes and schools across the country. joining me now, a mother of five and columnist at the "minneapolis star tribune" who just wrote a piece on this. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me tamron, i appreciate it. >> absolutely. let me get your reaction to senator rand paul tweeting out this photo of getting the booster there. what do you think that says? >> well i think that you know he obviously realized that he was perhaps wrong in his statements yesterday. and i hope that he realizes that he was wrong. >> you talked about vaccinating your own children and that you did not take this lightly. take me through at least what you feel are some of the very questions you ask yourself that maybe an anti-vaccor as they're referred might be asking. >> one of the questions i asked when i chose to vaccinate, could
8:19 am
we spread them out? do we have to do them all at the same time? that's a concern for so many parents, they are getting so many vaccines at one time. we had one child who had food allergies. it was really important at the time to really slow things down and take things vaccine by vaccine. we really asked questions and asked for clarification and made sure we did it slowly. >> do you feel that your child's doctor, because one of the things i mentioned at least, some people who are anti-vaccers, feel they're instantly blown off. people shut down the conversation by saying it's science. the best scientists in the country said these fears are not warranted and they're easily dismissed rather than a pediatrician perhaps giving them a pamphlet showing that this research that was debunked from one of the doctors that has now been labeled a fraud hears the information. read over it. come back and ask any questions,
8:20 am
that they're shooed away. >> if you're being shooed away by a medical professional, you're seeing the wrong medical professional professional. you want to see a doctor that's going to talk to you about your concerns. it's your child. you should be able to ask questions and get clarification and have a full conversation about that. i think that doctors should be strong in their position that we believe that vaccines are important and this is what you need to do. but that said with any medical issue, if your doctor is not listening to you you're probably seeing the wrong doctor. >> what's been the response to your column? >> oh, it's been a little crazy. it's been all across the board. there are a lot of people who feel very strongly that yes, you know, people should be vaccinated. and this shouldn't even be a question. we should just take care of it. then there are people who want to throw links and just different maybe not mainstream
8:21 am
media information. one thing, i've had a couple people who have said they wished i was stronger in my case and say, you know there's no reason that you shouldn't vaccinate and whatnot. i do believe that a majority of us should have our children vaccinated. and that really if you are choosing not to vaccinate, i hope that it's because it's a medical reason and not for fear of the vaccines. i don't think that that's a reasonable solution. and one of the things i've really thought a lot about is we do so much to protect other people's children when it comes to food allergies and such. we have peanut-free schools and things like that. so like i would never send my daughter to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich knowing that her school is peanut free and there are children in her school that cannot eat peanut butter. but the idea people can choose not to vaccinate a terrible disease and go to school you
8:22 am
know it really kind of brings things to question like why are we willing to protect, you know other people's children and our own for certain things but not others? >> you raise interesting points. your column has gotten a lot of attention. we appreciate you coming on to talk with us about it. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. the vaccine debate was the focus of yesterday's gut check. we asked do you think there should be a federal law that requires vaccinations for children? 16% said yes, 84% said no. look at what the "news nation" is saying parents should be forced to medicate their kids not in this or any country is what one person said. another viewer wrote do i think children should be vaccinated? yes. but do i think the fed should dictate medical treatment? no. on the flip side not only should childhood vaccines be mandatory but children who refuse to protect their children should be held financially
8:23 am
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8:27 am
>> mr. hernandez came up behind you? >> correct. >> and rubbed your arm? >> yes. >> and he asked if you were okay? >> yes. >> and he said that he had been through this before and it will get better with time? >> in so many words, yes. >> do you -- did he say he's been through this and that it will get better with time? >> i believe he said i've been through this death thing before it will get better with time. >> meanwhile, yesterday, the perils of trying a public figure were on display as the judge was forced to remove a female juror. the judge said there was, quote, credible evidence that she talked about the case and expressed an early interest in being on the jury. >> the juror expressed an opinion opinion, specific opinion, about the case to the effect that in the absence of a weapon it
8:28 am
would be hard to convict. >> and back with us again today, trial attorney michael grieco. thank you for joining. >> of course tamron good morning. >> let's start with the juror. this always happens, the defense and prosecution wonder why the jurors are trying to get on are they trying to write a book are they too close to the defendant. >> we don't know where they got the information from but the court or the attorneys found out that this juror, in previous times, actually years earlier when the arrest first happened that the juror expressed opinions about this case that the juror already had opinions about where she was going to go with the evidence if there was a gun missing, they were going to have major problems. that's a big deal. that's something the juror was asked about during jury selection and failed to disclose to the lawyers and the judge. that's a big problem. >> let's get to some of the testimony, one of which the defense attorney in this case
8:29 am
pricing shenay jenkins, the girlfriend of odin lloyd on her testimony before the grand jury as she described aaron hernandez as being shaken up. here's that exchange. >> is it fair to say that during these two days that you were in north attleboro, at least when aaron was there, that he seemed very shaken up? >> he seemed stressed. >> did he seem shaken up? >> i don't know. i don't remember. >> do you remember mr. mccauley asking you, how was aaron acting during this time? >> yes. >> and your answer was, "um, he seemed shaken up." do you remember testifying to that effect? >> i don't remember but if it's there, then yes. >> so there you have it he's using her gran jury testimony against her now. >> right. there's no matlock moment here. everybody's seen the grand jury
8:30 am
testimony. if they give testimony now that's inconsistent with previous testimony they come in and what's called impeaching them. in this case her testimony was inconsistent. and where the defense attorneys are going, they're trying to show when aaron hernandez found out that odin lloyd died that he was shaken up by the information. it's something that upset him as well. it's something that the defense is using, again to show the relationship between the two. >> to your point, the relationship between the two continues to be the focus here. the defense attorney introduced into evidence pictures of aaron hernandez and odin lloyd hanging out again. this seems to be at least as the testimony has resumed, the focus, how well did these two men know each other? >> right. the prosecutors during their methodical initial examination of her were trying to show that these guys were distant, they barely knew each other, they were starting to get to know each other. as the defense is doing just the opposite in showing, wait, these guys were out partying together,
8:31 am
going to family gatherings and this has been going on for months. these guys were buddies and there's no way aaron hernandez would have done this to his buddy. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate you joining us. i'm sure we'll be talking with you very soon. >> thank you. develop right now, the president's nominee for defense secretary facing questions about the administration's strategy in fighting isis at his confirmation hearing taking place this morning. it is in our "first read." we'll take a look at some of the exchange already. and police say lance armstrong could face jail time after allegedly letting his girlfriend take the blame for a car crash they say he was behind the wheel but she was prepared to take the fall. it's one of the stories we're following around the "news nation." plus this -- >> i suggest you find parking somewhere else. >> somewhere else as in where somewhere else? >> not my concern. >> not his concern. i'm going to talk live with actor jonathan bank about his role in the highly anticipated
8:32 am
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developing now on capitol hill, ash carter president obama's to replace chuck hagel, facing tough questions about isis. >> do you believe that we need to have a strategy to combat isis? i. >> i believe i understand our strategy at this time mr. chairman. i also have the intention, again, if confirmed, to make it my first priority to go there. our ends with respect to isil needs to be its lasting defeat. >> joining me now, mark murray. you can't create the events the
8:36 am
timing in which they've played out with the jordanian pilot. >> there haven't been a lot of big fireworks, tough grilling in fact, probably the biggest recipient of the grilling has been the obama administration's policies more than ashton carter's answers. indications are that ashton carter will sail through the confirmation process. he served as the number two defense department official in president obama's first term in office. all indications are, given all the world events against isis and ukraine, that there's no real appetite to see republicans try to sink president obama's nomination here. >> we'll keep an eye on the hearing and bring the late toast our audience. coming up we'll meet the detroit man who had no choice but to work 21 miles to and from work every day. the student who started a fund-raiser for him.
8:37 am
they'll join us together to talk about just how much money kind people like you gave to him. plus a complete stranger. plus we go live to boston as fans honor the new england patriots in a city that's full of snow. we'll be right back. l... and, miraculously, unleash 46 mpg highway. an extravagance reserved for the privileged few. until now. hey josh! new jetta? yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta tdi clean diesel. isn't it time for german engineering?
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and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. developing now. take a look. what do you think that is? that's the boston scene over the patriots will havely and fun, celebrating their super bowl victory. okay. it's been 14 years since they've had a chance to do this. let's go to ron mott. he's live smack in the middle of the parade. hey, ron, i don't see you. there you are. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of cities around the country, 31 in fact cities and regions around the country dreamed about doing this today. but the patriots, the last team standing. take a look at boylston street a half block down there is where they end the boston marathon. we should see the duck boats with the patriots coming down here.
8:41 am
the patriots have won four super bowls but the last one was in 2005. people have gotten used to the patriots winning just about every year because the first four years of tom brady's career they won three super bowls. it's been a little bit of a dry spell for the team. they are out today, the sun is trying to come out. there's a lot of snow. the back story, a lot of people are upset with the mayor for hoeing this today when folks had a difficult time getting to work and school today. that being said they're ready to celebrate a super bowl championship. >> i have to make a correction. otherwise i'll have to shut down my twitter account. the team is celebrating their fourth super bowl win in 14 years. i said they haven't had a victory in 14 years. we know what that would have resulted in. are folks still talking about the bad call heard round the world? >> absolutely. in fact in the law before this parade got started i asked the folks just to see what reaction i would get to give us a seahawk
8:42 am
chant. the guy in the maroon hat said, "no thanks, we'll pass." it's a remarkable play people are talking about, just as remarkable as the play call itself was in some eyes the fact that mr. butler made that beat on that football and actually came down with it was just as remarkable. incredible finish to an incredible football game and quite frankly a phenomenal season for the nfl, both good and bad. >> look at all that snow. they'll be able to see because they can stand on a six-foot mound of snow. they'll be able to get a glimpse of tom brady. that's a crazy scene. thank you. his inspirational story has gone viral. the detroit free press first reported on sunday about factory worker james robinson's daily 46-mile commute to work with nearly half of that on foot. he starts out in the morning from his detroit neighborhood heads to the factory in the
8:43 am
suburbs and does not get home again until early next morning. he has to walk 21 of the 46 miles to and from work because of the lack of public transportation. he's been doing it for a decade. since his aging car broke down. but those days may soon be over. that's partly thanks to an online effort to help him. it was started by evan ledee a student at wayne state university who read the detroit free press story and decided to act. james and evan are with us live from detroit. great to see you both. >> nice to see you, too. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. listen, mr. robinson some people have said now you've made him miss work. he has a clean history of being on the job. today he's on tv. did you work this morning? did you work today? >> no. i don't go to work until later. i start my shift at 2:00. i end at 10:00 p.m. >> so good. we did not make you miss work today, which is a good thing. >> not even close, ma'am. >> your employer was going on
8:44 am
and on about you in the interview that i saw, saying there are people who live maybe ten miles from the -- ten minutes from the factory and they would call in and say i'm going to be late. they would say, james is on time, james is here. how does it feel to hear the praise, that hard work that gruelling grind every day was appreciated by your employer? >> well a couple of things ma'am. first, as far as my employer you might know the name todd wilson one thing i want to say, we've been close since we started. i've always said this about him, he could be tough on you when it's work time but when it comes down to it he can be your best friend, you know. as far as my commute, as being tough, it's been nothing new for me. i've been doing things like this since i was 8 years old. >> but i mean you have to understand why so many people
8:45 am
including evan were just -- i mean moved by it and wanted to help you, seeing this long commute you had to go through every day. you understand why people wanted to help? >> yes, i can see that because, you know they don't -- this being the year of 2015 you know, you don't see much of that anymore. but, you know that's just only my take of it. you never know. >> you don't know. evan, i'm sure you had no idea when you decided you wanted to help what is it 100,000, almost $200,000 later that people would be pitching in. >> yes. when i originally started this go fund me page after i read james' story on the free press, i originally set a goal for $5,000. now it's up to almost $300,000. it's been incredible. >> what are some of the things you've heard from people when they've said listen, evan, i may not have a lot of money but i want to help them out.
8:46 am
>> that exact phrase is what has been inspiring me. people who, they've commented with their donations and said you know this is all i can give right now. i wish i could give more. really most of the donations have been small, they've been 10, 20 bucks. but we've had over 10,000 donors. it's all added up to what it is today. >> and the other question that i've had a lot ask, evan what happens, does he get -- does mr. robinson get all of that money? how does this work for him? >> yes. this is all going towards james of course. go fund me has offered to help with the financial part of it because right now the money is with go fund me. but when the campaign is over then it will be james' obviously. but james has asked for help with the financial and the legal part of it. so we're working on that right now. >> and so you have to work out some legal aspects of that. but all in all, this money goes
8:47 am
to james and, james, obviously, the question is will you get a new car? and what will you do next? >> well, as far as like getting a new car, that's a give me right now. that's definitely 100%. as far as what else i'll do i'll think about that when the time comes. right now since this whole thing has came out of it you know i was still blown away. because like i said before it's been nothing new to me since i was, like i said since i was small. >> you know you've done it and you've done it when other people would have broken down. one of the things also this story brings to light is the situation where so many people in the detroit area have to venture miles away from able to get a steady paycheck and the working poor. people who go paycheck to paycheck and people who have
8:48 am
medical problem and problem with the transportation. it can all go up in smoke. they can lose their jobs. when you know the larger conversation that this has started, how does that make you feel? >> yes. it sparked a lot of stories about the lack of public transportation in detroit and the articles have been interesting to read. and that was, i think, what made james' story so inspiring because i feel like a lot of people wouldn't even think if their car broke down they wouldn't even think to walk this far to get to work. you know they'd find something else or quit their job. it's pretty inspiring to see someone who is willing to do this just to keep his job. >> absolutely. evan thank you for reaching out to help him. mr. robinson thank you for being an inspiration to everyone around here and everyone who registered. >> yes, if i may, iadd a little something before we go? >> of course. >> i was reading the newspaper
8:49 am
that i've been keeping. my most favorite part about this, it got everyone talking and exposed problems with detroit and michigan bus system. the best part about the whole thing is it has everyone talking and we're thinking that hey, there is a problem with our system, we need to fix it. >> that is because of you. >> it starts at the top. >> that is because of you. >> yes, it starts from the top, the people that run the system and it goes from there. >> absolutely. thank you for being a voice and inspiration. we hope to hear you soon. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> up next jonathan banks will join me live ahead of this weekend's premiere of "better caul saul," the "breaking bad" spinoff. are you ready for it? we are take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see. not only can you use less, but you can actually see the softness in our comfort cushions.
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okay. turning now to one of the most anticipated shows for the fans of the "breaking bad" series, "better call saul" is set to premier this sunday. saul is bringing a few familiar friends to the screen with him. >> five stickers, six stickers, i don't know because i was in the line back there taking people's lives. >> well, i thank you for restoring my faithg=/ax in the judicial system. either pay the $3 or go back inside and get an additional sticker. >> sun of a bitch. fine. you win. hooray for you. >> i need more stickers!
8:54 am
>> jonathan banks is joining us. you've given this whole commercial break. >> you're 12 years old. >> that's not true. we were competing on who has been in the business longer. i've been in the business for nearly 30 years. >> what were you doing at 19 years old? >> i had a television a little community affairs program. >> you just call them out on it. >> shut up. >> did you guys hear that? our guest said -- >> no i didn't mean it. >> well, yes you did. >> those are all of my union and nonunion brothers back there. >> i'm so happy someone finally said keep it down. >> you've never done that before? >> no. >> this guy is playing donkey kong for god sakes. >> how exciting it is, this
8:55 am
prequel? >> it'súiting. i saw the first show. >> did you see this coming, that the interest would be so high -- >> i saw it the other night and saw the premier and i thought, wow -- >> something special? will be as addicted to this as we were with "breaking bad"? >> i think so. >> i think so ntoo. >> it's a different rhythm. >> how much do you have in common with mike? ÷cd"t thank you so much for joining us. probably the shortest interview of your life. breaking news at the top.
8:56 am
we'll be watching the premier, though. soon. that's how we do it. be quiet back there people. that's it for me. up next, andrea mitchell reports. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," double disaster. a crowded train outside of new york city crashes into an suv killing six. ntsb investigators have just arrived. >> a number of us were smelling the fumes from the car fuel and we said we need to get out. >> people were clearlygw more and more anxious. >> and across the world in taiwan, at least 25 people were dead after a passenger plane crashed into a shallow river
9:00 am
nearly missing two apartment buildings, all captured on video. rescuers worked through the night to pull survivors to safety. retribution, jordan executes two convicted terrorists after isis burns a captured pilot alive. >> mourn the loss of a hero that has galvanized the nation and the world. we do not have a viable strategy and if you do not win in war, you are losing. and vaccine battle. a political fight marked by outbreaks, diseases we thought were gone> an ounce of prevention multiplied by a million and a


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