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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 9, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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good morning, everyone. right now on "first look," new england is under siege from another major winter storm. snow on top of more snow. and this as the west coast recovers from the pineapple express. high-level talks at the white house, ahead today, for president obama and germany's angela merkel. the biggest night in music. we have the winners and the most talked about moments from the grammys. and new details on the fatal car crash involving bruce jenner. the tributes pour in for a giant of college basketball. and so much to talk to you about on this monday february 9th. two storms on the move
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locking on to the west and east coast. in the northeast, nine states are dealing with another winter whack. rain, snow and ice. in the bull's eye yet again, new england. some places could get up to two feet of new snow. boston has gotten more than 55 inches of snow. the new threat is closing schools until wednesday. >> these storms that we're getting is unprecedented. we've never seen this type of snow here in the city of boston. >> all of this snow is very frustrating, especially for travelers. over 1,000 flights are canceled. out west it is a muddy mess. a rain system has soaked northern california 12 inches since thursday. and washington state, the relentless rain has triggered flooding and mudslides. but more rain could fall until tuesday. right now, let's take it to boston and amanda. you're on the roads. what's it like with all of the snow? >> good morning, betty. you look in the light, you can
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see the snow is falling just lightly. this is just the beginning. to the side we're having crews working ahead of the snow before it falls. boston has witnessed record snowfall throughout the city. it's accumulation that has officials worried. there's huge banks of snow on the side of the row. this is higher than street science. higher than some traffic signs. it looks like there's cars underneath here. but they're not. there's so much snow here. and officials are worried they are running out of places to haul and truck the city into these snow farms for it to melt. it's praise bracing for impact once the worst of the snow comes, and get ahead of the snow before it clogs up the arteries of boston's main area. >> thanks for that. bill karins is here tracking the snow for us. it seems like the snow won't stop. >> it's only going to get worse.
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we're heading into a very, very active period of bitterly cold and snowy weather for eastern new england. this is a slow-motion snowstorm. crews have no problem with this snow. it's a foot and a half in some areas. but over two days. crews can deal with that. we have a lot of snow to deal with. and what's going to catch people by surprise is the freezing rain around new york city southern connecticut and new jersey. that's going to make it slippery. it didn't snow first. the pavement and your front walk will be very icy. as far as the warnings go they stretch from syracuse to rochester, boston. it will probably snow lightly tuesday morning. and only another five to eight inches on top of what we already received. we'll end up total probably around a foot to foot and a half in the boston area. i was mentioning the rude pattern we're in. we get a bitterly shot of cold air on friday.
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a high of 21. windchills in the negative numbers. and boston and eastern new england has a chance for another snow event thursday. another snow event on saturday night. and another record cold sunday. it's like this is just -- >> it's been brutal. >> there will not be a flight to florida with an empty seat. >> everyone will be moving to florida after this. thank you. i.s.i.s. and russia will be the focus of the white house today. president obama is holding high-level talks with angela merkel. this meeting comes as the president will ask for authorization to continue the flight. >> president obama and angela merkel talk strategy at the white house today. as u.s. fighter jets helped jordan flight 20 air strikes a day against i.s.i.s. jordan denies that one of the bombs killed the american
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hostage. friends and family are hopeful. >> her final quote before she left, as long as i live i will not let this suffering be normal. i will not let this be something we just accept. >> the u.s. admits it will take more than air strikes to defeat i.s.i.s. >> there have to be ground troops involved in order to win this victory. >> iraqi troops, still being trained. the u.s. hopes recent video of a jordan pilot burned alive will have an impact. >> i think the lighting on fire of the jordanian pilot will gavelize i hope, the arab nations to fighting i.s.i.s. >> it will be one of the moments that creates unity. >> but targeting iraq and syria alone is not enough. >> we're fising not just this tactical problem in iraq and syria. >> reporter: the concern that
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i.s.i.s. ideology is spreading. the clock is ticking as we get closer to a potential shutdown at the department of homeland stuart. after february 22nd, jay johnson says the agency would have to furlough at least 30,000 workers unless lawmakers come to a funding bill. some are using this to attach riders. >> if congress wants to have the debate about immigration reform let's have that debate. but don't tie that to funding public safety and homeland security for the american people. we need a fully-funded department right now. in other news alabama's top judge is trying to stop same-sex marriage from going into effect today. late last night, alabama chief justice, roy moore, issued this order banning judges from issuing marriage licenses to gay
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couples. telling them they didn't have to follow a national judge ruling. in 2003 moore defied a judge's order to remove a statue of the ten commandments from the state courthouse. as of last night, the supreme court had not responded to alabama's request to stay the lower court's decision requiring it to permit such marriages. the world's most talented singers and musicians, they all came together for the 57th annual grammy awards. ♪ ♪ we're on the highway ♪ >> oh yeah. acdc kicked off the show. pumping up the crowd with "highway to hell." as for the night's biggest winner -- >> "stay with me." >> sam smith. >> "in the lonely hour," sam smith. >> i want to thank the man who this record is about, who i fell
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in love with last year. thank you so much. >> that's one kind of revenge. four grammys. the man who sings heartache is all-smiles. "stay with me" scored four grammys, including record and song of the year. album of the year went to -- >> "morning phase," beck. >> as for best r&b performance. >> "dunk in love." >> beyonce, also won for best r&b song and surround sound album for beyonce. she has won a total of 20 grammys, passing up aretha franklin and trailing alison krauss with 27. pharrell left the grammys happy. he took home a win for "happy." and then this. ♪ you can ride in my little red wagon ♪ ♪ the front seat's broken and
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the axle's dragging ♪ >> miranda lambert wowed before winning country album of the year. as for the performances, there was something for everyone. ♪ give it for love not giving up ♪ ♪ stay with me 'cause you're all i need ♪ ♪ take me to church ♪ >> also at the grammys, a bittersweet win for the late joan rivers. the comedian won for spoken word album. prices at the pump are rising. the latest survey finding the average price jumping 13 cents to $2.20 a gallon. that's a nine-month slide in gas
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prices. gas is down more than $1 from last time this year. be careful what you say around your tv. in the small print of samsung's privacy policy, the microphone could capture your information. data is only shared if consumers consent. a top u.s. automaker is pressing lawmakers whether they are protecting consumers against hackers. a report shows how hackers can grab control of cars making them turn or speed up. >> hackers controlling cars. you can't talk around your television anymore. >> scary. >> thank you. to sports now. kings/suns with a downto the wire finish. >> cousins. for the win. yes. it's all over. >> and with that the kings win,
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85-83. u.s. men's soccer team though snapped a five-watch winless streak against panama. michael bradley scores off an incredible corner kick in the top right corner of the net. u.s. went on to beat panama 2-0. canadian skelton athlete jane hamil had an unexpected obstacle. and she gets hit by a broom. a worker dropped it trying to step out of the groove for the last second. knicks owner and madison square garden chairman, james dolan lashes out at a long-time fan. he received an e-mail complaining of his management style. he responded via e-mail saying you most likely have made your family miserable. alcoholic, maybe. i just celebrated my 21-year
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anniversary of sobriety. you should try it. maybe it will help you become a person that folks like to have around. he ended with saying start rooting for the nets. the knicks don't want you. all right. and the sports world is reacting to the death of dean smith. he passed away on saturday. charles scott, unc's first ever black scholarship player remembers the impact he had on his players. >> while you were in school he was your coach, he was your disciplinarian, he was your teacher. when you got out, he was your friend. he was your father. he was your mentor. >> michael jordan played under smith from 1981 through 1984 and said this in a statement. other than my parents, no one had a bigger influence on my life than coach smith. he was more than a coach. he was my mentor my teacher, my second father. long-time rival and friend duke coach k. said we have lost
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a man that cannot be replaced. he was one of a kind. and the sport of basketball lost one of its true pillars. smith coached 26 seasons for the tar heels. winning two national wh more wins than any other coach in division i history. his players had a 96% graduation rate. coach smith was 83. we'll take you to the wicked weather whacking worcester. that's next. the latest on the fatal car accident involving bruce jenner behind the wheel of one of those vehicles. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. at ally bank no branches equals great
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16 minutes past the hour. we're tracking breaking news out of new england. and the bull's eye of a snowmaker there. let's go to worcester, massachusetts. dave, how is it out there? >> you can see, betty. it looks like a winter wonderland here. look at all of this snow coming down. this is on top of the snow they got last week and the week
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before. it's really piling on here in the streets of worcester. the second-biggest city in the state, just about an hour west of boston. this city is really hilly. there's lots of hills around here. it's very difficult to get around. this is the eighth day they've canceled school over in boston. they pretty much dk look at that coming down. quadrupled the number of school days. that means the school year is going to push into the summer if for these kids. it's going to cut down into their spring break a little bit. the speed limit has been reduced on the mass pike to about 40 miles per hour. that doesn't mean that everybody's going 40 miles per hour. some people are definitely going above the speed limit with all of this coming down. it's really bad news for the folks here in new england, betty. >> absolutely. we see on the screen the highest snow amount since 1905.
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they are getting it hard this year. we are hearing from former olympian bruce jenner for the first time since he was involved in a deadly car crash. police will not say if he was being followed by paparazzi at the time. police want to see cell phone records to see if distracted driving played a part in the crash. the attorneys have argued that the movie "american sniper" could influence a jury. one of the most powerful democrats in the country spotted at the grammys last night. can you guess who? scrambled politics is next.
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i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! 21 minutes past the hour. your "scrambled politics." china's president plans to make the first state visit to the u.s. he will come to the u.s. later this year. no date has been set. from "the new york times," the working family's party calls on elizabeth warren to run for president. it is the latest liberal group to push warren to make a white house bid. president obama will be sitting down for an interview with buzz feed tomorrow. and guess who we spotted on the grammys red carpet
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yesterday. just to the right of e! news host is florida congresswoman and dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz. she was involved with grammys on the hill. the event invites artists to improve the environment for music. and queen avoids fuss as she breaks victoria's record. on september 9th queen elizabeth becomes the longest reigning monarch. she has forbidden any celebration out of respect for queen victoria. i'm joined by jane. thanks for being with us on this monday. >> good morning. >> the president is meeting with the german chancellor today. on the issue of i.s.i.s. do you expect any major announcements? >> i think the -- between i.s.i.s. and ukraine, germany and the u.s. want to appear
2:23 am
united. germany may announce more support for the fight on i.s.i.s. what we're looking for is more about, you know unity and coming out. that photo op together of we're united on all of the issues. >> jordan stepped up some of the air strikes against i.s.i.s. you mentioned ukraine. russia/ukraine, that situation seems to be escalating. what can the president, along with angela merkel what can they do to stop that? >> you know i think they're going to really -- that's one of the biggest conversation topics today. whether or not the u.s. should be arming the ukrainians -- government that's trying to fight the pro-russian rebels. angela merkel in her way, said how many arms is going to impress russia they can't outarm russia? they're trying to find a way to stick to that. the peace settlement they had last september and trying to find a way to get back to that without redrawing the map of ukraine again. >> back here at home, speaking
2:24 am
of the homeland security department on the brink of having to lay off 30,000 workers. what is congress doing here? are they playing politics with our security? >> our security and our immigration system. this is the dhs, the department of homeland security, they administer immigration. republicans don't want to give them money to fund them because they oppose the policies they're enforcing. >> thanks, jane. we appreciate it. straight ahead, one of the biggest and most memorable grammy moments of the night. you don't want to miss this, coming right up. definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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27 minutes past the hour. last night during the grammys,
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the show took a minute to address domestic violence. the president introduced the it's on us campaign. and he asked artists to help spread the message. >> it's on us. all of us to create a culture where violence is intolerated. where survivors are supported. and where all our young people men and women, can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them. >> after the psa, domestic abuse survival brooke axtall gave a moving speech. >> when he threatened to till me, i knew i had to escape. i revealed the truth to my mom. and she encouraged me to seek help. this conversation saved my life. >> axtell's message led to a performance by katy perry.
2:29 am
that was a really good grammy show. a lot of different variety. >> madonna's stuff was nuts. >> it was good stuff. this is "first look" on msnbc. way too early" starts now. >> and the grammy goes to -- sam smith. ♪ won't you stay with me ♪ >> and the grammy goes so. sam smith. >> and the grammy goes to -- "stay with me." i'm having a really really good night. and the winner is for record of the year, sam smith, "stay with me." >> you definitely had a rhythm going. sam smith cleaning up at the
2:30 am
grammys. winning most of the top awards including best new artist. unforgettable speeches. and president obama drops in. winter weather is packing another punch. what to expect in the northeast today, as parts of new england prep for another foot of snow. plus new numbers on the race for 2016 and the all-important state of new hampshire. can jeb bush win over the hardened voters in the granite state? this is "way too early." ♪ won't you stay with me 'cause you're all i need ♪ >> that song will be in your head all day. i'm thomas roberts. it's "way too early." february 9th. the morning after the grammys. or the birthdays of carole king and my aunt pat. yes. carole king and aunt pat. happy birthday. we want to get to the latest on the dangerous wintry conditions in several eastern


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