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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 10, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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this congress passes nothing. but on thursday, we will see the results of a nice, rare exception to that rule. and rightfully, they're going to make as big a deal out of it as possible. good tuesday morning, everybody. right now on "first look," a wild, high-speed pursuit, as a man terrorizes drivers. did the supreme court just tip their hand on ruling in favor of gay marriage? infamous convicted wife killer drew peterson, charged in a murder. -for-hire scheme. and drones have become a problem for airline safety. new england continues the big dig. and astronaut neil armstrong's secret space stash. thanks for joining us this morning. we want to begin with a wild and dangerous ride. a carjacking on the streets of l.a., playing out live on tv. >> get out of the way. >> on the ground cell phone
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video caught the action. reports of a stolen car, attempting to evade cops. the suspect crashed. but then car jacked a woman's vehicle. >> he pointed the gun and told me to get out of my car. and he just took off. >> he hit the freeway. but the move backfired. jammed with vehicles the suspect ditched his car. cameras caught him, not once but twice trying to carjack two other vehicles. police confirmed there were shots fire. did not say how many shots or how many officers used their weapons. the suspect was arrested and his condition is unknown at this hour. this morning, gay marriage is officially legal in the state of alabama. not everyone supports it. clarence thomas and antonin scalia said the high court should have put that ruling on hold for a few months. justice thomas criticized his colleagues for looking, quote, the other way as another federal
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district judge casts aside state laws. meanwhile, this picture is making its way across social media. technician second class thomas sewicky were chosen for the first kiss of the homecoming of "the uss san francisco." we're learning information about the fatal crash involving bruce jenner. sheriff's officials say from the tire marks on the road it does appear that jenner tried to brake before hitting the lexus. investigators say the driver of the lexus who was killed did not have a valid license. all drivers in the crash are being investigated. detectives are looking into cell phone records and plan to examine all of the vehicles involved in the chain-reaction crash. the story made national news. an explosive new claim against drew peterson.
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the ex-illinois cop is say caused of highing to hire a hitman. he allegedly tried to hire someone between september 13 and december of last year. in 2012 peterson was convicted of the killing of his third wife and was sentenced to 38 years. he is also the suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy peterson. she vanished in 2007. the new charge against peterson carries a 30-year sentence. now, to the wicked winter weather that will not stop. snow-slammed chicago there are 14-snow shoveled related deaths. a man was hit by a plow in a parking lot outside of boston. we have more on boston's winter misery. >> reporter: it's a sight that's become all-too familiar. boston battered again. car after car, buried under mounds of snow. for those who are attempting to
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get around dangerous conditions. >> it's way more slick. way more slick. when you slide, you slide no matter what. there's no way to control it. >> reporter: these commuters forced to get off their train and walk in frigid temperatures when it broke down in boston. in the past 30 days there's been multiple major snow events. january 27 upwards of 22 inches. another 16 inches less than a week later. then nearly 7 1/2, followed by a foot of snow. in total, a record 60-plus inches and counting paralyzing parts of the region. with historic amounts of snow on the ground there's another enough space to put it all. melters, which used flame burners to dissolve the snow can't keep up. the city may be forced to dump snow in the harbor. so much snow has been removed across the state, 10,000 dump trucks in boston alone, it could fill the home of gillette stadium, 90 times, says governor
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charlie baker. and winter doesn't officially end for six more weeks. >> that's just painful for the people in those areas. >> i can't imagine what it's going to be like going through two weeks of this. the obvious thing is to show you the snow. we're going to show you pictures of jefferson, colorado yesterday. this is really been a localized misery for new england. a lot of the great lakes has been kind of cold. it hasn't been that snowy. but for the middle of the country, from texas to colorado it's been 60s and 70s. i want that. i would love to have some of that. i'm like one day in the 40s. i'm not going to be greedy. >> that would be perfect. >> the storm is over in areas of eastern massachusetts. two days to clean up. the latest storm -- again, we weren't hit in new england,
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providence and albany and areas got a snowstorm. it was boston and south of boston, that's who picked up nearly two feet of snow. they've been getting so slammed worse than anybody else in new england. the next storm. it's going to come down in the great lakes through wednesday. thursday redevelops off the coast. this was a glancing blow as of now, thankfully. more snow in southeast mass. a couple inches here. it looks like maybe a glancing blow. and it's cold after that. the next chance i think of a bigger storm would be sunday in areas of new england. we have two more storm threats. and it quiets down. >> there's time to book some tickets out of the area. >> any way to get out. >> all right. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon. >> my spidey sense is tingling. the superhero will appear in the next "captain america" movie next year which is being produced by marvel.
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marvel will co-produce the next spider-man film. and things may be getting saucey at quidoba. in the last year they have offered an entry for a return of public display of affection. and nasa will try again today. it will launch the rocket into space this evening. the rocket is carrying a weather satellite to monitor solar winds. the mission was scrubbed on monday due to weather issues on cape canaveral. >> it's time for sports. our sports guru, richard louie is here this morning. >> maybe a burrito. a kiss and a burrito. that's too easy. >> you're going to be there with a kissing partner, right? >> i'll have a dozen burritos. >> let's talk about gregg
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popovich. the spurs rallying for a win over the pacers. that makes pop the ninth nba to reach 1,000 wins. pop and jerry sloan are the only to do that with just one team in nba history. >> i don't do too much celebrating. i've been here a long time. and i've had good players. that's the formula. >> that was him celebrating. to philly warriors and sixers. the best versus the worse. sixers k.j. mcdaniels with the dunk of the night. off the back board to himself. thank me very much. kaazam. not enough. warriors win. the match-up between south carolina versus uconn. a lot of that. uconn bowling past south carolina, 87-62.
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four americans competed in the alpine championships in vail yesterday. lindsey vonn, not finishing, though, after she straddled that gate early in her slalom run, taking her out of the standings. >> i'm just really disappointed. you know it's the world championships. and i tried as hard as i could. and i came up short. and that's disappointing for myself. you know, for my family and for my fans. >> she's heartbroken. it gets worse. tiger woods hits a low of his own. woods' official world golf ranking, it's plunged to 62. that's the lowest since debuting on the pga tour in 1996 for him. and the founder of nfl films has died. ed revolutionized sports casting. placing mics on coaches and players. and settling -- setting highlights to powerful music.
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son, steve, passed away in 2012. of brain cancer. during ed's tenure nfl films won 52 emmy awards. he was inducted in the pro football hall of fame. he was 98. and, boy, he affected a lot of what people do on tv and films. >> absolutely. thank you so much richard. up next, a treasure trove of space stuff hidden for years in neil armstrong's closet. and the last-minute valentine's day gift you might need to keep in a locked garage. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry...
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it's 13 minutes past the hour. it's an increasingly dangerous situation. the faa is investigating close calls between passenger planes and unmanned drones flying very high near very big airports. it happened this weekend at dallas chicago and atlanta. >> reporter: it's happened at some of the nation's busiest air
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space. sunday afternoon, a southwest boeing 737 was on final approach when a pilot told controllers they just had a close call. not near the ground. but at 4,000 feet. >> one of those radio-controlled helicopter things went right over the top of us at 4,000. >> over the top of you at 4,000. roger that. >> got you. a drone. >> yep. a little bitty one. red in color. >> reporter: a day earlier, saturday in chicago, controllers warned that a droned that been spotted at 3,500 feet. >> do you caution a drone that was reported on the runway 27 right. i'm not picking up anything on radar. >> reporter: a few hours later in dallas a private lane reported a drone at 1,300 feet. and in atlanta, another drone at 8,500 feet. in each case the drones were above the faa limit of 400 feet. the concern, a collision with a plane could crack a cockpit
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window or damage an engine. >> the thing we have to avoid is any opportunity for aircraft to come in contact with one another. that's an extremely dangerous situation for everyone involved. >> it's illegal for anyone to fly a drone above 500 feet within 5 miles of an airport. the faa has not decided which companies can fly drones and where. breaking news overnight out of houston. a u.s. airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing when the front landing gear failed to deploy. look at the angle of the plane in the video we're going to show you. we're told the night was coming in from philadelphia with 52 passengers aboard. no one was injured. but look at the front nose of that plane. from, suspect jesse matthew charged with murder of hannah graham. the body was found a month after she went missing. jesse matthew was previously
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charged with abduction with intent to defile. and in connection with graham's killing, matthew pleaded not guilty to murder in an unrelated 2005 sex assault case. police and a prosecutor plan to speak about the case at a news conference later this morning. this was hidden for decades until now. neil armstrong's personal stash from apollo 11, 46 years after the lunar landing. we are learning about the bag of small parts his widow discovered in a closet. it included utility lights, a wrench and a camera that recorded the final approach. if you were looking for a unique valentine's gift check out with jennings ford in the u.k. has dreamed up. for $1.5 million you can bedazzle your vehicle. they will add more than 1 million diamonds and chrisrystals to your favorite ford ride. i have a feeling the bedazzling
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costs more. why exercising can be hazardous to politicians and why a jeb bush staffer was called into question. equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. 19 minutes past the hour. now is your morning dish of scrambled politics. you remember this moment almost two years ago. >> get out of here you low-life scum. >> that was senator john mccain lashing out to a protester. the protesters were calling for
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henry kissinger's arrest. now, mccain has tweeted this picture. his wife has presented dr. kissinger a set of boxing gloves for his next hearing. jeb bush is getting attention for a new hire. ethan sayer. the founder of some offensive tweets started disappearing after the announcement. many of the tweets reportedly disparage women and gay men. he tweeted, i deleted some old jokes i made years ago that i no longer find funny or appropriate, learning and maturing. from politico, congressmen's spending brings shock and awe. aaron schock has spent $90,000 for air charters. an ethic committee is
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investigating his spending. elizabeth she tweeted this image, there's never too much snow to barbecue. harry reid the undergo his second eye surgery on sen. he hurt it by having an accident while exercising on new year's day. maryland governor mark o'malley has been in an exercising accident. broke my elbow at the gym. thanks to the staff at union memorial. surgery went well. gwen moore is poking fun at most of them. sorry about your elbow, governor o'malley. this is what happens when you're working out with harry reid. i'm joined in the studio by political analyst and best-selling author ellis
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henaking. >> when politicians had trouble bending their elbow, it meant something different. >> as we mentioned earlier, did comments by the supreme court justices, clarence thomas and antonin scalia tip their hand on how the high court may rule? >> yes on the high court. expressing upset and concern on the voice of justice thomas, that the colleagues are likely -- he thinks create a national invitation for gay marriage essentially. saying that the constitution does insist that marriage equality become the law of the land. they don't like it. but they're suggesting that the court's going to do it. >> any chance that the public comments, the criticism of the other colleagues might sway the balance of how they could vote on this? >> unlikely. this little sniping between the justices is -- yeah. it's business as usual. keep an eye on alabama where the whole thing is busting open this week, as local judges are trying to decide whether to issue
2:23 am
marriage licenses. it's an uproar there over the issue. >> it is. in the meantime there could be trouble in hillary clinton's camp. we're hearing that a member of the super pac board abruptly resigned on monday. what's this all about? >> the children where fighting in hilly land. david brock, a former right wing hitman. >> is he having a change of heart? >> that's old news. he has stepped down from the board of priorities usa. that's one of the big super pacs that's funding the hillary clinton campaign. he has another group. it's a squabble really about the leaks and fund-raising percentages and how much the folks who actually go out and raise the money, how much of it they get to keep. it's more about money than politics. but the last thing hillary wants is the children fighting. >> absolutely. >> get along now. >> so what are you hearing about her? is this thing steam rolling ahead? are there bumps and bruises along the way?
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>> she has huge advantages. tons of money, high poll numbers. but go listen carefully to voters out there. i think some democrats in iowa and other places are saying maybe we have a race here. we don't want to call it done so early. where's elizabeth warren? where is jim webb? who else is out there? >> a lot of people are calling on elizabeth warren to step into the game if you will. >> a lot of progressives. saying hillary's already. but she's moderate on a lot of issues. >> bernie sanders, as well. >> this clearly a part of the democratic party that wants to be a tussle from the left. it will make our business a lot more interesting if there's a fight, right? >> exactly. >> coronations are not good for the media business. >> we want it to be interesting. >> a good debate. >> thank you. just ahead, joan rivers' new york city condo is up for sale. we'll take you inside the million dollar home.
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28 minutes past the hour. the clinton global initiative will hold its winter meeting in new york city today. this marks the tenth year for the event. former president bill clinton and his daughter chelsea, will serve as host. leaders from across the globe will come together to work on solutions for some of the world's most dressing challenges. the late joan rivers new york city apartment is up for sale. the asking price is $28 million. but you have to see this manhattan penthouse. it is built to accommodate 125 partygoers. rivers herself described the home as what marie antoinette would have done if she had money. she is right on spot with that. >> can you live in there?
2:29 am
it's almost not livable. >> it's very regal. i'm betty nguyen, with bill karins this morning. "way too early" starts right now. the northeast is being hit with another winter storm. we're being told to expect up to six voicemails from my mom. that's a big deal. yeah, no. i know about it. yeah. and i have windows. i can see it. but thank you. for the call. i appreciate it. would have caught me offguard. it would have caught me offguard. i love you, too. >> it just keeps coming. a state of emergency in massachusetts as part of the northeast gets buried in almost six feet of snow over 17 days. tough talk. the president stands up to his critics foreign and domestic. and be afraid. be very afraid. what your new high-tech tv could
2:30 am
be doing while you're hanging out in the privacity of your own home. this is "way too early." mom is always right. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. it is tuesday, february 10th. welcome to "way too early." the show that thinks the tv has ears. wait until you hear this story about samsung. we may think the toaster has ears. that's us being paranoid. jen, you have one of the samsung tvs? >> yeah. >> the tv is listening. we're going to begin with the winter weather. it won't give boston a break. the storm dumping two feet of snow on parts of new england. it's winding down. but forecasters say more could be on the way. the drastic times are calling for drastic measures as some massachusetts towns are dumping snow on the local waterways. waivers were


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