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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 13, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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sit down with hgtv for an inside look at white house decor and you won't believe what they are already preparing for in february. this is "way too early." ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to our house. i'm thomas roberts, it is friday, february the 13th welcome to "way too early" where it is your lucky day. we will introduce you to beconce? you have not seen that? a blending of beck and beyonce. where we can only show it on friday the 13th because it is friday the 13th. let's get to it. the fbi investigating the shooting deaths of three muslim-americans in chapel hill north carolina. they're looking to determine whether any federal laws were broken. left unsaid is the alleged shooting by craig hicks and this being prosecuted as a hate crime, so far local enforcement is investigating the death as a
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parking space dispute. yesterday on ronan, the slain girl's father called on the president to see justice done. >> my son-in-law has been living in the apartment a year and a half. he is a second year dentistry student at unc chapel hill. he did not complain all the time even though the murderer can say it was a parking dispute, whatever he was picking on he came to that apartment with his gun, two or three times before the murder on different occasions. my daughter yusor complained and told us that she felt that man hated them for the way they looked and the muslim garb they wore. she felt the heat has risen after she moved into the apartment and her friends came to visit and most of them were muslim attire. i would call on the chapel hill police unc, and president
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obama, churches mosques, synagogues and the american nation, if this is not a hate crime what is a hate crime? >> yesterday funeral services had to be moved to a large atmospheric field after more than 5,000 people showed up to maurn key de ya barra cat and yusor sala and razan. a nationwide project called story corps where she discusses culture in america. >> growing up in america has been such a blessing and, you know although in some ways i stand out such as the high jab i wear on my head the head covering, still so many ways i feel so embedded in the fabric that is, you know our culture and that's the beautiful thing here is that it doesn't matter where you come from there's so many different people from so many different places of different backgrounds and religions. >> absolutely. >> but here we're all one. >> wow. so endearing to hear her voice.
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the question today will oregon's governor resign. earlier this week state legislatures ss throughout the state thought he would over the scandal involving his fiancee. now nobody knows. okay. let's go back to the beginning and what started it all. governor john kitzhaber is in his fourth term as governor. however his fiancee cylvia hayes is accused of using her consulting work. the state attorney general is investigating and the governor has called for a probe. it was on tuesday the governor recalled his secretary of state in washington, d.c. supposedly to tell her he was resigning and she would replace him under the state's succession plan but when she returned on wednesday he informed he was staying in office. >> a lot of talk today. do you have any intentions of resigning? >> no, i do not. as i indicated last week i recognize i've been getting as lot of pressure from many quarters to do so. don't intend to do so. she is the secretary of state and it's not the kind of conversation i wanted to have on the phone.
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this is a serious issue. it's a serious call to have a sitting governor resign. and she would then become the governor if i chose to do that. i got elected. by a lot of people spent a lot of time and energy and money toto get me in this position. >> a blunt statement reads, quote, he asked me why i came back early from washington, d.c. which i found strange. i asked him what he wanted to talk about. the governor told me he was not resigning after which he began a discussion about transition. this is clearly a bizarre and unprecedented situation. now top democrats in the state and legislature say they were led to believe he would be leaving office resigning, and the ap reports kitzhaber told some of his aides he would step down but changed his mind while brown was returnings to the state. the leaders of the senate and house democrats are pressuring him to leave office. >> i think it's, you know,s the situation is fast evolving and the situation in the last couple days has really indicated his
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inability to focus on his job and has undermined his a ability to govern. >> reporter:s the governor's staff sought to percentage thousands of e-mails from a personal account and archived them on state servers. the governor did not intend to destroy records but wanted to determine which should be kept and deleted. the oregonian reporting the governor and his fiancee have hired criminal defense attorneys. neither has been charged with a crime. gay couples in alabama are celebrating. she ordered mobile county probate judge davis to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. davis closed his office after alabama's chief justice told probate judges to ignore the federal court's ruling that alabama's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional but the mobile county judge opened his office about an hour after yesterday's order. started issuing those marriage licenses. alabama is the 37th state where marriage equality is legal. new york city officials are
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waking up disappointed after a rival city in sports and now in politics was selected to hold the 2016 democratic national convention instead of brooklyn. democrats are going to be gathering in the city of brotherly love. philadelphia. this coming our way in the summer of 2016 to select a presidential nominee. organizers plan to hold the convention at the wells fargo center home to the nba's 76ers and the nhl's flyers. the city was seen somewhat of a favorite throughout the selection process. it has historical significance and abundance of hotels within walking distance and recent experience with conventions after hosting republicans in 2000. still, new york, city organizers felt they put together a really strong bid for brooklyn and mayor de blasio said he was, quote, not happy happy at the outcome. security concerns and logistical difficulties related to the event in a residential neighborhood were too much to overcome for brooklyn. the latest move by isis is
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putting hundreds of marines at risk. officials say the militants have taken control of about 90% of al baghdadedy in western iraq. the town is about 50 miles from ramadi and an bar province and near an air base where more than 300 marines are training iraqi forces. the pentagon says the base has not been attacked although this comes amid a new nbc news mares ris poll that a majority of americans want representatives to approve president obama's request to use military force against isis despite a near split on whether or not americans have confidence in his strategy to defeat islamic state militants. 40% of americans say they now support a limited number of u.s. ground troops. and another 26% would back a large number of ground forces. and more americans believe that president obama will be remembered for starting a new war than ending two. the deal to end the ongoing bloodshed in ukraine is not off to a good start this morning and there are doubts the peace
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agreement will be holding up. ukrainian officials say eight servicemen have been killed in fighting in eastern ukraine. more than 30 other troops were injured in the last day. the cease-fire that is scheduled to begin on sunday after france and germany helped negotiate this truce with ukraine and russia. the fbi director has offered a very blunt assessment on the strained relationship between law enforcement and the communities that they serve. in a speech on thursday james comby said the country was at a crossroads after cases like the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. he noted his own irish heritage reflecting on stereotypes of being drunks and criminals. but as "the new york times" notes he went farther than the president or attorney general calling for straightforward dialog and ownership on the part of officers of the law. >> all of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty. at many points in american history, law enforcement enforced the status quo, the
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status quo that was often brutally unfair to disfavored groups. much research points to the widespread existence of unconscious bias. many people in our white majority culture have unconscious racial biases and react different throw a white face than a black face. in fact we all, white and black, carry various biases around with us. i am reminded of the song from the broadway hit "avenue q" everyone's a little bit racist a part of which goes like this. "look around and you will find no one's really colorblind. maybe it's a fact we all should face, everyone makes judgments based on race." you should be grateful i did not try to sing be that. >> a aclaimed media writer and journalist david carr has died after collapsing in "the new york times" newsroom where he worked. he was writing the media industry and he's been known to be very tough but fair. his investigations exposed bankrupt corporate culture like
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at the tribune portrayed in the documentary "page one" and defended print journalism and "the new york times" doggedly. >> i work at the no times"the new york times" we have 17 million people that come to our website, we have 80 blogs, we are fully engaged in the revolution. "the new york times" has dozens of bure ross all over the world and we're going to toss that out which is the proposition, toss that out and kick back and see what facebook turns up. i don't think so. >> all right. so he had a lot of wit there but sharp pen. much of his life marked with struggle. carr documented his own drug addiction in his memoir "night of the gun." >> if i told you i was a drug addict who sobered up got custody of his kids got them off well fare survived cancer and went on to become a
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columnist for "the new york times" would you like my story? you bet. what if i told you i was a fat thug sold drugs, beat up women, terrorized children, and maybe not so much -- >> last night hosted a talk in new york with glen greenwald who brought edward snowden to the world, the leaker himself voinds via video. david carr writer for "the new york times" was 58 years old. still ahead on "way too early," we're going to lighten things up here. trade spaces. i speak with design star genevieve on her year-round work to honor white house history and traditions and then later presidents just like us right? president obama takes the camera to the camera in a humorous appeal for and even breaks out the selfie stick. when "way too early" comes right back. a freaky friday edition. stick around.
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♪ okay. so it's friday the 13th. and christmas, it's ten months away. but preparations for the holidays are already in the works at the white house. louis and i talked to the host of hgtv's genevieve's renovation and dear genevieve the famed interior designer we fell in love with on "trading spaces" and she stopped by the set before last night's event honoring the official 2015 white house christmas ornament. >> you've been working with the white house on doing their christmas decorations six years now. >> since the obamas began, so yes, my sixth year quite an honor. >> beautiful. >> yes.
2:46 am
>> talk about what it is what it means to you as an interior designer to go into the white house, the people's house, and dig through generations of christmas ornaments but help the obamas put the stamp on what is their christmas festivities. >> i'm there to tell the story and there are so many people involved in making the holidays come to fruition at the white house as it's an enormous property as you can probably imagine and all of these people are volunteers. it's the people's house and feels like that during those three days three days only that we do this. it's weird to be talking about the holidays in february but, as we roll into the next year this is when we start planning for christmas already. >> that's so hard to believe. you guys are planning already now for the theme? >> yes. it starts actually in january. and you think, oh, god, holidays, we just finished. it's really fun and i'm now partnered with the white house historical association so we're all about bringing more attention to the holidays and bringing more fun to help
2:47 am
preserve all of the furnishings and acquirings of the white house, the artwork. >> i think we're lucky enough louis and i, each get to keep -- >> an ornament. >> we're throwing a party for that ornament. >> it's very cool. beautiful. take a look at this. >> each year the white house historical association does a reproduction of one ornament from one presidency. this is actually from calvin coolidge's christmas tree i believe in 1923. the national christmas tree. the sale of these ornaments actually funds the majority of the preservation for the white house itself. >> got to be a lot of rules. you have three days to do the white house. that's as lot of property to cover, i'm sure so what kind of rules are there and how hard is that? >> it's a well oiled machine, my friends. rules, no selfies. and no sitting down on the furniture that we are trying to preserve. some of the stuff when wandering through the white house, which is an incredibly humbling honor no matter how many times you do it, but it's strange to go in and i know everybody now, which is also strange. it's bizarre but wonderful.
2:48 am
you work and you feel honored to do the work because you've been invited to this house. i paint rooms, i design your bedroom, coming to the white house, feels like wow, why do i get to do this? >> it's very special. >> it's magical. >> never gets old. you're walking by some of the most important art pieces in our country's history and they're sitting there, the portrait of lincoln, you can't touch it but you want to. >> right. >> and you're close enough. >> when no one is looking. >> the gingerbread. >> the gingerbread house, i was lucky enough this year to take my mom and i think we have a photo if we can show my mom was -- >> at a party. >> by the gingerbread house which is -- >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> which is amazing because the detail that goes into it and the trees and bow and the dogs that are all there. >> this is a well-oiled machine and that gingerbread house, they're already talking about what is next year's house. they have to make this house every single year how do you make it different? it's the same house. how do you make it more amazing
2:49 am
with electronics and water features. >> working fountain. we love what you do. >> thank you. >> and have loved you for a long time. stick around an keep us in fashion in all of our homes. but so everybody know the association that genevieve has been speaking about, the ornaments go to help fund what happens at the white house, these are only $18.95. >> yes. >> and a great collector's item. >> for grandkids. >> yes. >> fantastic. great to have you here today. >> i'm happy to know you guys. >> nice to meet you. >> isn't she fantastic? we love genevieve, the next title of the show "we love genevieve". >> we do. she was cool. bill karins, a check on the weather. she was -- >> we can't believe how long ago it was we started watching "trading spaces". >> the best was when vern would go against genevieve. she would put straw on your wall. >> you watched a lot of it. >> put the straw on your walls. >> i think you're still watching it. >> i liked that show. box set. >> you want to -- we're going to
2:50 am
rerun this winter how about that? >> no. let's move on. >> there's very little hope in sight for anyone in new england. first off we will get a couple more snowstorms and then just not going to melt. i was looking at the extended stuff through the end of february i don't see any warmup. we have to wait until march at least. this morning as advertising when the windchill is 28 in jacksonville, florida, it's a cold air mass that has moved in. the worse by far in new england. the coldest i have right now is watertown, new york, at negative 24 windchills. but everybody is in the teens. even the low 20s. even as far south as philadelphia we're at negative 9. it's a very windy night out there. and the winds are biting. exposed skin is dangerous. kids at the bus stop that sort of thing. our blizzard watch up again. right along the coast. it's an eastern new england special including the boston area. saturday night into sunday winds could gust as high as 60 miles per hour. even if they only get 6 to 12 inches of snow even the snow on the ground is so light and fluffy, everything is going to
2:51 am
be blowing all over the place. it's going to be a nightmare traveling. we're saying anywhere around 6 to 12 inches around boston but maine, is going to get nailed. we could see up to 2 feet. thomas, for valentine's day, notice how split the country is. everyone in the west texas, so many people are like seeing the best winter ever but not in new england. >> i'm predicting a new england baby surge come december. over -- from this valentine's day weekend. >> makes sense. >> anyway keep warm new england. bill, thanks. coming up on "morning joe," a powerful message from the community as thousands turn out to honor the three lost in this week's shooting in north carolina. we will speak with the sister of one of the victims and hear how the family is holding up. democrats and republicans come together to confirm the president's pick to head the pentagon. we will tell you who did not want ashton carter to get that job and why. that and much more after this. stick around. ♪
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♪ >> the deadline for signing up for health insurance is february -- february -- february -- man.
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thanks obama. that's pretty good. >> mr. president? >> can i live? >> he's just like us. prove he's just like us. >> that was a buzzfeed video with president obama he took in part to encourage sign-ups for health went viral with the president and the selfie stick. the trend of the selfie sticks continues. starting with the u.s. senate overwhelmingly confirming ashton carter as the next secretary of defense. the former number two at the pentagon was approved in a rare bipartisan vote of 93-5. now carter says defeating isis will be the number one priority and mentaled to be candid when adviseing the president. senator roy blunt of miss sorry one of the five republicans to vote against the nomination saying he believes carter would continue to uphold obama's flawed agenda.
2:56 am
a bipartisan bill aimed at combatting the suicide epidemic among veterans is law. the legislation signed by president obama is named in honor of texas veteran clay hunt who served in both iraq and afghanistan, the marine returned from combat in 2009 with ptsd and by all accounts hunt tried to get help but ended up taking his life after becoming entangled in va bureaucracy. >> we've been saying loud and clear to anyone out there hurting it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help it's a sign of strength. and clay hunt was strong that way. he asked for help. he did everything that we urge people with post-trau mattic stress to do. he reached out to his family. they embraced him with love. he opened up to other veterans and they were there for him too. he sought treatment not once but repeatedly and this law will not bring clay back as much as we wish it would, but the reforms that it puts in place would have
2:57 am
helped and they'll help others who are going through the same challenging process that he went through. >> so the the latest study puts the suicide rate for those returning from combat at 22 a day. so lastly want to leave you with this. a head's up today being friday the 13th if you want to sound smart today tell your friends that it's the first of three for 2015. each year has at least one friday the 13th but there can be as many as three. 2012 the last year with three. the next will be in 2026. is that the friday the 13th music? i don't know if it is or not. we need joey -- it is? okay. didn't sound like it. anyway -- jason is not behind me. that's going to do it for this edition of "way too early." "morning joe" is just moments away. stick around. ♪
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