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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 16, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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good monday morning. right now on fist look dangerous weather in the eastern u.s. heavy snow 60-mile-per-hour win gusts and temperatures at 25 below. reports of one of the biggest banking heists ever. plus -- >> live from new york it's "saturday night". >> one night only. some of the biggest names in comedy come together to celebrate 40 years of snl. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today. much of the northeast is in a deep freeze this morning. parts of new england, they're
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buried under snow following a fourth major snowstorm? three weeks. boston alone got 13 inches this weekend. other parts of massachusetts saw up to 20 inches of snow. another storm is taking aim at the great lakes. sara has more on the weather. >> reporter: good morning. people in this area are waking up to bitterly cold temperatures, the type of cold this area hasn't seen in years. >> it's the winter that never seems to end. >> miserable. it's just getting really old. getting depressing. >> reporter: even the weekend, another blits by mother nature. in boston 13 inches of snow contributing to this chain reaction crash on i-95. >> this is storm of historic proportion. i know that people are frustrated and people want this to end. >> reporter: across new england residents are still digging out. >> not making records, we're
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just breaking them with all of this snow. >> nowhere to put it. >> there's nowhere to put it. >> reporter: parts of maine saw two feet of snow np in new hampshire, the weight of all of this fresh power was too much for this roof. and cold surf pounded the shores threatening to flood to town. focus to a second storm, one that will bring snow ice and freezing rain to the midwest and southeast. on sunday crews spent the entire day pretreating all major interstates in the metro atlanta area. >> if the temperature stays in the 20s, we may not have freezing to the roadway. >> reporter: no escape for a record breaking winter. a windchill morning remains in effect for much of the morning. people urged to limit their time outside and cover up exposed skin. egypt says it's bombed isis targets in libya. an army spokesperson says the
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air raid is revenge for the gruesome murders of 20 christians from ie an sigh militant group. the video shows 21 men dressed in orange jumpsuits. it appears they're forced to kneel on the sand and then beheaded. the egyptian president say the video is authentic. shortly after the video's release, the egyptian president vowed retaliation and called for seven days of mourning. overnight two people arrested on suspicion of helping the gunmen at the center of the terrorist attacks in denmark. authorities believe they aided the 22-year-old unnamed president who was killed by police. the alleged gunman had a history of violence and was known to the intelligent and security services.
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he may have been inspired by islamic fear riss and possibly the "charlie hebdo" event last month. we're in front of the cafe where the first shooting took place took place. what can you tell us about this arrests? >> reporter: these two men have been tried in the copenhagen court this late morning danish time. they could still sb in there. they're being tried to helping out with murder assisting with murder and helping out with murder. according to police they helped the person get the suspect away with the gun. they are assisting him with getting rid of the gun. and the two guys were arrested yesterday. one in the morning, around 8:00 a.m. and the other one in the afternoon at 3:00. both plead not guilty. >> all right. peter kill door f joining us life from copenhagen. thank you so much for the
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update. an international hacking ring has stolen up to a billion dollars from banks all around the world. that is according to a new report from a russian security firm. most of the targets are believed to be in the u.s. russia germany, china and ukraine. more than 130 banks in the country are reported to have been attacked. they programmed atms to dispense money at person times. well, live from new york "saturday night live's" 40th anniversary. that show celebrated with a very funny blow outbash on saturday night. >> we'll pay tribute to the snl greats who are no longer with us, john ballew shi, gilda radnor john love vits. >> good evening, i'm jane curtain. >> i'm tina fey. >> and i'm amy poehler.
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♪ ♪ all about that bass all about that bass ♪ >> live from new york it's "saturday night". >> a familiar phrase started a trip down memory lane. >> live from new york it's saturday night. >> one that stretches back to 1975. >> we established the legacy but the people who came after us kept it alive in such a quality way. >> cast members reunited. ♪ >> and in some cases teamed up for the first time. >> good evening, i'm jane curtain. >> i'm tina fey. >> and i'm amy poehler. >> let's take a look at the score. >> i wouldn't have had a career without "saturday night live". >> i can't believe my luck. i can't believe that i'm part in any way of something that i love so much. >> the catch phrases audiences love. >> swing. >> the classic moments that have
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endured. >> the super pass 0 matter 2150. >> there really is nothing like it anywhere else. >> and everyone wanted to be a part of it. i mean most everyone here is. >> an array of former hosts took the stage, so did music icons. but as snl wrapped its first 40 years, show creator loren michaels and his cast were center stage. >> i love it. i love loren. >> this man and this group of people have seeded the comedy landscape for 40 years, you know. and they've just given us an incredible gift. >> the anniversary bash marks the 780 episode of 'saturday nightlife" and it may be the most memorable. almost live from new york i'm mark barringer nbc news. >> i got to tell you with the immense talent in that studio was just remarkable. u.s. markets they're closed for president's day but aaa says
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gas prices shot up 7 cents last week. the national price for a gallon is what $2.25. still the average house hold is expected to spend $750 less for gas this year than last year. industry analysts say strong demand and limited seats have made it possible for the airlines to keep fares high. the head of the company that brought us the chocolate peanut spread has died. nutella. >> now sports, for that we go to francis rivera. good morning. >> the all-star game that kicked off the weekend at ma son garden. lebron james moved into second place on the nba's all time scoring list after scoring his
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263rd price. russell west ooh brook took the mvp title leading the west to a win over the east. westbrook scored 41 points one shy of wilt chamberlain's record set in 1962. the game drew an all-star crowd as well from nba legends to a slew of entertainers jay z and bill clinton. to the golf course now and bretd snedeker ended a 17 month title doubt winning the pebble beach proam for the second time in ten years. he pocketed nearly $1.3 million along with a spot in april's u.s. masters. well the qualifying session for nascar's biggest race of the year was criticized by tony stewart. what i the criticism? nascar abandoned single car
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ruins for the group session. the knockout format ended with jeff gordon on the pole for the final daytona 500 of his career. and that big fight may be one step closer. manny pack cow and floyd mayweather jr. have agreed to a $250 million bout in may. >> $250 million? >> there's one thing that's missing. a small minor detail or a big one. may weather's signature. there's all this agony build up to it. hopefully if the fight happens, it will live up to it. >> there's a lot own the line. thank you. one super model's untouched picture is igniting debate about real beauty. a dramatic rescue captured on video.
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oh yes. yes. yes. we got it baby. we got it. we got it. whoa! whoa! we got it. yes. listen to that. oh. again. again. that's a twofer. that's a twofer baby. yes. yes. again. that's three. you got to be kidding me. you got to be kidding me. >> yeah you got to be kidding me. good thing there weren't four of those. he would have had a heart attack. he saw the thunder snow in plymouth, mass yesterday. we have a brand new storm to talk about. now it's the southeast turn. eight to ten inches expected
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through parts of the south. missouri kentucky and southern indiana, you're looking at a messy snowy day. the ice is going to go from oklahoma city all the way through memphis. so ice accumulation is going to make for tricky travel today. here's a look at the winter weather warnings and advisories. they're posted for the south and go all the way to the mid atlantic. that system will push into the d.c. baltimore and philly area tonight and then eventually back up into new engd land. we're looking at less snow amounts. the windchills outrageous. we're looking at very cold temperatures with feels like minus 3 in chicago, minus 25 in boston. these are shom of the coldest temperatures we've seen in years. >> you don't have to convince anyone of that. some stories making news everyday americans and big businesses, they are one step closer to flying commercial
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drones. under the faa's long awaited proposal the drones may only fly during daylight hours, staying under 500 feet and five miles away from airports. pilots must register their drones and hold an faa certificate. this proposal could take up to three years to finalize. the coast guard had to battle low visibility to rescue a father and son off of nantucket. no injuries. >> an untouched photo of cindy crawford has gone vinyl. it appears to show the 4 is-year-old in lingerie. the untouched photo was somehow leaked. just today crawford's husband posted this picture on his
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instagram account wishing his wife a happy valentine's day. she looks gorgeous any way you cut it. american teens are getting less sleep than teens 20 years ago. data collected shows that sleep duration has decreased. recommending teens get between nine and ten hours of sleep each other. over half of the teens studied didn't get seven hours a night. chris christy hits a new low, a former science teacher tells him to man up. and the real saur ra palin stops by snl. scrambled politics are next.
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20 minutes past the hour. time now for your freezing cold monday edition of scrambled politic pps who is it going to be the republican nominee for president in 2016 is anyone's game according to a trio of new nbc "wall street journal" polls. mike huk bee leads the knack iowa jeb bush? first place in new hampshire and south carolina lindsey graham leads in his state. not included in the leaders, new jersey governor chris christie. his approval has hit a new low, 37% with more than half, 52% saying they disapprove of his job as governor.
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if he runs, he'll likely face scott walker who got in trouble last week for punting on a science question. the former instructor said the governor was accepting of everything in class nearly three decades ago and hopes that walker understands the porngs of scientific thought. conservative chief justice roy moore is doubling down on his stance against it. she says there's a federal intrusion into state sovereignty violating organic law. >> this power over marriage which came from god under our organic law is not to be redefined by the united states supreme court or any federal court. >> as for the supreme court, tune in for ruth bader ginsberg's interview on monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. tina fey's portrayal of sara palin is an all-time great.
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the real palin showed up last night with a question for jerry seinfeld and creator loren michaels. >> jerry, how much do you think loren michaels would pay me if i were to run in 2016. >> run for president, sara? i don't think there's a number too big. >> hypothetically then, what if i were to choose donald trump as my running meat. >> sara, you're teasing us. that's not nice. >> oh the thought of that. we'll move on to this. 22 minutes past the hour. i'm joined on the phone with msnbc reporter jam tim who is snowed in this morning. there are exxon stant solicitations for cash. hill lynn clinton has yet to say he's running. this becoming an issue for donors who want to see a
2:23 am
candidate before they write the checks? >> there is. there's a doubt that she may not run. a lot of people seeing the hillary ads say i'm not going to give my money until they're sure she's in the game. the people build her campaign want to see a strong grass roots foundation built and i think that will help her run too. it's sort of a catch 22 here. >> maybe we'll see an announcement very soon. moving on to new jersey governor chris christie, we zoo saw a new low there. be does he have an atlantic city problem. the casinos on the famed boardwalk are failing, the crime rate is one of the highest in the states there. christie is trying to bring in an emergency manager to turn this around but could it affect his possible run for president? >> it absolute could. i already see the attacked a ed aad of
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this is what the country would look like under chris christie. he's brought in an emergency manager, but when you think emergency managers with are you think detroit, more jobs lost and budget cuts. it needs to be quickly turned around for him to get away from this. >> jane tim joining us on the phone this morning. thanks so much. 24 minutes past the hour. spoiler alert. the movie that just might reveal jon stewart's replacement. t there's a new card in town. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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the weekend box office kicks off entertainment news.
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and "fifty shades of grey" dominated. >> you're a control freak. >> i exercise control in all things. >> it raked in nearly $82 million. it's now the highest grozing film ever for a president's day weekend. we finally know who will replace jan steward? seen in the up coming muly "time machine ii" may have revealed it. >> from the world news head quarter es in new york. this is the daily show with jessica williams. >> interesting huh? case you missed it celebrity jeopardy returned for snl. >> the adventures of tom sawyer are about this person's adventures. >> i don't know nothing about tom sawyer. >> then don't buzz? >> i'd like to solve the puz zbll this isn't "wheel of
2:29 am
fortune". >> who is on dra the giant. >> that was one of the funniest skits. hopefully you got a chance to see it last night. it was epic. i'm betty nguyen and this is first look on msnbc. way too early starts with thomas roberts right now. ♪ wayne's world, wayne's world. excellent. all right. [ applause ] >> it's friday it's 10:30, time to party i'm and your excellent host wayne campbell. with me also is gather. >> party on wain. >> how is everybody doing? doing all right? excellent. well it's great to be here at snl 40. it's hard to believe this show has been going on for 40 years. >> do you mean this show right now has been going on for 40
2:30 am
years? because it feels like it. >> yeah pretty much. >> how about it. >> right. >> about. >> how about more like -- >> try. >> okay. >> good morning, i'm jo scarborough. it's monday february 16th. welcome to "way too earlier" on a way too cold morning in new york city. last night if you were like me you spent the evening reliving your younger saturday nights by watching the 40th anniversary of "saturday night live" a wonderful celebration if you could look past the aarp commercials talking about memory loss. or a few of the legends on stage, they probably should have let us remember how they were in the 1970s. all in all it was a high school reunion worth the price of admission that gave was a brief respite of the growing news out of


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