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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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right now, striking back egypt launches air strikes against isis targets in libya. avenging the beheading of 21 egyptian christians is isis spreading its terror beyond iraq and syria? danish terror danish police arrest two men charged aaiding gunman believed responsible. was it inspired by the attacks in paris. >> we will not accept any attempt to threaten or intimidate our liberties and rights. >> snow end in sight. while the deep south gets hit with an unusual snowstorm there, the northeast endures another round of record breaking snow. coming up we'll talk to boston mayor marty walsh. how is boston strong handling
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winter's wrath. class reunion, the queens and kings of saturday night comedy. >> king tut. ♪ 40 years of snl magic and new surprises for young and old. well good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. hundreds and thousands of egyptians living in libya has been ordered by the islamic breakaway government to leave the country in 48 hours or else after egypt's air strikes today targeting isis in libya, strikes that are a direct response to isis' beheading of the 21 egyptians, tensions are clearly on the rise not only in the middle east but northern africa as well. ayman, tell us how we got here. a lot of us may have thought
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that isis was limited to iraq and syria but what about what's happening in libya? >> for the past several months as libya continued to kind of fall into this chaos, this division between the two shadow governments, isis and other militant groups continue to get a hold inside that country. what we saw over the past 48 hours really by many considered to be the ffrt time isis showing itself inside libya with the same tactics and same brutality that we've seen inside syria and in iraq. what happened over the past 48 hours after several weeks of these 21 egyptian christians essentially being kidnapped or having gone missing, they appeared in a video that showed their execution, cold blooded murder. in response the egyptian president vowed revenge. this morning the egyptian air force carried out several strikes, targeting weapons depots and training sites that they say belong to isis. the egyptian government is --
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libyan government saying that as a result of egypt's air strikes, at least 64 militants were killed. that's very hard to confirm that. that is according to the pro egyptian government allied with the international community, not in tripoli, where that order came to evacuate hundreds and thousands of egyptians within the next 48 hours. >> is there any sign that the egyptians in libya will answer that order and leave that port of the country controlled by tripoli and islamist? >> they are taking it seriously having heard from the egyptian government. the egyptian president has made clear there is a travel ban on egyptian citizens trying to get into libya. the question is the hundreds and thousands inside libya. as a result of this division within inside libya, cairo does not recognize the government in tripoli so there are no con sue lar services or diplomatic
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channels between two those. there are tens and thousands of egyptians trying to get out but for them right now perhaps no easy way to get out and obviously given the fact that 21 or so were kidnapped over the past several weeks, there's a massive concern that the movement of egyptians from libya into egypt may very well be in danger as a result of how chaotic the situation there is. it's certainly something the egyptian government is watching very closely and now a major cause of concern for hundreds and thousands that live there. >> would there be any effort to evacuate them or the egyptian military would have no access to that part of libya? >> the egyptian government at this point has no capability of trying to evacuate them on its own. what we try -- what we understand is happening right now is a call for egyptian citizens not to travel into libya and now what is being described as a warning by the government in trip lip saying that as a result of egypt's
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involvement, it can no longer guarantee the safety of these hundreds and thousands of people. some are interpreting that as a veiled threat from the umbrella organization of militias that control tripoli in the western part of the country. >> thanks so much ayman, it raises questions about the nato taking down of gadhafi and what has transpired in libya ever since to be continued. and now to the attacks over the weekend. three people are dead including the gunman after two fatal attacks similar to the attacks in paris last month. two men have been arrested under suspicious of helping shooter. there appeared to be no link between the 22-year-old shooter and organized terror group. questions do remain about the threat of home grown terror given the fact he was danish born and raised and the question of anti-semitism.
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keir we've heard from the prime minister today. what about the latest from denmark? >> >>. >> reporter: it's gut wrenchingly familiar like other attacks, we can hear them preparing for a rally where thousands of people are expected to attend. there are bells ringing out and yet behind me you get a sense of fear of the first attack in the window of the cafe behind me where they were holding free speech event, i counted 27 bullet holes. some reports say there were more than 30 shots fired. meanwhile, local media is naming the shooter, that wasn't been confirmed by the police or nbc news but two people have been arrested, and appeared in court today and were charged. their lawyer tells us that they are accused of helping that
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shooter hide weapons and also helping him hide from police before a second attack at a local synagogue. >> and the danish prime minister had a press conference this morning, i want you to play a little bit of that. >> this is not a conflict between islam and the west. this is not a conflict between muslims and nonmuslims. this is a conflict between the core values of our society and violent extremists. collectively and united we will remain who we are. >> of course the people killed included a documentary film maker, fin norreguard and security guard, dan luzan, he
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was heroic in holding off the attacker because there was so many people inside. we know that the attacker suspect had a criminal history and released from jail two weeks ago. this could mirror what was discovered in france the latest reporting from france which is that these suspectses were more petty criminals who were rid cal radicalized in prison rather than having a root idealogical ferver initially. >> reporter: the details are just emerging and as you and i both know, in the days and weeks to come the details may not prove to be right. it appears as if he is the killer moved from street crime to extremist jihadism very quickly. another aspect the detectives will try to establish, whether
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he was in some way inspired by the attacks in paris or whether he was directed from somewhere else and that really is worry being in either case because already european security services are having to deal with large numbers of people coming back from the fighting in iraq and syria. they are when you talk to them frankly, at times overwhelmed by those numbers. then at the same time potentially, they are having to deal with people who are simply inspired if you like. and if you go out and act alone or act with others. it does paint a very difficult picture for the european police and european security services in trying to tackle this threat. >> and unlike france we should point out that denmark has a long record going all the way back to world war ii of tremendous support for the jewish community. there has not been a history of anti-sem itism and they are rallying around the jewish
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cold snow and ice and in some places you don't often see it down south where jackets are rarely required temperatures dip well below freezing and snow has begun to accumulate over half a foot piling in tennessee. black ice is a concern from oklahoma to north carolina. let's get right to domenica
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davis. >> we're looking for cold temperatures which is making for snow into the ohio and tennessee valley. here's a look at the winter storm warnings and advisory and now stretch through the ohio valley through the mid-atlantic. this storm is on the move. by this evening's commute, we will be looking at it across the beltway. now the cold has pushed all the way down nashville feels like 21 degrees right now, but the core of the cold air is still locked from the eastern great lakes to the northwest. we have windchills minus zero in many cases and the cold will stick around and that is going to make for winter weather over the next couple of days. the storm tracker is showing heaviest snow through northernwestern tennessee and bowling green and louisville where they already have 5 inches on the ground. it's more of an ice game we're looking at through southern tennessee and that will move off to the carolinas as well.
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a quarter inch of ice could be by the end of today for parts of tennessee off to the carolinas. keep that in mind. here's a look at future coast. we'll show the storm out of the ohio valley it pushes to the beltway around the evening commute and after midnight and then into the new england area. tomorrow morning's commute, it will be a snowy one for i-95. the good thing with this right now, it doesn't look like a big snow maker for us here in the northeast. we're looking at the general 3 to 5 inches for most folks from boston down through new york. thanks so much for the update. gabe gutierrez is in it in louisville. >> reporter: the snow began to pick upover night and coming down at the pretty good clip. thankfully many drivers decided to stay home because of the president's day holiday. forecasters are expecting up to 8 inches of snow here and that
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would make it one of the biggest snowstorms here in recent memory. schools here are closed and local officials are urging people to just state home. parts of the south are also expecting to get hit very hard places like nashville are expecting several inches of snow. other states like mississippi and arkansas are dealing with sleet and the governor of georgia just did heeclared a state of nj for 15 counties north of atlanta. in in louisville right now the temperature is in the teens or some but it's feeler colder than that. once the snow blows through, these bone chilling temperatures are expect to stick around for a while. back to you. >> that is not the sunny south land. all of our favorite stars came together for a three and a half hour extravaganza celebrating the 40th anniversary of "saturday night live," drawing in more than 23 million viewers, making it the most watched
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entertainment telecast in ten years other than the super bowl with some of the best loved characters. >> the sound of cow bells makes me nervous and sometimes when i get nervous i stick my fingers under my arms and i smell them like that. superstar! >> the adventures of tom sawyer are about this person's adventures. >> i don't know nothing about tom sawyer -- >> then don't buzz in. no one has to buzz in. >> but i know adventures and i want you to come with me on my next one, girl. >> i'm not a girl i have a mustache on my face. >> well, remembering the greats no longer with us. >> live from new york it's saturday night! >> a live show. >> lie down, liberty.
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♪ >> i'm chevy chase and you're not. >> hello, this is barbara wa wa. ♪ >> loosen up a little bit. >> cheeseburger cheese burger. >> excuse me. >> the greats who of course are also coming back some of them coming back for the reunion and from the ar chifs never before seen audition tapes for some who got cut and some who didn't. >> lorne said if i sat here and stared down the cameras it would take a lot of guts. >> up down up down. >> people have been asking me why is it that you sort of can't get to the end of a sentence? >> richard, i hate to interrupt
9:20 am
you because you're doing such a beautiful job here. >> why don't you go to the store about your mother? >> what? ju ju fruit? always. >> these are some things i like to do on saturday night live. >> apparently we're using the f word tonight, that's very special. >> we're having a sale of all of our holiday candles. >> more actors? >> my name is jim carrey and this is my "saturday night live" audition. post nuclear elvis. >> the veel can mint jelly. >> i have a new head shot it's a scratch and sniff and smells like failure and onions. >> the new couple last night who stole the show. [ applause ]
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new polls reveal the shape of the republican field in the first three states that define the 2016 contest, joining me now for our daily fix, susan page and new york times reporter jeremy peters. first to you, susan, we're talking clearly about iowa new hampshire and south carolina. what have we learned about the field? it's pretty tight republican field? >> it's pretty tight and really big. there are seven candidates in double digits in one state or another. that means i think this is the least formed republican field in memory in decades, anyway with no one really -- jeb bush a modest front-runner but not the kind of front run-runner we see in traditional politics.
9:25 am
let's look at the nbc maris poll in iowa. the leaderboard is tied. mike huckabee jeb bush scott walker, they are really within the margin of airerror. chris christie rand paul quite a bit behind. huckabee has strength in iowa he may not have in the other states. >> i think that's right. it will be difficult for somebody like mike huckabee or ben carson both of whom are showing strength in iowa to do beyond the first state there. i think one of the things reflected in the polls is the importance of name recognition, right? we'll see that a lot in these early polls where the presumed front-runner will be the front-runner because the campaign really hasn't taken much shape yet and that's why you see jeb bush at the top in a place like new hampshire. he is a formidable front-runner
9:26 am
of course but there's so much that needs to happen. >> and of course jeb bush has been sort of piling it up in the money primary but he's considered to have considerable strength because of the bush name there. scott walker also in new hampshire and rand paul new hampshire has independent libertarian streak and chris christie just from being a northeast republican. >> we know it's too early to know very much. >> what this tells us is that people are not aligned with anybody in particular. we could see big changes in the field and whoe looks up and who looks down when the campaign really gets engaged. we haven't had a debate yet. once you have the first context, second contest, you'll have people emerge with strength or surprising weakness. scott walker somebody to watch. he's someone in double digits in all three states only he and jeb bush have that status.
9:27 am
for someone who is not -- doesn't have the national name recognition that jeb bush does i think that scott walker is definitely someone to watch as we get into this context. >> he has to figure out how to handle the press of presidential level campaign jeremy better than he did at chatham house where he was in london last week when he said he basically punted and couldn't get the answer to the question of evolution. he has to get used to that pressure, if you consider that pressure. in south carolina perhaps not surprisingly you've got the favorite lindsey graham leading the pack and ben carson and mike huckabee showing strength. perhaps dan balz weekend advice to all of us is it's way too early to consider the shape of the campaign to come but it does show you who's getting organized and who has early name recognition, jeremy as you just pointed out. >> yes, that's absolutely right. going back to your point, about scott walker one of the things
9:28 am
that gets overlooked is while he is a popular republican governor while he has beaten his opponents in tough races, he's never won in a year where there's been a presidential election. in wisconsin he won in 2010 which was a midterm year and special election in 2012 which took place in june an off election and won re-election in 2014. he's never been tested in an election in which the electorate really turns out in substantial numbers. >> and just to make it very clear that jeb bush is all in skyped into a bush fundraiser in florida the other night, skyping in jeb, it's mom, listen what do you mean too many bushes? i changed my mind. enough said, remember what she had said earlier.
9:29 am
>> two years ago -- >> that was to matt lauer on the "today" show. >> as he's definitely running, they needed -- they felt they needed to change that story so they have her out there on skype in a very good natured way that she thenkz it's great he's running. we already know the father and brother were encouraging him to run. so you know not surprisingly i think jeb bush has a united family behind them. >> thanks so much susan page jerry peters thanks to you. supremely candid, ruth bader ginsburg describing why she was so sleepy. >> i have too ask you, everybody is talking about the state of the union, you said yesterday that you were not 100% sober. >> what i meant was that i had a glass of wine with dinner. and that on top of having stayed
9:30 am
up all night, writing something. >> so you're a bit of a light weight as we call it? >> i thought to myself don't stay up all night but then my pen was hot and so i couldn't couldn't stop what i was doing and then i said just drink sparkling water, but the dinner was so good and needed to be complimented -- >> and justice kennedy had brought that wine that california wine she had at that dinner. tune in for more of the ruth bader ginsburg tonight.
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cut the shear weight of the snow is making it a difficult task. boston has 11.9 inches away from hitting the unwanted milestone and joining me by phone is marty walsh. i don't know what to say, mr. mayor, thanks for joining us how are you holding up and people of boston to say nothing of your budget. >> i'm not even focused on the budget these days. the people are holding up. it's frustrating storms one after each other, over 7 feet of snow. this is the second snowiest winter on record here in boston and every time we seem to get ahead with digging out, the cross walks and streets and neighborhoods we get pelted with another storm. but we're moving forward. >> boston has many of our east coast cities have narrow streets and a lot of historic districts. i don't know how you get around the piles of snow cars that are covered by snow and to even get a plow through at this point.
9:35 am
>> public works have worked hard to open up thoroughfares and we're not perfect right now but we have our main drags open for emergency vehicles and we're working on opening up the secondary streets, the side streets and neighborhood streets wide enough to get cars down there and emergency equipment down there, firefighters and ambulances. that's really our main concern right now. but you know we're really cold temperature here and cold weather here today. i'm asking people to be very careful when they are out there shoveling and make sure they cover up and we just need a little break here to get away from all of the snow we received in the last three and a half weeks. it's been unbelievable. >> how are hospitals coping and emergency workers getsing into work? >> we're working on -- the boston police department have been riding nurses and doctors to the hospital the last two storms so we're getting in there because our public transportation system was shut down. we're driving nurses and doctors to hospitals to make sure they get in there.
9:36 am
it's important for us. i received a call yesterday, i was on the hot line number myself and nurse called in and we were able to get a police officer there to pick her up and take her into children's hospital she was an emergency room nurse. we're working on that every single day. we have crews driving people around the city. we're getting extremely large volumes of phone calls as well. we're working hard to try to dig out from the storm. >> our thoughts are with you, you're doing extraordinary job, thanks so much for taking a minute. >> thank you very much. >> mayor marty walsh from boston. the obama administration is no proposed new guidelines to prevent aviation disasters from drones while still opening up the skies for commercial drone use. tom costello has details. >> reporter: if you haven't heard the overhead buzz you may soon, from realtors showing off prime properties and tv tower inspections and movevy chase scenes. they are taking the first steps
9:37 am
in drones 55 pounds and lighter. it's also proposing strict rules, drones would only be permitted to fly during daylight hours, under 500 feet at 100 miles per hour or less. pilots would be required to hold a new faa flight certificate and maintain constant visual contact with their drones. that could make it difficult for amazon's hopes of delivering packages by drone. the fa a's goal -- >> ensuring aircraft don't come into conflict with other aircraft. >> reporter: the faa has serious concerns. last month a drone crash landed on the white house lawn and both private and commercial pilots are reporting multiple cases each week of close calls with unmaned drones from chicago -- >> use caution, a drone was reported on the runway i'm not picking up anything on radar. >> reporter: to new york. >> we had something fly over us i don't know if it was a drone or balloon. >> reporter: the rules for all
9:38 am
drone pilots are the same, stay at least five miles from all airports and for now under 400 feet. >> i think we can be much more assured that we're less likely to see any close encounters and that's what we all care about, safety has got to be para mount. >> tom costello joins me now. tom, i don't know where to start because you know it really is concerning, the aviation issues at the same time as people want to make this whole new industry accessible. >> i think some of us -- some people out there are envisioning this brave new world in which you'll order groceries and over comes a drone and drops it there on your driveway. a lot of other people think, wait a minute, the faa is clearly trying to layout rules here that would allow for this industry to grow but within limits. in other words, you have to be able to fly a drone within line of sight. you can't lose visual contact of the drone. as i mention, that could be
9:39 am
troublesome news to amazon which wants to create this fleet of drones that would drop packages. i should also point out and this is important, the obama administration also yesterday laid out what they believe should be the perimeters for government drone use. and with some kind of first amendment privacy concerns laid out as well in other words, how and when would police agencies be able to use them and federal government and border patrol and et cetera. this is clearly moving in the direction of more widespread use of drones both commercial and government as well. >> what about the amateurs like the intelligence agency employee who lost control and his drone ended up in the south grounds of the white house. they are not that easy to manage. we need some practice. >> you need some training. i actually went to a drone pilot training school emery riddle university in florida, and i talked to the professors what's
9:40 am
the biggest challenge? the first thing is situational awareness, learning exactly how you can maneuver the drone and what's the position. when is it moving towards you and away from you. that's kind of important stuff to know. you're right, it's not anything you pick up automatically. right now an amateur can play with a drone in his or her backyard or park or whatever. you can go up to 400 feet but got to stay five miles from an airport. how will the amateur rules change? that's yet to be seen. these new rules that the faa laid out yesterday are really only for commercial drone use. that sector industry that's been chomping at the bit to get these rules. >> this is really interesting stuff. i want to know about this university and how you learn to be a drone pilot. >> a drone pilot, it's the wave of the future. >> thank you so much. >> the american sniper murder trial resumed today in texas, the prosecution is expected to bring eddie ray routh's psychiatrist and lead
9:41 am
investigator to the stand as they continue to build their case to the jury. charles hadlock is live in stephenville, what's happening today? >> reporter: well it may be president's day but it's no holiday for the court. the jury is hearing more evidence in the case against eddie ray routh, including from a former secret service agent who at the time was head of the agency's digital forensic lab in dallas. he examined the cell phones from chris kyle and chad littlefield and eddie ray routh and discovered a voice mail from routh to chris kyle taken three days before the two -- three were to meet that day on the shooting range. now we're not allowed to play the audio that's a court rule but the jury did hear for first time eddie ray routh's voice and said he was looking foward to meeting chris kyle on that fateful saturday. the jury also saw the text messages between chris kyle and
9:42 am
his friend chad littlefield, sitting in the front seat kyle right to his friend this guy is straight up nuts and littlefield replied, he's sitting right behind me. watch my 6. the jury is expected to hear more testimony throughout the week including from the leads investigator who interviewed routh after the shootings and we'll probably hear from the audio recordings from that interview in court later this week. andrea, back to you. >> thanks so much charles in texas. this trial which is really galvanizing the country. up next more from copenhagen where leaders are pushing back from a suggestion from netanyahu that jews return to israel to stay safe. ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that.
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9:46 am
europe's jewish community was targeted in the copenhagen shootings this weekend. a 37-year-old man was shot to death outside a synagogue, guarding a bar mits va ceremony inside. denmark's foreign minister spoke in solidarity with the jewish community. >> the attack on the jewish minority in denmark is an attack on all of denmark. the jewish community is an important part of denmark. >> yesterday i myself visited the synagogue and we will do everything we can to protect the jewish community in denmark. >> the shooter was named today in a court hearing. i'm joined by reporter peter keldorff in copenhagen. thanks for being with us. tell us about the response to this attack the second attack as well on the jewish community
9:47 am
because as far as i know there has not been the vir you lent anti-semitism that many jews have experienced in france. denmark does not have this issue. >> reporter: you're correct, andrea they haven't that form of anti-semitism in denmark and the reaction here? the communities is shock and horror over the attack on guard outside. but we also saw earlier netanyahu saying the jews of europe should move to israel. the prime minister has made it clear that the jewish people has a place in the danish society just like any other danes and the danish jewish community has told they were in fact a dit dois appointed by netanyahu's
9:48 am
comment on this one and the -- that he said that european jews should move to israel. they said that terror is not a reason to move out of their home country which for them in this case would be -- >> you're standing outside where there is a memorial service going on around you. so that's the reason for the music and i apologize if it's hard to hear. but in fact the attack on free speech and well nan cartoonist and one of the victims was a documentary film maker and then the second attack on the synagogue, the context of netanyahu's comments should be read in political context because he is running for re-election, it's a tightly fought election and he is -- whatever he is saying also has a lot of political overtones there. but certainly there has not been an exodus there has been by
9:49 am
french jews before the attacks to israel. that has not been the case in denmark. what is the overall reaction? it seems to me that denmark is coming together the solidarity of the danish people after this very unexpected attack. >> you can hear the ceremony is gearing up they are doing the sound check and danish people are very much in shock and feel horrified about this horrendous attack on our nation and democracy, but we're also standing together and standing tall. this is not something that will put us down. we will keep on fighting for the free liberal democracy and people are coming together right here on this area where the gunshots were fired back here. in fact moved the ceremony because too many people expecting at least 10,000 people maybe 15,000 to 20,000 people coming here within half
9:50 am
an hour, an hour two hours. >> earlier today, on morning joe" lars vilks talked about the occasion when the gathering which resulted in this violence. let's listen to some of that. >> this was an occasion which took me by surprise this guy was better equipped than the police. he had an advantage. so when he started shooting the police had really nothing to go back with because shooting through glass. they were really surprised. >> so that -- that certainly reflects the horror that was felt there when all of this happened. again, we don't know the motivation but this could be -- there are reports he had been in prison. there could be a radicalization in prison. we don't know if there was any organized group behind him.
9:51 am
>> can you repeat that question please? >> i apologize again for how noisy it must be out there. we don't know whether there was any organized terror group. this could have been someone who was radicalized in prison but not connected as the paris attackers were to isis or al qaeda branch? >> our prime minister and the police have told me there's no sign that he has been either through iraq syria or other places to get any form of military training. it was correct he was in prison and released two weeks ago early on there were reports that our intelligence agency had him under surveillance. this has now been denied or at least played down. the police knew who he was and had his eye on them and he was
9:52 am
as i said released to weeks ago from one of his sentences he went to jail for was a knife stabbing. he's known for violence and he's gang related. but there's no sign for now that he was some part of a larger terrorist network. >> thank you so much thanks for powering through all of the noise there and being with us today. we'll be right back. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. ♪ know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights
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10:00 am
unleashing the first air strikes against the terror group today. bombing targets inside libya, like isis weapons caches and training camps. this comes one day after a grisly new video was released showing the beheading of 21 egyptian coptic christians. france is joining egypt in pressing for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. then italy warning that isis is on europe's door step. joining me here is nbc foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin. you've been following each of the facets. tell us about the emerging role egypt is playing and the importance of making strikes in libya. >> you mentioned egypt carrying out air strikes for the first time targeting positions inside libya. the positions were in this town in the eastern part of the country. keep in mind libya over