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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  February 23, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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as kind of an isolationist in 1940, even as he was trying to maneuver america into world war ii or what would become world war ii. so yes that's how leaders, they take circuitous routes to get the country where they need to go. >> i wish we could go on and on. i mostly don't like this kind of book. this is one of the really really good ones. if you read one inside the obama administration books, this is the one to read, "believer" by david axelrod. chris hayes is up next.
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then al shabaab joins the arms race following attacks in america. but should anyone take the bait? minnesotar >> an oscar wrapup you just have to fásee. "all in" startk@n% good evening from new york i'm chris hays. fáfb 2016's likelyd candidate scott walker is facinglp majorr unwillingness to say that the president isfá christian or lovew3
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loves his country. walker was at the white house in conjunction with the annual winter gathering of the national governor's association infá and on saturday he was asked once again if he wanted to reputate judy gi)å% comments made it au closed door dinner last week with walker. and the president does not love america. once again, he punteñx+ >> i thinkw7r the president and americañi can speak selves. that is something that mayor and the president have to talk about, they can certainly comment themselves. >> the 2016 campaign i[3 still in its infancy. it has been ae1x8 á coaster for walker who is rocketing up standings after widely praised speech in iowa before fall back to earth after a sore ris of what appearlp to be embarrassing gaffs in which he failed tojf answerñi what seems to be simple noncontroversial questions. do you accept the theory of evolution, does the president love his country and is he a country? if walker just answered yes,
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yes, and yes, and you know that's hard, therefá is no story. instead he punted over and over. if the president is christian walker responded, i don't know. you askedi me to make statements about people that i haven't had the conversation with about that. scott walker is claiming hì(lc% can't comment one1 their religion unless they werefá discussed it tqti u)u$ them. so if he was asked if the pope was fbá)áj would he have to take a pass. he acknowledges he was punting when he discussed evolution earlier this month in london. >> for me, i willçó punt on that one as well. >> no.dç really? >> that's a question açó politician shouldn't be involved withxggçó so i wille1 eave thatçó to you. >> they would laugh and say of course evolution is true. >> me, it is just one of those where i'm here to talk about trade and let's not pontificate another issue. >> there is another@!; t)sráy
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that scott walker's p5:x isn't a gaff atxdqxd all but to endear him to sq;rq ush limbaugh party. walker said on sunday taking the small ideas that thet( gotcha headline writers for theñiñijf liberal media, bothq capitalizingxd want toçót( talkt( about. he is also claiming to bring up the gotcha questions in remarks he is the only gop candidate who can bring together the republican establishment and faithñi while punti]ok early puntt( often strategy may be in the
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and so youfá sort of get into this vortex and you wined 5 sort of spinning oute1 of control a little bit1álc1 i think that'sjf what happened here. marco rubiofá showed this to be a r layup. answer any question and mw't t(on. at the end of the day that's what should have happened. i can take exception, why are you asking me questions about evolution and all of thisrpq' i'm]vnú the governor after state doing x, yi] andfá z. but that's because the conversationc largely in certauq circles in the party has din grated to that. so now every candidate wouldr that. i would love to hear democrats and hillary i canj05y talk about how joe biden is putting hise1 hand on the secretary of defense's wives shoulders is a bit icky. but that's not where we are. this irq space we're in now
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and republicans have toe1lp get past this and move on to the substance of the argument of the administration andxd potentially hillary. >> michael,xd i likece1qó[cs7w3ñr the response and even theñi pair thetrenthetic joe biden and the secretary's wife.çó >> they are being asked andc howard and iñi wonder if you have anyçó sympathy as former candidate yourself as a person on the receiving end of so-called gotcha ñiquestions. for the idea that this is essentially a game of gotcha. >> it is a gamñ of gotcha and after ir is the most important office in thexd world and if you can'tjfe1 survive a little kbocha from the press which iq grant is very unattractive and makes you mad as candidate, whatñr do yoc
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when vladimir putinr i agree withxd michael, somec of iti]q] he hasd gotcha'd but the problem is he will be the same ase1 mitt romney andçó have things he can't live down.ñi becausew3 the avqage american voter, they want know that he thinks thatxd hecw3 respects the presidency. you can't respect thexd presidency, if hexd thinks he is not a christianñr and he was born in kenya and there crazy crap and he is catering to the crazy wing of the republican party. that is great in the primary butxdçó it will come backxd it t.o. bite him in the general election. if he isn't careful, he will be
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unavailable for vice president.e1 i think he could beat jebw.j z bush 0ekp point. governor walker, does the earth revolve around the sun.t( and that'syuónpolitical fáe1i]one. and yes, does the sun revolve around the earth. >> that's the unfortunate part of where we are right now. i would like to seet( him move around that. with the exception of what governors have done is worthy of the debate. and that's what they need to get to. >> okay.é@ let's talkw3ñit( about the man that kicked o all this off,xdr giuliani. a-w gain, i'm sympathetic, i'm genuinely sympathetic from questions from the right and
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doubling, tripling, quadrupling, andw3fá essentially double-downing, and i có.su readfár obama's mind. >> he is going very far backxdc on the limb thon and it is unfortunate because i think afá lot of it no ma4(çi:á$vá stripes are in the g po havefá c#mu!et my strags for the mayor that it wascñk[ hard to see him go there. he was the guy that criticized other republicans who went there. so that was very disappointing in many respects. i think he isr a little bit from it and it is hard for him do. now you have another talking point or sticking point that jb5 )qpáes for the office of the president over the cours!d of the nextlpokq few months have to answer
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because he opened up that pandora's box. >> we havenb a handy dandy chartq on does the president love america. so we have americafá hearts usa, >> well rb kochton. they are very popular 1 but after a while you start to say things you shouldn't say. i think that's where they are all -- that's where we are fánow. and i think rudy realized that and he is trying to reel it backr under. but he is an guy thtr wants it back off anything. that's not in his nature. so we are where we are.t( so this is the ki&,@= that will bug the republicans. that's the hard part. the wing of the will support jeb çóbush who would like to put this nutj9$áuu#f 3!cááju$em.çófáfáxdçófá
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this love america, anti-gay xd stuff, anti-immigration stuff. you know thexd women's whatever it was, have a glassc of winee1 so you can get fertile and allfb this crazy stuff. ♪ its effects on society really came about because, not because i was selfish and wanted one for myself, which i did. its because i had, had a passion. my whole life >>fá the xdthreat eoric or reality of threats is next.thçó >>
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in the depths of february, fá things can seem bleak.t(ñiw3
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every so often, something happens outt( of the blue to restore your faith in humanity. on saturday, something happened ñi leñi in norway where over 1,000 lp peopl%hiathered around the main synagogue to form a human xdñi shield.okfí,-xññt what citizens call a ring of peace.é@ it was meant as1hi a=9m the attacks against jews in paris and copenhagen. they want to demonstrate that u jews and muslims do not hate each other. and do not want individuals to define what islam is.wmñwlp and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. the 2015 c-class. at the very touchpoint of performance and innovation. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. i will light up every room i walk into. the olay regenerist luminous collection. penetrates 10 surface cell layers deep and fades the look of dark spots.
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defined as an asymmetric warfare. now, thanks in large part to the sophistication and brutality of isis propaganda video and the willingness of american media to amplify the threats they contain, we appear to be engaged what you might call an asymmetric information war. witness the video by al shabaab calling by attacks on western shopping centers including the mall of america in minnesota. unlike many isis videos, it did not show hostages being killed. all it took was a decent camera, a jacket, and a few minutes of someone's time to shoot and edit it and put a few graphics on it. now this group that has never made an attack has dominated the news cycle for 48 hours.
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law enforcement is over the mall of america and other places and even led the secretary of homeland secure it to sound the alarm. >> any time a terrorist organization calls for an attack on a specific place, we have to take that seriously. if anyone is planning to go to the mall of america today, they have to be particularly careful. >> the u.s. government says there is no evidence of a specific credible plot against the mall of america or any other commercial sites. today, they called out the video for what it really is. >> our view is it's propaganda. we need to remain vigilant as is always the case, but the point of this video was to instill fear. >> joining me now is senator amy klobachar. where the mall of america happens to be located. how is anyone supposed to understand jay johnson saying if you go to the mall be careful. what do i do with that?
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>> i think first, chris, you heard not just jay johnson buzz other security secretaries saying to be vigilant in public spaces. i think what is key is the fbi said people should go on with their lives. you heard the state department. jay johnson himself said people should feel free to go to the mall and feel secure going to the mall and our security has been up there. i will say this. for us you may think it is an obscure group, we had 20 indictments in minnesota for people who aided al shabaab. they have worked incredibly well with law enforcement, but i want you to know it is not an unknown anymore in minnesota because they have tried with other numerous videos to recruit somalis in minnesota to go fight with their terrorist group. >> and i'm not saying that al
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shabaab is on cure by any way. they have been in the failed state of somalia for a wrong time. they were behind the bombing in kenya, which was horrific. they put out this video and there is no, as far as i can tell, public or classified demonstrated capacity to do anything to carry it out, and you have an endless loop for 48 hours. people running around, as if we should take this credibly. >> i think that is a good point about things getting exaggerated. for the workers that worked there, i spoke to them last night. they want to snow that our government is behind them. i was able to tell them what the fbi said. do remember that this is coinciding with the debate about funding for homeland security. we have what we call a clean bill, a bill to fund our first responders, a bill to fund homeland security, and we have been dealing with amendments, poison pills, and immigration that don't belong on there. when those workers looked at me they say i want to make sure the
8:20 pm
government is behind us. and that we are funding the people who are protecting us at this mall. i do think it is relative in that way. we want to make sure we're giving people the protection they need. a threat, we don't know how serious these threats can be at times. i trust our law enforcement on this. i know when they say they want to up security, they want to up security. >> is that -- explain to me what the tangible difference between a funded dhs and a nonfunded dhs is. >> a number of the workers would have to be furloughed. you have all kinds of workers you could probably put up lists of who would be and who wouldn't be furloughed. why are we sending this message to the rest of the world with what we saw in paris, with the computer cyber attack.
8:21 pm
why would my republican colleagues want to send that message to the rest of the world? i don't think they do. i'm hopeful we will be able to resolve it this week. all i know is we're five days away from shutting down homeland security and that is not the message our country wants to send to whoever produces video. >> senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, breaking news out of texas. >> do you think you will get a stay? >> i'm optimistic. i mean the evidence is there, it is just if the courts are willing to acknowledge this, you know what i'm saying? i really, i'm optimistic, and i have faith that it is possible. >> his optimism is rewarded. ten days before he faced execution for the rape and murder of a 19-year-old. what he told me, ahead. charmin ultra strong.
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your money back. with comcast business internet you literally can't mook a mistick. i meant to say that. switch today and get the no mistake guarantee. comcast business. built for business. just hours ago, a stay of execution was granted to rodney reed two weeks before he was scheduled to be put to death. he was convicted from the 1996 rape and murder of stacey sykes. they cleared dozens of suspects, including her fiance, a rookie police officer.
8:26 pm
they matched dna inside stites to a local rodney reed. it took just hours for the jury to convict reid. to this day, he maintains innocence. tonight, responding from the innocence project, and looking at new dna evidence, the court has halted his execution. earlier this month i spoke to him about his experience in texas. >> were you scared? i mean you are told you're being sent to go live with the worst monsters in texas. the people who have done the most heinous acts and you're going to be around them. >> no. i can't say that i was scared. i can't say that i was scared. i didn't want to come here, but i -- i used to fight. i used to be a boxer. and you know a man is a man. a man is going to defend himself. so i was curling up and balling up, and i'm going to defend
8:27 pm
myself. i was prepared to do that because you know what i'm saying, i was coming here. once i got here, some of these guys are like looking at the big picture. some of these guys were someone else's neighbor, brother, father. you don't know what may have happened in their lives that brought them here, you know what i'm saying? and just like my situation, i had nothing to do with this case, but i'm here. but as me being on death row, i see there are some guys that have strong innocence claims, and i can't look at them as the worst of the worst. i just can't. >> do you think you're going to get a stay? >> i'm optimistic, the evidence is there. if the courts are willing to acknowledge this. i really, i'm optimistic and i have faith. that it is possible.
8:28 pm
i don't entertain the thought of being executed. i don't. if it happens, it happens, but i'm not looking for that to happen. i mean the evidence speaks for itself. the state knows, they know, this evidence has always been out there. it should not have taken this long. when you have a prosecutor with unlimited resources and the county, your law enforcement agencies, the texas rangers, all of these people involved in this investigation and you tell me this evidence was not compiled in the right fashion to where you would know the truth. it is not right. >> well much more of my interview with rodney reed on death row and an in-depth look at his case next month asking the question a texas court will now be looking at. is the state of texas trying to execute a man for a crime he did not commit? you do not want to miss this.
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the 87th academy awards hit on civil rights equality for women in pay, civil reform, als, and more. my favorite moment last night happened on the red carpet. it is the most real interaction i have seen on television in a very long time. melanie griffith was asked if he will see "50 shades of grey" with her daughter, who is in the movie, standing right next to her. >> she is a very good actress. >> i don't need to see that to know how good she is. >> you don't have to see it. >> i'm like you can see it, and you're like no -- >> she doesn't, there is that
8:33 pm
red room. >> i think it's okay, it's a movie, she knows that. >> mom! as for the oscars themselves, race under pinned the very first joke and it was directly and dramatically addressed by john legend in his comments about incarceration. >> tonight we honor the best and whitest -- sorry, brightest. >> we live in the most incarcerated country in the world. there are more black men under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850. >> that's true. joining me now is jason bailey, author of "the ultimate woody allen film companion." and a triumphant debut here. great to have you, man. >> i mean, you could spend hours talking about the racial dynamics of that entire three-and-a-half hours. going in, you have basically the
8:34 pm
whitest set of nominees in a really long time. >> in a year when there was a great movie about -- >> yeah, with "selma," right? then you have the joke to start out by neil patrick harris -- >> first joke of the night. >> how do we feel about it? >> i'm pro that joke if it doesn't turn into a terrible ceremony after that. i thought it would set up a really biting commentary, but what happened after that made that whole joke feel very short sided -- >> like we got it out of the way. we're acknowledging -- >> the structural planned events did not further embrace race, -- address race. except for "glory." but all of the commentary about race came from people who got on stage and made comments. >> and to some degree from the people in the audience. there was a lot of really interesting writing today about
8:35 pm
the way we saw push back just in the front of the audience in the sheer number of standing ovations for "selma" related events. and the idea that we tend to -- mark harris, said we tend to think of the academy as a sort of monolithic entity, when it is a group of people and there are clearly some people not happy with how that film was treated. >> and the great jay smooth had a video today about how people who seem so aware, and part of it is they are two different sets of people. >> i'm not sure john legend's in the academy. >> right, absolutely. the thing that stuck out to me was when that moment happened, the almost two minute standing ovation for the selma performance -- >> something about it was really magical. >> it was incredible. >> it was magical.
8:36 pm
and it almost made the jokes about the whiteness feel like too real. it was like okay, we're all admitting that the "selma" thing that people from the academy said wild things. they said like it wasn't art. they said all of these things about it. but when that reaction happens to a performance like that, it kind of throws salt in the wound about how it was treated in the academy awards. and you saw the actor there sobbing at the end of it. and it felt like there was a bunch of stuff in those tears. he didn't get nominated for what i thought was a tremendous performance, and then it was like this is too real. this moment is sticking out precisely because -- there is also the fact that it was
8:37 pm
noticeable how diverse the presenters were which -- you're laughing, it's like okay, i see you guys, i see what we're trying to do here. cool, but also is this just packaging? >> and there was failures in the packaging too like using octavia spencer in a problem for an ongoing gag with neil patrick harris falling flat, and it used her in an absolutely -- it was just terrible. >> neil patrick harris all but handed her a broom. it was like could you be my helper. >> here is what that entire neil patrick harris element, when you put the opening joke against that bit, it is like how hollywood thinks about racism. we're acknowledge i'm not racist, but let's do a sort of racist bit. >> i know there is a lot of back
8:38 pm
story about what happened with sean penn closing out the night, making a green card joke, and there is that kind of -- i'm going to make that little funny racist jab but it's fun because we're all friends here. >> that there is an idea, the hollywood reporter academy reporter saying we're not creatonist -- we're not kraetonnist red necks. >> there is a last of self understanding about how it comes off and that was also in the patricia arquette speech. do we have the little bit of glory ending? can we show that? ♪ glory ♪ ♪ glory ♪ ♪ we'll cry glory ♪
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>> if there has to be a debate about the reality of climate change, and there doesn't, there is only one mathematically fair way to do it. >> in the interest of mathematical balance, i will bring out two people that agree with you, and bill nye, i will bring out 96 other scientists. this is the only way we can have a representative discussion. >> john oliver would like tv news producers to stop staging debates that make it seem like an equal fight. because in reality, the vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is very real. you may have seen a pie chart that demonstrates that large consensus. you may have wondered who makes up the other 3%?
8:41 pm
who are the people in that little sliver there? who are writing papers saying it is not real. i will tell you. climate change skeptics if we're being honest were often not all they appear to be. take for instance this guy. the washington post called him the high priest of climate change doubters. he has taken it to fox news and the state of kansas we are he said climate is not changing in a dangerous way. he has been praised by the likes of the u.s. senate's most famous denier, james inhofe. the "new york times" reported this week that though often described as an astro physicist, he is not. he has been a part-time employee by the smithsonian. he has to bring in his own funding. the folks at green peace found
8:42 pm
out where he is getting money from, and he is accepted more than $1.2 million in money from fossil fuel industry corporations. he denies that the funding affects his findings. it is hard to take him seriously because he is against 90% of the community. but now, there are 1.2 million more reasons to doubt his work. you use tide pods? yeah! but i thought you were the queen of the pre-treat soak treat soak? those are fond memories, but those things are amazing. once i saw what they did, i actually started to relax. don't touch my things. those little guys clean, brighten and fight stains. so now i can focus on more pressing matters. like your containers. isn't it beautiful? your sweet peppers aren't next to your hot peppers. [ gasps ] [
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we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. it's our time to have wage equality once and for all. and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> patricia arquette in her acceptance speech making a passional call for equal pay and setting off a bit of
8:45 pm
controversy. all right, well, what do we think? i'll shut up. i, should i man explain this to you, rebecca? you go first. >> as she was giving that speech, as it was in process, or immediately after it ended, i was with meryl streep. i profanely appreciated that speech. >> she said that women who give birth, a weird reference to taxpayers, and then the sentence about we have all fought -- but i chalked a lot of it up to nervous, accepting an academy award, and i was so happy. there is not often passionate feminism at the oscars. and hollywood is a sexist
8:46 pm
business, and she was talking about wage equality. i was like, yeah, right. i woke up this morning and i saw what she said afterwards. which she expanded on some of the speech. and what she did was basically make the argument that women have stepped up for people of color, gay and lesbian equality, and now it's time -- there is a error in several ways. a -- wait. there is a valid critique with deep historical roots about the order in which social progress has taken place. it goes back hundreds of years. >> all the way back to hillary and barack obama. >> all the way back to hillary and barack. >> which is the source of all of this.
8:47 pm
>> in addition to fights, feminism was born in part out of the frustrations of women in the other movements, who felt forced to take a seat behind other struggles and have their own movements for equality put second. so there is a history of this. however, when you want to make reference to it and i'm not sure she meant to or should have, you don't put people in groups like that. it's not women, and people of color, and gay and lesbian. >> it truck me when she said it. like we had been doing it -- what do you mean by that? the question to me, here is the question, right? however you feel about how that cashes out, what is the right reaction to that. is it like a glass half full or a glass half empty, are you like hey, awesome, let's work on the other stuff or is it like what's your deal? >> my take on it is i think we are so used to now the world that happens where someone says something that isn't spot on, and then we're like well this is a learning moment and we can all have a dialogue and move forward -- >> that is a generous way of
8:48 pm
talking about what happens. >> that is the reality of -- >> this is a learning moment. >> taking a phrase that gets said a lot on the internet, when people just say never tweet. it's one of those things where sometimes i need to just bring it back a little. do a little reading before i get out there. >> so you're saying before we jump into the patricia arquette outrage cycle? >> no, i'm saying -- patricia arquette should not tweet. that's more of what i'm saying. i like the fact that on our biggest stages we want people to make these statements, but i would rather them be made correctly than not be made at all. >> i feel like any time you can get someone in front of an audience that's that vast, talking about the pay gap, it's ultimately like that.
8:49 pm
and this is an industry where that gap is a big, huge thing. one of the few sort of positive things that came out of the sony hack, how actresses are using the information to get equal pay. >> if you apply this to hollywoold specifically, there is huge racism in hollywood, that doesn't -- >> there is a wage gap there. >> exacerbated by being a person of color and a woman. so it doesn't track, especially in hollywood. >> what were you going to say >> i think one thing it does highlight is this idea of, you know, your heart is in the right place, but you have not thought about everyone. it's like i'm passionate, focused, excited to make a
8:50 pm
stance, but you only thought about this group, this group, and this group. joke where he basically announcing best director said who gave this son of a [ bleep ] a green card. i thought the joke for the record was funny. i thought the joke was obviously a send up of anti-immigration sentiment in as far as he was saying he was parenting the voice of an anti-immigrant person who gave this guy a green carder where it was evident this immigrant had brought this tremendous talent and value to the country. >> here's the problem. there are few people on this earth less humorous than sean penn. >> that's why it doesn't read. >> leading up to the joke he had the disposition and cheer of a
8:51 pm
man waiting for his colonoscopy. so the jab is not going to go over because he's such an essentially humor less human being. >> i could have done an hour on the oscars. thank you all. up next glenn greenwald is joining me to talk about his own oscar moment. >> the subject of citizen for edward snowden could not be here tonight for some trn. . r. ea. s. o. n. in small business you have to work hard, know your numbers, and stay focused. i was determined to create new york city's first self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. and now you have 42 locations. the more i put into my business the more i get out of it. like 5x your rewards when you make select business purchases with your ink plus card from chase. and with ink, i choose how to redeem my points for things like cash or travel. how's the fro-yo? just peachy...literally.
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tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. >> the disclosures that edward snowden is a threat to our democracy itself. >> edward snowden could not be here tonight for some treason.
8:55 pm
>> we now have the journalist who has been row porting on it. he was standing on stage. you have this great account. this is a bit metta but it is important. glenn greenwald blast neil patrick harris joke. tell the back story. >> i hadn't heard the joke. i went off stage and people told me about it. i almost tweeted something lighthearted and decided it was too inconsequential to tweet about. this is a sitcom actor who had paraded around in his underwear moments ago. i didn't think it was significant. a few hours later a buzz feed reporter asked me a bunch of questions and one was what did
8:56 pm
you think of neil patrick harris' joke and i said you are trying to get me in trouble but since you ask i think it is irresponsible and stupid since edward snowden wasn't charged or convicted of treason and serious to accuse someone of that in front of a million people and they made it seem like i was on the warpath a. glenn greenwald is humorless and always outraged. i thought it was interesting how internet age media that motivates everybody to take out single quotes that generate interest and outrage and debate can distort things in a significant way. >> i want to talk about the since kwens of this award for citizen four and what wit says. what was your tux situation last night? the rental buy, some custom situation? what were you wearing? >> that is the most pressing question which i'm thrilled you have asked about.
8:57 pm
actually it was an emergency. american airlines lost our luggage which had our tooux tuxedos in it so we had to run to the store the night before and do emergency tuxedo buying. that's the story. >> so you weren't one of these people who was lent a garment that you had to return? >> we were actually lent some and didn't like any of those. so we went and bought it. for the record it was ralph lauren. >> ralph lauren. thank you. i have now got it. i am hoping this will be a buzz feed article. >> it will be for sure. no doubt. >> what did you think about the significance of the win? last year i remember there were some dirty words, the incredible film about the global war on terror was nominated. it did not win. i think 20 feet from stardom won which is about backup singers which was also great. what is that moment like when
8:58 pm
you get on stage for the oscars? >> mostly a testament and the tribute, a cinematic award than political one. at the same time i think it underscore cans the fact that people can think a lot of different things about surveillance, the extent to which we should be monitored by our government but we should be able to agree we shouldn't have government doing the most significant things in the dark without us knowing and the debate this provoked is one everyone can support, regardless of where you nal it to. as far as being in the oscars, it's a disgusting ritual of extraordinary opulence and extravagance. >> stop it. you humor louse scold. >> it is. at the same time was surreal. we began the reporting thinking our source is going to prison. we were threatened by the government. to stand in that setting and have that be one of the outcomes of what we did is definitely bizarre. >> i want to reiterate what you
8:59 pm
said about the artistry of the film, which is an incredible cinematic achievement, visually as movie story telling. detach it from the politics. even a story about a person in truly extraordinary circumstances, being documented in realtime i mean it's incredibly gripping film work. >> yeah. i mean we kind of appreciated from the beginning the human drama of the situation with. the fact there was this 29-year-old kid, ordinary in everywhere. whatever else you think of him undertook extraordinary actions that have all kinds of provocative questions about ethical duties as a citizen, what you do when you think something is an injustice, the risk you are willing to take as a human being. these are fascinating questions that the film brilliantly explores. >> glenn greenwald, thank you for your time. >> if you had ralph lauren in
9:00 pm
tuxedo bingo, you win. that's all for now. >> that is a game i so want to play. >> i asked glenn greenwald what he was wearing and i'm glad about that. >> if we set up pub quiz you have locked us in that game forever and we will give away glenn's tux. it will be great. thank you. thank you. appreciate it, man. thanks to you at home for staying with us the next half hour. happy monday. today the news is nuts. for example, what would you get if you combined the values of gm general motors and ge general electric, and mcdonald's, and wal-mart? what do you get if you combine the values of those four gigantic companies? you would get 1 apple. this is crazy. the second largest company in the country is exxon in terms of its