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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 25, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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contents of the plane's second black box. plus new developments in the amanda knox case. will an italian court uphold murder convictions for knox and her one-time boyfriend? and the growing push to put vice president joe booiden in the white house. why? being democrats' second choice could be to the vice president's advantage. but we begin with the crash of that germanwings jet in the alps. new details coming in after a news conference that wrapped up last hour. contrary to reports, the second black box, that is still missing. but french officials do have one of the black boxes in their possession. they say it is badly damaged, but the critical voice recorder from that black box is still intact. it could take weeks, if not months, to analyze the data. >> we just succeeded in getting an audio file which contains usable sounds and voices. we have not yet fully understood and worked on it to be able to
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say, okay this is starting at this precise point in flight. this is ending at this precise point in flight. >> meanwhile, new information about the 150 passengers on board that flight. 72 of them were germans, 35 spaniards. we're just learning this morning that two americans were on board who died. nbc news has confirmed yvonne selke and emily selke died in that crash. one of their neighbors reacted to the crash just a short time ago. >> real shocking you know. just life can be over in a flash, you know. like, they were good people. they probably had -- the mom probably had, you know, like 30 more years left. the daughter probably had, like 40 50. shocking to be over like that you know. >> nbc's claudio lavanga joins me now from france. bring us up to speed on the investigation and how much man power is going into the investigation on day two. >> reporter: as for investigation, thomas we were hoping we would get some sort of
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information from that press conference in which they gave us details of the voice recordings on that black box they found yesterday. as you mentioned, they did say that they did extract some kind of audio from it, some voices and sounds are audible. but before they can figure out whose those voices were and what sounds they were it will take some days. so the mystery remains on what happened on that flight from barcelona to dusseldorf. it started to descend out of the blue for no reason. the control tower said when they saw that strange descent, they tried to contact the pilots, but the pilots did not respond. were they unconscious? we don't know. we'll have to wait for the investigators to tell us that, of course. but that is a possibility. the rescue operation, in the meantime, continues. it's being coordinated from here, an airfield from where six helicopters carrying emergency workers from the crash site
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that's the only way to get emergency workers there. >> i think we can hear the helicopters hovering above you right now. claudio, thank you. as we mentioned earlier, that second black box, it is still missing. however, investigators are examining the contents of the lone black box that they have found. nbc's tom costello covers aviation and joins me from washington. so let's talk about the usefulness of the one rorecovered black box and how useful it can be. >> i think it's going to be absolutely critical, especially if they don't find that second black box, the flight data recorder. clearly that's going to be a priority on the mountain. as it relates to the cockpit voice recorder they say they have sounds and voices but it is far too premature to identify whose voices you're hearing, they're hearing, what those sounds are. this is an exact science that investigators spend years honing. this is not something that they're going to rush out with an interpretation on. they're going to listen and listen and listen. they're going to run the sounds through all sorts of audio file
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checks. they're going to then bring in expert voice analysis people to determine whose voice is saying what. in other words, where's the captain speaking where's the co-pilot speaking. that's going to take a lot of time. then they want to marry that data. they want to marry that cockpit voice recorder with the flight data recorder. that's why it's so critical to get that. this is a typical flight data recorder. however, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. you see the one in the pictures from france. it's a smaller version of it. it does the same thing. it's about 25 hours worth of data, about 1300 parameters of information. everything including altitude and speed and vertical acceleration heading, pitch, all of that. what is the control column doing? what's the roll looking like? what are the inputs the pilots are making? what's the cabin pressure like? all of that is going to be on a flight data recorder. so finding that box, and if the box is destroyed, finding the chip that goes inside the box is going to be critical to
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unraveling this mystery. they want to marry those pieces of information together. that's why the director today of the b.e.a. said this may not be something you get from us in a couple of days. it may take weeks or even months. but i found it interesting he said that the last communication between the pilots and the control tower was very routine, about continuing its existing route, the route it had been assigned. it was nothing about any sort of a problem. so that would suggest to you that at least at the last communication, the pilots did not yet at that point have anything that they were facing that was unusual or extreme in nature. but i think most outside experts say something must have happened. at 38,000 feet to cause the pilots to decide that they needed to descend and then fail to communicate with their traffic control. >> nbc's tom costello reporting in washington for us. tom, thanks so much. we want to get in this family statement about the loss of the americans from the selke family
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saying, it is our entire family deeply saddened by the losses of yvonne and emily selke. at this difficult time we respectfully ask for privacy and your prayers. this is the confirmation that two americans were on board out of the 150 on board that flight. to rome now and italy's highest court considering the extradition of emily knox. frances rivera is joining us on the details. amanda knox back in the news once again. >> there was so much intrigue in this case from day one. even more so now over the years with the tangled court rulings of convictions and acquittals and the appeals that followed. just earlier, italy's highest court wrapped up its session without deciding. some background here. knox and her one-time boyfriend are still fighting the case that's followed them since 2007. that's when they were arrested for the murder of amanda's house mate here meredith kercher. knox was acquitted four years ago and returned to the united
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states, but those acquittals were thrown out. amanda and rafael find themselves facing prison time once again. the court will make its final ruling friday and is considering at least three possible outcomes. let's break those down. first, the court could order yet another trial for the pair. this will draw out the process even longer. the second scenario here a somewhat untraditional one. that's because the defenses of knox and sollecito have long been linked together. but it is possible that the court could order a new trial for one but leave the conviction for the other to stand. so that's possible bad news for both parties here. then perhaps the worst-case scenario for the defendants here. the court could uphold a conviction for both of them. sollecito would be arrested immediately and be returned to prison. italy would pursue that extradition process for knox. just fast forward now, thomas. keep in mind amanda knox is living in seattle. she has sense been engaged. she's already vowed never to return to italy. but as this is changing now,
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with the courts in italy, the highest court ruling she could be back. again, set for another trial. >> you could imagine why she'd be so afraid to go back after spending time in jail and not feeling as if the justice system was serving her. >> and to go home and start her new life. >> yeah trying to. frances, thank you. well police today are looking into the possible link between robert durst and a vermont college student who disappeared in 1971. the 18-year-old disappeared in december of '71. police in vice president discovered that durst had been living and working in middlebury at the time of the disappearance. he owned a health foods store in that town. the "today" show also caught up with a woman who went on a few dates with durst in the spring of 2000. linda walker zeballos explained how one night her son michael joined them for dinner. this is what happened. >> we started down the street and he said oh, i forgot. i've got two guns in the
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backseat. so michael, don't reach. i was absolutely shocked. >> she says she only dated durst for a few weeks. durst has denied all the charges in connection to the disappearance of his first wife and also the murder of susan berman in los angeles. sfwlncht the u.s.-backed government in yemen has lost more ground today. earlier today, fighters took over a key air base just outside of aden. they already control the capital. this weekend they also took control of yemen's third largest city. the u.s.-backed official government is trying to hold out. the air base is also where u.s. special forces had led counterterrorism operations until this past weekend. moments ago, the white house commented on the ongoing fighting. >> we believe that there is a path here that can be pursued to try to resolve the differences among the parties.
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however, that path cannot be pursued as long as you have the houthis working with the former president to foemt a lot of instability in the country. >> richard engel joins me now live from turkey. so richard, we've got the president of yemen reportedly fleeing the palace in aden. explain the geography of what the u.s.-led coalition there is trying to do to have any type of stable force. >> reporter: it is a very fluid situation and frankly quite complicated. it's one of more complicated countries and dynamic in the middle east. you have a u.s.-backed government, which is now under fire. it's under attack by the houthi rebels, who have aligned themselves with the former government. you heard the white house spokesman just talk about other forces. you have the current government which is on the run, holed up in
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aden, which is in the south of the country along the coast. and a coalition that has been put together against the government of the previous government and these houthi rebels, who are backed by iran. and while this major power struggle is under way in the country and it is very dynamic with the current whereabouts of the u.s.-backed president somewhat unknown at this time. a seen your official just told me that he believes he's still in yemen. he insists he's still in the country. there have been other reports that he already fled the country. so while this very aggressive civil war is under way to try and take control with the former government aligning itself with rebels to topple the current u.s.-backed government while that dynamic is playing out, you have another dangerous situation, which is the al qaeda presence in the country. the al qaeda presence in the country is well established. it is one of the most aggressive
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al qaeda groups in the entire world. there's a deep concern that as the political turmoil plays out in yemen, that al qaeda group could find a more -- more room to grow, more room to establish its presence in the country. >> we'll wait to see if we get official word of where yemen's president is residing. richard, thank you. coming up, new details on the 150 people aboard germanwings flight 9525. specifically, reaction about the two americans lost. plus, it turns out texas senator and presidential hopeful ted cruz is signing up for the health care he wants to repeal. yep, signing up for the aca. that happened. and she's the real darling of the ncaa's big dance. that's right, piccolo girl joins me live to talk about the viral reaction to her now famously emotional school spirit.
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welcome back everybody. we're learning more every hour about the victims of the germanwings plane crash. we have some breaking news about the two americans that were killed. frances is back with more information on that and the reaction pouring in for these two frances. >> we're learning more about these victims and the families that are speaking out on their behalf here. let's bring you that information as it's coming in. nbc news has just confirmed that yvonne selke and her daughter emily, who is seen here in this photo, died in the crash. they're from nokesville virginia. the associated press reports the mother was a long-time and highly regarded government contractor, and the family just issued a statement describing them as quote, two wonderful, caring amazing people who meant so much to so many. emily selke was a 2013 honors graduate of drexel university who majored in the music industry. the university just issued a statement saying it is deeply saddened by emily's tragic loss.
10:16 am
now take a listen to what a long-time neighbor of emily and her family had to say. >> family's real nice you know. just normal people man. bring over the mail when it gets messed up and everything. just nice people. >> those were the two americans lost here. in total, there were 150 victims from 18 different countries. from the united states, to the netherlands, to israel iran japan, and australia. the death toll spanning six separate continents. let's take a look at that breakdown. germany and spain suffered the most profound losses. germanwings has confirmed ath least 35 span yared are among the dead. that includes three generations of one given family. a schoolgirl, her mother and her grandmother. and germany, though has suffered the great loss at this number here, 72 killed in the crash. that includes these two famous opera singers. these two singers have been performing in barcelona. also, one of the more tragic stories in this scenario here
10:17 am
an entire german high school spanish class is feared dead. 16 students and their two teachers were returning from an exchange in barcelona. as you can see, other students are in mourning and gathered around a makeshift memorial. the british government has confirmed three killed. you're looking at a new family photo of paul andrew bramley on the left. he was on his way home from a visit to family after a break in barcelona. his mother described him as a kind, caring and loving son who was her world. here on the right, this photo here, that's a new photo of 50-year-old martin matthews. speaking today, his family said they are just devastated. so you could imagine thomas in this case a dozen countries reeling from this unthinkable loss. as tragic as it already is especially given the fact the school kids the 16 students from germany, you keep in mind also among the dead those two babies. >> yeah, it's hard to imagine. and these families now want answers to figure out what went
10:18 am
wrong. frank ses, thanks so much. we're going to talk about that now and the hunt for answers. it really does center around the plane's two flight recorders, the so-called black boxes. data has been retrieved from the plane's cockpit voice recorder. moments ago at a news conference investigators said they've not yet analyzed the voices on the recording. meanwhile, they've not yet been able to locate the flight data recorder. mike after listening to the french press conference and talking about the fact that one has been retrieved of the data recorders, do you think that will be enough to help unlock the mysteries of what happened? >> well sadly, thomas, it seems or it appears that the data on the cockpit voice recorder and the information so far isn't really pointing to anything conclusive. now, we will have to find the flight data recorder. that will then give us the
10:19 am
certain critical information such as air speeds, what the engines were doing, whether they were at max power, flight idle, the angle of attack indicator will be key to investigators. looking at what the vertical speed indicator. all of these instruments and raetdings on the instruments throughout that period of flight, especially the critical period of flight which was one to two minutes after the top of climb, when it went into the descent. investigators will be going through that with a fine-tooth comb. they'll then be trying to marry that up with whatever they heard on the cockpit voice recorder. again, we're going to have to wait. at the moment it seems the aircraft was intact when it impacted the ground and was going with some velocity. that, to me would be quite worrying. >> we're going to speak again coming up in the next hour. we're going to ask you to stick around for that. plus, coming up, a former university of oklahoma student now speaking out for the very first time after he and several others were caught on camera in a racist chant. but first, former florida governor jeb bush says he's his own man, but apparently thstere's
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forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. time to bring you the must-see video of the day. frightening moments caught on camera when a road collapses in brazil. watch this here. the bus swallowed up by a massive hole in the road, but then it wasn't over yet. the bus is swept away by rushing flood waters. miraculously passengers were able to escape just beforehand and nobody was hurt. you can imagine people in the bus, people outside watching this thomas really just astounding to see this and if not experience it. >> i saw that this morning and could not stop watching it over and over again, hitting the rewind button on the dvr to see it disappear through the hole and pop out on the other side of the sink hole was amazing. >> the drop is one thing. then getting swept away.
10:24 am
>> washed away. luckily no one was on board. but it is amazing to watch. just how powerful that water is. really captures your attention. frances, thank you. it turns out that jeb bush's fundraising swing through texas this week is going to be a family affair. today in dallas the former florida governor will be joined by his brother g.w. and his wife. this will be the former president's first fundraising appearance of the 2016 cycle. then tomorrow his father former president george h.w. bush and his mom, barbara, will stump for their son at a houston event. msnbc's benji sarlan joins me live from washington, d.c. we have george w. still being considered a polarizing figure in the electorate. so how is jeb bush able to separate himself from his brother, especially if his brother is going to be campaigning for him? >> well it's a very difficult balance that he's tried to strike. jeb bush has been very clear from the start that he's not going to make any kind of show of distancing himself from his
10:25 am
brother or from his father. he's been very supportive of them. he's denended both their presidencies. however, he's said he's going to be, quote, his own man, in speeches and he should be judged by his own positions. now, it's a question of whether or not people will accept that. he's always going to be seen to some degree through the lens of his family especially if they play a prominent role in his campaign. and to give one example, you have anti-tax activist grover norquist this week who's been attacking jeb bush for not pledging never to raise taxes. in doing so he brangs up george h.w. bush famously raised taxes after saying read my lips i'll never raise taxes. >> interesting he won't be settling down to grover norquist norquist. we turn our attention to another potential 2016 candidate. it's the vice president we want to talk about now. there are official lyly draft joe
10:26 am
biden super pacs on the move. take a listen. >> our plan mainly focuses around the summertime. there have been numerous media accounts from the vice president on making his intentions known in the summertime. we're focusing on iowa new hampshire. >> early primary states there is their focus. is there more speculation or less speculation of the prominence of a biden run? >> i'd say it has been shrinking day by day. now, joe biden has been teasing the possibility of a presidential run for years, really. you know he's always been taking care to show up in some of those early states that always invite 2016 scrutiny whenever any candidate appears there. but there just hasn't been a ground swell of support. to the extent this draft joe biden effort exists a lot of it seems to have as much to do with general anxiety about hillary
10:27 am
clinton getting a free pass as it does about joe biden's qualifications specifically. the group's website mentions they're uncomfortable with the idea of another bush/clinton contest after one in 1992 and after seeing more bushes and clintons run again. so i think this might just reflect general anxiety around the idea of a clinton coronation as much as it does anything else. >> msnbc's benji sarlan reporting from d.c. for us. thank you. coming up for you, families of the victims on board germanwings flight 9525 they are watching and they're patiently waiting as remains and pieces of the plane are recovered. but the search for answers continues for why that plane wept down. we're going to give you a live update from the region when we come back. sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan.
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♪ edith piaf "no regrets" ♪ plays throughout ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all right. let's get you back to our top story on the deadly crash of germanwings jet in france. we now know two americans were on that flight. yvonne and emily selke.
10:30 am
meanwhile a town in western germany is mourning the death of 16 high school students and two teachers who were also on board. today, students lit candles and laid flowers outside that high school to mourn the loss of the victims. nbc's katy tur joins me on the phone from dusseldorf germany. what you hearing on the ground as the reaction continues to ripple through that small community? >> certainly a lot of sadness but also a lot of sadness in germany all around. most of the victims on that plane were german. their hearts are going out to especially that school because the kids were so young. 15 and 16-year-olds, most of them girls. 16 teenagers total, 2 teachers on that flight. they were just in barcelona for a week as part of a spanish language exchange program. the school does this every few years. sometimes the spanish kids come to germany. other time the german kids go to spain. so this is a tradition for them. it's something they certainly looked forward to. they said that this was
10:31 am
considered the highlight of their year. so for this sort of tragedy to strike on what should be such a joyous trip has really struck to the heart of this community. the kids out there spoke to us yesterday, but today they certainly were a little bit more skittish and wary. i think as the news of the loss is sinking in it's starting to become much more real to them thomas. >> katy tur reporting for us there in dusseldorf. thank you so much. i want to read you real quickly a statement on the american emily selke we're just getting in. she and her mom yvonne were on board that night and lost. this is a picture of emily. she attended drexel university, a graduate of that school and was a member of the gamma sigma sigma chapter. they put out a statement saying, emily always put others before
10:32 am
herself. emily will be greatly missed by her fellow sisters. please keep emily, her mother and their family during your thoughts and prayers during this heartbreaking time. i want to update you on the other stories we're following. president obama delivering remarks marking the five-year anniversary of his landmark health care law. >> it's working despite countless attempts to repeal undermine, defund and defame this law. i mean we have been promised a lot of things these past five years that didn't turn out to be the case. death panel, doom a serious alternative from republicans in congress. >> so house speaker john boehner and nancy pelosi's long-term plan to finance health care for older americans while paying the doctors who treat them is reportedly in jeopardy. a senate vote is scheduled for tomorrow, but as of now, senator harry reid and other senate democrats still object to abortion restrictions in that bill. right now, the governor of alabama is set to speak on the last day of events marking the
10:33 am
50th anniversary of the selma to montgomery march. and just this afternoon, we're learning that zayne malik, get this, has decided to heave the pop group one direction. he says he wanteds time to be a normal 22-year-old and have some private time out of the spotlight. so one-d down to four members. new developments in that racist video from the fraternity at the university of oklahoma. a few hours from now, one of the frat members is going to give his first public comments. levi pettitte and another member of sigma alpha epsilon are no longer at ou. pettit is expected to apologize again today, something the chair of the oklahoma's black kaus us can called for. >> i believe this is a great start. i think it has to happen in order for us to look forward and help this young man move forward. but i think our community has to learn a lot about it as well. >> so sae is now shut down on that campus. the other fraternity member no
10:34 am
longer attends ou and he's already apologized in a statement. another problem confronting colleges, the issue of sexual assault or campus rape. the high-profile incident of an alleged gang rape at uva only exacerbates the nationwide situation. on monday police said they could find no evidence substantiating claims made in a shocking story reported by "rolling stone" magazine last year. sexual assault or rape on campus is the subject of a critically lauded documentary in theaters right now called "the hunting ground." >> in your time at unc, how many students came to you and said they'd been assaulted? >> um -- it's hard to put a number on it. at least 100. >> out of the hundred, how many of the perpetrators were removed from campus? >> from what i remember no one was expelled during that time. >> wow. kirby dick is the director of "the hunting ground." amy zearing produced it.
10:35 am
they both join me. why did you want to hook up with amy and direct a documentary on what's taking place -- what could be considered a national crisis about sexual assault on college campuses? >> well we made a film together called "invisible war" about rape in the military. we kept hearing people talking about the problem on campuses. it seemed like we absolutely had to make that film. >> i saw the"the invisible war." incredibly powerful. amy, when you got through with working on "the invisible war," what made you want to shift focus to what is a problem somewhere that should be considered a safe place for american women college. >> i was completely shocked. we weren't planning on making this next film. when we talked to student, we found out it was a problem. i as a parent didn't myself
10:36 am
know. what we found every time we visited a campus was that instead the institutions are incentivized to protect themselves and not their students. so that's why these crimes proliferate at these epidemic numbers. >> it's the same thing you found out in "the invisible war" with the fact the chain of command doesn't allow these types of abuses to be rectified, justified through criminal resource. so with the school institutions and as we learned in that sound bite there, the fact no one was expelled, so there really is no consequence. so is the problem that we don't have on college campuses the right system in place for consequences when people come forward? >> yes, that's absolutely part of the problem. i think the overall problem is schools are more concerned about their reputation than the safety of their students. with that reputation of course comes many college applicants and also they're very concerned about their donors. so they continually, you know, prioritize their reputation over the safety of their students. >> so when we look at the case
10:37 am
of uva and the charlottesville police department saying they could not find any facts that substantiated the claim that was reported in the "rolling stone" article, they apologized for that story and the improper vetting of her as a proper character in their story. but does this mean that young women will most likely decide not to come forward because there's no justice? >> well i think with that case what that's really indicative of is a case of poor reporting. there's a problem with the journalistic issues but that doesn't really affect or alter the reality of the issue at hand, which is these assaults are being committed at epidemic numbers and there are no mechanisms in place to properly investigate and adjudicate these crimes. yes, they can keep happening on these campuses. we see the perpetrators can commit them with impunity. that's why it's so shocking and important to pay attention to. >> the movie is called "the hunting ground." i wish you nothing but the best
10:38 am
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10:42 am
u.s.-educated ashraf ghani, talked to congress. he used that opportunity to speak out about the horrors facing his country. >> to play volleyball without being attacked. so many children have i held in my arms who have been mutilated. that must not be permitted and cannot be permitted and will not be permitted. >> ghani's address comes after he and president obama announced yesterday that the near 10,000 troops deployed to afghanistan will stay through the end of the year. today is national medal of honor day. that's a day set aside by congress to honor the members of the military who have received the highest distinction that the president can bestow for bravery in combat. in a rare event, six medal of honor recipients gathered to speak to msnbc's ronan farrow. >> these are menu read about you read
10:43 am
about in history books. >> every year an extraordinary gathering happens. >> it's a great thrill to get together, talk to each other about service and sacrifice, and chart each guy's progress as we get older and older. >> recipients of the medal of honor, the military's highest commendation for bravery in combat, come together for their annual circle of honor dinner. >> we started the organization. we had men from the spanish-american war, the philippine insurrection vera cruz, the expedition against poncho villa eneverything since. in fact, the guys from world war i were some of the young guys. we were kids for the most part. >> from world war ii to afghanistan, these men risked everything. >> i had a team of guys under my
10:44 am
charge, and we walked maybe 300 meters from where we sat all day and the world exploded. we walked into an ambush. >> this staff sergeant ran headlong into enemy fire to save his brothers. >> i did exactly what i signed up to do when i was 18 years old. >> he's part of a new generation of war with changing technology. what's the biggest change you've seen? >> equipment. >> equipment? >> well the fact in world war ii, if you had an objective and they say, take a company, take a platoon out and eliminate it today they can just call back on a telephone and say, send somebody up and drop a bomb on them. >> it's also a time of changing culture within the military. sergeant melvin morris is part of a group of minority
10:45 am
servicemen who received the medal of honor just last year after 40 years of not being recognized. >> everybody asks me you should be angry. angry for what? things happen. things get fixed. and we move on. so right now i wear this medal of honor with pride, with dignity dignity, with a lot of self-esteem. i'm just glad to be a part of this brotherhood. >> there is no such thing as color, background. the fellow next to you, he's your buddy. you have to depend on him. >> when you look at the changes on the inside of the surface, more women serving. just last year the ban on women in direct combat rules lifted. transgender members of the military coming in. what's your response to those changes? >> i mean you know, everybody wants to serve their country. you know we don't want to
10:46 am
accept these changes, but you have to. and the country has moved forward as a unit. >> the more things change the more one thing stays the same. the need for american heroes willing to put it all on the line on the front lines of combat. >> it doesn't matter how many bombs you drop or how much -- how powerful your air force is. unless you have boots on the ground there, that's the only way to hold terrain. >> we're using proxy forces. we're using drones smaller footprint. you think that can work for the future of war? >> you can fight a war that way. you cannot win a war that way. it's always the people. you need people. >> amazing story as we honor all those who have served in the american military. that was msnbc's ronan farrow reporting for us. we just have this breaking news in. during the state department briefing, spokesperson jen psaki gave new information about the germanwings airline crash and confirmed that another american was on board. take a listen. >> as you know and we've said in
10:47 am
a couple of statements before we are deeply saddened by the news that germanwings flight 9525 crashed in southern france on its way from barcelona, spain, to dusseldorf, germany, yesterday. at this time we can confirm the deaths of u.s. citizens yvonne selke and emily selke. we are in contact with family members and we extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the 150 people on board. we can also confirm that a third u.s. citizen was on board the flight. we are in touch with the family but are not releasing the name at this time out of respect for the family. if i may, given we often provide -- >> so jen psaki confirming a third american was killed in this crash. 150 people on board this flight that was traveling from barcelona to dusseldorf, germany. germany the country that suffered the most losses. the selke family from pennsylvania lost yvonne and emily. emily is a drexel graduate.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
>> but she is pretty famous now. the star of march madness jammed with the roots on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. and joining us now is villanova's newest star roxan shallow. and you are smiling, not with your piccolo. >> no, i did not bring the piccolo. >> but that experience of you first, teary-eyed at the game
10:52 am
with the loss to villanova, what were you thinking in that moment? >> it was just -- it was sad to see the team disappoint eded. the biggest thing on my mind was i was a senior on the band and that would be the last time i would put on my jersey and it was emotional for me. >> and now you see the picture and the image and people hate to see themself cry with the ugly cry thing and what is your thought when you see that all over the place, when you see yourself back on campus and everybody knows about it. how has that been? >> it has been weird. in a way it is lucky. the camera sort of caught not such horribly ugly tears. when notre dame came out right after, i completely lost all control and i'm sure there was just mascara all over my face. >> the best out of all of the options out there. >> i'm sure a lot of people feel
10:53 am
the same way, roxanne. >> it wasn't a good picture, but it could have been worst a couple of minutes later. >> and on jimmy fallon you performed with the roots, that was a thrill. and jimmy gave you two tickets for taylor swift. you have heard when you will see taylor swift? >> not yet. it will be this summer. and the whole experience on the tonight show and with the roots was just soin believably incredible. i was so lucky to have that opportunity. >> and he believed some of the best out there about you. and which was the best one out there? >> i definitely like the whiplash one. >> with simons. >> congratulations to you for vetting villanova's name out there and making the best out avenue bad situation. roxanne, aka, the piccolo girl. and thank you. and we're so glad that j.k.
10:54 am
simons is your favorite and we'll get his take next hour for detroit. and just learning past hour and in the last minutes, the heartbreaking news from the state department. they confirmed a third american was killed in the germanwings plane crash in the french alps. we'll have more on that and the key information that one of the black boxes may reveal about the crash. r first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. it's just you and your honey. the setting is perfect. but then erectile dysfunction happens again.
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10:57 am
welcome back, everybody. we have breaking news at the top of the hour on msnbc. where at 3:30 the u.s. army will provide an update on bowe bergdahl. it will be an update. it has been nearly a year since bowe bergdahl returned to the u.s. since part of a prisoner
10:58 am
exchange. since they began an investigation into his disappearance and we'll find out what will happen to bowe bergdahl. what will he face -- what he will face for leaving a base in eastern afghanistan in june of 2009. now it was back in january that officials pointed out that he would likely face a lesser charge of desertion. this is leaving a post to avoid duty or sherk an important assignment. but at 3:30 we should have more information about what the u.s. forces will do as it moves ahead about charges against bergdahl. and now three americans confirmed in flight 9525. we learned in the last hour the state department confirming a third victim was american. the first two victims that we know about was a mom and daughter from virginia.
10:59 am
this is emily selke, the daughter, also lost her mom yvonne. the selke family reacted to the news saying our entire family is deeply saddened by the loss of yvonne and emily selke. two wonderful and caring amazing people who meant so much to so many. and the neighbors also spoke out in the loss. >> it is just real shocking you know. life can be over in just a flash. they were good people. the mom probably had like 30 more years, the daughter had like 40 or 50. it is shock to be over like tarks. >> the identity of the third american is yet to be released to the public. but at the state department they did confirm they have been in touch with their family. french investigators are analyzing data recovered from the single black box. there are two that could be recovered. the process of reviewing the data is in the early stages and
11:00 am
a spokesperson cautioned today that could take some time. >> are the pilots talking to each other? i don't have information on that. we have not analyzed the actual voices. we don't have every sound and every word analyzed yet. >> so at the crash site in the french alps they are hunting for the recorder. and also this afternoon, a sad confirmation from the state department that three americans were on board that plane. 150 people were killed in total. the majority of them from germany. joining me from the french alps is claudia lavanga involving the developments and we have tom costello following the story from washington and will update us on the black box and katy tur reporting from germany, the hardest hit country. we want to get to the crash site
11:01 am
in france where claudia is. so explain how they are looking for key evidence. one of the more important pieces the second data recorder? >> well the rescue is wrapping up, the last helicopters bringing the emergency workers here the closest town to the crash site. there are two ways to get to the crash site. first of all you can go on the top of the mountain and walk down over a steep downhill hike and quite dangerous even for experienced hikers. and the way the rescuers are getting there, the easiest way, go to a helicopter and lower down the -- the rescuers on the site. and this has been going on all day. they drop them down and stay there and try to find anything among the debris and of course apart from recovering the body and body parts, they trying to find anything among the debris
11:02 am
that can explain why this plane just lost so much altitude from 38,000 feet to 6,000 feet in only eight minutes and ended up crashing on that mountain on tuesday. well the point is the debris of so many and so small is making it difficult for investigators and that is why the two black boxes are essential to find out what happened on tuesday. >> and so we'll see if they can recover the second black box. claudio, thank you. and we'll see about recovery of one of the black boxes and tom costello joins me from washington. and so they have the flight date recorder still missing. so having just one of the black boxes in the investigation, is that enough to solve the mystery. >> they have the cockpit voice recorder right now and so they need to do a thorough analysis of everything on that. and what they said today, the french bea or the french ntsb,
11:03 am
they are involved in this investigation and they said we know we have good data off of the cockpit voice recorder but we need to determine what it is. we need to listen to every single voice and identify who is speaking, is it the pilot, the co-pilot do we have a flight attendant on board in the cockpit who entered and what about every sound, every click of a switch every single hint of what the engine might be doing and all of that will be analyzed and that is not something that you do overnight and could take days and weeks and perhaps longer as they analyze that and they want to match it up with the flight data recorder. that is what they are looking for, the flight data recorder which records 25 hours of events prior to the crash. it is 1300 parameters of data from the pitch, the roll the speed, the engine performance, what was happening with the air and with the cabin pressure, all
11:04 am
of that will be recorded on the night data recorder. that is why it is critical that they find that. and there was an inishl report that -- initial report that they found the exterior casing but not the chip inside. and they want to find that and analyze that and then marry the two. and then they listen to everything on the flight data recorder and see how they gel together and see how it makes sense. and they don't want to rush this and take some time. it is going to take time. interestingly the director of the b.e.a. said we have no theory to put out there and we have no hypothesis or nothing to give us any indication as to what happened. all we know is that this plane flew in a relatively straight line in a mountain after descending down from 38,000 feet to 6,000 and the pilot and
11:05 am
co-pilot were not responding. and very much a mystery and because you literally have as it was described by the french media, confetti on the ground wreckage shredded into tiny pieces and it will come down to the recorders. >> tom costello reporting from d.c. thank you so much. and we turn our attention to germany where a high school is mourning a group of students traveling on the flight all lost. the students were on a class trip to barcelona, all tenth graders and about 15 years old roughly. katy tur joins me from ducel el-- dusseldorf dusseldorf germany. >> reporter: most of the victims were here about 45 minutes from dusseldorf and we were there talking to families and teachers
11:06 am
and finding out how they are feeling. they are upset and laying candles out and having a memorial on the steps of the school and remembering what they can of their friends. 18 people from that school 16 students, two teachers most of them girls, in the 10th grade, as you said 15 and 16-year-olds. and it's a fair -- a fairly small school about 12,000 students and fans quite a few grades. but even if they didn't know them directly they ran into them in the halls. and i asked one student how she felt the school was reacting and she said the school felt empty right now. and spoke to the cousin of one of the victims and she will remember her as a fun girl and helpful and having a great time in spain and looked forward to it and very much looking forward to coming home. and they'll have a moment of silence at that school and
11:07 am
tomorrow across the country to remember those lives. and we spoke to the creative director of the dusseldorf opera house which is steps from where i am standing. they lost a cast member -- oleg bryjak was one of the main singers, in the company for well over ten years and they said his heart was as big as his baritone and the entire company right now is certainly feeling this loss. they don't feel up for singing, they've canceled rehearsals and are trying to understand what happened and remember their friend. thomas. >> there still remains a hunt for answers in all of this and so many families left devastated around the globe and back here at home the confirmation of three americans lost on board. nbc's katy tur. thanks so much. coming up next we'll continue the breaking coverage of the plane crash in the alps and we'll talk about the latest in technology on planes that help increase flight safety.
11:08 am
as we all know this plane was 25 years old but they call that mid-life. and breaking news at 3:30 the u.s. command will provide an update on the review of sergeant bowe bergdahl. will he be charged with deserting his post. and passengers escape a bus in the nick of time minutes before being swallowed by a sinkhole. amazing video that you have to see when we come back. over an average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪ and introducing our new advanced filter, now better than ever.
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11:10 am
the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. welcome back everybody. breaking news that we can confirm that we have learned that sergeant bowe bergdahl when the army command provides an update at 330 p.m. it has been nearly a year since the sergeant returned to the u.s. as part of a prisoner exchange and since the army began a formal investigation
11:11 am
into his disappearance from his unit after leaving his base in eastern afghanistan in 2009. and we have mikey kay joining us to talk about what we are learning today, the breaking news for the plane developments and boeingwe bergdahl. and i'm reading what we learned from nbc news and officials pointed out that bergdahl was most likely face charges of desertion but it depends on the degree of charge. there could be a lesser charge that would have him avoid responsibility of reporting to jail and it could be considered time served because of being a prisoner in afghanistan. >> tom, since the bowe bergdahl case came to light, i've been covering it for a few years now, and the mitigating circumstances of what bowe bergdahl had gone through were extreme in my view. he was held in the network and held for a good couple of years.
11:12 am
and so given the fact that he's gone through this sort of extreme psychological experience, the first thing is when we look at post-traumatic stress disorder or pts, it is hard to identify when a person tips. and when you look at troops in combat and the u.s. troops in combat have been deployed whether to iraq for 12 months and then deploy to afghanistan for 12 months it's hard to understand what makes them tip. and when you look at that and we don't know why bowe bergdahl deserts and then in the hack anie network and we don't know how he was treated, there are mitigating circumstances that should be taken into consideration. i think he has served his sentence but i would like to understand the circumstances
11:13 am
behind his desertion and what happened to him while he was held. >> and i don't know that we've gotten the psychological confirmation with his ptsd and as someone who has served and knows the military so well and what it is like to be in a conflict zone one can only imagine there is some type of ptsd that he suffers from especially being held captive for five years. the big distinction is from the u.s. army as to whether or not any charge will be whether he left with the intent never to return. >> and served in combat on over six combat tours in iraq and ofg.ofg ofg -- and afghanistan. and there is a corporate responsibility it was my responsibility to make sure the guys were doing their job proficiently and safely but to make sure they were being looked at from a psychological perspective. but it was my job as a senior
11:14 am
officer to make sure there were problems for guys and girls that maybe had been in theater for 12 months or in a previous tour and wanting to know about their history or circumstances and been involved in events such as ied explosions and know about my men and women. and so i think the corporate responsibility are pushing that to the background and those people in charge of bergdahl at the time of his desertion, i think there is a responsibility to them as well. >> so at 3:30 today we will get confirmation as to how they will proceed. and one thing i can confirm from nbc news is if he were to be brought -- charged with any type of desertion, a lesser charge of desertion, the charges do carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted but there were sources if the army were to
11:15 am
go ahead they would consider him being convicted for the five years he spent in captivity and leching the army with a less than -- leaving the army with a less than honorable discharge. we'll get an update on the review of the bergdahl case. mikey, thank you. and levi pettit from the former disbanded university of oklahoma and he will speak publicly for the first time. he has not been seen or heard from since the racist chant went viral and dominated the news cycle. and dave guiterrez is live. and talk about at the event he will be speaking and who encouraged him to come and speak today. >> reporter: hi, thomas. that event is set to get underway at 5:00 p.m. eastern time here at this baptist church here in oklahoma city. the person behind this event is
11:16 am
a state senator, anastasia pitman and we're told that levi is expected to meet with her and other civil leaders from the african-american community and pastors here at this church before the news conference at 5:00. now, as you mentioned, thomas that video prompted outrage across the country. it prompted protests at the university of oklahoma and we had only heard up until this point from levi pettit's parents, through a written statement and other member of sigma alpha epsilon that had left the university through written statements. so this is the first time we'll hear in person from levy petit. >> a lot of people waiting anxiously to what this man has to say. gabe, thank you. and high drama in the highest court in italy as it delayed the decision on ordering the extradition of amanda knox. so the court hearing evidence today on whether to uphold a hearing murder conviction on her
11:17 am
and her one-time boyfriend for the 2007 murder of meredith kircher. she is not in court today and she is not in italy and she had return to the states. and if they uphold conviction they could attempt to extradite and return her to italy. coming up next jon hamm's recent stay in rehab and revealing his struggle with addiction. and his portrayal of a mad man, and j.k.'s chip lash and his growing hope in detroit. >> were you rushing or were you dragging? i don't know. >> if you deliberately sabotage my band i will gut you like a pig. in new york state, we're reinventing how we do business so businesses can reinvent the world. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving,
11:18 am
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11:21 am
so that is jon hamm and the trailer for the final episode of mad men. and he struggled with alcohol abuse and he is part of one of the stories people are buzzing about on social media. hamm confirmed he completed 30 days of rehab. he finished a program for alcohol abuse two weeks before mad men's final season premier on april 5th. representatives for the star ask that his privacy be respected at this time. well another trending story has many asking what is in a name? well, canadian college player guy fuchi, have the last name spelled like the f-bomb and now his story is going viral. the all-canada star can now use
11:22 am
it on the jersey that he wears for the first time. so in the middle of march madness, people are going crazy over this story. so frances is following more trending stories which leds me to say what the -- is going on. >> and this is trending out there. angelina jolie revealing that she had her ovaries and fell opie an tubes were removed and kelly os born has the same gene and will opt for the same surgery. and jolie receiving media praise for her revelation and choice. it is inspiring thousands of women to take charge of their own health. a user tweeted this angelina jolie is flawless.
11:23 am
in more ways than one. and other buzz worthy statements trending that a newborn daughter named after his friend. >> i named her pauline. >> pauline? ahh. oh my gosh. that is awesome. >> there is no other person that i was thinking about as i was cutting this umbilical cord. >> sweet, touching moment. the star of fast and furious 7 posted a picture of pauline on facebook. the picture has been liked over 1.2 million times. and diesel is talking about his new baby. and talking about his viral comments that furious 7 will win best picture at the oscars. and he's not saying it tongue
11:24 am
and cheek. he said this is great stuff. it is oscar-worthy. his pictures. and this photo inspiring a social media campaign to find this little girl. this isn't what she looks like now because that was her years ago. this air force vet michael maroney, rescuing her from hurricane katrina back in 2005 and now he is enlisting social media to find her. he was inspired by her spirit and would love to see how she's doing after all of these years, ten years later. hundreds are tweeting about her and the hash tag is taking off. this is called the best of social media. look closely and we'll enlist thomas here. our viewers viewers of msnbc and thomas roberts if you know anything about that hurricane katrina, help them get this reunion. how great would that be after all of these years, even with just a picture of them together.
11:25 am
>> that is fantastic and how great is social media to connect and communicate and it is hard to believe it is ten years later from the devastation of hurricane katrina. just amazing. so let's hope for the very best that they find each other. frances, thank you. and next back to the breaking news of germanwings flight 9525. we have a press conference and a briefing taking place that is just starting. we'll take you back live for. >> that as well as more witnesses coming forward to give remarks about what they heard when the plane went down. back with more after this.
11:26 am
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11:27 am
welcome back. breaking news, everybody. the airline officials from lufthansa holding a press conference right now. this is the ceo of lufthansa talking about the tragedy of germanwings flight 9525. >> to marseilles and with the support of the french authorities we will be able to bring the relatives and friends of the victims to a family assistance center near the crash site which is still blocked off and will remain to be blocked off. we are also doing anything we can do around the clock to help those in need we have provided psychological support from trained counselors from lufthansa and other resources. we have offered immediate financial help for those in need
11:28 am
and we now believe for the next step for those interested to go to the site tomorrow with our flight which is also going to be offered from dusseldorf where we have a big group of relatives and friends. believe me after 20 years in this industry and being a lufthansa pilot myself we still cannot understand what happened yesterday. lufthansa has never in its history lost an aircraft in cruise flight and we cannot understand how a airplane in perfect technical condition and with two trained pilots was involved in such a terrible accident. after taking care of the relatives and friends of the victims, the next priority of course is to find out how this accident could have happened and
11:29 am
how we make sure that this can never, ever happen again. it is too early for speculation, but i'm very happy to say that we are indeed in constructive dialogue with the spanish, german authorities and airbus authorities and with lufthansa and technical experts who have convened at the site for investigation. we are very glad that the first flight recorder has been retrieved yesterday and the french authority confirmed just a few hours ago that one of the audio streams is readable so we expect, hopefully over the next days more information and we of course hope that the rescue teams move very soon to find the second flight data recorder as well which would then provide us with the complete picture of the accident.
11:30 am
and after i visited the site yesterday, i'm very sure that we will be able to find out the cause of this terrible accident as soon as we have both data recorders retrieved. running an airline and endure -- and during such an accident is terrible. we all in lufthansa do our very best to help those who have been affected and we know we can never make up the loss. so that is why i'm here to help those -- to help the people here in spain and this meeting, i must say was emotional and it was showing us that this accident has caused terrible pain. thank you.
11:31 am
>> we've been listening to the ceo of lufthansa. his name is corsten spur. they are the parent company of germanwings, the airliner that went down from barcelona to dusseldorf. germanwings is a budget airline traveling and making the run. but the ceo giving a statement of sadness and also one of disbelief, talking about the fact that he feels and through his -- his investigation so far, saying that the craft was in perfect technical condition with two well-trained pilots still in disbelief of how it happened but hopeful they can put this puzzle together because an audio stream is readable and confirmed by french authorities that retrieved one of the flight data recorders. the first of two flight data recorders, and the second one still being searched for right now. nick fage is the daily mail
11:32 am
recorder and joining me from where the search continues and they've set up the recovery operation on the scene there in the french alps. he was one of the first reporters near the scene yesterday. so nate let me talk to you about what we understand the search to be right now, especially given the fact that there are witnesses that have come forward to give testimony about what they heard directly. >> reporter: yes. i spoke to two people this morning. one retired post master who said he saw in the corner of his eye the airplane going over the mountains near here and then he heard a huge noise, like an avalanche or a rock slide, very common here and the noise of a airplane flying very low and his wife also heard the noise and thought it was an avalanche. they found out later it was this
11:33 am
terrible plane crash less than a mile from where they live as a crow flies less an a mile from where they live in the french alps. >> and because of the time of the day, they have left the site and five policemen are guarding the area overnight. nick thank you for your time we appreciate it. and we want to get to the other story as it has developed within the last 30 minutes. sources telling nbc news that bowe bergdahl will be charged with desertion when the u.s. army command provides an update. it has been a year since he has been returned as part of an army exchange. after he left his base in eastern afghanistan in 2009. so joining me right now from the white house, we have nbc news
11:34 am
senior white house correspondent chris jansing and patrick murphy the host of taking the hill and ayman mohyeldin. and chris, let me start with you of what this charge of desertion and the degree of desertion and that is important about if he is convicted. >> reporter: that is right. there was the charge of court marshal but a lesser charge could carry up to five years. the question is is there a deal that has been worked out. jim miklaszewski from the pentagon reported in january this was the most likely charge and they may consider giving him time served.
11:35 am
11:36 am
11:37 am
understand. >> the white house and the pentagon were saying this was a prisoner of war. these were -- the taliban are battlefield enemies and we were engaging in a practice we were doing to capture -- to return captured soldiers as we've done in the past. there was also the side effect to that, that the general accountability office did say there was concern or perhaps a violation of u.s. law that the white house did not notify congress that this swap was going to take place and there was a lot of concern about that as well. >> really complex issue of dealing with bowe bergdahl and
11:38 am
we'll see what happens when the announcement is made at 3:30 again by the u.s. army command. my thanks to chris jansing at the white house, former congressman pat murphy, hosting a show here on msnbc and ayman mohyeldin. at at 3:30 we'll learn what action the army is taking. and coming up, we'll switch heres as we talk to j.k. simons of whiplash and what he's doing to revitalize the motor city. and don't miss my interview on my shift show and i'll talk to soon to be reality star jazz jennings. >> i always put it in simple terms. it basically means i have a girl's brain but a boy's body. so it is just that i have the opposite body that i do in my mind. but inside i am a girl. and what is between our ears
11:39 am
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>> he played some of the best mes out there about you. which is your favorite, roxanne? >> i definitely like the whiplash one. >> with j. k. simmons. >> that was roxanne, aka piccolo girl, reacting to one of the online meems of the villanova fight song, when villanova lost in march madness. it was very sad. and j. k. simmons plays the atag
11:43 am
onnist and he won a golden globe for terrance clecher who pushes his students to the limit. and with this role award season and at dren lynn-- the adrenalin rush you must have been on for weeks. >> it was a rush. and it feels good to get back to
11:44 am
normal. >> and how has this new round of success or admiration for your performance in whiplash changed your life? >> well, it has brought a new level of attention both from the public and in the business as well, actually. i have lots with your family but talk about the impact that detroit had on you and your life
11:45 am
and your impressions and your overall perspective? >> well i think growing up my dad taught public school there and growing up in detroit and specifically and sort
11:46 am
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11:51 am
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breaking this hour the army is about to announce it is charging sergeant bowe bergdahl will desertion. he came back home in the controversial prison exchange one year ago. captured by the taliban after disappearing from his unit in afghanistan back in 2009. we are expecting a live announcement from the army officials and the half our and you'll see it live here when it happens. and also right now looking for answers in the alps. >> we need to understand what happened. we owe this to the families. we it to the involved in this tragedy. >> i'm josh barrow alongside toure, krystal and abby. and as we come in the air, they are trying to pull anything
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