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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 30, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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all right. it's time to talk seriously. two stories that might be considered utter poor taste. >> yeah, downright distasteful some will say. we're talk about the selfies is the first one that were snapped by multiple people before the horrendous building explosion in the east village in new york city. one instagram photo shows a woman holding up a peace sign. look at the big smile at the camera. another picture, a group of girls enlisted their selfie stick for the occasion once again. big smiles with a fire raging behind them. the "new york post" took to its cover to label them as, "village idiot." as you can imagine on social media, an uproar with one person tweeting "i'm all for public shaming of these idiots." another person saying he wants to get inside the head of someone who does selfies.
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one woman apologizes telling "the des moines register" she was, quote, deeply sorry for my careless and distasteful posts." a lot of people saying it's a little too late. there should be at inner voice saying, no, completely disrespectful. >> yeah. >> and inappropriate. >> anyway the "new york post" they do a lot of headlines that some people disagree with. >> they do. >> bingo right there. now this terrible and disgusting as far as a joke goes. it involves jamie foxx at last night's iheart music awards. during his opening monologue. >> we have groundbreaking performances. bruce jenner will be here doing some musical performances. he's doing a his and her duet all by himself. >> there you go, bingo right there. outrageous erupted with some viewers saying the controversial joke crossed the line. one person took to twitter to say, "seriously jamie foxx bruce jenner jokes?
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you're disgusting. that's not okay. it wasn't funny. just mean spirited and lazy. #supportlgbt." there are also those who say this is what comedy is foxx should have the right to make jokes about whatever he pleases. see the debate in saying you know but from the community coming on, thomas, you can just imagine drawing the line right then and there and then crossing it. >> we still don't know the true story of what's going on with bruce jenner. there's too much stigma and hatred and answerer and violence that goes toward the trans community to make a joke like that is insensitive. >> meanwhile they've all been quiet. no statement, no response from bruce jenner's camp or jamie foxx's. >> hopefully just ignore it like you should do from your critics. coming up at the top of the hour we're going to update you on the latest on the strange shooting at ft. meade in maryland. why were two men dressed as women trying to get into the facility? and it became a deadly
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. hi everybody, welcome back. and we are following breaking news this hour for you. a shooting outside the gates of the national security agency headquarters. the nsa. officials there investigating a shooting between a guard and two men. they were in that vehicle dressed as women. trying to enter the facility. now, this is located just outside of baltimore. kind of the halfway point between d.c. and baltimore. we get straight to msnbc's kasie hunt on the scene with the latest. kasie, what's the update from there? >> reporter: hi, thomas. well, at this point, we know that the fbi is investigating along with the nsa police and other authorities. they are together collecting evidence and interviewing
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witnesses to try and decide whether federal charges should be filed in this incident. so we know that shortly after 9:00 this morning, 2 people in the car dressed as women, two men, excuse me, in a car dressed as women, tried to ram the gate to the nsa which is a sprawling campus just off of 295. the baltimore washington parkway. about 20 miles north of washington, d.c. the guard here engaged with those two people. we know one of them was killed and another one was injured in what result in that altercation. we saw some helicopter footage from up above that showed one of them being put into an ambulance. so at this stage, we're not sure exactly what the motivation was. with do know that drugs and a gun were found in the car of the two people who tried to ram the gate. the fbi at this point says they don't believe that terrorism is involved. thomas? >> msnbc's kasie hunt at ft. need meade in maryland for us. thanks for the update. appreciate it. we have new revelations
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about the co-pilot of germanwings flight 9525. a prosecutor in germany revealing andreas lubitz has been treated for suicided thoughts in the past before getting his pilot's license. >> >> he had at that time being in treatment of a psychotherapist because of what is documented as being suicidal at that time. >> officials also confirmed to nbc today that police questioned lubitz's female partner at the crash site in france. search teams have identified the dna of half of the victims so far. and a road is being constructed at the scene to increase the access to the crash site for removal of remains and wrek ageck ajs. joining me from germany is katy tur. prosecutor commented on lubitz's
11:00 am
mental state more recently. what do they know and not know at this point, and also how conducive is lubitz's female partner being to the revelations that are coming out? >> reporter: first of all, we don't know if it's a current female partner, former female partner. what exactly partner means. whether or not it's a friend. they won't release any details about that. they also won't release exactly what they spoke to her about or what she revealed to them. they're being very close lipped about this. what they did reveal today is that as you said, he had suicidal tendencies in the past. they say several years ago before he got his pilot's license. they say they also did not find any evidence that he had an organic illness. something like cancer or heart disease. they do say, though he's had regular checkups since then certainly as part of his pilot employment with lufthansa and there's been no proof found that he had any more suicidal tendencies or any aggressive behavior toward others.
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which is leading them to a very hairy situation. they're not quite sure why he would allegedly crash this plane into the side of the mountain. they still have no idea what the motive could be. they say they've interviewed a number of people that were close to him includeing this female friend partner, whatever she may be. they haven't been able to ascertain exactly what could have caused him to commit such a horrific act. so they're still looking into it. they're still trying to figure out what's going on. they did found those doctor's notes torn up in a trash bin in his home. right knew, stillnow a lot of questions and very few answers. >> nbc correspondent katy tur. we have developing news coming out of indiana, the state's legislature borkworking on a bill to clarity the new law. mike pence, while open tofying clarifying the law, he won't change it.
11:02 am
pushing back against claims that the law would lead to discrimination. >> questions asked this weekend about whether the senate bill 101 was designed had the intent or would have the effect of discriminating against gay and lesbian hoosiers. the answer is no. >> but the backlash over that law, it is growing and there were protests in indianapolis throughout the weekend. adding his voice to it is apple ceo cook. he wrote, "this isn't a political issue. it isn't a religious issue. this is about how we treat each other as human beings." joining me on the phone from indianapolis is tom lobianco a political analyst for the "indianapolis star." tom, i was just handed this information concerning the afscme. this is the largest and fastest growing public services employees union. has more than 1.6 million working and retired members that they are going to be moving its convention out of indiana coming
11:03 am
up in october. so the reaction and the ripple effect it continues. is the governor and those within the state of politics concerned about the footprint this law is leaving behind? >> sure. well thomas thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. you know i think that nobody saw, certainly none of the republican leaders here, saw quite the fallout that's happened over this. you know, what's interesting, what happened today is when pence went on this week yesterday, and ducked the question six times, he couldn't give an answer. it just looked terrible in doing that. he set up this emergency news conference that the house speaker and the senate president had to call. and the funny thing is that we're not even sure that they really have any draft legislation together yet. they just know that they need to do something because of how exponentially this has exploded in the past few days. >> and the catalyst to all of
11:04 am
this was what? everybody talking about the relevance of why the state of indiana needed this. is it because the state and those living there were granted gays and lesbians the opportunity to marry in november? >> this has been sort of a, quote, consolation prize. that's the phrase a lot of people are using. to the social conservatives. if you look a year ago in indiana, there was a fight over a constitutional gay marriage ban here at the statehouse and the social conservatives lost that fight and it was actually a pretty surprising victory for sort of your moderate republican then and the small number of liberals in this state, and what was -- but in all of that the legislative leaders and republican leaders sort of made these promises okay we have to do something here to keep the base happy and this is what it looks like. i think when itted started this year, i don't think anyone saw it exploding the way it has now with people calling for the
11:05 am
final four to move out of indianapolis. i mean these are real impacts. this isn't just political. >> yeah, no. it has a ripple effect. we're going to be speaking to a sports columnist, dave zirin about the ncaa and how he's saying it should be moved out of indianapolis. there is a financial issue that goes along with all of this especially if you're not being honest in the name of god. tom lobianco political analyst for the "indianapolis star." great to you on. i have to give a shout-out, you are from townsend my hometown. good to see another person from there being a successful journalist. congratulations. >> likewise. >> take care. also developing time running out for negotiators to agree on a framework for a deal over iran's nuclear program. that is tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry and diplomats from p5+1 countries are meeting in switzerland hoping to hammer out differences. meanwhile, the white house says president obama is getting regular briefings, given
11:06 am
guidance to negotiators as necessary. nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins me live from the white house. chris, what's the feeling from the president right now given the fact we thad reports in the last hour that the russian foreign minister arrived late last night and was going to be leaving early? >> reporter: yeah. the counter to that thomas is the chinese foreign minister says he thinks progress is being made and it was consciously optimistic. you're not going to find anybody here from the president on down through his senior staff who's going to make a prediction what happens. all we know for sure the pressure is building as we head toward tomorrow's deadline. look they're a very complicated issues that have to come together. a lot being talked about a lot. one on the front page of "the new york times." whether iran backed down on promises to send enriched uranium to russia. the white house says the reports are not true that no deal was ever made on that. that nothing was ever finalized.
11:07 am
there's also a question about what to do about the research and development program by iran and how quickly could sanctions be lifted? we know that iran wants sanctions on oil and other things to be lifted immediately. the president has said it's going to be a slow rollout. that's not going to happen. and so these negotiators have been working around the clock. we know for sure this one thing they're going to work through the night tonight and we'll see what happens tomorrow thomas. >> all right. the clock is ticking. chris jansing at the white house for us. chris, great to see you. thank you. >> reporter: you, too. developing news in boston. the prosecute wrapped up their case in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. we'll have a live report coming nr your way in moments from boston. fresh after being cleared from murder, the ex-boyfriend of amanda knox tells nbc news he's happy to be free after almost a decade-long legal fight.
11:08 am
. >> serve years is a big part of your life. i'm getting used to that. even little things like hey, smile, you have your life. really? >> on friday italy's top criminal court overturned amanda knox and sollecito in the death of meredith kercher. i want . >> i want to share dramatic images coming out of california where a firefighter there is in critical condition today after falling through the roof of a burning garage and it was caught on camera. take a look at this terrifying cell phone video of the fresno firefighter walking on top of the garage there. now watch. he's trying to ventilate the building when he plunges, as you can see here, plunges right through the roof and you can hear onlookers screaming in horror. the 25-year veteran suffered burns over 65% to 75% of his body on his hands, face back
11:09 am
and legs. officials say the cause of that fire is under investigation. we really are thinking about that firefighter and hoping for his recovery. now to the ntsb who's sending a team to investigate a deadly crash involving a church van in florida. 18 people were in that van this morning when it went off the road this morning in glades county. the van from the independent haitian assembly of god went down a steep embankment. it ended up in a waltter-filled ditch. eight people were killed. ten people were hurt. thomas, the van is made to seat just 18 people so, yeah, it was full. an awful situation there, that trip. >> all right, francis, thanks so much. appreciate it. so a growing movement against indiana's new religious freedom law. a movement now including the sports world. coming up, i'm going to speak to dave zirin, sports editor of "the nation" about the calls for the ncaa to pull out of indiana for the final four.
11:10 am
also ahead the prosecution rests, the defense now up in the boston bombing trial. we have a live report from the courthouse. and on politics, marco rubio gets ready to announce a run for the white house. we're back with much more after this. know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ tu ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ welcome back. we're continuing to follow the developing story out of indiana. a firestorm in the wake of governor pence's signing of the religious freedom restoration act into law. it was over the weekend he said he's open to clarifying the law but not changing it. amid protests over the weekend, other states are coming out against indiana's new law. we have connecticut's governor for one, signing an order banning state sponsored travel to the state. that's extreme. francis is here now with a closer look at the law, also the history and other states that have similar laws.
11:13 am
>> we were talking about history that comes into play, the intent, the timeline you put that all together and the controversy is heating up even more. here's what you need to know. technically this is what's it's called, senate bill 101. indiana governor mike pence signed it into law last week and takes effect july 1st of this year. this weekend, governor pence dodged his edd this repeated question. >> yes or no should it be legal to discriminate against bian lesbians? >> george you're following the mantra of the last week online and trying to make this issue about something else. >> no yes, or no no. let's take a look at what the law says. "a governmental entity may not substantially burden a person's exercise of religion" unless it's further in "a compelling government interest and acting in the least restrictive way possible." to put it in perspective here 20 states total have religious freedom restoration acts and
11:14 am
some history here, they're modeled after a federal law, religious freedom restoration act. president bill clinton signed that into law in 1993. here's what he had to say at the time. >> what this law basically says is that the government should be held to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone's free exercise of religion. >> all right. here are the 20 states now in total who have the religious freedom restoration act. now let's look at what nondiscrimination laws they have. here in the states in green. they have laws that protect gays lesbians and bisexuals. the states you see in yellow, they have cities or towns that have protection ordinances. to be clear, the entire state is not under those specific protections. now, the states that you see in red, those are states with religious freedom laws but with no apparent nondiscrimination laws. and one of the reasons there's been so much backlash against indiana has a lot to do with timing, what we've been talking about, thomas. take a look at the timeline here from the "washington post."
11:15 am
it points out the other 19 states passed their laws well before the swing for gay marriage support. this tracks gallup. red, opposing gay marriage. how that is kind of coming down. they coincide. at this point. 2011 this is at the point where support of gay marriages actually goes over the 50% mark as far as the gallup polling. look at today with indiana 2015 and you mark blue this is the highest point of support of gay marriage as far as that percentage. so, thomas, when you put that into perspective, you can see, you know fast forward to today, and how we see all the controversy going around with this and see how other states as well now arkansas even federally, they're watching this very, very closely. from perspective of just rights overall and then the business aspect of it which is what we're seeing with the ncaa. >> we're seeing a big aspect from business and also when you talk about how other states
11:16 am
might use this as an example. tom lobianco who we had on earlier, a political analyst for the "indianapolis star" tweeted at us francis, saying governor pence canceled his talk at indiana university law school tonight. i guess the heat is a little too hot right now to go into the law school. as you point out big business. let's talk about that more on the impact being felt. i want to bring in dave zirin, sports editor at "the nation." as we all know we're going to be watching the final four this weekend in indiana. the ncaa releasing a statement they are examining the implications of this new law. is that enough? i mean the train has left the station for the fact that the final four is going to played there. >> well, it's left the station and it hasn't. i mean the ncaa if they wanted to, could make a statement that they were willing to sacrifice millions of dollars and let's be clear, the ncaa gets 90% of its annual operating budget just from the final four games,
11:17 am
alone. they could announce that they're moving the games from indianapolis and put them 100 miles away at the university of cincinnati. just one example. that would lessen the impact on fans traveling to the event and be one hell of a political statement by the ncaa. now, let's give the ncaa a lot of credit as a sports organization for making any kind of statement. >> sure. >> against the law. you haven't seen that from the national football league or nba, two entities who do business in the state of indiana. if the ncaa is serious about what their president, mark emert said in that release where he spoke about actual concerns for student athletes actual concerns for the safety of ncaa employee, one would think he would see this as a moment of actual urgency, like for example, the state of connecticut is showcaseingeing urgency in their opposition happenings in indiana. >> the nfl threatened to pull the super bowl out of indiana.
11:18 am
jan brewer had a similar law and signing it, she did not. certain people looking at what took place in indiana, made the right decision by not signing that especially the heat that pence is getting now in indiana. but we have a number of big name former pro athletes that are now coming out, dave raising their voices over this issue. charles barkley, reggie miller. so do you think that's going to have an impact on the situation? i mean, people listen, people follow them, people find them to be leaders. >> well, reggie miller of course has an incredibly elevated status in the state of indiana, all-time leading scorer for the indiana pacers. and charles barkley is a special case. i should say this is the first time in quite some time i can say i agree with charles barkley on just about anything. charles barkley not only said he was against this law, he also called for the final four to be moved. it's not just me saying this on your show. this is charles barkley. for folks out there who aren't sports fans, you have to know,
11:19 am
charles barkley has been anchoring the ncaa's coverage of the entire tournament. from the beginning. so to have somebody who's anchoring the coverage say, you know what, this tournament should move, that's very compelling. >> very come pempelling indeed. we have seen how it has impacted the state of indiana and the fact they're going to lose out on convention business angie's list tim cook the ceo of apple came out penning his op-ped in the "washington post." dave zirin of "the nation." and edgeofsport,.com. good to see you. >> thanks so much. trevor noah has been chosen to take the place on "the daily show." that's trending. how much time should parents spend with their children? that's an age-old question. a new study suggests it doesn't matter. >> really? >> yeah it doesn't matter. we're going to be back with more. defiance never grows old.
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11:23 am
my arms tired. >> okay. all right, there. oldie but a goody. very nice. >> no no seriously, i've been holding my arms like this since i got here. yeah. >> all right. yeah. so that was comedian trevor noah, the freshly announced successor to jon stewart as host of "the daily show." noah is trending now nationwide. huge in his home country of south africa. he was born to a black mom and a white dad. noah debuted on "the daily show" in december. so jon stewart expected to retire from the hit comedy central news show next year. he told "the new york times," i'm thrilled for the show and for trevor. all right. very cool. francis following the reactions to this story on social media. and as we said he's trending right now, of course. he should be. if he's going to replace jon stewart. >> without a doubt. some people are like trevor know what who, what? what's his face look like? he was just named and joined in december.
11:24 am
now his name is making a big splash. you're going to know his face as well. he sent a tweet about his new gig and has been re-tweeted 10,000 times when it comes to how much impact there is on social media. over 60,000 tweets have been sent overall. comedian chris rock chimed in with this saying "thank you, president obama." many online are also applauding. second anchor of color coming to comedy central after larry wilmore of "the nightly show." visit our social media accounts our handle is @robertsmsnbc. name out there. we're going to know his face. >> look at that smile. >> he's a good looking kid. >> you can trust that smile. you know he's going to be grilling all of us, making fun of everybody in the media then so. >> targets here we are. >> exactly. francis, thank you. we have this to turn to right now. it's an update to the breaking news we've been following. the nsa has just released new details on the shooting outside its headquarters at ft. meade in maryland.
11:25 am
kaski kasie hunt will be back next with a live report from the scene. we're back after this. from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ i have a wandering eye... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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that we're following for you. here's what we're watching. first to germany. prosecutors revealing more today about the past of germanwings co-pilot andreas lubitz. officials saying he'd been treated for suicidal thoughts in the past. this is before getting his pilots license. over to switzerland. world leaders convening today for another round of iran nuke talks. the deadline that is coming tomorrow. back here in the u.s. jet blue is trying to recover from delays caused by a systemwide i.t. outage. now the outage kept customers from getting boarding passes or checking bags earlier today. and in montana, firefighters are attacking a massive wildfire from the ground and the air. it's already burned 3,000 acres and evacuations have been ordered in stillwater county in montana montana. back to our breaking news we've been following this
11:28 am
afternoon for you, the deadly shooting at ft. meade. the nsa released new details on the shootings outside its headquarters there. msnbc's kasie hunt is at ft. meade. what is the nsa saying in its statement in. >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. the nsa is confirming details nbc news reported throughout the day. they're saying shortly before 9:00 the driver approached a secure entrance to the nsa headquarters facility 20 miles north of washington, d.c. the driver failed retune instructions and when they failed to leave the campus, they put up barriers because the vehicle failed to stop. the vehicle then accelerated at that gate at which point the officers opened fire on the vehicle. we know once the incident was over, there was one person dead and two people injured. there was a police officer who was injured as well as the other occupant of the car. the cause of death for the first occupant of the car who died in this shooting incident has not yet been determined. we don't know if that happened
11:29 am
when the car slammed into the nsa police vehicle, or if it was the result of the shooting. so at this point, the fbi is still investigating along with other law enforcement agencies. they've been interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence to try and figure out if federal charges will be filed. thomas? >> kasie hunt reporting for us outside ft. meade in maryland, thank you. i want to get back to the developing news we've been following out of boston. prosecutors wrapped up their case in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the attention now turning to the defense team. they've already called the first two witnesses. nbc news correspondent ron motte has been covering the story, joins us now from boston. ron, what have we heard from the defense witnesses so far? >> reporter: hey there, thomas. the first witness was from the fbi. someone who was on scene at the location in cambridge of apartment and the dorm room for dzhokhar tsarnaev talking about some of the evidence collected in those two locations. the current witness is from the public defenders office someone involved in the computer
11:30 am
industry and they're analyzing some tweets and one in particular from 2012. this is april 2012. the day of the 2012 boston marathon. that is one year before the marathon bombing. and so they're analyzing, the defense trying to poke some holes into some of the prosecution's theories about dzhokhar tsarnaev being a jihad jihadist, considering himself a jihadist and what the defense has said all along in some of the cross-examinations in this case is his brother, tamerlan,s of the mastermind of the plot and his brother was essentially influenced to participate because of his brother's influence on his life at the time. so the defense hasn't essentially said that he did not do it. obviously from day one, they said that was him? the video that these jurors were going to see, surveillance videos, but that their strategy is now to try to save his life presuming that of course this jury finds him guilty as a lot of people presume they will. thomas? >> we'll continue to follow. ron mott in boston for us. thank you,sy.
11:31 am
now back to our coverage of the middle east. we're coming off a two-day summit by the arab league with a major decision. now joining together to defeat iran-backed rebels in yemen. this as saabudi arabia continues dropping bombs across the yemeni border. it is backed by the u.s. and could complicate an already delicate nuclear talks taking place in the region. ayman is here now. >> for right now the yemeni government has said it is a possibility. it may not be needed for the time being but certainly it is, if you will to say, you know on the drawing table or at least in the operational plan. >> an option they won't take off the table. >> exactly. an option they won't take off the table. the egyptian navy deployed some of its assets to the coast of yemen. saudi arabia amassed 150,000 soldiers on the border. it could not be hard for them to cross into yemen and try to put,
11:32 am
install back that central government all over the capital. >> ayman remound everybodyind everybody how this impedes or impacts the already sensitive negotiations taking place with the iran/u.s. nuke talks. >> we know from an official position the u.s. and iran have consistently said that what is happening now in the middle east is separate than these talks. what we saw a few days ago when the iranian foreign minister sat down with secretary of state john kerry, it was the first thing that was discussed on the sidelines of it. it's something even though they officially say they're not discussing, you can't help but realize the two countries are involved in several proxy wars in syria, iraq in yemen. it's going to be an issue, if these talks fail you can imagine an escalation to happen between the two countries and their proxies in the region. >> that's a great way to put it. the proxy wars that goes along with this. ayman, great to see you. thank withdrew. i want to bring in msnbc contributor, mikey, about the influence in the middle east. explain that the dots that need to be connected with the proxy
11:33 am
wars that take place with iran's influence. >> you're absolutely right, thomas. i think the key thing here is the rapid formulation of an 11-country coalition last week by the sunni countries against the shia houthis which are allegedly backed by iran. that's the reason why these sunni nations are so nervous. it's the iranian influence across the nation. three countries where the tentacles run deep. first one is lebanon, syria, and then iraq. so, let's have a look at the first one here which is lebanon. in the south here hezbollah came about in 1982 and came about as a resistance force against the israelis that were occupying south lebanon. when the israelis left in 2000, hezbollah then gained some sort of political dependence and they actually gained ten seats in 2009 in the lebanese parliament. fast forward to 2013 hezbollah get involved in qysayr
11:34 am
strategic town between damascus and the naval base. they remain around damascus helping fight against the sunni jihadist movement when sooef ben the islamic state. now, let's look at iraq. iraq is also really prevalent with shia-backed militias. populist mobilization forces that are operating in this area here. hezbollah brigades. they over the last year have become very prevalent because the islamic state is working its way from syria into iraq into mosul which they occupy tikrit which they occupy. it has to be said during the capitulation of the forces last summer, the brigades did halt the advance of islamic state to the east. so, thomas they are the main areas at the moment apart from yemen where the iranian influence runs deep and it's causing the gcc and the arab
11:35 am
league some concern. >> mike kk now we move on to one republican ready to announce his run, another is hinting she might jump in too. we'll break down the moving and the shaking in the 2016 field. look at two faces right there you may be hearing a lot more from. also ahead, how much time do you carve out for your kids? there's a new study suggesting it's not all about the quantity. that's right. you're going to want to hear this. we're back with much more after this.
11:36 am
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11:39 am
desperately want? >> well, i think we're definitely going to see hillary clinton testify before the house on this issue. she's already said that she's willing to do that and it's kind of an interesting situation where you have her wanting to testify sooner. she wanted to go in december then january and obviously that didn't happen. but the republicans are saying hold on, now, we want to make sure we see all the e-mails before we bring her to testify. and trey gowdy, the chairman of the benghazi committee is saying he might bring her back more than once to testify once on the e-mails then again own benghazi. that will create a whole bunch of attention around that. for her, her goal right now to advance this story is to try to make it a partisan issue, try to make it a benghazi issue. if you get in front of a congressional testimony, that's a perfect venue for her. there is a risk of her creating, stepping in something and saying something she shouldn't. >> she runs the risk of getting annoyed which she has shown before in being overtly questioned. we saw that at the u.n. toward the end of that press conference
11:40 am
that she gave about the e-mail situation. it seemed like she was done talking about it and that was that. do you see her negotiating a way out of this especially with trey gowdy, or is it going to be his way or that's it? >> well she's in a bit of a tough spot here, and he's going to try to wait as long as possible. republicans at least would like him to try to wait as long as possible, as close, or deep into a presidential campaign as possible. >> right. >> she wants to get out of the way as soon as possible. she doesn't want to look like she's stonewalling. she wants to show she's cooperating, being transparticipanttransparent. there's always a risk of stepping under oath before a congressional committee like that. >> alex, great to see you. thank you, sir. meanwhile the republican field of 2016 contenders, that's getting bigger. nbc news reporting florida senator marco rubio will join the race. his official announcement likely to come two weeks from today in his home state. he would be the third gop candidate to enter what's
11:41 am
expected to be a crowded field. texas senator ted cruz officially launched his bid becoming first last monday. we're told that kentucky senator rand paul will kick off his official campaign next week. i want to bring in nbc senior political editor mark murray. so, mark, what kinds of themes are we going to expect? let's start with marco rubio. his campaign. the message? >> well, one of the big messages of course, it's not 100% locked down, thomas, bullet like but likely april 13th on the presidential bid and likely in miami. one of the things he's going to have one of the things that catapulted him to national prominence in 2010 is talk about being a cuban-american, a son of immigrants and a better tomorrow, to almost have the new generation of republicans. of course, you know you just kind of mentioned, april is going to be our very big announcement month. >> right. >> not only marco rubio and rand paul it's possible hillary clinton at least puts together a presidential campaign committee. april's going to bring us just a shower of all of these kind of
11:42 am
announcements and committees because the fund-raising that comes with getting things started in april. >> april political showers. i love that. when we think about the latest polling, though mark we see that rubio has a fourth choice or as the fourth choice, among republican primary voters. does his biggest problem have to do with jeb bush and him also having a lock on florida and the latino community? >> yeah. jeb bush is certainly an obstacle to him. i actually argue the biggest one is the money situation where jeb bush has locked down a lot of money and big donors in florida, also in texas, in new york on wall street. but, you know, marco rubio, as you've often seen in the past sometimes it's worth to be able to fight, you might see a jeb bush stumble, perhaps a scott walker stumble. it was noteworthy in our nbc/"wall street journal" poll that marco rubio had a high ceiling. yes, he's not doing well on somebody who is your first
11:43 am
choice? republicans tend to support him, that higher ceiling or at least potential could benefit him if other candidates stumble. >> nbc's mark murray in washington. thanks. we're going to give you an update on the results of the hack-a-thon you saw last friday. along with ford yes, we code 100 teams took part in the competition to build an app in 24 hours. the winner patrick henry middle school in woodhaven, michigan. the five team members each won 2,500 bucks in scholarship money and the school took back $15,000. they designed an app called second school that helps bridge the school/home gap for students, parents and teachers. congratulations to all of them. coming up as the deadline for nuclear talks with iran approaches, what progress is really being made? "the cycle" is going to look at the negotiations that seem to have hit a wall. first, new revelations about the most and what type of parenting is effective.
11:44 am
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all right. there's new research on the amount of time that parents spend with their kids and it's sort of getting people talking. when it comes to parenting, does quality time actually trump quantity? and which will lead to a happier family? francis is back with a breakdown on this. and i think a lot of moms and dads are going to love what this story reveals. >> oh, especially i grapple with this every day, thomas. i get anxiety when i'm at work because i have to pick up my kid. they're like, stay for the meeting. a lot of you are familiar with this. so many working moms and parents as a whole have been performing the high wire act of having to balance the demands of their job with the needs of your kids. now a new study asks us to reexamine what kids and their mothers actually need and it
11:47 am
flips conventional wisdom on to its head. nbc's stephanie gosk brings us the story. >> reporter: two widely held beliefs. number one, the more time mothers spend with their kids, the more successful the kids will be. number two, time spent specifically with mom is better than time spent with anyone else. angie goth is a mother of two. >> i constantly feel like i'm up against the clock. especially if i go away for a work trip and i'm gone for a week. i'll come back and i'm, like oh my goodness. they've grown another foot. >> reporter: a new study in the "journal of marriage and family" concludes she may not need to worry so much that there is close to no relationship between quantity of time spent with children from age 3 to 11 and their ultimate success in life. >> when i'm working, i absolutely feel guilt all the time, and i think it's something a lot of working moms feel torn between. you know we're more than just our children. we have identities, we have
11:48 am
jobs we have passions outside of our household. >> reporter: success, the researchers say, is far more dependent on the mother's own education level and family income. and here's something else that may come as a surprise. mothers today are actually spending more engaged time with their children than they were in the '70s. and that's with more mothers in the workforce. >> moms tend to be guilting themselves into craziness, right? we're constantly putting so much pressure on ourselves to be with our children as much as possible. >> reporter: the study argues that stress in general could actually lead to a negative impact on children. for example, if mom gets home tired, anxious, and feels guilty. the study goes on to look at adolescents as well and concludes time spent with parents, not just mothers, can keep a teenager focused and out of trouble. the study specifically mentions the importance of mealtime. some food for thought from the family on the run. >> that makes me feel a little bit better knowing that back in
11:49 am
the day when we were raised our moms and parents spent less time with us and i guess we kind of turned out okay. >> doing all right. doing all right. >> yeah. >> what's the thing for you that is a must not miss? is it mealtime is. >> mealtimes, you know bath time. night night time. that is kind of putting them to bed kind of puts me at ease kind of, too, but it's tough, you know you want to see what's going on and not missing a big story in the next day. every household, it's always a struggle regardless. >> yeah, well i mean you want to be able to do it all and do it all well. but those habits of dinner bath bedtime, those are the three that you like -- >> a little -- you can't necessarily have it all at once. you can have it all. maybe a little bit here and there. maybe not all at once. it's okay. kind of give yourself a break. >> that's right. you have to be compassionate to yourself, right? really cool. thank you so much. that's going to wrap things up for us today. i'll she you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. "the cycle" is coming your way
11:50 am
next where i know it's important for them at night to eat, have a bath and go to bed. >> yes. it is definitely important to do those things thomas. thank you -- >> not necessarily in that order. >> all three. anyway guys have a great show. >> nice to see you. to better way to start than that toss. absolutely. on today's show, we're going to talk about the suicidal past of that pilot. we're going to talk about indiana's controversial law. we're going to talk about kentucky, wisconsin, duke and michigan state. and what does the "shark tank" have to do with politics? that will definitely be explained. it's "the cycle." it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. ryan smith is the architect, designer and owner of seattle based modern shed. he never intended to start a business selling these sheds. ten years ago, he made one for himself and soon everyone was asking for them. now he's got a thriving business. for more watch "your business"
11:51 am
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what happened to that plane, what happened with that pilot? and what happens now? good afternoon i'm toure. as we come on the air in the investigation of germanwings flight 9525 search teams have just opened that first atv
11:54 am
access road to the crash site. deep in the french alps. bulldozers cleared a path to the remote site allowing investigators to bring heavier recovery equipment in and get some evidence out. it's a big development in what's been a slow investigation thus far. so far, the dna of half of the victims has been recovered. forensics experts are trying to match that with samples provided by the families. they flocked the staging area this weekend where a stone monument now stands. as for that investigation, still no sign of the flight data recorder. investigators fear it might be too badly damaged to pull data from. a german tabloid claims to have a timeline from the cockpit voice recorder eight minutes before impact the captain a heard banging on the door shotting "for god's sake open the door." he repeats his door "open the damn door" moments before the tragic end. nbc news is working to
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