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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 31, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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262, 264, 338, 344, 345, 346. 422. 494. 496. 499, 500, 501, 504. >> soaring rhetoric from the united states senate tloor. how exciting. good morning. it is tuesday march 31st and welcome. let's start overseas. a lot of people are focussed there because the negotiations of iran's nuclear problem deadline. there are less than 13 hours let for diplomats to reach an agreement on nukes. a long day of talks is expected with secretary of state warning there are still quotes and tricky issues to be resolved. nbc chief foreign affairs andrea mitchel has the latest.
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>> reporter: the skies were as ominous as the talks inside. trapped by their own deadline, six major world powers and iran. in a 19th century palace. legend says once inhabited by a lord. the challenge to stop iran from converting its nuclear technology into a nuclear weapon and if iran cheats so give the world at least a year's warning before they could build a bomb. one idea have it send its atomic fuel out of the country but iran has firmly ruled that out. the new secretary of defense in his first tv interview was asked if iran can be trusted. >> they've cheated in the past. what's to say they wouldn't in the future. >> like any agreement, it has to be based on verification and tough measures. >> john kerri still thinks a deal is possible. how much longer do you think?
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>> obviously it has a deadline of tomorrow tonight, he knows time is running out. >> there are a lot of new polls out showing the majority of americans are skeptical about the result of the nuke deal with iran. a washington post poll shows that 59% of americans supported a deal. also the same number say they're just not confident that an agreement would stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. and a research center poll finds that 63% of americans don't believe that iran's leaders are serious about addressing concerns about their nuclear program. and more than 60% of americans also say that congress and not the president should have the final say on any potential agreement. i don't know if you saw this yesterday. really strange. the nsa came under an unusual attack on monday when two armed men dressed as women rammed an
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suv into the spy agency's entrance at the front of fort meade, maryland. jim mcla chef city has more on this apparent joyride that went wrong. >> reporter: the first calls sounded as if the national security agency was under attack. >> gunshot wounds. possible traumatic arrest. >> reporter: video revealed the scene and a white sheet covering a body. shortly after 9:00 a.m. two men dressed in women's clothing and wearing wigs attempted to drive the suv into the nsa ignoring police warnings they drove toward a security gait. bear barriers were raised. police officers opened fire on the fast approaching suv which then crashed into the police vehicle. one suspect was killed. the other remains in critical
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condition. a handgun and cocaine were found in a n their vehicle. one police officer suffered minor injuries. it's america's top spy agency. eves dropping on potential enemies around the world. the fbi reports the two suspects had no apparent plans to attack the nsa. instead, the two had reportedly stolen the suv from a friend for a joyride with a violent end. >> wow. and a german prosecutor revealed new details about the mental state of the co-pilot who's accused of bringing down the germanwings flight and reports the emergeing of the final moments before the plane crashed. bill neely has the latest from southern france. bill. >> reporter: good morning. this was another bomb shell in a story of extraordinary rev lags.
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last week we learned that andreas lubitz had torn up sick notes to hide his medical condition from his employer. then we heard maybe he was suffering from depression. yesterday the prosecutor in germany trumped that. an dry andreas lubitz had had suicidal tendency tendency. he'd always dreamed of flying but it's clear he also considered killing 234i78s. he'd been receiving therapy on his mind suicide. >> treatment of a psychotherapist because of what is documented as being suicidal. >> reporter: he'd seen doctors just before the past and in recent years but there was no record of any suicidal tendencies or aggression. evidence from his apartment shows he tried to hide his medical condition from the airline. investigators are examining
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reports that that condition was manic depression or bipolar disorder. his employers now face more questions. did they know about his decide dal thoughts and if they did, why did they believe they were in the past because this is what his boss said of him last week. >> translator: he was 100% fit to fly without any restrictions. >> reporter: the pain of the families is already immense. an apparent leak of the cockpit voice recording suggests that minutes after the plane begins to descend the captain locked out of the cockpit bangs on the door yelling, open the door. passengers begin screaming. the plane has lost half its altitude and the captain yells open the door. and then more screams and a loud screaming sound like the wing hitting the mountain. then silence. they've not found the flight
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data recorder. the airline says it might be damaged. they're still finding human remains and they've extracted the dna of around 80 victims. there's so much more to find not just from the site but from the medical records and history of a troubled man who became a mass murder. there is pressure to look again at what exactly pilots can keep confidential. their right to privacy about their medical and mental history against the public's right to know if lives could be endangered. that could lead to new legislation and guidelines in germany but, joe, this is a lot issue for the airline industry across the world. back to you. >> no doubt about it. it is a hot debate when you talk about the safety of when you get up in the air, first there's the pilot's right to confidentiality and that's a debate i think we're going to see a lot more of moving forward. speaking of debates, we have the
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final four coming into indianapolis next week. man, indiana. front page of the usa today today and a lot of talk about the fallout that continues in indiana over that new religious freedom law that critics are actually saying allows businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. the indiana house speaker said the legislature would act as soon as possible to clarify the law but that's done very little to quiet the uproar. the cover of the indianapolis star that's in indianapolis this morning, fix this now. and nine indiana ceos have signed a all right that was zlifred to the governor calling for the bill to be revised saying they were deeply concerned about the impact it's having on employees and on the reputation of the state. the indianapolis-based ncaa which plans to hold a little basketball tournament there this
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coming weekend, it's stepping up the rhetoric. ncaa president said and he told espn, he's waiting for clarification from the state legislature and then he would make judgments about whether or not it changes the environment for us doing our work and for us holding events. that is a very big deal for indianapolis and the entire state of indiana. and two governors have now banned state sponsored travel to indiana. that includes connecticut governor. >> do you know in connecticut we honor religious freedom and people have the right to their own practices but we don't allow you to use your religious freedom to discriminate against somebody else and they've crossed the line. and the line has become clearer and clearer over the last 50 or 60 years in our country. >> we're going to be talking to him coming up on "morning joe." but the law does have its defenders including the man at
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the center of the controversy. that is the governor h. he writes i want to make clear to hoosiers and critics the law is not a license to discriminate. either in indiana or elsewhere. in fact, the religious freedom restoration act reflects federal law as well as the law in 30 states nationwide. indiana's legislation is about affording citizens full protection under indiana law. other national political figures backing him up including florida senator marco rubio and also former florida governor jeb bush. >> the issue here walking about is should someone be punished by the law because they refuse to provide that professional service to a ceremony they believe is in violation of their faith. people have a right to live out their own religious believes.
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when you're asking someone to do something or be punished by law that violates their faith, you're violating their religious liberty. >> i think governor pence has done the right thing. florida has a law like this. bill clinton signed a law like this at the federal level. this is simply allowing people of faith space to be able to express their believes to have -- to be able to be people of conscious. i think once the facts are established, people aren't going to see this as discriminatory at all. >> we shall see. that debate is going to rage on. let's turn to business. u.s. stocks saw gains across the board with the dow posting its biggest in weeks closing up over 260 points. today marks the final day of the quarter and wall street is clinging to its ninth straight quarter of gains. let's go to london. can it happen and what does it mean for u.s. markets?
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>> good morning, joe. well, it hasn't been the prettiest of quarters. there was a lot of ups and downs but as you mentioned wall street is heading into its ninth straight quarter of gains. the last time we've seen a negative quarter was at the end of 2012. it has been a good run. what does this mean going forward? get set. investors say there's likely to be a lot more volatility. the big question on many minds is when is the federal reserve going to finally hike interest rates? >> we shall see. let's talk about mcdonald's for a second. i don't know about you but one of the big meals was when my parents said you could have breakfast at night. we'd get pancakes. mcdonald's is talking about making it a day long event. what can you tell us? >> that's true. you're not the only one. there's a lot of people who are going to be very happy about
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this announcement. time and time again people have asked mcdonald's to extend their breakfast time. they said there's not enough grill space to do both. they seem to have caved a little bit. they're going to be testing out certain locations in the san diego locations. we don't know exactly which sandwiches. they just said sandwiches and hash browns. the pancakes we'll have to wait and see if those are included in the menu as well. and this is part of adjusting to consumer's tastes. they want their meals specifically tailors to them on their schedules. >> proving life is not fair. san diego, they get the best weather in america and also breakfast all day. thank you so much. we greatly appreciate it. still ahead, a big day for comedy. if you're not familiar well we're going to introduce you to trevor know wa. he's the 3 1-year-old south
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african who's about to take over the daily show. and is it probable that president george w bush is helping his brother in the next campaign? that and your weather when we come back. >> i shall not seeing and i will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president.
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they say the suspect is armed and wearing only a hospital gown. we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments on "way too early" and "morning joe." and now the rest of the field in new hampshire isn't far behind. jeb bush and scott walker tied. rand paul and chris christie look at chris christie. still in double digits. i'm just telling you it's not too early to count this guy out. he's had two years of bad press. he's still sitting at 10%. almost in the margin of error behind the others who have been campaigning around the clock. it's way too early to predikts anything. the florida republican said yesterday he's going to announce his future plans on april 13th. i wonder what that's going to be. it's a blowout among new
2:49 am
hampshire who's going to win the election. jeb bush is up. and when it comes to popularity another bush is enjoying some big numbers in the state. 77% of republicans in new hampshire have a favorable view of jeb's brother, the former president. >> the women's ncaa tournament is underway. take a look at the final four brackets. connecticut, maryland, notre dame and south carolina all top seeds are still in it and the action tips off sunday. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. what's it looking like? >> it looks like connecticut girls will win the title for the tenth time in a row. they do pretty well. if you want to complain about the weather, go ahead in northern michigan central michigan it's snowing this morning just north of detroit and some of the snow is around erie and heading to pennsylvania
2:50 am
and wet snow flakings outside of philadelphia and new york city. this is the way march should end. this was a miserable march. bring the umbrella and you probably will in northern jersey see wet snow flakes. in areas of massachusetts the snow stays south. the windchill in the northeast right now, you could feel it. it cuts right through yochlt in 21 in burlington. the temperatures are cold but the windchill value, insult to injury here. look at the middle of the nation. we are 80 degrees in rapid city. the extremes is what really gets me. i don't mind if it's cold for a little bit but this pattern is locked. >> we need some of the midwest weather. we need it now. i need the 80 in denver.
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now let's throw it to the man who has set the world man for being domted the most times in he's hampton. he has the headlines. >> yesterday we reported that south african comedian trevor
2:54 am
noah was likely to take over the daily show. now it's official. his selection doms months after stuart announced he was stepping down. stew wart had this to say. i'm thrilled for the show and for trevor. he's a tremendous talent we love working with. noah has made three appearances on the daily show difference december. >> let's play a little game. >> this doesn't involve me identifying anything on a match, does it. >> no. tell me which one is from africa. >> the right is probably the one on the left being shelled by rebels. i'm going to go with somalia. >> actually the road on the right is a super highway in super africa. the photo on the left i took that on my way here from the
2:55 am
airport. that's the fdr. >> the guy is good. i look forward to seeing him succeed. now, jz has launched what some consider the real first challenge to spot fie. he bought it with other a list rs. the goal to change the way streaming services pay performers. jz told "the new york times" everyone knows the pay system is unfair to artists. the content creator should be compensated. it's only fair. subscriptions are set to start at $10 a month. we'll see if that actually takes off. >> thank you so much. great to see that dart vader and his brother were there to support jz. >> a lot of ground to cover this morning. indiana lawmakers scrambling to fix the controversial religious freedom law. >> they're a little nervous
2:56 am
right now. >> it's causing more problems than they thought. critics claim it invites discrimination. we're going to speak about the ban on state sponsored travel from connecticut to the hoosier state. plus today is the deadline with iran. also this morning from top cop to inmate to activist former new york police commissioner is here with us to discuss his new book which looks at his time in lockup and how it transformed him from jail tore advocate for the jailed and later, inside scientology, a new documentary reveals from former church officials are saying about the church, its founder and its most famous members. that and more coming up straight ahead. >> thank you so much for watch watching. "morning joe" begins in a minute.
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>> as arab leaders hammer out the details of joint military task force fighting is escalating in yemen. >> these are the victims of what appears to be the deadliest saudi-led air strikes so far. this was a camp in the yemen's north, those fleeing the violence which has gripped yemen for more thak athan a decade nnchts switzerland, there are new reports the negotiations have hit some major stumbling blocks. >> they have cheered in the past. what's to say they wouldn't in the future. >> like any agreement, it can't be based on trust. one of the benefits of an agreement is that iran becomes a stabilizing force rather than a disruptive force. >> one gunshot wound. possible dramatic arrest. >> deadly incident at the headquarters of a national security agency. >> two men dressed in women's clothing